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(si HAYMI« f V\ 

l«\ Bell Yak d, j*] 

^Temple Bak, * 



By Special «,Kx; ">%* Appointment 
Blind Makers to H.M. King George V. end His late Majesty King Edward VII 


Presented to the 
library of the 








Chronometers, Watches 
and Clocks 

have long held pre-eminent rank, as may be seen 
from Reports of various scientific persons. 

Sir H. M. STANLEY'S Testimony 

to the excellence of Chronometers supplied to him by M. F. Dent, and 
used in finding his longitude in his last Expedition. Sir Henry says in 
a letter, 5th July, 1890 : — 

" The Chronometers supplied by you, and which were taken across Africa in my late 
Expedition, proved of very great service to me, and were in every way thoroughly 
satisfactory and reliable." 


Erected and Renovated. 

Makers of the Clock at Jaffa Gate, 


* # 

Repairs a Speciality. Estimates Free. 

# # 

Wrist Watches and Travelling Clocks 

in Great Variety. 

By Special Appointment 




Telerhone: 64 CENTRAL. Telegraphic Address: " RELOJES. LONDON." 




;: ;;i 


M. RAY, 

Every Description 
of Gents', Ladies' 



and Children's 


Boots, Shoes, Furs, 


Teeth, Jewellery, 





Nothing too large or 

too small. 



Bankers : 

Full market price given 

and cash tent by 

return post. 


■' RARRS " Bloomsbury 


Branch W.C 

Appointments can be 













If you want to HIRE A CAR, 'Phone Museum 934- 


St Pancras Garage 


92 & 94, Judd St., Euston Road, 



«^ > B*^B-^B^*E , -^B w ~^B < ^ , B- , ~B^ , B > B^- 


















St. Bartholomew's Hospital 


(FOUNDED 1128.) 




Beds in the Hospital - 687 

Beds at the Convalescent Home - - 70 




8,500 In -Patients 
80,000 Out- Patients 


The Annual Expenditure (average for past three years): — 
At the Hospital - - £93,500 
At the Convalescent Home 3,400 


t treated every year. 


(.ivirage for three years) 

Less Mortgage Debt - 5,072 

Leaving a balance of 


to be obtained from VOLUNTARY SOURCES. 


Contributions <will be gratefully received by : 

Treasurer, St. Bartholomew's Hospital. London, E.C. i. 


St. Thomas's Hospital, 

Thames Embankment, S.E., 

Serves a veryi large POOR POPULATION on the South 
of the Thames. 

There are 448 Beds for the ABSOLUTELY POOR 

There are 532 Beds for MILITARY PATIENTS. 

There are 34 Beds in St. Thomas's Home for those 
who can pay a moderate amount. 

Expenditure Greatly Increased. 
Income Seriously Depleted. 

At least £20,000 per annum is re- 
quired from Voluntary Contributions. 

Contributions to be sent to the Treasurer, 
G.B.E., M.P., at the Hospital ; or to 

G. Q. ROBERTS, Secretary. 

Applications for admission to St. ThomaS S Home 
for Paying Patient* are to be sent to the STEWARD. 


The Sailors' Home & Red Ensign Club, 

Founded 1880 (and at QRAVESEND). 

President, EARL BRASSEY, G.C.B. 

G.C.B., G.C.V.O., K.C.M.G. 
"This (The Parent Institution) was founded to provide 
lor the merchant seamen trading to the Port of London 
healthy accommodation and to bring them into immediate 
contact with those agencies calculated to advance their temporal, 
moral, and spiritual welfare." 

It is estimated that 250,000 Seamen enter the Port 



Over 622,000 Seamen Benefited since its foundation. 

12,800 specially needed to repay balance of Mortgage raised 
for alterations and rebuilding. 

Donations and Subscriptions will be thankfully received by the 
Hon. Treasurer. J. F. W. Deacon, Esq., J.P., D.L., Williams 
Deacon's Bank, Ltd., Birchin Lane, E.C. 

Luther E. Clarke, A.C.I.S., Acting Secretary. 

HE Royal Hospital, Richmond, Surrey 

Under the Patronage of H.M.THE KING and H.M. THE QUEEN. 


Total Annual Expenditure, £6,000 
Total Atiured Income - - £500 

Leaving £5,600 per annum to be provided by voluntary contributions. 
Annual Subscriptions and Donations urgently needed. 

W. SANDOVER, Chairman. 




.City Offlea— ♦. ST. PAUL'S CHURCHYARD, E.C.) 


Patron. :Hi«Majiity KimoGioiici V, Her Majeety the Qubiw ■ 1 H l««CEnt Cmemtiab. 

praeidant: Rt. Hon. Loud Wolysrtobi. TraaaureT : Sir Hbwby Lorsa. B*«r 

Maintains over SOO inmate, and 700 peoafaoera lor We at a coat ol C3S.000 j*t annua. 

offwhkb only 17,080 are guaranteed. Aa thk InatltuUoo i» a Home lor loearakiee and oat 

SwavAay or Saturday Fund CoUacttoos. I \RLLS CtrniNO. Searatary. 







Cheques, crossed " Bank of England, Law Coir is Branch, 
War Fund A/c, n should be sent to General Booth, ioi, 
Queen Victoria Street, E.C.4, from whom full particulars 
can be obtained. 


Formerly known as the Watercress and Flower Girls' Christian Mission. 

(Inaugurated 1866, by the late VTIth Earl of Shaftesbury.) 
Treasurer : F. A. BEVAN, Esq. Bankers : BARCLAY & CO. 


who are received from all parts of the Kingdom without payment or votes, and are trained to become 

Hundreds who have passed through the Institution are now maintaining themselves. 

Subscriptions, Donations, and Testamentary Bequests are earnestly appealed for. 
ft*. & S«r. JOHN A. GROOM, The Crippleafire, Sckfordc St., London, E.C.1. 


(Or Temporary Home for Lost andbtarving Dogs and Cats). 
Patron : His Most Gracious Majesty the King. President : His Grace the Duke of Portland, K.G. 


1. — To provide food and ihelter for the lost and deserted dogs of London. 
a. — To restore lost dogs to their rightful owners. 

y — When good dogs are unclaimed to find suitable homes foe them at nominal charges. 
4. — To destroy by a merciful and painiess method all valueless and diseased dogs- 
Out-patients'* Department, Battersea (Dogs and Cats only), Thursdays, 2.30. Admission 
by letter, obtainable from Subscribers or Donors. 

At the Country Branch, Hackbridge, Surrey, dogs and cats can be received as boarders, and 
dogs for quarantine under the Importation of Dogs' Order, 1914- 

Contributions thankfully received by GUY H. GUILLUM SCOTT, Secretary. 




now hats over 

4.800 of the NATIONS CHILDREN under its care. 
More than 22.000 Rescued. 



Gifts gratefully received by Prebendary Rudolf, 
Old T<ywn Hall. Kennington Road. London, S.EM. 

Cheques, etc., crossed, and payable to Waifs and Strays. 


Pres. — The Duke of Portland, e.g., o.c.v.o. 

Treasurer — The Viscount Clifden. 
THE MAIN OBJECT of this Society is to 
ARE NOT classed as the poor in the general 
acceptation of the term, but who, neverthe- 
less, suifer hardships and privations all the 
more severe because of the position they 
formerly held. 

Donations or Subscriptions will be thank- 
fully received bv the Society's Bankers 
Messrs. Coutts A Co., 440. Strand, W.C.2 ; or 
by the Secretary, at the Office, 15, Soho 
Square. London, W.i. 



1870-1918. The Institute Is unendowed, 

and the Committee earnestly appeal for new 

Annual Subscriptions and Donations, whUb 

are much needed. 

Contributions gratefully received by the 
Kt. Hon. LORD SOUTHWARK, President 
and Chairman, 83, BOROUGH ROAD, 

Honorary Secretary. 



Established 1867. 
Country Branch : EA8T CLANDON, SURREY. 
Pmldtnt — The Duke or BEAuroRT. 
Owing to the ever increasing price of all commodities and the loss of 
me caused by the War, 
£2,000 is required at once. 10 beds now closed. 

Bankers— Meters. HOARE, 37, PlMt St., EX. 4 ; Messrs. DRUMMOND. ♦». Charing Crees. S.W.I. 



Metropolitan Convalescent Institution (Founded 1840). 

Pmldtnt- Tin Kl'.Mi BOM. vis<<»im imkim 
Chairman of the Board of Management E. C. H AMLEf. Ret. 

Branches (open ail the year round) at Walton (Weybridfe), BroadsUfrs, BexiuU -on-Set, 
nod (Little Common) Bexhul-oo-See. 

Over 1,000 Patients are now admitted to the Homos eeerjr ret*. The Innnnl 
earnestly apnea! for Annual Subtcrtetlons tad Pl—MlM. 

Treasurers Ml) RJGH1 i( >\ VW 0UN1 < LIFDBN end M. O. FITZGERALD. Beg. 

Offlee: 14. Victoria Street. S.W.I. W. J. SHELDRICK. Aettaf Seereury. 

. J 



Patron : His Majesty The Kimg. 
President : Alderman Sir George Wyatt Truscott, Bart. . 

OBJECTS.— General : The main feature of the work that has character- 
ised it from its inception is still maintained, viz. : to lift up permanently 
rather than temporarily, fostering self-help and discouraging helplessness. 
Pensions: 175 Pensioners; over 50 Candidates. 

Bankers : I Secretary : 

Williams Deacon's Bank Ltd., Herbert A. Cox, F.C.A., 

20, Birch in Lane, E.C. 28, Basinghall Street, E.C. 

Royal Dental Hospital, 


(Supported by Voluntary Contributions). 
During the past year 17,296 patients were treated, their attendances being 37,239. 
The National importance of this work cannot be overestimated, more especi- 
ally at the present time when the health of the workers is so essential to the needs of 
the Country. 
Donations and Subscriptions are urgently needed and 
will be most gratefully received and acknowledged. 
Bankers: Messrs. BARCLAY & CO., Ltd., 1, Pall Mall East. S.W. 
Treasurer: F. A. BEVAN, Esq. Secretary: Mrs. J. F. PINK. 





is doing this national work and is HELPING TO 


E. LIONEL BROWN, Secretary. 

The Church Nursing and Ambulance Brigade 


Founded in 1901 as "THE CHURCH RED CROSS BRIGADE." 

President : H.H. The PRINCESS MARIE LOUISE, V.A., C.I. 
Commakdamt-im-Chief : The Right Hon. The COUNTESS OF CLONMELL. 

Objects : — To make the Young Women and Girls of the Nation more useful in the Home ; 
more valuable to their Country ; more sympathetic with the Suffering ; more 
truly Followers of Christ ; and supplying just now an opportune need in the 
life of the Nation in helping the work of the Great Front Line Military Hospitals. 

FUND8 URGENTLY NEEDED tor Organisation and Equipment. 

Hon. Secretary : Organising Secretary : 

Mrs. THOMAS MILNER. (Brigade Commahdawt-Gemeral) Rev. THOMAS MILNER. 

Headquarter! Offices : 3, QUEEN STREET, EDGWARE ROAD, W. 



FOUNDED 1835. 
Chairman and Treasurer : F. A. BEVAN, Esq., J.P., DX. 

The Committee of this old-established Society 
earnestly appeal for increased funds in support of 
its varied activities now operating for the r~ cial 
and moral upliftment of the Capital. 


In addition to their work In the Slums and London 
underworld, the Society's Missionaries are — 

Evangelising men and women engaged on war" 
work and munitions ; 

Ministering consolation in homes darkened and 
impoverished by the toil of battle ; 

Catering for the spiritual needs of sailors 
soldiers in London depots and garrisons ; 

Visiting thousands of wounded warriors in Mili- 
tary Hospitals and Institutions ; 

Combating those giant evils that menace the 
peace and welfare of the Community : 

Prosecuting a vigorous campaign amongst work- 
ing men, notably at factory gates, and in 
parks and open spaces ; 

Distributing Testaments and religious periodicals 
among service men of all ranks; and 

Relieving (as funds permit) t! ral wants 

of the deserving and suffering poor. 


Contributions (crossed Barclays Bank, 
should be made payable to the London Ctty Mi 

addressed to the Secretaries, Mission House, 3. 
Bridewell Race, London, E.C.4. 


V Testamentary Disposit 



Paddington Green Children's Hospital, 



Patron : H.R.H. Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll. 

Free to the sick children of the poor. A large proportion of the patients 

are soldiers' and sailors' children. 


Chairman: SIR DOUGLAS OWEN, K.B.E. Treasure: NIGEL HANBURY, Esq. 

The Royal Soldiers' Daughters' Home 

X J HAMPS 1 EAD, N.W.i? Foumdbb im 1855. 






QROVIDES a Home, education and training for Domestic service for the Daughters of 
J deserving Soldiers of H.M. Army, and for the Daughters of Soldiers of the Territorial 

Force, who have lost their lives at the seat of war. 
Donations and subscriptions for this deserving military charity can be paid to the Secretary, 
Royal Soldiers' Daughters' Home, 5, Robert Street, Adelpbi, London, W.C.2. 



Founded in 1893 by Mrs. Ransome Wallis. 

For the rescue and care of the Unmarried Mother and her 
unwanted child. 

600 children to-day under our Supervision, Inspection and Care. 
100 Mothers in our Maternity Homes. 
We are acutely needing money for bread and clothing. 
The Strain and Stress of War days are telling painfully upon 
our resources. 

Every gift, large or small, most gratefully received. 
Address : 

Secretary, HAVEN OF HOPE, Incorp., 
30. Denman Street, London Bridge, S.E. 







Bootmaking, Carpentry, Gardening, Printing, Tailoring. 

Cookery. Dressmaking, Housewifery, and Laundry Work 

taught in addition to the usual educational subjects. 

Apprentice Fees granted on leaving. 


Frederic H. Maddeh. Sterttsry. 


London Female Preventive and Reformatory Institution 
( i ith which is amal&mtakd THE UW SIGHT mf.ETIXG MOVtMl 
Offices: 203, EUSTON ROAD, LONDON, N.W. 

Supports SIX HOMES and 1 FOR 100 


The benefits are free, irrespective of creed, class, or country. Over 46,200 yoang 
women and girls have been assisted by the Homes, and upwards of 127,200 have attended the 
2,491 midnight and other meetings which have been held. 

Supported by Voluntary Contributions. Help Is much needed. 

Bankers — Lomdok Couwtv a*d Westminster Bank, t, Hempstead Road, N.W. 
WILLIAM W. THOMPSON, Sec. 200. Euaton Road. London, N.W. 

Trinitarian Bible Society. 

FOUNDED 1131. *^^.7 • 

for the circulation of Protestant or uncorrupted versions of the 
Word of God. 

The Society makes free grants of Bibles, Testaments, 
•els, and Scripture leaflets among our 

Soldiers and Sailors in England, Scotland, and Ireland. 

riptnres have b< I free of expense to English 

in Germany; Belgians interned in Holland; I -frman 

in England; French, Russian, and Italian soldiers; 

h and Foreign - a ilors both at Home and Abroad. 


£3,000 is urgen tly needed to e xtend the work. 

Please send your gifts to the SerreUrv. the Rev. F. CaciL 
Lovely, I airy Street, London. W X 



and International Bureau for the Suppression of the White Slave Traffic. 

President : Thk Right Hon. The Marquis of Aberdeen ahd Teiiair, K.T. 
Treasurer : The Right Hon. The Earl of Moray. 

The Association originated the International Work for the suppression of the White Slave 
Traffic, and organised National Committees in the countries of Europe, the United States, 
Canada, the Argentine, and in Egypt. 

Believing in prevention, the Association makes enquiries, free of charge, in England, or in 
anv country abroad, as to the bona fides of situations offered to young women. 

It also has ladies on duty at the Railway Stations and English Ports to render assistance 
to English girls travelling throughout the United Kingdom, and to Foreign young women 
on their arrival in and departure from England. 

William Alexander Coote, Secretary. 
Central Office : 2, Grosvenor Mansions, 76, Victoria Street, 8.W. 

Westcroft Farm, CRICKLEWOOD, H.Wiy^ 

(Formerly *t ACTON). XiM? 

Prtsulmt: HIS GRACE 


THE" DUKE OF'pORTLAND. ^^ 4$S^ ^^ 1. To enable the 

K.G., G.CV.O. ^^^ 4t % ^^^ poorer classes to procure 

Bankers : .^^^^^0*\ K ^!&^r^ T * st and skilled treatment for 

Messrs. Coutts & Co. ^^^ H&J& <% ^^ their anim * ls wnen such care is 

Secretary Mr J _^r ^ tO^aO^V^^ needed. J. To provide animals 

Bra»a2on Morris ^^ <M£ * xO^V^ for the ^^Ponry use of poor persons 

^^^ -f^e^ while their era are reating in the Home. 

< nntributions in aid of this humane work are urgently needed 
unci w 11 be gratetully received by tie Banke>s, MKSSRS: 
COUTTS & CO., 440, Strand; the Cashier of the R.S.P.C. A. , 
,05, Jerniyn Street, S.W ; or the Secretary, at the Home. 



President — 
Treasurer— Sir G. WYATT TRUSCOTT, Bt. 

The Hospital adjoins the Victoria Park (217 acres), being 
popularly known as 


Contains 175 Beds, and has 30,000 attendances of Out- 
patients annually. The grounds extend to four acres. 

The increased ravages of Consumption, due to the War, 
make the Hospital's work of supreme importance. 

A LEGACY or DONATION of £1,000 gives the right to 
name a bed, and £500 a cot. 

GEORGE WATTS Secretary. 



for Diseases of the Heart 


E8TABLI8HED 1857. (Removed from 8oho Square in 1914.) 


The only special Hospital for treat- 
ment of Heart Disease urgently 
appeals for help to enable it to 
carry on its work of mercy, which is 
hampered by the great increase in 
the cost of all necessaries. 

Sir JAMES HARRISON, C.V.O. - Chairman. 
ROBERT G. E.WHITNEY (now on War Service), Secretary. 

Trotfidttice fRovi) Kijta TUfttye 
axid 'ftome, 


Founded i860, by the Late Rev. Dr. Gilbert. 

Alderman Sir JOHN KNILL, Bart ; E J. BELLORD. Eiq 
Treasurer : Alderman Sir JOHN KNILL, Bart 


these art the characteristic* of the 
1 Dormitory,' which own Its existence 

At oifht the lent t 
vtaf Loodoo." published by 

The smallest contribution will be gratefully edmowtedced by the Secretary and Manager, 

J. W, GILBERT, Esq., B.A., 
15, George St., Mansion House, London, E.C. 



Queen Charlotte's Lying-in Hospital, 


Patrons — 


Treasurer— ALFRED C. De ROTHSCHILD, Esq., C.V.O.E. 

Chairman— SIR SAMUEL SCOTT, Bart., M.P. 

2,000 patients received into the Wards annually, and over 

2,000 attended and nursed in their own homes. 

5,000 Wives of Soldiers and Sailors and Belgian 

and Other Refugees have been admitted as In-Patients or 

Out-Patients since the outbreak of War. 


ARTHUR WATTS, Secretary. 




Under the Patronage of THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING & QUEEN. 

Only large CHILDREN'S Hospital in South London ; 



Please help this Charity, "not only because it is a Hospital, 
but because it is a Hospital for Children." 

President — Viscount Duncannon, M.P. Chairman — D. Malcolm Scott, Esq. 
Treasurer— Gerald D. Smith, Esq. Secretary— H. C. Staniland Smith. 


Royal National Lifeboat Institution 


The Lifeboats have made 

Since the outbreak of War over 1,300 lives have been saved from 
II.M. Ships, Mine Sweepers, Torpedo Boats, Patrol Boats, Seaplanes, 
and other Vessels which have been torpedoed, mined, or in distress 
as a direct result of the War. 

Altogether, over 3,700 lives have been rescued by Lifeboats in this 
period, and have thus been preserved for Great Britain and her Allies 


Those who wish to perpetuate the memory of the gallant death, <>n 
the field of honour, of a Husband, a Son, or a Brothei, or to pay a 
lasting tribute to a Relative 6r Friend, may, by endowing and naming 
a Lifeboat, provide a noble 


a living instrument for the saving of valuable lives, and the means of 
maintaining among our maritime population the qualities of courage, 
endurance and humanity, which are the best characteristics of our race. 
GEORGE F. SHEE. M.A., Secretary. 


Pounded 1843; Incorporated by Royal Charter 1S4S. 

Vndtr tkt Paironagt of Thtir Stosl Gracious Sfajtsttts ths Kimg mnd Qu**n 
Qumn AUxandrm, mnd oUm Mtmbm of tk4 Royml Family. 

Irtaturtr - ROBERT S. GARDINER, Esq. Bm*h$n — PARRS BANK. Lo., i, Cavendieh Sqearr.W. 

Home and Free Registration Office (or Disengaged Governesses : 47, Herley SC, W. tntUffmrn.) 
Holiday House : -Falrmount, Shan kiln. LW. Home for the Aged : -Chaleh.rtt, Kent.' 

Tee work at the Institution is most comprehensive io character. It beoaits the young by inventing 
their savinf* In annuities and by helpinc them as Funds permit in tbdr annoal payment*, by pro- 
viding them with a temporary homa and free registration, by which they can obtain engagements . 
also a Holiday Home, and by assisting thorn when In dlsVeultica. To the ok) It pflera H M t nro Q 
help, a settled income by the provMoo of free annuities, and a home tor their deeUning year*. 
Nearly 2,000 Governesses are assisted Annually. 

ual expenditure exceed* £20,000. AiA fUafl ~— ■ . loatootoc Lnnatoa. watoh tee 
untain the preaent work, »IU,WW ^SrH^r n liwsii ofli 1" ttrifmi l 

Donations oi Stock or money soaVaaot to eaubuah an annuity will be funded, the amount bearing 

Membership OMOnte In the payment of an Annual Guinea, or of Ten Guineas in one mm, or in tae 
case of a Govemeae Member, ol not lam than half-a-guioe* par annum. Subscribers are entiled Io 
vote for annuities In the proportion ol one Vote tor each u.nual Half-Goiuea not Io arraar, and one 
>u for each Donation of Five Guinea*. 

A. WE8LEY DENNIS, Secretary. 
HEAD OPFI C B— Deere Hoaee. 5. Arundel St rent. Strand. London. W.C rejephont g m Caateol 


Urgent Appeal for Help. 





Treasurer : J. P. BEAVAN, Esq. Director : FREDK. W. DREWETT, F.C.I.S. 

The Hospital has no Endowment and has to depend entirely upon 
Voluntary Contributions. 



The district served contains a large working-class population, totally unable ^maintain 
the Hospital, and yet making heavy demands upon it Owing to, abnormall y high p ices 
the present financial portion is critical. It is earnestly hoped that th°se *h° ™r"£ 
administration of Charitable Funds, Legacies, &c, wiU remember this Chanty, upon which 
the people of one of the most necessitous parts of the Metropolis depend. ntr „ tftr 1S 

Subscriptions and Donations will be thankfully received by the Treasurer or Director as 


Homes for Little Boys 



Hundreds of Old Boys are now serving in Army, 
Navy and Mercantile Marine; More than one hundred 
war Orphans are in the care of the Homes. Forty- 
five Senior Boys are now working at Messrs. Vickkrs, 
Ltd., on the manufacture of munitions. 


After the war ? More than ever, MEN will be needed 

healthy, strong, trained men. In these fHomes, 

500 sturdy lads are to-day being fed, clothed, 
educated, taught a useful trade, and equipped to be 
the citizens of tormorrow. Surely this work is of 
supreme National importance. 


May we send you our latest Report ? 
Treasurer: LORD BLYTH. 
Chairman : WALTER HAZELL, Esq., J.P. 
Secretary : JOHN ARTHUR BELL, 57, Temple Chambers, E.C.* 


The Church Lads' Brigade 




President : Fikld-Maeshal LORD GRENFELL, P.C., 
Field-Marshal H.R.H. THE DUKE OF G.C.B., G.G.M.G.i 
CONNAUGHT, K.G., K.T. DBnrry G ovbmo« : 

Vice-Presidbiits : Bric.-Gejibral J. H. S. CRAIGIE. 

CANTERBURY Brigade Chaplain and Secretary : 
&c, &c, &c. How. Treas.: ADRIAN POLLOCK, E»g. 

For 26 years the C.L.B. hat aimed at producing a Christian 
character and true efficiency in the lads of the Empire. 

To-day over 200,000 members are serving with the Colours and 

60,000 lads are being trained by the C.L.B. as Cadets. 

The C.L.B. trains lads for Church and Country between the critical 

ages of 14 and 19. 

Will YOU HELP our lads to become true Christian Citizens ? 

Full information will be gladly given by Rev. Edgar Rogers, M.A., the 

Brigade Chaplain and Sec, at the Headquarters of the Brigade, Aldwych 

House, Catherine Street, London, W.C.2. to whom all contributions 

should be sent. 



Distressed Gentlefolks' Aid Association 

under Royal Patronage) 
are in 


to enable them to continue the small weekly grants to destitute 
ladies and gentlemen, most of whom are aged and infirm, and to 
meet farther calls for assistance in consequence of the War. 

The recipients of these grants having been in comfortable cir- 
cumstances before misfortune overtook them, 


to relieve their distress. The bona fides of each case are thoroughly 
Investigated before grants are made. 

Cheques (crossed Cox and Co.) should be made payable to the 
Association and forwarded to the Chaimunt, Admiral Hoa, Sfe 

!■;. IKIM \\ I I 1 . G.( .H.. or Secretary, Miss C M. FINN, 
75. BROOK A . 



Mariners' Friend Society. 

E8TABLI8HED 1848. Supported by Voluntary Contributions. 

For promoting; the welfare of Seamen, Fishermen 
and the Mercantile Marine. 

Evangelistic work amongst the Sailors. 

Head Office : 19, Old Gravel Lane, London Docks, E.I. 

City Office : 36, Lime Street, London, E.C.3. 

Bethels, Reading Rooms and Book Depots: 



£5,000 needed ior Institute and Hostel at Tilbury Docks- 
site paid for. 
£2,000 for Sailors' Mission Work. 

Superintendent Chaplain : Rev. THOMAS R. COUCH. 

Honorary Secretary : J. REWCASTLE WOODS, 36, Lime Street, 

London, E.C.3. 


Carried on by Voluntary Officials. 

Four large workshops in London employing Blind men and women — 

Oxford Street, W. Westminster, S.W. 

Camberwell, S.E. 

Seaside Home for the Blind (especially Blinded Soldiers and Sailors). No 

payment asked, every kind of help for the Blind accorded. Several hundred 
Blind persons helped yearly. Help is desperately needed. No endowments. 
Enquiries and investigations invited. 

Hon. Sec: Rev. Dr. H. G. ROSEDALE, F.S.A., F.R.G.L., 

102, Dean St., Oxford St., W. 


for Skin and Gen ito-Uri nary Diseases, 

I3a, Red Lion Square, Holborn, London, W.C.I. 

Approved by the Local Government Board 

as a Centre for the Free Treatment of Venereal Diseases. 

The first Hospital founded in the United Kingdom for the treatment of the allied skin 

and genito-urinary (including venereal) diseases. 

Supported by Donations and Legacies. 

£1,200 will maintain a special bed named after the Donor. 

£10,000 required to enlarge and rebuild the Hospital. 

A. W. JOHNSTON, F.S.A.Scot., Hon. Secretary. 

Ttlt »■•■•: t«Btrml 13704. 




Owing to the War our work in Palestine is suspended, 
but we are collecting for over 2,000 women, disabled, and 
children, Jewish Colonists cruelly robbed and expelled from 
Palestine, whom the British Authorities are sheltering at 
Alexandria, Egypt. 500 <>f the young men volunteered for 
service in Gallipoli and did fine work. 


Donations will be thankfully received by : — 

F. A. BEVAN, Esq., J.P..D.L., President and Hon. Treasurer, 

-4. Lombard Street. E.C.3 ; 
Messrs. DRUMMOXD, Bankers, 49, Charing Cross. 8.W.1 ; 

E. A. FINN. Secretary, at the above address. 

The most effectual way of winning India for Chn»t is to K*in the 
Wives and Mothers. The ZENANA is the place to reach them. 

The Zenana Bible & Medical Mission 

now nearly seventy years old, has its sphere solely among the Women and Glrb of India. It 
most of its Stations it is the ONLY Gospel work among the Women. It 
Dispensaries, Babies' Homes, Orphanages. Industrial Homos for Widows, 
High Schools, and College. It has over 400 workers, and over 6,000 
and Zenana. It is the hand-maid of all the Evangelical Churches. It n 
Inter-denomi national. 

The present terrible days have Imposed a heavy strain upoo 
its finances, but the opportunities were never so great. 
Will vou help by sending a Subscription or Donation to the Treasurer, Lo«d hiss aim t> 
or the Secretary, 33. Surrey Strwt. tttJ 


Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital, 

QRAVJ INN WOAI). W.C loundcil 1^4. 


The Committee make an earnest appeal for fund 

NEW ANNEXE— 18.026— which provides accomtnodV 
The total number of beds is now 43, being so for Sick and Wounded Soldiers, 
and 1 ins. There t* also a very large Out- Patient Department. 

Banket: Barclay 4 Co. St entm y : Kick and Ks* 


G?Norfchern Central Hospital, 


vn as the Great Northern Hospital.) 

3,200 In-Patients, and 

102,525 Out-Patients' Attendances last year. 

405 Beds for Sick and Wounded Soldiers 
and Civilian Patients. 

An urgent appeal is made for special contributions towards 
£32,000 necessary for maintenance yearly. 

GILBERT G. PANTER, Secretary. 


Association for assisting the Blind. 

Established 1863. Incorporated 1911. 

Registered Office: 87, BISHOPSGATE, E.C. 
President: H.R.H. The DUKE OF CONNAUGHT, K.G.. &c. 
Treasurer : J. T. BECK, Esq., London County and Westminster 
Bank, Ltd., 91, Westminster Bridge Road, S.E. 
Hon. Sec. and Solicitor: J. T. EDMONDS, Esq., 
87, Bishopsgate, E.C, and Carlton Villa, 155, Brixton Road, S.W. 
There are 175 blind persons, Class Members of this old and voluntary Associa- 
tion, all of whom are very poor. Classes are established for Instruction in 
Reading, Work for Women, and Recreation. The Class Members have the 
privilege of borrowing sums of money, free of interest, with which to buy 
materials for work to make or sell, or for any urgent purpose. 

Seventy Pensions are also granted in the most Necessitous Cases. 
Annual Subscriptions will be thankfully received, and the Pension 
Fund needs generous help. The work is conducted by a Committee 
of Ladies and Gentlemen, and practically without expense. 

"Cabdrivers' benevolent association 

(Founded 1870). 1 C , SOHO 8QUARE, W.I. 

Donation*, Si-.bscriptionf, and Legacies in aid of the Annuity Fund are greatly needed. 
Contributions may be paid to the Association's Account at the Union of London and Smiths 
Bank, Charing Cross, or they will be thankfully received by 

A. D. TAIT, Secretary, 15, Soho Squ*r«, Lohdoh. W.i. 



? J.Stewart & Son 

<f lothicrs bn Appointmrnt to 


Z uilors bn Appointment to the latt 

Caxlors bn Appointment to 

Court, Raoal, militarp and 
Sporting Cailors. 







88 George St., Edinburgh 



The Hot Springs of Bath, rising at a natural tem- 
perature of 120°, rich in radium emanation, have 
never been in greater demand nor more appreciated 
than they are to-day. Wounded soldiers and 
invalided civilians alike are finding renewed health 
and strength in the Bath treatment. 
The waters are administered at the extensive Bathing 
Establishment by every means that science can devise 
for the balneotherapeutic treatment of disease. 
Rheumatism and Neuritis and " Nerve Shock " are 
but a few of the complaints successfully treated here. 
Bright, cheerful, restful surroundings and good 
music help the invalid to regain health, and provide 
for the pleasure and entertainment of those who come 
to Bath only for a rest and change. 
The Roman Baths of Bath, still standing in wonder- 
ful preservation, are amongst the finest Roman 
antiquities in Europe. No place in Britain is richer 
in beautiful buildings and historic houses of the 
XVIII century. 

To many visitors the architectural beauty and his- 
torical associations of the city appeal very strongly, 
while others are attracted by the delightful walks 
and excursions all around. 

There are first-class concerts at the Pump Room 
every day, frequent special performances, and good 
companies at the Theatres. 

"For 2000 Years" 

is the title of a recently published booklet giving 
particulars about the Hot Springs of Bath, which will 
be sent post free, together with Hotel and Apartment 
List and other information, on application to — 

John Hatton, Director, The Springs, Bath. 





(Established a Century) 

The Fashion and Furnishing 
Distributors of the West. 

Supplementary Departments for Decoration of Houses, 

House and Estate Agency, Valuations. Removals, 

Warehousing, and Funerals. 

Telephone : 70a (3 lines). 



Bouquets and Beautiful Moral Designs 
Choice Cut Flowers 

The Conservatories, y\ a npfj Branch shop: 
B -rcet BA 1 i~l 6, New Bon 

T«tofram«: " Elsom, Batm." Tehobo««: •*. 










BRISTOL, Tramways Centre 
AVONMOUTH, Shirehampton Road 

BATH, James Street West 

CHELTENHAM, 116, High Street ... 
GLOUCESTER, London Road 
WESTON-SUPER-MARE, 22, Beach Road 

Telephone: "CAB," all branches. 

Telephone 335 







Old Red House 



The Motorist's :: :: 
Favourite Rendezvous 
and Visitor's Resort. 


Smoke Room and Lounge 
for Gentlemen. :: :: 

The Restaurant is recognised as one of the Best 
Arranged, Most Comfortable and Quickest Served 
in the West of England. Orchestra 4 to 6 

daily, Sept. to April. Catering carried out in 
the very best style. 

Under Personal Supervision. • 

Alfred Taylor, Proprietor. 


liiniiiininfttf nifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiitiiiiii iniiiiiit iiiiiiiiti?iiiiiiititiif tiitiitiiiiiitii iiutiiiiiiniiiifiiitti iiMiniHiMiiniB 



*«±™» Watchmaker to the Admiralty, 


,.,._ 1, Bridge Street, BATH, \ 


Wedding and Complimentary Presents. — Souvenirs. 

tiiiiin iriiiiiiiiHiiinif iiiiiitiiiTiti tutf liiiniuiiiriiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif iiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiii iiuiiiiuifiiiti uiniiA 

| Send your Prescription to 


Ccrtificb Chemists 


| Where it will be dispensed as it should be, and S 
s you will not be overcharged. 5 

| ESTABLISHED 1770. \ 

S Only one address — S 

5, Cheap Street, BATH. 





Gown Specialists. 
Millinery Experts. 

Telephone 247 Bath. 

Established nearly three-quarters of a century. 



"Movesi" Bath Chairs 
and Invalid Carriages 

for one* or two persons, 

. Spinal Carriages, . 
. Carrying Chairs, . 
Self-Propelling Chairs, 
. Couches, Bed-Rests, . 

and Invalid Appliances of all kinds. 


Makers to Her late Majesty Queen Victoria, H.M. Queen Mary, 
H.I.M. the Empress Eugenie, and Red Cross and General 
Hospitals throughout the Country. :: 


W. P. MONK & SON T Original Bath Cha ir Factory, BATH 

Telegrams: "MONK. BATH." 



J. W. ROSE, 



The Highest Possible Prices given for 

Antique Silver. 
Old Sheffield Plate. 
Antique Jewellery. 
Diamonds & Pearls. 

Old Cnina. 
Old Furniture. 
Old Prints. 
Old Oil Paintings. 

Old GU»*. 
Old Bronzes. 

Old Miniatures. 

Reference : 

National Provincial Bank of England. 

VISITORS TO BATH are invited to call and 
inspect our interesting and varied stock. 

Tailors, Hatters, Outfitters. 


ready for immediate wear. 






Overcoats of every 

For many 

yean we Have supplied the 

Clergy and Gentry of a wide area 

:HOOL OUTFITS for their Son*. 

19, Milsom Street, BATH 



TheBrigtoI Wagon ^Carriage Wor 1 ^ 

Condick ." (Special) All-weather Body on Talbot Chassis. 

Showrooms: 138, Victoria St., 


CO., LTD. 

Sole Manufacturers and 
Patentees of the 
" Condick " Patent 
All-weather Body. 

*~0 ******* 


on all enclosed 
types of Bodies and 
General Automo- 
bile Agents. 


London Offices: 154, Suffolk House, Laurence Pountney Hill. 
Telegrams : " Battery, Bristol." Telephone : No. 4630. 



Telegrams : 


Telephone No 










= | 


1 30, College Green, BRISTOL. | 





From Old Bond Street, London. W.), 

P| 45, College Green, BRISTOL. ■" 

Hosier, Hatter, 
I ftf Shirt Tailor. § 

'jjllll ijr= Shirts to Measure. Sample in 2 hours. =ij||||||UH 




St Augustine's Parade, BRISTOL, 




T.W,*-.: IJM. l**m.: "KAPAX BRIiTOL" 




D D 

Tslegraphic Address : " HANCOCK, BRISTOL." Telephone No. : 1986. 

I Hancock & ©o. I 

□ □ 

n F. 8. CHAPMAN ,_._« .,«,.*.„„_ n 

2 A. SUTTON Joint Partners. 


D □ 

□ □ 




a a 


8 § 

a □ 

a _ _ _ y 




a a 


72, Park Street, BRISTOL. § 




Solid Leather Portmanteaus, Cabin Trunks, Suit Cases, 
Gladstone Bags, Kit Bags. 


1 9 & 20 St. Augustine's Parade ( t ? e a n\ w r a e y ), BRISTOL 


Telephone : 3429. Telegrams : " Breeches, Bristol" 

Matthew Todd, Ltd., 

Civil and Military TAILORS, 

Liveries and & Ladies* Costumes and 

Breeches Makers. Riding Habits. 

31, College Green, BRISTOL 


and all Military equipment 
supplied on shortest notice. 

til 1 mill iiiiiiiiiii 111 11 1 1 • 1 1 1 11 1 1 ■! it 1 1 1 1 1 1 ■ it 1 illinium 1111 Minima 

I F. O. WORTH & Co. I 

Wine, Spirit and 

Ale Merchants, § 

J 65, Queen's Road, Clifton, BRISTOL, j 
and 217, Cheltenham Road. BRISTOL 


jj — 




Telegraphic Address 

Mundy, Queen's Road, Bristol." 
Proprietor) , 

mundy & co. (A s ; 

Cfaua aiad Slass Xwchaxrts, 



\V 7E most cordially invite inspection of our showrooms (amongst 
▼▼ the finest in the kingdom), which are filled with the 
choicest productions of the Potters and Glass Makers' Arts. 

Jltttsttc IrUAAit^ and o\W ?usetvts. 


Fireproof, Kitchen and useful Goods always in stock. 







500 Illustrations of ^Armorial "Bearings. 

A complete Parliamentary Guide with detailed Biographies of 
M.P.'s, Christian and Surnames of successful and unsuccessful Can- 
didates, and full Polling Statistics of the last two General Elections, 
checked by the Returning Officers. An Abridged Peerage, List of 
Privy Council, Explanations of Technical Parliamentary Expres- 
sions, and Biographies of Judges of Supreme and County Courts, 
Recorders, Vice-Admirals of the Coast, Sheriffs and Sheriffs 
Substitute of Scotland, Colonial Judges, &c. 

560 pp., Cloth, Gilt, 10s. 6d. net; Half Calf, i$s. net. 






ij. Cypher, 
. J. Cypher, 
F. B. Cypher, 
C. T. Bastim, 
F. Tarr, 


Trustees of the 

Etute of 
F. J. Cypher, 




Ttltcrinn: " CYPHER, CHELTENHAM." 

Telephone : U7. 

For Orchids and Choice Plants 



Wreaths and Memorial Designs. 

Roses and Hardy Plants for Gardens and 


60 GREENHOUSES— always worth a visit. 

IK ; 



Established over three quarters of a Century. 


Head Office— St James's Square, CHELTENHAM. Tel. 22. 

£araest Removal $ Warehousing Contractors in 
ihe midlands. 

St. George's 

Telephone 22. 

Showrooms — 

Promenade and 

St. George's 


Telephone 753. 

Special facilities for transporting household and other goods by transfer 
vans — obviating the necessity of disturbing contents until destination is reached. 

We Buy, Sell or Exchange Furniture, supply Bedsteads and 
Bedding. English and Foreign Carpets, Curtains, etc., etc. 
Vacuum Carpet Cleaning — Carpets taken up, cleaned, and relaid. 

Hundreds of Testimonial Letters can be seen at our Office. 

■ ■■iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiismiiimiiiiniiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiBBB 



bailors and Hosiers, 


Hunting Breeches, Uniform 
and Clerical Tailors. 

Accustomed to making suitable garments for residents 
living in all climates of the British Dominions. 


1, Colonnade, CHELTENHAM. 






J' ESTABLISHED 1876. jj 


4! Watchmaker and Silversmith. 

«* ft. *» 

4fj ::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::: ^ 

4, *» 


43 * 

4, *» 


I i 

yillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Illllllllllllllllll IL 

j JOHN LANCE & CO., ] 

Famous for Style ami Satisfaction 
at Treasonable Prices. 

□ D 

and everything requisite for Ladies' Attire. 


necessary to make the home comfortable. 

Enquiries > r &* 


Established 1851. CHELTENHAM. 




Dealer in antiques, 
e H E LaT eNH^M. 

I Buy, Sell, or Take in Exchange 



FURNITURE, etc., etc., 

Make Valuations, etc. (any distance). 

My Services at your disposal 


Paris. 1855.' ^^^^S^^« telegrams: " boultons, 

London, 1889. 54^^^^^^&K bath road, Cheltenham." 



Ecclesiastical Art Sculptors, 


Sculptors, Carvers and Modellers. 






Successors to the old-established firm of 


High-class ENGRAVERS of «*■> 

Memorial Brasses. 

Desipis and Estimate* tent on receipt of particulars. 


VorRsCT KAMiLLlti fLA^L. I ~--J~,. 


Telegrams: " BAYLEAF, OX, U 'M >< >N." 



Telephone: SM2 GERRARD. 

t* M,, ^»* 

A badly-fitting Stocking, or on* 
made of unsuitable material, is not 
onlv no good-it is positively harmful 

"VARIX."— AU about I 

and Repair them. 




Price : Smile, 21 • | Double, JJ/. 
is a perfect Truss. Effective 
without restraint. A' t«*implv 
as a clip, and ad.r - 
•very movement of the body. 

No leather coveruwe. Price : 5m K ir 
Double, tt/-. Particular! r .uTuble for 

r.-. i lout* ..I.I-....1 lead *>/«• RBSJBjd hip*. 

end state Rteht. Left, or Double. 



..Jn4 HOSPITAL and 

WR W. H. B 
I J 38, Oxforc 


ford St., 7, Rnthbono 
Place), LONDON. W.l. 



Geo. M. HAMMER & Co., Ltd. 






cmuniHLO wood, metal or stone. 

Royal School of Art Needlework, 


Patrons— The King, H.M. Queen Mary, H.M. Queen Alexandra. 

President — H.R.H. Princess Christian. 

Princess of Great Britain and Ireland. 


A Large and Attractive Exhibition OPE F N RE D E A1 


Regimental Colours, Badges, &c, a Speciality. 

Church Work. Prepared Work. Orders taken. Lessons given- 

Also on view and for sale, a fine collection of ANTIQUE FURNITURE, SILVER, 
WATER FORD GLASS, &c. Particulars on application to the Secretary. 

Telephone: Kensington 1990. Telegrams: " Roscarne," South Kensington, London. 

By Special Appointment 
to H.M. The King. 

Established 1747. 


21, ST. SWITHIN'S LANE, EX. (Late 2, threadneedle st., e.c.) 


Where all Ordtrs. Telegrams, and Remittances should be addressed. 

Factory and 
Counting House 

Telegraphic Address: "RUSKS, ISLING, LONDON.' 

Telephone: 1842 Holborn 







The Court Journal 


^ "The Court Journal" was founded in the year 1829, 
during the reign of H.M. King George IV. 

% It has been published, without a break, during the 
reigns of no less than Five British Sovereigns, and has 
enjoyed the privilege of Royal Patronage throughout the 
whole of its long and honourable career, an experience 
which is unequalled. 

^ It is the only journal which possesses the privilege • 
bearing the " Royal Arms." 

The Weekly Features are 





Price Sixpence. Everywhere. By post, 28/- ia the U.K. 
and 38 6 abroad for 12 months. 

Office: Dudley House. Southampton Street. Strnnd. W.C.2. 
'Phone : Reseat 9799. 

4 o 



John Carpenter St., Victoria Embankment, London, E.C.* 

Established and managed by the Corporation of London. 

Princip al - - LANDON R ONALD. 

The Guildhall School of Music was established in September, 1880, for the purpose of 
providing high-class instruction in the art and science of Music at moderate cost to the Student. i 

The year is divided into Three Terms, arranged to commence as follows : — Third Monday in 
September (13 weeks) ; Second Monday in January (12 weeks) ; Fourth Monday in April (12 weeks). 

Forms of Entry can be obtained on application to the Secretary. Students (Professional or 
Amateur) of any age received. 

The Fees for Amateur Students vary according to the Professor selected, and range from £\ 14s. 
to £4 17s. per Term of Twelve weeks. 

The Fees for Students desiring a complete Musical Education are of two grades, £7 17s. 6d. 
and £10 10s. per Term. 110 Scholarships and Prizes competed for annually in June. 

Under the direction of the Principal. 

THE OPERATIC CLASS meets on Saturdays at Three o'clock (suspended during War). 
Chamber Music, Harmony, Elocution Classes, 21s. per Term. RUDIMENTS CLASSES, SIGHT 
SINGING, and SIGHT READING (Instrumental) Classes, ars available at low fees to Students 
taking private tuition. ORGAN LESSONS given daily (Evening Lessons arranged). 


The Examination for Diplomas (L.G.S.M. & A.G.S.M.), Thb Local Centres Examinations 
(Preparatory, Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Grades), The Local Schools Examinations 
(Elementary, Lower and Higher Division), are open to the Students of the Guildhall School 
of Music and the Public Generally. For particulars see the special Syllabus for each Examina- 
tion, to be had post free on application. 

School prospectus may also be had. 

H. 8AXE WYNDHAM, Secretary. 

Telephone — Central 4459. 

Telegrams — Euphonium, Fleet, London. 





ONLY THE ANGELUS PLAYER-PIANO can enable the musician and the 
novice alike to render the most famous composition in a musicianly manner. 
Only The Angelus is capable of the same responsiveness and sympathy of 
expression as that displayed by the greatest Pianists. The most noted Artistes of 
the day declare that only with its marvellous and unique patented Angelus 
Expression Devices, viz. : The Melodant, The Phrasing Lever, and the Artistyle, is 
it possible to obtain the sensitive human qualities and individuality so essential 

in the performance of music. The Pianos 
into which The Angelus is .fitted 
include the superb Marshall and .Rose, 
the celebrated Brinsmead, and many 
other famous instruments. 
Easy payments can be arranged. Instruments 
are taken in exchange and good value allowed. 
You are invited to inspect the Instruments. If 
unable to call, kindly write for illustrated 
Catalogue to : 


Sir Herbert Marshall & Sons 

Anjfelu.s Hall, Regent House, Ltd. 


N.W.J. £ 










The ALL-BRITISH Edition 





AUGENER, LTD., &2*£M5f W.l 




i ■ — NOTES ■ 1 




5 AND 5 

| S. FORD, 

Of the Inner Temple and the Western Circuit, Barrister-at-Law. 

I S« net. 



o d/o^ 




House of Commons 


Judicial Bench 


ittrmbrrs of $arliara*nt, anb gubgts of i\t Hnitrb ^ingbom 
anb of \\t Colonic, tU. 

mo by 



s -A/j untfrr Ik* Copyright Ad 

! < 
N & SON. LIMITED, i$OA, l •: 




have made STRAKER-SQUIRE motors the 
hall mark of unfailing reliability and sterling 
worth under peace and war conditions, for 
touring and heavy commercial vehicle work. 


83, Nelson Square, Blackfriars, 





Train /pgf$f)ip_ 


44 No Destitute Child ever 

Refused Admission." 

Motto : 
"For God and Country/* 





84,713 Children have passed through the Rescue Doors. 

7,480 is the average number of Boys and Girls in residence 

609 are Crippled, Incurable, Blind, Deaf and Dumb, physically 
afflicted, or sick. 

770 Boys and Girls are under Industrial Training. 

26,281 Young People have been migrated to Canada and the Overseas 

Dominions. 95 per cent, do well. 

10,000 Barnardo Boys are serving the country in the 
Army, Navy, and Mercantile Marine. 

300 Boys are constantly in training for the Navy. 

£25 Maintains and trains a boy for a year at the 
Naval School. 

\* Cheques and Orders, payable "DR. BARNARDO'S HJIViES," 
and crossed (Notes should be Registered), and Parcels of Clothing may be 
sent to the Honorary Director, WILLIAM BAKER, M.A., LL B., at 
the Head Offices, 18 to 26, STEPNEY CAUSEWAY, LONDON, E.i. 



Abbreviations j v 

Administrations, List of g 

Advertiskmim>. Imux i". ai END Ol \'«)L. 

Appeal, Lords and Judges of 344 

Assistant Judge, Lord Mayor's Court 411 

Bristol Tolzey Court, Judge of 412 

Chairman of Co. of London Sessions 413 

Changes so* i phb Genual Euectiom of Dec. 1910 . . . rii 

City of London Court, Judges of 411,412 

Clerks and Officers or rm House of Commons .505 

,, ,, House of Lords .... 504 

Clubs and Addresses of Club Houses 511 

Colonial Judges 438 

Committee of Privy Council 344 

Common Serjeant of London 411 

Consistory Court of London, Judge of 412 

Constituencies indkr Representation of People Act . . 506 

Constitution 01 H I 

Counties, Divisions, Boioughs, uci iths, returm 

If] m Parliamem 1 185 

County Court Judges oi Be D Walks .... 370 

iY Court Judges of Ireland 385 

Created Peeks, Privy Councillors, Haronbts, Oedee of 

Merit, Km. in. and Companions (M. P. '•) . . xiv 

Deputy Chairman of Co. of London Sessions . .412 

Dominion Judges 43* 

Duration of Parliamkvis, Taiii.e li 

11 High Court Judges . ... 344, 345 

\nations of Technical Parliamentary Kxpressions . 

kral Ele< m e 1832 I 

Household Appointments **»>i 

1 Court Judges .... . 34 $. fa 

IIk.h COUBI . 345» 3*9 

W Mis . .370 

Inn and . 3*5 

• 344 

Liverpool Court of Passage, P«r. M 

Lori uanccllors 1 



Lord Mayor of London 411 

Lords-Lieutenant 502 

Lords of Session, Scotland 345, 366 

Members of Parliament, Alphabetical List of . . . .1 

Metropolitan Magistrates 418 

Ministry, The xxxi 

Norwich Guildhall Court of Record, Judge of 413 

Obituary of Members of Parliament xxiv 

Occurrences during Printing liv 

Passage Court, Liverpool, Presiding Judge .... 413 

Peerage (abridged) 29$ 

Peeresses in their own Rights liii 

Peers' Surnames 334 

Peers and Peeresses who are Minors lii 

Petitions Presented . xxvi 

Political Appointments in Royal Household . . . xxxii 

Political Organisations xxxiii 

Preface . . . v 

Privy Council, List of . . . 340 

Privy Council, Judicial Committee of 344 

Prorogation of Parliament, Dates of lii 

Recorders 389 

Redistribution of Seats 506 

Representation of the People Act, Constituencies under . 506 

Representative Peers lii 

Returned for Two Constituencies xxvii 

Roman Catholic Members of Parliament 503 

Royal Household Political Appointments .... xxxii 
Salford Hundred Court of Record, Judge of . . . . 412 

Scottish High Court Judges 345, 366 

Sheriffs of Scotland 425 

Sheriffs Substitute of Scotland 429 

Speakers of House of Commons 1 

Stipendiary Magistrates 422 

Succeeded to Titles xxvii 

Surnames of Peers 334 

Technical Parliamentary Expressions and Practices . xxxv 

Temporal Chancellor, co. Durham 411 

Titles of Heirs Apparent to Dukes, Marquesses, and Earls. 333 

Vice-Admirals of the Coast 414 

Vice-Chancellor, co. Lancaster 412 



HE forthcoming Session will be the eighth of the present 
Parliament, which has now been in existence 
for a longer period than any of its twenty- jf**?* 1 
nine predecessors since the date of the Union. mr Im " 
Having met for the first time on January 31st, 
191 1, it has sat for upwards of seven years, and during that period 
considerably more than a quarter of the Representation of the whole 
House has been changed. The alterations in personnel 
will be found in full detail under * CHANGES SINCE GENERAL 
Election, Dec. 1910," on pages vii to xxviii. These show JJ 
that during the present Parliament the unusual number of 
220 Bye-Elections have taken place, resulting in the return of 180 new 
Members. 101 Members have resigned their Seats, or vacated same 
by reason either of appointment to Offices of profit under the Crown 
or on elevation to or succession to Peerages. 79 Members have died, 
29 have been raised to the Peerage, 76 have 'been sworn of the Privy 
Council, 47 have been added to the Roll of Baronets, 58 have received 
the honour of Knighthood, 1 the Order of Merit, 2 have been nominated 
Companions of Honour and 38 Companions of the Orders of Knighthood* 
1 Member was disqualified, being subsequently re-elected, and there 
have been 1 1 successions to Peerages and 4 to Baronetcies, while at the 
time of going to press there are not any seats vacant. 

It is curious to note that although the present Parliament was rtself 
elected under the provisions of the Septennial Act of 1716, and by the 
Parliament Act of 191 1 reduced its life and that of subse- 
quent Parliaments to five years, nevertheless by the irony _ 
of fate it has on more than one occasion extended that 
period until it has now lasted even longer than would have been the 
case under the old regime, if it had come to an end merely by effluxion 
of time. 

The next General Klection, it is more than probable, will be held 
00 the New Register under the extended Franchise enacted by the 
Representation of the People Act, passed on the last day ^ 
of the last Session (February 6th, 1918), which provides for A * ° rm 
the enfranchisement of women over 30 years of age, and 
for the taking of votes of persons in Naval and Military employment, 
thus adding some 8,000,000 voters (2,000,000 men and 6,000,000 women) 
to the Register, which in future is to be revised half-yearly. 

A list of the Constituencies showing the Redistribution 
of Seats under the new Act is given in alphabetical order bu ' fi ^* " f 
on pages 506 to 510, and shows that the number of Members a#a|g 
of Parliament for the United Kingdom will in future be 
707 in place of 670 as heretofore, their distribution among Counties, 

vi Preface, 

Boroughs, and Universities being set out under " Constitution of the 
House of Commons " on p. 1, while the essential provisions of the 
measure are indicated among " Explanations of Technical Parliamentary 
Expressions, etc.", pages xxxv to xlix. Of the yj additional Seats, 33 are 
apportioned to England and Wales, 2 to Scotland, and 2 to Ireland. 

Some additional M.P.'s have during the past twelve months been 

killed while on active service, the number now reaching 13; their 

, names will be found recorded in the Obituary on page xxiv. 

ar s There have also been further casualties reported among the 

Official Staffs of both Houses of the Legislature, while 

a number of Members have received Honours in connection with the war. 

Several new Ministerial Offices have been constituted during the past 

year, and although the War Cabinet itself, owing to Sir Edward Carson's 

recent resignation, now again only numbers 5, the size 

. of the full Ministry has, under war conditions, swollen 

to abnormal proportions, many of the Ministries also now 

being provided with two Parliamentary Secretaries. 

Reform of the House of Lords is again in the air, but at the moment 
of writing all eyes are turned towards the Convention sitting 
" s in Dublin and charged with the task of trying to find a 

onven ion. so j ut j on t0 t ^ e j r j s jj p roD l em . 

The return of Sinn Fein Members of Parliament for certain Irish 

Constituencies adds a novel element to Parliamentary life, 

l? ovc as none of these Members has yet taken the oath or his 

Element. „, tt 

seat in the House. 

"Debrett's House of Commons and the Judicial Bench" 
is divided into two main sections : the first forms a complete Parlia- 
mentary Guide, with biographies of M.P.'s, all Pollings at 
Scope of the ]ast twQ Genera i an d a n subsequent Bye-Elections, list 
* e ° r " of Privy Councillors, abridged Peerage, and detailed Ex- 
planation of Technical Parliamentary Expressions, while the second 
portion is devoted to Judges of the High Court and of the County 
Courts, Recorders, Sheriffs, Sheriff-Substitutes, Metropolitan and Sti- 
pendiary Magistrates, Judges of the Dominions and Colonies, etc., etc. 

Arthur G. M. Hesilrige, 

160A, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4, 
February yth, 1918. 





Barry. Rt. Hon. Redmond John, P.C, 

Tyrone Co., A". Tyrone Div., appointed 
Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 

Buckmaster (now Baron lluckmasKr), Sir 
Stanley Owen, K.C., Yorkshire, If. Riding, 
X. Part, Kcighlev Dh<., appointed Lord 
High Chancellor of England. 

Buxton, Rt. Hon. Sydney Charles, P.C. (now 
Viscount Buxton), lower Hamlets, Poplar 
Dh'., appointed Gov.-Gen. of South Africa. 

Campbell, Rt. Hon. James Henry Mussen, 
Dublin Univ., appointed Lord 
Ch. Justice of Ireland. 

. Kt. Hon. Charles Scott, P.( 
Glasgow, Central Dh\, appointed Lord 
Justice Clerk of Scotland. 

Ferguson, Rt. Hon. Ronald Craufurd Munro-, 
P.C, Leith /fist., appointed Gov.-Gen. of 


Finlay, Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Bannatym- 

M.G. (now Baron Finlay), appointed 
Lord High Chancellor. 

Fuller. Sir John Michael Fleetwood, Bt. I 

r Westbury, Div., appointed C,ov. of 
Victoria, Australia. 

. Rt. Hon. John, P.C, K .< . II I' . 
a Judge of King's Bene! f >iv., Ireland. 

Hall, Edward Marshall, K.C., Liverpool, E. 

, William, K.C. Lanarkshire , Govaa 
Div., appointed a Ix>rd of Session in Scot- 
Isaacs, Kt. i ufus Daniel, P.C. 

K.C, Reading, appointed Ixwd 
Ch. I ,n.l< now Earl of Reading). 

. K.C. 
Unh<i. t ap- 
pointed a I.'-rd of Session in Scotland. 

Jones, Rt. Hob. Sir (David) Brynmor. 

/. Div., appointed a 

Jones. Llewellyn Archer Atherley . 

\am Co., appointed a 

County Court Judge. 
Low Sir Frederick. K.C , S'oru uch, appointed 

a Judge of High Court of Justice. 

Moore, William. K.< .. ArmmrA 

appointed a Judge of High Court of Juatice, 
Newdegate. 1 tender Newdigate-. 

Uartfichshtre, N., or Tamworih, /)rV.. 

appointed Gov. of Tasmania. 

Pickersgill, Edward Hare, Bethnal I 
S.W. Div., appointed a Metropolitan Police 
Magistrate (since deceased X 

Ronaldshay. Major the Earl of, Middlesex. 
Hornsey Div., appointed Gov. of Bengal. 

Salter, Arthur Clavell, K.C. Hamf-sh.- 
or Hasingstoke, Dh\, appotnted a Judge of 
High Court of Justice (king's Bench Div.). 

Sanderson, Lancelot. K.C, H'estmerlas.d, tV„ 
or Appleby, Div., appointed Ch. Justice of 
Calcutta High Court. 

Soares, Ernest Joseph, Devonshire, W.-W., or 
Barnstaple, Div., appointed Assist. Comp- 
troller of Reduction of National Debt and 
Life Annuity Office. 

Tobin, Alfred Aspinall, K.C. Preston, ap- 
pointed a County Court Judge. 

Ure. Rt. Hon. Alexander, P C, Linlithgow- 
shire, appointed Lord Justice-Gen. of Soot- 
land and Lord Pres. of the Court of Session 
(now Baron v 

BYJ -i i ! 



:., April 3rd. 1917. 

Antrim eo., 

> yth, 101 | 

Mid Antrim Div., Feb. 17th. 1915. 

Armagh eo., 

\rmagh Div., Ian. 191!. 
tm.ieh t'iv., Nov. aaad, 1917. 
Srmagh Div.. Feb. itf. 191s. 

Ashtonun.ier-l.yne. Dm ^«th. 1916. 

/>/>•.. Dec. soth, 1911 ; Oct. nth, 1916. 

S., or Luton, Dip., July 


\, > md. 1917. 

I ^ngdon, />«-.. Aug. sells. 

B*rm*hihiri. July soth, 1910. 

BetknaJ Grmtn, 

My »9»h. i9«t: fee, teth. 


May 31b. 1911 



Bolton-le-Moors, Nov. 23rd, 1912 ; Sept. 22nd, 
1914 ; Feb. 29th, 1916. 


Central Div., Jan. 21st, 1916. 

Brighton, June 26th, 191 1 ; June 29th, 1914. 


E. Div.. Nov. 3rd, 191 1. 

Buckinglia msh ire , 

S., or Wycombe, Div., Feb. 18th, 1914. 

Cambridge Borough, July 25th, 1917. 

Cambridge Univ., Feb. 16th, 191 1. 


£., or Newmarket, Div., May 16th, 1913. 
N., or Wisbech, Div., Dec. 14th, 191 7. 
W., or Chesterton, Div., Feb. 13th, 1915; 
Jan. 20th, 1916; July 27th, 1917. 

Cardiff Dist., Nov. 12th, 191 5. 

Carmarthen Dist., Jan. 23rd, 1912 : March 
17th, 1915. 

Carmarthensh ire, 

E. Div., Aug. 22nd, 1912. 

Carna rvortsh ire, 

N., or Ar/on, Div., Feb. nth, 191 1 ; 
July 6th, 1915. 

Cheltenham, April 28th, 191 1. 


Altrincham Div., May 28th, 1913. 
Crewe Div., July 26th, 1912. 
Hyde Div., March 29th, 1916. 

Chester, Feb. 29th, 1916. 

Clare Co. 

E. Clare Div., July nth, 191 7. 

CorkC:ty, Feb. 18th, 1914. 

Cork Co. , 

E. Cork Div., July 15th, 191 1. 
N. Cork Div., Nov. 4th, 1913. 
N.-E. Cork Div., July 15th, 191 1 
IV. Cork Div., Nov. 15th, 1916. 


Mid, or St. Austell, Div., Nov. 24th, 1915. 
S.-E., or Bodmin, Div. Aug. 15th, 1916. 


Cockermouth Div., March 2nd, 1916. 

Derby, Dec. 29th, 1916. 


Chesterfield Div., Aug. 20th, 1913. 
Ilkeston Div., July 1st, 1912. 
N.-E. Div., May 20th, 1914. 


N.-E., or Tiverton, Div., Dec. 1st, 191 5. 
N.-W., or Barnstaple, May 6th, 191 1. 


E. Div., April 29th, 191 1. 

Dover, June 23rd, 1913. 


College Green Div., June 12th, 1915. 
5". Dublin Div., July 6th, 1917. 

Dublin I'niv., April 25th, 1916 ; Feb. 5th, 
1917 ; Oct. 1917. 

Dundee, July 30th, 191 7. 

Durham Co., 

Houghton-te-Spring Div., March 18th, 

Mid Div. April 29th, 1915. 
N.-IV. Div., Jan. 30th, 1914. 


E. Div., Feb. 2nd, 1912. 
S. Div., May 14th, 1917. 

Edinburgh and St. Andrews Univs., Dec. 
29th, 1916 ; Aug. 10th, 1917. 

Edinburghs/u're(Midlothian),Sep\.. toth, 191 2. 


N, or Sajfron Walden, Div., Feb. 13th, 

S.-E. Div., March 16th, 1912. 
W., or Epping, Div., June 28th, 1917. 

Exeter, Aug. 7th, 1916. 

Fermanagh Co., 

N. Fermanagh Div., Oct. 27th, 1916. 


E. Div., April 8th, 1914. 

Flint Dist., Jan. 21st, 1913. 

Fnlham, July 3rd, 1917. 

Galway Co., 

E. Galway Div., Dec. 4th, 1914. 
N. Galway Div., July 23rd, 1914. 


Central Div., July 15th, 1915. 
St. Rollox Div., Feb. 26th, 1912. 
Trades ton Div., July 6th, 191 1. 


Forest of Dean Div., Feb. 24th, 191 1 ; 

April 30th, 1912. 
N, or Tewkesbury, Div., May 16th, 1916. 

Great Grimsby, May 12th, 1014. 

Haddingtonshire, April 19th, 191 1. 


S. Div., May 24th, 1912. 


N., or Basingstoke, Div., Oct. 25th, 191 7. 

Hartley, July 13th, 1912. 

Hartlepool, Sept. 22nd, 1914. 

Hereford, March 8th, 1912. 

Herefordsh ire, 

N., or Leominster, Div., March 18th, 1912. 


E., or Hertford, Div., March 9th, 1916. 
N., or Hitchin, Div., Nov. 23rd, 1911. 




Central Div., July 5th, 191 1. 

Hytke, June nth, 1912. 

Inverness-shire, Jan. 2nd, 1917. 

Ipswich, May 23rd, 1914. 


E. Dh., Oct. 23rd, 191 7. 


£., or St. Augustine's, Div., July 7th, 

Kilkenny Cit 'r, Aug. 10th, 1917. 

Kilmarnock Dist., Sept. a6th, 191 1 ; May 28th, 

King's Co.. 

Tullamore Div., Dec. 10th, 1914. 


Govan Div., Dec. 23rd, 191 1. 
N.-E. Div., March 9th, 191 1. 
S. Div., Dec. 12th, 1913. 

Lancashire, N., 

Chorley Div., Feb. 19th, 1913. 

Lancashire, N.E., 

Rossenda'c Div., Feb. 13th, 191 7. 

Lancashire, S.-E., 

fleywood Dh'., Nov. 10th, 1915. 

Middleton Div., Aug. 2nd, 191 1. 

<twich Div., Feb. 1918. 

Lancashire, S. -/{'., 

Bootle Drv., March 27th, 191 1. 
•tes Div., May 22nd, 1916. 

Leicester, June 27th, 191 3. 

■ > shire, 
>rllarborough, Div., March 23rd, 1916. 

Leith Dist., Feb. 26th, 1914. 


Holland, or Sfialdn A - J5»h. 

I.tndsey, orHomcastle, Div., Feb. 16th. 


Linlithgowshirt, Nov. 7th, 1913. 

Abercromhy Piv., June a8th, 1917. 
• 15th. «9«5- 

Londonderry City, Jan. 30th, 1913 : Nov. 30th, 

Londonderry Co., 

y 23rd, 1916. 

Longford Co., 

S. Longford Div., May o»h, Ifif. 

Louth ■ 

N. Louth Dr., March 13th, tun 

Maidstone, Feb. sand, 1913* 


N.-W. Div., Aug. 9th, 1913. 
5". Div., March 5th, 191 2. 

Mcrthyr Tydvil, Nov. 25th, 191 $. 


Brentford Dh'., March 23rd, 1911. 
Ealing Dh*., April 30th, 1917. 
Homsey Div., Dec 6th, 1916. 
Uxbridge Div., Nov. 10th, 1915. 

Mc nmoutkshir e, 

S. Dhr., July 12th, 191 7. 


W. Div., January 10th, 1916. 


N.-W. Dh>., June ist. 1912. 


Berwick-on- Tweed, Aug. 4Mb. 

Norwich, Feb. dth, 1915; Aug. asth, 1917. 


., April 19th, 1912. 


Sept. aoth, 1916. 

Oldham, Nov. 13th, 1911. 

Oxford City, March 30th, 1917. 

Oxfordshire, S., or Henley, Div., Jane aoth, 

Oxford University, June 30th, 19M. 

Perthshire, W. Div., Feb. a tat, 1917 

Portsmouth, Jan. 15th, 1916. 

Preston, June 9th. 191 y 

Queens Co., 

Leix Dw., June 9th, 191 > 

Ossory Div.. April e8th. 
Reading, Nov. 8th. 1913. 

Rotcommen Co., 

N. Roscommon Div., Feb. jrd. 1917 

Ross and Cromarty, June u«b. ion- 

St. George, Hanover So mmre, July 1 3th. 1913; 
Jan. nth, 1916. 
Utens, Nov. »«th. 1915. 

.S7. Pancras, 

rr ., Oct. lOttt, 1916. 

-., Nov. and, 1917- 

Staoootongk. Feb. 91b. 191 y 


AtterxHf Ooo,, Dec. afth. I 
ffmllam /**„ Dot. .trd. . v ttv 

Skrewoomoy, April taod. • 

If., or Wellington, Dit., July aiat. •*... 


Southampton, Dec. 14th, 1917. 
South Shields, March 18th, 1916. 


.V.-J/'. /Vr\, Jan. 17th, 1916. 

Stockton-on-Tees, March 20th, 191 7. 


Kingston Div., Nov. 16th, 1915. 
Mid, or Epsom* Div., March 21st, 1912. 
N.-E., or Wimbledon, Div., April 19th, 


S7vansca Dist., Aug. 13th, 1914 ; Feb. 6th, 
Taunton, Nov. nth, 1912. 

Tipper ary Co., 

N. Tipperary Div., June 17th, 1915. 

Tower Hamlets, 

Bow and Bromley Div., Nov. 26th, 191 s 
Mile End Div., Jan. 25th, 1916. 
Poplar Div., Feb. 20th, 1914. 
Whitechapel Div., April 30th, 1913 ; Dec. 
28th, 1916. 

Tyrone Co., 

N. Tyrone Div., Oct. 6th, 1911. 
S. Tyrone Div., Feb. 28th, 1916. 

Wandsworth, June 12th, 191 3. 


Tamworth Div., Feb. 23rd, 1917. 

Water/ord co., 

E. Water ford Div., Feb. 15th, 1913. 

West Ham, 

A'. Div., July 8th, 191 1. 


N., or Appleby, Div. Oct. 27th, 1915 
S., or Kendal, Div., March 18th, 1913 

Wick Dist., Dec. 8th, 191 3. 

If icklow Co. , 

E.Wicklow Div., July 14th, 191 1. 
W. Wicklow Div , Aug. 20th, 1914 

\','i>>townshi->>-, Feb. 12th. 1915. 


IV., or Westbury, Div , Feb. 22nd, 191 1. 

Winchester, Oct. 19th, 1916. 


E. Div., July 16th, 1914. 

Mid, or Droitzuich, Div , Feb. 29th, 1916. 


E. Riding, Howdcnshire Div., Feb. 10th, 

A^. Riding, Cleveland Div., Dec. 9th, 

1915 ; Shipley Div., Feb. 10th, 1915 ; 

Thirsk and Malton Div., Feb. i2tn, 

W. Riding, N. Part, Keighley Div.. 

Oct. 27th, 1911 ; Nov. nth, 1Q13 ; June 

29th, 1915. 


W. Riding, S. Part, Colnc Valley Div., 
Aug. 25th, 1916; Holmfirth Div., June 
20th, 1912 ; Rothcrluim Div., Jan. 25th, 
1916 ; Feb. 5th, 1917. 


11th.— Carnarvonshire, A 7 ., or Ar/on, 


,, 1 6th — Cambridge Univ.; Lincoln- 
shire, S. Lindsey, or Hem- 
castle, Div. 
„ 22nd. — Wiltshire, W., or Westbury, 

,, 24th.— Gloucestershire, Forest 0/ Dean 
March 9th. — Lanarkshire, N.-E. Div. 
„ 15th.— Louth Co., N. Louth Div. 
„ 23rd. — Middlesex, Brentford Div. 
,, 27th. — Lancashire (S.-W.), Bootle Div. 
April 1 9th. — Haddingtonsh ire. 
„ 28th. — Cheltenham. 
„ 29th.— Dorsetshire, E. Div. 
May 5th. — Birmingham, S. Div. 

,, 6th.— Devonshire, N.-W., or Barn- 
staple, Div. 
June 14th. — Ross and Cromarty. 

,, 26th. — Brighton. 
July 5th.— Hull, Central Div. 

,, 6th. — Glasgozv, Tradesion Div. 

„ 7th. — Kent, £., or St. Augustine's, 

„ 8th. — West Ham, AT. Div. 

14th.— Wicklow Co., /•:. Wicklow Div. 
„ 15th. — Cork Co , E. Cork Div. ; Cork 

Co., N.-E. Cork Div. 
,, 20th. — Bed fordshire, S ., or Luton, Div. 
„ 2 1 st.— Somersetshire, W., or Welling- 
ton, Div. 
zgth.—Bethnal Green, S.-W. Div. 
Aug. 2nd. — Lancashire (S-E.), Middletou, 

Sept. 26th. —Kilmarnock Dist. 
Oct. 6th.— Tyrone Co., N. Tyrone Div. 
t , 27th.— Yorkshire, W. Riding, A'. Part, 
Keighley Div. 
Nov. 3rd.— Bristol, E. Div. 
„ 13th.— Oldham. 
„ 2 1 St.— Somersetshire, S. Div. 
„ 23rd. — Hertfordshire, N., or H itclun, 
Dec. 20th. — Ayrshire, N. Div. 

,, 23rd. — Lanarkshire, Govan Div. 

Jan. 23rd. 

-Carmarthen Dist. 







Silver or Dark Grey Granite 
Memorials, Crosses or Tablets, 
Shipped direct from Bristol 
to the Continent or any part 
of the World. 



— MBMiiiminimnni! ,, 

CUCDDA DH JPL QPlM ute Rogers. Puiteney Ro«d. 

Ollllii I AlXly <SL OVJlN, and SHERBORN. WelUlRoad. 


Oemeters dbemorttU iuocrb, 


Memorial Brasses or Marble Tablets. 

Monumental Work of all descriptions, 

in Granite, Marble, or Stone, 

at Home or Abroad. 





, f 



i 5'h.- 













































i S th.- 



March r8th. 





May 1 6th 

















7 th 




Edinburgh, E. Div. 

Glasgow, St. Rollox Div. 

Manchester, S. Div. 

Essex, S.-E. Div. 
— Herefordshire, N., or Leomin- 
ster, Div. 
—Surrey, Mid, or Epsom, Div. 
— Nottingham, E. Div. 
—Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean 

— Hackney, S . Div. 
-Norfolk. N.- W. Div. 
— Yorkshire, W. Riding, S. Part, 

Holmfirth Div. 
—Derbyshire, Ilkeston Div. 
— Hanley. 

— Cheshire, Crewe Div. 
—Manchester, N.-W. Div. 
—Carmarthenshire, E. Div. 
—Edinburghshire (Midlothian). 
— Taunton. 
—Bolton-le-Moors . 
— Tower Hamlets, Bow and 
Bromley Div. 

—Flint Dist. 

— Londonderry City. 

— Waterford co., E. IVaterford 

, — Antrim co., E. Antrim Div.; 

Lancashire (N. Part), Chorley 


- Westmorland, S., or Kendal 
Div.; Durham Co., Hough- 
ton-le-Spring Div. 

. —Shreivsbury. 

— Tower Hamlets, Whitechapel 

— Cambridgeshire, E., or New- 
market, Div. 

—Cheshire, Altrincham Div. 

, — Queens co., Leix Div. 

.— Wandsworth. 

. — Dover. 


—St. George, Hanover Square. 

— Derbyshire, Chesterfield Div. 

.—Cork co., N. Cork Div. 

. — Linlithgow. 

. — Reading. 

-Yorkshire, W. Riding, N. Part, 
Keighley Div. 
















• i 















1 6th. 












4 th. 













. 5 th 





















8th.~ Wick Dist. 
i2th.— Lanarkshire, S. Div. 

—Durham co., N.-W. Div. 
—Buckinghamshire, S., or Wy- 
combe, Div. ; Cork City. 
-Bethnal Green, S.-W. Div. 

— Toiuer Hamlets, Poplttr Div. 
—Leith Dist. 
-Belfast, E. Div. 
—Fifeshire, E. Div. 
—Great Grimsby. 
—Derbyshire, N. E. Div. 
—Oxford University. 
—Birmingham, W. Div. 

— Worcestershire, E. Div. 
—Galway co., N. Galway Div. 
— Swansea, Swansea Dist. 

— Wicklow co. , W. Wicklmv Div. 
— Bolton-le-Moors ; Hartlepool. 
— Londonderry City. 
— Galway co., E. Galway Div. 
— King's co., Tullamore Div. 
—Sheffield, Attercliffe Div. 

-Swansea, Swansea Dist. ; 


-Yorkshire, E. Riding, H<nv- 
denshire Div. ; W. Riding, 
N. Part, Shipley Div. 

-Yorkshire, N. Riding, Thirsk 
andMalton Div. ; Wigtown- 

-Cambridgeshire, II'., or Ches- 
ter to 11, Piv. ; Essex, N., or 
Saffron Walden, Div. 

-Liverpool, Kirkdate Div. 

-Antrim co., Mid Antrim Div. 


-Carmarthen Dist. 

- Purham Co., Mid. P/v. 

- Kilmarnock Pist. 

-Dublin, College Green Piv. 
-Tipperary Co., N. Tipperary 

- Yorkshire. II '. Riding, N. Part, 

Keighley Div. 
-Carnarvonshire, N, or Arfon, 





July 15th. — Glasgow, Central Div. 
Oct. 27th.— Westmorland, N., or Appleby, 

Nov. 10th. — Middlesex, Uxbridge Drv. ; 
Lancashire (S.E.), Heywood 
12th.— Cardiff Hist. 
,, 1 6th. — Surrey, Kingston . 

.' 4 th.— Cornwall, Mid, or St. Austell, 

. St. Helens. 
ilh.—Merthvr Tydvil. 
Dec. 1st.— Devonshire, N.E., or Tiverton, 

«th. — } orkshire, N. Riding, Cleveland 

Jan. loth.—JVewington, W. Drv. 

,, 1 ilh.— St. George, Hanover Square. 
15th.— Portsmouth. 
17th.— Staffordshire, N.-W. Dw. 
loth.—Cambridgesltire, W., or Ches- 
terton Div. 
„ aisU— Bradford, Central Div. 

25th. — Tower Hamlets, Mile End Dw. ; 
Yorkshire, W. Riding, S. 
Part, Roiherham Div. 
Feb. 2 1 st.— Liverpool, E. ToxUth Div. 
24th.— Louth Co., N. Louth Div. 
28th.— Tyrone Co., S. Tyrone Pit. 
79th,— Bolton - le - Moors; Chester ; 
Worcestershire, Mid, or 

March 2nd.— Cumberland, Cochermouth Dw. 
qth.—Hert/or./shire, P., or Hert- 
i8lh.— South Shields. 

.., or Hat- 
borough, Div. 
29th.— Cheshire, Hyde 
i+h.— Surrey, A'.-E., or Wimbledon, 

25th.- Dublin Univ. 
28th.— Queens Co., Ossory 

16. — Gloucestershire, N., or Tewkes- 
una.- Lancashire, S.-W., Widnet 

»3rd. —Londonderry Co. , S. Dtrr f Dtp. 
•oth.— Berwickshire. 

7th.— /; 
15th. Cmrm ., .»r Bodmin, 

t(Ah.~Horthumbertand, Hemuk-on- 




Aug. «5th.— Yorhshirt, IV. Riding, S. Part* 
Colne Valley Div. 
29th.— Berkshire, N., or Abingdon, 
Sept. 20th.- Nottinghamshire, Mans/let* 

Oct. 11th.— Ayrshire, AT. Div. 

16th.— St. Pancrms, W. Drv. 
19th.— Winchester. 

27th.— Fermanagh Co., iV. s^er- 
managh Div. 
Nov. 15th.— Cork Co., IV. Cork Div. 
Dec. 6th.- Middlesex, Homsey Drv. 
„ ^.-Sheffield, Hallam Div. 
„ 24th.— Ashton-under-Lyne. 
„ 28th.— Tower Hamlets, Whitechafiel 

„ 29th.— Derby; Edinburgh a>< 
Andrews Univs. 

Jan. 2iu].— Inverness-shirt. 

Feb. yd,— Roscommon Co., AL Xotcomsmm 


„ 5 ih.-DuMin Univ.; Yorkshire, IV. 

Riding, S. Pari, Rotkernmm 


„ i-\\Jt\.—Lancashif4 (M.S.), Rosseadaie 

„ 21*.— Perthshire, W. Dip. 

23rd.— kYarwichsMre, Tamworth Div. 
March 20th.— Stockton-on- Tees. 

„ yxh.~*Ox/or»t 
April 3rd.— Aberdeen, S. 

9th.-/fatfM/, S. Dip. 
^b.-Middlesex, Haling Dip. 
May gih -Longford Co., S. Longer* 
1 sih.-Edinburgk, S. Dip. 
June *oth.-Ox/ordshire, S.. 00 Henioy, 


Mill.— Liverpool, Aberxromoy DIP. ; 
Essex, IV., or Effing, Div. 
July sxvA.-ltetfast, S. Dip. 

(xh . DutUm. Co., S. IhOHm, Dip. 
nth. - Ctart Co., M. Ct* 
I sth.-Monme mi h tm 'r,. S. Dip. 
s>lh.- Cambridge Borough. 
> rth, -<ambridoe»hir^W , eoCA 
torn. Dip. 

Aug. iota. 'umnburgk ami 






Oct. — —Dublin I 

,, 23rd. — Islington. /.". Dim, 
,, 25th. — Hampshire, N., or Basingstoke, 
Div.; Lincolnshire t Holland, 
or Spalding, Dim, 
Nov. and.— Sal/ord, X. Dim. 

„ 22nd.— Armagh Co., N. Armagh I'iv. 
Dec. 14th. — Southampton ; Cambridge shire, 
N., or Wisbech, Div. 
Jan. — — Armagh Co., Mid Armagh Dim. 
Feb. 1st. — Armagh Co., S. Armagh Dim.; 
Lancashire, S.-E., Prestivich 



Aitken, Lieut.-Col. Sir (William) Maxwell, 
Bt., Ashton-under-Lyne, now Baron 

Ashton, Thomas Gair, Bedfordshire, S., or 
Luton Div. now Baron Ashton of Hyde. 

Beresford, Adm. Lord Charles William de la 
Poer, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Portsmouth, now 
Baron Beresford. 

Buckmaster, Sir Stanley Owen, K.C., York- 
shire, W. Riding, North Part, Keighley 
Div., now Baron Buckmaster. 

Cawley, Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick, Bt., P.C., 
Lancashire, S.-E., Prestivich Div., now 
Baron Cawley. 

Chaloner, Col. Richard Godolphin Walmsley. 
Liverpool, Abercromby Div., now Baron 

Chaplin, Rt. Hon. Henry, P.C, Surrey, 
N.-E., or Wimbledon, Div., now Viscount 

Corbett, Archibald Cameron, Glasgow, 
Trades ton Div., now Baron Rowallan. 

Cripps, Sir (Charles) Alfred, K.C.V.O., C.B., 
Bucks, S., or Wycombe, Div., now Baron 

Dewar, Sir John Alexander, Bt., Inverness- 
shire, now Baron 

Douglas, Rt. Hon. Aretas Akkks-, P.C, 
Kent, E., or St. Augustine's, Div., now 
int Chilston. 

Emmott, Rt. Hon. Alfred, P.C, Oldham, now 

D Emmott. 

Grey, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward, Bt., K.G., P.C., 
Northumberland, Betivii k-on- 'Tweed Dim., 
now Viscount Grey of Kallodon. 

Haldane, Rt. Hon. Richard Bunion, P.C, 

K.C., Haddingtonshire, now Viscount 

Harcourt, Rt. Hon. Lewis, B.C.. Lancashire 

(N.-E.), RossendaU- Dim., now Viscount 

Henderson, Sir Alexander, Bt, St. George, 

Hanover Square, now Baron laringdon. 
Herbert. Maj.-Gen. Sir Ivor John Caradoc, 

Bt., (.1'-.. C.M.G., Monmouthshire, S. 
a Treowen. 

Hood. Capt. the Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander 
Fuller-Acland-, Bt., P.C, Somersetshire, 
W.. or Wellington, Div., now Baron St. 


Isaacs, Rt.Hon. Rufns I toniel, P.C K.C.V.O., 

R.C., Reading, now Earl of Reading. 

Lockwood.Col. the Rt. Hon. Amelias Richard 
Mark, B.C.. I V.I '.. I u*x, W., or F.pping, 
Dim., now Baron Lambourne. 

Lonsdale, Sir John Brownlee, Bt., Armagh 
■ lid Armagh Div., now Baron Armagh- 

Murray, Rt. Hon. Alexander William Charles 
Oliphant (Master of Elibank), P.C- Edin- 
burghshire, now Baron Murray of Elibank. 

Norton, Capt. Cecil William, Neivington, W. 
Dim., now Baron Rathcreedan. 

Pease, Rt. Hon. Joseph Albert, P.C, York- 
shire, W. Riding, S. Part, Rothcrham 
Div., now Baron Gainford. 

Roe, Sir Thomas, Derby, now Baron Roe. 

Strachey, Sir Edward, Bt., Somerset, S. Div., 
now Baron Strachie. 

Thomas, David Alfred, Cardiff, now Baron 

Valentia, Col. Viscount, C.B., M.V.O., Oxford 

City, created a Peer of United Kingdom. 

Wortley, Rt. Hon. Charles Beilby Stuart- 
Wortley, B.C., K.C., Sheffield, Hallam 
Div., now Baron Stuart of Wortley. 


Abraham, William, Glamorgan, Rhondda Div. 
Acland, Francis Dyke, Cornwall, N.-W., or 

Camborne, Div. 
Addison, Christopher, M.D., Shoreditch, Hox- 

ton Div. 
Allen, Charles Beter, Gloucestershire, Mid, or 

Stroud, Div. 
Anson, Sir William Reynell, Bt., D.C.L., 

Oxford Univ. 
Baker, Harold Trevor, Lancashire (N.E.), 

Accrington Div. 
Banbury, Sir Frederick George, Bt., London 


I, George Nicol, Glasgow, Blackfriars 

and llutcheson Town Div. 
Bowerman, Charles William, Deptford. 
Brace, William, Glamorgan, S. Div. 
Buckmaster, Sir Stanley Owen, K.C. (now 
Buckmaster), Yorkshire, II'. Riding, 

N. Part, Keighley Div. 
Cave, George, Surrey, Kingston Dim. 
Cawley, Sir Frederick, Bt.(now Baron Cawley), 

Lancashire, S.-E., Prestwich Div. 




14, Garrick Street, London, W.C 

Churches visited and Estimates given free of charge. 





'Phone 1695 Hampstead. Established 70 Years. 


8 Monumental Sculptors 
and Cemetery £pa0on0, 

122, 124, 126, Fortune Green Road, 
W. Hampstead, LONDON, N.W.6. 









Work of the highest standard at low competitive prices. 



Cecil, Lord (Edgar Algernon) Robert Gas- 
coyne-, K.C., Hertfordshire, N.,or Hitchin, 

Cecil, Evelyn Gascoyne-, Aston Manor. 

Cecil, Lord Hugh Richard Heathcote Gas- 
coyne-, Ox/ord Univ. 

Clyde, James Avon, Edinburgh, W. Div. 

Craik, Sir Henry, Glasgozv and Aberdeen 

Crooks, William, Woolwich. 

Dalziel, Sir Henry James, Kirkcaldy Dist. 

Dickinson, Willoughby Hyett, .S7. Pancras, 

N. Div. 
Duke, Henry Edward, K.C., Exeter. 

Fenwick, Charles, Northumberland, Wans- 
beck Div. 

Ferens, Thomas Robinson, Hull, E. Div. 

Fisher, William Hayes, Fnlham. 

Forster, Henry William, Kent, W., or Seven- 
oaks, Div. 

Geddes, Brig. -Gen. Sir Auckland Campbell, 
K.C.B., M.D. 

Goddard, Sir Daniel Ford, Ipswich. 

Griffith, Ellis Jones, K.C., Anglesey. 

Gulland, John William, Dumfries Dist. 

Hamilton, Col. Lord Claud John, Kensington, 
S. Div. 

Hardy, Laurence, Kent, S., or Ashford, Div. 

Harris, Com. Frederick Leverton, Worcester- 
shire, E. Div. 

Henderson, Arthur, Durham co., Barnara 
Castle Div. 

Hewart, Sir Gordon, K.C., Leicester. 

Hodge, John, Lancashire, S.-E., Gorton Div. 

Illingworth, Albert Holden, Lancashire, 
S.-E., Heywood Div. 

Illingworth, Percy Holden, Yorkshire, W. 
Riding N. Part, Shipley Div. (died before 
being sworn). 

Isaacs, Sir Rufus Daniel, K.C.V.O., Reading. 

Jones, Sir (David) Brynmor, K.C., Sivansca, 
Swansea Dist. Div. 

Jones, Leifchild Stratten, Nottinghamshire, 
Rushcliffe Div. 

Lambert, George, Devonshire, N., or S. 
Afolton, Div. 

Law, Andrew Bonar, Lancashire (S. W.) 
Bootle Diz. 

Lewis, John Herbert, Flintshire. 

Macdonald, John Archibald Murray, Falkirk 

Maclean, Donald, Peeblesshire and Selkitk' 

Macnamara, Thomas James, Camberwell, N. 

Magnus, Sir Philip, Bt., London Univ. 

Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney, Beth- 
nal Green, S.-W. Div. 

Mildmay, Lieut.-Col. Francis Bingham, 
Devonshire, S., or Totnes, Div. 

Mond, Sir Alfred Moritz Mond, Bt., Swansea, 
Swansea Town Div. 

Montagu, Hon. Edwin Samuel, Cambridge- 
shire, W., or Chesterton, Div. 

Munro, Robert, Wick Dist. 

Murray, Hon. Alexander William Charles 
Oliphant (Master of Elibank), Edinburgh- 

Norman, Major Sir Henry, Bt., Blackburn. 

Parker, Col. Sir (H.) Gilbert (G.), Bt., Graves- 

Pease, Herbert Pike, Darlington. 

Pretyman, Col. Ernest George, Essex, Mid, 
or Chelmsford, Div. 

Primrose, Capt. the Hon. Neil James Archi- 
bald, M.C., Cambridgeshire, N., or Wis- 
bech, Div. (since deceased). 

Prothero, Rowland Edmund, M.V.O., Oxford 

Richards, Thomas, Monmouthshire, W. Div. 

Rickett, Sir Joseph Compton Compton-, York- 
shire, W. Riding, E. Part, Osgoldcross 

Roberts, George Henry, Norwich. 

Robertson, John Mackinnon, Northumber- 
land, Tyneside Div. 

Samuel, Sir Harry Simon, Lambeth, Norwood 

Schwann (now Swann), Sir Charles Ernest, 
Bt., Manchester, N. Div. 

Smith, Frederick Edwin, Liverpool, Walton 

Spicer, Sir Albert, Bt., Hackney, Central Div. 

Talbot, Lieut.-Col. Lord Edmund Bernard, 
M.V.O., D.S.O., Sussex, S.-li., or Chiches- 
ter, Div. 

Tennant, Harold John, Berwickshire. 

Thomas, James Henry, Derby. 

Thompson, Robert, Belfast, N. Div. 

Whitley, John Henry, Halifax. 

Wiles, Thomas, Islington, S. Div. 

Wilson, John William, Worcestershire, N.Div. 

Wood, Thomas McKinnon, Gtasgoio, St. 
Rollox Div. 



Ainsworth, John Stirling, Argyllshire. 
Aitken, Major Sir (William) Maxwell, Ashton- 
under- Lyne (now Karon Beaverbrook). 

I.irut.-Cl. Josceline Fitz-Roy, West- 
morland, S., or Kendal, Div. (but died 
before patent passed the Great Seal'. 
Balfour, Robert, Lanarkshire, Part ich Div. 
Beale, William Phipson, K.C., Ayrshire, S. 

Beauchamp, Edward, Suffolk, N.,or Lo-.ves 

to/t. I 
Bet hell, Sir John Henry, Essex, S.. or 

Romford. Dh: 

Carhle, Col. Sir (E.lwar.l) Hildred, Hertford- 
shire, Mid, or. St. Allans, Div. 

Coates, Major Edward Feetham, Lnuisham. 

Craig, Lieut. -Col. James, Down Co., li. Down 

Dal/iel, Rt. Hon. Sir Henry, Kirkcaldy Dist. 

I hi ( ros, Arthur Phillip, Hastings. 

x Laming Worthington, Col- 

Falle. Major Bertram Godfrey, Portsmouth. 

Kiennes, Lieut.-Col. the Hon. Eustace Ed- 
ward Twisleton-Wykeham-, Oxfordshire, 
N., or Banbury, Div. 

Furnr>.s, Stephen Wilson, Hartlepool. 

1 Jnulding, Edward Alfred, Worcester. 

Greenwood, Hamar, Sunderland. 

Griffith, Rt. Hon. Ellis Jones, P.C., K.C., 
A nglesey. 

Haworth, Arthur Adlington, Manchester, S. 

Henr>', Charles Solomon, Shropshire, Mid, or 
Wellington, Div. 

Hill, James, Bradford, Central Dh: 

Jardine, Sir John, K.C.I.E., Roxburghshire. 

Jesael, Col. Herl>ert Merton, St. Pancras, S. 

Jones, Edgar Reef, Merthyr Tydvil. 

Levy, J>ir M.iun.r, Leicestershire, Mid, or 

Loughborough, Div. 
Lonsdale, John Brownlec, Armagh CO., Mid 

Armagh Div. (now Baron Armaghdale). 
Lowe, Sir Francis William, Birmingham, 

Magnus, Sir I'hilip, London l>< 

<l, Arthur Herbert Drummond Ramsay- 
Scad*, Rirminghur 
Markham, Arthur Basil, Sottt, Mansfield 

Riding, S. Part, Don 
Norma lUachburn. 

Parker, Col. Sir (Horatio) Gilbert (George), 

D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D., Gravesend. 
Raphael, Herbert Henry, Derbyshire, S. Div. 
Remnant, Lieut.-Col. James Farquharson, 

Finsbury % Holborn Dh\ 
Russell, Rt. Hon. Thomas Wallace, P.C., 

Tyrone Co., N. Tyrone Div. 
Rutherford, Col. John, Lancashire (N.E.), 

Darwen Div. 
Samuel, Stuart Montagu, Toioer Hamlets, 

Whitechapel Div. 
Smith, Lieut.-Col. the Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick 

Edwin, P.C., K.C., Liverpool, Walton Div. 
Stanier. Capt. Beville, Shropshire, N., or 

Newport, Div. 
Sykes, Lieut.-Col. Alan John, Cheshire, 

Knutsford Div. 
Webb, Lieut.-Col. Henry, Gloucestershire, 

Forest of Dean Div. 
Whiteley, Herbert James, Worcestershire, 

Droitwich Div. 
Williams, Col. Robert, Dorset, W. Div. 
Wood, John, Stalybridge. 
Younger, George, Ayr Dist. 


Balfour, Rt. Hon. Arthur James, D.C.L., 
LL.D., F.R.S., City of London. 


Adkins, William Ryland Dent, Lancashire 

(S.-E.), Middleton Div. 
Aitken, William Maxwell, Ashton-under- 

Lyne (now Baron Beaverbrook). 
Banner, John Sutherland Harmood-, Liver- 
pool, Everton Div. 
Barlow, Clement Anderson Montague, Sal- 

ford, S. Dh: 
Barran, Rowland Hirst, Leeds, A 
Barton, William, Oldham. 
Bathurst, Capt. Charles, it 'ilts. , S., or 

Black. Arthur William, Bedfordshire, N„ or 

Biggleswade, Div. 
Boftcau I. Arthur Sack ville Trevor 

:!. -. Dudley. 
Boyton, James, Maryltbone, E. i 

Stanley Owen, K.C. (now Baron 

Buck ng, A/. 

Part, Keighley Div. 
Byles, William Pollard, Saiford, N. J 
Carlile, Col. (Edward) Hildred, Hertford- 
shire, Mid, or St. Albans 
Cavt, Rt. Hon. George, Snrrey, Kingston 



Collins, Stephen, Lambeth, Kennington Div. 
Cowan, (William) Henry, Aberdeenshire, E. 


Dickinson, Rt. Hon. Willoughby Hyett, St. 

Pancras, N. Div. 
Duncan, James Hastings, Yorkshire, II'. 

Riding, E. Part, Oxley Div. 
Elverston, Harold, Gateshead. 
Fell, Arthur, Great Yarmouth. 
Gardner, James Tynte Aug-, Cheltenham. 
Gastrell, Lieut.-Col. William Henry Houghton, 

Lambeth, N. Div. 
Greenwood, (Granville) George, Peterborough. 
Grey, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward, Bt., Northumber- 
land, Bet wick-on- Tweed Div. (now Viscount 

drey of Fallodon). 
Griffiths, Lieut.-Col. John Norton-, D.S.O., 

// 'ednesbury. 
Hall, Lieut.-Col. Fred, D.S.O., Camber-well, 

Duiwich Div. 
Harris, Henry Percy, Paddington, S. Div. 
Helme, Norval Watson, Lancashire, N. Part, 

Lancaster Div. 
Hewart, Gordon, K.C., Leicester. 
Johnston, Christopher Nicholson, Edinburgh 

and St. Andreivs Univs. 
Lamb, Ernest Henry, C.M.G., Rochester. 
Lee, Col. Arthur Hamilton, Hampsh'ne, S., 

or Fareham, Div. 
McCallum, John Mills, Paisley. 
Maclean, Rt. Hon. Donald, Peebles and 

Marks, George Croydon, Cornwall, N.E., or 

Launceston, Div. 
Marshall, Arthur Harold, // akefield. 
Middlebrook, William, Leeds, S. Div. 
Money, Leo George Chiozza, Northampton, 

E. Div. 
Morton, Alpheus Cleophas, Sutherland shire. 
Nield, Herbert, K.C., Middlesex, Ealing 

Parkes, Edward Ebenezer, Birmingham, 

Central Div. 
Pearce, Robert, Staffordshire, Leek Div. 
Pearce, William, Tcnver Hamlets, Limehouse 

Philipps, Maj.-Gen. Ivor, D.S.O., South- 
Pollock, Ernest Murray, K.C., Warwick. 
Priestley, Arthur, Grantham. 
Radford, George Heyne, Islington, E. Div. 
Roberts, Samuel, Sheffield, Eccleshall Div. 
Rutherford, William Watson, Liverpool, II'. 

Derby Div. 
Sassoon, Major Sir Philip Albert Gustave 

David, Bt., Hythe. 

Smith, Major the Rt. Hon. Frederick Edwin, 

P.C., Liverpool, Walton Pi?: 
Soares, Ernest Joseph, LL.D., Devonshire, 

N..W., or Barnstaple, Div. 
Spear, John Ward, Devonshire, W., or Tavi- 
stock, tftv. 
Stanley, Hon. Arthur, Lancashire, S.-W., 

Ormskirk Pi?: 
Touche, George Alexander, Islington, N. 

Toulmin, George, Bury. 
Walters, John Tudor, She/Held, Brightsidi 

Winfrey, Richard, Norfolk, S.-W. Div. 
Yeo, Alfred William, Tower Hamlets, Toplar 



Wardle, George James, Stockport. 
Wilkie, Alexander, Dundee. 


Baker, Lieut.-Col. Sir Randolfe Fittlehales, 

lit., Dorsetshire, N. Div. 
Benn, Com. Ion Hamilton, Greenwich, 
Benn, Capt. William Wedgwood, Tower 

Hamlets, St. George Div. 
Campion, Lieut.-Col. William Robert, Sussex, 

Mid, or Lewes, Div. 
Collins, Lieut.-Col. Godfrey Pattison, 

Croft, Brig. -Gen. Henry Page, Christchurch. 
Fleming, Major Valentine, D.S.O., Oxford- 
shite, S., or Henley, Div. 
Galbraith, Samuel, Durham Co., Mid Div. 
Gastrell, Sir William Henry Houghton, 

beth, N. Div. 
Greene, Lieut.-Col. Walter Raymond, 

Hackney, N. Div. 
Greig, Col. James William, Renfrewshire, 

W. Div. 
Griffiths, Major John Norton, Wednesbury. 
(aiest, Capt. the Hon. Frederick Edward, 

Dorset, !•'.. Div. 
Guinness, Major the Hon. Walter Edward, 

Bury St. Edmunds. 
Hall, Lieut.-Col. Fred, Camberwell, Dulwich 

Hamilton, Capt. Lord Claud John, Kensing 

ton, S. Div. 
Hoare, Lieut.-Col. Sir Samuel John Gurney, 

Bt., Chelsea. 
Hudson, Walter, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 





fl>onumcntal Sculptors, fftarblf, Granite 

Nftd Stone Merchants, 
Architectural ant) General flftaeon* anl> 

Head Office: 49, WIGMORE STREET, W.I. 

phone No. :M« 

Works: 760. Harrow Road. KENSAL GREEN. N.W.fO. 

(Telephone No. : Paddington 4047 ) 



Jackson, Sir John, LL.D., F.R.S.E., Devon- j 

Jessel, Col. Sir Herbert Merton, Bt.. St. 
Pancras, S. Div. 

Johnson, William, Warwickshire, N.-E., or 
Nuneaton, Div. 

l.ampson, Com. Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-, 
Huntingdonshire, N., or Ramsey, DtV. 

Lloyd, Capt. George Ambrose, Staffords hir e, 
W. Div. 

McCalmont, Lieut. -Col. Robert Chaine Alex- 
ander, Antrim Co., E. Antrim Div. 

McLaren, Hon. Henry Duncan, Leicester- 
shire, //'., or Bos-.t'orth, Div. 

Marks, Sir George Croydon, Cornwall, N.-E., 
or Launceston, Div. 

Mount, William Arthur, Berkshire, S , or 
Newbury, Div. 

Murray, Major the Hon. Arthur Cecil, Kin- 

Parry, Major Thomas Henry, Flint Dist. 

Ratchiff, Lieut.-Col. Robert Frederick, Staf- 
fordshire, Burton-on- Trent Div. 

Redmond, Capt. William Archer, Tyrone co., 
E. Tyrone Div. 

Rothschild, Major Lionel Nathan de, Bucks, 
Mid, or Aylesbury, />tv. 

Rutherford, William Watson, Liverpool, //'. 
Derby Div. 

Stanley, Lieut.-Col. the Hon. George Fred- 
erick, Preston. 

Thomson, William Mitchell-, Down co., N. 
Down Div. 

Thynne, Major Lord Alexander George Bote- 
ville, Bath. 

Ward, Lieut. -Col. John, Stoke-upon-Trent. 

Wedgwood, Major Josiah Clement, Newcastle- 
under- Lyme. 


Samuel, Sir Stuart Montagu, Bt., Tower 



Allen, Major William James, Armagh co., 
N. Armagh Div., vice William Moore, 
K.C., appointed to Irish Bench. 

Amery, Leopold Charles Maurice Stennett, 
Birmingham, S. Div., vice Viscount Mor- 
peth, who became Earl of Carlisle. 

Anderson, William Crawford, Slieffield, Atter- 
cliffe Div., vice Joseph Pointer, deceased. 

Archdale, Edward Mervyn, Fermanagh Co., 
N. Fermanagh Div., vice Godfrey Fether- 
stonhaugh, K.C., resigned. 

Arnold, Sydney, Yorkshire, 11'. Riding, S. 
Part. Holmfirth Div., vice Henry Joseph 
Wilson, resigned. 

Baring, Sir Godfrey, Bt., Devonshire, N.-W., 
or Barnstaple, Div., vice Ernest Joseph 
Soares, appointed Assist. Controller of Re- 
duction of National Debt Office. 

Barnett, Capt. Richard Whieldon, St. Pan- 
cras, W. Div., vice Capt. Felix Cassel, 
appointed Judge Advocate-Gen. 

Barratt, Sir Francis Layland-, lit., Cornwall, 
Mid, or St. Austell, Div., vice Capt. the 
Hon. Thomas Charles Reginald Agar- 
Robartes, killed in action. 

Beach, William Frederick Hicks-, Gloucester- 
shire, N., or Tewkesbury, Div., vice Capt. 
Viscount Quenington, killed in action. 

Bellairs, Com. Carlyon Wilfrey, Maidstone, 
vice Major Viscount Castlereagh, M.V.O., 
now Marquess of Londonderry. 

Billing, Com. Noel Pemberton, Hertfordshire, 
E., or Hertford, Div., vice Sir John Fowke 
Lancelot Rolleston, resigned. 

Blake, Sir Francis Douglas, Bt., Northumber- 
land, Be rwick-on- Tweed, vice the Rt. Hon- 
Sir Edward Grey, Bt., K.G., P.C., raised 
to the Peerage. 

Blair, Reginald, Tozuer Hamlets, Bcnu and 
Bromley Div., vice George Lansbury, re- 

Bliss, Joseph, Cumberland, Cockermouth Div., 
vice Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Bt., resigned. 

Boles, Lieut.-Col. Dennis Fortescue, Somer- 
setshire, W., or Wellington, Div., vice the 
Rt. Hon. Sir Alexander Fuller-Acland- 
Hood, Bt., now Baron St. Audries. 

Bowden, Lieut.-Col. George Robert Harland, 
Derbyshire, N.-E. Div., vice William Ed- 
ward Harvey, deceased. 

Brookes, Warwick, Tower Hamlets, Mile End 
Div., vice Col. the Hon. Henry Lawson 
Levy-Lawson, now Baron Burnham. 

Broughton, Urban Hanlon, Preston, vice 
Alfred Aspinall Tobin, appointed a County 
Court Judge. 

Buckmaster, Stanley Owen, K.C., Yorkshire, 
W. Ridintr, N. Part, Keighley Div., vice 
Sir John Brigg, deceased. 

Byrne, Alfred, Dublin Co., Dublin Harbour 
Div., vice William Abraham, deceased. 

Campbell, Capt. Frederick Duncan, D.S.O., 
Ayrshire, N. Div., vice Andrew Macbeth 
Anderson, K.C., appointed Solicitor-Gen- 
for Scotland. 



Carew, Charles Robert Sydenham, Devonshire, 
N.-E., or Tiverton, Div., vice Lieut, the 
Hon. William Lionel Charles Walrond, died 
on active service. 

Carnegie, Major the Hon. George Douglas, 
Winchester, vice Lieut. -Col. the Hon. Guy 
Victor Baring, killed in action. 

Cawley, Hon. Oswald, Lancashire, S.-E., or 
Prestvich Div., vice Sir Frederick Cawley, 
Bt., raised to the Peerage. 

Cecil, Lord (Edgar Algernon) Robert, K.C, 
Herts, N., or Hitchin, Div., vice Alfred 
Peter Hillier. M.D., deceased. 

Cheyne, Sir William Watson, K.C M.G., 
. F.R.C.S.. F.R.S., Edinburgh and 
■ndravs Universities, vice Sir Christo- 
pher Nicholson Johnston, K.C, appointed 
a Lord of Session. 

Coats, Sir Stuart Auchincloss, Bt., Surrey, 
X.F.. or Wimbledon, Div., vice Rt. Hon. 
Henry Chaplin, P.C., raised to the Peerage. 

ne, Cecil Algernon, South Shields, vice 
the Rt. Hon. Russell Rea, deceased. 
Collins. Sir William Job, K.C.V.O., M.D.. 
F.K.C.S., D.r/y, vice Sir Thomas Roe, 
raised to the Peerage. 

. Col. Richard Beale, C.B., Eseex, W., 
or Effin/r, Div., vice Col. the Rt. Hon. 
Ameluis Richard Mark Lockwood, P.C., 
C.V.O., raised to the Peerage. 
Coote, Colin Reith, Cambridgeshire, N., or 
Wisbech, Div., vice Capt. the Rt. Hon. Neil 
James Primrose, M.C, deceased. 

William, Tyrone Co., S. Tyrone Div., 
Andrew Ix>ng Homer, K.C, deceased. 

lames Herbert, Cardiff Dist., vice 
Ix>rd Ninian Kdward Crichton- 
;, killed in action. 
Cosgrave, William Thomas, Kilkenny City, 

vice Patrick O'Brien, deceased. 
Cosgrove, James, GaJtoay CO., I'.. > 
.. vice John Roche, deceased. 

Craig. Ernest, Cheshire, Crewe Dh 

wt Bright M' Lam, deceased. 
Crawford, Col. Robert Gordon Sharman-, 
Belfast, E. Div., vice Robert James 
Mordie, deceased. 

George Welsh, Leith Dist.. vice the 

-nald Craufurd Munro- Ferguson, 

, appointed Gov. -Gen. of Australia. 

DalrympV Bob. Hot Hamilton, H'igiown- 

Viv.ount Dalrymplc. now Earl 

of Stair. 

De Forest, Baron Maurice Arnold, West Ham. 
S. Div., vice Charles Frederick I 
MaMerman, unseated on potW 
ccted elsewhere. 

Dennis*. Edmuwl Robert Hartley. Oldham, 
.. Alfred Emmott 
raited to the Peerage. 
I>e Valera, loJMOB, Clnr, CO., r. ( bit. 
. vice Maior Willi. .carney 

Redmond, died of wounds in action. 

Donnelly. Patrick. Arm*** «*•. ■*. Arm*** 

. vice Charies ONV 
Donov omas, Wicklow co.. W. 

W,<kl,n,.Dr.:,sv.r Bdwvd Pc.-r <» K^ 

, Londonderry Cn 

the Marquess of Hamilton, now Duke of 

Duke, Henry Edward, K.C, Exeter, vice 

Richard Harold St. Maur, unseated on a 

Duncannon, Viscount, Dover, vice the Rt. 

Hon. George Wyndham, P.C, deceased. 

Du Pre, William Baring, Buckinghamshire, 
S.. or Wycombe, Div.. vice Sir (Charles) 
Alfred Cripps, K.CV.O., C.B., raised to 
the Peerage. 

Edge, Capt. William, Bolton- U- Moors, vice 
Thomas Taylor, resigned. 

Finney, Samuel, Staffordshire, N.-ll'. Div., 
vice Albert Stanley, deceased. 

Fisher, Rt. Hon. Herbert Albert I,atirens, 
P.C, Sheffield, Hallam Div., vice the Rt. 
Hon. Charles Beilby Stuart-Wortley, P.C, 
K.C, raised lo the Peerage. 

Fit/patrick, James Lalor, Queens Co., Ossory 
Div., vice William Delany, deceased. 

Fleming, Sir John, LL.D., Aberdeen, S. Div., 
vice George Birnie Esslemont, resigned. 

Fox, Henry Wilson, Wanvichshire, Tam- 
worth Div., vice Francis Alexander New- 
digate-Newdegate, appointed Gov. of 

Galbraith, Samuel, Durham co., Mid 
vice John Wilson, deceased. 

Gan/oni, Francis John Childs, Ifinvich, vice 
the Rev. Charles Silvester Home, deceased. 

Gardner, James Tynte Agg-, Cheltenham, 
vice Richard Mathias, unseated on petition. 

Geddes. Brig. -Gen. Sir Auckland Campbell, 
k i\B., Hampshire, N., or Basingstoke, 
Div., vice Arthur Clavell Salter, K.C, ap- 
pointed a Judge of High Court of Justice. 

Ged.lrv Rt Hon Sir Kric Campbell 

ki I: ,'ridge, vice Almeric Hugh 
Paget, resigned. 

Gilbert, James Daniel, Netvington, II 

William Norton, raised to 
the Peerage. 

Gladstone, William Glynnr Ch.irlcN, A'i/mar- 
nock Dist., vice Adam Rolland Rainy, 
M.B., deceased. 

Glaiebrook, Philip Man.h 

irthnr Adlington Haworth, 
tst Bt., appointed a Junior Lord of the 


Gordon, Hon. John Edward, Brighton, vice 
Capt. the Hon. Walter FiU-Uryai; 
who succeeded to the Barony of Dynevor. 

Graham, Edward John. King's co., Tnilamort 
Div.. vice Edmund Haviland- Burke, de 

. John, Cork co., rV. Cork Div. t rice 

(M g 


•rt Bdwvd Cedl.CB., 

E. />/: . mic Cast John 

Chetk nc\am Div., rice John 

Robert Kebty Fletcher, resigned. 
Hanson, Charles Augustin. Cornwall, 
or Bodmin, Div., vw - 
Reginald PoJe-Carew, K ( )., re- 




Uarujsworth, Cecil Bisshopp, Bedfordshire, 

A"., or Luton, Div., vice Thomas Gair 
Ashton, now Baron Ashton of Hyde. 

b'rederick Leverton, Worcestershire, 
E. Div., vice Rt. Hon. (Joseph) Austin 
Chamberlain, PC, LL.D., resigned. 

Harris. Percy Alfred, Leicestershire, S., ,>r 
Harborough Div., vice John William Logan, 

Healey, Timothy Michael. K.C., Cork co. 
JV.-E. Cork Div., vice Moreton Frewen, re- 

Hearn, Michael Louis, Dublin co., S. Pullin 
Piv., vice William Francis Cotton, de- 

Hemmerde, Edward George, Norfolk, N.-W. 
Div., vice Sir George White, deceased. 

Henderson, Sir Alexander, Bt., St. George, 
Hanover Square, vice the Rt. Hon. Alfred 
Lyttelton, P»C, K.C, deceased. 

Henry, Denis Stanislaus, K.C., L^ondonderry 
Co., S. Derry Div., vice Rt. Hon. John 
Gordon, P.C., K.C., LL.D., raised to the 
Irish Bench. 

Herbert, Hon. Aubrey Nigel Henry Molyneux, 
Somersetshire, S. Div., vice Sir Edward 
Strachey, Bt., raised to the Peerage. 

Hewart, Gordon. K.C., Leicester, vice Eliot 
Crawshay-Williams, resigned. 

Hewins, William Albert Samuel, Hereford, 
vice John Stanhope Arkwright, resigned. 

Hibbert, Sir Henry Flemming, Lancashire (IV. 
Part), Chorley Div., vice Lord Balcarres, 
npw Earl of Crawford. 

Hicks, William Jovnson-, Middlesex, Brent- 
ford Div., vice Capt. Lord Alwyne Frede- 
rick Compton, D.S.O., resigned. 

Hill, James, Bradford, Central Div., vice 
Lieut. -Col. Sir George Scott Robertson, 
K.C.S.L, deceased. 

Hodge, Col. Sir Robert Trotter Hermon-, Bt., 
Oxfordshire, S., or Henley, Piv., vice 
Major Valentine Fleming, D.S.O., killed in 
action during European War. 

Hogg, David Cleghorn, Londonderry City, 
vice Marquess of Hamilton, now Duke of 

Hogge, James Myles, Edinburgh, E. Piv., 
vice Sir James Puckering Gibson, Bt., 

Holmes, Daniel Turner, Lanarkshire, Govan 
Div., vice William Hunter, K.C., appointed 
a Lord of Session in Scotland. 

Hope, Major John Augustus, Edinburghshire 
(Midlothian), vice the Rt. Hon. Alexander 
William Charles Oliphant Murray, P.C 
(Master of Elibank), raised to the Peerage. 

Hope, John Deans, Haddingtonshire, vice 
the Rt. Hon. Richard Burdon Haldane, 
P.C, K.C., raised to the Peerage. 

Howard, Hon. Geoffrey William Algernon, 
Wiltshire, W., or Westbury, Div., vice Sir 
John Michael Fleetwood Fuller, Bt., ap- 
pointed Gov. of Victoria, Australia. 

Illingworth, Albert Holden,Lancashire(S.-E.), 
Heywood Piv., vice Capt. Harold Thomas 
Cawley, killed in action. 

Jackson, Hon. Francis Stanley, Yorkshire, E. 
Riding, Hozvdens eCol. Henry 

Bjcoailley Harrison Broadley, deceased. 

Jacobsen, Thomas Owen, Cheshire, Hyde 
P/7 1 ., vice Francis Neilson, resigned. 

Johnston, Christopher Nicholson, K..C, Edin- 
burgh and St. Audreu-s i'nivs., vice the 
Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Bannatyne Finlay, 
P.C, G.C.M.G., raised to the Pecr.i_ 

Jones, Rev. Josiah Towyn, Carmarthenshire, 
E. Div., vice Abel Thomas, K.C., deceased. 

Jones, Kennedy, Middlesex, Hornsey Piv., 
vice the Earl of Ronaldshay, appointed < >< >y. 
of Bengal. 

Kenyon, Barnet, Derbyshire, Chesterfield 
Div., vice James Haslam, deceased. 

Keswick, Henry, Surrey, Mid, or Epsom, Div., 
vice William Keswick, deceased. 

Riley, James Daniel, Tower Hamlets, W/tite- 
chapel Piv., vice Sir Stuart Montagu 
Samuel, Bt., resigned. 

Larmor, Sir Joseph, D.Sc, F.R.S., Cam- 
bridge Univ., vice Samuel Henry Butcher. 

Law, Andrew Bonar, Lancashire, S.-W., 
Bootle Div., vice Col. Thomas Myles 
Sandys, resigned. 

Lindsay, William Arthur. Belfast, S. Piv., 
vice James Chambers, K.C., deceased. 

Lloyd, George Butler. Shrewsbury, vice Sir 
Clement Lloyd Hill, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., 

Lonsdale, James, Armagh co., Mid Armagh 
Piv., vice Sir John Brownlee Lonsdale, Bt., 
raised to the Peerage. 

Lowther, Brig.-Gen. Henry Cecil, C.V.O., 
C.M.G., D.S.O., Westmorland, X., or 
Appleby, Piv., vice Sir Lancelot Sanderson, 
appointed Ch. Justice of Calcutta High 

Loyd, Archie Kirkman, K.C, Berkshire, N., 
or Abingdon Div., vice Lieut. -Col. the Hon. 
Harold Greenwood Henderson, resigned. 

McCalmont, Major Robert Chaine Alexander, 
Antrim co.,E. Antrim Div., vice Col. James 
Martin McCalmont. deceased. 

McGuinness, Joseph, Longford Co., S. Long- 
ford Div., vice John Phillips, deceased. 

McLeod, John Mackintosh, Glasgmu, Central 
Div:, vice the Rt. Hon. Charles Scott Dick- 
son, P.C, K.C, appointed Lord Justice - 

McNeill, Ronald John, Kent, E., or St. 
Au^ustiues, Div., vice Hon. Aretas Akers- 
Douglas, P.C, raised to Peerage. 

Macpherson, James Ian, Eoss and Cromarty, 
vice James Galloway Weir, deceased. 

Maden, Sir John Henry, Lancashire (IV.-E.), 
Rossendtilc Piv., vice the Rt. Hon. Lewis 
Harcourt, P.C, raised to the Peerage. 

, Mallalieu, Frederick William, Yorkshire, W. 
Killing, S. Part, Colne I 'alley Piv., vice 
Charles Leach, whose seat was vacated. 

Marriott, John Arthur Ransome, Oxford City, 
vice Viscount Valentia, raised to Peerage of 
United Kingdom. 

Meehan, Patrick Joseph, Queens co., Leix 
Div., vice Patrick Aloysius Meehan, de- 



Meux, Adm. of the Fleet the Hon. Sir Hed- 
worth, G.C.R.. (C.C.V.O., Portsmouth, vice 
Adm. Lord Charles William de la Poer 
Mfeford, O.C.P... G.CV.C, raised to the 

Millar, James Duncan, Lanarkshire, X.-E. 
. vice Thomas Fleming Wilson, ap- 
pointed a Clerk of the Peace. 

Mills. Hon. Arthur Robert, Middlesex, Ux~ 
his brother, the Hon. 
Charles Thomas Mills, killed in action. 

Mariaou, Hector, Hackney, S. Div., vice 
Horatio William Bottomley, resigned. 

Thomas Brash, K.C., Inverness- 
shire, vice Sir John Alexander Dewar, Bt., 
raised to the Peerage. 

Murphy, Martin Joseph, lYater/ord co , 
E. IVater/ord Dir,, vice Patrick Joseph 
Power, deceased. 

Nugent, John Dillon, Dublin, College Green 
Dir:, vice Joseph Patrick Nannetti, deceased. 

O'Leary, Cork Co., IV. Cork Dip., vice James 

iy, deceased. 

O'Neill, ("apt. the Hon. Robert William Hugh, 
Antrim co., Mid Antrim Dfv., vice his 
Hotter Capt. the Hon. Arthur Edward Bruce 
O'Neill, killed in action. 

Outhwaiie, Robert Leonard, Hanley, vice 
Enoch Edwards, deceased. 

. Sir (James) Edward, Edinburgh, S. 
Div . vice Major the Hon. Charles Henry 
Lyell, resigned. 

lenry, Flint Dist., vice 
James Woolley Summers, deceased. 

Iton, Oswald, Yorkshire, II'. Riding, 
X. Part. Shif>l.y Div., vice Percy Holden 

ftwL Mater the Hon Arthur George Villiers, 

land, or Sf i 
I .tent, the Hon. Francis Wall- 
McLaretl, killed in action. 

Pender, John Cuthbert Denison Deuison-, 
hire, E-, or Newmarket, 
vice Stftaaflel Day Rose, Bt., decc 

Pannefjkther, De Fonblanque, Liverpool, Kirk- 
dale I ,]. Gerald Kyffin i 

PhiUpi tester, 

•rong Yerburgh, resigned'. 

Plunk' "Htmon 



Pratt, John 


appointed Loi 

i i ' • I 

II 'letter, 

X .W. l>iy . VI. . I .- .: I ,| s„ - ,r ,,.r 

.. Will,. 



Rankin, Ca 

■:eth I 

i»t. James Stuart. Liverpool, K. 



es, deceased. 

Rees, Sir John David, K.GI.E. (. 

Nottingham, E. Div.. vice Cant. James 

Archibald Morrison, resigned. 
Reid, Rt. Hon. Sir 

S7. George, ;uare, 

vice Sir Alexander Henderson, Bt.. raised 

to the Peerage. 

Richardson, Arthur, Yorkshire, II'. Hiding, 
S. Part, Rotherham Div , vice Rt 
Joseph Alfred Pease, P : o the 


Roche, Michael Augustine, Louth co., A r . 
Louth Div., vice Richard Haxleton, un- 
seated on petition. 

Runciman, Sir Walter. Bt., Hartlepool, vice 
Sir Stephen Wilson Furness, Bt., deceased. 

Russell, Rt. Hon. Thrtnw Wallace, PC, 

the Rt. 
Hon. Redmond John Barry, P. C, appointed 
Lord Chancellor of Ireland. 

Samuel, Samuel. IVandsworth, vice Sir Henry 
Kimber, Bt., resigned. 

Samuels, Arthur Warren, K ( . I I, I > . Dublin 
Univ., vice Rt. Hon. James Henry Mussen 
Campbell, PC, K.C., raised to the Bench. 

Sassoon, Sir Philip Albert Gustave David, Bt., 
Hythe, vice Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, Bt.. 

Seely, Sir Charles Hilton. cham- 

shire, Mansfield Div., vice Sir Arthur 
Basil Markham, Bt., deceased. 

Shaw, Hon. Alexander, Kilmarnock 
vice William Glynne Charles Gladstone, 
killed in action. 

Smallwood, Edward, Islington, E. Div., 
vice Sir George Heynes Radford, deceased. 

Smith. Sir Swire, Yorkshire. II'. Ridinr, N. 

■: Owen 
Buckmaster. K.C (now Baron Buckmaater), 
appointed Lord H llor. 

. -.ton, vice the 
Hon. John Kdmun i^ned. ' 

Stanley, Lord, Liverpool, Aorrcromby Div., 
Richard Godolphin Wajmsley 
Chaloner, raised to the Peerage 

Stanl. \ 

liam I 

I i Archibald. Perthshire, 




Taylor, Thonuu, Bottom U- Moors, vice George 

ll.ll»i>«l, lIcCCVkTll. 

( M G . rAived t. 

. . 1 • 
Sir Gr rgr Dvughty. dcrased 

to the Peerage Grimsby, vice 



Tillett, Benjamin, Salford, N. Div., vice Sir 
William Pollard Byles, deceased. 

Tootill, Robert, Bolton-leMoorx, vice Alfred 
Henry Gill, deceased. 

Turton, Edmund Russborough, Yorkshire, N. 
Riding, Thirsk and Mai ton Dfv., vice 
Viscount Helmsley, now Earl of Feversham. 

Watson, John Bertrand, Stockton-on-Tees, 
vice Jonathan Samuel, deceased. 

Watson, William, Lanarkshire, S. Div., vice 
Sir Walter Menzies, deceased. 

Webb, Henry, Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean 
Div., vice the Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Went- 
worth Dilke, Bt., P.C., deceased. 

Weigall, Capt. William Ernest George Archi- 
bald, Lincolnshire, S. Lindsey, or Horn- 
castle, Div., vice Lord Willoughby deEresby 
now Earl of Ancaster. 

Weston, Lieut. - Gen. Sir Aylmer Gould 
- Hunter-, K.C.B., D.S.O., Ayrshire, N. 
Div., vice Lieut. -Col. Duncan Frederick 
Campbell, D.S.O., deceased. 

Weston, Col. John Wakefield, Westmorland, 
S., or Kendal, Div., vice Lieut. -Col. Josce- 
line FitzRoy Bagot, deceased. 

White, James Dundas, Glasgow, Tradeston 
Div., vice Archibald Cameron Corbett, now 
Baron Rowallan. 

Whiteley, Herbert James, IVorcestershire, 
Mid, or Droitivich, Div., vice Major the 
Hon. John Cavendish Lyttelton, resigned. 

Whitty, Patrick Joseph, Louth Co., N. Louth 
Div., vice Michael Augustine Roche, de- 

Williams, Aneurin, Durham co. N.-IV. Div., 
vice Llewellyn Archer Atherley-Jones, K.C., 
appointed a judge. 

Williams, Thomas Jeremiah, Swansea, Swan- 
sea Dist., vice the Rt. Hon. Sir (David) 
Brynmor Jones, P.C., K.C., appointed a 
Master in Lunacy. 

Wills, Sir Alan Gilbert Hamilton, Bt., Taun- 
ton, vice the Hon. William Robert Wellesley 
Peel, now Viscount Peel. 

Wilson, Capt. Leslie Orme, D.S.O., Reading, 
vice the Rt. Hon. Sir Rufus Daniel Isaacs, 
P.C., K.C.V.O., K.C., appointed Lord Chief 

Wilson, Sir Matthew Richard Henry, Bt., 
C.S.I. ,Bethnal Green, S.-W. Div., vice the 
Rt. Hon. Charles Frederick Gurney Mas- 
terman, P.C., appointed Chancellor of 
Duchy of Lancaster. 

Wing, Thomas Edward, Dur/tam co., Hough- 
ton-le-Spring Div., vice Robert Cameron, 

Wright, Henry Fitzherbert, Herefordshire, 
N., or Leominster, Div., vice Sir James 
Rankin, Bt., resigned. 

Yeo, Alfred William, Tower Hamlets, Poplar 
Div., vice the Rt. Hon. Sydney Charles 
Buxton, P. C, appointed Gov.-Gen. of South 

Young, Lieut. Edward Hilton, Norwich, vice 
Sir Frederick Low, raised to the Bench. 


Abraham, William, Dublin City, Dublin /far- 
hour Div., August 2nd, 191 5. 

Anson, Rt. Hon. Sir William Reynell, Bt., 
P.C., D.C.L., Oxford Univ., June 4th, 1914. 

Bagot, Lieut. -Col. Josceline FitzRoy (nomi- 
nated for a Baronetcy), Westmorland, S., or 
Kendal, Div., March 1st, 191 3, before the 
patent passed the Great Seal. 

Baring, Lieut. - Col. the Hon. Guy Victor, 
Wincluster (killed in action during Euro- 
pean War), Sept. 1916. 

Brigg, Sir John, Yorkshire, W. Riding, N. 
Part, Keighley Div., Sept. 30th, 191 1. 

Broadley, Henry Broadley Harrison-, York- 
shire, E. Riding, Hoivdenshire Div , Dec. 
29th, 1914. 

Burke, Edmund Haviland-, King's co., Tul- 
lamore Div.. Oct. 4th, 1914. 

Butcher, Samuel Henry, Cambridge Univ., 
Dec. 29th, 1 9 10. 

Byles, Sir William Pollard, Sa'ford, N. Div., 
Oct. 17th, 1917. 

Cameron, Robert, Durham co., Hough ton-le- 
Spring Div., Feb. 13th, 19 13. 

Campbell, Lieut.-Col. Duncan Frederick, 
D.S.O., Av, shire, N. Div., Sept. 1916. 

Cawley, Capt. Harold Thomas, Lancashire, 
S.E., Heyivood Div. (killed in action in 
Dardanelles), Sept. 1915. 

Chamberlain, Rt. Hon. Joseph, P.C., Bir- 
mingham, W. Div., July 2nd, 1914. 

Chambers, James, K.C., Belfast, S. Div., 
June nth, 1917. 

Cotton, Willium Francis, Dublin co., S. 
Dublin Div., June 8th, 19 17. 

Delany, William, Queens Co,, Ossory Div., 
April 1916. 

Dilke, Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Wentworth, Bt., 
P.C., Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean Div., 
Jan. 26th, 1911. 

Doughty, Sir George, Great Grimsby, April 
27th, 1914. 

Edwards, Enoch, Hanley, June 28th, 1912. 

Esmonde, John, L.R.C.S.I., Tipperary cc, 
N. Tipperary Div., April 17th, 191 5. 

Fleming, Major Valentine, D.S.O., O.tfotd- 
shire, S., or Henley, Div. (killed in action 
during European War), May 20th, 1917. 

Furness, Sir Stephen Wilson, Bt., Hartle- 
pool, Sept. 6th, 1914. 

Gibson, Sir James Puckering, Bt., Edinburgh, 
E. Div., Jan. nth, 1912. 

Gilhooly, James, Cork Co., IV. Cork Div., 
Oct. 16th, 1916. 

Gill, Alfred Henry, Bolton-le- Moors, Aug. 
27th, 1914. 

Gladstone, William Glynne Charles, Kilmar- 
nock Dist. (killed in action during European 
War), April 13th, 1915. 

Guiney, Patrick, Cork co., N. Cork Div., Oct. 
12th, 1913. 

Hardie, James Keir, Merthyr Tydvil, Sept. 
26th, 1915. 



Uilontttiuntal Smlptors, 

in Marble and Brass, erected in any part of 
the Kingdom. 


White Ladies Gate, Clifton, BRISTOL. 

Telegrams : " Pakeman, Undertaker, Bristol." Telephone : 3288. 


Executive Committee: 

President: H.R.H. The Princess Louise, Duchess or Argyll. 

Vice-President: The Marchioness or WATERroRD. 

Chairman: The Most Hon. the Marquess or Suoo. 

Hon. Treasurer: H. H. Plevdell Bouverie, Eso. 

Bankers: Messrs. Barclay & Co., i. Pall Mall East, S.W.i. 

Manager ess: Work Depot— Miss Wiltshire, 7a, Lower Grosveoor Place, S 

Secretary: Captain R. Barclay, 7a, Lower Grosveoor Place, S.W.i. 

THE COMMITTEE EARNESTLY APPEAL for the maintenance of 
those ladies who wore left provided for by charicoa on Irtah 
land property, who aro incapacitated by asro or infirmity from 
oarninK m. livinsr, and who, owing to tho non-rocoipt of tholr 
incomes, are In absolute poverty. 

Tho Public who are so sonorously subscribing to the War funds 
are asked not to overlook this old-established charity, which 
almost ontiroly supports these ladies, many of whom aro aarod. 


The WORK DEPOT assists Irish Ladies to earn their living, end the Committee 

earnestly asks friends requfcmf hand-made lingerie. Bl o us es, em 
to assist the Charity by fivtag orders. 
Owing to the War. Donations and Orders for Work are urgently see d e d . 

Office* Work Depot; 7a,L0WER OROSVENOR PLACI. I <>NI>ov v\s 1 
Will generoos donors kindly mention Desretts when writing ? 



Harvey, William Edwin, Derbyshire, N.Z. 
Div., April 28th, 1914. 

Harwood, George, Bolton- le- Moor* Nov. 7th, 

Haslam, lames. Derbyshire, Chesterfield 

Div., July 31st, 1913. 

Hill, Sir Clement Lloyd, K.C.B., K C.M.G., 
Shrewsbury, April 9th, 19 13. 

Hillier, Alfred Peter, M.D., Herts, N, or 
Hitchin, Div., Oct. 23rd, 1911. 

Hogg, David Cleghorn, Londonderry City, 
Aug. 22nd, 1914. 

Home, Rev. Charles Silvester, Ipswich, 
May 2nd, 1914. 

Horner, Andrew Long, K.C., Tyrone co., S. 
Tyrone Div., Jan. 25th, 1916. 

Illingworth, Percy Holden, Yorkshire, W. 
Riding, N. Part, Shipley Div., Jan. 3rd, 
1915 (who had just been nominated a P.C.). 

Jones, William, Carnarvonshire, N., or Arfon, 
Div., May 9th, 1915. 

Keswick, William, Surrey, Mid, or Epsom, 
Div., March 9th, 1912. 

Lyttelton, Rt. Hon. Alfred, P.C., K.C., St. 
George, Hanover Square, July 5th, 1913. 

McCalmont, Col. James Martin, Antrim co., 
E. Antrim Div., Feb. 2nd, 1913. 

McLaren, Lieut, the Hon. Francis Walter 
Stafford, Lincolnshire, Holland, or Spald- 
ing, Di7>.(on active service during European 
War), Aug. 30th, 1917. 

McLaren, Walter Stowe Bright, Cheshire, 

Crewe Div., June 29th, 1912. 
McMordie, Robert James, Belfast, E. Div., 

March 25th, 1914. 

Markham, Sir Arthur Basil, Bt., Nottingham- 
shire, .Mansfield Div., Aug. 5th, 1916. 

Meehan, Patrick Aloysius, Queens co., Leix 

Div., May 10th, 1913. 
Menzies, Sir Walter, Lanarkshire, S. Div., 

Oct. 26th, 1913. 
Mills, Hon. Charles Thomas, Middlesex, Ux- 

bridge Div. (killed in action during European 

War), Oct. 6th, 191 5. 
Nannetti, Joseph Patrick, Dublin, College 

Green Div., April 26th, 191 5. 
O'Brien, Patrick, Kilkenny City, July 12th, 

O'Kelly, Edward Peter, Wicklow co., W. 

Div., July 22nd, 1914. 
O'Kelly, James, Roscommon co., N. Ros- 
common Div., Dec. 1916. 
O'Neill, Capt. the Hon. Arthur Edward Bruce, 

Antrim co., Mid Antrim Div. (killed in 

action during European War), Nov. 4th, 

O'Neill, Charles, MB., Armagh co., S. 

Armagh Div., Jan. 14th, 1917. 
Phillips, John, Longford co., S. Longford 

Div., April 1917. 
Pointer, Joseph, Sheffield, Attercliffe Div., 

Nov. 19th, 1914. 
Power, Patrick Joseph, Waterwrd co., . E. 

Waterford Div., Jan. 8th, 1913. 
Primrose, Capt. the Rt. Hon. Neil James 

Archibald, P.C., M.C., Cambridgeshire, 

N., or Wisbech, Div. (wounds in action 

during European War), Nov. 1917, 

Quenington, Capt. Viscount, Glousestershire, 
N., or Tewkesbury, Div. (killed in action 
during European War), April 23rd, 1916. 

Radford, Sir George Heynes, Islington, /•'.. 
Div., Oct. 5th, 1917. 

Rainy, Adam Rolland, Kilmarnock Dist., 
Aug. 26th, 1911. 

Rea, Rt. Hon. Russell, P.C., South Shields, 
Feb. 5th, 1916. 

Redmond, Major William Hoey Kearney, 
Clare CO., E. Clare Div. \ wounds in action), 
June 7th, 1917. 

Robartes, Capt. the Hon. Thomas Charles 
Reginald Agar-, Cornwall, Mid, or St. 
Austell, Div. (wounds received in action), 
Sept. 1915. 

Robertson, Lieut. -Col. Sir George Scott, 
K. C.S.I. , Bradford, Central Div., Jan 

Roche, John, Galway co., E. Galway Div., 
Aug., 27th, 1914. 

Roche, Michael Augustus, Louth co., N. 
Louth Div., Dec. 7th, 1915. 

Rose, Sir Charles Day, Bt., Cambridgeshire, 
E., or Newmarket, Div., April 20th, 1913. 

Samuel, Jonathan, Stockton-on-Tees, Feb. 
22nd, 1917. 

Sassoon, Sir Edward Albert Bt., Hythe, 
May 24th, 1912. 

Stanley, Albert, Staffordshire, X.ll'. Div., 
Dec. 1915. 

Stuart, Lieut.-Col. Lord Ninian Edward 
Crichton-, Cardiff Dist. (killed in action 
during European War), Sept. 1915. 

Summers, James Woolley, Flint Dist., 
Jan. 1st, 1913. 

Thomas, Abel, Carmarthenshire, E. Div., 
July 23rd, 1912. 

Walrond, Hon. William Lionel Charles, Dez>on- 
shire, N.-E., or Tiverton, Div., Nov. 2nd, 
1915 (as result of active service). 

Weir, James Galloway, Ross and Cromarty, 
May 18th, 1911. 

White, Sir George, Norfolk, N.-IV. Div., 
May nth, 1912. 

Wilson, John, Durham co.. Mid Div., March 

23rd, 1915. 
Wyndham, Rt. Hon. George. P.C., Dover, 

June 8th, 1913. 


* Dismissed, t Unseated. \ Withdrawn. 
§ For Recounts. 


tCork Co., E.Cork Div. 



tHull, Central Div. 

"King's Lynn. 

tLouth Co., N. Louth 

"Nottingham, E. Div. 

J§St. Pancras,W. Div 

End Div. 
§West Bromwich 

(declared elected). 

tWest Ham, N. Div. 

gWilts, N.-W., or 
Chippenham, Div. 
(declared elected). 



ft E S I I . N E D . 

[See also "Accepted Offi- 
"Created Peers,'' and «« Suc- 
ceeded to Peerages. '] 

Arkwright, John Stanhope, Hereford. 

Bottomley, Horatio William, Hackney. 

Lieut. -Gen. Sir Reginald Pole-, K 
»., Cornwall, S.-E., or Bodm:'/:. 

Chamberlain, Kt. Hon. (J.) Austen, Worcester- 
shire, E. Div. (since re-elected for Birming- 
ham W. /'. 

Compton. ('apt. Lord Alwyne Frederick. 
D.S.O., Middlesex, Brentford Div. (since 

Esslemont, George Birnie, Aberdeen, S. Div. 

Fetherstonhaugh, Godfrey, K.C., Fermanagh 
'.'. Fermanagh Div. 

Fletcher, John Robert Kebty-, Cheshire, 
•.chant Div. 

Frewen, Moreton, Cork Co., N.-E. Cork Div. 

Gordon, Hon. John Edward, Brighton. 

Hazleton, Richard, Galway co., N. Galway 
Div. (since re-elected). 

Henderson, Lieut. -Col. the Hon. Harold 
Creenwood, Berkshire, X., or Abingdon, 

Kemp, Lieut .-Col. Sir George, Manchester, 
N.-W. Dm. 

Kimber, Sir Henry, Bt.. Wandsworth. 

■ >d, Capt. John Hendl- 

Lansbury, George, Tmwtr Hamlets, Bow and 
Bromley Div. 

Lawson, Sir Wilfrid, lit., Cumberland, Cocker- 


Logan, John William, Leicestershire. 

Major the Hon. Charles Henry, Edin- 
burgh, S 

l.yttelton. Major the Hon. John Cavendish, 
Worcestershire, Mid, or Drmii 

tpL James Archibald, Sotting- 
kam, E. / 
Muldoon. John. Wicktow Co., B. Wicklow 
(since re-elected for Cork Co., B. Cork 

is, Cheshire, Hyde 
, William, Cork City (reelected Feb. 

Paget, Almeri. Hugh, Cambridge. 

I . i mes, Bt . , Herefordsh ire, N.,or 
■ ■ . 
Rolleston, Sir John Fowlte Uncelot. Herts. 

£., or Hertford, ■ 
Samuel. Sir Stuart Montagu. lit.. Tower 

ha/el Dtv. 
Sandys, Col. Thorn** Myks, Lmmmtkirt 
;*'.), BtotU Div. 

Taylor, Col. Gerald Kyffin-, Liverpool, Kirk- 
dak Div. 

Taylor, Thomas, Boltom-le- Moors. 

Walker, Col. William Hall. Lancashire, 

S.-W., Widrus Div. 
Williams, Fliot Crawshay-, Leicester. 
Wilson, Henry Joseph, Yorkshire, W. Riding, 

S. Part, Hotm/irth Dm. 
Wilson, Thomas Fleering, Lanarkshire, N.E.- 

Yerburyh, Robert Armstrong, Chester. 


Hazleton, Richard, Galway Co., N. GeUmmy 
Div., and Louth Co., N. Louth Div. (but 
catcd for the latter on petition). 


Cooper, Richard Ashrcole, Walsall. 

use, Rt. Hon. Charles Edward Henry, 
P.C., Bristol, E. Div. 
(Juiltcr, William Eley Cuthbert, Suffolk, S., 
or Sudbury, Div. 

Mark, Hull, Centra 


Astor. Major William Waldorf, Plymouth, 

became " Hon." on his father s elevation to 

the Peerage. 
Beach. I I Hugh Hicks-, Glomes- 

, or Tewkesbury, i 

Viscount (^uenington on his father's 

tion to an Earldom. 
Henderson, Lieut. -Col. Harold Greenwood, 

Berks, M, or Abingdon, Div., became 
-.." on his father's elevation to the 

Lycll, Charles Henry, Edinburgh, S 

became " Hon." on his father's elevation to 

McU>. Walter Stafford, / 

mmww, Holland, orS/miding, Ph., became 
" Hon. ' on his fathers tlevatioa to the 

en. Henry Ihincsn. became "Hon." 
on his father's elevation to the Peerage. 
Partington, Oswald. Yorkshire, W. K,d,ng, 
heceme " Hoo." en 
his father's elevation to the Peerage. 




Balcarres, Lord, Lancashire (N.), Chorley 
Div., now Earl of Crawford. 

Castlereagh, Major Viscount, M.V.O., Maid- 
stone, now Marquess of Londonderry. 

Dalrymple, Viscount, Wigtoivnshire, now 
Earl of Stair. 

Hamilton, Marquess of, Londonderry City, 

now Duke of Abercorn. 
Helmsley, Viscount, Yorkshire, N. Riding, 

Thirsk and Mai ton Div., now Earl of 

Lawson, Col. the Hon. Harry Lawson Webster 

Levy-, Tower Hamlets, Mile End Div., now 

Baron Burnham. 
Morpeth, Viscount, Birmingham, S. Div., 

became Earl of Carlisle. 
Peel, Hon. William Robert Wellesley, Taun- 
ton, now Viscount Peel. 

Rice, Capt. the Hon. Walter Fitz-Uryan, 
Brighton, now Baron Dynevor. 

Tullihardine, Brig.-Gen. the Marquess of. 

M.V.O., D.S.O., Perthshire, IV. Div. 
Willoughby de Eresby, Lord, Lincolnshire, S. 

Lindsey, or Horncastle, Div., now Earl of 




Donelan, Capt. Anthony John Charles, Cork 

co., E. Cork Dh. (since then elected for 

IVickloiv co., E. Wicklow Div.). 
Hazleton, Richard, Louth co., N. Louth Div. 

(but now sits for Gahttay co., N. Calway 

King, Sir Henry Seymour, K.C.I.E., Hull, 

Central Div. 
Masterman, Charles Frederick Gurney, IV est 

Ham, N. Div. (since then elected for 

Bethnal Green, S.-IV. Div.). 
Mathias, Richard, Cheltenham. 
St. Maur, Richard Harold, Exeter. 




SaCOMMERCE house, sa 




[ v>,,„ K s l . i „,^ t >.,,! B 5j5 »\:^MIN«.H\M 




Extract from Truth, October 3rd, 1917. 

" In order to answer a recent enquiry from the front, 
I obtained particulars of some ingenious devices for miti- 
gating minor discomforts of camp life on active service, 
especially those of cold and wet weather ; for example 
a practical weather-proof tent that can be folded into 
a parcel small enough to go into an overcoat pocket ; 
a waterproof groundsheet weighing less than i lb., and 
a capital sleeping bag which weighs no more than 
ij lb. These are among many useful articles supplied 
by the Lightweight Tent Co., 6i, High Holborn, 
London, W.C.i, and I think my Service readers may be 
glad to know of them." 


(A Society for the Encouragement of Kindness to Animals). 
President: .... The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Lonsdale. 

1. AMBULANCES for Injured Horses in London and Provincial Towns. 

2. AN ANIMALS' HOSPITAL for tne fre e treatment of the sick ami 

— ^ ^ ■ injured animals of the necessitous Poor. 

3. SH] fERS for Stray Cats in London. (Lethal Chambers on Premises.) 


5. LOCAL INSTITUTIONS for strav Do ? s and Cats at Bournemouth, Bedford, 

^— — — — — — ^— — — — Folkestone, Ramsgate, Portsmouth, Southampton and 

Dublin. (Lethal Chambers on Premises.) 


OATMEAL AND WATER FOR HORSES during the Summer Months. 
LOIN CLOTHS FOR HORSES of poor owners during Winter Months. 


' ■ means of Lantern Lectures, Lending Libraries, Essays, 

Competitions, Meetings, etc. 

8. BLUE CROSS FUND for Horses in time of War. 

9. DOG LICENCES granted to poor owners in really deserving cases. 

10. It REWARDS those who do HEROIC DEEDS on behalf of Animals. 

11. It ASSIST^ POOR PEOPLE with their Animals when in genuine distress. 

Full Membership, £1 Is. per ann. Assoc. Membership, 2s. 6d. per ann. Life Membership, £25. 

Subscriptions and Donations Urgently Needed 

to carry out the above work. 

ARTHUR J. COKE, Secretary, 58, Victoria Street, London, a.W. I. 



Prime Minuter, and First Lord oj the Treasury 

(£5,00°) .'. Rt. }hm. David Lloyd George, 

Lord /'resident of the Council Rt. Hon. Karl Cunoa of Kedlest. 

: I 
Chancellor of the Exchequer (£5,000) K- II \ „lrew Bonar Law, P.C., MP. 

I (unpaid)^ Rt. Hun. Viscount Milner. 1 

Ministers (without portfolio) - „ >Gen. the Rt. Hon. Jan Christian Smut 



Kt. Hon. George Nicol Rarnes, P.< Ml' 

Thi above form the War Cabin r i 

Lord High Chancellor (£10,000) Rt. li M.G. 

Lord i Rt. Hon. the Earl of Cra 

Secretary r oj ''State. Foreign Department (£5,000) Rt. Hon. Arthur Jaiws Balfour, P.C. Ml* 

I.I..I'.. IM 

Colonial Department (£5,000^ Rt. Hon. Walter Hume Long, P.C., Ml' 

Indian Department (£5,000) Rt. Hon. Edwin Samuel M Ml' 

War Department y£s,ooo) ... Rt. H 

Home Department (£5.000) .. Rt. Hon. Sir George Cave, P.C., Ml' 
Minister 0/ Munitions (£5,000) Major the Rt. Hon. Winston Leonard Spencer- 
Churchill, r.< . mi 
Fit st Lord of the Admiralty (£4,500) Rt. Hon. Sir Eric Campbell Geddes, P.C., 

l'ad e (Xs,ooo) Rt.''Hon."sir' Albert* Henry Stanley, P.C.. M.P. 

wernment Board {£$,000) ... Rt. Hon. William Hayes Fisher. IM '., M.P. 

Fdiuation (£2.000) Rt. Hon. Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher. PC.. 


for Irelami (£4.425) Rt. Hon. Henry Edward Dake, P I 

<'td( Rt. Hon. Robert Munro. I II 

President oj Hoard oj Agriculture and Fisheries Rt. Hon. Rowland Edmund Prother 

\Cis*.j) M V.O., M.P. 

First Commissioner oj 'Works (£2,000) Rt. Hon. Sir Alt'r- L I't . V\ . 

Uor of Duchy of Lancaster (£2,000) Rt. Hon. Baron Cawley, P.C. 

Attorney-General (£6,000 and fees) Lieut.-Col. the Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick Edwin 

Minister of Blockade and Contraband Depart., Kt 

■try of State, Foreign P.C, ICC Ml' 

Department (J, 1, 500) 

PaymasterGenetai Kt. Hon. Sir Joseph Compton Comptoi i 

of Labour (£2, ex X>) n. George Henry Roberts 

*Ood Controller {£2,-00). I 

*J (£2,000) M.P. 

l n,P.C,M.P.,M.D. 

/ (£20,000) Rt Hot I • 

r of Ireland (£6,000) 

Ki II n Ml 
<-(£a,ooo) I >»ald Campbell 

! tonal Health lns»> in 
try, Colonial Department (£1,500) 

Indian n,p.ittment (£1,500) Kt Hon. Baron Islingt. 

- O. 
nt (£\,soo) |.utirs la.i Macpheraon, K*.) . M P 

fa> v to MaitUnd. Be. M 

"•tjrf JHfHy lever. K.C. B. 

r rr,. I't . M I' 
(£>,ooo) I I m*% James Macnamar. 

to the Admiralty 

1. (aJJttiemal) (unpaid). 
> "tentary Secretary to Homed of Eehtmjjm 

Kt Hon. John Herbert Lewis, P.C. M.P. 



Parliamentary Secretary ,Board of ' Trade (£i, $00) George James Wardle, Esq., M.P. 
Parliamentary Secretary, Local Government 

Board(£i,soo) Stephen Walsh, Esq., M.P. 

Parliamentary Secretaries, Board of / (,£1,500) \ Sir Richard Winfrey, M.l'. 

Agriculture and Fisheries [ (unpaid) / His Grace the I >uk<- of Marlborough, K.G.. P.C. 

Evans. BC. 

Parliamentary Secretaries to Ministry 0/ Muni- \ M S% % \*ggZL ™ ? hin ? u "\ Kn 
„»>,<< fi ™\ ' \ M.P. (also financial Secretary), 

tions (£1,200).. ^Frederick George Kellaway, Esq., M. 

Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry 0/ Labour 
(£1,200) Wil 

iain (live Hridgeman, Esq., M.P. 

Col. the Rt. Hon. Frederick Leverton Harris, 

P.C, M.P. 
John Robert Clynes, Esq., M.P. 
Lieut. -Col. Sir Arthur Sackvil'.e Trevor Griffith 

Boscawen, M.P. 


Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry 0/ Blocktuit 

Parlinmcntaiy Secretary to Ministry 0/ Food ... 
Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry 0/ Pensions 


Parliamentary Secretary to Air Council Major Jchn Lawrence Raird, C..M.G 

Parliamentary Secretary to Ministry 0/ Shipping 

(£1,000) ..... Sir Leo G. Chiozza Money, M.P. 

Parliamentary Seretaries to Ministry 0/ National J Rt. Hon. Viscount Peel. 

Sennet (£1,200) \ Arthur Cecil Tyrell Reck, Esq., M.P. 

Assistant Postmaster -General (£1,000) Rt. Hon. Herbert Pike Pease, P.C, M.P. 

Parliamentary {Patronage) Secretaries to ^/Lieut.-Col. the Rt. Hon. Lord Edmund Bernard 

j'albot, P.C, M.V.O., D.S.O., M.P. 
VCapt. the Hon. Frederick Edward Guest, M.P. 
'James Fitzalan Hope, Esq,, M.P. 
John William Pratt, Esq. M.P. 
James Parker, Esq , M.P. 
Rev. Josiah Towyn Jones, M.P. 
Lieut.-Com. William Dudley Ward, R.N.V.R., 

Adm. Sir Rosslyn Erskine Wemyss, K.C.B., 

C.M.G., M.V.O. 
Vice-Adm. Sir Herbert Leopold Heath, K.C.B., 

Rear-Adm. Lionel Halsey, C.B., C.M.G. 
Rear- Adm. Hugh Henry Darby Tothill, C.B. 
Rear-Adm. Sydney Robert Fremantle, C.B., 

Vice-Adm. Sir Alexander Ludovic Duff, K.C.B. 
^Rear-Adm. George Price Webley Hope, C.B. 
. Hon. Ernest George Pretyman, P.C, M.P. 
Alan Garrett. Anderson, K.B.E. (Controller). 
Arthur Francis Pease, Esq. 

Solicitor-General (£5,000 and fees) '....'. ' Rt. Hon. Sir Gordon Hewart, P.C, K.C., M.P. 

Lord Advocate for Scotland '(£5,000) Rt. Hon. James Avon Clyde, P.C, K.C., M.P. 

Solicitor-General for Scotland (£<2,ooo) Thomas Brash Morison, Esq., K.C, M.P. 

Attorney-General for Ireland (£5,000 and fees) ... Rt. Hon. James O'Connor, P.C, K.C. 
Solicitor „ „ (£2.000 and fees) ... Arthur Warren Samuels, Esq., K.C, LL.D., M.P. 

Treasury (£2,000) 

y.itiior Lords of the Treasury (£ 1,000) 

Naval Lords of the Admiralty (£1,500) 

Civil Lords of the Admiralty 

f(£i,ooon Rt. 
\ (£3,00°) J-Sir 
l unpaid J Art 


Political Appointments only. 

Lord Chamberlain Rt. Hon. Viscount Sandhurst, P.C, G.C.S.I., 


Lord Steward Rt. Hon. Viscount Farquhar, P.C, G.C.V.O. 

Master of the Horse Rt. Hon. Earl of Chesterfield, P.C, G.C.V.O. 


Comptroller Sir Edwin Andrew Cornwall, M.P. 

Vice-Chamberlain Lieut.-Com. William Dudley Ward, R.N. V.R., 


Rt. Hon. Baron Annaly, G.C.V.O. {permanent). 

Rt. Hon. Baron Herschell, K.CV.O. 

Rt. Hon. Baron Hylton. 
Lords-in-Waiting \ Rt. Hon. Baron Kenyon, K.CV.O. 

Maj.-Gen. Baron Ranksborough, C.V.O., C.B. 

Rt. Hon. Baron Stanmore. 

Rt. Hon. Viscount Valentia, C.B., M.V.O. 
Capt. 0/ the Hon. Corps of Gentlemen at Arms . . Rt. Hon. Baron Colebrooke, P.C, C.V.O. 
Capt.of the Yeomen of the Guard Rt. Hon. Baron Suffield, C.B., M.V.O. 




<A) = Liberal. 
ILlfim Liberal Unionist. 

<C) = Conservative and U 

».V)= Nationalist. 

Association of Conservative Clubs, i, Sanc- 
tuary Buildings, Great Smith Street, West- 
minster, S.\V.i. Secretary: Frank Solbe. 
British Socialist Party, Chandos Hall, 21 a, 
lea I-ane, Charing Cross, W.C.j. 
rttary : Albert Inkpin. 
Cobden Club, Broadway Court, Westminster, 
S W, Honorary Secretary : Rt. Hon. John 
aid Murray Maolonald. P.C., M.P. 
Secretary : F.J. Shaw. (Free Trade and 
Eighty Club, 3, Hare Couit, Temple, E.C. 
Hon. Secr:tary : H. Drysdale Woodcock. 
Fabian 8ociety, 25, Tothill Street, West- 
minster, S.W.i. Hon. Secretary: E. R. 
Pease. Gen. Secretary : William Stephen 
Free Trade Union, 69, Victoria Street, 8.W, 

\iry. W . W. Champness. 
Home Counties Liberal Federation, 4?, Parlia- 
ment Street, Westminster, S. W. Secretary: 
W If. Crook (A) 
Gladstone League, 38 and 39, Parliament Street, 
Westminster, S.W. Secretary: S. Holder. 
Independent Labour Party, 8 and 9, Johnson's 
t, Fleet Street. E.C. 4. Secretary: 
Francis Joli- 
Irish Unionist Alliance, 109, Grafton Street, 
Dublin. //■ m kHeresford. 

Labour Party, The, 1, Victoria Street 

, tary : Rt. Hon. Arthur Henderson, 
rional Agent: A. Peters, 

Liberal Central Association, »i, Abingdon 

I tminstcr, S.W.t (A) 
Liberal PubUcation Department, 41 42, Par- 
liament Street, S.W. Secretary: Charles 

Liberal Social Council. .,.. Victoria Street, 

London Liberal Federation. 4 > 4'. Parl taia»al 
W, Mm 
National Liberal Federation, 4 


Sir Robert \. V- E. Assist. 

Frank Barter. <A) 
National Partv .imes'*. 

National Unionist Association of Conserva- 
tive and Liberal Unionist Organizations, 
Unionist Central Office, 1, Sanctuary Build- 
ings, Great Snaith Street, Westminster, 
S.W.i. Joint Principal Agents and Hon- 
orary Secretaries, Sir John Borastori and 
William Jenkins. Secretary : Thomas Cox. 

Primrose League, 64, Victoria Street. - W. 
Grand Master : Earl Cur/on of Kedleston, 
E.G., P.C., G.C.s (O 

Scottish Liberal Association. Genera/ Sec 
retary : William Webster, J. P. Eastern 
Office— 95, Princes Street, Edinburgh. 
Assistant Secretary: John Gunn. Was* 
tern Office — 7, West George Street, 
Glasgow. Assistant Secretary: William 
Gibb. (A) 

Scottish Unionist Association. ., Frederick 
Street, Edinburgh. 

Scottish Women's Liberal Federation, 
• <t, Glasgow. (A) 

Tariff Reform League, 7, Victoria Stret 
Secretary : G. < .raham Anderson. 

Ulster Unionist Council and Ulster Union 
of Constitutional Associations. (>! 
Hall, i l< I >aw*on Bates, 

Union Defence League, 35. Victoria 

f.trr: Philip G. Cambray. (Q 

Unionist Associations of Ireland, 109, Grafton 
Street, Dublin, and Unionist Headquarters, 
Old To*.. Ball, Belfast. (C) 

UniUd Club, a, Court, Fleat Street, 

UniUd Insh League. 39. O'Conncll - 

Upper, Dublin. 
United Irish League of Orest Britain. 3 and 

4t Smith Street., 
.1/ Secretary: Pre .!• 

Woaeas Libaral Fsde rat ie a . ,*>. \ 

v McArthur. 

Wnmsi National Literal Aaeeeiatior 

■*ry: Mrs. Weston. (A) 






Ambre Egyptien, Chypre. Nirvana, Rose de Syrie, Sakountala. Syriana. 
Cabiria, Yavahna, etc., etc. 

Also the following FLORAL PERFUMES: 

Rose- Rose. Violette de Damas. Muguet (Lily of the Valley), Oeillet 
(Carnation), etc. 

Also in Concentrated Essence convenient for Travelling. 

The famous Bichara preparations for the eyebrows 
and eyelashes, imperceptible in use. Also 


which are renowned. 

CIGARETTES AMBREES and other perfumed and unperfumed 
cigarettes, specially blended and hand-made — have an ever-increasing ready 

Perfumed. — Cigarettes Ambre^s, Chypre, Rose de Syrie. and Nirvana. 
Unperfumed. — Dubec, Egyptian, Russian Blend, Virginian and Zarouk 

Call in when you are passing— you will not be pressed to buy. 



I Jffadam Ravenna 



18, Buckingham Palace Road, 








Duties of some of the Higher Officers of 8tate. 

tute 6 Ann*, c. 41, the holder of an office of 

frofit accepted from the Crown or the Lord- 
.leuienant <>f Ireland, 
a teat in Parliament, if the office be created 
since 1705. The acceptor of any office 
:ed before that year must vacate his 
■ad submit himself to re-election : l»ut 
by the Representation of the People Act, 
1867, and some Amending Acts, holders 
of the principal offices of State are re- 
lieved from the obligation to submit them- 
selves to re-election, upon a transfer from 
one office to another ; the Law Offio 
on transfer do not vacate. The legislation 
on the subject is tangled and obscure, but 
the result, broadly speaking, is that holders 
of the higher political offices vacate their 
on appointment, except in <. 
•t-r. but may be re elected ; that holders 
of minor political offices, who are 1 
pointed directly by the Crown, e.g. Under- 
of State, do not vacate their 
on appointment ; and that Judges, and 
members of the permanent Civil Service are 
alined for a seat in Parliament. Holders 
of the following Offices in the Ministry vacate 
their seats on appointment, seeking re- 
election : • — The Prrst I .<>rd of the Tr- 
the Chancellor of the Exchequer; the Hirst 
: of the Admiralty; the five Pi 

of Stale (but not the Under 

1 >f Pensions and 

ir, and the President <>f the Air Council 

• luring the war th< f Mu- 

Blockade, the Controllers •>( 

Food and Shipping) ; the Secretary for 

,nd ; the Presidents of the Board of 

■ . the Local « i aid the 

:i ; the 

r; the 

• I : the Postn 

I irst Co(nmU»ionei ol W 

the Junior Lord* of the Treasury <>n tir>t 

: and unpaid;; the Civil 

•>f ihc Admiralty; the 

> and Ireland ; the 

Advocate for Scotland ; and the three 

following officials 

of tli- vacate their 

Toiler of ihc Household ; 

e pensions are not disqualified 
mm appointed en Ambassador resigns 
his seat. 

ittfag is solely in 

the power of oat h H"iis«? of Parliamei • 

ntas he adjourned for more t" 
i.iy by 

i pursuant to 

> mutt he on 

.: reed to, except when there 

1 'irgent 
used as the means of 
discussing a matter of « 

,r proclamation 

ijournmrnt by 

been given, but this power has been placed 
underlimitations by certain rules of procedure 
Adjournment of debate may be moved by 

member who has not spoken 
original question, at any time beiore 1 

v put, but it cannot bemovi 
committee, and 1 ust !*• kept 

strictly to the que* 
case of grave disorder . 
may if he thinks it nr 
House without question put, or suspend any 
sitting for a time to be nam-d b\ 


Chief of t! appointed to 

discharge the offend Lord High Admiral. 
He is the political head of the Navy, and it 
is through him that the Cabinet r\ 
control over it. 

!»S are incapable of voting for the 

election of members of Parliament, neither 
can they take their seats as mem!>crs for any 

>. Is the modeby which 

the decision of the House on a question may 

be intercepted, by submitting 

sideration an alternative prop 

wholly or partially opposed 10 the original 


A I Il- 
legal adviser of the Crown; he insl 
informations and ; 

in matters i riminal, and snits |W si 
concerning the Ki 


Members voting in favour of a 




rendered incapable of silting .«• 

the expiration of 

her has become a bankrupt, hi 

and a writ will issue for the election of 
another representative, aakai la the main 
time the bankruptcy has been annulled. 
Btl I ^. I'Kl :..llv] 

Btl 1 . ; 

the . - is not inquired to 

I can be brought in either by prostata* 
tioo (under the tcjoe rule > or by motion and 

Proposals for bills relating 1 
atkm, and the grant of public money must 
Im moved in a committer of the whole 

mendation of thr •<-» ih« first 

reading a day is appointed for the second 
rrsdmg. pY0Vt0W*h « 1 0» \»\\ 1. 

printed, and each member supplied »•■>> * 
copy. t)uKtission of the 
may be held on any of its »t* fc 
committee and on the stage of coeatderath 



reading. After being read a second time 
the bill, except in the case of a bill im- 
posing taxes, or a consolidated fund or 
appropriation bill, stands committed to one 
of the four Standing Committees, unless the 
House otherwise order. Bills so excepted 
go to a committee of the whole House. 
When the details of the bill have been 
considered in Committee, and the bill has 
been debated clause by clause, the chair- 
man of the committee reports it to the 
House. This he does by stating to the 
Speaker that " the committee has gone 
through the bill," and has either "made 
amendments thereunto " or " directed him 
to report the same without amendment." 
If no amendment has been made, the bill 
is ordered to be read a third time either 
forthwith or on a future day ; but if the 
committee have altered it the bill is ordered 
to be considered as amended. If the amend- 
ments are considerable, it is customary to 
reprint the bill. On the consideration of a 
bill as amended, amendments may be made 
or new clauses (of which notice has been 
given) may be added, such as could have 
been proposed in Committee. A bill may 
also be committed to a Select Committee 
after second reading, but must in that case, 
after it has passed the Select Committee, be 
recommitted to a Committee of the whole 
House On the third reading the judgment 
of the House is expressed upon the entire 
bill, and only verbal amendments can at thi.^ 
stage be made. During the progress of the 
bill the House may divide on the following 
questions : ist, on the motion for leave of 
introduction (unless the Bill is presented 
under the 1002 rule) ; 2nd, on the second 
reading ; 3rd, on a motion to commit the 
bill to a Committee other than a Standing 
Committee, that the bill be recommitted ; 
4th, that it be read a third time. These are 
exclusive of the divisions that may be taken 
on amendments proposed to be made to the 
bill in committee, or on its consideration 
as amended. After the passing of a bill, 
the Clerk of the House takes it to the bar 
of the House of Lords, and hands it to the 
Clerk of Parliaments, signed and endorsed 
in Norman French, with a request for con- 
currence. In the Upper House it passes 
through similar forms to those of the Com- 
mons. If the Lords agree with the Com- 
mons in the principle of a measure, but differ 
on matters of detail, the bill is returned to 
the Commons, bearing the amendments the 
Lords propose : these are considered by the 
Lower House, and if disagreed to, the bill 
is returned back to the Lords with a mes- 
sage assigning reasons for the disagreement. 
A Public Bill, other than a Money Bill, as 
defined by the Parliament Act, 191 1 (see 
Money Bill), having been passed by the House 
of Commons in three successive sessions, and 
having been sent up to the House of Lords 
one month before the end of the session, if 
rejected by the House of Lords in each of 
those sessions, can then be presented direct to 
His Majesty for the Royal Assent, provided 
that two years have elapsed between the date 
of second reading in the first session of the Bill 
in the House of Commons, and the date at 
which it passes there in the third session. A 
Bill is considered rejected by the House of 
Lords unless it is passed by that chamber, 
either without amendment or only with 
' amendments agreed to by both Houses. 
Differences between the Houses were for- 

merly settled by a conference, but this 
practice has now become obsolete. Acts of 
amnesty are read only once in each House. 
Bills that have passed both Houses remain 
with the Lords, except those of supply, 
which are sent back to the Commons, to be 
by the Speaker presented at the bar of the 
Lords for the Royal assent. 

Board of Agriculture and 

FISHERIES, Thi: President ok. Is head 
of the Government Department controlling 
matters dealing with lands, animals, rivers, 
and the sea, as well as the Ordnance Survey. 
This department, founded in 1889 as to 
agriculture, was extended to cover fisheries 
in 1903. 

Board of Education, President 

of. Has control of this Government De- 
partment of Education for England and 
Wales, and supervises the distribution of 
the Government grants towards elementary, 
secondary, technical. University, and all 
other forms of public education ; the de- 
partment has a large inspection and exami- 
1 nation staff. 

' Board of Trade, The. Considers all 

matters especially relating to trade and 
commercial relations. It consists of a Presi- 
dent and several high officers of State, 
though it is practically managed by a Presi- 
dent and Parliamentary Secretary. It has 
the general superintendence of all matters 
relating to merchant ships and seamen, and 
exercises a supervision over railways, har- 
bours, electric lighting, the administration 
of the Law of Bankruptcy, the registration 
of Joint Stock Companies, etc., while it also 
exercises financial control over the principal 
lighthouse authorities. It collects and pub- 
lishes statistics of the revenue, trade, com- 
merce, wealth, population, etc. , of the United 
Kingdom and its dependencies, as well as of 
foreign countries. 

Bribery. Both the giver and the 

receiver of a bribe can be put into the wit- 
ness-box and be compelled to answer any 
questions, however they might criminate 
themselves. The giver must say to whom 
he gave, and what he gave, and where he 
procured the cash. The receiver must say 
what he received, and from whom he received 
it. Any person who gives or receives a bribe 
is disfranchised for life, and his name is to be 
printed at the foot of every succeeding re- 
gister of voters for that place in a distinct 
list, headed " disqualified for bribery, treat- 
ing, or undue influence." A candidate 
personally guilty of bribery is incompetent 
to sit in a Parliament for seven years. He is 
liable to a penalty of 100/. to any person 
who will sue lor it. He is liable to an in- 
dictment for misdemeanour, and to be pun- 
ished with fine and imprisonment. He is 
incompetent to vote at any Parliamentary 
or municipal election ; he cannot hold any 
municipal or judicial office ; and, if a magis- 
trate, is to be removed from the commission 
of the peace. The offences of "bribery," 
"treating," and "undue and corrupt in- 
fluence" are defined by statute law, especially 
by the Corrupt, etc. , Practices Prevention Act. 
1883. The maximum scale of expenditure 
during an election now is in the case of a 
County "jd. for each elector on the Register, 
and sd. in the case of a Borough (with modifi- 
cation for joint candidates). Expenditure 
above this scale is an illegal practice, punish- 



able by fine, and by electoral and parliamen- 
tary disability. Payments by candidates for 
conveyance of voters is prohibited. Penalties 
for corrupt practices are increased ; and the 
intervention of the Public Prosecutor at elec- 
tion trials is prescribed. 

Budgf.t, Tiik. Is ihe financial state- 
ment laid annually by the Chancellor of the 
Exchequerbefore Parliament of the estimated 
public income and expenditure of the follow- 
ing or current financial year. In it he 
mentions what taxes it is proposed to re- 
peal, to reduce, or augment, and what new 
ones are to be imposed. In his speech 
on this occasion the Chancellor reviews the 
financial condition of the country, comparing 
the income and expenditure of the previous 
year with those of preceding years, justifying 
the changes that are proposed to be made, 
and estimating their probable effects. 

Burgess. Is a person whose name 

appears upon the Burgess Roll of Boroughs. 

Burgess Roll. Is a list kept in each 

municipal borough of the burgesses of the 

The. A Committee formed 
out of the Pnvy Council, which acts as the 
connecting link between the Crown and Par- 
liament. It is formed of the highest officers 
of State, and always includes the First 
Lord of the Treasury, the Lord Chancellor, 
the Lord President of the Council, the Lord 
Privy Seal, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 
the Secretaries of State, and the Firxt Lord 
of the Admiralty. It also includes members, 
selected from the following functionaries at 
the discretion of the Premier: Coounis- 
sinner of Works and Buildings. Chancellor 
of the Duchy of Lan lent of 

the Board of Trade, P eneral, 

• tary for Scotland. Chief Secretary for 
Ireland, President of the Ixxral Government 
Board, President of the Board of F.dn 

km ->f the Board of Agriculture, and 

Attorney-General. The members arc all Privy 

and being more immediately 

responsible for the conduct of public affairs. 

their deliberations are always considered 

iential, and kept secret, even from 
their colleagues who are not in the Cabinet. 
Indc ! whatever is kept 

resolutions or meetings, nor ha- 

t>een recognized by Act of Parliament. 

the former practice of both Houses when 
urgent business was anticipated, days were 
inted, when the name* of the members 
were called over, and those who were not 
then present wen 10 censure or 

tes polled do not exceed 1 of total 
poll in constituency. 

(date's Expenses. [See under 


Chairman of Committee of v 

•cted by the House at the 
beginning of each Parliament M 
sides when • mnritteo, and 

'•• is never 

numbers arc equal. In the absence of the 
Speaker, he or the Deputy Chairman pre 
sides as Deputy Speaker, but onK 
that office from day to day. He i 
charged with a general superintendence 
over Private Bill Legislation. A Deputy 
Chairman is now also elected for each Par- 

Chancellor of ti y of 

Lancaster. Is a Minister appointed (by 
surrender of the seal into his keeping) to 
manage the Duchy of Lancaster estates: 
he appoints magistrates for the County 
Palatine of Lancashire, and performs duties 
for Lancashire similar to those performed by 
the Lord Chancellor for the rest of England. 

Chancellor of tii „>uer, 

The. Is the principal Finance Miaj 
the Crown, and exercises the chief an 
responsible control over the expenditure <>f 
different branches of the public revenue, the 
details of which are annually submitted for 
revision. [See Budget.] 

Chancellor, Th reated 

by the will of the Sovereign, by the act of 
delivering the Great Seal into his en 
he holds office during the pleasure of the 
Crown, but practically resigns office with his 
party. He is Speaker of the House of Lords, 
and by virtue of his office a Member of the 

\ Council. He issues writs for sum- 
moning Parliament, and transacts all business 
connected with the custody of 1 1 ■ 
He is principal adviser to the Crown in 
matters of law. President of the Supreme 

I of Judicature, and head of the profes- 
sion of the law. 1 1 t he judges of 
the High Court, the judges of county i 
inserts the names of justices in the com- 
missions of the peace, and is patron of all 
Crown livings rated DM ..nnutn 
visitor in right of the Crown of all 
hospitals and colleges of Royal foundation, 

ises a special 
jurisdiction in questions relating to eha 

I the hkxxl royal, and next below the 

but presides oeej 
- of Lords whether so created or not. 

the office is put into commissi 
CH INOI "i M: [See Seals 

of Office.) 
CHILI \dreiis. The three 

ham, comprise the southernmost part of the 
fills, a ranee of chalky hi 

and Goring. 
Tbe office of " The Steward of the 
Chiltetn Hundreds- is supposed to have 

> of depredators who in forraet 
the forests with 

vote is never given in 
when, on a division, the 

..f the 
|e», K n thru .rjil» 

under the Crown. The 
hisafRce are 

.hip. of the Manors of N 

Hcmpholme are analogous offices. 

for re-election to sent* Dins vented cannot 




Clerk of thk House 01 Commons. 

Is appointed by letters patent : performs the 
office of president during the election of the 
Speaker ; sits at the upper end of the table, 
with two assistants ". is responsible for the 
record of the proceedings of the House ; signs 
all its orders, endorses bills sent to the House 
of Lords, ami reads aloud such documents as 
the House may require. The appointment of 
the Clerks in the service of the House, other 
than Clerks at the table, is vested in this officer. 

Clerk of the Parliaments occu- 

Eies an analogous position in the House of 
,ords to the Clerk of the House of Commons. 

Closure of the Debate can, by 

Standing Order, be obtained upon the motion 
of any Member, unless the Speaker or the 
Chairman of Committees withholds hisassent. 

Colonies, Secretary of State for 

the. Has under his control matters con- 
nected with the government of our extensive 
colonial possessions. 
COMMITTALS. The House of Commons 
has the power to repress any aggression com- 
mitted upon its privileges, and it can order 
into custody any person so offending. Such 
imprisonment, however, expires at the end of 
the session. 

Committee of Public Accounts, 

The. Examines the accounts showing the 
appropriation of sums granted annually by 
Parliament to meet the public expenditure. 
It consists of not less than eleven members 
(the more usual number being fifteen), who 
are nominated at the commencement of 
each session. 

Committee on Public Petitions, 

Th e. Reports throughout the session a classi- 
fied list of the petitions presented to the 
House, and scrutinises them for the purpose 
of seeing whether or not they are in order. 

I '< immittees, Standing. There are 

four of these, consisting of not less than 60 
nor more than 80 members, appointed by 
the House of Commons pursuant to Stand- 
ing Order, to which all bills stand com- 
mitted after second reading, unless the 
House otherwise order, except Bills im- 
posing taxes, or consolidated fund or ap- 
propriation or provisional order Bills. 

Committees. Those of the whole 

House are generally for the purpose of con- 
sidering resolutions, or the details of a bill, 
or for financial purposes, such as those for 
"Supply" or "Ways and Means." Select 
Committees are for specific purposes, and the 
numbers composing them, as a rule, consist 
of fifteen members. Presence of strangers is 
generally permitted by Commons Committees 
while witnesses are under examination, but 
not while the Committee deliberates. Mem- 
bers are entitled to be present throughout 
Committee sittings, unless the House other- 
wise order, or unless it be a Secret Com- 
mittee. The consideration of private bills is 
referred to Committees consisting of four 
members. Under Standing Order, Select 
Committees can sit during the sitting of 
the House, except while the House is at 
prayers. When the whole House goes into 
Committee, the Speaker vacates the chair, 
the mace is placed under the table, and 
the Chairman of Ways and Means, or in 
his absence the Deputy Chairman or another 
member, is called on to preside. 

Conference, a. b the meeting of a 

delegated number of Peers and of members 
of the Commons' House to communicate a 
written message upon matters in which it is 
desirable that the two Houses should co- 
operate. At a " free conference " the subject 
of the written message may be taken into 
debate. Conferences are not now often 
resorted to, having been practically super- 
seded by informal negotiations between lead- 
ing members of the two Houses. 

Controverted Elections. The trial 

of election petitions is regulated by a sta- 
tute which transfers the entire jurisdiction 
to the Courts of Law. A petition complain- 
ing of an undue election must be presented 
within 21 days after the return of the writ, 
unless it questions the return on an allegation 
of corrupt practices, etc.. in which case it 
may be presented at any time within 28 days 
atter the day of payment. Thus the practice 
of promising at the election and paying after 
the time had elapsed for the presentation of a 
petition is met by permission being given to 
petition between 28 days after the payment 
of the bribe, whensoever made. At the time 
of presentation of a petition, or within three 
days after, security for ^1,000 is to be given 
by those who present it for payment of all 
costs, charges, and expenses that may become 
payable by the petition. 
Count-out. If a member takes notice 

of the number present, the Speaker counts 
the House, and if forty members be not pre- 
sent, the Speaker adjourns the House without 
question put, till next sitting-day. Under 
the existing Standing Orders of the House 
cannot be counted out between 8.15 and 
9.15 o'clock p.m. [See No House.] 

Courts of Revision. [See Registra- 
tion of Voters and Revising Barrister.] 

Demise of the Crown. Since the 

Reform Act of 1867 the Demise of the 
Crown does not necessitate a Dissolution, 
but if at the time of the Sovereign's death 
Parliament happens to be adjourned or 
prorogued it must meet immediately. If, 
however, there is no Parliament in existence 
at the moment, the old Parliament again 
meets, and may serve for six months. Since 
1901 the holding of any office under the 
Crown, whether within or without the 
Hritish Dominions, is not affected by 
the Demise of the Crown. 

Deputy Chairman, The. Presides 

in the absence of the Chairman of Ways 
and Means, when the House is in Com- 
mittee, and may act as temporary Deputy 
Speaker in the absence of both the Speaker 
and the Chairman of Ways and Means. 

Deputy Speaker. [See Chairman 

of Committee of Waysand Means, and Deputy 

Disfranchise. Is the act of taking 
away the privilege of the franchise. 

Disqualified to Vote. Persons 

whose names do not appear upon the Register 
of Voters ; men under twenty-one years of 
age (or nineteen if in naval or military em- 
ploy) ; women under thirty years of age ; 
conscientious objectors (during the War and 
for five years after) with certain exceptions ; 
lodgers in furnished rooms ; non-British 
subjects ; those legally incapacitated {i.e. 


those not of sound mind ; those convicted 
of bribery- or perjury, etc.). 

Is the civil death of 
the Parliament, and may be effected at plea- 
sure by the Crown, or by length of time 
(five years). [Up to 191 1 the maximum 
wagta of ■ Parliament was seven j 

ts an end to the representative character 
of the members, and a new Parliament cannot 
be assembled until after a general election. 

-ion, A. Is the mode of taking 

the votes of each House of Parliament. In 
the Commons, if the opinion of the Speaker 
or Chairman as to (he decision of a question 
is challenged, he directs that the lobbies be 
cleared. After two minutes he puts the 
question again, and, if his opinion is still 
challenged, he nominates tellers, and directs 
the "ayes" and the "noes" to go into the 
right and left lobbies. Whilst meml • 1 
through the lobbies, clerks record the names 
of those present and the tellers count the 
numbers. The tellers then return to the 
e, and their report of the numbers is 
finally announced from the Chair. 

I lection. A member re- 
turned by two constituencies must within 
seven days after the expiration of the time 
limited for the presentation of petitions against 
the returns, elect for which he will seive. 
DOUBLK ReTDKN. When two mem- 
bers are returned for one vacancy, they are 
sworn and take their seats u "t by the 
ser's direction withdraw below the 
bar ; nor can they vote till the return has 
been adjudicated upon. 

s of Tin-. Day. Are 

those Orders upon which no action is taken 

r-.ctions given by the Member in charge. 

drop from the Order Paper accord- 

. but may be subsequently revived. 

Iers standing upon the order 

paper which were not reached, owing to an 

rtiment of the House. They are net 

e paper for the next sitting-day. 

In default of directions from a Member in 

charge of a Bill on the Order paper it is 

dropped, but may be subsequently revived. 

At a General Election 

a person may vote in two (but not more) 

an officer 
appointed annually, whose duty it is to take 

■M ]< 


ill. Ate JMH 

H- I r 


the new Parliament, and the polling (*' 

must be on the ninth day after the 
nation. If at the expiration of one 
after the time appointed for the 
more candidates arc nominate* 
to (ill. the 

candidates elected, and returns their 
names to the Clerk of the Crown in Chancery. 
Hut if the candidates nominated exceed the 
vacancies, the officer adjourns the election, 
and takes the poll, by ballot papers, accord- 
ing to a prescribed form. The officer at the 
close of the poll opens the ballot boxes and 

I the papers, and returns the names of 
those who have the majority to the Clerk of 

the Cr<« 

tested clectio:: 

with compartments t 

their \ 

of these is pr, 

by the returning c 

commenced ai 

all th<- 

ri\c public notice " 

the names of the el< 

In a con- 
re provided, 
ation. I 
rs appointed 
polling is 
taneously at 


the total number of votes given for each can- 
didate. The officer then returns tl;. 
with the name or names of the person or per- 
• lee ted endorsed thereon, A To the Clerk 
of the Crown in Chancer)-," to whom also all 
the documents relating to the el* 
li vered. Immediately after a public notice of 
election, an elected candidate is considered 
to be a member of Parliament, but cannot act 
as a legislator until he has taken the oaths. 

Election Petii See Contr<>- 

%'eried Elections.) 
Eleven O'CLOCK Rc i.k. [Sec Time 

of Meeting.] 

Estates of tiik Rbai m. The three 

estates of the realm are the three branches 
ature— the Lords Sp ritual, the 
;«>ral. and the Commons. The 
and Commons, in their 
united character, • <- but legisla- 

tive functions; they form the Parliament, and 
subject to the provisions of the Parliament 
Act (tost), no lull can become law unless all 
ir in it. In addition, each has separate 
functions p< 
the \> vested. The 

M of Lords exercise* judu rial autli 
a court of ultimate appeal, and 1 

the I.ov» er House, are amenable. The House 

of the nation •■-. and withihe levy 

of taxation to provide for that expend > 1 
i 1 alto 


1 ision or Mimi 

poiUMid by the House of Common*. It has 
beau eaercteed from lima to time to free 

Parliament from the 1 

, sucr. as men found guilt > of f. mm. 
or as a punishment for offence* 
,o,„miti*xi*i*»nnth,- Heat* 


V.i mf irttul disiin. t..n l»n..»r.| 



may have been returned. 

The financial concern* of 
the State devolve upon the Chancellor of the 

moms. /w iniormaj utsuaruon urn 

upon the Member who has sa 

for the longcM unbroken period of 



First Lord of the Treasury. Is 

Chief of the Commissioners appointed to 
execute the office of Lord High Treasurer, 
but as such takes no great part in the 
management of the Treasury. He has 
several Civil Service appointments in his 
gift, and nominates to Crown livings and 
Civil Li*t pensions. This is the position 
usually, though not always, taken by the 
Prime Minister or the Leader of the House 
of Commons. 

Foreign Affairs, Secretary of 

State for. Has the exclusive charge of 
the interests of the British Empire and 
British subjects in foreign countries. He 
negotiates all treaties, leagues, and alliances 
with foreign states, either directly with the 
Foreign Minister at this Court, or through 
the British Ambassador abroad ; and is the 
official organ and responsible adviser to the 
Crown in all communications between his 
Government and foreign powers. 
Franchise. In law, is defined as 

"a Royal privilege, or a branch of the 
Sovereign's prerogative subsisting in the 
hands of a subject." As applied to Parlia- 
ment the term means the right to vote at an 
election for a member of Parliament. Under 
the Representation of the People Act (1918) 
the franchise extends to all men of full age 
(not subject to legal incapacity), and having 
the requisite residential or business premises 
qualification (six months) ; women on attain- 
ing the age of thirty and being entitled to be 
registered as Local Government Electors or 
whose husbands are so entitled ; and those 
employed on war service on attaining the 
age of nineteen {i.e. naval and military em- 
ployment, Red Cross work, etc., merchant 
seamen, pilots, and fishermen. University 
Franchise demands for men in England and 
Wales receipt of a degree (not honorary), 
while women must have fulfilled certain 

Freemen. Ave persons who have been 
admitted to the freedom of a corporate town, 
or of any other corporate body. 

Friday Sittings. The House meets 

every Friday (up to 1902 it used to be 
Wednesday) at twelve o'clock. Friday until 
Whitsuntide is set apart for the bills brought 
in by private members, and the House, unless 
previously adjourned, continues to sit until 
the business of the day is disposed of, or until 
5.30 p.m. (no opposed business being taken 
after five). On the disposal of business, or at 
5.30, the Speaker adjourns the House without 
putting any question, and the business under 
discussion, or undisposed of, stands among 
the orders of the day for the next sitting of 
the House. 

General Election. [See Election 

of Members.] 

Government Business. Unless the 

House otherwise direct, Government busi- 
ness has precedence at every sitting except 
after 8.15 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday 
and at the sitting on Friday; after 8.15 
p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday notices of 
motion and public bills, other than Govern- 
ment bills, have precedence of Government 
business ; after Easter, Government business 
has precedence during the whole of the 
Tuesday sittings ; after Whitsuntide, Govern- 
ment business has precedence at all sittings, 

except on the third and fourth Fridays 
after Whit Sunday. 

Government Orders, are the bills 

brought in by the Government and other 
Government business appointed by the 
House, which are entitled to be placed 
at the head of the list at sittings when 
Government business has precedence. 

Hempholme. [See Chiltern Hun- 
Home Department, Secretary of 

State for. The duties and responsibilities 
of this high officer comprehend the main- 
tenance of the internal peace of the United 
Kingdom, the security of the laws, ami the 
general supervision of matters relating to the 
administration of criminal justice. 

House of Commons. According to 

the theory of the English constitution, the 
House of Commons represents the whole 
population, and it is unconstitutional to sup- 
pose that members are delegates of any 
special community. Each member is held 
to represent the interests of the nation. The 
proceedings of the Commons are regulated 
by standing orders, which are the per- 
manent bye-laws of the House, by sessional 
orders renewed annually, and by the custom 
of Parliament, as embodied in rules and regu- 
lations established by usage, or laid down in 
the journals. The following is an outline of 
parliamentary practice : — A motion for the 
grant of public money may not be presently 
entered upon, but must be put to the vote 
on a future day in a Committee of the whole 
House, having received the previous recom- 
mendation of the Crown. Notice, as a rule, 
must be given of every motion, and, except 
in committee, it must be seconded. There 
must never be more than one question before 
the House at the same time. However many 
amendments may be proposed upon amotion, 
each one is separately disposed of. If there 
be a majority for any words standing part of 
a question to be put to the House, then a vote 
is taken on the question with these words 
in it. In case of the rejection of every 
amendment, then the original proposal, what- 
ever it may be, motion or bill, is put to the 
vote, stripped of all the counter proposals 
which the debate has called forth. No mem- 
ber can thus be driven to vote for what he 
does not approve ; for after having voted in 
favor of such amendments as he may propose 
to the original question, he can vote against 
it in the end. No motion or bill may be 
offered upon which a judgment has been 
expressed during the current session ; a 
resolution may, however, be rescinded, or an 
order of the House discharged. A bill that 
has passed both Houses contains all the 
sentences and words composing the Act of 
Parliament to which the Royal Assent is 
given. When a member speaks, it must be 
to some question before the House, or to 
introduce a question. The mover of a 
substantive motion is permitted a reply, 
and those who have spoken to the original 
question may speak again when an amend- 
ment or a new question, such as the adjourn- 
ment of the debate has been proposed : 
but otherwise no one is entitled to more 
than one opportunity of speaking on a 
question, except when the House is in Com- 
mittee. No member may call another by his 
name ; if it is desired to call personal atten- 
tion to him, he must be referred to by his con- 



stituency, or by the office which he holds. 

member may interrupt another by 
" rising to order," />., calling the attention 
of the chair to the fact that a breach of order 

:en being committed. It is supposed to 
be out of order for a member to refer to debates 
in the House of Lords of the current Session. 

ill is converted into law unless it ha-« 
(subject to the provisions of the Parliament 

rail) received the duly expressed ap- 

I of both Houses and has received the 
Royal Assent. Public bills for imposing taxes 
or charges begin with the Commons. Bills 
for restitution of honours and in blood (which 
are, however, very rare) begin in the Peers. 
A member who moves the adjournment of 
a debate is by courtesy entitled to speak 
rir>t when the debate is resumed. Hut this 
rule does not apply to the renewal of debate 
in a Committee of the whole House. For 
the sake of convenience, certain parties- 
ministerial, opposition, or otherwise— group 
themselves on benches which they appropriate 
to themselves. When several memlx-- 
to address the House, the Speaker or Chair- 
man signifies who shall have precedence ; this 
is known as " catching the Speaker's eye." 
Reference to the opinions of the Sovereign 
to influence a decision of the House is 

:lar. Forty is the quorum of the 
Commons. [See Bills, Public] 

k of Lords. The House of 

Lords consists of all Royal and other peers 

(not being minors, of unsound mind, or 

bankrupt) who hold hereditary peerages of 

ind, of Great Britain, and of the llnited 

lorn, all Life Peers, the Archbishops 

mterbury and York ; the Kishops of 

London, Durham, and Winchester; twenty- 

s (exclusive of the Bishop 

of Sodor and Man, who has neither seat nor 

vote) according to seniority of consecration ; 

l>eers specially summoned 

,-r's lifetime ; and sixteen - 

lament only), 
and i I or life) repre- 

Wh-n the Roll of th< 
a called over in the House on the occasion 
y public cen .imences with 

the junior baron. [See Bills, Public] 

Parliament were burned in Octo- 
ber, 1814, but it was not until February 26th, 
1840, that tl of the new 1 

was i es Barry being the 

! not proceed very 

rapi<! of Lords was 

: until 1852 that the 

. opened by t^ucen 

nth-west angle, « 
I in the 

world; there are spires that are high 
no to 

oria Tower 

tan the top 

is majestic 

only be raited at the rate of 

-cessary to let 

it was not finished 

I « hole block of building.. 

» the 

is 430 -upwards of 60 
tower could 01 
the word Mttl<- 

ifke tn 
world, oners an area of about nine ac 
and presents a continuous frontage of nearly 

1.100 ft. to the r: 

Towers being respectively at the 
and northern extremities. Seen from the 
river there is a centre part with towers, two 
wings, and a tower at each end. The exterior 
is formed of magnesian limestone from Anston 
in Yorkshire, and the interior of Caen stone, 
while the building is rendered fireproof by 
having all the beams and girders made of 
iron, and the arches between the floor* of 
brick. Facing the building towards the 
river, the House of 1 [■ the right, 

the House of Commons in the left wing. 
Between them is the Central Hall, erhl 
reached from the principal public en- 
trances through St. Stephen's Hall, and 
in which are statues of Hampden, Falk- 
land, Clarendon, Selden, Somers, Sir Robert 
Walpole, Lord Mansfield, Lird Chatham, 
Pitt, Fox, Burke, and ('irattan. The walls 
of the corridors leading from the two II 
of Parliament to this nail are covered with 
celebrated fresco paintings by Cope, H 
and others, of historical subjects, such as 
"The Departure of the Pilgrim Fat 
"The Last Sleep of Argyll," etc. The 
■ of Lords is nearly 100 ft. long by 
45 ft. wide and 45 ft. high. The length 
extends from south to north, and it is lighted 
by six windows at each side, and the ceiling, 
which is horizontal 'not arched), is divided 
by ribs, carved and gilt, into eighteen com- 
partments, each of which is again subdivided 
into five panels bearing heraldic devi- 1 
an azure ground. At each extremity of the 
chamber, and at a distance of about 30 ft. 
from the ground, which is the level of the 
windows, are three compartments filled with 
fresco paintings. There are also if ni 
between the windows and at each end of 
the H ing statues of the M 

Chart.i baron-.. The Reporters* Gallery, 
and that for Stranger*, are at the north end 
of the House, while opposite to them, at 

the south end, 


the tw 

Blucher, and 

lively. I 

Throne and in tt 

ance of wool to th 
the exp. 
in the retg 

is the Throne. Gall- 


>n and 

IrlvHi re»t>c« 

ty was lorUddc, 

tabeth ; on each 

side of it are five rows of seats covereu with 

morocco leather, the upper scats being 

hed by Mir the " Bar i» 

the north cud. opposite the Throne and 

vck." lieyorxl the House of 

Lords to the sooth arc the Peers* Robing 

Room and I Kobing Room. At 

,-ning of Parliament all im re im and 

the eldest sons of peers are entitled tO *e*t» 
House of l-ords to view the cereusony. 

ft lone, space being e cun os n Ucd 
inch as possible for acoustic ^ reasons. 
The IpesVbar's Chau » at the aorta and .* 
the chamber, and at the opposite or couth 
end are the Strangers' tfalkry and the 
gallery for Distinguished Visitors. At each 
side are calleria* ( c o nt a inin g two rowa of 

In- Rapamw' Gallery is at th* n.«ih and 

.allonr «» ai> 
Clerk , Table is before the .•spanker's < 



with the Speaker's mace resting at its southern 
end. The leading Members of the party 
that is in office sit on the front row of seats 
by the side of this table, and on the right 
hand of the Speaker. Facing them on the 
front row at his left are the leaders of the 
Opposition party. The division lobbies art- 
tin the east and west sides of the House, and 
the "Bar" is at the south side, facing the 
Speaker. The Clock Tower, containing 
"Big Ben," is at the northern end of the 
building. It is 40 ft. square, and, with the 
belfry and spire, about 320 ft. high. It is 
contrary to precedent for Parliament to 
adjourn for many days at the period of a 

India, The Secretary of State 

for. Has the control of all matters con- 
nected with our Indian Empire. 

Instruction, An, empowers a Com- 
mittee of the whole House to consider matters 
not otherwise referred to them, and restricts 
or extends the order of reference to a Select 

Ireland, The Chief Secretary 

for. This is the usual style of the Chief 
Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, 
and he is the Member of the House of 
Commons and the Cabinet Minister who is 
responsible in Parliament for the conduct of 
Irish affairs. 

"I Spy a Stranger." The terms in 

which a Member notifies the Speaker that a 
stranger is present in the House. 

Knight of the Shire. The designa- 
tion by which the representative of a county 
or shire was, before the Ballot Act of 1872, 
distinguished from the representative of a 

Le Roy le veult. The words in 
which the King gives the Royal Assent to 
public general bills. 

Le Roy remercie ses bons sujets, 

\ i 11.T. The words in which the King gives 
the Royal Assent to a bill of suppiy. 

Ll Roy s'avisera. The words in 

which the King might refuse the Royal 
Assent to a bill. 

Leave OF ABSENCE from the service of 
the House is granted to members for a speci- 
fied time, on reasonable cause assigned. 

LETTERS addressed to members at the 
House of Commons are kept by a c'erk from 
the General Post Office, who attends during 
the sitting of the House, and also from 10a.m. 
to 7 p.m., and delivers them only to the 
members personally, or to their authorised 
representatives. All letters or communica- 
tions directed to the House are opened by 
the Speaker. 

Like of Parliament. [See Parlia- 

liament Act.] 

Local Government Board. Is the 

central authority for County, Municipal, 
Sanitary, and Poor Law administration in 
Kngland and Wales ; it includes several 
high officers of State, but practically the 
responsibility rests with the President, who 
is assisted by a Parliamentary and a Per- 
manent Secretary, as well as other officials. 

Lodger Franchise. Those in 

furnished rooms are not qualified to vote. 

Lord Advocate, The. is the prin- 
cipal law officer of the Crown and public 
prosecutor in Scotland, and when the Secre- 
tary for Scotland is a Peer he is intrusted 
with the conduct of Scotch business in the 
House of Commons. 

Lord Privy Seal, The. Has the 

custody of the Privy Seal, which he must not 
put to any grant without good warrant under 
the Monarch's signet. The seal is used to all 
charters, grants, and pardons signed by the 
Sovereign, before they come to the Great Seal. 
He is appointed by letters patent, and takes 
rank next to the Lord President of the 
Council, and before Dukes. 

Male Voters. [See Franchise.] 
Manors of Northstead and IIemp- [See Chiltern Hundreds.] 

Members' Gallery. Persons de- 
sirous of admission should make written 
application to a member who can ballot for 
two places, six days in advance. If the 
member is successful in the ballot, a ticket 
of admission, bearing a number, .corre- 
sponding to one on the counterfoil, will then 
be issued, either to the member himself, or 
to the visitor, if his name and address are 
supplied to the Admission Order Office. On 
a person presenting his ticket of admission, 
he is required to sign his name and 
write his address, as given on the written 
application and entered on the counterfoil. 
After 4.15 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, 
Wednesday and Thursday, and after 
12.15 p.m. on Friday, a visitor, on pre- 
senting himself at the Admission Order 
Office, will be given an order which will 
admit him to the Members' Gallery when 
there is a seat vacant on that day. The 
Special Gallery and "Under the Gallery" 
are filled by the application of members to 
the Serjeant-at-Arms at the Admission ( )rder 
Office six days in advance, and orders to fill 
vacancies during the sitting of the House 
after 4.15 p.m. (and 12.15 P- m - on Friday) 
are only granted on the personal application 
of members to the Serjeant-at-Arms in his 

Members' Lobby. This, is strictly 

reserved for peers and members only, and 
for such permanent officials, secretaries of 
Ministers, and others as the Speaker may 
include in a special list. 

MEMBERS of Parliament are under a 

constitutional obligation to attend the service 
of the House; and the House is empowered 
to punish neglect of this duty by committal 
to custody. The service on Committees may 
be enforced in like manner. Having secured 
a seat at Prayers, a member is entitled to re- 
tain the same until the rising of the House. 
He may place a card on any seat before the 
hour of Prayers, but his claim to the seat is 
not recognised unless he be present at 
Prayers. This indulgence is authorised for 
the benefit of Members serving on Com- 
mittees. [See Payment of Members.] 

Ministry, The. Is the administration 
which exercises the powers of the Crown, in 
accord With Parliament, and more especially 
with the House of Commons. Some eminent 
party leader, who either has, or who hopes to 
obtain, the confidence of the majority of the 
House of Commons, is authorized by the 



Sovereign to form a Ministry, the members 

of which he selects from those favourable to 

his policy, he himself being the Prime Minis- 

■•ig commonly, though not .. 

:tice of First Lord of the Treasury. 

Ministers who are not Peers should be 

memr>ers of the House of Commons. The 

••rcises supreme authority, and 

includes the executive, the legislative, and 

the judicial powers of the Crown, and in it 

for the time being the whole of the governing 

power of the Sovereign is vested. [See 

I Seals of Office.] 

The right of granting 
and Supplies is in the Commons alone 
essential part of their Constitution, and 
the House of Commons has in its own hands 
the power to impose and remit Taxes and 
to frame Hills of Supply. If a Money Bill, 
as defined by the Parliament Act(ioii), is 
not passed by the House of Lords without 
amendment one month after it is sent up (at 

■ne month before the end of a M 
to that House, it may be presented dil 

Majesty for the Royal Assert. With 

the Speaker restl the decision whether a Hill 

Honey Bill as so defined or not. 

MOTION, A. The offer of a substantive 

proposition for adoption by the House, such 

for leave to bring in a bill, or of 

I'.ition expressive of an abstract opinion. 

[See also Notices of Motion.] 

Kor a member to be named 

by the Speaker, is a signification that in his 

m he has incurred the displeasure of the 


Members voting against a mo- 

NO i I--' - k. There is " No House " if, 

upon notice taken, it appears that forty mem- 

•it ; but when the Commons 

inunoned by the Sovereign, or the Royal 

attend at the bar of the 

any number of members 

constitutes a ! - Count-out. 1 

Chiltern Hun- 

The notice of 

tended morion must as a nde appear on 

usiness paper of the House on the day 

period after 

8.15 1 Wednesday is 

appointed 1 e ration of notices of 

■ bills set down for those 

rder in which notices of 

motion stand is determined by a ballot. 


' lie oath at any time 

<-, before the 

uer :hey have been 
Inwlniw may 

be int. hat purpose. 

-li.-r by tlir Sovei 


person, His Majesty being robed 1 

tin of great length, 

with k..\., spotted 

symmetrically with some 10,000 pieces of 

ig Room, and the 

worn by the 

g borne by the Lord 

the Council, the 

advances into the House of Peers the Cap 
of Maintenance being borne immediately 
before His Majesty, on the right hand of 
the Sword of Sute. Their Majesties' 

Jirocession customarily takes the following 
brm :— 

erry-in- Gentlemen Groom-in - 
siting to ' Usher- 4 to 

I Her Majcs: 

< Equerry-in-Waiting Equerry-in-Waiting * 
|L to His Majesty. to His Majesty. ^J 

< Gentlemen L'sher to the Robes. * 

H The Comptroller of The Treasurer of h 

The Private 
Secretary to 

His Majesty. 

King of Arms. 

The Keeper of 
His Majesty's 

1'rivy Purse. 

King of Arms. 

The Lord President of the Council 

(who bears the Imperial Crown when not 

worn by the Sovereign >. 

The Lorof High Chancellor. 

The Gentleman Usher Garter Principal 

of the Black Rod. King of Arms. 

The I.ord 

Earl Marshal. Great Chamberlain. 

The Bearkr of thk Sworo or State. 


accompanied by 
The The 

Lady-in-W., - tress of the Robes. 

Tli Ichamber. 

The Master of the Horse. The Lord Steward. 
The Lord in Waiting The Lord Chamberlain 
to Hi r Majesty. 

I'.i^es .if Honour. 
Aide-de 1 \dtniral 

General to Gold Stick- of the United 

in-Waiting. Kingdom. 

Captain of the Yeomen Captain of the Corps 
of the Guard. of Gentlemen- at Arms. 

The Gentleman Usher The Compti 

to the Lord Chamber bun's 

. ■ ■■ . 
ide Waiting. .King. 

An Officer of the respective Corp* of the 
< le nd — and Yeomen of the < 

The King being seated on his Throne, 
the I ..til bearing the Cap of Mainten- 
ance stands 00 the Steps of the Throne 
00 the 

The Lord I 

and 1 "hal stand on the right. 

mi Um Lord Prirj Seal -. 1 - • ■■•■ H«« 
Maj. lord Great Chamberlain 

stand* on tht Steps of the Throne on the 
and of the Sovereign, to receive the 
'I Command*. The Lord Steward and 
the other officer* of the Household arrange 

at Officer, of 
When Hi* Ma,- 
cession return* to the Robing Room. » her 

lenance to borne only from the Robing Room 

loand trom the House, and wh* 

t worn by tbe King, it to carried 
Majesty by the Peer appointed to 

carry it. who takes bis piece on tbe right he* 

[ends on the Steps of the Throne 
right, and the Peer bea 

on tbe left. Tbe Creel 



of the Throne, next to the Earl Marshal . The 
old State Chair occupied by the Sovereign 
on these occasions was designed l>y Augustus 

Welby Pugin, the eminent architect, who 
was employed in the designing, erection, 
and decoration of the Houses of Parliament ; 
it has been in the House of Lords since the 
completion of that Chamber, and was used 
by Queen Victoria when she opened or 
prorogued Parliament in person. The State 
Chair provided for the Queen Consort is an 
exact replica of the old, but an inch and a half 
lower. The frame is mahogany elaborately 
carved, but the wood is nowhere visible, being 
entirely covered with a rich gilding of 
English leaf-gold, the legs resting upon four 
lions couchant. The back is gabled and of 
lofty pitch, with moulded columns on each 
side, surmounted by a lion and a unicorn 
holding scrolls, while in the centre, higher 
still, is a representation of the Imperial 
Crown. In the middle of the back are the 
quarterings of the Royal Arms of England, 
embroidered with gold-coloured silk on 
crimson velvet, with a surrounding border 
studded with pieces of rock crystal. The 
cushion to the seat is also of crimson velvet 
richly embroidered with the white Tudor 
rose and leafage. There is also a gilded 
footstool to match, which is oblong in shape, 
the top being covered with velvet em- 
broidered in gold, the pattern being sprays 
of roses with a border of fleur-de-lis. 

Order. [See Speaker, etc.] 
Orders of the Day, The. Are the 

bills or matters set down for consideration on a 
particular day. [See Government Orders.] 

Parliament. Is the name of the su- 

freme legislature of the United Kingdom, 
t was first used in the reign of Henry III. 
[See Estates of the Realm.] 

Parliament Act. The main pro- 
visions of the Parliament Act 191 1 (1 & 2 
George V. c 13) are : (1) If the Lords with- 
hold their assent to a money bill for more 
than one month after the bill has reached 
them, the bill may be presented for the 
King's assent, and, on that assent being 
given, will become law without the consent 
of the Lords. The Act gives a definition of 
a "money bill," and it is for the Speaker 
of the House of Commons to certify that a 
bill falls within the definition. Before giving 
his certificate he is to consult two Members 
of the House of Commons for that purpose. I 
(2) If a bill other than a money bill is passed 
by the Commons in three successive Sessions, 
whether of the same Parliament or not, it 
may, on a third rejection by the Lords, be 
presented for the King's assent, and, on that 
assent being given, will become law. But 
two years must elapse between the date of 
the second reading in the first of those 
Sessions and the date at which the bill 
parses the Commons a third time. Pro- 
vision is made against the identity of a bill 
being destroyed by the introduction of 
amendments made necessary by lapse of 
time or agreed to by both Houses. (3) Five 
years was substituted for seven years as the 
maximum duration of a Parliament. [This 
period has been specially extended on 
several occasions during the War. 

Parliamentary Agent. Is a pro- 
fessional gentleman who acts as Solicitor in 
promoting private bills. 

Parliamentary Secretary to the 

Treasury. Also known as the Pat; 
Secretary to the Treasury. [See below.] 

Patronage Secretary to the 
Treasury. The. Is the Parliamentary 
Secretary to the Treasury, but is also so- 
called, as he exercises certain patronage 
with reference to the following appointments : 
Actuaries authorized to certify annuity 
tables; collectors of income-tax (Ireland): 
County Court Examiners ; distributors and 
sub-distributors of stamps ; female typists 
in the Treasury and Revenue Offices ; house- 
keepers and housemaids {i.e., charwomen) 
at the National Gallery, National Portrait 
Gallery, Wallace Collection, National 
Gallery of British Art, and Inland Revenue 
Offices (Scotland) ; artificer, boy, laboratory 
attendant, and packer and teller at the 
Mint ; office-keeper and established mes- 
sengers at the Treasury and Revenue 
Offices ; attendants at the National Galleries ; 
porters at the Revenue Offices and National 
Galleries ; pensionet messengers at the 
Revenue Offices (Scotland) and the National 
Galleries ; preventive men at the Customs ; 
and public auditors and public valuers for 
the Registry of Friendly Societies. 

Payment ok Memkers. Members 

of Parliament other than Ministers— i.e. all 
salaried Members of the Government — now 
receive ,£400 per annum. 

Persons Disqualified to Sit as 

Members of Parliament. Every member 
of the House of Lords, the Representative 
Peers of Ireland, all Scottish Peers, whether 
Representative or otherwise, sheriffs and 
returning officers for the counties and places 
for which they act, clergymen of the Esta- 
blished Church, Roman Catholic priests. 
aliens, the holders of Government offices 
created since the year 1705, Government con- 
tractors, bankrupts, and persons attainted of 
treason or felony. [See Acceptance of Office.] 

Petitions. Every subject has the right 

of petitioning the Sovereign, or either House 
of Parliament, for the redress of grievances. 
Petitions to Parliament must be drawn up 
according to prescribed rules ; those to the 
House of Lords must be addressed, To tin 
Right Honorable the Lords Spiritual and 
Temporal in Parliament Assembled : and 
those to the House of Commons must be 
directed, To the Honorable the Knights 
Citizens, and Burgesses of the I 'nited king- 
dom of Great Britain and Ireland in Parlia- 
ment Assembled ; or, To the Honorable the 
Commons of the United Kingdom in Parlia- 
ment Assembled. Electors commence their 
petition as, The Humble Petition 0/ the 

Electors 0/ the Parish 0/ , sheiveth 

that, etc., and a private individual must set 
forth his name and occupation thus. — The 
Humble Petition of'J'homas Charles Burd, 
coal merchant, sheiveth that, etc. Following 
this must be mentioned the grievance for 
which relief is desired, and the whole must 
conclude with a specific prayer, as, Where- 
fore your Petitioners humbly pray that your 
Honorable House tvill be pleased to, etc. 
Here must follow particulars of the special 
relief that is asked for, the concluding 
sentence being, And your petitioners, as 
in duty bound, will ever p7ay. If the 
prayer be omitted, the petition is returned 
to the Member who presented it, as the 
House will not attend to a mere statement 



of grievances. Immediately following the 
prayer must be written the signatures, one 
of which, at least, must be written on the 
same skin of parchment, or sheet of paper, as 
the petition. All signature, or marks must 
be original, procuration not being in any 
case allowed, except in cases of incapacity by 
sickness, for either a single individual or any 
body of persons, but the common seal of a 
corporation is acknowledged as a petition of 
the whole corporate body. Every petition 
must be written upon paper or parchment, 
be free from erasures or interlineation, and 
written in the English language, or accom- 
panied by a literal translation which the 
member presenting it certifies to be correct ; 
but no letters, affidavits, or other documents 
will be received. Only thosi signatures are 
reckoned as valid which are written on sheets 
headed in every case by the prayer of the 
petition : but on every sheet after the first 
the praxer may be reproduced in print, or by 
other mechanical process. Petitions are re- 
jected which contain intemperate language, 
or imputations upon the character or conduct 
of either House of Parliament, the Courts of 

ic, or other constituted authorities. 
Reference is not allowed to be made to any 
debates, or to matters therein referred to, 
but petitions may refer to motions of which 
due notice has been given : while petitions 
praying for a grant of public money, or 
ge upon the revenues of India, or for 
the remission of taxes or dues, are not 
i '■■.! except on the recommendation of 
the * ry member presenting a 

petition must affix his name at the beginning 
thereof, and is presumed to know that the 

• ting petitions have 
been complied with. No debate is allowed 
when petitions are laid upon the table, and 
they stand referred to the Committee on 
Public Petitions, without any question being 

but if the petition relate to a subject 
with respect to which the member present- 
given notice of a motion, and 
not been ordered to be 
printed by the Committee, such member m.iv, 
given, move thai Mich pe- 
«iih the votes. Petitions 
i ii weight may be forwarded 
by poet, free of charge, to any member of 
pen at each end, and 
rd outside " Parliamentary Petitions." 
rivilege, the Sheriffs 
idon and il >r of Dublin 

;e House of 
:i<ms to present petitions in person, 
but may not speak. 

i ion. Sec Election 

• rural I. lection 
ill be made on the same 

1 and all poll 

n one and the same 
et day of nomination). A 
he polling will be from four to 
ifier nominal i 

;, Tin: I 

sometimes a Cabi i He negotiate* 

postal treaties with foreign power*, make* con* 
for the conveyance of the public mails 

ne and with the i olooJe*, superintend* 
the • hole department of the Post Office, is 
appointed by patent under the < 

the Council. 

A term formerly 
applied to voters in certain boroughs, where 
all who boil a pot were entitled to vote. 
Another name was ** potwallers," which is 
said by some to have been a mistake for pot 
boilers, "b" having been mistaken for " w.*' 

Prf.\ i mode 

of attempting to avoid a direct expression of 
opinion upon a motion. It is effected in 
the House of Lords by proposing, in lieu of 
the original motion, a motion "that the 
original question be now put." A I 
taken on this, and if negatived the original 
motion is practically rejected ; although the 
motion might be proposed again at a 
quent sitting. In the Commons the method of 
procedure is reversed, and the form adopted 
is " that that question be net mnv put." 

Prime Minister, Thk. Is the head 

of Hi iment, is the con- 

necting link between the Crown and the 
Cabinet, selects his colleagues in the Mini- 
stry, and is virtually responsible for the 
entire patronage of the Crown. His official 
position is usually that of First Lord of the 
Treasury. His precedence was formally 
recognized Dec. 1905 as next after the Arch, 
bishop of York. 

Private Bili-S. introduced 

by companies or individuals for the purpose 
of enabling them to undertake w< • 
utility at their own risk, and for their own 
benefit, or for procuring naturalization, 
change of name, etc. Private bills are 
brought in upon petitions signed by the 
suitors or their agents. The fees payable for 
promoting or opposing a private bill are stated 
in the Standing Orders. (See Mills. P 

rRivn.Fc.r-. a Qtrtrno* 

founded on a matter directly concerning the 
privileges of the House if it has recently 
arisen, and calls for its immediate inter- 
position. Such a mattei may be considered 
without notice, and takes precedence of all 
other business. 


member is entitled to freedom of spe- 
freedom from arrest and distress of goods, 
and to exemption from service on juries. 
(As to Introduction of Strangers, see 
Members' Gallery.] 

Procedurf.. [S Com- 

Proi » s or Mem- 

buss was abolished in 185ft. 

Proportional Krprrsrntatio- 

applied to Univci 

■ em b er (/'./. to tt seats), 

air to he SJgCml 

ing more than 

and Commissioners are to he appointed to 

bring brvar.l 1 if -heme of Piopoi 

tional Representation as to the election of 
1 ... Member* 

too < 

Prow I*an 

The < 

gali-.n, %ummon Parliament for the ile»|«a«< h 

of business, by giving sia days' notice by pro- 
clamation. ParHamenl is never prorogued 
for mo re than to days at one time, but this 

penOfl < an l«e e»te»>clr<) l.y Smmmjmml P'o 

clamaiion. Every hill and other proceeding, 



Proxy Voting. Voting by a 

allowed in the case of naval and military 
voters in distant parts, fishermen, pill 

Public Bills. [See Bills, Public.] 

[4 N. A. When a motion lias 
been moved and seconded, the Speaker pro- 
I to the House the question for their 

Representation of the People Act (1918) 

iles for a Redistribution of Seats, the 
Schedule of which will be found alphabeti- 
cally arranged on pp. 506 to 510. 

Registration of Voters. Two 

Registers will in future be prepared each 
year : the Spring Register for the qualifying 
period ending Jan. 15th will come into force 
on April 15th, and the Autumn Register for 
the qualilying period ending July 15th will 
take effect on Oct. 15th. {Special provision 
is made for the preparation of the first 

Reporting. A gallery is set apart for 

the exclusive use of newspaper reporters, and 
official reports are also made of the par- 
liamentary proceedings. 

Representation of TBS PEOPH 

Act. This extends the Franchise to women 
who have reached the age. of thirty, and to 
men on war service, so that the next General 
Election will thus see an increase of some 
8,000,000 voters to the Register. 

.nation of Seats. [See Vacat- 
ing Seats. ] 
Returning Officer's Exit 

The charges of the returning officer are paid 
by the Treasury, which prescribes a maxi- 
mum scale. 

Revising Baeeister, Is an officer 

appointed annually for the purpose of re- 
vising the registered list of voters. 

. Tin.. The Royal 
t to bills that have passed the Houses 
of Parliament has not been withheld since 
the year 1707. It is given either by the 
Sovereign in person, or by Commissioners 
appointed for that special purpose. The 
Commissioners are usually three or four of 
the high officers of State. As soon as the 
Royal Assent has been given, the Bill imme- 
diately becomes an Act, having the effect 
and force of law. 

Scot and Lot. Parish payments. 

When persons were taxed not to the same 
amount, but according to their ability, they 
were said to pay " scot and lot." 

Scotland, The Secretary for. 

: he control of all matters connected with 

Seals of Office. When a change 

of Government takes place two Councils are 
held, at the first of which the various offices 
are given up, and the Ministers appointed 
under seal thereupon hand hack then 
to the Sovereign ; at the sec did the succes- 
iti office kiss hands on appointment and 
take over the relinquished seals. Secre- 
taries of State are appointed under patent, 
so that in their case there are no seals to 
give up. On a reconstruction of a Ministry 
one Council only is usually necessary. 

Nominates the members on, and arranges the 
sitting and business of private-bill committees, 

and is also charged with the nomination of 

the Standing Committees. 

;. The. Is the mem- 
ber returned at the head of the poll, not the 
member who has served the constituency the 
longest time. 

Serjeant-at-Arms, The. is an offi- 
cer appointed 1>\ patent under the Great Seal, 
attached to the House, who is styled "the 
Serjeant-at-Arms attending the Speaker of the 
House of Commons." He is assisted !>>•:■ 
deputy and several subordinates, and is also 
Housekeeper of the House of Commons. 
During the sitting of the House he occupies 
a chair below the bar, and to him is delegated 
the maintenance of order in the appi 
to the House and the adjoining offices. His 
duties are performed under the directions of 
the House, communicated to him by the 
Speaker. He apprehends and retains in 
custody all persons committed by order of 
the House. 

Session. The Session of Parliament 
continues from the time of its meeting until 
it is either prorogued or dissolved. The 
House of Commons limits to one year the 
duration of the Army Annual Act, and votes 
the supplies for the public service by grants 
limited to the current year. The Crown is 
therefore compelled to resort to an annual 
assemblage of Parliament, which usually 
takes place early in February. Six days at 
least, but generally thirty or forty clays, 
previous to the intended meeting, a procla- 
mation is issued by the Crown, commanding 
the attendance of both Houses for despatch 
of business, usually at Westminster, but it 
maybe at anyplace within the United King- 
dom. The business usually transacted at the 
commencement of every Session is to consider 
the Speech from the Throne. One Bill, how- 
ever, always receives a first reading, in order 
to assert the right of Parliament to protect 
the interests of the people before considering 
the subjects contained in the Royal Speech. 
No number or length of adjournments de- 
stroys the continuity of the Session. [See 
also Prorogation.] 

H inal Orders are agreed to at the 

commencement of each Session, and are not 
intended to continue beyond that period. 
SITTINGS. On Monday, Tuesday, 

Wednesday, and Thursday the House usually 
sits from 2.45 to 11 p.m.; or, for non 
contentious business until 11.30 p.m. There 
is. as a rule, no sitting on Saturday, and on 
Friday (when the House meets at 12) the 
adjournment takes place not later than 
5.30 o'clock. 

words in which the Royal Assent is given to 
Private Dills. 

Solicitor-General. Isthe legal ad- 
viser of the Grown, who ranks next to the 
Attorney- General. 

Speaker of the Houseof Commons. 

Is the representative of its powers, authority, 
and dignity. His chief duties are to pre- 
side over the deliberations of the House, 
to put the question, and declare the deter- 



mination of the House. In the conduct of 
the debates, the Speaker calls on those mem- 
bers to address the House who, in his opinion, 
are entitled to precedence ; he promptly and 
decisively i ei effect 

to the rules and regulations of the House. 
When he rises to enforce a point of order, 
the House is immediately silent ; and his 
deciM il>le on prece- 

dent, is, as a rule, accepted without cavil. 
But >till the ultimate authority, upon all 
points, is the House itself. He also pr 
to the Sovereign addresses from the Com- 
mons ; reprimands persons who have incurred 
the displeasure of the House ; issues warrants 
of committal for breach of privilege ; com- 
municates with any parties, when s>, instructed 
by the House : exercises a general control 
over the business of the House, both public 
and private ; expresses the thanks or appro- 
bation of the Commons to distinguished per- 
„es; adjourns the House if forty members 
>t present, and appoints Tellers on 
division. Under the Standing Orders, the 
Speaker may withhold his assent to a motion 
for the closure of a debate ; he may, after 
continued irrelevance on the part of a mem- 
ber, direct him to discontinue his speech, 
or if a motion for adjournment be, in his 
opinion, an abuse of the forms of the 1 1 
the Speaker may forthwith put the question 
thereon. The Speaker may also direct a 
Member, whose conduct is grossly disorderly, 
to withdraw during the remainder of that 
day's sitting. He does not speak, except 
in his official capacity ; nor does he vote 
except to give a casting vote when the 
■ami are equal. It is to him ■ Member 
addresses his remarks, and it is irregular for 
ruber to direct his remarks to the House 
any Member of th- itfa the 

n whether a bill is or 
•y Kill within the meaning of the 
lected at the 
• ach Parliament, and holds 
I : 
dinners to M many of 1 1 he can 

the commencement of the 
ister holidays. Hereceives 
a salary of j£ 5,000 a year, and lias a furnished 
ruber of the Privy Council, 
for the Speaker, on retiring from office, to be 

• I to receive a pen 
,£4,000 a year. When incapacitated from 
injj to his duties, his place is O 

f. [See House of 

< ■MMDS, j 

may not be read in the I 

by members. 



Art- for the 

' proceeding*. 

led at Mich offices at all 
are i .one but persons £ 

the offices of the HoussS^^^Hnd : all 

others are stopped at the door of St. Stephen's 
Hall. When committees and Courts of Ap- 
peal are sitting, persons proceeding to them 
are permitted to enter the Committee Rooms, 
Courts of Appeal, and offices pertaining 
thereto only. During the sitting of the 
• no visitor is admitted to the Central 
Hall, unless he wishes to see a member, or 
has a ticket of admission to one of the 
galleries. No persons, except those having 
such tickets of admission, are permitted to 
go beyond the central and lower waiting 
halls, nor to enter the dining, tea, ana 
smoking rooms, nor to go on the terrace, 
even though accompanied by a member. 
The Members' Lobby is strictly reserved for 
peers and members only, and for such per- 
manent officials, secretaries of Ministers, and 
others, whose names are placed by the 
Speaker on a special list. Parliamentary 
agents are admitted to the Members' Lobby 
till half-past five o'clock p.m. None but 
ladies having their names on the list are 
permitted to enter the Ladies' Gallery Door, 
in the Speaker's Yard. After four o'clock 
p.m. the subway under Bridge Street may 
be closed to all but members or persons 
going on business to the House. The fol- 
lowing rules are now in force for the admis- 
sion of strangers to the galleries of the 
House: — Orders in Advance— (1) Orders 
for under the gallery, the Special Gallery, 
and the Members' Gallery are issued to 
members six days in advance. The ballot 
for seats in the Members' Gallery takes 

Elace when necessary. Every order must 
e signed by a member, and the name and 
address of the holder inscribed thereon. (2) 
- in the Ladies' Gallery are balloted for. 
Two orders will be sent to each member 
successful in the ballot. These orders will 
be only available for relatives of the member, 
and must be signed by the member, and the 
names and addresses of the ladies must be 
filled in before admission. During tlu 
sitting 0/ the House — {a) Orders of admis. 
sion (except to the Ladies' Gallery) for the 
same day are issued after a quarter past four 

!>.m. (a quarter past twelve p.m. on Fi 
rom the Admission Order Office in St. 
Stephen's Hall. (/■) Applicants for vacant 
seats in the Ifwnbers 1 (iallery go direct to 
the Admission Order Office and obtain 
orders of admission, without applying to a 
member. An applicant may l>e required, 
however, to give a member's name as a 
referr ■>( necessity before being 

admit' 1. d Gal- 

lery and under the gall- 
on the P« r sOl ial application of a member to 
srrjeantat-Arms (7) For the I 

issued dur- 
H5 p.m. and 
9 p.m. (See also " I Spy a Stranger. "J 

Committo <>i . 


. having bote ruddered 
and agreed to by trie House, receive c 
Consolidated Fund Acts, passed fro» 

close, to at, 

1 Hill." 
Lords, is carried I 
of the Upper House to receive thr 



t. The business of Supply is the first 
order of the day on Thursday, unless other- 
wise ordered by the House. Not more 
than 20 days, being days before the 5th of 
August, are allotted for the consideration 
of the annual estimates for the Army, Navy, 
and Civil Services, including votes on ac- 
count. An additional 3 days either before 
or after 5th of August may be allotted for 
the business of Supply on motion made after 
notice by a Minister of the Crown. 

Suspension from the service of the 

House is a punishment imposed on members 
who have been named by the Speaker or the 
Chairman of Committees, for an infraction of 
the rules of the House of Commons. The 
effect of an amendment made in the Standing 
Orders in 1002 is that an Order of Suspen- 
sion made in pursuance of Standing Orders 
remains in force until the end of the Session, 
unless previously revoked. But suspension 
may be ordered otherwise than in pursuance 
of Standing Orders. 

SWEARING In. The administration of 
the oath or affirmation to the members of the 
House of Commons at the beginning of a 
new Parliament is conducted in the fol- 
lowing manner :— The oath is administered, 
in the first instance, to such Members, not 
exceeding five in number, as are of His 
Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council 
and to Members who have held office under 
the Crown, and then to such Members as 
may present themselves, being five in number, 
for that purpose at the table. In no case is 
the oath administered to more than five 
Members at the same time, in order that the 
process of signing the roll and the introduc- 
tion of Members to the Speaker may be con- 
ducted-wit h due regularity. Members should 
refrain from presenting themselves at the 
table for the purpose of taking the oath until 
all the Members to whom the oath is being 
administered have left the table, so that 
Members may be able to take and subscribe 
the oath without delay or inconvenience. 
Members should not leave the table until 
they have signed the roll and have been 
introduced to Mr. Speaker. 

Teller. Is a member appointed by the 
Speaker when a division takes place, to count 
the number of members voting for or against 
a motion. Two are appointed for each side. 

'•That I do now Leave the Chair." 

Is the question put by the Speaker on the 
occasions when it is needful, before the whole 
House goes into Committee. 

"That the Orders of the Day be 

now Rkad." That the House proceed to 
the business of the day without further 
decision taking place on the motion then 
under discussion. 

"This Day Six (or Three) Months." 

The motion that a bill be read a second time 
upon this day six months, is the ordinary 
mode of moving its rejection. 

Time of Meeting. The House meets 

on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and 
Thursdays at a quarter to three o'clock, when 
the Chaplain reads prayers. The business 
of each sitting is conducted according to 
the following routine -.—When private busi- 
ness has been disposed of— i.e., usually 
about three o'clock— the putting of questions 

to members of the Government begins, and 
continues until 3-45, after which five minutes 
is allowed for questions of special public 
importance or relating to the arrangement 
of business. The real work of the day is 
then entered upon, and the regular business 
of the sitting is commenced, namely, the 
consideration of the orders or moti 
down for that day. The House continues 
business until half-past eleven o'clock unless 
previously adjourned, but only unopposed 
business is taken after eleven o clock, unless 
what is called the " eleven o'clock rule " 
is suspended. On Fridays the House meets 
at noon. 

Treating. [See Bribery.] 

Under Secretaries of State. Two 

of these are attached to the office of each 
Secretary of State, one being usually per- 
manent, and the other dependent upon the 
administration in power. 

Undue Influence. [See Bribery.] 
TJ nton, The. Denotes the act by which 
the two separate kingdoms of England and 
Scotland were incorporated into one under 
the title of the Kingdom of Great Britain. 
The first Parliament subsequent to the Union 
met Oct. 23rd, 1707. The Union of Great 
Britain and Ireland took place on January 
1st, 1801. 

Vacating Seats. By accepting an 

office of emolument from the Crown, a mem- 
ber at once vacates his seat. It is customary 
for a member who wishes to resign to 
apply for the sinecure Stewardship of His 
Majesty's Chiltern Hundreds, or of the 
Manor of Northstead (for seats thus vacated 
no re-election can take place during recess). 
[See also Chiltern Hundreds ?nd Writs.] 

Voters. [See Disqualified to Vote, 

Franchise, and Women Voters.] 

Votes and Proceedings, The. Are 

the entries printed and published daily of the 
transactions of the House made at the table 
by the clerks, from which the journals are 

War, The Secretary of State for. 

Has the general control and direction of 
the army, in which he is assisted by the 
Army Council, of which he is ex-officio a 

Ways and Means, Committee of. 

A Committee of the whole House, which 
regulates the issue of public money, to meet 
the grants voted in the Committee of Supply, 
and sanctions the imposition of the taxes 
necessary for the service of the current year. 
[See Chairman of Committee on Ways ;Mid 

Women Voters. The Representation 

of the People Act (iqi8) extends the Fran- 
chise to women over thirty years of age (not 
subject to legal incapacity) and entitled, or 
whose husbands are entitled, to be registered^ 
as Local Government Electors (i.e. 6 months 
ownership or tenancy of land or premises). 

Woolsack. [See Houses of Parlia- 

Works, Office of. The Commis- 
sioners of Works and Public Buildings are 
responsible for the Public Buildings of Great 
Britain. The Chief Commissioner represents 
the Department in Parliament. 



the event of a vacancy 
arising during the recess of Parliament from 
death, or from becoming a Peer, or from 
■tance of an office of profit under the 
D, other than the Stewardship of the 
ndreds, ..r the Manor of North- 
Mich re-election writs can only be 
I during the session >, a writ is issued by 
Hit from the Speaker, made out to the 
■ »f the Crown in Chancery, as soon as the 
tiried of the death, or peerage, by 
■ certificate under the hands of two members, 
coupled in the case of acceptance of office, 
with a notice thereof from the member him- 
self. During the session the Speak f 
his warrant by order of the House upon 
motion made and agreed to. In the case of 
a new Parliament the original issue of writs 
lies with the Crown. Writs returnable for a 

county arc sent to the Sheriff of the county, 
and those that relate to cities or boroughs 
are sent direct to the Returning Officers. 
The messenger, or pursuivant, of the Great 
Seal, or his deputy, after receiving the writs, 
is bound to carry them forthwith to the 
C.eneral Post Office in London, and there 
deliver them to the Postmaster General or his 
depun i acknowledgment thereof 

in writing. The Postmaster-General, in his 
turn, is bound to despatch the writs by the 
first post ; the Returning Officers are re- 
quired, upon receiving them, to give an 
acknowledgment, setting forth the day and 
hour of delivery ; and this memorandum is 
transmitted to the General Post Office in 
London, and filed there for reference. The 
London writs are delivered personally by the 
nger of the Great Seal. 

Marcarkts QHUKCM, Westminster, is the church of the House of Commons, and 
Parliament are always entitled to seats therein. The tercentenary of its recognition 
took place on April 17th, 1914. 




At the time of the Union with Scotland, in 1707, the House consisted of 513 members ; 45 were then 
added for Scotland, and in 1801, 100 were added for Ireland, making the total of 658. This number 
was preserved by the Reform Acts of 1832 and 1868, but in each case the apportionment was altered, 
and in 1885 it nominally stood— England and Wales 493, Scotland 60, and Ireland 105, but by the 
disfranchisement of Beverley (2), Bridgwater (2), Cashel (1), and Sligo (1 ), the total 1 
was reduced to 652 members. The result of the Redistribution of Seats Act 1885 was to increase 
the total number of members elected for counties, boroughs ami universities to 670, and the 
Representation of the People Act (iqi8) raised the total to 707, the basis being on* Member for 
every 70,000 of population in (Ireat Britain, and one for every 43,000 in Ireland. Distribution is 
as follows : — 

Prior to 1885 
1885 to 1918 
In future . . 

England & W 



United Kingdom. 












360 ; 9 
284 9 

3'5 15 

















Lords High Chancellors. 

Brougham and Valx, Baron 
Lyndhurst, Baron 
In Commission 
Cottenham Earl of .. 
Lyndhurst, Baron 
Cottenham, Earl of .. 
Truro, Baron 
St. Leonards, Baron .. 
Cranworth, Baron 
Chelmsford, Baron 
Campbell, Baron 
Westbury, Baron 
Cranworth, Baron 
Chelmsford, Baron 
Cairns, Baron .. 





Hatherley, Baron 
Selborne, Baron 

Halsbury, Baron 
Herschbll, Baron 
Halsbury, Baron 
Halsbury, Karl of 

Haldane, Viscount 
Buckmaster, Baron 
Fin 1. ay, Baron . . 

. 1868-72 
. 1872-4 
. 1874-6 
. 1876-80 
. 1880-2 
. 1882-5 
. 1885-6 

. 1886-92 
• 1892.5 
. 1905-12 
. 1912-15 
. 1915-16 


Speakers of the House of Commons. 

Sutton, Charlbs Manners 

romby, Charles 
Lkfevre, Charlbs Shaw> 
n. John Evelyn 

Lowther, Jambs William 


Brand, Sir Henky William Bqu- 

vekik 1872-84 

Arthur Wbllbslby .. .. 1884-95 
GULLY, William Court .. 1895-1905 


December 1832 I June-July 1841 I March 1857 
January 1835 July 1847 April-May 1859 

July-Aug. 1837 I July 1852 I July 1865 

Jan. -Feb. 1910. 

Nov. 1868 
Feb. 1874 
April 1880 
Dec. 1910, 

Nov. 1885 I July 1895. 
July 1886 Sept. -Oct. 1900. 
July 1892 I Jan. -Feb. 1006. 





When met. 

When dissolved. 


Y. M. D. 

George III 


27 Sept. 1796* 

29 Jan. 1802 

5 II 18 


31 Aug. 1802 

24 Oct. 1806 

4 » 25 


15 Dec. 1806 

29 Apr. 1807 

4 15 

4 th 

22 June 1807 
24 Nov. 1812 

24 Sept. 1 812 

5 3 7 


10 June 1818 
29 Feb. 1820 

5 6 16 


4 Aug. 1818 

1 6 25 

George IV 


23 Apr. 1820 

2 June 1826 



14 Nov. 1826 

24 July 1830 

3 8 10 

William IV 


26 Oct. 1830 

22 Apr. 1 83 1 

O 5 23 


14 June 1831 

3 Dec. 1832 

I 5 20 


29 Jan. 1833 

30 Dec. 1834 



19 Feb. 1835 

18 July 1837 




14 Nov. 1837 

23 June 1841 

3 7 9 


n Aug. 1841 

23 July 1847 

5 11 6 


21 Sept. 1847 

1 July 1852 

4 11 9 


4 Nov. 1852 

20 Mar. 1857 

4 4 16 


30 Apr. 1857 

31 May 1859 

23 Apr. 1859 

1 11 23 

1 8th 

6 July 1865 
11 Nov. 1868 



1 Feb. 1866 

2 9 10 


10 Dec. 1868 

96 Jan. 1874 
ma Mar. 1880 

5 1 16 


4 Mar. 1874 

6 20 


29 Apr. 1880 

18 Nov. 1885 

5 6 20 


12 Jan. i386 

26 June 1886 

5 '4 


5 Aug. 1886 

28 June 1892 

5 10 24 


4 Aug. 1892 

8 July 1895 

2 11 5 


12 Aug. 1895 

25 Sept. 1900 

5 ' '* 
5 1 6 

Edward VII. . 


3 Dec. 1900 

8 Jan. 1906 
10 Jan. 1910 

(Jan. 22nd, 1901.) 
George V 


13 Feb. 1906 

3 10 28 


15 Feb. 1910 

28 Nov. 1910 

9 14 

' h, IQI<>. 


31 Jan. 191 1 

Parliament first met after the Union, 22nd Jan.. 1801. 


Sir Robert Walpole 

i.irl <.f Sunderland 
Sir Robert Walpole 

Wilmington .. 
Henry Pclham 
Duke <>! ' 
Earl of Bute 
George Granville 

Marquess of k<>< kiu^li.i 
Duke of T.rafton 
Lord Nort h 


. Pitt 


of WHIm^t 





Jul, Ii 





v AM|uith 

v Asquith (War ( oolition) 
I loyd George (National). . 


1 801 

Duke of Wellington 
Sir Robert Peel 
Sir Robert Peel 

rt Peel 
Lord John RuMtH 
Earl of I I 

Viscount Pkb 
Earl of I I 

' I'.ilmeraton 





mpliell- Banner- 
April 1008 
l>ec. 1916 



















Was charged to form a Government, but his predecessors never formally resigned. 




1842 .. 

1843 •• 

1844 .. 

1845 •• 

1846 .. 

1847 .. 
184s .. 
1849 . . 

1850 .. 

1851 .. 
1852 .. 

1853 .. 

1854 •• 

1855 •• 
1856 . . 
t8 57 .. 

1858 .. 

1859 .. 
i860 .. 

. . Aug. 12 

1861 .. 

. . Aug. 6 | 

1880 . 

. . Aug. 24 

1862 .. 

big. 7 1 

1881 . 

.. Aug. 9 

1863 .. 

.. July 28 

.. Aug. 9 

1864 .. 

.. July V) 

. . Aug. 28 

1865 .. 

.. July 6 

.. July »3 

1866 .. 

. . A : 

1867 .. 

. . Aug. 21 

i835 . 

. . Aug. 1 

1868 .. 

.. July 31 

1887 . 

1869 .. 

Aug. 11 

i8S=? . 

1870 .. 

Aug. 10 

1889 . 

.. July - 

1871 .. 

. Aug. 21 

1890 . 

. . Aug. 20 

1872 .. 

.. Aug. 10 

1891 . 

.. Aug. 12 

1873 •• 

• • Aug. 5 

1892 . 

.. Aug. 14 

1874 .. 

• • Aug. 7 


.. July 29 

1875 .. 

.. Aug. 13 

1894 • 

. . Aug. 28 

1 1876 .. 

.. Aug. 14 

1895 • 

. . Aug. 2 

! 1877 .. 

.. Aug. 15 

1896 . 

.. Aug. 13 

1 1878 .. 

.. Aug. 16 

1897 . 

.. Aug. 28 

1879 .. 

.. Aug. 15 

1898 . 

. . Sept. 7 I 

• Aug. 27 

. . Dec. 2 

Lug. 21 

. . 1 )ec. 6 ! 

. . Aug. 14 ; 

. . Sept. 24 
. . Sept. 16 I 
. . Dec. 24 
. . Aug. 30 
. . Aug. 30 
. . Aug. 5 1 
. . Aug. 19 
March 5, 1894 
. . Aug. 25 
.. Sept. 51 
. . Aug. 14 
- • Aug. 4 
.. Aug. 12 

1899 .. 

1900 . . 

1901 .. 

1902 .. 

1903 .. 

1904 .. 

1905 .. 

1906 . . 

1907 .. 

1908 .. 

1909 •• 

1910 . . 

1911 . . 
1913 .. 

iqi4 .. 

1914-1 5- 

1916 .. 

.. Oct. 27 

.. Dec. 17 

. Attg. 17 

.. D 

.. Aug. m 

. . Au-. 1-, 

lug. 1 1 

Dec. 21 

. . Aug. 28 

. . Dec. 21 

. Dec 

Nov. 18 
. Dec. 16 
March 7, 1913 
.. Aug. 15 
. . Sept. 18 
16 Jan. 27, 1916 
. . D 

Feb. 6 



(Elected for Life) 

De Vesci, Viscount. 
Drogheda, Earl of. 
Dunalley, Baron. 
Farnham, Baron. 
Inchiquin, Baron. 
Ki l.maine, Baron. 
Kii.morey, Earl of. 
Kingston, Earl of. 
Laneseorugh, Earl of. 
Langford, Baron. 

Bandon, Earl of. 
Bangor, Viscount. 
Bellew, Baron. 
Castlemaine, Baron. 
Cavan, Earl of. 
Crofton, Baron. 


Darnley, Earl of. 
Decies, Baron. 

* Created a Peer of United Kingdom since Election as a Representative Peer 

Luc an, Earl of. 
Mayo, Earl of. 
Oranmore and Brown i 

Rathdonnell, Baron. 
Rosse, Earl of. 
TUMPLETOWN, Viscount. 
WeSTMRATH, Earl of. 
Wick low, Earl of. 

(Elected for present Parliament only.) 

Balfour of Burleigh. Baron. 
Belhaven and Stbnton, 

Dundonald, Earl of. 
Fairfax, Baron. 
Falkland, Viscount. 

Forbes, Baron. 
Lauderdale, Earl of. 
Lindsay, Earl of. 
Mar, Earl of. 
Mar and Kbi.lik, Eai 
Morton, Earl of. 


NORTHBSK, Karl of. 
Rothes, Karl of. 
SALTOUN, Baron. 

Sim in. 1., Baron. 
Sinclair, Baron. 



Cawdor, Earl. May 17th, 1921. 

OH of Lbighton Bkomswold, 

Baroness. Jan. 22nd, 1921. 
Cranbrook, Earl of. April 15th, 1921. 
De Clifford, Baron. Jan. 30th, 1928. 
De La Warr, Baron. June 20th, 1921. 
Donegall, Marquess of (B. Fishekwick). 

Oct. 7th, 1924. 
Erne, Earl of (B. Fermanagh). Nov. 22nd, 

Feversham, Earl of. Nov. 2nd, 1927. 
Furnivai.l, Baroness. May 27th, 1921. 
Kinnoull, Earl of (B. Hay of Pedwar- 

hine). March 30th, 1923. 

oKD, Earl of. Dec. 29th, 1923. 
Norfolk, Duke of. May 30th, 1929 

PSTKB, Baron. June 5th, 1935. 
RtDLBY, Viscount. Dec. i6th< 1923. 
ROMILLY, Baron. March 8th, 1920. 
ST. AloWYN, Earl. Oct. 12th, 1933. 
Skaiield, Countess of. April 17th, 1927. 
Shannon, Earl of (B. Carleton). Feb. i>.;, 

1 921. 
Suffolk and Berkshire, Earl of. March 

2nd, 1927. 
Waterford. Marquess of. Jan. 6th, 1922. 






■; tie. Counter of. 

. haroness. 

n«RG ANI> CONYRKS, I', ironess. 
Princess Arthur of 

*Fi'rmv\i.i , Baronets. 



♦Robrkts, Countess. 
TSkafiki.u, Countess of. 
JStkathcona am 

V i'Countess. 
i ness. 

Scottish Women's Hospitals for 
Home and Foreign Service. 

i-:ded for the PR] \« ii i \rr .a the 

with .m M Hotpii 

. I \Y.\HAM and (.IKK >\ 1 M I *1 S \l < 'Mix 
i h wounded, with an orthop.i , and 

\MI Kh \N I \! I ..:<»- I R( 
Contributions will !>.• gratefully received at Headquarters by Mrs. LAI 
2, St. Andrew Square, EDINBURGH. 

The London Units of the Scottish 
Women's Hospitals 

serving I IAN DIVISIOl l II I l> 

rroi< n 

•is for these Units will be welcomed by Viscountess ( 
or Hon Mrs. SPENCER GRAVES. 66. Victoria Street. LONDON, S.W.i. 

The Upkeep of all these Units amounts to £6.000 a month. 




O.B.E; 1918. 

BURN (page 25), the wife of Col. Charles Rosdew Burn, <r. 

>r (page 29), the rife of John Cator, cr. O.B.E. 1918. 
ROTHSCHILD (page 142), the Country Residence of Major Lionel Nathan de 

Rothschild is Inchmery House, Exbury, Hants. 
DOFFERIN and Ava. Marquess (page 308). Died Feb. 6th, 1918, and is r. by 

his brother, Frederick Temple. 
GuiLLAMORB, Viscount (page 313). Died Feb. 6th, 1918, and is s. by his 

brother, Frederick Standish. 
FORREST (page 341), the Rt. Hon. Sir John Forrest, G.C.M.G., LL.D., cr. 

a Baron (peerage of United Kingdom) Feb. 8th, 1918. 



Cloth, Gilt. 




S comprehensive, practical, 

and easy of reference, and 

divided into three sections : 

1.— Chapters on general matters, 

and useful hints on the 

actual Depiction of Arms. 

2.— An Alphabetical List of 

Heraldic Terms, Phrases, 

etc., interspersed with 

copious illustrations and 


3.— A series of Plates of actual 

Coats -of- Arms used 

throughout the work as 

illustrative examples with 

efficient cross-references. 

Coats-of-Arrns or Heraldic devices are often features in 

design ; it is, therefore, with a desire to help the beginner 

and the amateur who— possibly artists— may wish to depict 

such devices that this volume is issued at a popular price. 

Possible Heraldic pitfalls are pointed out, and the steps 
to be taken to avoid them indicated clearly and concisely. 
Those interested in deciphering some Coat-of-Arms or 
Crest, or desirous of designing, drawing, and painting any 
Heraldic achievement for ornamental or decorative pur- 
poses, bookplates, stained glass, wood-carving, or other use, 
will find this book just what they want to help them to 
obtain practical results. 


. Ijutant Geoeral : V 
Academy; Ah* . Mic-de-Camp; Adj., 
Adjutant; Aim., Admiral: A.P.D., Army 
Pay Department; A.Q.M.G.. Amittanl 
• Quartermaster General ; A. K . K ,i 
ciate of Royal 1 

it ; Asso., Association. 
Bar., Barrister : B. , Baron; b., born: B V 

i C.I... 
elor of Civil Law ; B.C.S., Bengal Civil 
Service; B.D., Bachelor of Di. 

Bombay Civil Service: Bom. S.C., 

at Corps ; boro', borough ; Bp. , 

igade, Brigadier; B.S.C.. 

gal Staff Corp.; B.Sc, Bachelor of 

Science; Bt., Baronet. 

C, Conservative; c, created. Camb., Cam- 
re ; Capt. , Captain ; Cay 
. Companion of the Hath : I 
•i lander of British Empire; C.E.. Civil 
neer; C.H., Companion of Honour; 
Chief; Chap.. Chaplain; Ch. Ch.. 
Christ Church: Chm., Chairman; C.I.. 
Imperial Order of the Crown of 
India lion of the Indian 

Kmpire; Civil Scr., Ci\ . M.G . 


■unty. Company ; Col., Colonel : Coll., 
Coll< ■mender ; Comdg., Com- 

imandant ; Com.-in- 
:ander-in-Chicf : Commn 
' iiuimr, , Commissioner J Corny.- 
iy-Geaeral ; cm., 
crate : unties, Comp 

ivil Service ; C.S.I., Com- 
panion of the Star of India ; C.V.O., Com- 
mander of Royal Victorian ( )rdcr. 

A, d> 

D.A.A.G., 1 'cputy Assistant Adjutant 

1 MtU|htef 

Deputy Assistant 

Laity; Dep., 

' CUt' 

«; l».L. 


;.il ; 


I Uw 


cxt., extinct . I vtraordinary. 


law of Royal 
low of 


O , Knight Grand Cross of Royal 
an Order ; G.M.M.G., Grand M 
ef St. Michael and St. Geor^- 

i Master of the Star of India 
Genei Gowkbot; Govt., Govern- 

ment : Gram. Sch., Grammar School. 

•ir apparent j H.l i >rable 

: HIM. 
His, or Her, Imperial Highiu- : II. M, 
Mis, or Her, Slajcs: His 

Majesty's Ship; Hon., Honourable; k./., 
heir-presumptive ; h.p., half-pay : H.R.. 
Home Rule; HLR H., His. or Her, Royal 
Highness; H.S.H.. His, ur Her, Serene- 

I., Independent; I. M.S. Indian Medical 

Service: I nd. W. Independent Nationalist; 

infra, below ; I. P., Peer of Ireland : I.S.C.. 

Indian Stan npanion of 

the Imperial Service Order. 

J. P.. Justice of the Peace. 

. Knight of Hritish Kmpire; K.C.,. 
King's Counsel; K.C. B. K 
niander of the Bath; K.l H 
mandcr of the Hanoverian Guelphi< ' 

Kmpire ; K 

St. Michael and St. Geora 

nmander of I India . 

Victorian Order: K.C... Ki 

rhtBacbeloi - 
of St. Patrick ; K. T.. Knight of the 

L.. Liberal ; L.U., Libera 
1 live .1.1.1 


tenant-Colonel ; L.K.Q 

the Kun: and Qu< 

Do< ' 1 I \I M . 




.. Lien 

M M.irquefcs 

I ember 

MH I ... Member of 


tmber of Order of 



2 men's Counsel 

Q.M »'•.. Quarter- 

K.. Rector, Rectory; K.A.. K.> Artillery, 
Royal Academician ; R.A M .( '.., Royal Army 
Medical Corps; R.K., Royal Engineers; 
Kc-. Elec, Registered Electors; Regt.. 
Regiment; Rev., Reverend; R F.A., Royal 
Field Artillery; R.F C, Royal Flying 
Corps, R.G.A., Royal Garrison Artillery; 
R.H.A.. Royal Horse Artillery: R M.. 

Royal Marines; R.M.A., Royal Marine 
Artillery: Royal Military Academy, Wool- 
wich; R.MC, Royal Military College, 
Sandhurst ; R.M.I..I.. Royal Marine Light 
Infantry; R.X.. Royal Navy; R.N.V.R., 
Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve; A'.A'.C, 
Lady of the Royal Red Cross; Roy.. Royal ; 
RL, Right; Rt. Hon., Right Honorable. 

r. succeeded; S., South ; Sch., School; s.< I • 

Student of Civil Law ; Sec, Secretary 

Service; So., Society; £ 

land; Sup.. Superintendent ; Surg., Surgeon. 

/. , translated ; 'I'rin., Trinity. 

T. F., Territorial Force. 

U., Unionist. 

Univ., University. 

V., Viscount, Vicar: /-'..-/., Lady of the 
Royal Order of Victoria and Albert ; /'.C., 
Victoria Cross ; Vol., Volunteers. 

W., West ; W.S.. Writer to the Signet. 

Veo. . Yeomanry. 

nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nn n nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 



£10 10 



£5 5 



Franco-British Exhibition— 3 Grand Prizes and 1 Gold Medal. 
DENT'S CLOCKS (H °use. astronomical, and turret). 

The best selection in London. 


A varied assortment of useful articles — 
suitable for Presents. 


CAUTION.— No instrument 
from No. 38,000 upwards is 
genuine without the above 

Trade Mark. 
Telephone : City 61. 


& CO., LTD., 


Makers of the Great Westminster Clock (Big Ben), 
and sole Custodians since its erection. 


61 STRAND, W.C.2., and 


Catalogues Free. 




The Eighth Session of the 



%* For events that have taken place during the passage of the book through the Press, see 
" Occurrences during Printing." 

RIGHT HON. W. ABRAHAM (Glamorgan. Rhondda Division). 
William Abraham, P.C., son of the late Mr. J. Abraham, a 
working collier and copper smelter at Cwmavon ; b. June 1S42 ; ed. at 
Cwmavoo village school ; Hon. LL.D. Univ. of Wales 1917 : m. i860, 
Williams, who d. 1900; commenced life as a working miner; was Miners 1 
Agent for Loughor Dist. 1872-5, since when he has been Vice- Pre*, of the 
Monmouthshire and S. Wales Sliding Scale Committee ; has been 
for Cambrian Mines Asso. from 1878; is a J. P. lor GUmm-an-hiir j 
191 1. A Liberal-, has sat for Rhondda Div. of Glamorgan since Dec. 1885. 
Residence— Bryn-y-bedw, Pentre, Glamorganshire. 

RIGHT HON. F. D. ACLAND (Cornwall, North-western, or Camborne, Division). 

Francis Dyke Aci.ank Pa 

of the Rt. Hon. Anlnir Herbert 
Acland, P.C., <>f Dunk. 

James's Court, Huck- 
ingham Gate. 

da of the I . aulay 

Cunningham, K ; itwell cuin- 

Solwcll. Perks; />. March 7th, 
ed. at Ku; 1II10I toll., 

m. 1905, 1. K.iiior Margaret, 
el. da. of Charl. 
Eller^reen, Kendal; I •nnnK Lieut. 5th 

a Junior Examiner in 1 Depart. 

1900-1903, an. I i 

Sec. (unpaid) to H 1 \\ .11 

<)00 8 ; 
was Financial Sec to W*| D 

ttber of An ril 1908 


ncial Sec. 
I 1915, and itary Sec. to Bo> 

rultuie and I iltural 

Wnga Board, a J. P. (or N. Riding "i Yorkshire, Ueut. Univ. ol Ixmdon 
Training Corpi 

1906 to Jan. 19K 

ill Dec 15th, 1010. 

Ffi yne Place. S.W. Ctnr-s -Traveller • 



W. ADAMSON (Fifeshire, West Division). 
William A DAMSON j /'. 1863; began work in Mnes at the 
age oi 1 leader and organiser of Fife and Kinross Miners 1 Asso., of 

which In- i^ Gen. Sec; appointed Clun. of Labour Part) in House ol 
Commons 1017. A Labour Mtmbtr\ elected for W. Div, ol Fifeshire Dec. 
13th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1910. 

Residence ■ I ninfinnline. 

RIGHT HON. C ADDISON (Shoreditch, Hoxton Division). 

Christopher Addison, P.C., M.D., son of Robert Addison ; />. 
June 19th, 1869; ed. at Trin. Coll., Harrogate; M.R.C.S. and L.R.C.R 
"London 1891, M.B. and B.S. London 1892, M.D. 1893, F.R.C.S. England 
1895 : ///. 1902, Isobel, da. of the late Archibald Gray ; sometime Professor of 
Anatomy in Univ. Coll., Sheffield, Lecturer on Anatomy at St. Bartholomew's 
Hospital, and editor of Quarterly Medical Journal \ appointed Hunterian 
Professor and Examiner in Anatomy in Camb. and London Univs. 1901, 
Parliamentary Sec. to Board of Education Aug. 1914, Sec. to Min. of Muni- 
tions 19 1 5. Min. of Munitions in National Min. Dec. 1916, and Min of 
Reconstruction July 1917 ; author of numerous medical works; P.C. 1916. 
A Liberal', has sat for Hoxton Div. of Shored itch since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence — Pretty Corner, Northwood, Middlesex. Official Address — 2, Queen 
Anne's Gate Buildings, Westminster, S.W. 

SIR W. RYLAND D. ADKINS (Lancashire, South East, Middleton Division). 

William Ryland Dent Adkins, son of the late William Adkins, 
J. P., of Springfield, Northampton, by Harriet, youngest da. of the late John 
Dent, of The Manor House, Milton, Northampton ; b. May nth, 1862; ed. 
at Mill Hill Sch., at Univ. Coll., London (B.A. 1882), and at Balliol Coll., 
Oxford (History Exhibitioner 1882) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1890; Member of 
Midland Circuit ; is Vice-Chm. of Northamptonshire County Council, and of 
Executive Committee of County Councils' Asso., Vice-Chm. of Northampton- 
shire Territorial Force Asso., and a J. P. for Northampton and Northampton- 
shire ; appointed Junior Counsel to the Post Office on Midland Circuit 1908, 
and a Member of Home Office Enquiry into Isle of Man Constitution, and 
Recorder of Nottingham 191 1, and a Member of War Pensions Committee 
1916 ; Knt. 191 1. A Liberal; has sat for Middleton Div. of Lancashire 
(S.-E.) since Jan. 18th, 1906. 

Residence— M\\\oxv Manor, Northampton. Chambers— 5, Paper Buildings, Temple, 
E.C. Clubs— Athena:um, Reform, Bath. 

AGG GARDNER [see Gardner]. 

MAJOR SIR GEORGE W. AGNEW, Bt. (Salford, West Division). 

George William Agnew, 2nd Baronet, son of 
Sir William Agnew, 1st Bt., of II, Great Stanhope 
Street, W., by Mary, who d. 1892, el. da. of George 
Pixton Kenworthy, of Manchester, and Peel Hall, Lan- 
cashire ; b. Jan. 19th, 1852 ; ed. at Rugby, and at St. 
John's Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1874, M.A. 1879) : m. 1878, 
Fanny, da. of the late John Stuart Bolton, of Oulton 
Hall, Norfolk ; formerly a partner in the firm of Thomas 
Agnew and Sons, of London, Manchester, and Liver- 
>ool ; is a J. P. for Lancashire and Suffolk, and Major 
Suffolk Vol. Regt. A LJberal ; has sat for W. Div. of 
Salford since Jan. 13th, 1906. 

Residence— Kougham Hall, Bury St. Edmunds. Clubs— 
Reform, Devonshire 



SIR JOHN S. A INS WORTH, Bt (Argyllshire). 

John Stirling A.INSWORTH, ist Baronet^ second son of the 
hue Tbomas AJnswoith, of The Flodi, Cleator, Cumberland, 1>> 
Laurie, eL da. <»( the late Rev. John Stirling, D.D 

Jan. 30th, iN4 J. ; eil. at I'niv. Coll. Sell., and at Univ. Coll.; M.A. 
and I.L.I!. London : ///. 1879, Margaret Catherine, el. da. of the late Robert 
Keid Ifacrediej is a Mine-owner, a J. P. and D. L. for Cumberland (High 
Sheriff 1891), a J. P. and D.L. for Argyllshire, and Chm. of the Cleator and 
Workington Junction Railway Co.; appointed a Member of Roy. Commn. on 
Mines ioio ; wis Lieut.-Col. Comdg. 3rd Vol. Batn. Border Regt. (V.D.) 1898- 
1902 ; cr. a Baronet 1916. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Barrow-in- 
Furness 1886, and Argyllshire 1900 ; has sat for Argyllshire since Aug. 
26th, 1903, having been defeated there 1900. 

Residences— 55, Eaton Place, S.W. ; Ardanaiseig, Kilchrenan, ArgylUhire ; Harecroft, 
Gosforth, Cumberland ; The Flosh, Cleator, Cumberland. Club— Reform. 

P. ALDEN (Middlesex, Tottenham Division). 
Percy Alden, son of J Alden, by his wife, Elizabeth ; /;. June 
6th, 1865 ; ed. at Balliol Coll., Oxford : /;/. 1899, Dr. Margaret Pearse ; 
Warden Of Mansfield House Univ. Settlement 1891-1901, when he 
was appointed Hon. Warden, subsequently becoming Vice-Pres. ; edited 
the Echo 1901-2 ; is Hon. Sec. of British Institute of Social Ser. ; sometime 
a Member of London Sch. Board. A Liberal; has sat for Tottenham Div. 
of Middlesex since Jan. 23rd, 1906. 

Residence— The Outlook, Woodford Green, Essex. Club— National Liberal. 



bide liter. 

M. HAVELOCK-ALLAN, Bt. (Durham Co., Bishop 
Auckland Division). 

Henry Spencer Moreton Havelock- 

. 2nd Baronet, son of the late Lieut.-Gen- 

Sir Henry Marsham Havelock-AUan, G.CB., V.C.- 

. by Lady Alice Moreton, da. of to 
of Dude ; b. Jan. 30th, 1872; ed. at Eton, and at 
Trin. Coll., Cainb. : m. I903, Edith, da. of the late 
T. C. J. Sowerby, of Snow Hall, Cainford, Dar- 
lington ; formerly Major 4th Batn. Durham L.I. ; 
is Major Lancashire Regt., a J. P. and a D.L. for 
co. Durham, and 1 IP. for N. Riding ol \ 
rliamentary Private Sec. to Dodei 
of State for India (Hon, 1'. S. IfoatagO, Ml') 
July 1910 to i 1914. A Liberal; has 

Bishop Auckland 1 »iv. of Durham co. situ 
19th, 1910. 

Residence— Black well (J range, Darlington. Club— 


A. A. ALLEN (Dumbartonshire). 

Arthur Aclanil Am Hen, publish. | 

Hi, 1868; ed. at Wv\\ 

tggerston 1 1 
1908-9) ; has been < !bl 

mittcc 1916. A Liberal; unsuc- 
Of Thorobury, I .ershirc July 1895, and 

Oct. 1900; sat for Christchurch Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, 
when ' >r Dumbar wio. 

Residences— i), (^uecn » Gate Gardens, S.W. ; Tullybcllon How 


MAJOR THE RIGHT HON. C. P. ALLEN (Gloucestershire. Mid, or 
Stroud, Division). 

Charles Peter Allen, P.C., son of the late Peter Allen (part 

proprietor of the Manchester Guardian), of Sedgley Park, Prestwich, 
Lancashire, by Sophia Russell, da. of John Edward Taylor; /'. Dee. 2nd, 
1861 ; ed. at Rugby, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A.1SS4. M.A. 1885): 
/;/. 1890, Evelina Caroline, da. of Alfred Barker, of Elmfield, Esher ; bar. 
Inner Temple 1888; formerly Major Gloucestershire Regt. : refined 1914; 
served during European War 1914-17 ; appointed a Charity Commr. (unpaid) 
for England and Wales March 1910; is a D.L. for Gloucestershire; P.C. 
1912. A Liberal; has sat for Mid, or Stroud, Div. of Gloucestershire since 
Oct. nth, 1900, having been defeated there 1895. 

Residences— 37, Grosvenor Place, S.W. ; Pollhill, Harrielsham, Kent. Clubs— National 
Liberal, Reform, Union (Manchester), Royal Anglesey Yacht. 

MAJOR W. J. ALLEN (Armagh Co., N. Armagh Division). 

William James Allen, second son of the late Joseph Allen, 
of Lurgan, co Armagh ; b. Oct. 1870 ; is a linen manufacturer, one of the 
Hon. Sees, of Ulster Unionist Council, and Major Roy. Irish Rifles; served 
during European War 1914-18 (despatches twice, Chevalier of Legion of 
Honour). A Conservative; elected for N. Armagh Div. of Armagh co. 
Nov. 22nd, 1917. 

Residence — Linwinny House, Lurgan, co. Armagh. 

LIEUT.-C0L. L. (C. M.) S. AMERY (Birmingham, South Division). 

Leopold (Charles Maurice) Stennett Amery, el. son of the late 
Charles F. Amery, Indian Forest Depart., by Elisabeth Leitner; b. Nov. 
22nd, 1873 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (13. A. and 
M.A., 1st class Moderations 1894, 1st class Lit. Hum. 1896) ; Ouseley Scholar 
of Imperial Institute in Turkish 1895 > Fellow of All Souls' Coll., Oxford 1897 : 
m. 1910, Florence Hamar, da. of the late John Hamar Greenwood, Bar.-at- 
Law, of Spencer House, Whitby, Canada; Bar. Inner Temple 1902; was on 
editorial staff of The Times 1899- 1909 ; organised The Times correspondence 
during S.African War; served during European War 1914-16, in France and 
the Balkans; became an Assist.-Sec to War Cabinet 1917, attached to 
Supreme War Council with rank of temporary Lieut. -Col. ; is a Director of 
Uitkyk Collieries, and a Member of Executive of Empire Parliamentary 
Asso. and of Tariff Reform League ; appointed a Member of Select Com- 
mittee on Marconi Agreement 1912 ; edited and mainly wrote " The Times 
History of the S. African War" (7 vols.); author of "The Problem of the 
Army," and other works on Mil. and Imperial Questions. A Liberal 
UnioniU ; unsuccessfully contested E. Div. of Wolverhampton Jan. 1906, 
May 1908, Jan. 1910, and Bow and Bromley Div. of Tower Hamlets Dec. 
1910; elected for S. Div. of Birmingham May 5th, 191 1. 

Residence — 9, Embankment Gardens, Chelsea, S.W. Clubs — Alpine, Athenaeum, 

Hath, Carlton. 

W. C. ANDERSON (Sheffield, Attercliflfe Division). 

William Crawford Anderson; b. 1877: /;/. 1911, Mary 
R. Macarthur, Sec. of Women's Trade Union League ; sometime Chm. 
of National Labour Party. A Labour Member ; unsuccessfully contested Hyde 
Div. of Cheshire Jan. 1910, and Keighley Div. of N. Pan of W. Riding of 
Yorkshire Oct.. 1911 ; has sat for Attercliffe Div. of Sheffield since Dec. 28th, 

Residence — 7, Mecklenburgh. Square, W.C. 



LIEU r. COM. E. M. ARCHDALE (Fermanagh Co . North Fermanagh Division). 

Edward Mervyn Akchd.u.e, el. son of the late Nicholas Mont- 
gomery Archdale, of Crock na Crieve, co. Fermanagh ; b. Jan. 26th, 1853 : 
///. 1880, Alice, da. of the late Quintin Fleming; is Lieut. -Com. R 
J. P. and DL for co. Fermanagh (Sheriff 1884). An Unionist-, sat for N. 
Div. of Co. Fermanagh 1898-1903 ; re-elected therefor Oct. 27th, 1916. 

Residence — Riveisdale, Ballinamallard, co. Fermanagh. Clubs— Kildare Sire 

ARCHER-SHEE [see Shee]. 

R ARMITAGE (Leeds, Central Division). 

Robert Armitage, son of William James Armitage, of Farnley 

Lodge, Leeds, by Emily, el. da. of William Nicholson Nicholson, of Roundhay 

Park, Leeds ; b. Feb. 22nd, 1866 ; ed. at Westminster, and Trin. Coll.,Camb. 

1S88) : ///. 1891, Caroline Katharine, da. of the late Dudley Henry Ryder, 

'brook Hay, Hemel Hempstead ; Bar. Inner Temple 1889; is a J. P. for 

City of Leeds (Lord Mayor 1904-5), Chm. of Brown Bayley's Steel Works 

(Limited), Managing Director of the Farnley Iron Co. (Limited), and a 

Director of several other cos. A Liberal ; has sat for Central Div. of Leeds 

since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residence— Farnley Hall, Leeds. Clubs— National, Reform, Bath. 

S. ARNOLD (Yorkshire, West Riding. Southern Part, Holmfirth Division) 

Sydney Arnold, son of the late W. A. Arnold, of Manchester; b. 

;:h, 1878 ; is a stockbroker in Manchester, and Hon. Treasurer, N.-W. 

Div., Free Trade Union ; appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. to Pres. of 

Hoard of Education 1914 ; sometime a Member of Gen. Committee of Man- 

: Liberal Federation. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Holdcrness 

Div. of F. Riding of Yorkshire Dec. 1910; elected for Holmfirth Div. of S. 

Tart of \V. Riding of Yorkshire June 20th, 1912. 

Residence— WestbDurne, Hale, Cheshire. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Reform 

LIEUT COL W. W. ASHLEY (Lancashire [North], Blackpool Division). 

Wilfrid William .V111.1v son of the 

late Rt. Hon. (And lvn Melbourne 

Ashley. P.C. (M.P. 1874 nds, 

Romsey, Han! and 13, 


who d, 1886, 

Farauhar, 3rd i pt 13th, 1867; <■<!. 

at 1 1 ! at Magdalen I >rd : 

1 t, 1901, Ainali. iOlI, 

only child of tin- Rt. Hon. Sii •eph 

Cassel. I' I 

Broo^ I'aik Lane. W., and ICoolttM 

I'a.l. iriel 


Cour ards 

1S89-98. and Hampshii Mil 1898-1901; 1 

Bd HI., lor Hants, 
and ( 'Inn of Al itivc 


o| t! "ld^. 

King's (Liverpool Kegi Whip m'lb. 

< lomn 

Lancashir.- 1 \ Ian. iSth, 1906. 

bswn Cattle, Sligo. Clubs— Imxtom*, Urooks ■ Carlton. 


RIGHT HON. H. H. ASQUITH (Flfeshire, East Division). 

Herbert Henry Asquith, P.C., son of the late Joseph Dixon 
Asquith, of Croft House. Morley, Yorks, by Emily, da. of the late William 
Willans, of Huddersfield ; b. 1852 ; ed. at City of London Sch , and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford, of which he was Scholar and Fellow (B.A. 1 S74. [St 
class Classical Moderations, and Litt. Hum. and Craven Univ. Scholar, Hon. 
D.C.L. 1904, Hon. Fellow 1908); Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh and Glasgow 
1907, Camb. 1909, Leeds 1910, St. Andrews 191 1, and Bristol 1912, Hon. 
D.C. L., Durham 1913 ; elected Lord Rector of Aberdeen Univ. 190S : »i. 
1st, 1877, Helen Kelsall, who d. 1891, el. da. of the late Dr. Frederick 
Melland, of Rusholme, Manchester; 2ndly, 1894, Emma Alice Margaret, da. 
of Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bt., of The Glen, Innerleithen, N.B., St. Rollox, 
Glasgow, and 40, Grosvenor Square, W. ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1876, a K.C 
1890, and a Bencher 1894; was Sec. of State for Home Depart. Aug. 1892 
to June 1895, Chancellor of the Exchequer Dec. 1905 to April 1908, and Prime 
Min. and First Lord of the Treasury April 1908 to Dec. 19 16 (also Sec. of 
State for War and Pres. of Army Council March to Aug. 19 14, and a Member 
of Cabinet War Committee 1915-16); is an Ecclesiastical Commr. for Eng- 
land, an Elder Brother of Trinity House, a F.R.S., an Hon. Member of Inns 
of Court Officers Training Corns, and a Life Member of Roy. Literary Fund ; 
elected Lord Rector of Glasgow Univ. 1906, and of Aberdeen 1909 ; P.C. 
1892. A Liberal: has sat for E. Div. of Fifeshire since July 7th, 1886. 

Residence — 20, Cavendish Square, W. Clubs — Athenaeum, Brooks's, Reform, National 

MAJOR THE HON. W. ASTOR (Plymouth). 

Waldorf Astor, el. son of 1st Viscount Astor (sometime a 
Member of New York Legislature), of Hever Castle, Kent (naturalised 1899) » 
b. May 21st, 1879 ; ed. at Eton, and at New Coll., Oxford (Honours in History): 
///. 1906, Nancy Witcher, da. of Col. Chiswell Dabney Langhome, of Mirador, 
Greenwood, Virginia, U.S.A., and widow of Robert Gould Shaw ; sometime 
Pres. of Eton Literary So., and of its Athletic So. ; is Hon. Major in the Army, 
Parliamentary Private Sec. to Prime Min., a Gov. of Guy's Hospital, and 
Chm. of Treasury Committee on Tuberculosis, and of State Med. Research 
Committee; was Inspector of Q.M.G. Sers. 1914-17 (despatches). A Con- 
servative; elected for Plymouth Dec. 7th, 1910, having been defeated there 
Jan. 1910. 

Residences— 4,. St. James's Square, S.W. ; Cliveden, Taplow, Bucks. Clubs— Turf, 
Marlborough, Carlton. 

MAJOR J. L. BAIRD (Warwickshire, South-Eastern, or Rugby, Division*. 
John Lawrence Baird, C.M.G., D.S.O., 
el. son of Sir Alexander Baird, 1st Bt., of Urie, 
Stonehaven, N.B., by the Hon. Annette Maria Palk, 
who d. 1884, da. of 1st Baron Haldol! ; b. April 27th. 
1874; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford: ///. 
1905, Lady Ethel Sydney Keith* Falconer,, da. of 9th 
Earl of Kintore ; sometime a 2nd Sec. in Diplo. Ser. ; 
is Major Yeo., a J. P. and D.L. for Kincardineshire. 
a J P. for Warwickshire, and Dep. Chin., Civil 
Aerial Transport Committee ; was Parliamentary 
Private Sec. to Leader of the Opposition in House 
of Commons (Rt Hon. A. Bonar Law, MP.) 1011-16; 
served during European War 1914-15, as Stall' ( 'apt. 
Intelligence Corps (despatches, D.S.O.. Officer of 
< hrder of Leopold of Belgium, Chevalier of Legion of 1 lonour) ; acted as Agent 
and Consul-Gen, in Abyssinia 1902 ; appointed Parliamentary Representative 
of Air Board 1916, and Parliamentary Sec. of Air Board (now Air Council) in 
National Min. Dec. [oi6;C.M.G. 1904, D.S.O. 19 1 5. A Conservative; 
has sat for S.-E., or Rugby, Div. of Warwickshire since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residence* Btlton House, near Rugby; 26, Chester Street.. S.W. Clubs -Turf, 

Carlton, Beefsteak, Royal Yacht Squadron. 


MAJOR THE RIGHT HON. H. T. BAKERS Lancashire North East). Accrington 

Division i. 

Harold Trevor Baker, P.C., son of the late Sir John Baker. M.P. 
for Portsmouth, by Louisa, who d. 1899, da. of Paymaster-in-Ch. Robert 
Crispin, R.N. ; b. Jan. 22nd, 1877; ed. at Winchester Coll., and at New 
C>11., Oxford (B.A .. M.A., and Fellow 1900); Bar. Inner Temple 1903; 
.uncial Sec. War Depart., and a Member of Army Council June 1912 
to May 1915 ; sometime a Member of Roy. Commn. on the Civil Ser; 
appointed Inspector of Quarter Master Gen's Sers. 1916, with rank of Major ; 
P.C. 1915. A Liberal-, has sat for Accrington Div. of Lancashire (N.-E. ) 
since Jan. 19th, 19 10. 
• Residences— 42, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. ; Sawley Lodge, Clitheroe. 

J. A. BAKER (Finsbury, East Division). 

Joseph Allen Baker, son of Joseph Baker, of Canada; b. 
April 10th, 1852; ed. at High Sch., Trenton, Ontario: m. 1878, Elizabeth 
B. Moscrip, of Roxburgh, N.B. ; is Chm. of Joseph Baker and Sons (Limited), 
engineers, of Willesden Junction, N.W., a J. P. for Middlesex, and a Member 
of So. of Friends ; was a County Councillor for London 1895- 1 906 » nas 
Order of Mercy. A Liberal ; has sat for Finsbury, E. Div. since June 
29th, 1905, having been defeated there 1900. 

Resilience— Donnington, Donnington Road, Harlesden, N.W. Club —National Liberal. 

LIEUT COL SIR RANDOLF L. BAKER, Bt. (Dorsetshire, Northern Division). 
Randolf Littlehales Baker, D.S.O., 4th 

Haronet, only son of the late Rev. Sir Talbot Hastings 
Bendftll Baker, 3rd Bt., by Amy Susan, da. of Lieut. - 
Col. George Marryat ; b. July 20th, 1879 ; ed. at 
Winchester, and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford (2nd class 
History 1902) ; is Lieut. -Col. Yeo., and a J. P. and 
County Alderman for Dorset ; served dining European 
War 191 5- 18 (wounded, 1» S. A 

Conservative', has sat for Dorsr 

Jan. 19th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1905 
and Jan. 1 906. 

Residence — Ranston, near Wandfurd. Clubs — Bath, 

1 oronat opus. Arthurs', Carlton. 

S. BALDWIN (Worcestershire, Western, or Bewdley. Division). 

nicy Baj dwin, son of tin 

of Worcestershire), of Wilden House, Stourport, by 

.a 11 in :ii». ; ansncceatfuU) < 


; is a J. P. for Worcestershire ; .1; 

act as an 1 «l ,, >'" 

>f Worces 
•oth, 1908. 

ic 1917. 


Residences qj, Eaton Square, S.W. ; AstUy Hall, Mar Sl< 


Cimli -Carlton. 



RIGHT HON. A. J. BALFOUR (City of London). 

Arthur James Balfour, O.M., P.C., LL.D., 
D.C.L., F.R.S., el. son of the late James Maitland 
Balfour, Esq., of Whittingebame, bj Lady Blanche Mary 
Harriet, da. of 2nd Marquess of Salisbury ; /'. 1848; ed. 
at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (HA. 1870, M.A. 
1874, Hon. LL.D. 1888); Hon. LL. I ). Edinburgh 1881, 
St. Andrews 1885, Dublin and Glasgow 1891, Manches- 
ter 1908, Liverpool and Birmingham 1909, Leeds 1910, 
Sheffield 1911, and Bristol 1912; Hon. D.C.L., Oxford 
1891, Durham 1913, and Columbia Univ. (New York) 
1917 ; is a D.L. for East Lothian, an Elder Brother of. 
Trinity House, and a Member of Council of Roy. So. ; 
was Assist. Private Sec. to Marquess of Salisbury when 
Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs, 1878-80, employed on 
special mission of Lords Beaconsfield and Salisbury to Berlin June 1878, Pies, 
of Local Govt. Board June 1885 to Jan. 1886, Sec. for Scotland July 1886 to 
March 1887 (with a seat in the Cabinet from Nov. 1886), Ch. Sec. for Ireland 
March 1887 to Oct. 1891, First Lord of the Treasury and Leader of the House 
of Commons Oct. 1891 to Aug. 1892, Leader of the Opposition 1892-5, First 
Lord of the Treasury and Leader of the House of Commons 1895, 1900 and 
again 1900- 1902, Prime Min., First Lord of the Treasury, Leader of the House 
of Commons, and Lord Privy Seal 1902-3, and Prime Min., First Lord of the 
Treasury, Leader of the House of Commons 1903-5, and Leader of the Oppo- 
sition 1905-n ; elected Lord Rector of St. Andrews Univ. Nov. 1886, and of 
Glasgow Univ. Nov. 1890, Chancellor of Edinburgh Univ. 1891, Gifford 
Lecturer 1914, and Pres. of British Asso. for Advancement of Science 1904 ; 
in the early part of his Parliamentary career acted with the so-called " Fourth 
Party"; appointed a Member of Munitions of War Committee 1915, and 
First Lord of the Admiralty May 191 5 (also Member of Cabinet War 
Council), and Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; 
went as Head of Special Mission to U.S.A. 1917 ; author of " A Defence of 
Philosophic Doubt, ' "Essays and Addresses," '"The Foundations of Belief," 
"Speeches (1880 to 1905) on Fiscal Reform," "Decadence," "Reflections 
Suggested by the New Theory of Matter," " Theism and Humanism " (Gifford 
Lectures), etc. ; P.C. 1885, O.M. 19:6. A Conservative; sat for Hertford Feb. 
1874 to Nov. 1885, and for E. Div. of Manchester Nov. 1885 to Jan. 1906, 
when he was defeated there ; has sat for City of London since Feb. 27th, 1906. 
Sent— Whittingehame, Prestonkirk, East Lothian. Town Residence — 4, Carlton Gardens, 
S.W. Official Address — Foreign Office, Downing Street, S.W. Clubs— Carlton, Travellers', 
Athemeiim, City Carlton, New (Edinburgh), etc. 

SIR ROBERT BALFOUR, Bt. (Lanarkshire, 
Partick Division). 

Robert Balfour, ist Baronet, son 
of James Balfour, farmer, of Pilmuir, Largo, 
Fife, by Isabella, da. of Alexander Hutchi- 
son, of Fosterton, Fifeshire ; b. March 6th, 
1844; ed. at Madras Coll., St. Andrews: 
m. 1881, Josephine Maria, da. of the late 
James Beazley, J. P., shipowner, of Liver- 
pool; is a member of the firm of Balfour, 
Williamson and Co., foreign and colonial 
merchants, of 7, Gracechurch Street, E.C., 
and Liverpool; cr. a Baronet 191 1. A 
Liberal-, has sat for Partick Div. of Lanark- 
shire since Jan. 25th, 1906. 

Residences — 7, Prince's Gate, W. ; Lan^ham 
Hall, Langham, Essex. Clubs- -Reform, National 
Liberal, City of London, Bath, Ranelagh. 



Frederick George Banbury, P.C. y ist 

Barontt, el. son of the late Frederick Banbury, I 
of Shirley House, Surrey ; b. Dec. 2nd, 1850 ; t 
Winchester : ///. 1873, Elizabeth Rosa, da. and co- 
heiress of the late Thomas Barbot Beale, of Breitcnham 
l'ark, Suffolk ; many years a partner in the firm <»f 
Frederick Banbury and Sons, stockbrokers, of 2 ;. 
Broad Street, K.C. ; is a J. P. for Hunts and Wilts 
Chm. of Great Northern Railway, and a Mem! 
Council of Railway Asso. ; cr. a Baronet 1902, and 
a B.C. 19 1 6. A Con . Ml for Beckham Div. 

of Camberwell July 1892 to Jan. 1906, when he was 
defeated ; has sat for City of London since June 15th, 

Warneford Place, 

Resiliences— 41, Lownde*. Street, S.W. 
Highworth, Wilts. Club— Carlton. 

SIR JOHN S. HARMOOD-BANNER (Liverpool, Everton Division). 

John Sutherland Harmood-Baxner, son of Harmood Walter 
Manner, of Bebington, Cheshire ; b. Sept. 1847; ed. at Radley : w. 1876, 
Elisabeth, who </. 1903, da. of the late Thomas Know! m, of 

Darnhall Hall, Cheshire; is a partner in the firm of Harmood- Banner and Son, 
chartered accountants, of Liverpool, Chm. of the PeaiOOfl Knowlet Coal and 
Iron Co. (Limited), auditor of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co. and of 
the Bank of Liverpool, a J.P. and D.I.. for Cheshire I High Sheriff 1902), and 

ibec of Liverpool Town Council ; sometime Chm. of its Finance 
mittee, and Bres. of Asso. of Municipal Corporations ; elected Lord Mayor of 
Liverpool 1912 : Knt. 1913. A Conscti'ati on Div. of 

Liverpool since Feb. 22nd, 1905. 

Ren 1 Hall, Preston Brook, Cheshire. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton. 

SIR GODFREY BARING, Bt. (Devonshire, North-West, or Barnstaple. 
Division . 

Godfrey .. son of the 

Lien! by Helen, who./. 

I (iraham, 
2nd Bt.. ; b. April iSth. 1S71 ; ctl. at 1 

of the late 
Alexai > Mackintosh of Mackm- 

1 lent 3rd Ratn. Hojnj 

il foi ill. \ iffht, Ch 

Hampshire and I 

buna:. -hcriff 

1897); appotntc 

>tatc fi'i the 
1908, res. of Boai 

Hon. I. \ I 1. A 

le of 
v IQOO, a 1 



has sat fa V V. 

Ren Its, Isfc of W 

lrook»», Bscrwlot**, Royal Yacht Squadron. 



SIR C. A. MONTAGUE BARLOW (Salford, South Division). 
Clement Anderson Montague Barlow, K.B.E., son of the late 
Very Rev. William Dagger Barlow, D.D., Dean of Peterborough; b. 1870; 
ed. at Repton, ami at King's Coll., Camb. (1st class Law Tripos, Yorkc 
Prize Essayist, Senior Whewell Univ. Scholar, R.A. 1889, M.A. 1893, LL.D. 
1900) ; liar. Lincoln's Inn 1 S95 ; was a County Councillor for London 1907-10 
(Vice-Chm. of its Parliamentary Committee) ; is Official Principal to Arch- 
deacons of London, Hampstead, and St. Albans, a partner in the firm 
of Sotbeby, Wilkinson and Hodge. Chm. of Civil Liabilities Panel (1917), and 
a Member of Canterbury House of Laymen ; raised a Salford Brig, of five 
Batns, 1914-15 ; cr. K. B. E. 1918. A Conservative ; elected for S. Div. of 
Salford Dec. 3rd. 19 10, having been defeated there Jan. 19 10. 
Residence— is, Arlington Street, W. Clubs— Carlton, Prince's. 

SIR JOHN E. BARLOW, Bt. (Somersetshire, Frome Division). 

John Emmott Barlow, 1st Baronet, 
el. son of the late Thomas Barlow, J. P., of 
Torkington Lodge, Hazel Grove, Cheshire, 
and Bryn Eirias, Colwyn Bay, N. Wales, by 
Mary Ann, da. of the late George Emmott, 
C.E., of Disley, Cheshire ; b. April 16th, 1857 ; 
ed. at Grove House Sch., Tottenham, and 
privately: m. 1895, tne Hon. Anna Maria 
Heywood, da. of the late Richard Denman, 
and sister of 3rd Baron Denman ; Bar. Inner 
Temple 1884 ; is a J. P. and a County 
Alderman of Cheshire, a J. P. for Somerset, 
and senior partner in the firms of Thomas 
Barlow and Brother, of London and Man- 
chester, and Barlow and Co., of Calcutta, 
Shanghai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur 
(Federated Malay States) ; cr. a Baronet 1907. 
A Liberal ; unsuccessfully contested Knutsford 
Div. of Cheshire 1885, and Denbigh Dist. 
1886 ; sat for Frome Div. of Somersetshire 
1892-5, when he was defeated ; re-elected 
June 2nd, 1896, Oct. 8th, 1900, Jan. 22nd, 
1906, Jan. 28th, 1910, and Dec. 7th, 1910. 
Residences— Torkington Lodge, near Stockport ; Bradwall Hall, Sandbach, Cheshire ; 
Bryn Eirias, Colwyn Bay. Clubs — Brooks's, Devonshire. 

RT. HON. G. N. BARNES (Glasgow, Blackfriars and Hutchesontown Division). 
George Nicol Barnes, P.C , son of the late James Barnes, of 
Ililltown, Dundee ; b. Jan. 2nd, 1859 : m. 1882 ; sometime Sec. of Amalga- 
mated So. of Engineers, and Editor of its official Journal, and Chm. of Labour 
Party in House of Commons ; is a Member of Board of Trade Arbitration 
Court, and Chm. of Co-operative Printing So. ; appointed Pres. of Pensions 
Board in National Min. Dec. 1916, 'a temporary Member of War Cabinet 
May 1917, and a Member (without portfolio) Aug. 1917 ; P.C 1916. A 
Labour Member', unsuccessfully contested Rochdale July 1895; has sat for 
Blackfriars and Hutchesontown Div. of Glasgow since Jan. 18th, 1906. 
Residence— 76, Heme Hill, S.E. 

CAPT. R. W. BARNETT (St. Pancras, West Division). 
Richard Whieldon Harnett, son of the late Richard Barnett, 
M.D., of Ardmore, Eiolywood, co. Down, by Adela Sarah, only da. of the 
Rev. Edward Whieldon. M.A. Cantab., of Hales Hall, Staffordshire, and 
grandda. of Thomas Whieldon, the eminent potter of Fenton Grove, Stafford- 
shire (High Sheriff 1787) ; b. Dec. 6th, 1863; ed. privately, and at Wadham 
Coll., Oxford (Classical Exhibitioner 1883, B.A. 1887, M.A. and B.C.L. 
1889) : m. 1892, Maud Kmmeline, da. of the late William Causey, of 
Sidmouth, Devon; Bar. Middle Temple 1889; joined S.-L. Circuit; was 
Capt. 1st (Oxford Univ.) Vol. Batn. Oxfordshire L.I. 1887-8, Capt. and 


! I 

Instructor of Musketry 22nd Middlesex Rifle Vol. 'The Rangers) 1889-97, 

pt. in Territorial Force Reserve attached Gen. Staff (gradi 
Maj.) 1914-16; is Dtp.-Chm. Roumanian Consolidated Oilfields (Limited), a 
Director of other Petroleum Cos., and a Member of Council of Institution of 
Petroleum Technologists ami of National Rif \ Conservative \ elected 

Div. of St. Panaris Oct. 16th 1916. 
Residence— Y^rV Lcnl^e, Park Village WeM, Regent's Park, N.W. Chambers—^ Hare 
Court, Temple -Carlton. St Stephen's, 1900. 

MAJOR H. BARNSTON (Cheshire, Eddlsbury 

$S> <qp> 4p> 

Harry Barnston, son of the late 

Major William Barnston, of Crewe Hill, 
Cheshire, by Mary Emma, da. of Col. — 
King, K.H., nth Dragoons; 5. Dec. 1 2th. 
1870; ed. atCh. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 18-, 
MA. iS-); Bar. Inner Temple 1898; for- 
merly Capt. Veo. ; is Hon. Major Terri- 
torial Force Reserve, a J. P. for CI 
and Lord of the Manor of Farndon. A 
Conservative', has sat for Eddisbury Div. ol 
Cheshire since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence— Crewe Hill, Farndon, On 
SIR JOHN N. BARRAN, Bt. (Hawick District >. 
John Nicholson BARRAN, 2nd Bartmet t 
son of the late John Barran, el. son 
Baronet, by I the late 

Edward Nicholson, of Matthews * 
ingham ; b. Aug. 16th, 1872; ed. at 

ColL, anil at Trin. Coll., Cainb. (B.A. 
1894): m. 1902, Alice Margarita, el. da 

iffhtOfl I'ark^, D.D., K 
tholotru ; is a 

Director of John I'.arran an mited). 

merchants, ol Idfawof 

Yorkshire ; was su 

:.. Pi On. of 

I oard, Sec. 
State lor Foreign Affairs, and Pnino 
Min. 1914-16; was Commr. I 

14-15; appointed Parliamentary I 


Retideme— Sawley Hall, Ripoo, Yorkshire. l'/»fit — Utook%\. I 

SIR ROWLAND H. BARRAN (Leeds North Division 

wl.m.l Hirst Barran. 
John Barran, 1st /unonst, by Ann, who d. 1874, da. 
1st *. 185S; a) privately: m. 
1887, Ron mom ho obtained a 

1909, I 



thk) Hall. OtUy, 

Amor peUriir. 

t femes 





SIR FRA.NCIS LAYLAND BARRATT. Bt. (Cornwall, Mid, or St. Austell, 


Francis Layland-Barr att, ist 
Baronet, only son of the late Francis Barratt, 
of 5, The Esplanade. Plymouth, and St. Austell, 
Cornwall, by Anna Michell, elder da. and co- 
heiress of the late John Pascoe Bennetts, J. P., 
of Woodlane, Falmouth ; b. Aug. 12th, i860 ; 
ed. privately, and at Trin. Hall, Camb. (B A. 
and LL.B. 1882, M.A. 1886) : ;//. 1884, 
Prances, el. da. of the late Thomas Layland, of 
Stonehouse, Wallasey, Cheshire ; is a J. P., a 
D.L., and a County Alderman for Cornwall ( High 
Sheriff 1897), a J. P. for Devon, and Commodore 
Roy. Cornwall Yacht Club ; assumed by Roy. 
license 1895 the additional surname and arms of 
Layland ; cr. a Baronet 1908. A Liberal; sat 
for Torquay Div. of Devonshire Oct. 1900 to 
Dec. 1910, when he was defeated ; again 
defeated there 1895 ; has sat for Mid, or St. 
Div. of Cornwall since Nov. 24th, 1915. 
Residences— b%, Cadogan Square, S.W. ; The Manor House, Torquay ; The Red House, 

Cromer, Norfolk ; Tregarne Lodge, St. Austell. Clubs— Reform, Devonshire, Royal 

Thames Yacht. 

H. T. BARRIE (Londonderry County, North Derry Division). 

Hugh Thorn Barrie ; b. Aug. 6th, i860: m. 1902, Katherine, 
da. of the Rev. W. H. Quarry; is a grain and produce merchant of Glasgow, 
Belfast, Coleraine, etc., a J. P., a D.L., and a County Councillor for London- 
derry, Clirn. of Co. Committees for Agriculture and Technical Instruction, 
and of Co. Asylum Board, Chm. of Coleraine Harbour Board, and a Member 
of Ulster Unionist Council; was High Sheriff of co. Londonderry 191 7. A 
Conservative and Unionist ; has sat for N. Derry Div. of Londonderry co. since 
Jan. 23rd, 1906. 

Residence — The Manor House, Coleraine. Clubs— Carlton, St. Stephen's. 


William Barton, son of the late Robert Barton, of Hamilton, 
by a da. of James Grey, coalmaster ; b. Aug. 5th, 1862 ; ed. at Glasgow 
High Sen. and Univ. : m, 1st, 1895, Jessie Cuthbertson, who d. 1915, da. of 
James Boyd, merchant, of Manchester ; 2ndly, 1918, Olive Ruth Bryson ; 
is head of the firm of William Barton and Co. (Limited), of Manchester, 
a J. P. for Lancashire, and a Director of Manchester Athenoeum ; Knt. 1917. 
A Liberal; has sat for Oldham since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residences — Wyberslegh Hall, Disley, Cheshire ; 53, George Street, Manchester. 
Clubs— National Liberal, Athenaeum, Reform. 

LIEUT. COL. THE HON. A. B. BATHURST (Gloucestershire, East, 
or Cirencester, Division). 

Allen Benjamin Bathurst, youngest son of 

6th Earl Bathurst, of Cirencester House, Cirencester, 

by the Hon. Meriel Leicester Warren, who d. 1872, 

da. of 2nd Baron de Tabley; I>. June 25th, 1872; ed. 

at Eton, and at Roy. Agricultural Coll., Cirencester 

i Membership Diploma 1893) : »i. 1902, Augusta Ruby, el. 

da. of the late Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill ; formerly 

Lieut.-Col. Comdg. a Batn. Gloucestershire Regt. ; is 

Hon. Capt. in the Army, an Underwriting Member of 

Lloyds, and a D.L. for Gloucestershire; was Parlia- 




mentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to the Postmaster-Gen. (Marquess of London- 
derry) 1901. A Con 1 . >;v. ofGloa 
shire July 1895 to Jan. 1906, when he was <k! lected Ian. 25th, 
1910, and Dec. 8th, 1910. 

Residences -tq, Chesham Street, S.W. ; Polebrook, Hever, Kent. C/*/*— Carlton. 

CAPr. SIR CHARLES BATHURST (Wiltshire, Southern, or Wilton, Division). 

Charles BATHURS 1 . A*. />'. A'., son of 
the late Charles Bathurst, of Lydney Park, 
Gloucestershire, by M.uv Elizabeth, only 
da. of Col. Thomas Pasley Hay ; 0. Sept. 
21st, 1867; ed. at Eton, at Sherborne, 
and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (H.A. 1890, 
M.A. 1892) ; gold medallist Kov Agri- 
cultural Coll., and silver medallist Roy. 
Agricultural So. : m. 1898, the Hon. 
Bertha Susan Loi>es, da. of 1st I 
Ludlow; Bar. Inner Temple 1892; 
Fellow of Chemical So., Vic 
merly Sec. ) of Central Land Asso. . 
Pres. and Gov. of Agricultural Organi- 
zation So., a Memlier of Council of 
Central Chamber of Agriculture (Chm. 
1915), and of Bath and West of Fngland 
and Southern Counties Agricultural Sos., 
of Farmers' Club Committee, and of 
Gloucestershire Education Cotnni: 
Director of Capital and Countie- 
(Limited), of Gloucester Wago 
(Limitedt, and of Richard Thomas and 
Co. (Limited). \^ricultural 

Coll., and of Swanley Horticultural Coll., Lord of ti 

Purton, and Aylburton, a Yerderer of H.M. Forest of Dean, a J. P. and a 

County Alderman for Gloiu ladCtpt R time Assist. Mil. 

5. Command and Salisbury Training Centre, and < h- 

Land Settlement Scheme for Ex-Scr. lien J was Parliam 

of Food Dec. 1916 to July 1917; appointed Chin, of I; 

Supply Aug. 191 7 ; K.B.F. 1917. A Conscn ai '/re \ hassat : A ilton, 

Div. of Wiltshire since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residence— Lydney Park, Gloucestershire. Clrntt- Carlton, Oxford and Cam! 
Burlington Fine Arts. 

W. F. HICKS-BEACH 'Gloucestershire, North, or Tewkesbury. Dlrlslonit 

Sir Michael I >ch, 8th laroncl. of Coin St. 

Aldw> . by ll.u 1910, 

mis ; 
/>. July 1 

1 i 
I Tyrwhiti 

is h.p. to 1 1 

has sat ! Icwkcsburv 

n since May 16th, 1 
Buckingham Strwt, S.W 6 ; Witcombt Park. 




SIR WILLIAM P. BEALE, Bt. (Ayrshire, South Division). 

William Phipson l'.i \i i . A'.( '., 
ist Baronet, el. son of the late William 
John Beale, J.P, (formerly solicitor of 
Birmingham and Westminster), of Brvn- 

tirion, Dolgelly, Merionethshire, by Martha, 
younger da. of William Phipson, of West- 
bourne, Edgbaston, Birmingham ; b. Oct. 
29th, 1839; ed. in Birmingham, Heidelberg, 
and Paris : m. 1869, Mary, elder da. of 
William Thompson, formerly of Sydney, 
N.S. Wales ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1867, a 
Q.C. 1888, and a Bencher 1892 ; is a 
Fellow of the Geological and Chemical Sos. ; 
cr. a Baronet 1912. A Liberal', unsuccess- 
fully contested N., or Tamworth, Div. of 
Warwickshire July 1885, Central Div. of 
Birmingham April 1889, and Aston Manor 
March 1891 ; has sat for S. Div. of Ayrshire 
since Jan. 24th, 1906. 

Residences— 2, Whitehall Court, S.W. ; Druni- 
lamford, Barrhill, Ayrshire. Chambers— 6, Stone 
Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. Clubs— Savile, 

Reform, Albemarle. 

SIR EDWARD BEAUCHAMP, Bt. (Suffolk, Northern, or Lowestoft, Division). 

Edward Beauchamp, ist Baronet, 
son of the late Rev. William Henry Beau- 
champ, of Chedgrave, Norfolk, by Augusta, 
da. of Dr. T. Arnold, of Stamford ; b. 
April 12th, 1849; ed. privately: m. ist, 
1875, Frances Mary, who d. 1886, da. of 
His Honour Judge Stephen, LL.D., of 
Newport House, Lincoln ; 2ndly, 1890, 
Betty Campbell, da. of the late Archibald 
Woods, of Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. ; for- 
merly in R.N. ; is a J. P. for Norfolk, Mem- 
ber of Lloyds (Chm. 1905 and 1913, and 
Vice-Chm. 1915 and 1916), and a Director 
of British Steamship Investment Trust ; cr. 
a Baronet 1 91 1. A Liberal; sat for N., or 
Lowestoft, Div. of Suffolk Jan. 1906 to Jan. 
1 9 10, when- he was defeated ; re-elected 
Dec. 9th, 1910. 

Residence — 26, Grosvenor Place, S.W. 

A. C. T. BECK (Essex, Northern, or Saffron Walden, Division). 

Arthur Cecil Tyrrell Beck, elder son of the late Arthur William 
Beck; b. 1876; ed. at Haileybury, and at Jesus Coll., Camb. : m. 18 — , 
Florence Mary, only child of the late William F. Cooper ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 
1899 ; was Mayor of St. Ives (Hunts) 1905-6 ; is a J. P. for Hunts and Beds, 
Hon. Lieut. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve, and Chm. of Liberal Insurance Com- 
mittee; appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. to H. J. Tennant, M.P. (when 



Sec. of Board of Trade) 191 1 (when Financial Sec. to the War Office) 191 1, 
and (when l'n<l State for War) June 1912, to Under Sec. of State 

for Home Affairs ( Kt. Hon. E, J. Griffith) 1912, t<> financial Sec. lo the 

ry (Hon tag n, MP. 1.1;, and to Parliamentary Sec. lo 

the Treasons (P. H. lUingworth, M.I'. > 1014, a Junior Lord of the Tn 

Keb. I'M 5, \ lo --Chamberlain of 11.. M a Household June 1915, and again in 
National Min. Dec. 1916, and Parliamentary Sec. to National Set. Depart. 
June 1917 ; was a Member of Roy. Cominn. on Civil Ser. 1912. A Liberal: 
sat for N., or Wisbech, Div. of Cambridgeshire Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, when 
M defeated for X -\\\. or Chippenham, Div. of Wdtshire ; elected for N., 
on WaKlen. Div. of Kssex Dec. 9th, 1910. 

Residences— 1, Whitehall Court, S.W. ; Ham-Id, Bedfordshire. Clubs— Reform, 

HON. (W.) G. BECKETT (Yorkshire, North Riding, Whitby Division). 

(William) (iervase Beckett, brother of 2nd 
Baton ( irimthorpe, and younger son of the late William 
Beckett, by the Hon. Helen Duncombe, who d 1896. da. 
of 2nd Earl of Feversham ; b. Jan. 14th, 1866; ed. at 
Kton: m. 1st, 1896, the Hon.* Mabel Theresa Dun- 
combe, who d. 1913, da. of the late William Reginald, 
Viscount Helmsley, II. P, ; 2ndly, 1917, Marjorie 
Hlanche Eva, da of 5th Earl of Warwick, and widow 
of 2nd Earl of Feversham ; formerly Capt. Yeo. ; is 
a partner in the banking firm of Beckett and Co., of 
Leeds; sometime principal proprietor and Editor-in-Ch. 
of the Saturday Rei>iew. A Conservative; has sat for 
Prodesse cwibus. Whitby Div. of N. Riding of Yorkshire since Jan. 25th, 

1906, having been defeated there June 1905. 

Residences -28, Great Cumbrian 1 Place, W.J Kirkdale Manor. Nawton, Yorkshire ; 

Duncombe Park, Helmsley, Yorkshire. Clubs -Carlton, Bachelor* 1 , Whites. Carrick. 

MAJOR A. C MORRISON BELL Devonshire, Eastern, or Honlton. Division . 

ArthurClive Mori 

son of Sir Charles William | < II, |f| 

in., of Manor ib-ath, Boaroeaoath, 1 

burn Hall, I-'.l.vh.n, N.>ithnml>crland, High 
Green Manor, Bellingham, Northuml 
and 13, Grosvenor Ci< 

: William 1 1 
mcrly of The Halt, Kenilworth; b. Apr 
1871 ; 

Sandhurst : m, 191 Katha- 

rine Juli 1 Wingi !i Viscount 

gent, prcsrrr PopUl 

! with 
■ 914*1$ 

. has sat for I-'.., or Ho 
nee Jan. 28th, 1910. 

• ( nmberUnd Place. W. ; Harpfotd H< 

Clubt - 1 

rd»\ Traveller*'. Hath, Alpine. 

V. I»rx,>n. 



LIEUT. -COL. E. F. MORRISON-BELL (Devonshire, Mid, or Ashburton, Division). 

Ernest Fitzroy Morrison-Bell, 3rd 
son of Sir diaries William Morrison-Bell, 
ist Baronet, of Manor Heath, Bournemouth, 
Otterburn 1 [all, Elsdon, Northumberland, 1 ligh 
Green Manor, Bellingham, Northumberland, 
and 13, Grosvenor Crescent, S.W., by Louisa 
Maria, da. of William Henry Dawes, J.l'., 
formerly of The Hall, Kenilworth ; b. (twin) 
April 19th, 1871 ; eel. at Eton : ///. 1902, 
Maud Evelyn, da. of Lieut.-Col. Frank Henry, 
J. P., formerly 9th Lancers, of Elmestree, 
Tetlmry, Gloucestershire ; is Capt. Reserve 
of Officers, and temporary Lieut.-Col. Comdg. 
a Yeo. Regt ; formerly Capt. 9th Lancers ; 
served in S. Africa 1899-1902 (despatches, 
Queen's medal with four clasps. King's medal 
with two clasps). An Unionist; elected for 
Mid,or Ashburton, Div. of Devon Co. Jan. 17th, 

1908, and Dec. 13th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1906 and Jan. 1910. 
Residences— 5, Cambridge Gate, Regent's Park, N.W. ; Pitt House, Chudleigh, Devon. 

Clubs — Cavalry, Carlton, Royal Automobile. 

COM. CARLYON (W.) BELLAIRS (Maidstone). 

Carlyon (Wilfroy) Bellairs, son 
of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir William Bellairs, 
K.C.M.G., C.B., of Clevedon, Somerset, 
by Blanche St. John, da. of the late Francis 
Adolphus Moschzisker, Ph.D. ; b. March 
15th, 1871 : ///. 191 1, Charlotte, da. of the 
late Col. H. L. Pierson, of Laurence, Long 
Island, New York; entered R.N. 1884, 
became Lieut. 1891 (specially promoted, 
having obtained 1st class certificates at all 
examinations) (retired 1902), and Com. 
191 1 ; sometime Lecturer for War Course 
of Senior Officers at Roy. Naval Coll. ; has 
acted as Special Correspondent for the limes 
during Naval Manoeuvres ; was a County 
Councillor for London 1913-15 ; contributed 
to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Naval 
Annual, etc. ; received silver medal of the 
Society of Arts. A Conservative ; sat for 
King's Lynn (as a Liberal) Jan. 1906 to Oct. 1909, and as a Conservative 
Oct. 1909 to Jan. 1910; has sat for Maidstone since Feb. 22nd, 1915. 
Residence— 35, Wilton Place, S.W. Club— Carlton. 

A. S. BENN (Plymouth). 

Arthur Shirley Benn, el. son of the 
late Rev. John W. Benn, R. of Carrigaline 
and Douglas, co. Cork, by Maria Louisa, da, 
of the late Gen. Christopher Hamilton, C.B. ; 
b. 1858; ed. at Clifton Coll., and abroad; a 
Student of Inner Temple : m. 1888, Alys Marie, 
da. of F. A. Liiling, of New Orleans, U.S.A. ; 
lived many years in U.S.A. and Canada ; held 
Commission in Canadian Garrison Artillery ; 
was Managing Director of Hunter, Benn and 
Co., merchants and timber shippers, and Vice- 
Consul at Mobile, Alabama 1898-1902; was 
a County Councillor for London 1907- 11 (Chm. 
of its Highways Committee 1909-10). A Con- 



lly contested Battersea Div. of Battersea and Clapham 
Jan. 1906 and Jan. 1910; elected f<>r Plymoatfa Dec 1910. 

Resilience— iS, Bolton I nth KeatSDgtea, >.W. GAsJu Cidtm, Royal 

Thames Vat!. tern Yacht. 

COM. I. HAMILTON BENN Greenwich). 

Ion Hamilton Benn,Z>.5.0., son of the 
late Rev. John \V. Benn. R. of Carrigaline and 
Douglas, co. Cork, by Mar la. of t fil- 

iate Gen. Christopher Hamilton, C.B. ; l>. March 
3i>t, 1863 : ///. 1SS5, Frances, only da. of the 
late N. Bridget) of Wallington Manor, Surrey, 
and Blackheath, Kent; is Hon. Col London 
Regt., Com. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve, a 
Member of Port of London Authority, and a 
Director of Price and Pierce (Limited), mer- 
chants, of 27, Clement's Lane, E.C., and of 
Price Bros, and Co. (Limited) ; served during 
European War 1914-17 (despatches, D.S.O.); 
1 '.SO. 1917 ; was Mayor of Greenwich 1901-2, 
and a Member of the first Metropolitan Water 
Board 1903-6, and of London County Council 
1907-10. A Conservative ; has sat for Greenwich since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence— 17, Collingham Gardens, S.W. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Con- 

stitutional, Royal Thames Yacht. 

CAPT W. WEDGWOOD BENN (Tower Hamlets, St. George Division). 
William Wedgwood Benn, £>.S.(9.,son of Sir John Williams Kenn, 
.. 1.1 '.. D L. (formerly M.P. for 1 >evonport),of The < )ld Knoll, Bhckheath, 
S.K.. by Lily, youngest da. of John Pickstone, formerly of Silver Hill, i 

y 10th, 1877; ed. in Paris, and at Univ. Coll.. London 
1st class Honours 1S98) ; was Private Sec. (unpaid) to Rt. Hon. K. M, kt-nna. 
Ml., when successively Financial Sec. to the I 

Kducation, I of the Admiralty 1905-10, and a Junior Lord of the 

;ry (representing II.M.s Office nn. in 

>f Commons) 1910 15 ; appointed Chin, of Executive Committee, 
d Relief Fund 1914 ; formerly I luring European 

War 1915-17 in k.\ uiih rank of Capt. (desp .\ 

D.S.O., Cr<. ; D.S.O. 1917. A Liberal; has I 

>f Tower Hamlets since Jan. 17th, 1906. 
Residence -Th* Old Knoll, Blackheath. B I 

BENNETT G0LDNEY see Ooldney L 

J. BENTHAM Lincolnshire. West Lindsay, or Gainsborough. DtvlalonX 

ate William Jackson, of 
renue, Hull, by Sarah, da. >>f Robi I. Aug. 1st, 

1863; cd. privat. ^S6, Ada K 

Hull : f the firm «<l W illiani 

1". for Hull 

Riding o| \ 15 year* A Membtf iikiI ; 

was a M *o6 10 : assumed 

! dl Ian, xjoo; has sa- 
Lin. olnshire since Jan. 2f>th, 1910. 
ience-Swn\mnd, East Yorkshire C7«*-NaUooaJ literal. 



COL. LORD HENRY C CAVENDISH BENTINCK (Nottingham, South Division). 

Henry Cavendish Cavendish Bentinck, half 
brother of t>th Duke of Portland, leoond son of the late 
Lieut. -Gen. Arthur Cavendish- Bentinck, of Knst Court, 
Wokingham, Berks, l>y Augusta Mary Elizabeth, in her 
own right, Baroness Bokover, who d. 1893 ; b. May *8th, 
1863 ; ed. at Eton, and atCh. Ch., Oxford: m. 1892, Lady 
(m^AjV (om] ( )livia Caroline Amelia Taylour,da. ofthelateThomas, Earl 
V \7 1X5 ()f Bective > M - P " of Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale; 
■ raised to rank of a Duke's son 1880; formerly Lieut. 
3rd. Batn. Sherwood Foresters (Derbyshire Regt.); some- 
time a Family Trustee of British Museum ; is Hon. Col. 
Border Regt. Territorial Force, Lieut. -Col. Yeo., and a J. P., a D. L.. and a 
County Councillor (Lunesdale Div.) for Westmorland ; served in S. Africa 
1900, with Imperial Yeo., and in Dardanelles 1915, Comdg. Yeo. A 
Conservative', sat for N.W. Div. of Norfolk July 1886 to June 1892 ; defeated 
there 1885 anc ^ T ^9 2 5 sat f° r §• Div. of Nottingham July 1895 to Jan. 1906, 
when he was defeated ; re-elected Jan. 19th, 1910, and Dec. 5th, 1910. 

Residences— 53, Grosvenor Street, W. ; Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale. Clubs — 
Carlton, Turf. 

SIR JOHN H. BETHELL, Bt. (Essex, Southern, or Romford, Division). 

John Henry Bethell, ist Baronet, 
son of the late George Bethell, of South 
Woodford, Essex ; b. Sept. 1861 : m. 1895, 
Florence, da. of James Wooley Wyles ; 
sometime a Surveyor ; is a Director of 
London and South Western Hank (Limited), 
and of Royal Exchange Assurance Cor- 
poration, and J. P. for Essex; has twice 
been Mayor of West Ham, and twice of 
East Ham ; cr. Knt. 1906, and a Baronet 
191 1. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested 
N. Div. of West Ham Oct. 1900 ; has sat 
for S., or Romford, Div. of Essex since 
Jan. 20th, 1906, having been defeated 
there 1894 and 1895. 

Residence — Park House, Wanstead, Essex. 

A. BIGLAND (Birkenhead). 

Alfred Bigland, son of Edwin Bigland, of Birkenhead, by 
Adelaide Merry weather ; b. March 15th, 1855 ; ed. privately : m. 1878, 
Emily Jane, da. of William Baillie Arkle; is senior partner in the firm of 
Uigland, Sons and Jeffreys, general merchants, of Liverpool ; raised Bantam 
Hatns. Cheshire Regt. during European War ; appointed Assist. Director in 
Propellant Depart., Ministry of Munitions 1916, and Controller of Margarine, 
Soap, and Cattle Food Stuffs Feb. 1917 ; author of "Ethics of Empire," 
"England's Future under Tariff Reform," etc. A Conservative; elected for 
Birkenhead Dec. 5th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1910. 

Residence— -Wexford Lodge, Oxton, Birkenhead. Club— Carlton. 

COM. N. PEMBERTON BILLING (Hertfordshire, East, or Hertford, Division), 

Noel Pemberton Billing, son of Charles Eardley Billing ; 
b. 1880; formerly Squadron-Corn. Roy. Naval Air Ser. An Independent ; 
has sat for E., or Hertford, Div. of Hertfordshire since March 9th, 1916. 
Residence— Hertford House, Hertford. Chambers — 3, Essex Court, Strand, W.C. 



ALFRED F. BIRD (Wolverhampton. West Division) 

Alfred Frederick Bird, younger 
t tbeUte Alfred Bird, F.C.S., anal] 

and manufacturing chemist, of Birmingham, 
l>y Elizabeth Lavinia, da, <>f Richard Kagg; 
t>. July 27th, 1849; ed. at King Kdward's 
Gram. Sch., Birmingham: w. 1875, Eleanor 
Frances, da. of the late Rol>ert Lloyd Evans ; 
is Chm. of Alfred Bird and Sons 1 Limited . 
manufacturing chemists, of Deritend, Bit- 
mingham, and aj.l\ and D.L for Warwick- 
shire ; has travelled widely ; appointed 
Parliamentary Private Sec. to Under Sec. 
for the Colonies 191 7. A Con sen . 
unsuccessfully contested Wednesbury Jan. 
1906 ; has sat for \V. Div. of Wolver- 
hampton since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Residence— Tudor Grange, Solihull, Warwick - 
.shire. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Con- 

<:, Union (Birmingham), Alpine, Royal Automobile, Conservative (Wolverhampton). 

RIGHT HON. A. BIRRELL (Bristol. North Division). 
Augustine BlRRELL, P.C, t A'.C. /./,./>.. son of the Rev. ( : 
Mitchell Birrell, main oformial Minister in Lira 

Jane, da. of the Rev. Hem 

Jan. 19th, 1850 ; ed. at Amersham Hall Scl:., and at Tiin. Hall. < 
1872, Hon. Fellow 1899) ; I.I.D.. St All | 1 1 n. I I . 1 1 . | 

1909; Hon. D.Lttt., Bristol 1912 : ///. 1st, 1878, Man -.», who 

d. 1879, da. of Archibald Mirrielees; 2n<lly, 1 888, 

: ;, da. of Frederick Locker, sod widow of the Hon. Lionel Tennyson; 

liner Temple 1875, a Q«C. 1894, and a Bencher I903 ; is a J. P. for 

k ; appoint 1905. and Ch. Sec. 

land, Jan. 1907 (resigned May 1916) ; elect lasgow 

Univ. 191 1 ; P.C. 190; essfully contest t Div. of 

>ol 1885, and VVidne sS6 ; sat for 

fuly 1889 to Oct. 1900; has sat : r V Div. of 

15th, 190' . 

1 M Pightle, Sheringham, Norfolk. C/mti - 

New University, Atheu.iiun, National Liberal. 

SIR ARTHUR W. BLACK (Bedfordshire, Northern, or Biggleswade, Division 

Arthur William I m of the latt William Edwai 

\ ; ed in Nottingham 1 m. 1S87 
of the late |..|»n Spence, ol Paisley; is a lace manufacturer, a I 

-iicriff 189s 1902-3), and a Bros. 

tt ion Com- 
ttingham ; 1 1003; 

il*rof International I '709: Km. 

1916. sfully contested Done 

ire Oct. 1900 ; has sat for N., or Biggies* 
i i.h, 1906. 

■dm Hark. Nottingham ; Kockvy Fan*. Woottoa, 
Clmbe- National Liberal, I 



CAPT R. BLAIR Tower Hamlets, Bow and Bromley Division). 

Reginald Blair, youngest son of the late George Mac Lei Ian 

iSSi ; ed, at Kelvinside Acad., Glasgow, 
///. 1905, Mabel, youngest da. of the late George 

Blair, J. P., of Glasgow 

and at < ilasgow Univ. 

Bradley Wieland; is a Member of Institute of Accountants and Actuaries in 
Scotland; served during European War 1914-16 as field Cashier, with 
rank of Capt. (despatches). A Conservative ; has sat for Bow and Bromley 
Div. of Tower Hamlets since Nov. 26th, 1912. 

Residence — The Hermitage, Harrow Weald, Middlesex. Clubs — Carlton. St. 


COL. SIR FRANCIS D. BLAKE. Be. (Northumberland, 


Berwick on-Tweed 

Francis Douglas Blake, 1st Baronet, 
el. son of the 'ate Francis Blake, of Till- 
mouth Park, Northumberland ; b. Feb. 27th, 
1856 ; ed. at Cheltenham, and at Univ. Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1879) : m. 1886, Selina Col- 
quhoun, who^/. 1915, el. da. of James Cleland 
Burns; Bar. Inner Temple 1881 ; is a J. P. 
and D.L. for Northumberland, Chm. of 
Quarter Sessions, Vice-Chm. of its Territorial 
Force Asso , and Hon. Col. Cyclist Batn. 
(Territorial Force) ; formerly Hon. Col. 
Northumberland F.A. (Reserve), and Lieut. - 
Col. and Hon. Col. Comdt. Northumberland 
R.G.A. A Coalition Member; unsuccessfully 
contested Tynemouth (L) 1895 and 1900 ; 
has sat for Berwick-on-Tweed Div. of North- 
umberland since Aug. 16th, 1916. 

Seat — Tillmouth Park, Cornhill - on - Tweed, 
Northumberland. Club — United University. 

J. BLISS (Cumberland, Cockermouth Division). 

Joseph Bliss, el. son of the Rev. Joseph Bliss, of Carlisle ; 
b. 1853: m. 1891, Margaret, da. of J. McClymont, of Borgne Hall, Kirk- 
cudbrightshire ; is a J. P. for Lancashire. A Liberal ; has sat for Cockermouth 
Div. of Cumberland since March 2nd, 1 91 6. 

R tsidence— Boarbank Hall, Grange-over-Sands. Club— National Liberal. 

J. P. BOLAND (Kerry County, South Kerry Division). 
John Pius Boland (in Irish, Seaghan Ua Beolain), son of the 
late Patrick Boland, baker and miller, of Dublin, by Mary, da. of John 
Donnelly, of Dublin; b. Sept. 16th. 1870; ed. at Oratory Sch., Edgbaston, 
at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1896, M.A. 1900), and at Univs. of Bonn and 
London (B.A. 1892); Bar. Inner Temple 1897: m. 1902, Eileen, da. of the 
late Dr. Patrick Moloney, of Melbourne, Australia; is Vice-Pres. of Irish 
Industrial Development Asso., and Whip to Irish Party ; has travelled widely. 
A Nationalist ; has sat for S. Kerry Div. of Kerry Co. since Oct. 3rd, 1900. 
Residence— 40, St. George's Square, S.W. 


LIEUT. COL. D. F. BOLES (Somersetshire, West, or Wellington, Division . 

Dennis Fortescue Boles, son of the late Rev. James Thomas 
Boles, of Ryll Court, Kxmouth, and Moyge, co. Cork; b. Sept. 6th, | 
»//. 1894, Beatrice Ringrose, da. of the late John Lysaght, of Hengrave Hall, 
Suffolk; is a f.P. and D L. for Somerset; sometime Lieut. -Col. Comdg. a 
Batn. Devonshire Regt. A Conservative, elected for W., or Wellington, 
; Somersetshire July 21st, 1911. 

KmUrmrt Watti House, Hi>hops Lydeard, Taunton. Ciubt— Junior, United S> 
Carlton, Ranelagh, Royal Automobile. 

F. H. BOOTH (Pontefract). 

Frederick Handel Booth, son of John Booth; b. July strd, 

1867: m. 1895, a da. of Thomas Dreydel, J. P. ; is Chm. of Yorkshire Iron 

■ad Coal Co. (Limited) ; appointed a Member of Select Committee on 

i Agreement 1912. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested King's Lynn 

Oct. 1900 ; elected for Pontefract Dec. 8th, 19 10. 

Residences— 106, Grosvenor Road, S.W. ; Hooton Levitt Hall, near Malthy, Rothcr- 
ham. Clubs— National Liberal, Royal Automobile. 


Arthur Sackville Trevor Griffith-Boscawen, son of the late 
Capt. Boscawen Trevor Griffith, who assumed the additional surname of 
Boscawen 1875, ofTrevalyn Hall, Wrexham, by Helen Sophia, el. da. of the 
late Adm. Norwich Duff; b. Oct. 18th, 1865; ed. at Rugby, and at Queen's 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 2nd class Moderations, 1st Class Clastic*, 2nd class 

ry 1888, M.A. 1894): ///. 1892, Edith Sarah, el. da. of the I 
Williams, of Boons Park, Edenbridge, Kent ; of Oxford Union 

1888; formerly Lieut.-Col. Comdg. 3rd Batn. Qneen'l I : Kent 

Regt. ) ; is a J. P. for Kent, sometime a Chm. of House of Commons Standing 
ttees ; was Private Sec. to Chancellor of the Exchequer Kt. Hon. 
Sir M. Hicks-Bead), Bt, M.P.) 1895-1900, Fourth Charity Commr. (unpaid) 
1900-1906, and a County Councillor for London (Dulwich Div ") 1910-13 

time Chm. of its Housing of the Working Classes Commit t 
during European War in Prance 1916 Comdg. a Batn. Hampshire Re- 
spatches) ; appointed Parliamentary Sec. oj Dec. 1916 ; 

author of " Fourteen Years in Parliament"; Knt. 191 1. A Conservative; sat 

W , or Tonbridge. Div of Kent July 1892 to Jan. 1906, when he was 
elected for Dudley Dec. 7th, 1910, having l>ccn defeated there 
Jan. 19IO. 

Residences -80, Corn* tk Hill Mouk, Dudley. Cinbt— 

Athen-ttmi, CarUoo,, Koy»| Amoniol.ilc. 

LIEUT. COL. O. R. HARLAND BOWDEN (Derbyshire, North Bant Division). 
1 1 .Hand BOWDI 

May 20th, 1914. 

Residence— Ha/lcdcne. St. Albans, Herts. C7«A*— Carlton, Junior Army and N> 

William Bowerman, P.C. % el. son c>! 

of II int. n, Devon; b. 1851: »/. 1876, Loafs*, dl 

Sec. of 
Count. x>l-7, a M« 


: M 

iA#*r Member; has sat for 
$th, 1906. 
Resident— 4 Battled— n Road, Hif hbury. N. 


D. BOYLE (Mayo County. North Mayo Division). 
Daniel Boyle, son of the late Donal Boyle, farmer, of Kilcoo, 
co. Fermanagh; b. Jan. 10th, 1859; ed. at National Sch. : m. 1883, Annie, 
da. of the late Patrick Gardiner, of Sligo ; qualified as a Teacher but never 
followed that profession : a journalist ; elected to Manchester City Council 
1894, and became an Alderman 1908 ; is a J. P. of that City. A Nationalist ; 
has sat for N. Mayo Div. of Mayo Co. since Jan. 28th, 1910. 
Residence - Castletown Manor, via Ballina, co Sligo. 

W. L. BOYLE (Norfolk, Mid Division). 

William Lewis Boyle, 5th son of the late 

Charles John Boyle, by Zacyntha, who d. 1907, da. of 

the late Gen. Sir Lorenzo Moore, Gov. of the Ionian 

Islands; b. May 27th, 1859: m. 1887, Charlotte Mary, 

da. of the late Charles Loyd Norman, of The Rookery, 

Bromley Common, Kent. A Liberal Unionist ; has 

sat for Mid. Div. of Norfolk since Jan. 19th, 1910, 

having been defeated there Oct. 1900 and Jan. 1906. 

Residence— Tuddenham Lodge, Honingham, Norfolk. 
Clubs— Carlton, Constitutional, Norfolk County. 

SIR JAMES B0YT0N (Marylebone, East Division). 

James Boyton, son of the late Henry Boyton ; b. 1855: 
///. 1 88 1, Emma, da. of the late Peter Middleton ; is senior partner in the 
firm of Elliott, Son and Boyton, auctioneers and surveyors, of Vere Street, 
W., and a Member of Council of Auctioneers' and Estate Agents' Institute 
(I'res. 1905-6) ; was a Member of London County Council 1907-10 ; Knt. 1918. 
A Conservative ; has sat for E. Div. of Marylebone since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residences— 2, Park Square West, Regent's Park, N.W. ; Thames Lawn, Marlow, 
Bucks. Clubs— Constitutional, Carlton. 

RIGHT HON. W. BRACE (Glamorgan, Southern Division). 

William Brace, P.C.\ b. Sept. 23rd, 1865 : ;//. 1890, Nellie, da. 
of William Humphreys; commenced life as a pit worker; sometime Miners' 
Agent for S. Glamorganshire ; is a Member of Board of Trade Arbitration 
Court, Pres. of S. Wales Miners' Federation, and Past Vice-Chm. of 
Labour Party ; was a Member of Roy. Commn. on Coal Resources of 
Great Britain; appointed Parliamentary Under Sec. of State for Home 
Depart. Feb. 1915, and again in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; P.C. 1916. A 
Labour Member', has sat for S. Div. of Glamorgan since Jan. 23rd, 1906. 

Residence— Devonfield, Fields Road, Newport, Monmouthshire. 

P. J. BRADY (Dublin City, Stephen's Green Division). 

Patrick Joseph Brady, el. son of the late James Brady, of 
Blackrock, co. Dublin ; b. March 12th, 1868 ; ed. at St. Vincent's Coll., 
Castleknock and at Univ. Coll., Dublin: ;//. 1900. Evelyn, younger da. of 
the late John Douglas Parminter, Paymaster R.N.; admitted Solicitor 1893; 
is a member of the legal firm of Brady and Hay den, of Dublin, and of 
Council of Incorporated Law So. of Ireland, and a Director of Midland 
Great Western of Ireland Railway Co. A Nationalist ; has sat for Stephen's 
Green Div. of Dublin City since Jan. 20th, 1910. 

Resident — Glena, Booterstown, co. Dublin. Chambers— 20, Molesworth Street, 

Dublin. Clubs— National Liberal, Irish Automobile, Stephen's Green. 




MAJOR H. L. C. BRASSEY (Northamptonshire, Northern Divisions 
«£; Henry Leonard Campbell Brassey, son of 

| <Z^>„ the late Henry Arthur Brassey (formerly M.I', for 

Sandwich), of Preston Hall, K una Harriet, 

who d. 1898, da. of ( leorge Robert Stevenson, of Tongs- 
wood, Hawkhurst, Kent ; />. March 7th, 1870 : m. 1894, 
Lady Violet 1 Ion-Lennox, da. of 7th Duke of 

Richmond and Gordon ; formerly Major V 
Imperial Veo. ; is Major Ye<>., and a J. P. for Kent 
and Northants (Sheriff 1907). A Conservative ; has sat 
for N. Div. of Northamptonshire since Jan. 27th, 1910. 
>. Residences— 40, Upper Grosvenor Street, W. ; Apcthorps 

Hall, Peterborough, Northants. 

W. C. BRIDGEMAN 'Shropshire, Western, or Oswestry, Division). 

William Clive Bridgeman, son of the 
late Rev. the Hon. John Robert Orlando Bridge- 
man, 3rd son of 2nd Karl of Bradford, by Marianne 
Caroline, da. of the late Ven. William Clive. 
deacon of Montgomery ; b. Dec. 31st, 1864 ; 
Eton, and at Trim Coll., Carab. (B.A. 1887. M A 
1892) : m. 1895, Caroline Beatrix, da. of the 
Cecil Thomas Parker, of The Pa.i lesion, 

Chester: i^ a J.P. for Salop; was Assist. Private 
- Sec. to Sec. of State for Colonies (Baron Knutsford) 
1889-92, and Private See. to ( haiKvll"r of the 
Exchequer ( Rt. Hon. Sir M. Hicks-Beach. Bt., M.P.) 1895-9; appointed a 
Junior Lord of the Treasury May 1915 (also Assist. Director, War Trade 
Depart. 1916), and Parliamentary Sec. to Min. of LabottI Dec. 1916. A 
Conservative; unsuccessfully contested Worcestershire, N. Div., July 1892, 
hire, Mid. Div. July 1895, ami Salop, W., or Osu r. July 

1904 ; has sat for \Y., or Oswestry, Div. of Shropshire since Jan. 19th, 1906. 

Residences— \^ % Mansfield Street, \V. ; Leigh Manor, Minsterley, Shropshire. C7»*— 

LIEUT. COL W. B. BROCK LEHURST (Cheshire. Macclesfield Division). 

William Brocklehurst Brocklehurst, 

el. son of the late William Coarc Brocklehurst 

Balky llali.rhohiic. 
by M Worthington, J.l\, of 

Brockhttrlt, Cheshire; k May iSth, 1851 ; 
ed. at Cheltenham Coll., and at Magdalen 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1874) ; is a silk manu- 
facturer, 1 1.1'. and a County Cp OT cl lta 
Cheshire, and Major and II Col. 

Yeo. ; ha* sal for Macclesfiekl I 

of Cheshire »ince Jan. i8lh, 1906. 

Reti v Hall, 

M«<rl**fWM. C/.A- 

W BROOKES (Tower Hamlet*. Mil* Bad DlrUlonV 

VVarwicl Ikookes, son <>t k Brookes, ol Nfa 

Managing 1 
e Cooperative So. (Limited), of 28, I layout '» Booth and 


Brookes (Limited) and T. T. Nethercoat and Co. (Limited). An Unionist', 
unsuccessfully contested W. Div. of Newington Jan. and Dec. 1910; has sat 
for Mile End Div. of Tower Hamlets since Jan. 25th, 1916. 

Residence— %, Hamilton Place, Park Lane, W. 

U. H. BROUGHTON (Preston). 

Urban Hanlon Broughton, son of John Broughton, a railway 
manager; b. April 12th, 1857; ed. at Grove Park Sch., Wrexham, and at 
London Univ.: m. 1896. Cara Leland, da. of Henry Huttleston Rogers, of 
New York ; is an A.M. ICE. ; employed on railway, drainage, and dock 
works in England and Ireland 1878-87, and in engineering, manufacturing, 
mining, financial, and railway work in U.S.A. 1887-1912; has been Pres. and 
Director of Virginian Railway, Vice-Pres., Director, and Gen. Manager of 
United Metals Selling Co., Pres. and Director of Utah Consolidated Mining 
Co., and Shone Co., Vice-Pres. of National Copper Bank of New York, and 
a Director of many other cos. ; is Parliamentary Private Sec. to Attorney-Gen. 
A Conseivative ; has sat for Preston since June 9th, 19 r 5. 

Residence — 37, Park Street, Grosvenor Square, W. Clubs— Carlton, Marlborough, 

Garrick, Orleans, Boodle's, St. Stephen's, 1900, Royal Thames Yacht, Yorkshire. 

J. F. L. BRUNNER (Cheshire, Northwich Division). 

John Fowler Leece Brunner, el. son of 

the Rt. Hon. Sir John Tomlinson Brunner, P.C., 
1st Bt., of Silverlands, Chertsey, Surrey, by Salome, 
who d. 1874, da. of the late James Davies, of Liver- 
pool ; b. May 24th, 1865 ; ed. at Cheltenham, and at 
Trin. Hall, Camb. : m. 1894, Lucy Marianne Vaughan, 
da. of the late Octavius Vaughan Morgan, J. P. 
(formerly M.P. for Battersea Div. of Battersea and 
Clapham), of 13, The Boltons, S. Kensington. S.W. ; 
t Director of Brunner, Mond and Co. (Limited), a J. P. 
for Cheshire, and a Member of Central Tribunal for 
Great Britain. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested 
Cheshire, Hyde Div. Oct. 1900 ; sat for Leigh Div. of 

a-tTZ' a- Lancashire (S.-YV.) Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910 ; has sat for 

Blue si safiis. __ , . , ^l. c j J . . * , J T -' ' 

Northwich Div. of Cheshire since Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Residences — 43, Harrington Gardens, S.W.7; Sandiway House Northwich, Cheshire. 
Clubs— Reform, National Liberal. 

J. A. BRYCE (Inverness District). 
John Annan Bryce, son of the late James Bryce, LL.D., of 
Glasgow, by Margaret, el. da. of the late James Young, of Abbey ville, co. 
Antrim ; b. 18 — ; ed. at Glasgow High Sch. and Univ. (M.A.), at Edinburgh 
Univ., and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1st class Classics, Brackenlmry 
Scholar., Pres. Oxford Union So.) : ;//. 1888, Violet, da. of Capt. Champngne 
range, R.A. ; formerly an East India Merchant ; is a Director of London 
County and Westminster Bank (Limited), Bombay, Baroda, and Burma 
Railways, Alias Assurance Co., and English, Scottish, and Australian Bank; 
formerly a M.L.C. of Burmah and Chm. of Rangoon Chamber of Commerce; 
has twice been a Member of Council of Roy. Geographical So. ; was a 
Member of Roy. Commn. on Congestion in Ireland 1906-8. A Liberal ; has 
sat for Inverness Dist. since Jan. 19th, 1906. 

Residence — 35, Bryaiwton Square \V. Chd< Savile. 

SIR WILLIAM (J.) BULL (Hammersmith). 
William (James) Bull, 2nd son of the late Henry Bull, solicitor, 
sometime of India Board of Control, by Cecilia Ann, da. of the late James 
Peter Howard, of Whiteheads Wood Park, Shirley, Hants, and Lowndes 



Square, S.W. ; b. Sept. 29th, 1863 ; ed. at St. Mary's Acad. : m. 1904, 
Lilian, da. <>f Mrs. Brandon, of Oakbrook, Ravenscourt Park, and Heene, 

Worthing ; admitted Solicitor 1SS9 ; is senior partner in the firm of Bull and 
Bull, solicitors, of 3, Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, W.C, and 267 and 269, 
King Street, Hammersmith. \\\, Chm. of J. \V. Singer and Sons (Lin 
bronze founders, of Frome and London, a Member of Committee of the Birk- 
beck Coll. and of West London Hospital, a Gov. of Latymcr Charities, 
■ Member of Hoard of Trade Rubber and Tin Exportl Committee, Parlia- 
mentary Sec. of Unionist Business Committee, Hon. Solicitor and Vice- Pros, 
to Roy. Life Saving So., a Trustee of Roy Humane So., Chm. of S 
Convalescent Hospital at Seaford, a Land Tax Commr. for Kensington, 
Chm. House of Commons Petitions Committee, Hon. Sec. of London Un 
Members of Parliament, and Registrar of Imperial So. of Knights Bachelor ; 
sometime Yice-l'hm. and Chm. of Bridges Committee of London C 
Council during Construction of Blackball Tunnel ; has l>een Parliamentary 
Private Sec. to Rt. Hon. W. H. Long, M.P. since 1902 ; Knt. 1905. A 
Ctmurvativt ; has sat for Hammersmith since Oct. 4th, 1900. 

Residence — The Meadows, Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, W. Clubs— Carlton. 


MAJOR A. H. BURGOYNE (Kensington, North Division) 

Alan Hughes Burgoyne, son of Peter Bond Burgoyne, of 

Broadlands, Ascot, Berks; b. Sept. 30th, 1880 ; ed. privately, at Queen'l ColL, 
Oxford, and at Liege and Montpellier Univs. : m. 1906, Irene Victoria Eason, 
younger da. of K. Macdonald, hanker, of Sydney, N.S. Wal 'irector 

of P. B- Hurgoyne and Co. (Limited), wine growers and colonial merchants, 
of 5, I 'I ill, K.C., of Australian Wine Importers (Limitcd>, and of 

Limited), and Capt. Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex Rcgt.) ; 
served during European War 1914-17 (promoted Major) : author of several 

on Submarine Navigation ; founded (and edits) the Navy League 
Annual; two years Assist. BditOf of "Xav.d Pocket Book." A National 
^successfully contested King's Lynn Jan. 1906 ; has sat 
• on since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residences '—25, Lin.lcn GafdaOS, W 'phir, Ruthrr^lrn. Victoria, Australia. 

Clubs— Carlton, Royal Thames Yacht, Halsbury, City Carlton, Aero, etc 

BURN (Devonshire. Torquay Division). 
Charles Rosdew Burn 
Of the late Gen. Robert Mum, Col. Comdt. 

line Rosdew, 
Little J V Feb. SOth, 'hcltenham 

Coll., and . • 
1891, the I! 

only da. of 1st Baron I^cith of I 
inetly Lieut. -Col. 1st Dragoon* ; Mfl 
Ilaxar.i B88 (despatches, medal 

with clasp), and a 190010 



li M % 
i I 

ry. Co. ol 




«ly CJuai 
S and 1887-8, 

aaghi 1891*6, 


A Liberal Unionist; unsuccessfully contested E. Div. of Aberdeenshire 
Jan. 1910; elected for Torquay Div. of Devonshire Dec. 13th, 1910. 

Residences — 77, Cadogan Square, S.W. ; Stoodley Kttowle, Torquay; lyvic Castle, 
Uierdeenshire. Clubs— Carlton. Marlborough, Naval and Military, Hurlingham, New 
(Edinburgh), Royal Northern (Aberdeen). 

RIGHT HON. J. BURNS (Battersea and Clapham, Battersea Division). 

John Burns, P.C, son of Alexander Hums, an Engineer; />. 
Oct. 20th, 1858; ed. at Ch. Ch. Parochial Sch., Battersea ; Hon. LL.D., Aber- 
deen 191 1 : m. 1882, Martha Charlotte, da. of John Gale, a shipwright ; com- 
menced work at age of II, at Price's Candle Factory, York Road, S.W. ; is a 
mechanical engineer (having been apprenticed to the trade at the age of 14). 
a County Councillor for London, Battersea Div , a Representative Member of 
its Territorial Force Asso., and a Gov. of Battersea Polytechnic; led I )ock 
Labourers' Strike in 1889; sometime Chm. of Parliamentary Committee of 
Trade Union Congress ; was Pres. of Local Govt. Board Dec. 1905 to Feb. 
1914, and Pres. of Board of Trade Feb. to Aug. 1914 ; P.C. 1905. A Liberal 
(originally returned in Labour interest) ; unsuccessfully contested Nottingham, 
W. Div. 1885 ; has sat for Battersea Div. of Battersea and Clapham since 
July 6th, 1892. 

Residence — Alveistoke, North Side, Clapham Common; S.W. Club — National Liberal. 

RIGHT HON. T. BURT (Morpeth). 

Thomas Burt, P.C, son of Peter Burt, coal miner; b. Nov. 1 2th, 
1837 ; ed. at various dame or village schools, and by self-culture, meanwhile 
working as a miner; Hon. D.C.L., Durham 191 1 : m. i860, Mary, da. of 
Thomas Weatherburn, of Seghill, at which time he was Sec. of a Temperance 
So., and of a School Committee at Choppington ; in 1864 represented the 
Choppington miners at a Conference of the Northumberland and Durham 
Miners' Association ; in 1865 was during a strike elected Gen. Sec. of the 
Northumberland Miners' Mutual Confident Association (Sec. thereof 1865- 
1913, and now Hon. Adviser), then numbering 4,000 (now 40,000) members, 
who, to maintain the strike, subscribed over £4,000, and, expending only 
£3,300, retained the balance as the nucleus of a new fund ; was Parliamentary 
Sec. to Board of Trade Aug. 1892 to June 1895 ; is a Member of Board of 
Trade Arbitration Court, and of Industrial Council ; P.C. 1906. A Libera/ 
and JLabour Member ; has sat for Morpeth since Feb. 1874. 

Residence — 20, Burdon Terrace. Newcastle-on-Tyne. London A ddress— Reform Club, 
104, Pall Mall, S.W, Clubs— Reform, National Liberal. 

J. G. BUTCHER (York City). 

John George Butcher, AT. C, 2nd son of 

the late Most Rev. Samuel Butcher, D.D., Lord 
Bishop of Meatli, by his wife, Mary ; b. Nov. 
15th, 1852; ed. at Marlborough, and at Trin- 
Coll., Camb. (B.A., 8th Classic and 8th Wrangler 
1874, M.A. 1877) ; formerly Fellow of Trin. 
Coll., Camb. : m. 1898, Alice Mary, da. of E. L. 
Brandreth, J.P., and widow of J. E. 11. Gordon ; 
Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1878, a K.C. 1897, and a 
Bencher 1903 ; sometime a Member of Gen. 
Council of the Bar ; received Hon. Freedom of 
York City 1906; is aJ.P. for E. Riding of York- 
shire. A Conservative ; sat for York City July 
1892 to Jan. 1906, when he was defeated ; re- 
elected Jan. 17th, 1910, and Dec. 3rd, 1910. 

Residences— 32, Elvaston Place, S.W. ; RiccaU Hall, 
Yorkshire. Chambers -6, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, 
VV.C. Clubs— Carlton, Yorkshire. 



N. E. BUXTON (Norfolk, Northern Division). 

*J> Noel Edward Buxton, 2nd son of Sir 

M Thomas Fowell Buxt rd lit. of \\ 

jFft 1 Waltham Abbey, by Lady Victoria Noel, <l.i. 

^"""""W,^ % Earl of Gainsborough; b. Jan. 9th, 1869 ; eH. at 

J .A\ ( >w. and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (H.A. 18*9, M.A. 

1894): m. 1914. Lucy Edith, da. of Major 1 
Pelham Hum, of Cliff House, Cromer; formerly Major 
2nd Tower Hamlets Rifle Vol.; sometime 1 
the Metropolitan br e w in g firm of Truman, Hanbury 
and Co. ; is Chm. of Balkan Committee ; author of 
several works on the Near East. A Liberal \ sat 
tor Whitby Div. of N. Riding of Yorkshire June 1905 to Jan. 1906, when 
he was defeated ; re-elected for N. Div. of Norfolk Jan. 25th, 1910, and Dec. 
;th, 1910. 

Residences— 12, Rutland Gate, S.W. ; Colnc Cottage, Cromer. C/ttfi— Reform. 

A. BYRNE (Dublin City, Dublin Harbour Division 

Alfred Byrnk, ; />. 1882 ; is an Alderman of the City of Dublin, 
and a Member of Port and Docks Hoard. A Nationalist : has sat for Dublin 
Harbour Div. of Dublin City since Sept. 30th, 1915. 

Rcsidtnce-bi, North Strand Road, Dublin. 

LIEUT COL. W. R. CAMPION Sussex, Mid, or Lewes. Division). 

William Robert CAMPION, lKS.(\ y son of Col. William H 
Campion, C.B.. by the Hon. (intrude Hiand, d.i ouni Han 

b. 1870: m. 1894, Katharine Mary. da. of the late Rev. the Hon. William 

J. P. for S 
daring European Wei 1914-18 CD.S s An Uni t niti \ un- 

fully contested \ I cestcrshire Jan. 1906, and Jan. 1910 ; 

has sat for Mid, or Lewes, Div. of Sussex since June 1910. 

Address— House of Common*, Wnlm 

C. R. S. CAREW (Devonshire. North East, or Tiverton. Division) 

son of the late Kev. Kolxrrt Baker I 
R. of Hickleigh, Tiverton, by A 
rth, da. of Thomas I 
^ e« 

) .^'_^ coat, ds 

Unionist \ h.»s v 




COL. 8IR (E.) HILDRED CARLILE, Bt. (Hertfordshire, Mid, or St. Albans, 


ffl uriiLiTAT^^ (Edward) Hildred Carlile, ist 

Baronet t second son of the late Edward 
Carlile, of Richmond Hill, Surrey, by Maria 
Louisa, who d. 190S, da. of the late B. 
Wilson, of Streatham, Surrey; /'.July 10th, 
1852 ; ed. privately : m. 1876, Isabella, 
third da. of Cornelius Ilanbury, of Manor 
House, Little Berkhampstead, Herts; some- 
time Capt. W. Yorkshire Yeo. Cav. ; is Hon. 
Col. (T.D.) of a Batn. (Comdg. 2nd Vol. 
Batn. 1898- 1904) Duke of Wellington's (W. 
Riding Regt.), a J. P. for W. Riding of 
Yorkshire and a J. P. and D.L. for Hert- 
fordshire; cr. Knt. 191 1, and a Baronet 
191 7. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully con- 

Xr 1 I — \fl 1$ tested Huddersfield Oct. 1900; has sat for 

\ J L y^f Mid, or St. Albans. Div. of Hertfordshire 

^^£Z^ since Jan. 17th, 1906. 

Residence — Ponsbourne Park, near Hertford. Club— Carlton. 

CARNEGIE (Winchester). 

Douglas George Carnegie, 2nd son 
of 9th Earl of Northesk, by Elizabeth, da. of 
the late Adm. Sir George Elliot, K.C.B. ; 6. 
Jan. 4th, 1870 : /;/. 1894, Margaret Jean, da. 
of Arthur Henry Johnstone-Douglas, of 
Comlongan Castle, Ruthwell ; formerly Capt. 
(retired as Hon. Major) 3rd Batn. Glouces- 
tershire Regt. ; is Lieut. -Col. Comdg. Labour 
Centre. A National Member ; has sat for 
Winchester since Oct. 19th, 1916. 

Residence — Fair Oak, Rogate, Sussex. 

CARR-G0MM [see Gomm] 

RIGHT HON. SIR EDWARD H. CARSON (Dublin University). 
Edward Henry Carson, P.C., Knt., K.C, LL.D., son of the 
late Edward Henry Carson, sometime Vice-Pres. of Roy. Institute of 
Architects, of Harcourt Street, Dublin, by Isabella, da. of Capt. P. Lambert, 
J. P., of Castle Ellen, Athenry, co. Galway; b. Feb. 9th, 1854; ed. at Portar- 
lington Sch., and at Dublin Univ. (B.A. 1876, M.A. 1889, Hon. LL.D. 1901) : 
in. ist, 1879, Sarah Annette Foster, who d. 191 3, da. of H. Persse Kirwan, 
formerly of Triston Lodge, co. Galway; 2ndly, 1914, Ruby, da. of Col. 
Stephen Frewen, formerly Comdg. 16th Lancers ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin 
1877, a K.C. (Ireland) 1889, and a Bencher 1891 ; Bar. Middle Temple 1893, 
a K.C. (England) 1894, and a Bencher 1900; was Counsel to Attorney-Gen. 
of Ireland 1887-90, Senior Crown Prosecutor for County and City of Dublin 
1 89 1 -2, Solicitor-Gen. for Ireland 1892, Solicitor-Gen. for England May 1900 
to Dec. 1905, and Attorney-Gen. (with a seat in the Cabinet) May to Oct. 
191 5 ; appointed First Lord of the Admiralty in National Min. Dec. 1916, 
and a Member of the War Cabinet (without portfolio) July 191 7 ; elected 
Autumn Reader to Inns of Court 1912 ; is a Member of Ulster Unionist 
Council, and Chm. of its Central Executive Committee ; P.C. (Ireland) 1896, 
Knt. 1900, P.C. (England) 1905. A Conservative ; has sat for Dublin Univ. 
since July 9th, 1892. 

Residences, Eaton Place, S.W. Chambers— 3, Dr. Johnson's Buildings. Temple, 
E.C. Clubs— Carlton, Garrick, Bachelors', Dublin University, City Carlton, Ulster. 


2 9 

J. CATOR i Huntingdonshire, Southern, or Huntingdon, Division). 

John Cator, el. son of the late 
ivarle Cator, of Woodbattwick Hill. 
Norfolk, by Mary lloleSWOfftfa Cidelia, 
da. <»f Christopher Arthur Mohun-II 
of Haync, Devon « /-. Sept. 24th, 1862; 
ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford | 
1883) : m. 1895, Maud, da. of the fete 
Henry John Adeane, M.l'., of Babraham 
Hall, Cambridgeshire ; is a J. P. and a D.I 
for Norfolk ; sometime Capt. and I Ion. Major 
Norfolk R.G.A. (Mil.). A Comenative ; 
unsuccessfully contested N. Div. of 
folk July 1892 ; has sat for S., or Hun- 
tingdon, Div. of Huntingdonshire >ince 
Jan. 20th, 1910, having been defeated 
there Jan. 1906. 

Residences,— 5?, Pont Street. 8. W. j Wood- 
bastwick Hall, Norwich; Heckenham I 

H. S. CAUTLEY (Sussex, Northern, or East Gnnstead. Division). 
iry Strother Cautley, el. son of the late Henry Cautlev. 
of Bramley, near Leeds, and Burton Pidsea, E. Yorkshire, by Mary Ellen, 
da. of the late Thomas Strother, of Killinghall, Yorkshire, and Hicham 
Park, Northamptonshire; b. Dec. 9th, 1S63 ; ed. at Charterhouse (Scholar), 
and at King's Coll., Camb. (Scholar 1881, B.A. ISf CUtM Mathematical 
iS84>: ///. 1902, Alice Bohun, da. of Bohun Henry Chandta 
fMaplewell, Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire; Bar. Middle Temple 
1886; goes N.-K. Circuit; sometime Piret, of Bramley < '». A 

Come) vative ; unsuccessfully contested DeusLury 1892 and 1S95 » Ml f° r 
Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906, when he was defeated ; has sat for 
N., or ).. Gnnstead, Div. of SuMex ^ince Jan. 27th, 1010. 

Residence* N«>rthw«. Mt, Suuex. 

Chambers— a>, Brick Court, Temple. K.C. Clubs— Carlton. Oxford and Cambridge, Leeds. 

RIGHT HON. SIR GEORGE CAVE (8urrey, Kingston Division ». 

George Cavi .C. t son of the 

late Thomas Ca rummd, Sim 

1.. 2 ;i.l, 1S56; ed. at Merchant T... 
fcn'i ColL, 
1st class Modermtioni an I 'S78, 

M.A.ioi_\ Hon. Fellow ion): «r. 1885, Eatdlft, 
da. of the late William \\ . of Crew- 

kerne; Bar. Inner Temple 1880, a K.C 1904, 
1 ; and a I > I 

was Kecm 1 July 1904 to 

1915, * Member of Roy. Coo I rans- 

fer Act* 1908, and of London Q 
Defpa innuttee 1909, S( unsel 


and S 

of so treatises; 1 md Knt. 



:. \ Burnham, Somerset. Cinh— Carlton, Aibeiueum. 




HON. 0. CAWLEY (Lancashire, Prestwich 

Oswald Cawley, youngest son of i st 

Baron Gawley, of Brooklands, Prestwich, and 

Berrington Hall, Leominster, by Elizabeth, da. of 
John Smith, of Kynsal Lodge, Audlem ; />. Oct. 7th, 
:882; ed. at Rugby, and at New Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1905); is Lieut. Yeo. J served during 
European War. A Libera/; has sat for Prestwich 
Div. of Lancashire since Feb. 1st, 1918. 

Residences — Brooklands, Prestwich ; Berrington, Leo- 


Evelyn Gascoyne CECiL(usually call- 
ing himself Evelyn Cecil, and using the arms 
of Cecil only), P. C. , el. son of Lieut. -Col. Lord 
Eustace Henry Brownlow Gascoyne-Cecil, of 
Lytchett Heath, Poole, and in, Eaton Square, 

5. W., by Lady Gertrude Louisa Scott, da. of 
2nd Earl of Eldon ; b. May 30th, 1865 ; ed. 
at Eton, and at New Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1887. 
M. A. 1890) : ;//. 1898, the Hon. Alicia Margaret 
Amherst, M.B.E., da. of 1st Baron Amherst of 
Hackney, of Didlington Hall, near Brandon, 

Norfolk, and 8, Grosvenor Square, YV. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1889 : joined \Y. 
Circuit ; was Private Sec. to the Premier (Marquess of Salisbury) 1891-2, 
and again 1895-1902, Chm. of Select Committee on Foreign Steamship Sub- 
sidies 1901-2, and of Eastern Mail Ser. Committee 1904; was a Member of 
London Sch. Board 1894-9, an ^ a Member of Council of Railway Asso., of 
Public Retrenchment Committee 1915-16 ; has been a Member of Permanent 
Commn. of International Railway Congress since 1905, and of Second Chamber 
Conference 1917-18 ; is a Member of Joint War Committee of British Red Cross 
So. and of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, a Knight of Justice and 
Sec-Gen. of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in Engla d ; author of " Primo- 
geniture, a short history of its development in various countries and its practical 
effects," and "On the Eve of the War in South Africa" ; P.C. 191 7. A Con- 
servative ; sat for E., or Hertford, Div. of Herts June 1898 to Sept. 1900, since 
when he has sat for Aston Manor. 

Residence — 2, Cadogan Square, S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Athenaeum 


Hugh Richard Heathcote Gascoyne- 

CftCIL, P.C, fifth son of the 3rd Marquess of 
Salisbury, K.G. (Premier and Sec. of State for 
Foreign Affairs), of Hatfield House, Hatfield, 
Herts, Manor House, Cranborne, Dorset, 
and 20, Arlington Street, S.W., by Georgina, 
C.I., da. of the late Hon. Sir Edward Ha) 1 
Alderson, a Baron of the Court of Exchequer; 

6. Oct. 14th, 1869; ed. at Eton, and at Univ. 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1st class History 1891, 
Fellow of Hertford Coll., 1891, M.A. 1894), 

MEMB1 RS 01 I'M 


Hon. 1.1. D., Edinburgh 1910; sometime an Assist. Private Sec. to his father 

when - te for Foreign Affairs ; is Lieut, in Roy. 1 

Wing), and a Member off Canterbury House of Laymen | PjC 191I 

leenwich |ul\ 1895 t.. Jan. 1906, when ■ ated j 

has sat for Oxford Univ. since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Residences- ?o, Arfiagl W. : Hatfield House, Hatfield, i | tmit 

Junta I :on. 

Northern, or Hitchin, Division). 

j,AT Algernon) Robert ('•.■•»>< ovme 
Cecil, P.C., A* .< a of the 3: 

^ Saltsbor] emiei and Sec of 

State for Foreign Affairs), of Hatfield I 
Hatfield, Herts, Man.: II . Cranlwne, 

. and 20, Arlington 
Georgina, C./., da. off the lata 
Edward Hall Alderson, a Baron of the Court 
of Exchequer; /'. Sept. 14th, 1864; 
Eton, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (RA. 1886) : 
///. 1889, Lady Eleanor I*ambton, dau. < : 
Karl off Durham ; Bar. Inner Temple 1887, and a K.C. 189 | 
Sec. to his father when Premier 18868; is Chm. Herts 
(Hertford I>iv.); appointed a Member of Select Committee on Marconi 
Agreement 191 2, and Under Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs May I915, 
also in chai I ckade and Contraband Depart, (with a seat in the 

Cabinet) Feb. IQl6, and Min. off Blockade and Junior Under Sec. of S 

•art., in National Min. Dee. IQl6j I"' 1915. A Cm 
sat for 1. I m .. ol Marylebone Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910 ; unsuco .tested 

Blackburn Jan. 1910, and Cambridgeshire, N.. or Wished] 19IO; 

I for N., or Hitchin, Div. off Hertfordshire Nov. 250!, 1 

Resuienct—ioa, Grosvenor Road, S.W. Club— Carlton. 

RIGHT HON (J ) AU8TEN CHAMBERLAIN (Birmingham, West DlrislonX 

(Joseph •mi:!ri m\. /' <m of the late Rt. 

Joseph Chamberlain, M P . ! the late Archibald K- 

I at Rugby, a| 

' A 1889), at tl. i tiquc*. 

and at Berlin : ///. 1906, Ivy Muriel, (feuoftl «rcnce 

.ire Kegt. ; lias acted an Pi" his father ; 

was C of the Admiralty July 1895 to Nov. 1900, Financial Sec. 

1900 to Aug. 1902, Poktmastcr-Cen., with a seat in the 

1 1902-3, and Chancellor of the 1 1903 

of Libera] ' I; appoint* • Commn. on Indian 


when Birmingham. 

Reti<ieme—<), K. 

May 191 S. and 
1892 to July 1914. 

H 0. CHANCELLOR (Shoredltcb. Haftarston Divulom 

:i of Join I i«<»b 

at Pln.hcM I da of tl 

e Joh 


Surl, of Newent ; is Chm. of C. Chancellor and Co. (Limited), paint manu- 
facturers, of Wakbamstow, and of Young Liberal Federation (London', Pre*. 
of N. Islington Liberal Asso.,and Past iglish Land Values Taxation 

League. A Liberal \ has sat for Haggerstofl Div. of Shoreditch since Jan. 
17th, 1910. 

Residence Hillsborougb, Crescent Road, Crouch End, N. Clubs National Liberal, 


MAJOR W. A. CHAPPI.E (Stirlingshire). 

William Allan Chapple, M.D., only son of John Cole Chappie, 
landowner, of Allandale, Otago, New Zealand, by his wife, Elizabeth Ewing 
Allan ; l>. July 14th, 1864 ; ed. at Alexandra Sch., and at Dunedin Univ. 
(M.D.and Ch.B. 1890); M.R.C.S. Eng. 1897; Diploma in State Medicine, 
Roy. Coll. of Physicians, Ireland 1897 : m. 1891, Sarah Douglas, only da. 
of Thomas Turnbull, F.R.I. B.A., of Wellington, New Zealand; a medical 
practitioner in Wellington, New Zealand prior to 1906, when he retired 
from practice ; sat in New Zealand Parliament 1908 ; sometime Hon. 
Physician to Wellington (N.Z.) Hospital, and Member of Victoria Univ. 
Coll. Council; is* Major R.A.M.C. ; author of "The Fertility of the Unfit," 
" First Principles in the Art of Physical Development," etc., etc. A Liberal ; 
has sat for Stirlingshire since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residence— 43, Grosvenor Road, S.W. Club— National Liberal. 

SIB WILLIAM W. CHEYNE, Bt. (Edinburgh and St. Andrews Universities). 

Sir William Watson Cheyne, K.C.M.G., 
C.B., F.R.C.S., F.R.S., 1st Baronet, son of 
Andrew Cheyne ; b. Dec. 14th, 1852 ; ed. at 
Edinburgh Univ. (M.B. and CM. 1st class Hon- 
ours 1875); FR.C.S. England 1879; Hon. 
LL.D., Edinburgh 1905, Hon. D.Sc, Oxford 
1907 : ///. 1st, 1887, Mary Emma, who d. 1894, 
da. of William Servante, of Plumstead, Kent ; 
2ndly, 1894, Margaret, da. of George Smith, 
S.S.C., of Lerwick, Zetland; was Hunterian Pro- 
fessor at Roy. Coll. of Surgs. 1888-90, and Vice- 
Pres. of Roy. Coll. of Surgs. 1907-9 : is a F.R.S., 
Lieut.-Col. Roy. Army Med. Corps, Surg -Gen. 
R.N., Professor of Clinical Surgery at King's Coll., 
London, Surgeon to King's Coll. Hospital, and to 
Paddington Green Children's Hospital, Consulting 
Surg, to Dr. Barnardo's Homes, Roy. Caledonian 
Asylum, and Osborne Convalescent Home for 
Officers, and Examiner in Surgery at London Univ., etc. ; appointed an Hon. 
Surg, to H.M. 1910, a Member of Med. Consultative Board, Admiralty 1910, 
and Consulting Surg, to the Navy 1914 ; elected Pres. of Med. So. of London 
1912, and of Roy. Coll. of Surgs. 1914; served in S. Africa 1899-1900 as 
Consulting Surg, (despatches, medal, C.B.) ; author of various works on sur- 
gical and scientific subjects ; cr. C.B. (Civil) 1900, K.C.M.G. 1916, and a 
Baronet 1908. An Unionist ; has sat for Edinburgh and St. Andrews Uni- 
versities since Aug. 19th, 1917. 

Residences- 75, Harley Street, W. ; Leagarth, Fetlar, Shetland. 




Ecclesiastical Commr. 1910 


Winston Leonard Spencer- 
Churchill, /\c\,el. son of the la 
Lord Randolph Henry Spencer- Churchill, 
P.C., M.P., by Jennie, C.I., da. of the late 
Leonard Jerome ; b. Nov. 30th, 1874 ; ed. at 
Harrow, and at Roy. Mil. Coll., Samlhur-t \ 
m. 1908, Clementine, da. of the late Col. Sir 
Henry Montague Hosier, K.C.B. ; formerly 
Lieut. 4th Hussars ; is Major Territorial Force 
Reserve (formerly Oxfordshire Yeo.), and an 
Elder Brother of Trinity House ; was an 
present with Spanish Forces during opera- 
tions in Cuba 1895 ; served with Malakand Field Force 1897 (despatches), 
with Tirah Expedition 1898, with Nile Expedition 1898, and in S. Africa 
1899-1900 with S. African Light Horse (taken prisoner but escaped, medal), 
and during European War 1915-16 ; has acted as War Correspondent ; appointed 
Under Sec. of State for the Colonies Dec. 1905, Pres. of the Board of Trade 
April 1908, Sec. of State for Home Depart. Feb. 1910, Firsl Lord of the 
Admiralty Oct. 191 1, Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster May 191 5 (r<. 
Nov. 1915). and Minister of Munitions July 1917 ; elected Lord Rector of 
Alierdeen Univ. 1914, 191c, 1916, and 1917 ; P.C. 1907; author of *• Life of 
Lord Randolph Churchill, etc. A Liberal-, sat for Oldham from Oct 1900 to 
Jan. 1906, having been defeated there July 1899; sat for N.-W. Div. of Man- 
chester Jan. 1906 to April 1908, when he was defeated there ; has sat for 
Dundee since May 9th, 1908. 

Residence— 33, Eccleston Square, S.W. ; Lullendcn, near Lingfield, Surrey. Clubs— 
Turf, Athenaeum. National Liberal. 

J. J. CLANCY (Dublin Co.. North Dublin DlvlBlon). 

John Joseph Clancy, A'.C, son of William Clancy, of Cat 
Lodge, Claregalway, co. Galway ; b. 1S47 ; ed- at Coll. of the Immaculate 
Conception, Athlone, and at Queen's Coll., Galway 

Ireland, Honours in Ancient Classics) : m. 1868, Margaret Louise, da. of P. J. 
Hickie, of Limerick; Par. King's Inn, Dublin 1887, and I k.C. 1906; 
formerly cltt ter of the Holy unary, Tralee ; was acting 

editor of the Nation 1880-85. A Nationalist ; has sat for N. Dublin Div. 
■ Uin co. since Dec. 1885. 

Residence— 1, Breflfhi Terrace, Sandycove Road, co. Dublin. 

CAPT H. H. SPENDER CLAY (Kent, 8outh Western, or Tonbridge, Division). 

Herbert Rear) 

son of the late Joseph Spender-Clay, of 
rrcy ; b. June 4th, 1875 ; 
cd. at Kton, and at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sand- 
hurst : m. 1904, I inline, only da. 
of 1st Viscount Astoi r Castle 
Kent ; formerly Capt. 2nd Life Guards ; 
is a J. P. f<r Surrey. A Ctntervath* ; has 
I Tonbridge. Div ..f k 
I. m. 19th, 1910. 

|faa r, I IngftsM, Suncy 
C/«*#-CaiUon, Turf. 



LIEUT. -COL. P. A. CLIVE (Herefordshire, Southern, or Ross, Division). 

$&J£ Percy Archer Clive, el. son of the late 

^i^^Cf' Charles Meysey Bolton Clive, of Whitfield, Hereford- 

jfi$*%$L shire, by Lady Katharine Elizabeth Mary Julia Feild- 

■Z &M ™& wno d> 1882, da. of 7th Earl of Denbigh ; b. 

I ^^j^^ — — . March 13th, 1873 ; ed. at Eton, and at Roy. Mil. Coll., 

L..^..^— -J \.-^>^ 'I Sandhurst: ;//. 1905, Alice Marie), youngest da. <>f 
f2r^3^&d the late Col. G. E. Dallas; entered Grenadier Guards 
, :>%n[ 1 89 1 , anil became Capt. 1899; retired 1906; rejoined 
Ll/liL/ 1914 ; served with W. African Erontier Eorce 1898, in 
rf W S. Africa 1899-1901, and during European War 1914-17 
%/ ^K ( woun ded, despatches, Legion of Honour) ; is a I.I'., 
' \S?$ a ^-^'i anc ^ a County Alderman for Herefordshire, 
s^S&S Major Reserve of Officers, and Lieut.-Col. Grenadier 
^^^-^^Trjy' Guards, attached E. Yorkshire Regt. ; appointed Par- 

liamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Sec. of State for 
India (Rt. Hon. Lord George Hamilton) 1902, to Einancial Sec. of the 
Admiralty 1903-4, and to Chancellor of the Exchequer (Rt. Hon. Austen 
Chamberlain, P.C., M.P.) 1905. Unionist', sat for S., or Ross, Div. of 
Herefordshire Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906, when he was defeated ; re-elected 
Jan 31st, 1908, Jan. 1910, and Dec. 12th, 1910. 

Residences— 2\ y Chester Street, S. W. ; Whitfield, Allensmore, Herefordshire. Clubs— 
Guards', Carlton, Travellers'. 

W. CLOUGH (Yorkshire, West Riding, Northern Part, Skipton Division). 

William Clough, son of the late Thomas Clough, of The 
Shroggs, Steeton, by Hannah, da. of Joseph Dawson; b. May 13th, 1862; 
el. at Steeton Provident Sch., at Keighley Trade Sch., and at Pannal Coll., 
Harrogate: m. 1886, Louisa, youngest da. of the late William Clapham, of 
Browfield, Keighley; formerly a worsted manufacturer; is a County Councillor 
for W. Riding of Yorkshire, and a Member of Wesleyan Methodist So. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Skipton Div. of N. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire 
since Jan. 26th, 1906. 

R es idence -The Shroggs, Steeton, near Keighley, Yorkshire. 

RIGHT HON. J. A. CLYDE (Edinburgh, West Division). 
James Avon Clyde, F.C., K.C., son of the late James Clyde, 
LL.D. ; b. Nov. 14th, 1863; ed. at Edinburgh Acad, and Univ. (M.A. 1884, 
LL.B. 1888, Hon. LL.D. 1910) : m. 1895, Anna Margaret McDiarmid, da. of 
Peter Wall work Latham, M.D., of 17, Trumpington Street, Cambridge; 
Advocate 1887, and a K.C. 1901 : was Solicitor-Gen. for Scotland 1905-6 ; is 
a J. P. and D.L. for Kinross-shire, and Dean of Faculty of Advocates; ap- 
pointed Lord Advocate for Scotland in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; P.C. 
1916. A Liberal Unionist; unsuccessfully contested Clackmannanshire and 
Kinross-shire Feb. 1906; has sat for W. Div. of Edinburgh since May 17th, 

Residences— 59, Pall Mall, S.W. ; 27, Moray Place, Edinburgh; Briglands, Fossoway, 
Kinross-shire. Clubs— Carlton, New (Edinburgh). 

J. R. CLYNES (Manchester, North-East Division). 
John Robert Clynes, son of Patrick Clynes, of Oldham ; b. 
1869 ; as a lad worked in a Cotton Mill ; is a J. P. for Oldham, Sec. of 
Lancashire Dist. of National Union of Gen. Workers, and Chm. of its 
Executive Council, a Member of Industrial Council, and Pies, of National 
Federation of Gen. Workers; sometime Vice-Chm. of Labour Party in House 
of Commons ; has been Chm. of Federation of Trades Councils ; appointed 
a Member of Roy. Commn. on the Civil Ser. 1912, and Parliamentary Sec. 
to Ministry of Food 1917. A Labour Member ; has sat for N.-E. Div. of 
Manchester since Jan. 13th, 1906. 
Residence— 3, Belgrave Road, Oldham. 




Residences— Queen Anne's Lodge, 
Ewell, Surrey; Helperby Hall, York. 
Royal Yacht Squadron. 

Edward Feetham Coates, ist 
Baronet, el. son of the late James Coates, 
J.P., D.L., of Helperby Hall, York, by 
Elizabeth, only da. of Edward Sayer, of 
Yarm, Yorkshire ; b. Feb. 28th, 1853 ; ed. 
at Marlborough Coll. : m. 1878, Edith, d. 
da. and co-heir of the late Capt. Philip 
Woolley, of Gravenhurst, Bolney, Sussex ; 
formerly Capt. and Hon. Major }nl Ham. 
Duke of Wellington's (W. Riding Regi 
a member of the firm of Coates, Son and 
Co., stockbrokers, of 99, Gresham Street, 
E.C., a Lieut, of the City of London, a J. P. 
a D.L., and a County Alderman for Surrey 
(Chm. of County Council 1905-10), a 
Member of Committee of its Territorial 
Force Asso., a Trustee of Crystal Palace, 
a D.L. and J. P. for N. Riding of Yorkshire, 
and patron of one living ; <r. a Baronet 
191 1. A Conservative*; unsuccessfully con- 
tested Yorkshire, N. Part <>f W. Riding, 
Elland Div. 1900; has sat for Lewisham 
since Dec. 15th, 1903. 
Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W. ; TayJe* Hill, 
Clubs— Junior United Service, Carlton, Yorkshire, 

SIR STUART A. COATS, Bt. (Surrey, N.-E , or Wimbledon, Division). 

Stuart Auchincloss Coats, 2nd 
Baronet, el. son of Sir James Coats, 1st Bt., 
'who d. 1913, l>y Sara 1 Ann, who d. 1887, da. 
of John Auchincloss, of New York ; b. March 
20th, 1868 : m. 1 89 1, Jane Muir, da. of 
Thomas Grecnlees, of Paisley, Rcnfrewxhiu- ; 
is Private Chttntttritin of Swi.rd and Cape to 

Pope Be ned ict W. (for m er l y to 1 

and a KmV 

rest. A Conservativ* \ unsuccessfully 
contested Morpeth Jan. 1906, and Deptford 
Jan. and Dec. I910; has sat fur Surrey, 
VI . 1 Wimbledon, Div. since April 19th, 

.SV*/-Ballaihie. Sunley. Perthshire. Ttmm 

Resident*- to, Charles Street. Berkeley Square. W. 
With a/tsithful he .'■i- Carlton, Bachelor.'. St. JaaWt, 

C. A. COCHRANE (South Shields). 

latC Willi.un I 


Residem e-OukMd House. Uceforth, NewcaatU^io-Trne. (/■*»— Reform, Royal 



RIGHT HON. J. COLLINGS (Birmingham, Bordesley Division). 

Jesse Collings, P.C., son of the late Thomas Collings, of 
Exmouth, by Elizabeth, his wife; b. Jan. 1831 : m. 1858, Emily, da. of 
Edward Oxenboukl ; assisted to found the Devon and Exeter Boys' 
Industrial Schs. ; formerly Chm. of Birmingham Free Libraries Committee, 
Hon. Sec. of Birmingham Educational So. and of National Education 
League, and Pres. of National Federation of Liberal Asso. ; was a Member 
of Birmir gham Sch. Board 1873-6, and Mayor of Birmingham 1878-9: is a 
[.P. and an Alderman of Birmingham, and Pres. of Birmingham Chamber 
of Commerce, and of Rural Labourers' League ; sometime head of the firm 
of Collings and Wallis, of Birmingham; moved "Small Holdings" Resolu- 
tion Jan. 1886, the carrying of which caused the resignation of the Marquess 
of Salisbury's Administration ; was Sec. to Local Govt. Board 1886, and 
Under Sec. of State for Home Depart. July 1895 to Aug. 1902 ; P.C. 1892. 
A Liberal Unionist; sat for Ipswich April 1880 to April 1886, when he was 
unseated: has sat for Bordesley Div. of Birmingham since July 3rd, 1886. 
[Has notified his intention of resigning at end of present Parliament.] 

Residence — Southfield, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Club— Constitutional. 

LIEUT. -COL. G. P. COLLINS (Greenock). 

Godfrey Pattison Collins, C.M.G., son of the late Alexander 
Glen Collins, who d. 191 1, of Annet Lodge, Skelmorlie, N.B. ; b. June 26th, 
1875 : m - l 9 00 > Faith, da. of J. C. A. Henderson ; formerly a Midshipman in 
R.N. ; is a Director of William Collins, Sons and Co. (Limited), publishers, of 
Glasgow, and temporary Lieut. -Col. in the Army ; served during European 
War 191 5- 1 7, in Egypt, Gallipoli, and Mesopotamia, as Inspector Q.M.G. 
Sers. ; was a Member of War Office Supplies Committee 1912-13, and Par- 
liamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Rt. Hon. J. E. B. Seely, M.P. (when 
Under Sec. of State for War, and Sec. of State for War) 1910-14 ; appointed 
Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Parliamentary Sec. to the Treasury 
(J. W. Gulland, M.P.) 1915; C.M.G. 1917. A, Liberal-, has sat for Greenock 
since Jan. 19th, 1910. 

Residence — 40, Rutland Gate, S.W. 

SIR STEPHEN COLLINS (Lambeth, Kennington Division). 

Stephen Collins, son of William Collins, of Virginia House, 
Swanage, by his wife, Ann Walpole ; b. Oct. 9th, 1847; ed. at Swanage: 
m. 1st, 1863, Frances Ann Webber, who d. March 1900; 2nd, Sept. 1901, 
Jane, second da. of William Russell, of Marsworth, Tring, Herts ; formerly 
head of the firm of Stephen Collins (Limited), stonemasons and contractors, 
of Vauxhall, S.E. ; is a J. P. for co. London; for six years a County Coun- 
cillor for London, Kennington Div. ; has been a Member of the late Wands- 
worth Vestry and Dist. Board, and afterwards an Alderman of Lambeth ; 
two years Pres. of So. of Dorset Men in London, and sometime Pres. of Ken- 
nington Liberal Asso.; Knt. 1913. A Liberal ; has sat for Kennington Div. 
of Lambeth since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residence— Elm House, Tring, Herts, Clubs— National Liberal, Reform. 


William Job Collins, K.C.V.O., M.D., F.R.C.S., el. son of the 
late William Job Collins, M.D., of Oxford and Regent's Park, N.W. ; b. May 
9th, 1859 ; ed. at Univ. Coll. Sch., and at St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; B.Sc. 
(Honours) 1880, M.B., U.S. (Honours and Gold Medallist) 1881, and M.D. 
London Univ. 1883 ( Fellow since 1893, and Senator since 1898) ; M.R.C.S. 
Eng. 1880, F.R.C.S. Eng. 1884, Master in Surgery 1885, D.P.H. (Gold 
Medallist) 1887 : m. 1898, Jean, tla. of the late John Wilson, D.L. (formerly 
M.P. for Govan Div. of Lanarkshire), of Hillhead House, Glasgow ; was 


Chm. of London County Council 1S96-7 and Chm. 1897 . 

1902-6, Chin, of London Ldueation Committee IO 
Ifembei of Roy. Commit, on Vivisection 1906-10, Vict-ChaaoeUoi 
Cniv. 1907-9 and ioii-ij, mxl British Plen. at International Opuui 

esai the Hague 1911-12, 1913 and 191 | eon and Oculist, 

and D.L. lot London, Chm. Arbitration Board far Ch , ■ liihhert 

Trustee, Chm. of Chad wick Trust, a Life Gov. of Univ. Coll., London, 
Senior Surg, to Roy. Lye Hospital, Ophthalmic Surg, to King George's 
Hospital and to Ilampstead Hospital, Consulting Surg, to Western Ophthalmic 
and London Temperance Hospitals, a Member of Lxecutive Committee and 
Council of the Kings Hospital Fund, an Hon. Sec. to League of Mercy, 
Chm. of Departmental Committee on Accidents to Railway Servants, and of 
Central Council for Dist Nursing (London), a Member of Chairmen- 
of Court of Arbitration, and Independent Chm. for Cuml>erland under Coal 
Mines (Minimum Wage) Act 1912; received Jubilee decoration 180; 
H»n. Freedom of City of London and Turners' Co. 1909 ; Knt. 1902, K.< 
1 9 1 3 . A. Liberal; unsuccessfully contested St. Pancr 1895, and 

London Univ. Jan. 1900; sat for \Y. Div. of St. Pancras Jan. 190610 Nov. 
1 9 10 ; has sat for Derby since Dec. 29th, 1916. 

A'fsit/tHcts—i, Albert Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. ; H«Mk Bad, Eastbourne. 
Club— Reform. 

BRIG. GEN. R B. COLVIN (Essex, West, or Epplng, Division). 

Richard Beale Colvin, C.B., el. son of Beale Blackwell Colvin, 
formerly of Pishiohury, Herts, and Monkhams, Ksscx ; b. 1856 ; ed. at 
Eton, and at Trin. Coll, Camb. (B.A. 1879): '". 1S95, Lady Gwendoline 
Audrey Adeline Brudenell Rous, da. of 2nd Earl of Stradhroke ; formerly 
Capt. 4th Batn. Esse< Regt., and Major Suffolk Imped ommanded 

190-9 (T.D.); in Hon. Bri^.-Cen. in the Army, a J. P. and D.L. 
-ex (Sheriff 1890). and Chin, of its Territorial Force Asso. ; has been 
Chm. of Lee Valley Commn. since 1892; served in S. Africa 1900-1901, 
Comdg. 2oth Batn. Imperial Veo., and as Comdt. Non (cbes, 

: commanded a Mounted Brig. 1916 (despatches ) ; iit of Grace 

of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, and Hon. Co. Comdt. Essex 
Vol. Regt.: has Order of Mercy; < I. Hit) 1900 and (Civil) 1911 
Unionist', has sat for W., or Eppttg, loth, 1917. 

Rttidtnce— Monkhams, Walthjun Abbey. Club— Arthur's. 


T. J. CONDON (Tlpperary Co., East Tipperary Division ), 
Thomas Joseph CONDON, son of Jeremiah Condon, of 
Clonmel ; b. 1850: m. 1st, 1875. Alice, da. of J. McCrath ; andly, 1913, 
Jenny, da. of Jeremy Maloney, of Labo*hcoda, C tly a cattle 

dealer and victualler; is an Alderman «>f Clonmel, D he was M 

1889, 1890, 1891, 1900, 1901, and 1902. A Xationalitt; has tat I 
I ,<crary co. since Dec. 1 885. 

KtiidfHce—Hc* Quay, Clonmel. 


Dent Kim a 11 Choice, only son of the late I rVhtll 


John's Coll., Can r» Mathen ipos 1877, LI M l-iw 

. m. 1898, i youngest da oi thf Ute Kcv. Launcel 

•ham, Res : *$3 *» w «* ' 

*$•& Legal 
Adviser to I louse of Commons Sweating Committee 1886*8, Civil Ser. Commn , 



Examiner for Factory Inspectorships 1890, and Hon. Sec. to Allied Colonial 
Univs. Conference 1903 ; is a well-known political writer and recognised 
authority on Colonial Affairs, Chm. and Treasurer of Princess Mary Memorial 
1 Ionic, and Chm. of Central Emigration Board, and of Advisory Committee 
of Secondary Schs. fox Girls (S.-W. London), a Member of Conjoint Com- 
mittee for Promoting Commercial Education (London Univ.), and a Gov. of 
Imperial Coll. of Science and Technology, a Director (London Board) of 
Colonial Mutual Assurance So., Chm. Western Canadian City and Town 
Lands (Limited), and Treasurer of Queen Mary's Holiday Home for 
Governesses ; sometime a Member of London County Council, of Higher 
Education Committee for Co. London, of Central Unemployed Body for 
London, and of Co. of London Territorial Force Asso. ; was a Member of 
Council and of Executive Committee of Festival of Empire 1910-1 1 ; has been 
Editor of Pall Mall Gazette, Observer, and other papers; founded and edited 
The Empire Review ; assumed the additional surname of Kinloch 1905 ; author 
of "Australian Defence and New Guinea/' and of the authorised memoirs 
of Princess Mary Adelaide, Duchess of Teck, and of "Queen Mary" ; Knt. 
1905. A Conservative ; has sat for Devonport since Jan. 15th, 19 10. 

Residence — 3, Mount Street, W. Chambers — 2, Garden Court, Temple, E.C. Clubs — 
Athenaeum, Carlton, St. Stephen's, Beefsteak, United, Royal Western Yacht, Royal South- 
western Yacht. 

SIR RICHARD A. COOPER, Bt. (Walsall). 

Richard Ashmole Cooper, 2nd 
Baronet, el. son of Sir Richard Powell Cooper, 
1st Bt., of Shenstone Court, Shenstone, Stafford- 
shire, by Elizabeth Anne, el. da. of Elias Ash- 
mole Ashmall, of Hammerwich, Staffordshire ; 
b. Aug. nth, 1874: tn. 1900, Alice Elizabeth, 
el. da. of the Rev. Edward Priestland, Head 
Master of Spondon House Sch.,Spondon, Derby ; 
is a Chemical Manufacturer, and a J. P. and 
County Councillor (Berkhamstead Div.) for 
Herts; formerly Lieut. Staffordshire Imperial 
Yeo. A National Member; has sat for Walsall 
since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residences— 6, Carlton Gardens, S.W.i; Stanhope 
Castle, co. Durham. Clubs— Carlton, St. Stephen's, 

Ranelagh, Sports', Royal Automobile, Argentine. 

C. R. COOTE (Cambridgeshire, Northern, or Wisbech, Division). 
Colin Reith Coote, elder son of Howard Coote, Lord-Lieut, 
of Huntingdonshire, of Stukeley Hall, Huntingdon; b. Oct. 19th, 1893; ed. 
at Balliol Coll., Oxford : m. 1916 ; is Lieut. Gloucestershire Regt. (T.F.); 
served during European War 1914-17 (wounded). A Liberal) has sat for 
N., or Wisbech, Div. of Cambridgeshire since Dec. 14th, 191 7. 
Residence— Stukeley Hall, Huntingdon. 

W. COOTE (Tyrone County, South Tyrone Division). 

William Coote, son of the late William Coote, of Killevalley, 
Ballyjamesduff, co. Cavan ; b. Dec. 10th, 1863. A Conservative ; has sat for 
S. Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. since Feb. 28th, 19 16. 

Residence— Lisdoart, Ballygawley, co. Tyrone. 


SIR EDWIN A CORNWALL (Bethnal Green, North-Eaat Division). 

Edwin Andrew CORNWALL, second son of the late Andrew 
Cornwall, <>l I.apford, Devon; b. 1863; ed, privately: m. 1SS3, Kllen 
<Ia. of John Day, of Oxford ; is ■ j.I\ no D.L. fot LondoB, v*ice~Chm 

of London Territorial Force Asso., a Meml>er of I ondon 

Authority, and an Officer of Legion of Honour ; was first Mayor of Fulham 
1900- 1, Vice-Chin, of London County Council 1 903-5, Chm. 1905-6 (eight 
years Ch. Progressive Whip of the Council, and three years Chm. of its Par- 
liamentary Committee), and a Member of Select Committee on Civil Lis! 
1910 ; sometime Hon. Sec, London Liberal Members of Parliament; ap- 
pointed a Member of Roy. Commn. on King's Bench 1912, a Mem tier of 
ry Committee on Trading with the Enemy Amendment Act, ami 
Comptroller Of H.M.'s Household and Min. of National Health Insurance 
in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; knighted 1905. A Liberal; unsuccessful \ 
tested Fulham 1895 and 1900; has sat for N.-E. Div. of Bethnal < 
Jan. 16th, IQ06. 

Residence— Heath Royal, Putney Heath, S.W. Office- 155, Fcnchurch Street 
Club s— Reform, National Liberal, Municipal and County. 

SIR CLIFFORD J. CORY, Bt. (Cornwall, Western, or St. Ives, Division . 

Clifford John Cory, ist Baronet, son of 
the late John Cory, J. P., D.L.,of 4, Park Crescent, 
Portland Place, W., and DufTryn, St. Nicholas. 
Glamorganshire, by Anne Maria, who d. 1909, da, 
of John Beynon, of Newport, If oamoatmhire ; b. 
April 10th, 1859; ed. privately, and a: 
m. 1893, Jane Anne Gordon, da. of late Albeit 
Arthur Erin Lethbridge ; formerly Capt. 3rd Bain. 
Welsh a colliery proprietor, a J.P. and 

D.L. for co. Glamorgan, a J.P. for Monmouth 
(High Sheriff I905), Chin of Monmouthshire ami 
S. Wale* Coal Owners Asso. and of Cory Bros. 
and Co. (Limited), and many other COS. I 
Baronet 1907. A Liberal ; unsuccv 

: Monmouthshire July 1895, and 
>.-\\ .. or Todbri M Oct. 1900; has 

r \V., or St. Ives, i mwall since 

Jan. 25th. 1906' 
Residences— yfi. Mom. .tarnam Abbey. Monmouthshire. C l mU 

Reform, Devonshire, National Liberal, Royal Automobile, Hurlinghan, Ranelai;h. 

J. H CORY (Cardiff District). 
In n Cory, son of John /». 1857 ; 

ed. privat.l 1879 ; 2ndly, 1910; ft a partner in the firm of John 

Limited), shipowners, and a J.P. and D. ! 

alive; has sat fa t IfdU Dfct since Nov. 
12th, 1915. 

Coryton, Whitchurch. ( ar.l.fT. < Imhi - Carlton, Junior Carlton, Cooatilu* 

W T C080RAVE (Kilkenny Cityv 

William Thomas CO6ORAVI; b. 18 n H I 

Sinn Kcin. A Sinn hem Member \ has sat for Kilkenny City since Attg. 
toth, 1917. 

A rsidenct-)*m*\ Street, Dublin 



J. COSGROVE (Galway Co., East Galway Division). 
James COSGROVE : />. 18-. A Nationalist \ has sat for E. Galway 
Div. of Galwaj ( \>. since I tec 4th, 1914. 

. Address— House of Commons, Westminster, S.W. 


MAJOR G. L. COURTHOPE (Sussex, Eastern, or Rye, Division). 

George Loyd Courthope,^/. C, el. son of the 
late George John Courthope, J. P., D.L., of Whiligh, 
Sussex, by Elinor Sarah, who d. 1895, da. of the late 
Col. Edward Loyd, J.P., D.L. of Lillesden, Hawk- 
hunt; b. June 1 2th, 1877; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. 
Ch., Oxford : ;;/. 1899, Hilda Gertrude, only da. of 
the late Maj.-Gen. Henry Pelham Close, Bom. S.C. , 
Bar. Inner Temple 1901 ; is Dep. Controller of Tim- 
ber Supplies, Pres. English Forestry Asso., Vice- 
Pres. Arboricultural So., a J. P. for Sussex, Major 
(T.D.) Roy. Sussex Regt. (T.F.), a Member of 
Sussex Territorial Force Asso., and a Member of 
Council of National Rifle Asso. ; sometime Chm. 
of Departmental Committee on Swine Fever, and of 
United Club and of Central Chamber of Agriculture ; 
served during European War 191 5 (wounded, de- 
spatches, Mil. Cross). A Conservative and Tariff 
has sat for E., or Rye, Div. of Sussex since Jan. 19th, 1906. 
Whiligh, Sussex. Clubs— Carlton, Constitutional, National Bath. 

W. L. A. B. BURDETT-COUTTS (Westminster). 
y* -^JR gTj William Lehman Ashmead Bartlett Burdett- 
"3L^L Szf CouTTS » second son of the late Ellis Bartlett, of 
Plymouth, New England, U.S.A., by Sophia (Ashmead- 
Bartlett), who d. 1896, da. of John King Ashmead, 
Esq., of Philadelphia (his grandparents on both sides 
having been British subjects); b. 185 1 ; ed. at Torquay, 
at Cholmeley Sch., Highgate, and at Keble Coll., 
Oxford (gained 1st Scholarship 1870, M.A. 1876): m. 
1881, the Baroness Burdett-Coutts, whose name he 
assumed by Roy. License, and who d. 1906 (when 
the Barony became ext. ); in 1877 volunteered as 
Special Commr. to Turkey to administer the Turkish 
Compassionate Fund, which had been initiated by the 
Baroness Burdett-Coutts, and received from the Sultan the Star and Second 
Class of the Medjidie; in 1879-80 visited Ireland to assist in organising 
relief in the distressed districts ; largely developed the Baroness Burdett's 
scheme for benefiting the Irish Fisheries; was on Executive Committee of 
international Fisheries Exhibition 1883 ; re-opened Columbia Market for 
sale of fish and vegetables ; founder and owner of the Brookfield Stud of 
Old English Breeding Horses ; carried Hampstead Heath Enlargement (Parlia- 
ment Hill) Act 1885, Police Enfranchisement, and Metropolitan Management 
Amendment Acts 1887, and Advertisement Rating Act 1889; one of the 
Founders and a Director of the British E. African Asso., and of Stanley 
Expedition for Relief of Emin Pasha ; was Master of the Turners' Co. 1888 
and 1889 5 m i9°o acted as Times correspondent in S. African War with 
regard to sick and wounded, his articles leading to the appointment of a 
Roy. Commn. of Inquiry, and a comprehensive Scheme of Reform of the 
Army Med. Ser. ; is Trustee of Baltimore Fishing School, and a Gov. of 
Christ's Hospital. A Conservative, "advocating the Constitution and the 
Empire, Progress with Liberty ;" has sat for Westminster since Nov. 1885. 
Residences— \, Stratton Street, W. ; Holly Lodge, Highgate, N. Club— Carlton. 



SIR <w.> HENRY COWAN (Aberdeenshire. East Division). 

William Henry Cowan, son of William Cowan, of Edinburgh ■ 

. 1900. Winifred, da. of Daaid Smith, of Kdinhurgl. ; 
Knt. 1917. a u far s.-\\ if ( , f(i 

in. 19061., Jan. 1910; has sat f,, r E. Div. of Aberdeenshire 
since Jan. 26th, 1910. 

CAPT. C. C. CRAIO Antrim Co., 8outh Antrim 

Charles Curtis Craig, fifth son of the 
late James Craig, of Craigavon and Tyrella, 
co. Down, by Eleanor Gilmour, da. of Rolwrt 
Brown ; b. Feb. 18th, 1869 ; ed. at Clifton Coll.; 
is Capt. Roy. Irish Rifles, a Member of Ulster 
Unionist Council ; served during Kuropean War 
1916 (wounded, missing July 1916) : ///. 1897, 
Lillian Itowring, da. of the late John Win 
of Diiton Hill, Surrey. A Const native : has 
sat for S. Antrim Div. of co. Antrim since 
Fel>. 5th, 1903. 

CYmJj— Carlton, Ulster. 

CRAIQ (Cheshire, Crewe Division). 
Ernest Crai I William Young Craig 

(formerly Ml'. Ibf V Div. of Staffordshire 1880-86), 
of Chirk, N. Wales, by I! '•lilton, da. 

late Capt. Richard Manncy, «>f Cowi > ight : 

b. Aug. 7th. , and 

Itofl Schule, Zurich : m. 1887, A 
the late James McKay, of Pittsburg, I K'aged 

in gohl and silver mining 11 is ■ colliciy 

proprietor Cheshire; 

anchor of "The Working of Rearer Coal Meas 
■nd virions articles on mining subjects. A CV« 

*hirc July 26th, 
1912, having been defeated there Dec. 1910. 

Retidence- Milton House, Aluger, Cheshire. ClmH— Hath, Cor, 

COM. H. J. CRAIO Tynemouth). 

Herbeti n <>f the late Jamei Craig <Mi 

1886-1892). of Blount's Court, near Keadii 

;oth, 1869; 

1891): m 190 ,, 
1 Randall, 1 

I r. t"i \ irtl nl • riaad, and Com. Roy. N 

1 since Jan. 17th, 1906. 

r» Terrace. Tyncmout h. C7«A— Rtfnra. 


LIEUT- COL SIR J. CRAIG, Bt. (Down County, East Down Division). 

James Craig, ist Baronet^ sixth son 
of the toe James Craig, J.P., of Craigavon and 
Tyrella, co. Down, l>y Eleanor Gilmoar, da. "f 
Robert Brown ; /'.Jan. 8th, 1S71 ; Mer- 

chiston : ;//. 1905, Cecil Mary Nowell Dering, 
<la. of Sir Daniel Alfred Anley Tupper, 
K.C.V.O., formerly of Lord Chamberlain's 
Depart.; formerly Capt. _>id Batn. Roy. Irish 

Rifles ; is Hon. Capt. in the Army, a J.P. for 
Belfast, a I). L. for co. Down, an Asso. of In- 
stitute of Naval Architects, and a Member of 
Ulster Unionist Council ; served in S. Africa 

1900- 1902, with Imperial Veo. (Queen's medal 
with three clasps, King's medal with two 
clasps); was A.A.G. and Q. M.G., Ulster Div. 
1914-15, with rank of Major (now Lieut. - 
Col.) ; was Treasurer of H.M.'s Household in 
National Min. Dec. 1916 to Jan. 1918 ; cr. a 
Baronet 191 8. An Unionist and Tariff Re- 
former ; unsuccessfully contested N. Fermanagh Div. of Fermanagh Co. March 
I 9°3 ; has sat for E. Down Div. of Down Co. since Jan. 22nd, 1906. 

Residences — 6, Victoria Square, S.W. ; Craigavon, Strandtown, co. Down. Clubs— 
Carlton, Constitutional. Ulster (Belfast), Union (Belfast). 

LIEUT.-COM. N. C. CRAIG (Kent, Isle of Thanet Division) 

Norman Carlyle Craig, K.C., son of the late William Simpson 
Craig. M.D., of Beaufort House, Ham Common, Surrey, by Francis Margaret, 
da. of W. Morrison; b. Nov. 15th, 1868 ; ed. at Bedford, and at Peterhouse, 
Catnb. ( B.A., Honours Classical Tripos 1890, M.A. 1895); Bar. Inner Temple 
1892, and a K.C. 1909 ; is Clim. of A. Darracq and Co. (1905), Limited, and 
Lieut.-Com. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve. A Conservative ; has sat for Isle of 
Thanet Div. of Kent since Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Residences— 10, Park Place, St. James's. S.W. ; ^airfield House, St. Peter's, Isle ot 
Thanet. Chambers -10, King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. dubs— Carlton, St. 

Stephen's, Royal Thames Yacht, Royal Temple Yacht. 

RIGHT HON. SIR HENRY CRAIK (Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities). 

Henry Craik, P.C., K.C.B., LL.D., son of the late Rev. 
James Craik, D.D., of St. George's, Glasgow; b. Oct. 18th, 1846; ed. at 
Glasgow Univ. (Hon. LL.D. 1884), and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1870, 
M.A. 1882) : in. 1873, Fanny Fsther, da. of the late Charles Duffield. of 
Manchester ; was Examiner in Education Depart. 1870-85. and Sec. to Scotch 
Education Depart. 18S5-1904 ; appointed a Member of War Pensions Com- 
mittee 1916 ; author of "Life of Swift," "A Century of Scottish History." 
*' Life of Clarendon," and other works ; C.B. (Civil) 1887, K.C.B. (Civil) 1897, 
B.C. 1918. A Conservative ; has sat for Glasgow and Aberdeen Univs. since 
Feb. 6th, 1906. 

Residence— 5A, Dean's Yard, Westminster, S.W. Clubs— Athenajum, Scottish 


COL. R. G. SHARMAN- CRAWFORD (Belfast, East Division). 
Robert Gordon Sharman-Crawford, son of the late Arthur 

Sharman-Crawford, of Crawfordsburn, and Rademon, co. Down ; b. 
1853: ///. 1882, Helen, da. of Ernest Arbonin, of Beckworth, Lindfield, 
Sussex; is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Down; formerly in iOth Lancers, and 
Col. Comdg. 3rd Batn. Roy. Irish Rifles (now Comdg. a Batn.). A Conser- 
vative ; has sat for E. Div. of Belfast since April 6th, 1914. 

Residences— Crawfordsburn, Belfast ; Rademon House, Crossgar, co. Down. 


E. CREAK (Cork Co , South East Cork Division). 

Eugene Crean ; />. 1856; formerly Pros, of the Cork United 

Btber of tin- Cork Town Council (Mayor 1899) and Poor 

Law Board An Independent Nationalist ; sat for OstOfy I )iv. erf (Queen's 

co. July 1892 to Sept. 1900; has sat for S. E. Cork Dil -.'■■ . since 

Oct. 9th, 1900. 

Residence— 3, Douglas Street, Cork. 

BRIG. -GEN. H. P. CROFT (Christchurch). 

Henry Page Croft, C.M.G., son of the late 
Richard Benyon Croft, of Fan hams Hall, Ware; b. 
June 22nd, 1881 ; ed. at Eton, at Shrewsbury, and 
at Trin. Hall, Camb. : m. 1907, Nancy, da. of Sir 
Robert Hudson Borwick, Bt., of 16, Berkeley Square, 
W\, and Eden Lacy, Lazonby, Cumberland ; is Major 
Hertfordshire Regt. (T.F.), an Hon. Brig.-Gen., and 
a J. P. and D.L. for Herts; served during European 
Wu 1914-16 as Lieut.-Col. Comdg. a Batn. Herts 
Regt. (despatches, mentioned, CM. G.); C.M.G. 1915. 
A National Member ; unsuccessfully contested Lincoln 
City Jan. 1906; has sat for Christchurch since Jan. 

Esse $ nam vidt ri. 7 1 h , 1 9 1 0. 

Residence— 15, Southwell Gardens, S.W. Club— Carlton 

RIGHT. HON. W. CROOKS (Woolwich). 
William Crooks, P.C> son of George Crooks, of Poplar, E. ; b. 

April 6th, 1852: m. 1st, 1871, Matilda South, who d. 1892; 2nd, 1893, 
Elizabeth, da. of J. Lake, of I Iasfield ; is a Cooper ; sometime Chm. of 
Poplar Board of Guardians ; was Mayor of Poplar 1901 ; P.C. 1916. A 
Labour Member', sat for Woolwich March 1903 to Jan. 1910, when he was 
defeated ; re-elected Dec. 6th, 1910. 
Residences— 81, Gough Street, Poplar, E. 

P. CRUMLEY (Fermanagh County, South Fermanagh Division). 

rick Crumley ; />. 18— ; is an Exporter of Irish cattle, 
and a J. 1'. for co. Fermanagh. A Nationalist ; elected for S. Fermanagh Div. 
of Fermanagh co. Dec. 7th, 1910. 

Residence— 30, Town Hall Street, Fermanagh. 

J. CULLINAN (Tipperary Co., South Tipperary Division). 

John Cumin an, son <>f th«- late Charles Cullman, of Bahsha, 

Tipperary, by Catherine, da. of the late Rolnrrt Walsh, 
fnr.l ; /'. 1857; cd. at Thurles Lay Coll.: w. 191 > 

illtt A Nationalist ; has - ftppertry Dit. of Tipperary Co. 

1st, 1900. 
Residence— Ran«ha, co, Tipperary. 

O. W. CURRIE (Lelth Dittrict). 
George urrie, son of the la! urrie, 

ill' Feb. 9th, 1870; cd. at Edinburgh I 

memh< m >t Martin, < 'urrie and Co., chartered accountants, of 55, 

linburgn : is a Director of several financial cos , and a Pres. 
A Conscrvatrv* ; has sat for Leith Dist. 
-•oth, 1914. 
Residence— 18. India Street, Edinburgh. 



HON. HEW H. DALRYMPLE (Wigtownshire). 

Hew Hamilton Dalrym plk, 3rd SOD of 1 oth Earl 
of Stair, of Lochinch, Castle Kennedy, Wigtownshire, and 
Oxenfoord Castle, near Edinburgh ; />. Sept. 27th, 1857 ; ed. 
at Harrow; fomerlj Major 3rd Batn. Roy. Scots Fusiliers; 
is ■ J.P, for co. Ayr, a J. P., D.L., and Convener for co. 
Wigtown, a Trustee of National Galleries of Scotland, and 
Brig, of the Roy. Co. of Archers (H.M.'s Body Guard for 
Scotland) ; sometime a Member of Scottish Board of Manu- 
factures. A Conservative ; has sat for Wigtownshire since 
Feb. 12th, 1915, having been defeated therefor Nov. 1885. 
Clubs- Brooks's, Carlton. 

D. DALZIEL (Lambeth, Brixton Division). 

Davison Dalziel, son of the late Davison O. Dalziel ; b. Oct. 
1854 : m. 1876, Harriet, da. of J. Godfrey Dunning ; is Chevalier of the 
Legion of Honour, a Director of International Sleeping Car Co. (Wagons 
Lits), and Chm. of Pullman Car Co. (Limited). A Conservative ; has sat 
for Brixton Div. of Lambeth since Jan. 15th, 1910, having been defeated 
there 1906. 

Residences — 18, Grosvenor Place, S.W. ; 26, Avenue Bois de Boulogne, Paris. 

RT. HON. SIR HENRY J. DALZIEL, Bt (Kirkcaldy District). 

Henry James Dalziel, B.C., 1st Baronet, el. son of James 
Dalziel, Junr. ; b. April 24th, 1868 ; ed. at Borgue Acad., at Shrewsbury 
High Sen., and at King's Coll., London; is a Newspaper Proprietor; cr. 
Knt. 1908, P.C. 1912, and a Baronet 1918. A Libera/and Advanced Radical \ 
has sat for Kirkcaldy Dist. since March nth, 1892. 

Residence—i, Portland Place, W. Chambers— Z % Temple Avenue, E.C. Clubs— 
Reform, National Liberal. 

MAJOR DAVID DAVIES (Montgomeryshire). 

David Davies, only son of the late 
Edward Davies, of Plas Dinam, Llandinam, 
Montgomeryshire, by Mary, el. da. of the late 
Rev. Evan Jones, of Brynhafren, Llandinam ; 
b. May nth, 1880; ed. at Merchiston Castle 
Sch., Edinburgh, and at King's Coll., Camb. 
(B.A. 2nd class Honours Historical Tripos 1903, 
M.A. 1910) ; Hon. LL.D., Wales Univ. 1913 : 
m. 1910, Amy, da. of L. T. Penman, of Broad- 
wood Park, Lanchester and Gateshead ; is a 
landed proprietor, a F.R.G. S., Major (some- 
time Lieut.-Col. Comdg. a Batn.) Roy. Welsh 
Fusiliers, a J.P. for Montgomeryshire, a Vice- 
Pres. of Univ. Coll. of Wales, and of National 
Museum of Wales, a Member of Councils of 
Univ. Coll. of S. Wales, Univ. Coll. of N. 
Wales, and the Normal Coll. (Bangor), a 
Member of Court of Univ. of Wales, Chm. of 
Ocean and Wilsons Co., of Cambrian Railways 
Co., and of Mawdsley Railway Co., a Director 
of Brecon and Merthyr Railway Co., and of Barry Railway Co., and Pres. 
of Welsh National Memorial Asso. ; has 2nd class of Russian Order of 
Stanislas with swords; appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. to Sec. of State 
for War (Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, M. P.) July 1916. A Liberal; has 
sat for Montgomeryshire since Jan. 17th, 1906. 

Residences— 263A, St. James's Court, S.W. ; Broneirion, Llandinam, Montgomeryshire. 
Clubs— Royal Societies', Reform, Bath. 



E. W. DA VIES (Carnarvonshire, Southern, or Elflon, Division). 

Ellis William Davies, son of David I )avies, by Catharine, da. 
of Kllis John Salmon; b. April 12th, 1871 : ed. privately, and at Liverpool 
Coll.: m. 1901, Minnie, da. of Richard Hughes, of Portmadoc ; admitted 
Solicitor 1899 (first class Honours Law So. Prizeman); is a member of the 
legal firm of Ellis Davies and Co., solicitors, of Carnarvon, and 5, Bedford 
Row, W.C., a Director of Selfridge and Co. (Limited), and of Welsh Insur- 
ance Corporation, a County Alderman for Carnarvon, a Member of Board 
of Govs, of Bangor Univ., and Univ. Coll. of Wales, and Joint Sec. of 
Welsh Parliamentary Party ; was a Member of Departmental Committee on 
Landed Estates 1 9 1 1 , of Departmental Committee on Jury System 1912, of 
Land Enquiry Committee 1913, of Conference on Electoral Reform 1916, and 
Second Chamber Conference 191 7. A Libetal ColUctivist ; has sat for S., or 
Eifion, Div. of Carnarvonshire since June 5th, 1906. 

Residence— Craig Wen. Carnarvon. Club — National Liberal. 

TIMOTHY DAVIES (Lincolnshire, East Lindsey, or Louth, Division). 

Timothy Davies, son of Henry Davies, of Pantyfedwen, near 
Carmarthen; b. 1857; ed. at Llanpumpsaint Sch. ; was a Member of 
London County Council (Fulham Div.) 1901-7 ; is a draper of Walham 
Green, Past Pres. of London Welsh Presbytery, an Alderman of Fulham 
Borough Council, a J. P. for co. London, one of the founders of the Drapers' 
Chamber of Trade and Commerce, and an Income Tax Commr. ; was Mayor 
of Fulham 1902-3. A Liberal; sat for Fulham Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910 : 
elected for E. Lindsey, or Louth, Div. of Lincolnshire Dec. 8th, 1910, having 
been defeated there Jan. 1910. 

Rtsidence—-!^,, Collingham Gardens, S.W. Club— National Liberal. 

SIR WILLIAM H. DAVIES (Bristol, South 

William Howell Davies, only son of 
the late Thomas Davies, of Bristol, and N r- 
berth, co. Pembroke; b. Dec. 13th, 1851 : m. 
1882, Ada Mary, da. of the late O. Hosegood, 
of Clifton ; was Pres. of Bristol Chamber of 
Commerce 1885, Mayor of Bristol 1895-6, and 

ciim. <>f Bristol Dock- Committee 1900-1909; 

i> ■ tanner and leather factor, and Chin, of 
I Finance Committee; Knt. 1908. A 
//; has sat for S. I>i\. oi Bristol 

Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residences -\, I... II t 
Houv ii»iol. Clubs Reform, Na- 

tional Liberal. 

M. L. VAUGHAN-DAVIES (Cardiganshire). 

M w 1 of the lata 

l, : h. Dec 17th, > 1889. 

ind D.l ire (High Sheriff Il75). A has sat 

for Cardiganshire «8th, 1895. 

/emc*s-t 7 , Hyde Park Q IWj I « '•. Aberyalwith, S. Wak*. 

Ctmi PionaVs. 



LIEUT -COM. J. A. DAWES (Newlngton, Walworth Division). 
James Arthur Dawks, R.N.V.R., son of Richard Dawes, of 

Castle Hill, Ealing; />. June l6th, 1866; ed. at Harrow, and at Univ. Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1888, M.A. and B.C.L. 1892); admitted a Solicitor 1891 ; is a 
J. P. and a County Councillor for London ; elected Mayor of Southwark 1900, 
1913 and 1914 ; appointed a Sub-Lieut. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve 1914, and 
Lieut. -Com. 1915. A Liberal; has sat for Walworth Div. of Newington 
since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Residences— 71, Kennington Park Road, S.E. ; Ravensbury, Dartmouth. Club — 

Oxford and Cambridge. 

H. MALLABY DEELEY (Middlesex, Harrow Division). 

Harry Mallaby-Dekley, second son of the late W. Clarke 
Deeley, of Curzon Park, Chester, by Elizabeth, da. of Joseph Mallaby, of 
Loxley Hall, Staffordshire ; b. 1863 ; ed at Shrewsbury, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (B.A. and LL.B. Honours in Law 1885, M.A. and LL.M. 1888): m. 
1890, Joan, third da. of J. Parson-Smith, J. P., of Abbotsmead, near Shrews- 
bury; is Lord of the Manors of Ravensbury Biggin and Tamworth, a Member 
of the Inner Temple, a J. P. for Surrey, a Director of Norwich Union Life 
Insurance So., a Gov. of Whitgift Foundation, a Member of Committee of 
Roy. Female Orphan Asylum, and Chm. of Conservators of Mitcham Common ; 
an authority on Tariff Reform and Financial Subjects. A Consei~vative ; has 
sat for Harrow Div. of Middlesex since Jan. 24th, 1910. 

Residences— Mitcham Court, Surrey ; The Guilford, Sandwich, Kent. Clubs— Carlton, 
Wellington, Surrey Magistrates', United Empire, etc. 

LIEUT. -COM. BARON DE FOREST (West Ham, North Division). 

Maurice Arnold De Forest, 
adopted son of the late Baron 
Hirsch ; b. Jan. 9th, 1879 ; ed. 
at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford: 
;;/. 1904, the Hon. Ethel Catharine 
Hannah Gerard, only da. of 2nd 
Baron Gerard ; an Hereditary Baron 
of Austrian Empire (received Roy. 
license to use the title in this 
country 1900) ; has been Lieut. 
Norfolk Artillery, Prince of Wales's 
Own Mil., and Staffordshire Im- 
perial Yeo. ; is an Hon. Lieut, in 
the Army, and Lieut. -Com. Roy. 
Naval Vol. Reserve. A Liberal; 

unsuccessfully contested Lancashire (S.W.), Southport Div. Jan. 1910; 

elected for West Ham, N. Div. July 8th, 191 1. 

Residences — 59. Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, W. ; Hurst House, Kingston Hill, Surrey ; 

Gaddesby Hall, Leicester. Clubs— National Liberal, Marlborough, Eighty, Royal 


DENISON-PENDER [see Pender'. 
HON. R. D. DENMAN (Carlisle). 

Richard Douglas Denman, 2nd son of the 
late Richard Denman, by Helen Mary, da. of Gilbert 
McMicking, of Miltonise, Stranraer, Wigtownshire ; 
b. Aug. 24th, 1876 ; ed. at Westminster, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford (Stanhope and Chancellor's 
Prize Essayist) : ;//. 1st, 1904 (marriage annulled 
1912), Helen Christian, da. of Sir Thomas Suther- 
land, G.C.M.G., LL.D. ; 2ndly, 1914, May Radley, 
da. of the late James Spencer, of Murrah Hall, 
Greystoke, Penarth ; is in R.A. ; appointed Private 
Sec. to Postmaster-Gen. (Rt. Hon. S. C. Buxton, 


Dec. 1905, and Parliamentary Private Sec. to Pres. of Board of Trade 
( Rt Hon. S. C. Buxton, M.P.) Feb. 1910, and to Pres. of Board of Education 
in National Min. (Rt. Hon. H. A. L. Fisher, M.P.) 1917, and to Pres. of 
Board of Agriculture and Fisheries (Rt. Hon. R. E. Prothero, M.P.) 191 7 ; 
wns Chm. of London Juvenile Advisory Committee 191 1. A Liberal; has 
sat for Carlisle since Jan. 17th, 19 10. 
Residence— 3$, Campden Hill Road, W. 

E. R. B. DENNISS (Oldham). 

Edmund Robert Bartley Denniss, son of Edmund Pinnock 
Damns, by Caroline Christiana, da. of the late Gen. Sir Robert Bartley, 
K.C.B. ; b. April 9th, 1854; ed. at Christ's Hospital, at Wren's, and at Hert- 
ford Coll., Oxford : ///. 1877, Margaret Ellen, da. of George Barlow, of Oldham ; 
Bar. Middle Temple 1879 ; goes N. Circuit. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully 
contested Oldham Nov. 1910 : elected for Oldham Nov. 13th, 191 1. 

Residence, — Belmont, Uxbridge. Chambers — 1, Essex Court, Temple, E.C. Clubs,— 
Carlton, Conservative, St. Stephen's. 

DE ROTHSCHILD [see Rothschild]. 
E. de VALERA (Clare County, East Clare Division). 

Eamonn de Valera ; b. 18 — ; is Pres. of Sinn Fein. A Sinn 
Fein Member ; elected (or Clare Co., E. Clare Div., July nth, 1917. 
Residence — 

J. DEVLIN (Belfast, West Division). 

Joseph Devlin; b. 1872; ed. at Christian Brothers' Sen., 
Belfast ; is Sec. of United Irish League, and Pres. of Ancient Order of 
Hibernians (Board of Erin); has toured Australia, New Zealand, U 
and Canada as Envoy representing the Irish Parliamentary Party. A 
Nationalist ; sat for N. Kilkenny Div. of Kilkenny co. Feb. 1902 to Jan. 
1906 ; re-elected Jan. 18th, 1906, and also elected for \V. Div. of Belfast, 
but decided to sit for the latter constituency ; re-elected for W. Div. of Belfast 
Dec. 8th, 1910. 

Residences— Alashiel House, Mount Royal, Bangor, co. Down; 39, Upper O'Connell 
Street, Dublin. Club- National (Belfast). 

RIGHT HON. SIR WILLOUGHBY H. DICKINSON (8t. Pancras, North Division). 

vVillooghby Hyett I >i< icinson, PA '., A'. />'./:.. onlj i m ol the late 
Jason | M. P. 1 -I Stra 1 1, Ny 

. ;ili im 1 K- n 

1859 ; ed. at Eton, and at Trm Coll., Camb. (P. A. 1880): m. 1891, Minnie 
Elizal>eth, .1 it* Gen. Sir Richard John Meade, K.< 8 • 1 . I 1 1 . 

1 1884 ; is a J. P. ami .1 D. P. fof London, Chm. of London 
Bin. ol London Liberal Members in House ol I 
mons, an<l a temporary Chm. oi Committees QJ House of Commons; Wib 
chm.. London Connti Conndl 1892-6, Chm. 1900, and a M 1 Koy. 

-ral Reform Conference 1916-17 ; somctmx 

ad of London Education < e; aj>- 

r (unpaid) of lioard of Control under Mental 
Act 1913 1 PC. 1914, K.P..P. 1918. A Libera/; unsuccessful 

I uly 1895 ; has s.i menu 

Jth, 1906, having ited there Oct. 190a 

Rtn.i. «h — National Liberal. Reform. 

J DILLON (Mayo Co. Mayo Eaat Division). 

John Dillon* too ol the late Johi r co. 

ary 1865-6, by . da. of the laic William FraacU Hart, ol 


Dublin; b. 1851 ; ed. at Catholic Univ. of Dublin : m. 1895, Elizabeth, who 
d. 1907, el. da. of the Rt. Hon. Sir James Charles Mat hew. P.C., LL.D., 
a Lord Justice of Appeal, of 46, Queen's Gate Gardens, S.W. ; is a Licentiate 
of Roy. Coll. of Surgeons in Ireland. A Nationalist ; sat for Tipperary April 
1880 to March 1883, when he resigned ; has sat for Mayo co., E. Div. since 
Nov. 1885. 

Residences— Ballaghadereen, co. Mayo ; 2, North Great George's Street, Dublin. 

C. H. DIXON (Boston). 

Charles Harvey Dixon, son of Henry Dixon, of Watlington, 
Oxon ; b. Dec. 24th, 1862; ed. privately. A Conservative; unsuccessfully 
contested S., or Harborough, Div. of Leicestershire Oct. 1900, June 1904, 
and Jan. 1906 ; has sat for Boston since Jan. 18th, 1910. 

Residence— Gunthorpe, Oakham. Club— Carlton. 

CAPT. A. J. C. DONELAN (Wicklow Co., East Wicklow Division). 
Anthony John Charles Donelan, only son of the late Col. 
Anthony Donelan, 48th Regt., by Sarah, da. of John Johnson, of Holbeach, 
Lincolnshire; b. May 6th, 1846: ed. privately, and at Roy. Mil. Coll., 
Sandhurst ; formerly Capt. in the Army ; is a Nationalist Whip. A Nationalist ; 
sat for E. Coik Div. of Cork co. July 6th, 1892 to 191 1, when he was unseated 
on petition ; elected for E. Wicklow Div. of Wicklow co. July 13th, 191 1. 
Residence— Ballynona, Midleton, co Cork. 

P. DONNELLY (Armagh County, South Armagn Division). 
Patrick Donnelly; b. 18 — ; admitted a Solicitor 1905. A 
Nationalist ; elected lor S. Div. of Armagh co. Feb. 1st, 1918. 
Residences -30, Finglas Road, Dublin ; Newry, co. Down. 

J. T. DONOVAN (Wicklow Co., West Wicklow Division). 
John Thomas Donovan; b. 1878: ;;/. 1915, Alda Ralph, of 
Auckland, New Zealand; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin 1914; has sat for W. 
Wicklow Div. of Wicklow co. since Aug. 20th, 1914. 

Residence— Dunloe, Terenure Road, Dublin. Club— National (Belfast). 

W. DORIS (Mayo, West Division). 

William Doris, son of the late Robert Doris, of Westport, 
co. Mayo ; b. April 13th, i860; ed. at the Christian Brothers' Schs., Westport : 
m. 1910, Sarah, da. of the late Luke Cannon, of Westport, co. Mayo ; some- 
time Editor of the Mayo News-, is a J. P. for Westport, Chm. of W. Mayo 
Executive of United Irish League, a County Councillor for Mayo, Louis- 
burgh Div., Harbour Commr. for Westport, and Vice-Chm. of Castlebar 
Dist. Asylum Committee. A Nationalist ; has sat for W. Div. of Mayo since 
Jan. 19th, 1910. 

Residence— Altamont Terrace, Westport, co. Mayo. 


James Brown Dougherty, P.C., K.C.B., K.C.V.O., son of 
Archibald Dougherty, M.K.C.S., formerly of Garvagh, co. Londonderry ; *. 
Nov. 13th, 1844; ed. at Queen's Coll., Belfast, and at Queen's Univ., Ireland 
( II. A. 1864, M.A. 1865) : ;//. 1st, 1880, Mary, who d. 1887, da. of Thomas 
Donaldson, of The Park, Nottingham ; 2ndly, 1888, Eliza, da. of Henry W. 
Todd, of Oaklands, Rathgar, co. Dublin; was Professor of Logic at Magee 
Coll., Londonderry 1879-95, Assist. Commr. Educational Endowments Commn. 
of Ireland 1885-92, and Commr. of Education 1890-95; appointed Assist. 
Under Sec. to Lord-Lieut, of Ireland (Baron Houghton), Clerk to H.M.'s 



Privy Council, and Dep. Keeper of the Privy Seal 1895, and Under S 
Lord-Lieut, of Ireland 1908 ; cr. C.B. (Civil) 1900, Knt. 1902, C.V.O 1903, 
1908, K.C.B. (Civil) 1910, K.CV.O. 191 1. A Liberal; unsuccess- 
fully contested N. Div. of Tyrone co. 1892; has sat for Londondeny 
since Nov. 30th, 19 14. 

Address— House of Commons, Westminster, S.W. 


SIR ARTHUR P. DU CROS, Bt. (Hastings). 

Arthur Philip du Cros, 1st 
Baronet, son of (William) Harvey 
du Cros, J. P. (formerly M.P. for 
Hastings), of Howbery Park, 
lingford, Berks, Inniscorrig, Dalkey. 
co. Dublin, and Wildcroft, Putney, 
by Annie, who d. 1899, da. °f l ^ e 
late John Roy, of Durrow, Queen's 
co. ; b. Jan. 26th, 187 1 : m. 1895, 
Maude, da. of the late William 
Gooding, of Coventry ; is Vice- 
Chm. and Managing Director of 
Dunlop Rubber Co. (Limited), and 
of Parent Tyre Co. (Limited), a 
J.P. for Middlesex, and Hon. Col. 
a Batn. Roy. Warwickshire Regt. ; 
cr. a Baronet 1916. A Conser- 
vative ; unsuccessfully contested 
11. i\v and Bromley 1 >iv. of Tower 
Hamlets Jan. 1906; has sat for Hastings since March 3rd, 1908. 

Residences— Can I ■•; Craigweil House, Aldwick, Sussex. Clubs— Carlton, 

W. J. DUFFY (Gal way County, South Gal way Division). 

Willi.un John Duffy, son of Laurence Dully; />. 1865; 
ed. at St. Brendan's Seminary, Lough ton, and at Sr Coll., 

Clondalkin | is a Merchant, and a Member of United Irish League. A 
Nationalist ; has sat fa y Div. of (Jahvay Co. since Oct. 5th, 1900. 

Residence— Shraidmor, Loughrea, Ireland. 

RIGHT HON. H. E DUKE (Exeter). 

II- I : : D k, P.C.y K.C.y son of William Kilwanl 

Duke, granite merchant, oi Bj °- 1855 

}. da. of the late John Shorland | 1 Inn 

1885, a K.C. and a Bencher 1899, and Treasurer 1908 ; was R 

1 ;<», an«l < : I only 1900-191 : 

appointed Chm. v Concili* 

Coinmn. -<n Defence o( tin- Realm LOSSC 

an-1 again in 
I916 A 

1 1 ben he wo 

i, 191 1, WSJ, 

•my. SWSJ petition, 

-f Secretary's \ix\f 

Ckmmkn—i, Paper Huilding*. Temple. I 



C. DUNCAN (Barrow-in-Furness). 

Charles Duncan, son of Alexander Duncan, pilot ; b. June 8th, 
1865; is an Engineer, Gen. Sec. of Workers' Union, Pailiamentary Sec. 
to Labour Party, and a Member of Board of Tobacco Control ; has been a 
Member of Middlesbrough Town Council, and Pres. of Marylebone Branch 
of Engineers' Union. A Labour Member ; has sat for Barrow-in-Furness 
since Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Residence— Eversleigh, n, Lyndhurst Gardens, Hampstead, N.W. 

SIR JAMES H. DUNCAN (Yorkshire, West Riding, East Part, Otley Division). 

James Hastings Duncan, second" son of James Duncan, 
of Westbourne, Otley, Yorkshire, by Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Milligan, 
of Merkland, Dunscore, Dumfriesshire ; b. March 4th, 1855 ; ed. privately : 
m. 1879, Janette, da. of Thomas Hunter, of Newall Close, Otley, 
Yorkshire ; is a partner in the firm of William Ackroyd and Co., worsted 
spinners, of Otley, and of Duncan, Barraclough, and Co., and a Director of 
Otley Gas Co., and of Waite and Saville (Limited); Knt. 1914. A Liberal) 
has sat for Otley Div. of E. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire since Oct. 10th, 

Residence— Kineholm, Otley, Yorkshire. 


Vere Brabazon (Viscount Dun- 
cannon), el. son of 8th Earl of Bessborough, 
of Bessborough, Piltown, co. Kilkenny, 
and Garryhill, Bagnalstown, co. Carlow, 
by Blanche Vere, sister of 1st Baron Wim- 
borne ; b. Oct. 27th, 1880 ; ed. at Harrow, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1901): m. 
1912, Roberte, only da. of Baron de 
Neuflize, of Paris ; Bar. Inner Temple 1903 ; 
is Capt. Yeo., and an A.D.C. on Personal 
Staff; formerly Lieut. Bucks Imperial Yeo. ; 
served during European War D15-17 
(Legion of Honour, 3rd class of Russian 
Order of St. Anne with swords). A National Member; unsuccessfully con- 
tested Carmarthen Dist. Jan. 1906 ; sat for Cheltenham Jan. 1910 to Nov. 
1910; defeated there Dec. 1910; has sat for Dover since June 23rd, 1913. 

Residences — 22, Portland Place, W. ; Garryhill, Bagnalstown, co. Carlow. Clubs — 
Carlton, Marlborough. 

LIEUT. -COL. W. B. DU PRE (Buckinghamshire, South, or Wycombe Division). 
William Baring Du Pre, el. son of the late 
James Du Pre ; b. April 5th, 1875 > e ^* at Winchester, and 
at R.M.C. : m. 1903, Youri Wynyard, da. of the late Capt. 
Henry Townley Wright, formerly R.N. ; formerly Lieut. 
King's Roy. Rifle Corps; served in S. Africa 1900, with 
Imperial Yeo. ; is Lieut. -Col. R.H.A. (T.F.), patron of one 
living, and a J.P. and D.L. for Bucks (High Sheriff 191 1). 
A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Mid, or Lough- 
borough, Div. of Leicestershire Oct. 1906 ; has sat for S., 
Ilapersa la fide, na or Wycombe, Div. of Buckinghamshire since Feb. 19th, 
persa I'/wnore. T 9!4- 
Residence— Wilton Park, Beaconsfield. Clubs— United Service, Carlton. 



CAPT. W. EDGE (Bolton le Moors). 

William Edge, son of Knowles Edge, of Great Marld, Smith- 
hills, Bolton ; b. 1S77 : m. 18— ; is a colour manufacturer, and Capt. in the 
Army ; sometime a Staff-Capt. at War Office ; appointed Private Sec. to 
Min. of National Ser. 1917. A Liberal; has sat for Bolton-le- Moors since 
Feb. 29th, 1 91 6. 

Residence — Lyndene, Bolton, Lancashire. Club— National Liberal. 

A. C. EDWARDS (Glamorgan, Eastern Division). 
Allen Clement Edwards; b. June 1869; ed. at Knighton 
National Sch. ; Bar. Middle Temple 1899; is an author. A Liberal \ 
unsuccessfully contested Tottenham Div. of Middlesex July 1895, and 
Denbigh Dist. Oct. 1900; sat therefor Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910. when he was 
again defeated ; elected for E. Div. of Glamorganshire Dec. 12th, 19 10. 
Residence— if>, St. George's Square, S.W. Club — National Liberal. 

SIR FRANCIS EDWARDS, Bt. (Radnorshire). 

Francis Edwards, 1st Baronet, son 
of Edward Edwards, of Llangollen ; b. April 
28th, 1852 ; ed. at Shrewsbury Sch., and at 
Jesus Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1875): m. 1880, 
Catherine, who d. 1915, da. of David Davis, 
colliery proprietor, of Maesyffynon, Al>erdare, 
and Tyn-yCoed, Arthog, N.Wales; formerly 
a Solicitor; is a J. P. and I) L for Radnor- 
shire (High Sheriff 1898) ; cr. a Baronet 1907. 
A Liberal-, sat for Radnorshire July 1892 to 
June 1895 » defeated there June 1895 and Jan. 
1910; re-elected Oct. lotn 1900, Jan. 24th, 
1906, and Dec. 7th, 1910. 

Residence — The Cottage, Knighton, k 
shire. Clubs -Reform, National Liberal. 

J HUGH EDWARDS (Glamorgan, Mid Division). 

John Hugh Ed* son of the late Councillor John 

ih;/'. 18 'II. of Wales ; h Editor of 

Wales, ■ (\iunty ConncUloi ^anihirc, a Member 1 

of Univ. Col! lsh National I 

and \\ nal Museum, a Student at Middle Temph 

iimil. Parley; someti me a Congregational Mm 
1 Village G .ng Street " (the 

v of the Webb People, N A libera/; elect 
8th, 1910. 
Residence— Spe*d*ri| p.,!, I,, Parky, Bemy. Club— National Liberal. 

8IR HAROLD ELVER8T0N <Oai«ibead> 

Harold I of the bu 


1 ncw»pa|H : 
lend iicstcr Roy. Coll. of Music, a Fellow of Chartered 



Insurance Institute, Chm. Essex Union Insurance Co., a Director of Cuba 
Bartle Sugar Plantations Co., and a J. P. for Cheshire ; Knt. 1911. ALiberal; 
unsuccessfully contested Worcester Feb. 1908; has sat for Gateshead since 
Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence — Fulshaw Hall, Wihnslow, Cheshire. Clubs— Reform (Manchester) National), 
Liberal Welsh. 

CAPT. J. L ESMONDE (Tipperary County, North Tipperary Division). 

John Lymbrick Esmonde, son 
of the late John Esmonde, L.R.C.S.I. 
(M.P. for Tipperary Co., N. Tipperary 
Div.), of Drominagh Castle, Borrisokane, 
co. Tipperary, by Rose, who d. 1901, 
da. of John Maginnes, merchant, of 
London; b. Dec. 15th, 1893; ed. pri- 
vately, and abroad ; is Capt. on Gen. 
List and a Staff- Lieut. ; served during 
European \Var1915-17. A Nationalist ; 
has sat for N. Div. of Tipperary co. since 
June 17th, 1915. 

Residence— Drominagh Castle, Borrisokane, 
co. Tipperary. 

SIR THOMAS H. G. ESMONDE, Bt. (Wexford Co., North Division). 

Thomas Henry Grattan Es- 
monde, Baronet^ son of Sir John 
Esmonde, 10th Bt., who d. 1876, by 
Louisa, da. of the late Henry Grattan, 
of Tinnehinch, co. Wicklow ; b. Sept. 
21st, 1862; ed. at Oscott Coll.: ;//. 
1 89 1, Alice Barbara, da. of Patrick 
Donovan, of Frogmore, Tralee ; formerly 
Lieut. 6th Brig. S. Irish Div. R.A. ; was 
Sheriff of co. Waterford 1887; is a T.P. 
and D.L. for co. Wexford, Grand Officer 
of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and 
Representative of the Order in Ireland, 
and a Director of National Bank 
(Limited); sometime Chm. of Gen. 
Council of Irish County Councils ; ap- 
pointed a Chamberlain of the Vatican 
Household 1898. A Nationalist) sat for 
S. 1 >ublin Div. of co. Dublin 1885-92, 
when he was defeated there ; sat for W. 
Kerry Div. of Kerry co. July 1892 to 
Sept. 1900; has sat for N. Div. of Wexford co. since Oct. 6th, 1900. 
Residence- B^llynastragh, « •<*rey, < 0. Wexford. 

SIR (R.) WALTER ESSEX (Stafford). 
(Richard) Walter ESSEX, son of John Essex ; b. Jan. 13th, 1857 ; 
ed. privately : m. 1st, 1881, Marie, da. of the late James Chinchen, of 
Swanage ; 2ndly, 1885, Lizzie, da. of the late John Benson, of Newcastle- 




upon-Tyne : sometime a Member of Wandsworth I>ist. Board of W« 
Chin. and Co. (Limited), wallpaper manufacturers, of 

minster and Battersea, and a J.P. fof GlOQCestershiie ; appointed a Member 

of Select Committee <»n Marconi Agreement 1913; Knt. 191% A liberal-. 
ansoccessrallv contested Kenniogton Div. of Lambeth Octol>er 19c* 

irencester, Div. of Gloucester Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, when he 
was defeateil ; lias sat for Stafford since Dec. 3rd, 1910. 

Residences — Dixcot, North Drive. Streatham Y:\xV, S.W. ; Bour'ton-on-the-Water, 
Gloucestershire. Clubs — National Liberal, Reform. 


Laming Worthington Evans, 1st 
Baronet, elder son of the late Worthington 
Evans, of York Terrace, Regent's l'ark, 
X.W., by Susannah, da. of the late James 
Laming, of Birchington Hall, Kent; b. 
Aug. 23rd, 1868 ; ed. at Eastbourne Coll. : 
;//. 1898, Gertrude Annie, da. of William 
Hale : admitted a Solicitor 1890 (has now 
retired from practice) ; was a Member of 
Board of Trade Committee for Reform of 
Company Law 1905; is a Vice-Chm. of 
National Unionist Asso.; formerly Capt. 2nd 
Middlesex Artillery Vol. ; appointed Inspec- 
tor of Administrative Ser-.. N. Command, 
with temporary rank of Major 1914, Parlia- 
mentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Finaneial 
Sec. to War Office 191 5, Controller of 
Foreign Trade Depart, of Foreign Office 
(unpaid) Dec. 191 5, and Parliamentai 
to Min. of Munitions in National Min. Dec. 
1916, and Parliamentary and Financial Sec. 
thereto Jan. 1918 ; author on the 

Companies' Acts," and of other books on Company Law; cr. a Baronet 1916 
A Conservative; has sat for Colchester since Jan. 17th, 1910, having been 
fan. 1906. 

Residences— 7, Grosvenor Crescent, S.W. ; Doghurnt, I.iinpxiicl.l. Surrey. C/«A*— 
Carlton, Junior Carlton, City Carlton. 

0. D. FABER (Battersea and Clapham, Clapham Division) 

tm Deniion Pabir, (./•'.. ion of the 

,JC^ late Charles Wilson Fabti thaw 

~A 1002, da. of the 

^V t ] late Sir Edmund Beckett, 4"' Bt : b. 1852; t 

■ a . -i . - — Marlborough, and . Oxford (i 

76) : m. 1S95, Hilda G< 
ick Ulrick Graham, tj 

and s D.l 

tar of the 
II 1887-96; ap|K)intcd a M 
('! tee ^rccroent 1 

1905. A Conscrvativt', sat 

1900 to Jan. 1910 ; has sst for Clapham Div. of 
Battersea and Clapham since Jan. 17th, 191a 

teHces-u, Gro»v«nor Square, W. ; Rtwh Court, Walfiagfant. < /»A- Carlton. 




FABER (Hampshire, Western, or Andover, Division'. 

Walter Vavasour Faber, son of the late 
Charles Wilson Faber, J.I'., I ).!,., of Northaw, 
Herts, by Mary, who </ i<;o2. da. of the late 
Sir Edmund Beckett, 4th Bt., and sister of 1st 
Baron Grimthorpe ; />. Feb. nth, 1857: m. 1915, 
Mrs. Arthur Bya^s, da. of the late T. Laing, Chm. 
of Brighton Railway; formerly Capt. R.H.A., and 
Roy. Wilts Imperial Yeo. ; is Lieut. -Col. R.F.A., and a 
partner in the firm of Strong and Co., of Romsey. A 
Conservative; has sat for \V., or Andover, Div. of 
Hampshire since Jan. 23rd, 1906. 

Residence— Weyhill, near Andover. Club— Naval and 

J. FALCONER (Forfarshire). 
James Falconer, JV.S., son of the late Donald Falconer, of 

Milton of Conon, N.B. ; b. June 9th, 1856 : m. 1906, Ada, da. of Robert 
Kennedy ; is a Writer to the Signet, a partner in the legal firm of Gordon, 
Falconer, and Fairweather, of 52, Castle Street, Edinburgh ; is Chm. of British 
Dyes (Limited). A Liberal-, has sat for Forfarshire since Feb. 27th, 1909. 
Residence — 12, Thorney Court, W.8. Club — Devonshire. 

MAJOR SIR BERTRAM G. FALLE, Bt. (Portsmouth). 

Bertram Godfray Falle, Tst Baronet^ 
son of the late Joshua G. Falle, of Plaisance, 
Jersey, a Judge of the Roy. Court of Jersey, 
by Mary, who d. 191 7, da. and co-heiress of the 
late Francis Godfray, Bar.-at-Law, of Bagatelle, 
Jersey ; b. i860 ; ed. at Pembroke Coll., Camb. 
(Honours in Mathematics and Law 1883) ; 
B. en Droit, Paris 1900 : m. 1906, Mary, da. 
of Russell Sturgis and widow of Lieut. -Col. 
Leopold Richard Seymour ; Bar.-at-Law, 
Inner Temple 1885 ; formerly Major Roy. 
Jersey Artillery Mil.; is Major R.F.A. ; cr. a 
Baronet 1916. A Liberal Unionist ; un- 
successfully contested Somerset, E. Div. 1906 ; 
has sat for Portsmouth since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence — 95, Piccadilly', W. Clubs — New 
University, Coaching. 

J. P. FARRELL (Longford Co., North Longford Division). 
James Patrick Farrell, el. son of Patrick Farrell, of 
Longford, by Anne, el. da. of the late John Lynam, of Strokestown, co. 
Roscommon ; b. May 13th, 1865 ; ed. at St. Mels Coll., Longford : m. 1888, 
Bride, fifth da. of the late Matthew Fitzgerald, of Farneyhoogan, co. 
Longford ; is a Journalist, and Editor and Proprietor of the Longford Leader ; 
author of " History of Co. Longford." A Nationalist ; unsuccessfully contested 
Kilkenny City July 1S9, ; sat for W. Div. of Cavan co. Aug. 1895 to Sept. 
.'900 ; has sat for N. Div. of Longford since Oct. 5th, 1900. 
Residence — Market Square Longford. 


SIR ARTHUR FELL (Great Yarmouth). 
Arthur Fell, son of the late Alfred Fell, of Hillside, Blackheath, 
A. Aug. 7th. 1850; ed. at St. John's Coll. Oxford (B. A. 1871, 

lie, da. of Baron von Rosenberg, of I -udly^ 1900, 

Matilda, da. of John Wortmbet, M.D., of Edinburgh; idmitted Solicitor 1S74, 
but retired 1906 ; formerly a partner in the firm of Hare and Fell, Am 
the Treasury Solicitors; author of numerous books and pamphlets against the 
system of Free Trade in England ; is Chm. of Parliamentary Channel Tunnel 
Committee; Knt. 1918. A Cor. has sat for Great Yarmouth since 

Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Residence— Lauriston House, Wimbledon Common, S.W. C'ub— Carlton. 

RIGHT HON. CHARLES FENWICK (Northumberland, Wanabeck Division). 
Charles Fenwick, P.C, son of the late John Fenwick ; b. 1850; 
ed. at a Colliery Sch. : m. 1869, Jane, da. of Henry Gardner, of Old Cram- 
lington, Northumberland ; at nine years of age commenced work at the 
Bebside Colliery ; was Sec. to Parliamentary Committee of Trades' Union 
Congress 1890-94 j is I Miner, a Primitive Methodist Local Preacher, and 
one of the Executive of the Northumberland Miners' Association ; appointed 
a Member of Roy. Commn. on Secondary Education 1894. A Liberal and 
Labour Member ; has sat for Wansbeck Div. of Northumberland since Dec. 
1885; P.C. 191 1. 

Residence— 14, Tankerville Terrace, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Town Address— q\, 

Vauxhall Bridge Road, S.W. Club— National Liberal. 

RIGHT HON. T. R FERENS (Hull, Eaat Dlvlaion). 
Thomas Robinson Ferens, P.C., son of George Waller 
Ferens, miller, of Bishop Auckland ; b. May 4th 1847 ; ed. privately : M. 1873, 
Ettber Elko (Kttie), da. of the late William Field, of Hull; is a Director 
of Reckitt and Sons (Limited), starch and blue manufacturers, of Hull and 
London, and of the Star Life Assurance So., High Steward <>f Hull, and a 
J.P, for City of Hull; P.C. 1912. A Liberal ; has sat for 1 I' I Hull 
since Jan. 18th, 1906, having been defeated there Oct. 1900. 

Residences -62 Whitehall Court, S.W. ; Holdernes* House, Hull. C/***-Reform. 
National Liberal. 

P. FFRENCH (Wexford Co., South Wexford Division). 
Peter Kfkench, son of Thomas 1 ■'frenrh, a farmer, of I 
. Baooow, br nil wife, MaryCoifer; b. (844 •«. lat, 

1870, I. lien, who d. 1898, da. of Mark Dake. 2ndly, IQol, 

rth, da. of James Tower, of Ballina Park, co. V :armer 

•id A Nationalist ; has sat f« 
nee Nov. 30th, 1893. 

Residence -Harpoon*town, Wexford. Club— National Liberal. 

W. FIELD < Dublin City. St. Patrick'! Division). 

William hi i D, son of John I !»hn. 

1^48 ; cd. at St. Laur- 
111 Street, l)idiln !ler ; it a < 

of co. 1 Owners' A»»o.. 

Pres. of National Federal ioi 

of All Ireland MDta J League, 1 

ral Iri-l» \'r! I oil . and 1 M. ml cr <>i 1 »ul 
author of lereral lxx>ks on G v, and 

I Railway * 
nmaltst ; has Ml 

Ret'deme -Howth View, BbckfOdl Pul.lin. 



Bt. (Oxfordshire, Northern, or Banbury, Division). 

Eustace Edward TwiSLETON-WyKK 

iiam-1'ii \m s, i-i Baronet^ 2nd son of 14th Baron 

and SiK, of Brooghton Castle, Banboryj 

andSunbury House. Reading, by Lady Augusta 

Sophia Hay, da. of 10th Karl of Kinnoull ; b. Feb. 
29th, 1864: m. 1894, Florence Agnes, da. of John 
Kathfelder, of Constantia, Wynberg, Cape of 
Good Hope, and widow of Arthur Woodward 
Fletcher; is a J. P. for Berkshire and Dorset, 
Major Yeo., Lieut.-Col. R.M. Forces, and Hon. 
Lieut, in the Army ; served in N.W. Canada 
during Riel Rebellion 1885 (medal with clasp), 
in Egypt 1888-9 (despatches, medal with clasp, 
bronze star), with Pioneer Expedition to Mashona- 
land 1890, in S. Africa 1900-1901, as Lieut. 
10th Batn. Imperial Yeo. (despatches twice, medal 
with three clasps), and during European War 
1914-15 in France, at Antwerp with Marine Brig., 
and in Dardanelles, as Intelligence Officer, Roy. 
Naval Div. ; appointed an Additional Parliamentary Private Sec. to First 
Lord of the Admiralty 1912, and a D.A.A. and Q.M.G., Plymouth Garrison 
1916 ; cr. a Baronet 1916. A Liberal; sat for N., or Banbury, Div. of Oxford- 
shire Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, defeated there Oct. 1900 and Jan. 1910; re- 
elected Dec. 16th, 1910. 

Residences — 86, Eaton Terrace, Eaton Square, S.W. ; Studland House, Studland Hay, 
Dorset. Clubs — Orleans, Cavalry. 

S. FINNEY (Staffordshire, North-West Division). 
Samuel Finney, b. 1857. A Labour Member ; has satforN.-W. 
Div. of Staffordshire since Jan. 17th, 1916. 
Address — House of Commons, Westminster, S.W. 

RIGHT HON. H. A. L. FISHER (Sheffield, Hallam Division). 

Herbert Albert Laurens Fisher, P.C., son of H. W. Fisher; 
b. March 21st, 1865 ; ed. at Winchester, at Oxford, Paris, and Gottingen 
Univs. ; Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh 1913 : ///. 1899, Lettice, dau. of Sir Courtenay 
Peregrine Libert, G.C.B., K.C.S.I., CLE. ; is a Fellow of New Coll., Oxford 
(sometime Tutor), and of British Acad. ; appointed Vice-Chancellor of 
Sheffield Univ. 1912, a Trustee of British Museum 191 5, and Pres. of Board 
of Education in National Min. Dec. 1916. A Liberal ; has sat for Hallam 
Div. of Sheffield since Dec. 23rd, 1916. 

Residence— -The Grange, Button Hill, Ecclesall, Sheffield. Club — Athenaeum. 

RIGHT EON. W. H. FISHER (Fulham). 
William Hayes Fisher, P.C., el. son of the late Rev. Frederick 
Fisher, R. of Downham, Isle of Ely, by Mary, da. of the late William Hayes, 
Conveyancer to the Court of Chancery ; b. 1853 ; ed. at Haileybury. and at Univ. 
Coll., Oxford (B. A. 1876, M.A. 18 — ): m. 1895, his cousin, Miss Florence 
Fisher ; Bar. Inner Temple 1879; joined Oxford Circuit ; sometime Private 
Sec. to, Ch. Sec. for Ireland (Rt. Hon. Sir M. Hicks-Beach), and to First 
Lord of the Treasury (Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour); was a Junior Lord of the 
Treasury and a Conservative Whip 1895-1902, Financial Sec. to the Treasury 
Aug. 1902 to April 1903, and Parliamentary Sec. to Local Govt. Board, Ma"y 
1915 to July 1917, since when he has been Pres. thereof; is Metropolitan 
Chin, of Roy. Patriotic Fund Corporation, and a Knight of Grace of Order 
of St. John of Jerusalem in England. A Conservative ; sat for Fulham Nov. 
1885 to Jan. 1906, when he was defeated; re-elected Jan. 15th, 1910, Dec. 
6th, 1910, and July 1917 ; P.C. 1911. 

Residence— 13, Buckingham Palace Gardens, S.W. Club — Carlton. 



J. FITZGIBBON (Mayo County, South Mayo Division . 

John PrrZGlBBONj l>. 1849: m. 1872, Mary O'Carroll : 
merchant, a Trustee of Parliamentary I-iind, Chin, of RoccOBUnOQ County 

Council, and of Casttaea Dist. Council, Yice-Chm. of I boD »( 

County Councils, and a Member of Co n ge s t e d Diltl. Board. A Nationalist ; 
elected for S. Mayo Div. of Mayo co. Dec. 7th, 1910. 
Residence— Castlerea. co. Roscommon. 

J. L. FTTZPATRICK (Queen's County. Ossory Division . 

James Lalon Fitzpatrick ; b. 18 — . A Nationalist ; has sat for 
Ossory Div. of Queen's co. since April 16th, 1916. 
Residence— Coh House, Abbeyleix, Queen's co. 

HON E A. FITZROY (Northamptonshire, Southern Division). 

Edward Algernon Fitzroy, second 
son of 3rd Baron Southampton, by Ismania 
Catherine, V.A., da. of the late Walter 
Nugent, a Baron of the Austrian Empire ; 
b. July 24th, 1869 ; ed. at Eton, and at 
Mil. CoH., Sandhurst : m. 1891, Muriel, da. 
of the late Lieut. -Col. the lion. Archil>ald 
Charles Henry Douglas- Pennant ; formerly 
a Page of Honour to II . M .; is Lieut. 
Household Cav., and a J. P., a D.L., and a 
County Councillor (Crick Div.) for North- 
amptonshire ; served during European War 1914-16 (wounded). A Con- 
servative; sat for S. Div. of Northamptonshire Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906; re- 
elected Jan. 25th, 1910, and Dec. 13th, 1910. 

Residence— -Fox Hill, West Haddon, Rugby. Clubs— Bachelors', Carlton, Naval and 

SIR J. FORTESCUE FLANNERY. Bt (Essex, Eaatern, or Maldon. Division 
James Fortescue FlaNNBRT, ttt 

Baromt, son <-f Capt. John ll.innery, of Egre« 
mont. Cheshire, by Elizabeth, da. of James 

; 6. Dec. 
1 6th. <>ol Science School: 

///. 1SS2, Edit! nma, da. of Os! 

|cnk\: : \\ :.-. Ealing < . is a 

^inecr, a 
Elanm-ry, Baggallay and Johnson (Limited), 
ilting engineers, of London, Liverpool, and 
Rotterdam, a J. P. f"t cot. London, Surrey. Essex, 
and Kent, a I I >uth- 

Western Bank (Limited), a Lieut, t 

leering to I 
.1st Pres. of li 

the Man..! 
Id, and pal lag ; was a 

British C-inuir. to HruwU Intel 
l.ition 18972 knighted 1 890 1*4. 

A Liberal Unionist', sat for Shipli 

ly 1895 10 Jan. looo. when he H 
has sat (■ kftudOB, l> 

since Jan. 2\th, 19IO. 

■I Sporting. 



M. J. FLAVIN (Kerry Co., North Kerry Division). 

Michael Joseph Flavin, second son of the late James Flavin, 
ol Listowel, by Johanna Mangan, formerly of Church Sunt, Listowel; 
/>. Sept. 22nd, 1806; etl. at Listowd National Schs., at St. Michael's Coll.. 
Listowel. and privately: m. 1893, Mary Elizabeth, da. of [ohn Fitzgerald, 
merchant, of The Rock, Tralee : was in America 1866-71 and 1S86-90 ; has 
held prominent positions in Irish Land League, National League, and National 
Federation; is a merchant. A Nationalist', has sat for N. Kerry Div. of 
Kerry co. since April 24th, 1896. 

Residences— The Rock, Tralee, co. Kerry ; " 98 " Cottage, Fenit, Tralee. 

SIR JOHN FLEMING (Aberdeen, South Division). 
John Fleming, LL.D., son of John Fleming, of Dundee; 
b. 1847: m. 1870, Elizabeth, da. of John Dow; is a J. P. and D.L. for 
Aberdeen; was Lord Provost of Aberdeen 1898-1902; Knt. 1908. A Liberal ' ; 
has sat for S. Div. of Aberdeen since April 3rd, 191 7. 
Residence— Dalmunzie, Murtle. 

J. S. FLETCHER (Hampstead). 

John Samuel Fletcher, son of the late Samuel Fletcher, of 
Broomfield, near Manchester, by Elizabeth Helen, da. of John Kelsall, of Ard- 
wick ; b. Nov. 3rd, 1841 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1864, 
M.A. 1869) : m. 1895, Sara, da. of the late Jonathan Clark, of Winchendon, 
Bucks ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1868 ; was a Member of Hampstead Board of 
Guardians 1876-98 (Chm. 1880-98), and a County Councillor therefor 1889- 
1904 (Dep.-Chm. 1900); is a J. P. for cos. Middlesex and London. A Con- 
servative ; has sat for Hampstead since Oct. 26th, 1905. 

Residence— Bryony Hill, Hambledon, Surrey. Clubs — Albemarle, New University, 
St. Stephen's. 

RIGHT HON. H. W. FORSTER (Kent, Western, or Sevenoaks, Division). 

Henry William Forster, P.C., el. son of Major John Forster, 
of Southend, Lewisham, and Exbury House, Hants, by Emily, da. of John 
Ashton-Case, of Ince Hall, Lancashire; b. Jan. 31st, 1866; ed. at Eton, 
and at New Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1889) : m. 1890, the Hon. Rachel Cecily 
Douglas-Scott-Montagu, da. of 1st Baron Montagu of Beaulieu ; is a D.L. 
for Kent ; was a Lord Commr. of the Treasury 1902-5 ; appointed Financial 
Sec, War Office May 1915, and again in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; P.C. 
1917. A Conservative; has sat for W., or Sevenoaks, Div. of Kent since July 
12th, 1892. 

Residences — 41, Hans Place, S.W. ; Exbury, Southampton. Clubs— Carlton, Wel- 


P. S. FOSTER (Warwickshire, South-Western, or Stratford-on-Avon, Division). 

Philip Staveley Foster, only son 
of the late Abraham Briggs Foster, J. P., 
D.L., of Canwell Hall, Sutton Coldfield, 
and Northowram Hall, Halifax, York- 
shire, by Rosamond Susanna, da. of 
the late John Staveley, of Withwood 
Heath, Worcestershire; b. July nth, 1865 ; 
ed. at Eton, and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1891): ;//. 1890, Louisa Frances, da. 
of the late Col. Francis Charteris Wemyss 
(Hon. Col. 3rd Batn. Duke of Wellington's 
(W. Riding Regt.), and formerly of II. M.'s 
Roy. Body Guard ; formerly Capt. and Hon. 
Major Staffordshire Yeo. ; is a Director of 
John Foster and Son (Limited), worsted 
spinners and manufacturer?, of Queensbury, 
Yorkshire, and a J. P. for Staffordshire and 
Warwickshire. A Conservative : unsuccess- 



fully contested Elland Div. of N. Part of W. Ridinp of Yorkshire 1899 ; sat 
forS.-W., or Stratford-on-Avon, Div. of Warwickshire June 1901 to 1906, 
when he was defeated; re-elected May 4th, 1909, Jan. loth, 1910, ami 
jrth, 1910. 

Resi.temes— 42, Green Street, Grosvenor Square, W. ; Canwell Hall. Sutt..n C'oldfield, 
Warwickshire. Clubs -Carlton, Junior Carlton. 

H. WILSON FOX (Warwickshire, Northern, or Tamworth, Division). 

Henry Wilson Fox, son of the late Wilson Fox, M.D., F.R.S., 
Physician-in-Ordinary to Queen Victoria, by Emily Anne, da. of Wesley 
Doyle; />. Aug. 18th, 1863; ed. at Charterhouse, at Marlborough, at Inn. 
Coll., London, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (Scholar, HA. Natuial Science 
Tripos 18—): /;/. 1898, the Hon Eleanor Birch Sclater-Booth, da. of 1st 
Baron Basing; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1888; appointed Editor South African 
Mining Journal 1 892, and Public Prosecutor. Rhodesia 1894 ; became Manager 
of British S. Africa Co. 1898, and a Director and Member of Executive 
Committee thereof 1913; served in Matal>eleland 1896, and Mashonaland 
1897, as Director of Transport and Commissariat (despatches, medal with 
clasp) ; is a F.R.G.S., a Fellow of Roy. Colonial Institute and of Roy. Statis- 
tical So., and a Member of Conjoint Board of Scientific So* An Unionist ; 
has sat for N., or Tamworth, Div. of Warwickshire since Feb. 23rd, 1917. 

Residence— to, Lowndes Square, S.W. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton, St. Stephen's 
Wellington, Prince's. 

MAJOR 0. R. LANE FOX (Yorkshire, West Riding, Eastern Part, Barkston 
Ash Division). 

George Richard Lan i 1 < x.el. son 
ofthelateJamesThomas Richard I ane-Fox, 
of Bramham Bark, Yorkshire, by Lucy 
Frances Jane, da. of the late Humphrey 
St John-Mildinay, M.P.J k Dec. 15th, 
1870; ed. at Eton, and at New Coll.. 
Oxford (B.A. Honours, 2nd dOJI I 
Humaniores and M >ry 1893): 

m. 1903, the Hon. Mary Agnes Emily 
Wood, da. of 2n<l VfccoVBl Halifax; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1895; is a D.L lor co. 
:n, Major Yeo., and a J P. and a 
'v Councilloi fa W. RfcljjBf of York- 
I uropean War 1914-16 
iidcd). A Imi sat for 

Barkston Ash Div. of K. Tart of 
Riding of Yorkshire since Jan. 19th, 1906, having been defeated there 
Oct. 1905. 

AV ti.tence— Bramham Park, Boston Spa S.O . Yorkshire. C/wA*-Turf, Carlton, 

LIEUT 0. A. FRANCE (Yorkshire. Southern Part. Wast Rldtaf . 
Morley Division). 

turner France, ion of Jam mcc, 

of Tynemouth, Northumbcrl.m I. 

;th, 1870; ed. May, 

da. of Thomas Hudson Bainbrid^r, of Babott, NoflhttmbetkuM ; is a partner 
in the firm of I. A France and Son, a^' A 10, Bigg 

Market, NewcastleonTyn< ■ ■«. I J.P and 1 ( rman 

-rthumbcrland. Hon I if. Naval Vol. Reaen 

unberland old Age I I Insurance Committee*: app 

Parliamentary Private Sec. It> of Boat l6. A 

Liberal ; has sat for Morley Div. of S. Pari -hire since 

Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Residence— N.wbiggsn Hill, Niwca»tl«.on-T>iM. C/»A»-Rtsomi. National Liberal. 


S GALBRAITH (Durham Co., Mid Division). 

iuel Galbraith, O.B.E.\ />. 18— j O.B.E. 1917. A 

.•.'and Labour Manbcr \ Jk\- sal fad M i-1 Div. of Durham co. since April 
■enct— 8, The Avenue. Durham. 

CAPT. F. J. C. OANZONI (Ipswich), 
ncis John Childs Ganzoni, son of Julius Charles Ganzoni; 
b. 1882; eil. at Tonbridge Sch.. and at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1906; goes S.-E. Circuit; is Capt. Suffolk Regt. ; served during European 
1914-17 A Consenativc ; has sat for Ipswich since May 23rd, 1914. 
Residences— 7, Prince's ('.aniens, S.W. ; San Remo ; Hove, Sussex. Chambers— 
Lamb's Building, Temple. E.G. dubs— Carlton, Isthmian, Sports'. 

E. GARDNER (Berkshire, Eastern, or Wokingham, Division). 
Ernest Gardner, 3rd son of Joseph Goodwin Gardner, of 
j b. 1846: ///. 1st, 1878, Mary, who d. 1903, da. of William 
Peto, of Cookham, Berks; sndly, 1910, Amy Inglis, da. of Lieut. -Gen. James 
Wimborn I^aurie, C.B., D.C.L., of 47, Porchester Terrace, W., and Oakfield, 
a J. P. for Berks. A Conservative; has sat for E., or 
Wokingham, Div. of Berkshire since July 12th, 1901. 
Residence— Spencers, Maidenhead, Berks. 

SIR JAMES T. agg GARDNER (Cheltenham). 

James Tynte Agg-Gardner, son of the late James Agg-Gardner, 

Esq., of Hadley House, Cheltenham, by Eulalie Emily Hopkyns, who d. 1901, 

da. of the late R. Northey, Esq., of Oving House, Bucks ; b. Nov. 1846 ; ed. 

rrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1873 ; is a J. P. and 

a County Alderman for Gloucestershire, Lord of the Manor of Cheltenham 

of 1909-10 and 1912-13), and a Director of several cos.; Knt. 1916. 

A Conservative', unsuccessfully contested Cheltenham 1868; sat for that 

Borough Eeb. 1874 to Feb. 1880; defeated there 1880 and 1906; re-elected 

Nov. 24th, 1885, July 2nd, 1886, July 4th, 1892, Sept. 29th, 1900, April 

28th, 191 1. 

Address— 5, Regent Street, Cheltenham. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton, Garrick. 

GASCOYNE-CECIL [see Cecil]. 

LIEUT COL. 8IR W. H. HOUGHTON GASTRELL (Lambeth, North Division). 

William Henry Houghton Gastrell, C.M.G., son of the late 

ick Gastrell, of Park Place, Cheltenham; b. Sept. 24th, 1854; ed. at 
Cheltenham : ///. 1878, Jessie, da. <>f the late James 1 loughton, of Maida Vale ; 

rrf Major 1st Co. of London Yco. (T.D.) ; raised and commanded Lam- 
beth Div. of National Reserve ; was Lieut.-Col. Comdg. Army Ser. Corps, 
Woolwich Dist. during European War 1914-17; is a J. P. for London, a 

erof Co. of London Territorial Force Asso., a Member of Grand Council 
<>f Primrose League, Chm. of Finance Committee, a Gov. of Roy. Free Hos- 
pital, of Waterloo Hospital, and <>f Roy. Eye Hospital, a Member of Council 
of National Union of Conservative Assos., of Executive Council of London 
Municipal So., and of Board of Management of British Home for Incurables, 
of Tariff Reform League, and a J. P. for co. London; was a 

v Councillor for London (S. St. Pancras Div.) 1903-6; Knt. 1917, 
I 18. An Unionist; has sat for N. Div. of Lambeth since Jan. 
15th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1906. 

Residence— 7, Clarence Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton, 


Northern, or Basingstoke, Division). 

Auckland Campbell Geddes, A'. C.B., younger son of the late 
Auckland decides, of Edinburgh ; b. June 2ist, 1879 : e(1 - at George Watson's 
Coll., Edinburgh, at Edinburgh Univ. (M.B. and Ch.B. 1903, M.D. 1908, 
I'niv. GoM Medal), and at Freiburg-in-Breisgau : ///. 1906, Isabella Gamble, 
da. of the late William A. Ross, of Staten Island, New York : sometime 
Demonstrator and Assist. Professor of Anatomy in Edinburgh Univ., and 
Professor of Anatomy Roy. Coll. of Surgs., Ireland, and at McGill Univ., 
Montreal ; is Major and Brevet Lieut-Col. (Hon. Brig.-Gen.) Territorial 
(unattached), and a Com. of Order of Crown of Belgium ; has been Lieut. 
3rd Batn. Highland L.I., and Capt. Queen's Rifle Vol. Brig. (Roy. Scots 
Lothian Regt.) ; was Director of Recruiting. War Office 1916-17. with rank 
of Brig.-Gen. ; appointed Minister of National Ser. Aug. 1917 ; served during 
S. African War 1901-2 as Lieut. (Queen's medal with four clasps) ; C.B. and 
K C.B. (Mil.) and P.C. 1917. An Unionist; has sat for N.. or Basingstoke, 
Div. of Hampshire since Oct. 25th, 1917. 


Eric Campbell Geddes, P.C, G.B.E., KC.B., el. son of the 
late Auckland Geddes, of Edinburgh ; b. Sept. 26th, 1875 ; ed. at Merchiston, 
and at Oxford Mil. Coll. : m. 1900, Gwendolen, da. of the Rev. Arthur Stokes ; 
12 years on American and Indian Railways; has been Dep. Gen. Manager 
Railway since 191 1 ; was Dep. Director-Gen. of Munitions Supply 
1915-16, Director-Gen. of Mil Railways War Office, Director-Gen. of Trans- 
portation in France, and Inspector-Gen of Transportation for all theatres of 
War 1916-17, with rank of Hon. Maj.-Gen. (despatches twice, K.C.B., Grand 
Officer of Legion of Honour, Com. Order of Leopold of Belgium, Croix de 
Guerre Beige), Controller and Lord Commr. of Admiralty May to July 1917, 
with temporary rank of Hon. Vice-Adm., since when he has been First Lord 
of the Admiralty; Km. 1916, K.C.B. (Mil.) 1917, P.C. and G B.E. 1917. 
An Unionist', has sat for Cambridge since 1917. 

Residences— 30, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W.i ; Scriven Park, Knaresborough. Clubs — 
Marlborough, Caledonian, Union. 

SIR (W ) ALFRED GELDER (Lincolnshire, North Llndsey, or Brlgg, Division). 

(William) Alfred Gelder, son of William Gelder, of North 
Cave, East Yorkshire; b. May 12th, 1855; ed. at Hull: m. 1878, Elizabeth, 
rker, of Portsmouth and Hull ; is an Alderman and J P. for 
Kingston -up-. 11 Hull (of which City he has been live times Mayor), and a 
carried out large schemes of public improvement in Hull, 
and during Mayoralty .ideraUc Minis of money for charitable pur- 

poses; knighted 1903. A Liberal; has sat for N. Lindscy, or Brigg, l>i\. 
of Lincolnsi iqio. 

Residence— West Parade House, Hull, Yorkshire. 

RIGHT HON. D. LLOYD GEORGE (Carnarvon District >. 

.id Lloyd 1 m of the late William George, of 

Hulford, Pembrol tabethj da. ol the I. ,\i<l Lloyd, 

{ b. 186 J ; ed. Llanystuind'wy 
iy ; I Ion. I 1 I I \\ .,], 1 

I I<>.>S. ;U1'I I lid I I"!). I 

I ii haid Owen, ol « iiirii'li; admitted 1 Solkitoi 
irtnei in the legal firm ol 

iy Alilcrin 11 voiislnie ; 

appoi: le.pier 

April 1908; initioM Mt 

ICembei ol Cabfa Army 

il July 1916, and Prime Min. and lust Lord of the Trca&ut) 



has been Constable of Carnarvon Castle since 1908 ; elected Pees, of Gladstone 
League 1910; P.C. 1905. A I. i he ra I {Welsh Nationalist) • has sat for Car- 
narvon Dtst. since April 10th, 1S90. 

Residences— 10, Downing Street, S.W. ; Brynawelon, Criccieth ; Walton-on-the Hill, 
Surrey. Viti. nal Liberal, Atherueum, United Service. 


field, Wraxall, Somerset. Clubs— Carlton, White's, Arthur 

G. A. GIBBS (Bristol, West Division). 

George Abraham Gibbs, el. son of 
the late Antony Gibbs, of Tyntesfield, Somer- 
set, and 16, Hyde Park Gardens, \V., by Janet 
Louisa, da. of John Merivale, Senior Registrar 
of Court of Chancery ; b. July 6th, 1873 5 
ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 
18 — , M.A. 18 — ) : m. 1901, Victoria Florence 
de Burgh, C.B.E., el. da. of the Rt. Hon. Walter 
Hume Long, P.C., M.P. ; served with Im- 
perial Yeo. in South Africa 1900 (medal with 
four clasps) ; is a J. P. and D.L. for Somerset, 
Hon. Lieut, in the Army, Provincial Grand 
Master of Bristol Freemasons, and Lieut. - 
Col. N. Somerset Yeo. ; appointed Assist. 
Parliamentary Private Sec. to Sec of State 
for the Colonies (Rt. Hon. W. H. Long, 
P.C., M.P) and a Govt. Whip in House of 
Commons 191 7. An Unionist ; has sat for W. 
Div. of Bristol since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residences — 22, Belgrave Square, S.W. ; Tyntes- 
' Junior Carlton, Pratt's. 

J D. GILBERT (Newington, West Division). 

James Daniel Gilbert, el. son of the late James Gilbert, of 
Newington ; b. Feb. 5th, 1864 ; is a J. P. and a County Councillor for London 
(W. Newington Div.), and a Member of Thames Conservancy and of Port 
of London Authority ; was Chm. London County Council Fire Brigade 
Committee 1900-1902, Rivers Committee 1903-6, and Gen. Purposes Com- 
mittee 1906-7. 

Residence— 21, Kennington Terrace, S.E. Club— National Liberal. 

LIEUT. COL. J. GILMOUR (Renfrewshire, Eastern Division). 

John Gilmour, el. surviving son of Sir John 
Gilmour, 1st Bt., of Montrave, Leven, Fifeshire, by 
Henrietta, da. of David Gilmour, of Ouebec, Canada; 
b. May 27th, 1876 ; ed. at Trin. Hall, Camb. : ;;/. 1902, 
Mary Louise, da. of the late Edward Tiley Lambert, 
J.P., of Tel ham Court, Battle, Sussex ; is Hon. Capt. 
in the Army, Lieut. -Col. Yeo., a Member of Advisory 
Council on Horse Breeding, and a Director of Cale- 
donian Railway Co.; served in S. Africa 1900-1902, 
with 6th Batn. Imperial Yeo. (despatches twice). An 
Unionist; unsuccessfully contested Fifeshire, E. Div. 
Jan. 1906; has sat for E. Div. of Renfrewshire since 
Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Addrti 11 11 • of Commons, Westminster, S.W. 

L. GIN NELL (Weatmeath, North Westmeath Division). 

Laurence Ginnell, son of Laurence Ginnell, of Delvin, West- 
meath, by Mary, da. of Patrick Monaghan; /'. 1854; self-educated : ///. 1902, 
Alice, da. of James King, J.P., of Kilbride, Mnlhngar; Bar. Middle Temple 
1893, aiK ' King's Inn, Dublin 1906 ; is one of the founders of the Irish 
Literary So. (^ London), and an Hon. Treasurer of Sinn Fein ; author of " The 



Brehon Laws," " Doubtful Grant of Ireland,"' " Land and Liberty," etc. A 
Nationalist ; has sat for X. Westineath Div. <.f Westmealh co. since Jan. 19th, 
1906, having been defeated there Oct. 1900. 
Address — 143, Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin. 

H. J. GLANVILLE (3outhwark, Bermondsey Division). 

Harold James Glanville, son of the late James Glanville, 
chartered accountant, of St. Helen's, E.C. ; b. June 5th, 1854 ; ed. at Deptford 
Gram. Sch. : tn. 1881, II. Abbott, of Bermondsey, S.E. ; is a J. P. for London, 
and head of the firm of James Abbott and Co., mill furnishers, of Bermond- 
sey, S.E. ; 12 years a County Councillor for London; was a Member of 
Metropolitan Water Board 1905-n. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested 
rhithe Dhr. of Southwark 1892; has sat for Bermondsey Div. of 
Southwark since Jan. 18th, 1910. 

ff<rifr»nr Trnwillian House, Trcssillian Road, Brockley, S.E. Club— National Liberal. 

chester, South Division). 

Philip Kirkland Glaze- 
brook, son of the Jate John Knowles 
Glazebrook, of Lymm, Cheshire, by 
Cecilia Anne Esther, da. of the late 
Robert Watson, of The Ridings, Os- 
waldtwistle ; b. Dec. 24th, 1880 ; 
ed. at Eton, and at New Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1893); is Major 
Yeo. A Conservative) elected for 
S. Div. of Manchester March 5th, 

Kesidcnce Twcmlow Hall, Holmes 
Chapel. Cheshire. Club— Bath. 

Daniel Ford Goddard, /'.('., son of Ebenesei Goddard, CI . 

f Oak Hill, Ipswich, l>y Annie, da. <»f ThOBMI Foffd, of Reading; 
• J. m 17th. 1850; e<l. privately : m. 1st, 1874, Lucy I 

:< -a-l I I.ill. .sultolk ; 2ndly, 1877. 

szer Hitchcock, <>f Bramford, Sal 
necr, an AhU-rman tnd I J.P. <>f Ipswich (of which BoTOQgO he was < 

i ofteveral G (in 1896 built and fbanaed 

Ipswic . has sat for 

lj>swi( h lincejoly 15th, 1895, having been defatted tl 1^92. 

tiftt.t I fall. l|.swich. CI 

MAJOR C. S. GOLDMAN • Penryn and Falmoutli 

I ildm w, ion ol the late Bernard \ 1 1 [man . 

ohn "I Jerusalem in 1 Viscounl V 

1 . 1 . . n\. ; dtuii 



War as Special War Correspondent ; lomeiime proprietor of The Outlook ; is 
author of several military hooks and text-hooks on S. African Mining, etc. 
A Conservative j has sat for Penryn and Falmouth since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Residences— Walpole House, The Mall, Chiswick, \V. ; TrofiiMs. Falmouth, Cornwall. 


Francis Bennett-Goldney, son of Sebastian Evans, by 
Elizaheth, da. of Francis Bennett-Goldney ; b. 1865 ; ed. privately, and in 
Paris ; is a F.S.A., and a J.P. for Canterbury (has been six times Mayor 
thereof) ; appointed Athlone Pursuivant of Arms 1907 (but never took up 
official duties) ; is a Member of Kent Territorial Asso., and Capt. Army 
Ser. Corps ; has assumed the surnames of Bennett-Goldney in lieu of his 
patronymic. A Conservative ; elected for Canterbury Dec. 6th, 19 10. 

Residences — 168, Ashley Gardens, S.W. ; Abbotts Barton, Canterbury. Glut's- Bur- 

lington Fine Arts, Savage. 

MAJOR F. B H. GOLDSMITH (Suffolk, North- Western, or Stowmarket, Division). 

Francis Benedict Hyam Goldsmith; b. 1878; ed. at Chelten- 
ham, and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford (B.A. Honours in Law 1900, M.A. 
1908) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1902 ; is Major Yeo., and a County Alderman 
for N. Suffolk A Conservative; has sat for N.-W., or Stowmarket, Div. of 
Suffolk since Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Residence — Cavenham Park, Mildenhall, Suffolk. Clubs— Carlton, Bachelors', 

F. W. GOLOSTONE (Sunderland). 
Frank Walter Goldstone, son of the late Thomas Frederick 
Goldstone, of Sunderland, by his wife (ne'e Blott) ; b. Dec. 7th, 1870; ed. 
at Diamond Hall Council Sch., Sunderland, and at Borough Road Coll. 
(Teacher's Diploma) : m 1895, Elizabeth Alice, da. of the late Luke Hen- 
derson, of Whittingham, Northumberland ; sometime a School Master ; some- 
time Pres. of National Federation of Assist. Teachers ; is a Member of Senate 
of Durham Univ., and 2nd Lieut. Army Ser. Corps; was a Member of De- 
partmental Committee on Juvenile Fducation, and a Member of Executive 
of National Union of Teachers 1903-10 ; sometime Chief Whip of Parlia- 
mentary Labour Party ; appointed a Member of Consultative Committee of 
Board of Education, and of Conference on Franchise and Registration 1916 ; 
first Editor of The Class Teacher. A Labour Member ; elected for Sunderland 
Dec. 5th, 1910. 

Residence — 14, Brinklnirn Street, Sunderland. 

CAPT H. W. C. CARR GOMM (Southwark, Rotherhithe Division). 

Hubert William Culling Carr-Gomm, 
son of Francis Culling Carr-Gomm, J. P., D. L., 
Bar. -at- Law, of The Chase, Farnham Royal, 
Pucks, by Emily Blanche, who d. 1909, only da. 
of Andrew Morton Carr ; b. June 20th, 1877 ; 
edi at Eton, and at Oriel Coll. Oxford : m. 
1st. 1906, Kathleen Isabella McNeale (from 
whom he obtained a divorce I913), only child 
of the late William Rome, of Liverpool ; 2nd, 
1916, Eleanor Margaret, da. of the late Norreys 
Russell, Par. at Law, of 43, Westbourne Ter- 
race, W. ; formerly Capt. 3rd Vol. Patn. The 
Queen's (Roy. W. Surrey Regt) ; was an 
•. Private Sec. (unpaid) to the Prime 
Min. (Rt. Hon. Sir II. Campbell-Bannecman, 
G C.B., M.T.) 1906-8; is a J.P. for Pucks, and 
Capt. London Regt. A Liberal; has sal for 
Rotherhithe Div. of Southwark since Jan. 17th, 1906. 
Residence— -88, St. James's Street, S.W. Club— Brooks's, 



CAPT. THE HON. W. G. A. ORMSBY GORE (Denbigh District). 

William George Arthur Ormsby-Gore, el. 
son of 3rd Baron Harlech, of Brogyntyn, Oswestry, 
Derrycarne, co. I^eiirim, and Glyn, >Ierionethshire, 
by Lady Margaret Ethel Gordon, da. of 10th Marquess 
of Iluntly ; b. April nth, 1885 ; e<l. at Kt«.n, and at 
New Coll.. Oxford L'niv. (H.A. 190S) : ///. 1913, Lady 
Beatrice Edith Mildred Gascoyne-Cecil, da. of 4th 
Marquess of Salisbury, of Hatfield House, Hatfield, 
I kits, Manor House, Cranlwrne, Dorset, and 20, 
Arlington Street, S.W. ; is Capt. Territorial Force 
Reserve, a J. P. and D.L. for co. Leitrim, Member of 
Canterbury House of Laymen, Parliamentary Private 
Sec. to Viscount Milner, and Assist. Sec. to War 

Cabinet ; served as StafT-Capt. during European War. A Conservative ; has 

sat for Denbigh Dist. since Jan. 19th, 1910. 

Residences — 5, Mansfield Street, W ; Derrycarne, Dromond, co. Lettrim. Clubs — 

Carlton, St. Stephen's, Shropshire County. 

SIR EDWARD A. GOULDING, Bt. (Worcester). 

Edward Alfred Goulding, 1st Baronet, 
second son of the late William Goulding, D.L., 
sometime M.P. for Cork, by Maria Heath, da. of 
Edward Manders, of Dublin ; b. Nov. 1863 ; 
ed. privately, at Clifton, and at St. John's Coll., 
(amb. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1887 ; was Pn 
Cambridge Union 1885 ; is a J. P. for London, 
■ I ). L. for co. Cork, and Chm. of Constitutional 
Club; c r. a Baronet 191 5. A Conservator; 
sat for E., or Devizes, Div. of Wilts July 1895 
to Jan. 1906. when he unsuccessfully contested 
Central Div. of Finsbury ; has sat for Worcester 
since Feb. 7th, 1908. 

Residence— Wargrave Hall, Berks 
tutional, Marlhorough. 

Clubs- ( 

B. J. GRAHAM (Sine s Co., Tullamore Division). 
Edward John GRAHAM ; />. 18 — . An Independent Nationalist ; 
has sat for Tullamore Div. of King's co. since Dec 10th, 1914.»< ts—^K. H \ | fofc, I ullamorr. 

J. A GRANT (Cumberland, Weetern. or Efremont Divisions 
I. unes Augi ^on of the late Col. James Augustus 

Gnat, ' 

: ///. |8o6, f the lab nard ; 

>r Nairnihii unbtriaaa : was Pnvatc Sec to 




Rt. Hon. Gerald Balfour, P.C., 1895, and Registrar of Roy. Coll. of Art 
1889-1904. A Conservative \ unsuccessfully contested Elgin Dist. 1892, and 
Banffshire 1893, *895, and 1906; has sat for \Y., or Egremont, Div. of 
Cumberland since Jan. 24th, 1910. 

Residences— Househill, Nairn ; Rothersyke, Egremont, Cumberland. Ciul's— Carlton, 

LIEUT.-COL. W. ANSTRUTHER-GRAY (St. Andrews District). 

William Anstruther-Gray, son of the late Col. John 
Anstruther-Thomson, of Charleton, Fife, by Caroline Maria Agnes Robina, 
who d. 1883, da. of the late Rev. John Hamilton-Gray, of Carntyne, Lanark- 
shire ; b. Sept. 6th, 1859 '> e &- at Eton : m. 1891, Jessie Clayre, da. of Andrew 
Tennant, of Essenside, Glenelg, S. Australia ; formerly Major Royal Horse 
Guards ; served in S. Africa 1900- 1901 as Dist. Comdt. and Inspector of 
Burghers' Camps and D.A.A.G. ; was A.D.C. to Gov. of S. Australia 1889-91 ; 
assumed by Deed Poll 1904 the surname of Gray in lieu of that of Thomson 
on succession to the estate of Carntyne, Glasgow ; is a County Councillor for 
Fife, a J. P. for Fife, Lanarkshire, and Glasgow, Lieut. -Col. Veo., Fellow 
of Roy. Colonial Institute, a F.S.A., and a F.R.G.S. An Unionist; sat for St. 
Andrews Dist. Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, defeated there Sept. 1903 and Jan. 
1910; re-elected Dec. 17th, 1910. 

Residences— 9, Eaton Square, S.W. ; Kilmany, Cupar, Fife ; St. Adrians, Crail, Fife. 
Clubs— Travellers', Naval and Military, Marlborough. 

Carlton, Turf, White 

LIEUT.-COL. W. R. GREENE (Hackney, North Division). 

Walter Raymond Greene, D. S. O., el. son of 
Sir Edward Walter Greene, 1st Bt., of Nether Hall, 
Suffolk, by Annie Elizabeth, da. of the late Rev. 
Charles S. Royds, R. of Houghton, Staffordshire, and 
Preb. of Lichfield; b. Aug. 4th, 1869; ed. at Eton, 
and at Oriel Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1890); is Lieut.- 
Col. Territorial Force Reserve, and a J. P. for Suffolk ; 
formerly Lieut. -Col. Comdg. Loyal Suffolk Hussars 
Yeo. ; was a County Councillor of London, N. Hack- 
ney Div. 1907-10 (Chm. of its Housing of Working 
Classes Committee 1909-10); served in S. Africa 
1900, with Imperial Yeo., and during European War 
1914-15 as Capt. Lancers (wounded, despatches, 
D.S.O.); D.S.O. 1916. Conservative; sat for \\\, 
or Chesterton, Div. of Cambridgeshire July 1895 to 
Jan. 1906. when he was defeated ; has sat for N. Div. 
of Hackney since Jan. 19th, 1910. 
31, St. James's Place, S.W. : Nether Hall, Bury St. Edmunds. Clubs — 

SIR (G.) GEORGE GREENWOOD (Peterborough). 

(Granville) George Greenwood, son of the late J ohn Greenwood, 
Q.C., sometime Solicitor to the Treasury; b. Jan. 3rd, 1850 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Catnb. : m. 1878, Laura, da. of the late Dr. L. T. Cum- 
berbatch ; liar. Middle Temple 1876; joined W. Circuit; Knt. 1916. A 
Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Peterborough 1886, and Central Div. of 
Kingston-upon-Hull 1900 ; has sat for Peterborough since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residence — 33, Linden Gardens, Bayswater, W.2. Clubs —'United University, 





Hamar Greenwood, 1st Baronet, son of 

the late John I Lamar Greenwood, Bar.-at-law, of 
Spencer House, Whitby, Canada, by his wife, Char- 
lotte Churchill Hubbard, and grandson of William 
Greenwood, of Llanbister, Radnorshire ; /'. Feb. 
7th, 1870 ; ed. at Public Sch., Whitby, Canada, and 
da. at Toronto Univ. (B. A. 1895): m. 191 1, Margery, 
of Walter Spencer, of Fownhope Court, Hereford- 
shire ; formerly an Officer in Canadian Mil., and 
sometime in Depart, of Agriculture, Ontario : 
Bar. Gray's Inn 1906, and New Brunswick (Canada) 
and Australia 191 3, and a Bencher Gray's Inn 
191 7 ; joined Canadian Army 1 886 ; became Lieut. 
Special Cav. 1902, and was Capt. 1905-12 ; ap- 
pointed Capt. Gen. Reserve of Officers 191 
Special Duty, Depart, of Recruiting, War Office 
Aug. 1914, and Lieut.-Col. Dec. 1914 ; raised 
and commanded at the Front a Batn. S. Wales 
Borderers 1915 ; was Parliamentary Private Sec. to Under Sec. of State for 
. L. Spencer-Churchill, M.P.) March 1906-8, and to Pres. 
of Board of Trade (Rt. Hon. W. L. Spencer-Churchill, MP. | 1 90S- 10, and 
aD.A.A.O. at War Office Feb. to Aug. 1916 ; is Hon. Col. a Batn. Canadian 
Expeditionary Force; author of •" Canada as an Imperial Factor"; cr. a 
Baronet 1915. A Liberal ; sat (as Senior Member) for York Jan. 1906 to 
Jan. 1910, when he was defeated ; elected (Senior Member) for Sunderland 
5th, 1910. 

Residence— 5%, Onslow Gardens. S.W. Chambers— 4, Crown Office Row, Temple 

Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Britilfa Empire, West Indian, Eighty. 

COL. J. W. GREIG (Renfrewshire, Western Division). 
James William Greig, C.B., A' C, son of the late John Borthwick 
W.S., of 18, Abingdon Street, Westminster, S.W., by Mary, el. da. of 
William Grant of Madeira; l>. Jan. 31st, 1859; ed - at Univ. Coll. Sch. and 
Coll., London, and in Paris; B.A. and LI .. B. . London I'niv. : m. 
18—, Jeannie, da. of Capt. Kdward l'.rown, of Salem, U.S. A. ; Bar, Lincoln's 
Inn 1882, a K.C. 1913, and a Bencher 1917 ; sometime Lieut. Col. and Hon. 
IDS. London Regt Territorial Force (V.D.); appointed 
Parliamentary Private Sec. to Sec. for Scotland March 1917; Mtl 
several legal works; C.B. (Civil) 191 1. A Liberal; has sat lor W. I 
Renfrewshire since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

fence— 41, Carlisle Mansions, Carlisle Place, Westminster, S.W. Chambers— 3, 
New Square, Lincoln's Inn. .ubs— Caledonian, Eighty, Liberal (Glasgow). 


J0I1 11 Grktton, son of the late John 

> \Y . 1867 ; ed. at II 

m. 1900, the I 

and Lt : n. of Bass, Rat cliff, and 

oited), brewers, of 

cnerly Lieut.- 

■ I ■ 
iirc July 189? to Jan. 1906, when I 
defeated; has sat for Rutland since June Ilth, 


— MrHS" 





Ellis Jones GRIFFITH, /\C, A'.C, I St Baronet t son of the late 
Thomas Morris Griffith, ofTy-Coch, Brynsieocyn, Anglesey; />. May, i860; ed. 
at Univ. Coll. of Wales, and at Downing Coll , Camb. (B.A. 1 881, and LI. P.. 
Fellow 1892); B.A. London 1881 : M. 1892, Mnry, third da. of the late 
Rev. Robert Owen, of Mold, Flintshire; Bar. Middle Temple 1887, and a 
K.C. 1910; goes N. Wales Circuit; was Pres. of Camb. Union 1886, Re- 
corder of Birkenhead 19C7-12, and Parliamentary Under Sec. of State for Home 
Depart. 1912-15; appointed Chm. of Committee on Reformatory and Industrial 
Sens., and of Committee on Industrial Diseases 1912; sometime Chm. of 
Welsh Party in Mouse of Commons; cr. a Baronet 1918. A Liberal] 
unsuccessfully contested W 7 . Toxteth Div. of Liverpool July 1892 ; has sat 
for Anglesey since July 19th, 1 895 ; P.C. 1914. 

Residences— i, Buckingham Palace Mansions, S.W. ; Ty-Coch, Brynsiencyn, Anglesey. 
Chambers— 3, (North) King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. Clubs— Athenaeum, National 

A. S. GRIFFITH-BOSCAWEN [see Boscawen]. 


John Norton-Griffiths, K.C.B., D.S.O. 

son of the late John Griffiths, of Brecon ; b. July 13th, 
1 87 1 ; ed. privately : m. 1901, Gwladys, da. of the 
late Thomas Wood (of Browning, Wood and Fox) ; is 
Governing Director of Norton Griffiths and Co., public 
works contractors and engineers ; served in Matabele- 
Mashona War 1896-7, in command of Scouts (de- 
spatches thrice), in British S. African Police, during 
S. African War, first in Colonial Div. and afterwards 
as Capt. and Adj. Lord Roberts' Body Guard, Head 
Quarters Staff, and during European War 1915-16, 
raising a Special Cav. Regiment, and subsequently 
on Staff of Engineer-in-Ch. to organise Tunnelling 
Corps R.E., with rank of Lieut. -Col. (despatches thrice, 
D.S.O.) ; went on Special Mission to Roumania in 
connection with Oil and Corn Stores 1916 (Com. of 
Grand Star of Roumania, 3rd class St. Vladimir 
Order) ; organised Imperial League of W 7 ednesbury ; 
instrumental in starting all over Canada Imperial 
Home Re-Union Asso. ; assumed by deed poll 1917 
the additional surname of Norton; D.S.O. 1916, K.C.B. (Civil) 1917. A 
Conservative ; has sat for Wednesbury since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Address— 3, Central Buildings, Westminster, S.VV.i. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton, 
Bath, Royal Automobile. 

LIEUT.-COL. THE HON. (C) H. C. GUEST (Pembroke and Haverfordwest). 
(Christian) Henry Charles Guest, 2nd 
son of 1st Baron Wimborne, of Canford Manor, Wim- 
borne, Branksome Dene, Bournemouth, and Wim- 
borne House, 22, Arlington Street, S.W., by Lady 
Cornelia Henrietta Maria Spencer-Churchill, da. of 
7th Duke of Marlborough ; b. Feb. 15th, 1874: m. 
191 1, the Hon. Frances Henrietta Lyttelton, who 
d. 1918, da. of 8th Viscount Cobham ; is Major 
Dragoons; served during S. African War 1899-1902, 
on Staff, present at relief of Ladysmith, and actions 
of Colenso and Spion Kop (despatches, Queen's medal with five clasps, King's 
n^edal with two clasps); has been Parliamentary Private Sec. to Rt. Hon. 
C. E. H. Hobhouse, M.P. (when Financial Sec. to the Treasury and Chancellor 


6 9 

of Duchy of Lancaster, and Postmaster-Gen.) since 1911; appointed a 
[i.A.A.G,, Ministry of Munitions 1916, and a Gen. Staff Officer 1917, with 
rank of Lieut. -Col. A Liberal ; sat f<>r K. Div. of Dorsetshire June 1 
1910; has sat for Pembroke and Haverfordwest since Dec. 7th, 1910. 

Residences— 20. Oueen's Gate, S.W. : Lake House, Hamworthy, near Poole, Dorset. 

CAPT. THE HON. F. E. GUEST "Dorsetshire, Eastern Division). 

Frederick Edward Guest, D.S.O., son of ist 
Baron Wimborne, of Canford Manor, Wimborne, Brank- 
some Dene, Bournemouth, and VViml>orne House, 22, 
Arlington Street, S.W., by Lady Cornelia Henrietta 
Maria Spencer-Churchill, da. of 7th Duke of Marl- 
borough ; />. June 14th, 1875; ed* at Winchester: m. 1905, 
Amy, da. of Henry Phipps ; formerly Capt. ist Life 
Guards : is Capt. and a Gen. Staff Officer (3rd grade) : 
served on White Nile 1900 (despatches), in S. Africa 
1901-2 (Queen's medal with five clasps), and during 
European War 1914-15 as an Extra A.D.C. to Com.-in- 
Ch. (despatches, Legion of Honour) ; appointed 
Ferro non gla,iio. Private Sec. (unpaid) to Rt. Hon. W. L. Spencer- 
Churchill, M.P. (when Under Sec. of State for the Colonies) 1907 and (when 
Pres. of Board of Trade) 1908, and (when Sec. of State for Home Depart.) 1910, 
Treasurer of H.M.s Household 191 1, and Joint Parliamentary (Patronage) 
Sec to the Treasury in National Min. 1917 ; D.S.O. 1917. A Liberal \ un 
fully contested Staffordshire, Kingswinford Div. Jan. 1906, Cumberland. 
Cockermouth Div. Aug. 1906, and Lincolnshire, N. Lindsey, or Brigg, Div. 
Feb. 1907 ; elected for E. Div. of Dorsetshire Jan. 27th. 1910, but was 
unseated on petition; re-elected Dec. 13th, 1910. 

Residence- \Woxd House, 26, Park Lane, W. Clubs -Turf, White >. 

J. GUINEY .Cork co. North Cork Division). 

John Guiney, son of Timothy Guiney, Clerk to Kanturk County 
Council:/*. 1869; admitted a Solicitor 1892. An Independent Natia: 
I for N. Cork Div. of Cork co. since Nov. 4th, 1913. 
Residences— y, Dublin : Kan»urk, co. Cork. 



I. RUPERT E C. GUINNESS (Essex, South-Eastern Division'. 
R 11 pert Ed 
C.Af.C, el. son of 1st Viscount Ivc.rijli, of K.nmlcigh, 
Castleknock, co. Dublin, Elveden Hall (Sufl 


■■en, Dul.lin. by Adelaide M 
«.f the l;itt I DnesS, M P for Harn- 

t» 29th, 1874 ; cd. at Eton, and at 
I mi Coll., Camb. : St, IQo; I mlolen 

I lor^ 1«»\\ : 

formerly Capt. u B. Kind's R orps : 

is an • !■ Roy. Naval Vol R< 

>iv.), and s Lieut of C 
a 1900 (despatches, medal, < 
1900. .1) 19U. A Conservative ; sat fa 

uersto 1 ist 1908 to Jan. 1910 

*>6, and Jan. and Dec. 1910; has sat for B.l Dhr. of Essex 
16th, 1912. 

R" 1 Jaroe*'* Square. king. C. 

HachdorV, Kildare Street. 

mm. J 



Walter Edward Guinness, D.S.O., 3rd son 

Viscount [veagh, erf Farmleigh, Castleknock, co. 
Dublin. Elveden Hall (Suffolk), near Thetford, $, Gros- 
venoi Place, S.W., and No, St. Stephen's Green, Dab* 
lin : b. March 29th, 1880; ed. at Eton : ///. 1903, Lady 
Evelyn Hilda Stuart Krskine, da. of 14th Earl of 
Buchan ; is Major Veo. , Hon. Capt. in the Army, and 
a Brig.* Ma j. ; was a Member of London County 
Council 1907-10 ; served in S. Africa 1900-1901, as 
Capt. 44th Squadron Imperial Yeo., and subsequently 
u A.D.C. to Brig.-Gen. R. G. Broadwood, C.B. 
(wounded, despatches, medal with four clasps), and 
during European War 1915-17 (D.S.O.); D.S.O. 
191 7. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Suf- 
folk, N.-W., or Stowmarket. Div. Jan. 1906 ; has sat for Bury St. Edmunds 
since Aug. 24th 1907. 

Residences- i\, Grosvenor Place, S.W. ; Knockmaroon, Castleknock, co. Dublin; The 
Manor House, Bury St. Edmunds. Clubs— Carlton, Kildare Street. 

RIGHT HON. J. W. GULLAND (Dumfries District). 

John William Gulland, P.C., younger son of John Gulland, of 
Edinburgh, by Mary, da. of Samuel Lovell, of Bedford ; b. Jan. 25th, 1864 \ 
ed. at Roy. High Sch., and at Edinburgh Univ. (Lord Rector's Prizeman) : 
m. 1912, Edith Mary, da. of the late Walker Allen, of Whitefield, near 
Manchester ; formerly a Member of Edinburgh Town Council and Sch. Board ; 
sometime a corn merchant of Edinburgh ; is a Director of Edinburgh Chamber 
of Commerce; appointed a Junior Lord of the Treasury and Scottish Minis- 
terial Whip July 1909; was Parliamentary (Patronage) Sec. to the Treasury 
Jan. to May 191 5, and Joint Sec. thereto May 1915 to Dec. 1916 ; is Ch. 
Liberal Whip in House of Commons; P.C. 1916. A Libera/; has sat for 
Dumfries Dist. since Jan. 17th, 1906. 

Residence — 93, Summer Place, S.W. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal, Scottish 
Liberal, beraL 

CAPT. s. L. GWYNN (Galway). 

Stephen Lucius Gwynn, son of the late Rt. Rev. John Gwynn, 
D.D. (Regius Professor of Divinity in Trin. Coll., Dublin), of Ashbrook, 
Houth Road, Clontarf, Dublin, by Lucy Josephine, who d. 19 — , da. of the 
late William Smith O'Brien, M. P. j b. 1864; ed. at Brasenose Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1886) : m. 1889, Mary Louisa, da. of the late Rev. James Gwynn ; is a 
journalist and author ; formerly Capt. Connaught Rangers ; sometime a 
Member of 1st Senate of National Univ. of Ireland; has been a Member of 
Dardanelles Commn. and of Irish Convention. A Nationalist -, has sat for 
Galway since Nov. 3rd, 1906. 

Address— House of Commons, Westminster, S.W. Club — National Liberal. 

R. S. GWYNNE (Sussex, Southern, or Eastbourne, Division). 

Rupert Sackville Gwynne, son of the late James Eglinton 
Anderson Gwynne, of Eolkington Manor, Sussex, by his wife Mary Earle 
Purvis; b. Aug. 2nd, 1873 > e£ *« at Shrewsbury Sch., and at Pembroke Coll., 
Camb. (B.A. 1895): m. 1905, the Hon. Stella Ridley, da. of 1st Viscount 
Ridley ; Bar. Inner Temple 1898 ; is a Member of E. Sussex County Council, 
and a J. P. for Sussex. A Conservative ; has sat for S., or Eastbourne, Div. 
<.f Sussex since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residences— 47, Catherine Street, Buckingham Gate, S.W. ; Wootton Manor, Polegate, 
Clubs— Bachelors', Carlton. 



J. HACKETT (Tipperary co., Mid Tlpperary Division). 

John Hackett; b. Nov. 1865; is a farmer in Longfordpass, 
Chm. of Thurles Rural Dist. Council, an ex-ofjicio Member of Tipperary 
County Council, and a J. P. for co. Tipperary. A Nationalist ; has sat for 
Mid Tipperary Div. of Tipperary co. since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residence — Longfordpass, Urlingfonl, co. Kilkenny. 

MAJOR O. B. HADDOCK (Lancashire (North), North Lonsdale Division). 

George Bahr Haddock, son of the late James Haddock ; b. 
May 24th, 1863; is a Director of J. II. WVNford and Co. (Limited), and 
I^eyland Shipping Co. (Limited), and Major Loyal N. Lancashire Regt. An 
l'nionist\ has sat for N. Lonsdale Div. of Lancashire (North) since 
Jan. 23rd, 1906. 

Residence^- 5 vi, Pall Mall, S.W. 


B. HALL Isle of Wight). 

Douglas Bernard Hall, son of the 
late Bernard Hall, J. P., of Burton Park, 
Petworth, Sussex, by Margaret, da. of 
William Calrow, J.P., D.L. ; b. Dec. 29th, 
1866 ; ed. at Charterhouse, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford : m. 1890, Caroline, only da. of 
T. J. Montgomery, of Larchmont Manor, 
New York Slate, U.S.A. ; is Capt. 
R.E., patron of two livings, Lord of 
the Manors of Burton and Barlavington, 
and a J. P. for Sussex (High Sheriff 
1907). A Conservative, unsuccessfully 
contested Penryn and Falmouth Jan. 
1906 ; has sat for Isle of Wight since 
Jan. 21st, 19K* 

Residence— Hurton Park. Petworth. 
Clufis— Carlton, Botxll 

LIEUT COL 8IR FRED HALL (Camberwell, Dulwich Division). 

Hall, a./.'./-;.. D.S.O., ton ol Herbert Hall; A.Oct 7 th, 

//. 1892, Annie Ellen. d:i. Hall, of PUdttOW] il Lieu 

R.F.A., a D main and Co. (Limited), insuian.-r 

lid Broad S ., and I Mi'in': .1 the 

Baltic; raised several batteries of Artillery during Europe, 
and K.B.E. I918. \ t\ elected f->r Ihilwkh Div. of Caml>crwell 

jrd, 191a Hill, 5.W. 
1 Thames V.i 

Clnhs— Carlton, 

F. HALL (Yorkshire, West Riding, Southern Part. Normanton Division). 

Hall; />. 1855; in early life worked in Aldwi 

Colliei \ ent (formerly S rkshire 

> Asso., a 1 
United Ordc lows. A Libera/ &n<\ .' 

I ol \Y. Kiding of Yorkshi v. 27th, 1905. 

Residence— »6, Victoria Road. Barnslcy. 



CAPT. A. V. HAMBRO (Dorsetshire, Southern Division). 

Angus Valdemar Hamijro, son of Sir 
Everard Alexander Hambro, K.C.V.O., of Hayes 
Place, Beckenham, Kent, and Milton Abbey, Dorset, 
by Gertrude Mary, who d. 1905, da. of the late Henry 
Stuart ; b. 1883 1 ed. at Eton ; is Capt. Yeo. : m. 1st, 
1907, Rosamund Maud, who d. 1914, da. of Major 
Robert W. Kearsley, of Stapeley House, Cheshire ; 
2ndly, 1916, Vanda, da. of St. John Charlton, of 
Cholmondeley, Malpas, Cheshire. A Conservative ; 
has sat for S. Div. of Dorsetshire since Jan. 21st, 

Residence— Milton Abbey, Blandford. 

LIEUT. COL. A. ST. G. HAMERSLEY (Oxfordshire, Mid, or Woodstock, Division). 
Alfred St. George Hamersley, K.C., son of Hugh Hamersley 
(D.L. and Chm. of Quarter Sessions), of Pyrton Manor, Oxfordshire, by 
Philippa Mary Anne, who d. 1877, da. of John Shawe Philipps, ofCulham 
House, Oxfordshire; b. Oct. 8th, 1848; ed. at Marlborough: m. 1S76, 
Isabella Maud, da. of Charles Hastings Snow, of Wellington, New Zealand ; 
Bar. Middle Temple 1872, and a K.C. 1899 ; has practised in New Zealand, 
and took an active part in Mil. affairs of the Colony, Comdg. Contingent against 
Maoris; subsequently practised in Canada, and took active part in commercial 
development of Vancouver ; sometime Comdg. New Zealand Mil., founded New 
Zealand (hand National Steeplechase Club and the Amateur Athletic Club of 
British Columbia ; formerly Major R.G.A. ; is Lieut. -Col. New Zealand 
Artillery (raised four Batteries Overseas Artillery during European War). 
An Unionist; has sat for Mid, or Woodstock, Div. of Oxfordshire since Jan. 

2ISt, I9IO. 

Residence— Rycote Park. W'heatley, Oxfordshire. Clnbs— Carlton, National, Union, 

MAJOR C. G. C. HAMILTON (Cheshire, Altrincham Division). 
Collingwood George Clements Hamilton, son of the late Ven. 
George Hans Hamilton, Archdeacon of Nortl-umherland, and Canon of 
Durham, by Lady Louisa Frances, sister of 4th Earl of Leitrim ; b. Nov. 1st, 
1877 ; ed. at Charterhouse : m. 1906, Eleanor, da. of the late Henry Simon, 
of Lawnhurst, Didsbury ; is an electrical engineer, and Major Gen. List. 
A Conservative ; has sat for Altrincham Div. of Cheshire since May 28th, 


Residence— The Old Court House, Knutsford, Cheshire. C/ttit— Canton, Constitu- 
tional, St. Stephen's, Unicn (Manchester), Constitutional (Manchester). 


Claud John Hamilton, P.C., 2nd son of 1st 
Duke of Abercorn, by Lady Louisa Jane Russell, V.A., 
who d. 1905, da. of 6th Duke of Bedford ; b. Feb. 20th, 
1843; eel. at Harrow: ?n. 1878, Caroline, who d. 191 1, 
da. of the late Edward Sacheverell Chandos-Pole, of 
Radbourne Hall, Derby ; has been Capt. Grenadier 
Guards, and Col. a Batn. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; 
is High Steward of Yarmouth, Chm. of Great Eastern 
and East London Railways, of Employers 1 Liability 
Assurance Corporation, and of Egyptian Hotels ( Limited), 
and a Director of London and South Western Bank and 
of Hadfield's Steel Foundry, a Member of Council of 
Foreign Bondholders, and a Knight of Justice of Order 
of St. John of Jerusalem in England ; was A.D.C. to Lord-Lieut, of Ireland 



1866-8, a Lord of the Treasury 1868, attached to 1st Duke of Abercorn's 
Special Mission to Italy 1878, and an A.D.C. to H.M. Queen Victoria, 
Ireland 1887-97; P.C. 1917. A Conservative; sat for Londonderry City 
1865-8, and for King's Lynn 1869-80 ; unsuccessfully contested Londonderry 
1868, Brecon 1869, and King's Lynn 1880; sat for Liverpool 1880-85, am * 
for \V. Derby Div. of Liverpool 1885-8; has sat for S. Div. of Kensington 
since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence— 28, Cambridge Square, VV. Ctul'S — Carlton, Travellers', St. Stephen's, 

J. G. HANCOCK (Derbyshire, Mid Division). 

John George Hancock, el. son of Joseph Hancock, of Pinxton, 
Derbyshire; b. Oct. 15th, 1857: ///. 1882, Mary, da. of Thomas Hoten, of 
Pinxton; is Agent to Notts Miners' Asso., and a J.l\ for Notts. A Liberal; 
has sat for Mid Div. of Derbyshire since July 15th, 1909. 

Residence — 315 Nottingham Road, New l'.isford, Nottingham. 

RIGHT HON. C. A. HANSON (Cornwall, South-East, or Bodmin, Division). 

Charles Augustin Hanson, son of 
Joseph M. A. Hanson, of Fowey. Corn- 
wall ; b. Sept. nth, 1848 : m. 1868, Martha, 
da. of James Appelbe, J. P.. of Trafalgar, 
Halton, Canada; is Hon. Col. a Cadet 
P.atn. London Regt., a partner in the firm 
of Coates, Son and Co., stockbrokers, of 
99, Gresham Street, E.C., Chm. Gresham 
Life Assurance So. (Limited), a J. P. for 
Cornwall (Sheriff 1907), and an Alderman, 
a J. P. and Lieut, for City of London (Sheriff 
1911-12); elected Lord Mayor of London 
191 7. An Unionist) has sat for S. 1 
Bodtntn, Div. of Cornwall since Aug. 15th. 

Resident, .Wil- 

ton Cit i-owcy Sal rawmll. 

Cluii— Carlton, Junior Carlton. 


Rolxtt Vi \\ri 1- \ 1 CRNON HARCOURT, 

<.f tin- late Kt. Hon. Sir William (ioirtv ' 

D-Haraourt, P.C, Mr.. /abeth 

lm. in 
Mid widow 
7th, 1S78: id. at Eton, and 

:ipos 1899): m. 191 1, Margoric 

1, .la. of William Samuel dinar. 1 : KMnetil 
I>ipl". Scr. ; is an Author and Journalist, and a 

1 Kt Hon II. ! 
May 1908. A Liberal \ unsuc< - 
Hastings March 1908; has sat fa M 
May 1 2th, 1908. 

tcrs- 41. Cur/on Strcrt. W.l Malnoo.1. t.ydrfBW 



RIGHT HON. L HARDY (Kent, Southern, or Ashford, Division). 

Laurence Hardy, P.C., son of Sir John 
Hardy, 1st Bt., of Dunstall Hall, near Burton-upon- 
Trent, by Laura, who d. 1885, da. of the late William 
Holbech, ofFamborough, Warwickshire; b. April 14th, 
1854 ; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (H.A. 1876, 
1st" Class History Final, M.A. 1879): m. 1886, Evelyn 
Emily, who J. 191 1 , da. of John C.athorne Wood, of 
Thedden Grange, Alton ; sometime an Ironmaster ; is 
a J.P. for W. Riding of York, a J. P. and D.L. for 
Kent, a Member of Canterbury House of Laymen, and 
a Member of Defence of the Realm Losses Commn. ; 
was Dep. Chm. of Committee of Ways and Means^ 
in House of Commons 1905. A Conservative ; unsuc- 
cessfully contested Shipley Div. of W. Riding of York 
or Ashford, Div. of Kent since July 16th, 1892; P.C. 

Arm* de foi hardi. 
1S85; has sat for S 
191 1. 

Residences— Sandling Park, Hythe, Kent 
Oxford and Cambridge, Carlton, Wellington. 

36, Buckingham Gate, S.W. Clubs— 

HARMOOD-BANNER [see Bannerl. 

C. B. HARMS WORTH (Bedfordshire, Southern, or Luton, Division). 

Cecil Bisshopp Harmsworth, son of 
the late Alfred Harmsworth, Bar.-at-Law, by 
Geraldine Mary, da. of William Maffett, of 
Pembroke Place, Dublin, and brother of 1st 
Viscount Northcliffe and 1st Baron Rothermere \ 
b. Sept. 28th, 1869; ed. at Trim Coll., Dublin 
(B.A. Senior Moderator in Modern Literature 
1891, M.A. 1911): m. 1897, Emilie Alberta, 
da. of William Hamilton Maffett, Bar.-at-Law, 
of St. Helena, Einglas, co. Dublin; sometime 
a Director of Amalgamated Press (Limited); 
appointed Parliamentary Private Sec (unpaid) 
to Pres. of Board of Agriculture and Fisheries 
(Rt. Hon. W. Runciman, M.P.) 191 1, and 
Parliamentary Under Sec. of State for Home 
Depart. Feb. 1915. A Liberal ; unsuccessfully 
contested Worcestershire, Mid, or Droit wich, 
Div. Oct. 1900, and Lanarkshire, N.-E. Div. 
Sept. 1901: sat for Mid, or Droitwich, Div, 
of Worcestershire Jan. 23rd, 1906 to Jan. 1910, 

when he was defeated; elected for S., or Luton, Div. of Bedfordshire 

July 20th, 191 1. 

Residences— 2%, Montague Square, W. ; Magdalen House, Henley-on-Thames. 

Clubs — Reform, National Liberal, Eighty. 



R. L. HARMSWORTH (Caithness-shire). 

Robert Leicester Harmsworth, 4th 
son of the late Alfred Harmsworth, Bar.-at-law, 
by Geraldine Mary, da. of William Maffett, 
Bar.-at-law, of Pembroke Place, Dublin, and 
brother of 1st Viscount NorthclifTe and 1st Baron 
Rothermere; b. Nov. 1st, 1870: ///. 1892, 
Annie Louise, el. da. of the late Thomas 
Scott, of Wandsworth, S.W., and Cornard, 
Suffolk ; sometime a Director of the Amalga- 
mated Press (Limited). A Liberal; h 
for Caithness-shire since Oct. 10th. 1900. 

Residence— Moray Lodge, Campden Hill, W.8. 

SIR HENRY P. HARRIS (Paddington, South Division). 

Henry Percy Harris, K.B.E. ,son 
of the late Sir George David Harris, J. P., 
of 32, Inverness Terrace, W., by Eli/a 
Margaret, da. of the late Henry Adderley, 
of Nassau, Bahamas ; b. Sept. 8th, 1856 ; 
ed. at Eton and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 
1880) : m. 190S, Ethel Alice Chivers, da. 
of the late Edward Chivers Bower, of 
Broxholme, Scarborough; Bar. Lincoln's 
Inn 1 88 1 ; was Chm. of London County 
Council 1907-8 ; is a J. P. and D.L. for co. 
London, ami Chm. London War Pensions 
Committee; K.B.E. 1917. A Cons 
tive ; has sat for S. Div. of Paddington 
since Jan. 17th, 1910. 
1 i 

■ Inbt — 
Carlton, < )xford and « 

P. A. HARRIS (Leicestershire, South, or Harborough, Division). 

\ltre<l Harris, son of Wolf Harris, of 197, Qu< 
Gate, S.W., by K!i/al»eth, da. DOe Wathen, of Auckland, New 

Zealand; b. March 6th, 1876; ed. at Harrow, an. I lidl. Camb. 

1897): m. . some- 

ital ; Bar. Middle Temple 1899; is Director 
Co. ( Limited), of N< I mdon 

v Council, a Cou 
of Vol „f Territorials, V 

egts. ; author of M New Zealand and its Govern- 
and " Lon<l<»n an.l its ( lovernment." A Coalition Member', unsuc- 



cessfully contested S., or Ashford, Div. of Kent (/.) Jan. 1906, and Harrow 
Div. of Middlesex Jan. 1910; has sat for S., or Harborough, Div. of Leices- 
tershire since March 23rd, 19 16. 

Residence— Almoner House, St. James' Court, S.W. Clubs- Reform, Eighty. 

COM. THE RIGHT HON. F. L. HARRIS (Worcestershire, East Division). 
i A i Frederick Leverton Harris, /'.C, son of the 

WO «V??^ ' ate Frederick William Harris, J. P., of 23, Devonshire 

Sis Place, W., and Park Grove, Withyham, by Elizabeth, 

da. of Peter McLeod Wylie ; b. Dec. 17th, 1864; 
ed. at Winchester, and at Gonville and Caius Coll., 
Camb. (B.A. 1884, M.A. 1887): m. 1886, Gertrude, 
da. of the late John Grubb Richardson, of Moyallon, 
and Bessbrook, co. Armagh ; is an Hon. Com. Roy. 
Naval Vol. Reserve ; was Parliamentary Private Sec. 
(unpaid) to Sec. of State for War (Rt. Hon. H. O. 
Arnold- Foster, M.P.) 1902-5, Adviser in Commerce, 
Trade Div., Admiralty 191 5- 16, and Director of Re- 
striction of Enemy Supplies Depart., Foreign Office 
May to Dec. 1916, since when he has been Under 
Sec. to Min. of Blockade ; appointed a Member of Tariff Commn. 1904 ; P.C. 
1916. A Conservativt ; sat for Tynemouth Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906 (when he 
was defeated), and for Stepney Div. of Tower Hamlets May 1907 to Dec. 
1910; a contributor to various magazines ; has sat for E. Div. of Worcester- 
shire since July 16th, 1914. 

Residences— 70, Grosvenor Street W. ; Camilla Lacey, Dorking ; Small Dowoa 
House, Sandwich. Clubs — Carlton, St. James's. 

A. G. C. HARVEY (Rochdale). 
Alexander Gordon Cummins Harvey, son of Alexander 
Cummins Harvey ; b. 1858 ; is a cotton mill owner, and a J.P. and County 
Alderman for Lancashire; was a Member of Select Committee on Marconi 
Agreement 1912-13. A Liberal \ has sat for Rochdale since Jan. 13th, 1906. 
Residence — Town House, Littleborough, near Rochdale. Clubs — Reform (London), 
Reform (Manchester). 

T. E. HARVEY (Leeds, West Division). 

Thomas Edmund Harvey, son of William Harvey, of Round- 
hay, Leeds; b. Jan. 4th, 1875; ed. at Bootham Sch., York, at Yorkshire 
Coll., Leeds, at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1897), a " d ** Berlin and Paris Univs. : 
m. 191 1, Alice Irene, da. of the late Professor Silvanus Phillips Thompson, 
D.Sc, F.R.S., of Morland, Chislett Road, W. Hampstead, N.W. ; was Warden 
of Chalfont House 1900-1904, Dep. Warden of Toynbee Hall 1904-6, Warden 
1906-11, and Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Parliamentary Under 
Sec. of State for Home Depart. (E. J. Griffith, K.C., M.P.) 1912-13, and 
to Financial Sec. to Treasury (Rt. Hon. C. F. G. Masterman, M.P ) 1913-14. 
A Liberal-, has sat for W. Div. of Leeds since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence— Welders Wood, near Chalfont St. Peter, Mucks. Clubs— National Liberal, 
Leeds and County Liberal. 

L. HASLAM (Monmouth District). 

Lewis Haslam, son of John Haslam, J. P., of Gilnow House, 
Bolton, Lancashire, by Jane, da. of J. Crook, of White Bank, Bolton, 
Lancashire ; b. April 25th, 1856 ; ed. at Univ. Coll. Sch., and at Univ. 
Coll., London : m. 1893, Helen Norma, da. of Henry Dixon, of Watlington, 
Oxon. ; is a J.P. for Lancaster, and a cotton spinner. A Liberal; un- 
successfully contested Westhoughton Div. of Lancashire (S.-E.) 1892, and S. 
Kesteven, or Stamford, Div. of Lincolnshire 1900 ; has sat for Monmouth 
Dist. since Jan. 18th, 1906. 

Residence— %, Wilton Crescent, S.W. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Bath, Ranelagh. 


HA VELOCK ALLAN [see Allan]. 

J. P. HAYDEN Roscommon Co., South Roscommon Division) 

John Patrick Hayden, son of the late Luke Hayden, of 
Roscommon; b. 1863; is a Journalist. A Nationalist', has sat for S. 
common l>i\. of Roscommon co. since July 15th, 1897. 

Address - \\>Ntmeath Examiner Office, Mullingar. 

MAJOR E. HAYWARD (Durham, South Eastern Division). 

n Hayward, son of Robert Hayward, of Fishponds, 
Gloucestershire; b. April 2nd, 1876; ed. at Wotton-under-Edge : m. 1913, 
Elizaheth M., widow of Alfred Bergfeldt, of Dresden; admitted a Solicitor 
1900; is a member of the legal firm of Bennett, Leaver and Hayward. of 
Moorgate Street, E.C., and Major Worcestershire Regt. A Liberal; fa 
for S.-E. Div. of Durham since Jan. 26th, 1910. 

Residences— 38, Hyde Park date, S.W. ; Newland's Avenue, West Hartlepool. Club 
-National Liberal. 

R. HAZLETON (Galway Co., North Galway Division . 

Richard Hazleton, son of the late Thomas Hazleton, of 

Dungannon, co. Tyrone, and Clontarf, co. Dublin, by his wife, Bridget 

i^yan ; b. Dec. 5th, 1880; ed. at Blackrock Coll., Dublin ; sometime a 

Journalist ; author of " Parnell and his Times," etc. ; has been an Hon. Officer 

of the Irish Party since 1908. A Nationalist ; unsuccessfully contested S. Div. 

of Dublin co. Jan. 1906 and N. Louth Div. of Louth co. Jan. 1910 ; has sat 

Galway Div. of Galway co. since Feb. 28th, 1906; also elected for 

Louth Div. of Louth co. Dec. 8th, 1910, but was unseated there on 

petition Feb. 191 1. 

Residence Ivy Bank, Blackrock, co. Dublin Club— Royal Automobile. 

M. HEALY (Cork City). 
Maurice Healy, son of the late Maurice Healy, of Bantry, co. 

Cork, by Eli/a, da. of D. Sullivan; b. 1859: m. 1*887, Ann, el. da. 

Of the late A. M. Sullivan; admitted a Solicitor in Ireland 1882. An 

Independent Nationalist ; sat for Cork City Nov. 1885 to Oct. 1900 (when he 

was defeated) and May 1909 to Jan. 1910 (when he was again defeated) ; sat 

mv. of Cork co. March to Nov. 1910; re-elected for Cork City 

oth, 1910. 

Residence— Anhton Lawn, Cork. 

T. M HEALY iCork Co., North East Cork Division). 

Timothy Michael Hbaly, A'. ('., tod ion of the late Ma 

> : m. 1882, 
! D. Sullivan] Bar. King*! Inns, Dublin 1884, a k.« 

1899, 19051 Mar. Gray's Inn 1 903, and a K.C. 1910; 11 an 

lonial Institute ; aut! »len Water. ' A W 

\;i Independent Nationalist \ sat 
1880 to June 188; resigned, and for Monaghan co. June 30ili 

1 Dec. 1885 returned for N. Monaghan and also for S 
UndtRJi nrvl elected to lit for the last-mentioned; sat till 

he was defeatc-1 
I co. 1887-92, and for N. I 1S92 to 

u)io, when he was defeated ; elected >f Cork co. 

I uly 15th, i 

nlin, Chapeluntl, co. Dublin. Chmmbers I ' 

CM- National Liberal. 


M. L. HEARN (Dublin Co., S. Dublin Division). 

Michael Louis Hearn, son of the late Thomas E. Hearn, of 
Dublin; /». May, 1S66: admitted Solicitor 1889; is Chm. of freeman's Journal 
Co. A Nationalist ; has sat f>r S. Dublin Div, of Dublin co. since July 1917. 

Residence— Waterloo, Temple Gardens, Rathmines. co. Dublin. 


SIR NORVAL W. HELME (Lancashire, North Part, Lancaster Division). 

Norval Watson Helme, son of the late 
James Helme, of Lancaster ; b. Sept. 22nd, 
1849; e d. at Roy. Gram. Sch., Lancaster: m. 
1877, Mary, da. of the late Thomas Wilson, of 
Caldbeck, Cumberland ; is a J. P. and a County 
Alderman of Lancashire, Chm. of Lancashire 
Asylums Board, a Member of Co. Standing 
Joint and Education Committees, an Alderman of 
the Borough of Lancaster (of which he was Mayor 
1896-7), Chm. of Lancaster Corporation Gas Co., 
Pres. of Lancaster and Dist. Chamber of Com- 
merce and of NonCounty Boroughs Asso. of Eng- 
land, a Member ot Central Committee of Roy. 
Albert Institution for Feeble Minded, and senior 
partner in the firm of James Helme and Co., oil 
baize and leather cloth manufacturers, of Halton 
Mills, Lancaster, Knt. 1912. A Liberal; has sat 
for Lancaster Div. of Lancashire (N.) since 
Oct. 9th, 1900. 
Residences— Springfield Hall, Lancaster ; 2, Whitehall Court S.W. Clubs— Reform, 
National Liberal. 

E. G. HEMMERDE (Norfolk, North-West Division). 

Edward George Hemmerde, K.C., son of the late James 
Godfrey L. Hemmerde, of Blackheath, S.E. ; b. Nov. 13th, 1871 ; ed. at 
Winchester, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (ist class Classical Moderations 1892, 
Honours Lit. Hum. 1894 and Jurisprudence 1895, B.C.L. 1896): m. 1903, 
Lucy Elinor, da. of the late C. C. Colley ; Bar. Inner Temple 1897, and a 
K.C. 1908; goes N. Circuit; appointed Recorder of Liverpool 1909. A 
Liberal; sat for E. Division of Denbighshire Aug. 1906 to Nov. 1910; 
unsuccessfully contested Portsmouth Dec. 1910 ; elected for N.W. Div. of 
Norfolk June ist, 1912. 

Residence— 11, Mulberry Walk, Chelsea, S.W. Chambers— \, HareCourt, Temple, E.C. 

RIGHT HON. A. HENDERSON (Durham Co., Barnard Castle Division). 

Arthur Henderson, P.C., son of David Henderson, by his wife, 
Agnes ; b. 1863 ; ed. at St. Mary's Sch., Glasgow : ;//. 1888, a da. of William 
Watson, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; has been a Member of Darlington Town 
Council, of Newcastle City Council, and of Durham County Council ; some- 
time Chm. of Labour Party in House of Commons (resigned 1917) ; is a J. P. 
for co. Durham, ;i M cm her of Board of Trade Arbitration Court, and of 
Industrial Council, Sec. of National Labour Party, Chm. of National Joint 
Labour Board, Joint Pres. of Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, a Member 
of Kxecutive Committee of Prince of Wales's National Relief Fund, and 
Workmen's Chm. of N.-E. Coast Conciliation Board, and Lancashire Con- 
ciliation Board (Ironfounding Industry), Hon. Pres. Friendly So. of Iron- 
founders, and Past Pres. National Brotherhood Federation ; appointed a 



Member of Govt. Committee to enquire into employment for Disabled Sailors 
and Soldiers, and for Belgian Refugees, and of Munitions of War Committee 
1915, Pres. of Board of Education May 1915, Paymaster-Gen. and Labour 
r to the Govt. Aug. 1916, and Min. (without portfolio) in National 
Min. (with a seat in the War Cabinet) Dec. 1916 (resigned Aug. 1917) ; 
elected Mayor of Darlington 1903 ; was a Member of Railway Commn. 191 1 ; 
PC. 1915. A Labour Member ; has sat for Barnard Castle Div. of Durham 
co. since July 1903. 

Residence— Teesdale, Rodenhurst Road, Clapham Park, S.W. 

J. M. HENDERSON (Aberdeenshire, West Division). 

John Macdonald Henderson, son of William Henderson, of 
Aberdeen, by his wife, Mary Macdonald ; b. 1846 ; ed. at Gordon's Schs., and 
at Marischal Coll., Aberdeen : ;;/. 1 872, Kate Mary, da. of Thomas Francis 
Robins, solicitor, of London ; Bar. Gray's Inn 1897 ; is a Fellow of the 
Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Director of Great North of Scotland 
Railway Co., of Thomas Bolton and Son (Limited), and of Lancashire 
United Tramways (Limited), South London Electric Corporations (Limited), 
•fid other cos., and a J. P. for Surrey and Suffolk. A Liberal ; has sat for 
W. Div. of Aberdeenshire since Jan. 18th, 1906. 

/Zesidtnces—Cambhgalc, Wimbledon ; The White House, Felixstowe. C/ul< — Reform. 

SIR CHARLES S. HENRY, Bt. (Shropshire, Mid, or Wellington, Division). 

Charles Solomon Henry, 1st 
Baronet ', second son of the late I. S. Henry ; 
b. Jan. 28th, i860 ; ed. at St. Marylebone 
Sch. and All Souls 1 Gram. Sch., and at 
Gottingen Univ. : m. 1892, Julia, el. da. 
of the late Leonard Lewisohn, of 
York ; i- Managing Director of C. S. 
Henry and Co. (Limited), European Re- 
presentatives of United Metals Selling Co. 
a York, of 12, Leadcnhall Street, 
E.C., and a J. P. fur i RNMH 

191 1. A Liberal-, unsuccessfully con- 
tested Mid, oc Chdmtfotd, i>i\. <>! 1 
Oct. 1900; has sat for Mid, CM Wellington, 
I>iv. of Shropshire since Jan. 24th, 1906. 

nets— 5, Carlton C. 
wood, Henley-on-Thames ; Krookland*, Welling* 

• lop. 

D. 8. HENRY Londonderry. 8 Derry Division 

Denis St son of the It Henry, of 
perstown; b. March 7th, 1864; ed. at -t : m, 
of the late Holmes, l s Inn, 
Dublh ScAaodal ^>8, ; is a I r Lon- 
donderry. .0 A Liberal Uniom si ; 
< ssfully contcste ' i«x> and March 1907; 
has sat for - 1916. 

-*8, Fit/william Square, Dublin. Clubs— Carlton, Constitutional, Northern 


LIEUT. COL. THE HON. A. N. H. M. HERBERT (Somersetshire, Southern 


Aubrey Nigel Henry Molyneux Herbert, 2ml 
son of 4th Earl of Carnarvon, by Elizabeth Catharine, 
da. of the late Henry Howard ; />. 18S0 ; ed at Eton, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1908): ;;/. 1910, the Hon. 
Mary Gertrude Vesey, da. of 4th Viscount De Vesci ; for- 
merly Lieut. Roy. N. Devon Yeo., and an Hon. Attache in 
Diplo. Ser. ; is Capt. Irish Guards, and a Gen. Staff Officer, 
with rank of Lieut. -Col. ; served during European War 
1914 (wounded, Serbian Order of the White Eagle) ; has 
travelled extensively in Yemen, Arabia, and Near and Ear 
^ East. A Conservative-, elected for Somerset. S. Div. Nov. 
,-UE SE £^^ 21st, 1911, having been defeated there Jan. and Dec. 1910. 
Residence* — 23, liruton Street, \V. ; Piston Park, Dulverton. Clubs— Travellers', 
St. James s, Bath. 

HERMON HODGE [see Hodge 


Gordon Hewart, P.C., K.C., son of G. Hewart, J.P., of Bury, 
Lancashire; b. 1870; ed. at Manchester Gram. Sch., and at Univ. Coll., 
Oxford (Classical Scholar 1887, B.A. 1891, M.A. 1896) : m. 1892, Sara 
Wood, da. of J. Hacking Riley, J. P., of Bury ; Bar. Inner Temple 1902, 
K.C. 1912, and a Bencher 1917 ; joined N. Circuit ; appointed Solicitor-Gen. 
in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; Knt. 1917, P.C. 1918. A Liberal; unsuccess- 
contested N.-W. Div. of Manchester Aug. 1912; has sat for Leicester since 
June 27th, 1913. 

Residence— 26, Kensington Park Gardens, W. Chambers— 2, Harcourt Buildings 
Temple, E.C. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Eighty. 

W. A. S. HEWINS (Hereford). 

William Albert Samuel Hewins, 2nd son of Samuel Hewins ; 
!>. May nth, 1865; ed. at Wolverhampton, and at Pembroke Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1887, M.A. 1893) : in. 1892, Margaret, da. of James Slater, of Bescot 
Hall, Staffordshire ; was Director of London Sch. of Economics 1895-1903, 
Tooke Professor of Economic Science and Statistics, King's Coll., London 
1897- 1903, Teacher of Modern Economic History, London Univ. 1902-3, 
and a Member of Senate of London Univ. 1900- 1903; is an Hon. Fellow of 
Roy. Historical So., and Sec. to Tariff Commn. ; appointed Under Sec. of 
State for the Colonies in National Min. Oct. 191 7. A Conservative', unsuc- 
cessfully contested Middleton Div. of S.E. Lancashire Dec. 1910 and 1911, 
and Shipley Div. of N. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire Jan 1910; elected 
for Hereford March 8th, 1912. 

Residences — 98, St. George's Square, S.W. ; Bullingham Manor, near Hereford, 
Club — Carlton. 

SIR HENRY F. HIBBERT (Lancashire, North Part, Chorley Division). 
Henry Flemming HlBBERT, son of Isaac Hibbert ; b. April 
4th, 1850; ed. at Hutton and Chorley Gram Schs. ; Hon. LL.D., Manchester 
1908 : m. 1883, Marion Theresa, da. of Ernst Reuss ; is a J. P. and D.L. for 
Lancashire, an Alderman and Vice-Chm. of Lancashire County Council, Chm. 
of Educational Committee for Lancashire and of County Councils Asso., a 
Fellow of Roy. Geographical and Zoological Sos., a Member of Committee 
on Ser. in the Educational System of Great Britian, Organising Committee of 
China League, of Mining Sch. Committee (Wigan), of Senate of Liverpool 
Univ. Coll., of Victoria Univ., Manchester, a Freeman of City of London, 
and a Vice-Pres. of Blackburn Chamber of Commerce (originated China 
Mission) ; sometime a Member of Consultative Committee of Board of Edu- 
cation ; was Pres. of Asso. of Technical Institutes 191 1 -12 ; represented Lanca- 
shire County Council at International Congress on Commercial Education at 


Venice 1899, and a t Paris 1900; now a Member of Agricultural Education 
Conference, and serving on Education Committee ; has been twice Mayor of 
Chorley. A Conservative ; elected for Chorley Div. of Lancashire (N. Part), 
Feb. 19th, 1913; knighted 1903. 

Residence— Dalegarth, Chorley, Lancashire. 

BRIG. GEN. T. E. HICKMAN (Wolverhampton. South Division . 

A Thomas Edgecomb Hickman, C.B. t 

LltJ D.S.O., son. of Sir Alfred Hickman, 1st Bt., of 

VHP Wightwick, Wolverhampton, by Lucy Owen, da. of 

%PPfr William Smith, of Portsea ; b. July 25th, 1859; ed. 

at Cheltenham Coll. : m. 1907, Elizabeth Maud 
Mackenzie, da. of the late Surg.-Maj. James Alex- 
ander Smith, D.S.O. ; entered Army 1881, became 
Capt. 1888, Brevet Major 1896, Brevet Lieut.-Col. 
1898, Brevet Col. 1900 (h.-p. 1903), and Col. J904; 
retired 1914; served with Nile Expedition 1884-5 
(medal with two clasps, bronze star, 4th class Med- 
jidie), as Brig.-Maj. at Suakin 1884-7, at actions <.f 
Handoub and Gemaizah 1888 (despatches, clasp, 4th 
class Osmanieh) and of Toski 1889, M 1 1 A A I . 
tches, clasp, D.S.O.), with Dongola Expedition 1896, as A A I . 
Inf. Div. (despatches, Brevet Major), with Nile Expedition 1898, in com- 
mand of troops at capture of Shendy (despatches), present at battles of 
(clasp) and Khartum (despatches, clasp, Brevet Lieut.-Col.), at relief 
of Gedaref (clasp), in final operations against the Khalifa 1899, as Ch. 
patches. Brevet Col.), and in S. Africa 1900-1901, Comdg. 
a Column (despatches, C.B.); was attached to Egyptian Ain.\ i>84-94, again 
in 1896, and again 1897-T900; appointed CoI.-on-the-Staff in S. Africa 1902, 

Sub. Dist., S. Africa 1903, and to command 1 
1914, with rank <>f Brig. -Gen. ; is Hon. Col. of* Bate. S. Staffordshire Rfigt , 
for Stafford, and a Director of Alfred Hickman (Limited), iron and 
steel a ^ O. 1889, C.B. (Mil.) 1900. A Consenati;<; has sat 

Div. of Wolverhampton since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

\ Hall, Wolverhampton* Clnbt — 

I itary, Hurlintfham, Prince's, ( arli<>n, St. Stephen's, Kan« ' 

w. JOYNSON HICKS (Middlesex, Brentford Division). 

William JpYNSON-HlCl <>f Henry links, of IM.iistow 

Hall, Kent, by Harriet, da. of William Watts; b. J« iS6q; ed. at 

Merchant Taylors' Sch. : ;//. 1895, (Iiace Lynn, <ia. of Richard Hampson 
Joynsot hose surname he assumed), of Chasefield, Bo\ 

Chester : the legal firm of 

Hunt, < ar lew, a: >is, of Lennox House, Norfolk 

I. mchester Conservative A«so., Clnn. of Autom<ibile Asso. 
lotor Union. <•<*. of Roads 

appointed a Mcmhei <i D 
rntion 1909, on Rating of \ 
•umayo Atrocities I912, 01 

lly contested N. 
t. 1900; sat for \. W. Div. ol Manchester Apr,! 
to Jan. 1910, when he was defeated ; also defeated there Jan. 1906 ; <•: 
A Middlesex March 

Clutt- Carlton, 

HICKS BEACH [sea Beach;. 



J. S. HIGH AM (Yorkshire, West Riding, Northern Part, Sowerby Division). 

John Sharp Higham, son of Eli Higham, of Accrington ; />. 
June 14th, 1857 ; ed. privately : m. 1899, Pollie, da. of Sir William Pickles 
Hartley, J. P., of Sea View, Southport; formerly Mayor of Accrington; is 
a J. P. for Accrington, and head of the firm of Highams (Limited), cotton 
spinners, of Accrington, Rochdale, and Manchester ; for 15 years a Member 
of Accrington Town Council, and 12 years of Lancashire County Council. An 
Advanced Radical, "in favour of Disestablishment, Home Rule, and 
Nationalization of Railways," and a Member of the Land Values Group ; has 
sat for Sowerby Div. of N. Part of W. Riding of Yorks since July 1904. 

Residence— Birkdale, Southport. Club— National Liberal. 

SIR JAMES HILL, Bt. (Bradford, Central Division). 

James Hill, 1st Baronet, son of the 
late William Hill, wool merchant, of Harden. 
Bingley, Yorkshire, by his wife, Margaret ; b. 
March nth, 1849: m. 1875, Alice, da. of 
Joshua Knight, of Bradford ; started work in 
mill at age of 12, later becoming a wool- 
sorter's foreman and salesman : is head of the 
firm of James Hill and Sons, wool mer- 
chants, which he founded, a J. P. for Bradford 
(Lord Mayor 1908-9). Treasurer Yorkshire 
Liberal Federation, Pres. Bradford Liberal 
Asso., Proprietor Yorkshire Observer, Chm. 
Bradford and District Newspapers Co. (Lim- 
ited), and a local Director of Barclay and Co. 
(Limited), bankers ; cr. a Baronet 1916. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Central Div. of Bradford 
since Jan. 21st, 1916. 

Seats— Wellwood, Challow Dean, Bradford ; Craig- 
more, Morecambe. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal, 
Bradford Liberal, Ibadford Union. 

LIEUT. COL. H. S. STAVELEY-HILL (Staffordshire, Kingswinford Division). 
Henry Staveley Staveley-Hill, only son of the late Rt. Hon. 
Alexander Staveley Hill, P.C, K.C., D.C.L., LL.D., J.P., D.L., of Oxley 
Manor, near Wolverhampton, by Katherine Florence, who d. 1868, da. of the 
late Miles Ponsonby, J. P., D.L., of Haile Hall, Cumberland; b. May 22nd, 
1865 ; ed. at Westminster, and at St. John's Coll., Oxford : in. 1901, Eileen de 
Grey, da. of the late R. de Burgh d'Arcy, J. P., of de Grey Cottage, Felix- 
stowe ; Bar. Inner Temple 1891 ; goes Oxford Circuit ; appointed Recorder 
of Banbury 1903; is a J.P. and D.L. for Staffordshire, and Lieut. -Col. 
Comdg. Yeo. ; assumed by Roy. license 1906 the additional surname of 
Staveley. A Conservative', has sat for Kingswinford Div. of Staffordshire 
since July 3rd, 1905. 

Residence— Oxley Manor, near Wolverhampton. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton, 
Royal Automobile. 

HILL-WOOD [see Wood]. 

LIEUr.COL. J. W. HILLS (Durham). 
John Waller Hills, 2nd son of the late Herbert Augustus 
Hills, of Highhead Castle, Cumberland ; b. Jan. 2nd, 1867 ; ed. at Eton, and 
at Balliol Coll., Oxford ; D.C.L., Durham ; admitted Solicitor 1897 ; some- 
time a member of the legal firm of Hills, Godfrey and Halsey, of 23, Queen 
Anne's Gate, Westminster, S. W. ; is Lieut. -Col. Durham L.I., a Member of 
Council of Min. of Munitions, and a J.P. for Cumberland; served during 
European War 1914-16 (wounded). A Liberal Unionist ; has sat for Durham 
City since Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Residence — Highhead Castle, Cumberland. Club — Brooks's. 



J. HINDS (Carmarthenshire, West Division). 

John Hinds, son of the late William Hinds, of Cwnin Farm, 
Carmarthen, by Mary, da. of David Jones, of Penronw, Conwil Elfed, 
Carmarthen; b. July 26th, 1862; ed. at Carmarthen Gram. Sch. : ///. 1893, 
Lizzie, da. of the late R. Powell, of Cefntrefna, Llandovery, Carmarthenshire : 
sometime Chm. of London Welsh Club, and Pres. of United Literary So. of 
London Welshmen; one of the principal promoters of National Kisteddfod in 
London ; is Lord -Lieut, of Carmarthenshire, Chm. of Hinds Co. (Blackheath) 
(Limited), Pres. of Drapers' Chamber of Trade for Great Britain and Ireland, 
and Chm. of Federation of British Health and Holiday Resorts, and a Director 
of Drapers' Mutual Insurance Corporation (Limited). A Liberal ; elected 
for W. Div. of Carmarthenshire Dec. 13th, 1910. 

Residences— 71, Ashley dank -n>. S.W". ; Neuadd-Deg, Carmarthen. Club- National 


Samuel John Gurney Hoare, C.M.G. y 2nd 

Baronet, el. son of Sir Samuel Hoare, 1st Bt., of 

Sidestrand Hall, Norfolk, by Katharine Louisa Hart, da. 

of Richard Vaughan Davis (one of H.M.'s Commrs. of 

Audit), of Frognal, Hampstead, N.W. ; b. Feb. 24th, 

1880; ed. at Harrow, and at New Coll., Oxford (B.A. 

1st class Classics and History 1903, M.A. 1910) : /;/. 

1909, Lady Maud Lygon, da. of 6th Earl Beauchamp ; 

was Assist. Private Sec. (unpaid) to Sec. of State for 

the Colonies (Rt. Hon. A. Lyttelton, M.P.) 1905 

Chm. of London Rre Hri^. Committee of County 

Council 1908 and Higher Education Committee 1909 : 

is a J. P. for Norfolk, Lieut.-Col. Veo. (despatches, 

of Russian Order of St. Stanislas, Italian War 

Decoration), and a Member of House of Laymen ; 

appointed 1 Member of Central Unemployed Body 1908, and of Roy. C 

on the !.<;. 1917. K Conservative \ unsuccessfully con- 

ich Jan. 1906; has sat for Chelsea since Jan. 18th, 1910. 

trand Hall, Norfolk. Taxvn Resilience— 59, Draycott Place, S.W*. Clubs 

Vtnit hora. 

RIGHT HON. 8IR CHARLES E. H. HOBHOUSE. Bt. (Bristol. East Division. 

CharlesEdward IL nryHoBHousK, 

4th Baronet, el. son of Sir CI 

/. 1867, da. of 

Mitchell Turton, 2nd Bt. \e\t.); b. June 

^«K>, Georgina Fla 
; aller, M I 

a, and Sttbsequc 

Col. Comdg. 61I1 I 
Regt. : is a J. P. and a County Councilloi 
WUla, and a Mcml>er of 
I mes Conservancy Board; was A 
Private Sec. to Under See t the 

lies 1892.5, Un 
Jan. 190; . the 

Lancaster (with a seat in the I 


1911-14, ami Posttn.Mer-Cen. 1914-15 ; appointed Second Church Estates 
Commr. 1906. and Chin, oi Roy. Coininn. 00 Decentralization in India 1907, 
and of Departmental Committee on Employment of Discharged Soldiers and 
C. 1909. A Liberal', sat for E., or Devizes, Div. of Wilts 
July 1892 to July 1895, when he was defeated ; has sat for E. Div. of Bristol 
"since Oct. 4th. 1900. 

Residences— kj, Albany, S.W. ; The Manor House, Monkton Farleigh, Wilts. Club— 

RIGHT HON. J. HODGE (Lancashire, Soutli East, Gorton Division). 

John Hodge, P.C, el. son of William Hodge, of Muirkirk, Ayr, 
let 29th, 1855: ;//. 1885, Mary Lambie, da. of James Forsyth, 
of I^anark ; is Sec. of Steel Smelters' Asso., and a Member of Industrial 
Council ; formerly a Member of the Manchester City Council ; appointed a 
Member of Govt. Committee to enquire into employment for disabled Soldiers 
and Sailors 1915, Min. of Labour in National Min. Dec. 1916, and Min. of 
Pensions Aug. 1917 ; P.C. 1916. A Labour Member ; has sat for S.-E., or 
Gorton. Div. of Lancashire since Jan. 20th, 1906. 

Official A ddress — Westminster House, Millbank, S.W. Residence— 37, Shooters Hill 
Road. Blackheath. 


SIR ROBERT T. HERMON-HODGE, Bt. (Oxfordshire, South, or Henley, Division). 
Robert Trotter H er mo n -Hodge, 1st 
Baronet, el. son of the late George William Hodge, 
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, by Sarah Eliza, da. of David 
Green, of Ainderby, Yorkshire; b. Sept. 23rd. 1851 ; 
ed. at Clifton Coll., and at Worcester Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1873, S.C.L. and M.A. 1881) : m. 1877, 
Frances Caroline, only da. of Edward Hermon, of 
Wyfold Court, Oxon, formerly M.P. for Preston ; i> 
a J. P. and County Alderman for Oxfordshire, and a 
Mil. Member of its Territorial Force Asso. ; formerly 
Lieut.-Col.and Hon. Col. (T.D.) Comdg. Queen's 
Own Oxfordshire Hussars Yeo. ; moved " the Ad- 
dress" 1891 ; cr. a Baronet 1902; assumed by Roy. 
license 1903 the additional surname of Hermon. A 
in,,, ^irtutis gloria. Conservative ; ; sat for Accrington Div. N-E. Lanca- 
shire, July 1886 to June 1892, and was defeated there 
• 1885, July 1892, and Dec. 1893; sat for S., or Henley, Div. of 

Oxfordshire July 1895 to Jan. 1906, when he was defeated; sat for Croydon 

March 1909 to Nov. 1910; re-elected for Oxfordshire, S., or Henley, Div. 

June 20th, 1 91 7. 

Residain ■— \\\ T- .1*1 ( ourt, Reading. Clubs— White's, Carlton, Cavalry, Pratt's. 

J. M. HOGGE (Edinburgh, East Division). 
Jan . son of Robert Hogge, by his wife, Mary 

Ann; />. April 19th, 1873; ed. at Ch. of Scotland Normal' Sch., Edinburgh, 
and at Edinburgh Univ. : ;//. 1905, Florence R. Metcalfe, of Malton, York- 
shire; sometime Chin, of Edinburgh Univ. Liberal Asso.; one of the founders 
So. ; been a Member of York City Council ; interested 
in LaU>ur « , Soldiers' and Sailors' Pensions, and in Social investi- 

gations ; is Hon. Pres. of National Federation of Discharged and Demobilised 
Sailors and Soldiers. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Camlachie Div. of 
Glasgow Jan. 1910; elected for E. Div. of Edinburgh Feb. 2nd, 1912. 
Residence — 1, Fountain koad, Upper Norwood, S.E. 



G F. HOHIER (Chatham 
Gerald Kitzroy Hohlek, A'.C, son 
of Henry Booth Holiler, J. P., D.L., of 
Fawkham Manor, Kent, 1 »y Henrietta Wil- 
helmina, da. of the late Robert Lawes, of 
Kingston Hill Place, Surrey; b. 18 — ; ed. 
at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. ; Bar 
Inner Temple 1888, and K.C. 1906. A 
Conseri'ative ; has sat for Chatham since 
Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence — 34, Moore Street, S.W. Chambers 
— 3, Harcourt BoikKttgB, Temple, EX. Club* — 
Carlton. New L*i>iver>itv. 

D. T. HOLMES (Lanarkshire, Oovan Division \ 

I >aniel Turner Holmes; b. 1863 ; ed. at London Univ. (some- 
time an Assist. Examiner), and at Paris and Geneva Univs. ; appointed I'm 
liamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Sec. for Scotland 1916 : in. 1896, 
Margaret, da. of Peter Kadie, formerly Provost of Paisley. A Liberal; 
elected for Govan Div. of Lanarkshire, Dec. 23rd, 191 1. 

Address— House of Commons, Westminster, S.W. 

R. D. HOLT 'Northumberland, Hexham Division) . 
Richard Darning Holt, son of the late Robert Darning Holt, 

II', D ' DO Park, Liverpool, and High BofTSnS, Wcf t mOTCMttad \ b. 

1868: 111. 1897, Kli/a Lawrence, el. da. of John Weill Brunswick, 

\ ; 1- .1 ].\'. tot Lancmshttfej wet .1 Member of Customs 
unated Committee; appoint', 1 ft Member of Roy. 
Comma «>n the Civil Ser. 1912. A Libra! \ nnsu< 

'•1 1902 and again 1906; has sat for Hexham I 
numberland n h 27th, 1907. 

Residences— 63, Lowndes Square, S.W. ; 54, Ullet Road, Sefton Park, Liverpool. 

H. HOPE Buteshire!. 
Ha , younger son of the late Jam 

tames, Dunbar, l>y Kiel inrick Hill. 

Dunbar; b. Sept. 24th, 1865; ed. at Edinburgh CoUegiel tad si 

Edinburgh 1 fnlv. : m. 1897. .1 

irgs, Ayrsh: r Had- 

res. of Scottish I was a 

aunttteei i : > Poultry Indu tiaad 1908, 

mn. 1908 (which 
uliural resources of Cana 
Artill. •: : unsuccessful!] inshira and 

ihira fen 1906 teshin since Jan. 27th, 1910. 

RftUmtet ■■BfaeyhUl, Dunbar. C/aA#- Carlton, Constitutional. 



LIEUT. COL. J. A. HOPE (Edinburghshire-Midlothian), 
ipite John Augustus Hope, son of the late Rev. 

Canon Charles Augustus Hope, by Julia Sophia, who d. 
1903, da. of the late John W. Barton, of Stapleton Park, 
Pontefract ; b. July 7th, 1869 : in. 1910, the Hon. Mary 
Bruce, da. of 6th Baron Balfour of Burleigh ; is //./. to 
Baronetcy of Hope, Lieut.-Col. Comdg. a Batn. King's 
Roy. Rifle Corps, and a J. P. for Midlothian ; served in 
S. Africa 1901-2, with Mounted Inf., and during Euro- 
pean War 1914-15 (wounded). A Conservative', has sat 
for Edinburghshire (Midlothian) since Sept. 10th, 1912, having been defeated 
there Dec. 19 10. 

Residence— Pinkie House, Musselburgh, Scotland. Clubs — Naval and Military, 
Carlton, New (Edinburgh). 

J. D. HOPE (Haddingtonshire). 
John Deans Hope, son of the late James Hope, of Eastb.irnes, 
Dunbar, by Isabella, da. of the late John Deans, of Hedderwick Hill, Dun- 
bar ; b. May 8th, i860; ed. at Fettes Coll., Edinburgh, and at Edinburgh 
I'niv. : m. 1899, Elizabeth, younger da. of the late R. K. Holmes- Kerr, of 
Underbank, Ayrshire; sometime a Stockbroker in Edinburgh; is a J. P. for 
Haddingtonshire. A Liberal ; unsuccessfully contested W. Div. of Perthshire 
1895 ; sat for VV. Div. of Fifeshire Oct. 1900 to Dec. 1910, when he was 
defeated there; elected for Haddingtonshire April 19th, 191 1. 

Residence — Haddington. Scotland. Clubs — Ref>rm, National Liberal. Royal Auto- 
mobile. Northern (Edinburgh). 

F. HOPE (Sheffield, Central Division). 

James Fitzalan Hope, son of the late James 
Robert Hope-Scott, Q.C. (who assumed the ad- 
ditional surname of Scott), of Abbotsford, by his 
second wife Lady Victoria Howard, who d. 1870, el.* 
da. of 14th Duke of Norfolk ; b. Dec. nth, 1870 ; ed. 
at Oratory Sch., Edgbaston, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford : 
m. 1892, Mabel, da. of the late Francis Riddel 1. 
of Cheeseburn Grange, Northumberland; is a J.I', 
for Sussex ; was Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) 
to successive Postmaster-Gens. (Duke of Norfolk, 
and Marquess of Londonderry) 1896-1901, to Pres. 
of Board of Trade (Rt. Hon. G. W. Balfour, M.P.) 
1 901, and to Colonial Sec. (Rt. Hon. A. Lyttelton, 
M.P.) 1904-5, and Treasurer of H.M.'s Household June 1915 to Dec. 1916, 
since when he has been a Junior Lord of the Treasury in National Min. A 
Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Elland Div. of N. Part of W. Riding 
of Yorkshire 1892, Pontefract 1895, and Brightside Div. of Sheffield Aug. 
1897; sat for Brightside Div. of Sheffield Oct. 3rd, 1900, to Jan. 1906, when 
he was defeated there ; has sat for Central Div. of Sheffield since April 22nd, 

Residences— 70. Chester Square, S.W. ; Heron's Ghyll, Uckfield, Sussex. Clubs— 
Carlton, Travellers , St. Stephen's. 

W. E. HORNE (Surrey, South Western, or Guildford, Division). 

William Edgar Horne, son of the late Edgar Home, of The 
Hill, Witley ; b. Jan. 21st, 1856 ; ed. at Westminster Sch. : in. 1886, Margery, 
da. of the late George Anderson May ; is a Director of Prudential Assurance 
Co., Past Pres. of Surveyors' Institution, and Vice-Pres. of National Ser. 
League. An Unionist; unsuccessfully contested N.-W., or Barnstaple, Div. 
of Devonshire Jan. 1906 ; has sat for S.-W., or Guildford, Div. of Surrey 
since Jan. 27th, 1910. 

Residences— 1, Tilney Street, Park Lane, W. ; Hall Place, Shackleford, Surrey. 
Clubs— Carlton, Arts, City. 


R. P. H0U8T0N (Liverpool, West Toxteth, Division). 
Robert Paterson Houston, son of Robert Houston, by 
Isabella, da. of Robert Paterson; b. 1853; ed. at Liverpool Coll., and 
privately; is head of the firm of R. P, Houston and Co., and principal owner 
ofthe Houston Lines of steamships. A Cometi'a:. : for \\ '. Toxteth 

Div. of Liverpool since July 5th, 1892. 

Residence— 35 and 36 Parkside, Albert Gate, S.W. Offices— 16, Leadenhall, Street, 
to, DaleStreet, Liverpool: 17, Battery Place, New York ; 8, St. (leorge's Street, 
Cape Town ; 158, Calle 25 de Mayo, Buenos Ayres. Clubs — Carlton, Junior Carlton. 

CAPT. THE HON. G. W. A. HOWARD (Wiltshire, West, or Westhury, Division) 
Geoffrey William Algernon Howard, 5th son 
of 9th Karl «jf Carlisle, of Castle Howard, York, and I, 
Palace (ireen, Kensington, W., by the Hon. Rosalind 
Frances Stanley, da. of 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley ; b. 
Feb. 12th, 1877; ed.atTrin. Coll. Camb. (B.A. Honours 
in History 1898, Honours in Law 1899, M.A. 1905): 
tn. 1915, the Hon. Ethel Christian, da. of 3rd Baron 
Methuen ; sometime an Underwriter at Lloyds ; ap- 
pointed Private Sec. to Parliamentary Sec. to Board of 
Trade (H. J. Tennant, M.P.) 1909, Private Sec. (un- 
paid) to Prime Min. (Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith, M.P.) 
Colour IQIO , Vice-Chamberlain of H.M. Household 191 1, and 

a Liberal Whip 1911 ; was a Junior Lord of the Treasury May 1915 to 

Dec. 1916 ; served during European War 1914-15, as Capt. R.M. A 

liberal; unsuccessfully contested Yorkshire, N. Riding, Richmond Div. Oct. 

1900; sat for N., or Eskdale Div. of Cumberland Jan. 1906 to Nov. 1910; 

defeated there Dec. 1910; has sat for W., or Westbury, Div. of Wiltshire 

since Yth. 191 1. 

Residence— 3a, Chester Square, S.W. Clubs— Brooks's, Reform, National Liberal. 

W. HUDSON (Newcastle on-Tyne). 

Walter Hudson, O.B.E., son of Henry Courtley Hudson, of 
Richmond Station, Yorkshire; b. Jan. 25th, 1852: m. 1874, the el. da. of 
William Harlcer, of Darlington, Durham; for 25 years a Freight Cuard on 
North-Fa^em Railway ; 14 years Sec. of Darlington Branch of Amalgamated 
So. of Railway Servants, l>eing elected Pres. of that So. 1891, and became 
Sec. of the So. in Ireland 1898; was Pres. of Irish Trades Congress 1903, and 
I Member of National Executive of Labour Party 1904-10: 
National Union of Railwaymen ; O.B.E. 1917. A Labour Member ; has sat 
• enstle-on-Tyne since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residence— K\*» .-. Ath. rfol.l Road, Stockwtll. S.W. 

S. L HUGHES Stockport). 

gh Hughes, son of the late Rev. James Hughes; 

privately: ///. 1SS1, Ellen Wayland, who d 1916, da. ofthe 

late James Groves, of Newport, I lit; is a parliamentary journalist 

ral; ttntttO Mrhain July 1907, and 

Bermondsey Div. of Southwark Oct. 1909; has sat for Stockport rinoc 

I7lh, 191a 

Kmidrme w, St. (;<■ J.W. CI Man- 


HUME WILLIAMS see Williams . 
MAJOR R. HUNT (Shropshire, Southern, or Ludlow, Division-. 

rland Hi >t the late Rowland Hunt. <>t Boreatton 

- ilop, bj I Albany ; b. 

1858; cd. .r lgiana 

DCan Henry Cait! idson, 

of Tulloch 1 is a J of Raechord 

A Libera idlow . Div. .>( Shrop- 

1 903. 
&< ^ham, Surrey. Club— United Univcrv 




Charles Roderick Hunter, 3rd 
Baronet, son of the late Sir Claudius 
Stephen Paul Hunter, 2nd Bt., by Con- 
stance, da. of William Ives Bosanquet: b. 
July 6th, 1858: ed. at Eton: m. 1887, 
Agnes Lillie, el. da. of Adam Kennard, of 
Crawley Court, Winchester; formerly Capt. 
4th Batn. Rifle Brig. (Prince Consort's 
Own), and Major 9th Vol. Batn. King's 
Roy. Rifle Corps; appointed a Div. Staff 
Officer for Musketry 1914; sometime 
A.D.C. to Lieut.-Gen. Comdg. in Canada; 
served in S. Africa 1900, with Imperial Yeo. 
(medal). A Conservative ; has sat for Bath 
since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Clubs— Travellers'. Carltor 

HUNTER-WESTON [see Weston]. 

RIGHT HON. A. H. ILLINGWORTH (Lancashire, South-Eastern, 
Hey wood Division-. 

Albert Holden Illingworth, P.C, son of the late Henry 

Ulingworth, J. P., of Lady Royd Hall, Bradford, by Mary, who d. 1908, da. 
of the late Sir Isaac Holden, 1st Bt., of Oak worth House, Keighley, York- 
shire ; b. 1865 ; is a J. P. for Bradford : ;;/. 1895, Annie Elizabeth, da. of the 
late Isaac Holden Crothers, of Le Chateau, Croix, Nord, Erance ; appointed 
Postmaster-Gen. in National Min. Dec. 1916; P.C. 1916. A Liberal; has 
sat for Heywood Div. of Lancashire (S.-E.) since Nov. 1915. 

Residences— \%, Chesliam Place, S.W. i; Denton Park, Ben Rhydding, Yorkshire. 
Club — Reform. 

H. INGLEBY (King's Lynn\ 

Holcombe Ingleby, son of Clement Mansfield Ingleby, of 
Valentines, Essex; b. March 18th, 1854; ed. at Oxford Univ. (B.A. 1877, 
M.A. 1878) : m. 1886, Harriet Jane, da. of C. F. Neville Rolfe, of Heacham 
Hall, Norfolk ; founder of the Royal West Norfolk Coif Club, and of North- 
West Norfolk Asso. of Village Choirs; is a J. P. for Norfolk ; was Mayor of 
King's Lynn 1909- ro. A Conservative; elected for King's Lynn Dec. 3rd, 1910. 

Residences— 31, Grosvenor Place, S.'W. ; Sedgeford Hall, Norfolk. Clubs— Athenaeum, 
Boodle's, Carlton. 


Residence— 41 

S. JACKSON (Yorkshire, East Riding, Howdenshire 

Francis Stanley Jackson, 2nd son of 1st 
Baron Allerton, of Allerton Hall, Chapel Allerton, 
near Leeds, and 41, Cadogan Square, S.W., by Grace, 
who d. 1 90 1, da. of George Tempest ; b. Nov. 2 1st, 
1870; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Cainb. (B.A. 
J 893) : »i. 1902, Julia Henrietta, el. da. of the late 
Henry Broad ley Hanison-Broadley, M. P., of Welton 
House, Brough. Yorkshire; formerly Capt. 3rd Batn. 
King's Own ( Roy. Lancaster Regt.) ; served in S. Africa 
1900 1902; is a D.L. for W. Riding of Yorkshire, and 
Lieut. -Col Territorial Force Reserve. An Unionist; 
has sat for Howdenshire Div. of E. Riding of York- 
shire since Feb. roth, 191 5. 
Hyde Park Square, \V. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton- 


SIR JOHN JACKSON (Devonport). 

John Jackson, C. V.O.,LL.D., F.R.S.E., youngest son of the late 
Edward Jackson, of York ; b. 1851 ; ed. at York, and at Edinburgh Univ. ■ 
m. 1876, Ellen Julia, youngest da. of the late George Myers, of London; trained 
as a Civil Engineer ; is one of the largest Contractors for Public Works : 
carried out Govt. Docks at Devonport and Simonstown (Cape Colony), Rail- 
way across the Andes (Arica to La Paz), Govt. Harbour at Singapore, Spanish 
Govt. Docks at Ferrol, and other works of magnitude ; when the war started 
in 1914 had in hand the great works of the Mesopotamia Irrigation Scheme 
(having already completed the great dam across the Euphrates near Babylon) ; 
at the commencement of the war undertook large accommodation works for 
the troops involving expenditure of 35 millions sterling (completed in about 
one year) ; as Contractor was interested in construction of the Manchester 
Ship Canal, Dover Harbour, and the foundations of the Tower Bridge ; 
is a J. P. for Devonshire; appointed a Roy. Commr. to enquire into War in 
S. Africa 1902 ; has Grand Cross of Spanish Order of Naval Merit (with 
white badge;, and 1st class of Chilian Order of Merit ; Knt. 1895, C.V.O. 
1910. A Conservative ; has sat for Devonport since Jan. 15th, 1910, having 
l»een defeated there 1904 and 1906. 

Residences— 48, Belgrave Square, S.W. ; Henley Park, Henley-on-Thames. Office— 
5 twit, WiNtminst'-r. S \V. Clubs — Carlton, United Service (Edinburgh), 
Royal Automobile, Royal Yacht Squadron, Royal Western Yacht, Royal South -Western 
Yacht (Commodore). 

T. 0. JAC0BSEN (Cheshire, Hyde Division). 

Thomas Owen Jacobsen, son of the late Rudolph Bernard" 
Jacobsen, of Liverpool ; b. April 23rd. 1864 ; ed. at Liverpool Institute : m. 
1890, Annie Amelie Pauline da. of the late Marius Yeillard, a Banker of 
London and Switzerland ; formerly in Lancashire Rifle Yols. ; is a manufac- 
turing stationer, and head of the firm of Jacobsen, Welch and Co. (Limited), 
sale stationers, of Newton House, Paternoster Square, E.C., and Hyde, 
and Yice-Pres. Brixton and Hyde (Pres. 1906-7), Pres. N. Lambeth Liberal 
Asso., a F.R.G.S., and a J. P. for co. London ; appointed a Member of Local 
Tribunal, and an Income Tax Appeal Commr. 1915, and Parliamentary 
Sec. (unpaid) to Parliamentary Sec. to Ministry of Shipping (Sir Leo 
M.l'.) 191 7. A Coalition Member', has sat for Hyde Div. of 
Cheafaii M irch 29th, 1916. 

KttUtmctt The Holm.s, Stradella Road, Heme Hill, S.E. ; Hyde, Cheshire. Clubs 
National Liberal, Reform (Hyde). 

E JARDINE (Somersetshire. Eastern Division . 

ett JARDINE, sou of John Jardine ; b. Sept. 23rd, 1859 : ///. 
1884, Ada Jane, da. of the late James Flefc Nottingham; is a J.I', 

and a madum- builder of Nottingham, and Clin Navigation Co., 

of Midland Machine Trust (Limited), and of Nottingham I I states 

(Limited), etc., and .i tttnghaaa and n mg Co. A 

Liberal Unionist \ has sat for L. Div. of Somerset since Jan. 19th, 1910. 

\ ham. CftnW Csrtfow, 


8IR JOHN JARDINE, Bt Roxburghshire). 

d I \ki.ini . A on of the late William 

urn and I ^unstable, by Taju 
born ; 

; ;Hon. LL.D 1906: m. 1S80. Minnie 

entered H- 
I and Pol became Registi High 

\w Officer 




Sec. to Bombay Govt in Political, Judicial, Education, Secret, and Persian 
Depart nd a Puisne Judge of High Court of Judicature, Bombay 

/ ; acted as Ch. Justice 1895 ; connected for thirty years with Bombay 
Univ. as Examiner, Fellow, Syndic. Dean in Arts, Dean in Laws, and Vice 
Chancellor; Pres. of Roy. Asiatic So. of Bombay 1894: is a J. P. for 
Godalming and Surrey, a Director of British American Land Co., and of Gen. 
Life Assurance Co., and Pres. Asylum Workers' Asso. ; author of " Notes on 
Buddhist Law" ; editor of " Customary Law of the Chin Tribe," etc., etc. ; 
cr. a Baronet 1916. A Liberal; has sat for Roxburghshire since Jan. 19th, 
1906, having been defeated there Oct. 1900. 

Residence — Applegarth, Godalming. Clubs — Reform, Scottish Liberal, Byculla 


COL. SIR HERBERT M. JESSEL (St. Pancras, South Division). 

Herbert Merton Jessel, C.M.G., 
1st Baronet, younger son of the late Rt. Hon. 
Sir George Jessel, Master of the Rolls, by 
Amelia, who d. 1898, da. of the late Joseph 
Moses; b. Oct. 27th, 1866; ed. at Rugby, and 
at New Coll., Oxford : ;//. 1894, Maud, fifth 
da. of the late Rt. Hon. Sir Julian Goldsmid, 
P.C, M.P., 3rd Bt. ; joined 17th Lancers 
1886, and retired as Capt. 1896 ; rejoined 
1914 ; sometime Capt. Roy. Berkshire Yeo. 
Cav. ; is a J. P. and D.L. for co. of London, 
an Alderman for City of Westminster (Mayor 
1902-3), Hon. Col. of a Batn. Roy. Fusiliers, 
and Trustee (Chm. 1904-15) of London 
Municipal So. ; appointed a Member of 
Govt. Committee (London) on Prevention 
and Relief of Distress Aug. 1914, Sup. Army 
Remount Ser. Oct. 19 14, and Comdt. Jan. 
1915, with rank of Lieut. -Col. (despatches) ; 
has been a Member of Public Accounts 
Committee of House of Commons since 
1910; carried "Municipal Election Act, 
I9IX»" "Old Age Pensions Act, 1911," and 
" Affiliation Orders Act, 1914 " through the House of Commons ; cr. a Baronet 
1917 and C.M.G. 1918. An Unionist ; sat for St. Pancras, S. Div. Jan. 1896 
to 1906, when he was defeated; reelected Jan. 17th, 1910, and Dec. 5th, 

Residence — 24, South Street, Park Lane, W. Clubs— Garrick, Army and Navy, 

White's, Carlton, Beefsteak. 

E. T. JOHN (Denbighshire, East Division). 

Edward Thomas John, son of John John, of Pontypridd, 
Glamorganshire, by his wife Margaret ; b. March 14th, 1857 ; ed. at Ponty- 
pridd Wesleyan Day Sch. : ///. 1881, Margaret, da. of William Rees, of 
Caerwiga, Pendoylan, Glamorganshire ; is Managing Director of several 
smelting and mining cos., and a J. P. of Middlesbrough ; one of the leaders of 
Federal Home Rule Movement. A Radical and Welsh Nationalist ; elected 
for E. Div. of Denbighshire Dec. 13th. 1910. 

Residences— 62, Warwick Square, S.W. ; Llanidan Hall, Llanfair P.G., Anglesey. 

W. JOHNSON (Warwickshire, North-Eastern, or Nuneaton, Division). 
William Johnson, M.B.E., youngest son of John Johnson, a 

collier; b. 1849; ed. at Collycroft Sch. : in. Est, 1868, Priscilla, who d. 1906, 
da. of S. Davenport ; 2ndly, 1908, Anne, widow of W. Copson, of Leicester ; 
in early life worked in both factory and colliery; has been Gen. Sec. and 
Agent to Warwickshire Miners' Asso. since 1885; is a J. P. and a County 


Alderman for Warwickshire, Bedworth Div. (connected with many of its 
Committees), Treasurer of Midland Miners' Federation, Chm. of Bedworth 
Parish Council, a Free and Accepted Mason of Grand Lodge of England, 
Past Arch of Philanthropic Ancient Order of Druids, a Roy. Arch of Com- 
panion Chapter, a Member of Grand Lodge of England, and a Gov. of Nicholas 
Chamberlain Sch. Foundation ; M.B. E. 1918. A Liberal and Labour Member ; 
unsuccessfully contested Tam worth Div. of Warwickshire July 1892 : has sat 
for N.-E., or Nuneaton, Div. of Warwickshire since Jan. 17th, 1906, having 
been defeated there Oct. 1900. 

Residence— Bedworth, Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Club— National Liberal. 

SIR EDGAR R. JONES (Merthyr Tydvil). 

Edgar Rees Jones, K.B.E., son of the late Rev. Morgan 

Humphery Jones, a Baptist Min., of Gorwel, Watt<town, Rhondda ; b. Aug. 
27th, 1878 ; ed. at an Elementary Sch., and at Cardiff Univ. Coll. (B. A. 1900, 
MA. 1903)1 liar. Gray's Inn 1912 ; also a Meml>er of Australian and 
N.S.Wales Bars ; sometime Lecturer of Welsh National Liberal Council ; was 
Controller of Priority Depart. Min. of Munitions 1915-18; author of "The 
Art of the Orator," etc. ; K.B.E. 1918. A Liberal-, has sat for Merthyr 
Tydvil since Jan. 19th, 1910. 

Residence— Gome]. Wattstown, Rhondda. Club— National Liberal. 

H H. JONES (Merionethshire). 

Henry Haydn Jones, son of Joseph David Jones, of Ruthin, 
by Catherine, da. of the late Owen Daniel, of Caethle, Towyn, Merioneth ; 
b. Dec 27th, 1863 ; ed. at Towyn Board Sch. and Towyn Acad. : m. 1903, 
Gwendolen, only da. of the late Lewis Davies Jones, of Chicago, U.S.A. ; 
is an ironmonger and farmer, a J. P. and a County Alderman for Merioneth- 
shire (Chm. of County Council 1900), and a Member of Council of l'ni\ 
of Wales. A Liberal ; has sat for Merionethshire since Jan. 22nd, 1910. 

Residence— Pant-y-neuadd, Towyn, Merioneth. Club— National Liberal. 

REV J. T. JONES (Carmarthenshire, East Division) 
RnK Josiah Towyn I n of John Jones, of Newqu.iy. 

Cardiganshire, by l>eih; b. Dec. 28th. 1858; was a Congre- 

gational Min. 1880-1906; for 20 years Election Agent to fl t. Abel 

v.C; has been a Member of Carmarthenshire County Council 
and Education Committee ; appointed a Junior Lord of the Treasury and 
Whip to the Govt. Jan. 1917. A Liberal ; elected fa l Car- 

marthenshire Aug. 22nd, 191 2. 

Residences— ag. Conifer Road, Parson'i ( Jreen, S.W. ; Arofda, Uai .rthen- 


KENNEDY J0NE8 Middlesex. Hornsey Division ». 
Kenned] OOOJ Henry Jon< IgOW ; /'. May 4th, 

1865: ed. at Glasgow High Sch.1 m. 1892, II ml. <»t 

Birmingham | many years connected with tin 
subsequently joined Hoard of Waring and Gillow ti 
Director of the I 

>. (unpaid) of Food 
17, A Comet vntive ; unsuccessfully c«. 
\Viml>le.!..n, I>i\ -.f Snrirv April 1916; has sat for I [< u n-ry 1 >iv . ■ 'I Middlesex 
fence— iii, Victoria Street, S.W. Clubs- Constitutional, Royal Automobile. 

9 2 


RIGHT HON. LEIF. (S.) JONES (Nottinghamshire, Rushcliffe Division). 
Leifchild (Stratten) Jones, P.C, younger son of the late Rev. 
Thomas Jones, of Swansea (Chin, of the Congregational Union 1871), by his 
wife Jane; b. Jan. 16th, 1862 ; ed. at Normal Coll., Swansea, at Scotch Coll.. 
Melbourne, and at Trin. Coll., Oxford (H.A. 1st class Mathematics 1885. M.A. 
1889) ; is an Underwriter at Lloyd's ; has been Pres. of United Kingdom 
Alliance since 1906; P.C. 1916. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested West- 
minster 1892, Leeds, Central Div. 1S95, and S. Div. of Manchester May 
1900; sat for N., or Appleby, Div. of Westmoreland March 1905 to Tan. 
1910, when he was defeated there ; elected for Rushcliffe Div. of Notting- 
hamshire Dec. 14th, 19 10. 

Residence— 1, Palace Green, Kensington, W. Clubs— National Liberal, Reform. 

W. S. OLYN-JONES (Tower Hamlets, Stepney Division). 

William Samuel Glyn-Jones, son of George Griffith Jones ; 
b. Jan. 29th, 1869: ed. at Merthyr Tydvil Gram. Sch. : m. 1894, Mary, da. of 
John Evans, of Llanybyther, Carmarthenshire; Bar. Middle Temple 1904; 
sometime a Pharmacist; is Parliamentary Sec. of Pharmaceutical So., a J. P. 
and a County Alderman of Middlesex, and Chm. of the Middlesex Insurance 
Committee ; appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. to Min. of Munitions 
1916, and to Min. of Reconstruction 1917 ; has assumed the additional sur- 
name of Glyn; author of "The Law Relating to Poisons and Pharmacy." 
A Liberal; elected for Stepney Div. of Tower Hamlets Dec. 7th, 1910, 
having been defeated there Jan. 1910. 

Residence— id, Old Park Villas. Palmer's C.reen, N. Club— National Liberal. 

COL. E. PRYCE JONES (Montgomery District). 

Edward Pryce-Jones, el. son of Sir Pryce 
Pryce-Jones (M.P. for Montgomery Dist. 1885-6 and 
1892-5), of Dolerw, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, 
by Eleanor, da. of the late Edward Rowley Morris, 
of" Newtown, Montgomeryshire: b. Feb. 6th, 1861 ; 
ed. at Jesus Coll,, Camb. (B.A. 1889, M.A. 1893): 
m. 1886, Beatrice, da. of the late Herbert Hardie, of 
Orford House, Cheshire; Bar. Inner Temple 1892 ; 
formerly Capt. Montgomeryshire Imperial Yeo., 
from which he retired as Hon. Major ; was 
Chm. of Newtown Local Board of Health 1892-4 ; 
raised, and commanded 5th Vol. Batn. S. Wales 
Borderers 1895- 1905 (Hon. Col.); is Hon. Col. 
of a Batn. Roy. Welsh Fusiliers, a J. P., a D.L., and 
a County Councillor (Newtown Div.) for Mont- 
gomeryshire, a Member of Univ. Court of Wales (Junior Dep. Chancellor 
1911-12), Dep. Chm. of Pryce-Jones (Limited), woollen manufacturers, of 
Newtown, Joint Hon. Sec. Commercial Committee of House of Commons, 
Joint Hon. Sec-Gen. of Commercial Committee of Allied Inter-Parliamentary 
Groups, and Joint Hon. Treasurer International Parliamentary Union 
(British Group). A Conservative \ sat for Montgomery Dist. 1895-1906, when 
he was defeated there ; re-elected Dec. 16th, 1910, having been again defeated 
there Jan. 1910. 

Residence — Milford Hall, Newtown, X. Wales. Clubs — Carlton, Constitutional. 

F. W. JOWETT (Bradford, West Division). 

Frederick William Jonvett, son of Nathan Jovvett, of Bradford ; 
/>. 1864; commenced life as a Mill Operative, becoming Manager; was 
15 years a Member of Bradford City Council (8 years Chm. of Public Health 
Committee) ; is a J. P. A Labour Member; has sat for W. Div. of Bradford 
since Jan. 13th, 1906, having been defeated therefor Oct. 1900. 

Residence — 10, Grantham Terrace, Bradford. Yorkshire. 


M. JOYCE (Limerick City . 

Michael Joyce; b. 1854; formerly a Pilot; is an Alderman 
of Limerick City (Mayor 1905 and 1906). A Nationalist \ has sat for 
Limerick City since Oct. 4th, 1900. 

Address — The Mooring-.. O'Connell Avenue, Limerick. 


M. KEATING (Kilkenny Co., South Kilkenny Division). 

Matthew KEATING, son of Cornelius Keating, of Mountain 
Ash, S. Wales ; b. May 23rd, 1869 5 ed. at Mountain Ash Catholic Sch., and 
privately ; has been a Manufacturers' Agent and Special Commr. for National 
Correspondence Schs. of Kingsway, W.C. A Nafonalisl ; has sat for S. Kil- 
kenny Div. of Kilkenny co. since Aug. 10th, 1909. 

Reside/ue-17, Lydford Road, Crkklewood, N.U '. 

F. G. KELLAWAY (Bedford). 
Frederick George Kellaway, second son of the late William 
Hamley Kellaway, of Bishopston, Bristol; b. Dec. 3rd, 1870; ed. at Btshop- 
ston : ///. 1903, Sarah Ellen, el. da. of the late Henry Robinson, J. P., of 
Greenwich, S. E. ; formerly a journalist ; represented Blackheath on Lewisham 
Board of Guardians and Lewisham Borough Council ; appointed Private Sec. 
to Parliamentary Sec. to Min. of Munitions July 1915, and Parliamentary Sec. 
to the Min. of Munitions in National Min. Dec. 1916. A Liberal; unsuccess- 
fully contorted S. Div. of Northamptonshire Jan. 1910; elected for Bedford 
Dec. 8th, 1910. 

.fence— 16, Eliot Park, Lewisham Hill, S.E. Club- Eighty. 

E. J. KELLY (Donegal co . East Donegal Division). 
Edward Joseph KELLY, son of Peter Kelly, J. P., formerly of 
The Mall House, Ballyshannon, co. Donegal, by his M ; b. 

March 30th, 1883; ed. at St. Vincent's Coll. Castleknock, at Univ. Coll., 
Dublin (B.A. 1903, If. A. 1904), and at Roy. Univ. of Ireland; admitted 
Solicitor 1910 ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin 1917. A Nationalist ; has sat for 
cgal Div. of Donegal co. since Jan. 28th, 1910. 

Rcsidtttce—M, Brighton Vale, IfookstOWn, CO, lUiblin. 

V. P.t KENNEDY (Cavan County, Weet Cavan Division). 

Vincent (Paul) Kennedy, eL son of the late Hugh Peter Kennedy, 
aluriiu- Rote Magennit; /'. Feb. 15th, 1876; ed. at 
Cloogowei Wood Coll. : ///. 1912, Cecilia, da. of Adolphe I 
of 12, Vicarage Gate, Kensington, W. ; admitted a SolidtOt it><x> 
Memlier of Solicitors' Benevolent Asso. A Nationalist; has sat f«-i \Y 
of Cavan Co. since June 10th, 1904. 
Residences— 116, G 1 »ul.lin ; Heath Lodge, Cavan. - Vitional 


B. KEN YON (Derbyshire. Chesterfield Division). 

: of Hem m, !)>• 1; \\w\ ; 

b. 1853 ; started w<>ik in Staveley Colliery at an early age ; is a J.l 
Chesterfield and Derbyshire, Gen'. Agent Der! \ 

1896-1906). r of Chesterfield Board of Guaidians ..( 01 

immittee, ice Comml 

s Board of 
im Wage Act. A / Labour Mtmi*r\ cle hester- 

<h, 1913. ' 

Residence -<#, Salter*; Id. 

KERR SMILEY [see Smiley 



LIEUT-COL. THE EARL OF KERRY (Derbyshire, West Division). 

Henry William Edmond, Earl of 
. M. V.O., D.S.O., el. son of 5th M.u- 
quess of Lansdowne, of Bowood Park, Calne, 
Wilts, Meikleour, Perth, N.B., Derreen, 
Kenmare, co. Kerry, and Lansdowne House, 
Berkeley Square, W., by Lady Maud Evelyn 
Hamilton, C./., V.A., da. of 1st Duke of 
Abercorn ; b. Jan. 14th, 1872 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1895, M.A. 
1897) : m. 1904, Elizabeth Caroline, da. of Sir 
Edward Stanley Hope, K.C.B. ; formerly 
Lieut. Grenadier Guards; is Lieut. -Col. Irish Guards, a Knight Com. of 
Charles III. of Spain, and Major Reserve of Officers ; served in S. Africa 
1900. as Extra A.D.C. to Com.-in-Ch. (Field-Marshal Lord Roberts) (de- 
spatches, D.S.O.); D.S.O. 1900, M.V.O. (4th class) 1905. An Unionist; 
unsuccessfully contested Westmorland, N., or Appleby, Div. Jan. 1906; has 
sat for W. Div. of Derbyshire since April 15th, 1908. 

Residences— 20, Mansfield Street, \V. ; Sheen Falls, Kenmare, co. Kerry. Cli<t>s— 

Brooks's, Turf, Guards'. 

CAPT. H. KESWICK (Surrey, Mid, or Epsom, Division). 

Henry Keswick, el. son of the late 
William Keswick (M.P. for Mid, or Epsom, 
Div. of Surrey), of Beechgrove, Dumfries- 
shire, by Amelia S., who d. 1883, da. of the 
late J. A. Dubeux ; b. 1870 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. : ;//. 1900, Ida, 
da. of the late T. William Johnston, I.C.S. ; 
served during S. African War ; sometime a 
partner in the firm of Jardine, Matheson and 
Co., merchants, of Shanghai and Hong Kong: 
was a Member of Municipal Council, and 
Chm. of Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai, and 
a M.L.C. and M.E.C., and Chm. of Chamber 
of Commerce, Hong Kong ; is a Member of 
Roy. Co. of Archers (King's Body Guard for 
Scotland), and Capt. King's Own Scottish Bor- 
derers ; represented Hong Kong at Coronation 
of King George V. 191 1. A Conservative ; 
elected for Mid, or Epsom, Div. of Surrey 
March 21st, 191 2. 
Seats— Q,o\i\\\)\ Towers, Dumfries; Tyrell's Wood, Leatherhead. 

D. KILBRIDE (Kildare Co., South Kildare Division). 
Denis Kilbride, son of the late Thomas Kilbride, of 
Luggacurren, Queen's co. ; b. 1848 ; ed. at Clongowes Wood Coll. ; was the 
first tenant evicted under the " Plan of Campaign." A Nationalist ; elected 
for S. Kerry Div. of Kerry co. Sept. 21st, 1887 ; re-elected July 1895, but 
having subsequently been elected for N. Galway Div. of Galway co. on July 
26th, 1895, sat for the latter constituency 1895-1900; has sat for S. Div. of 
Kildare co. since May 22nd, 1903. 

Residence — Luggacurren, Stradbally, Queen's co. 

J. D. KILEY (Tower Hamlets. Whitechapel Division). 

James Daniel Kiley, son of Daniel Kiley ; b. 1865 j has been 
Mayor of Stepney ; is a J. P. for co. London, an Alderman of Stepney, a 
Director of Whyte, Ridsdale and Co. (Limited), warehousemen, of 72-76, 
Houndsditch, E., Chm. Fancy Goods Section of London Chamber of Com- 
merce, and of British Toy Manufacturers and Wholesalers Asso , and a Member 


of London Liberal Federation Executive, and of Metropolitan Water Board. 
A Libera!; haj Ml fur Whitechapel Div. of Tower Hamlets since Dec. 28th, 

Reside/tee— 4, Victoria Street, S.W. Clul-s— National Liberal, Royal Automobile. 

J. KING (Somersetshire, Northern Division). 
Joseph King, son of Joseph King, of Liverpool, by Phoebe, 

xla. of Joseph Powell ; /'. March 31st, i860; ed. at Uppingham, and at Trin. 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1883, M. A. 18S6) : ///. 1887, Maude E., da. of H. G. Hine j 
Bar. Inner Temple 1889. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested New Forest 
4 Hampshire July 1892, and Isle of Thanet Div. of Kent Oct. 1904 
and Jan. 1906 ; has sat for N. Div. of Somersetshire since Jan. 22nd, 1910. 

Residences— 20, St. Thomas' Mansions, S.E. ; Witley, Surrey. Clubs— Reform, 

National Liberal. 

KINLOCH COOKE [see Cookel. 

MAJOR E. A. KNIGHT (Kidderminster 

Eric Ayshford Knight, son of Edward Lewis Knight, of 
Hornacott Manor, Launceston, by Henrietta Mary, da. of Edward Ayshford 
Sanford, of Nynejiead Court, Wellington, Somerset; b. April, 1863; ed. 
at Cheltenham : ///. 1897, Constance Ida, da. of the late J. \Y. II. Wilson, of 
Winnipeg, Canada ; is Major Veo.. and a J. P. for Somersetshire and Worcester- 
shire. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Mid, or Droitwich, Div. of 
Worcestershire Jan. 1906 ; has sat for Kidderminster since Jan. 18th, 1910. 
Resilience — W'olverley House, near Kidderminster. Clubs— Carlton, Cavalry. 

SIR ERNEST H LAMB (Rochester). 

Ernest Henry Lamb, C.M.G., el. son of Benjamin Lamb, of 

LightWftter, Begshot, Surrey, by Eliza, da. of Charles Dowry, of Hlackheath. 

Sept. 4th, 1876 ; ed. at Dulwich, and at Wycliffe Coll., Stooehonse, 

Glouci '//. 1913, Rosa Dorothea, da. of W. f. Hurst, J.P., of Druma- 

r.allynahinch, co. Down ; is a Member of Common Council of London, 

.. J.P. I«>r Surrey, a Vice-Pres. of Home Counties Liberal Federation and oJ 

>., a Connexional Treasurer of the Weslejan Methodist 

Church, and Chm. of Foster's Parcels and G press ( Limited) : some' 

time Chm. of City of London Sclis. Committee, and of City of London 

mittee ; C.M.G. 1907 ; Knt. 1914. A Liberal; sat for Rochester 

1906 to Jan. 1910, when he WSJ detested ; ;id, 1910. 

. Surrey. Offices— -82, Fore Street, E.C.a. Clubs 

% RIGHT HON. G. LAMBERT Devonshire, North, or South Molton, Division . 

Lambert, P»C. t ton of the late.George Lambert; A 1866: 
rslely: m. 1904, BsxbanL >l\. <>f the rpeth : 

formerly Ca birc Kegt. ; is a Yeoman, Lord of the 

I', and County Alderman for 1 >. nted a 

. liiultinal Depression I893, and Of Depart- 
y Rates I0O4, and .1 Member ol mi. 00 

in peace and war Lord 

1905 to May 1915 ; al ; has sat 

4 Devonshire si I ;th, 189I. 

«1, West mi n 
> t.rm. National Liberal. 

R. C. LAMBERT (Wiltshire. Northern, or Crlcklade, Division). 
Richard Cornthw.uu- LaMBI > i, el. son of tl. 

I 'rad ford -on- A von, by Agnt of 1 1 1 <r 

lescon of w iy 5th, i8<- v 

in, of Sutton » 1892 ; goes 

9 6 


Midland Circuit ; has served on Executive Committee of London Liberal 
Federation; is a J. P., ami a County Councillor (\V. Islington Div.) for Co. 
London ; was a Member of Executive Committee of London Liberal Federation 
1909-11. A Radical \ unsuccessfully contested Ecclesall Div. of Sheffield Jan. 
1906, Attercliffe Div. of Sheffield May 1909, and Portsmouth Jan. 1910 ; 
elected for N., or Cricklade, Div. of Wilts Dec. 10th, 1910. 

Residence — 100, Abbey Road Mansions, St. John's Wood, N.W.8. C/«/\v --National 
Liberal, Eighty. 

G. L. T. LOCKER-LAMPSON (Salisbury). 

Godfrey Lampson Tennyson 
Locker-Lami-son. el. son of the late 
Frederick Locker- Lampson, of Rowfant 
Crawley, Sussex, and New Haven Court, 
Cromer, by Hannah Jane, who d. 1915, 
da. of Sir Curtis Miranda Lampson, 1st 
Bt. ; b. 1875 ; ed. at Eton, and at Trim 
Coll., Camb. : m. 1905, Sophie Felicite De 
Rodes, of Barlbrough Hall, Chesterfield, 
and Hatfield, Doncaster ; Bar. Lincoln's 
Inn 1908 ; formerly a 3rd Sec. in Diplo. 
Ser. ; has been Lieut. Middlesex Yeo. 
Cav. ; is 2nd Lieut. Yeo. ; served during 
European War 1915-17 with Div. of Cav., 
and as an A.D.C. ; appointed Parliamen- 
tary Sec. to Sec. of State for Home De- 
part. (Rt. Hon. Sir G. Cave, M.P.) in 
National Min. 191 7. A Conservative ; un- 
successfully contested Derbyshire, Chester- 
field Div. 1906 ; has sat for Salisbury 
since Jan. 10th, 1910. 

Reside//cs — H arn wood, Salisbury; Rowfant, Crawley, Sussex; Barlbrough Hall, 
Chesterfield. Clubs— Travellers', Sussex. 

COM. 0. S. LOCKER-LAMPSON (Huntingdonshire, Northern, or Ramsey, 

Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lamp- 
son, C.M.G., second son of the late Fre- 
derick Locker- Lampson, of Rowfant, 
Crawley, Sussex, and New Haven Court, 
Cromer, by Hannah Jane, who d. 19 15, da. 
of Sir Curtis Miranda Lampson, 1st Bt ; /;. 
Sept. 25th, 1880; ed. nt Eton, and at Trin. 
Coll., Camb. (B. A. History and Modern 
Languages 18— ) ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1907 ; is Com. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve ; 
served during European War 19 14- 17 
Comdg. a Naval Armoured Car Squadron 
(CM O., Russian Order of St. Vladimir) ; 
has Order of Leopold of Belgium ; C M.G. 
191 7. A Conservative', has sat for N., 
or Ramsey, Div. of Huntingdonshire since 
Jan. 28th, 1910. 

Residences— 1%, Park Mansions, S.W. ; New 
Haven Court, Cromer. Office — 48, Dover Street, 
W. Clubs — Travellers', Bath, Constitutional, 
(Queen's, Royal Automobile, Carlton. 

LANE-FOX [see Fox]. 


J. C. R. LARDNER (Monaghan County, North Monaghan Division). 

James Carrige Rushe Lardner, son of Hugh William Lardner, 
of Swan Park, Monaghan, by Annie Loughran ; b. May 1879 ; ed. at 
Christian Brothers Sch., at St. Macarten's Coll., Monaghan, and at Clongowes 
Wood Coll., co. Kildare ; admitted a Solicitor 1901 ; Bar. King's Inns, 
Dublin 1913. A Nationalist \ has sat for N. Monaghan Div. of Monaghan 
co. since June 20th, 1907. 

Residences Swan Park, Monaghan ; 4, Leinster Street, Merrion Square, Dublin. 
Club— Stephen's Green. 

SIR JOSEPH LARMOR (Cambridge University). 
Joseph Larmor, D.Sc, F.B.S., son of Hugh Larmor ; b. 
July nth, 1857; ed. at Roy. Academical Institution, Belfast, at Queen's 
Coll., Belfast, and at St. John's Coll., Cambridge (Senior Wrangler 1880, 
MA. 1883, Fellow 1880); D.Sc. London, Hon. D.Sc. Oxford and Dublin; 
1.1 ..!>. Glasgow and Aberdeen ; D.C.L., Durham; I.L.D., Birmingham and 
Sit Andrews; Hon. D.Sc. Queen's Univ., Belfast; is a F.K.S., ■ K.R.A.S.. 
Foreign Hun. Member of American National Acad, of Sciences, of American 
Acad, of Boston, .>f American Philosophical So., of Accademia dei Lincei of 
Rome, and of Istituto di Bologna, Past Pres. of London Mathematical So., and 
res. of Camb. Philosophical So. ; was Professor of Natural Philosophy, 
Queen's Coll., Gahvay 1880-85, a Sec. of Roy. So. 1901-12, and Lecturer 
in Mathematics, Camb. Univ. 1885-1903, since when he has been La 

KM of Mathematics there; sometime Examiner in Mathematics and 
Natural Philosophy, London Univ. ; author of various works on Mathematics 
and Physics; Knt. 1909. A Conservative; elected for Cambridge I'niv. 
Feb. 16th, 191 1. 

Residence— St. John's College, Cambridge. Club— Athenaeum. 

RIGHT HON. A. BONAR LAW (Lancashire (8.-W.). Bootle Division). 
Andrew BOOM Law, P.C., son of the Rev. James Law, MA. 
a Presbyterian Clergyman of New Brunswick, 1 in, his 

wife ; b. Sept. 16th, 1858; ed. in New Brunswick, and at C.lasgow High 
I.I.I'. Glasgow 1912: ///. 1891, Annie Pitcairn, who d. 1909, 

Robley, of Glasgow ; formerly an iron merchant ofdlasgow; is 
a 1.1' f«.r Dunbartonshire ; sometime Chm. of Scotch Pig boa Trades Asso. ; 
was Parliamentary Board <>f Trade 1902-5; appointed Leader ot the 

Opposition in House of ConUDOl he Colonic 

ibo Membef bioel Committee), and Chancellor ..( the 

1 of the lions. DQftl Mm. (with 

a seat in the War Cabinet) Dec. 1916. A Con , at for Blackfriarx 

and Hutchcsontoun Din of Glasgow Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906, when he wa*. 
defeated, and for Caml>erwell Div. of Dulwich May 1906 to Dec. 1910 ; 
unsuccessful \ \Y ter Jan. 191 1 ; elected for 

Lanca tOJI. 

Retia Pembroke Lodge, Pembroke Gardens, Ken- 

•ington, W ' I trlton. 

H A LAW (Donegal County, West Donegal Division). 

.. 2nd son of th< Hon. Hugh 

Law, 1\< .11! ,ly 28th, 1872; ed. at 

Rugby, an! m. 1893, Chail Kev. 

9 8 


Alexander George Stuart, of Bogay House, co. Londonderry ; is a J. P. foi 
co. Donegal. A Nationalist ; has sat for W. Donegal Div. of Donegal co. 
since April 25th, 1902. 

Residence— Marble Hill, Ballymore, co. Donegal. Club— Stephen's Green. 

LAYLAND BARRATT [see Barratt 1 . 

COL. SIR ARTHUR (H.) LEE (Hampshire, Southern, or Fareham, Division). 

Arthur (Hamilton) Lee, G.B.E., A'.C.B., younger son of the 
late Rev. Melville Lauriston Lee, R. of Bridport, by Emily Winter, da. of 
Thomas Dicker; b. Nov. 8th, 1868; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., and at Roy. 
Mil. Acad., Woolwich : m. 1899, Ruth, da. of the late John Godfrey Moore, 
of New York; entered R.A. 1888, became Capt. 1898, and Brevet Major 
1900 ; retired 1901 ; served during European War 1914-15 as Col. and A. A.G. 
(despatches twice) ; was Adj. Hong Kong Vol. 1889-90, Adj. R.A., W. 
Defences, Isle of Wight 1891-3, Professor of Strategy and Tactics at Roy. 
Mil. Coll., Kingston, Canada 18938, attached to U.S.A. Head Quarters in 
the field during Spanish- American War 1898, Mil. Attache at Washington 
1899-1900, Civil Lord of the Admiralty 1903-5, Parliamentary Mil. Sec. to 
Ministry of Munitions Oct. 191 5 to July 1916, and Personal Mil. Sec. to Sec. 
of State for War July to Dec. 1916 ; appointed Director-Gen. of Food Pro- 
duction Feb. 1917; is Hon. Col. in the Army, a J. P. for Bucks, and Life 
Pres. of Council of Cheltenham Coll. ; has donated Chequers estate to the 
nation as a residence for future Prime Mins. or others; K.C.B. (Civil) 1916/ 
G.B.E. 1918. A Conservative ; has sat for S., or Fareham, Div. of Hampshire 
since Oct. 8th, 1900. 

"Residences — 2, The Abbey Garden, Westminster, S.W. ; Chequers, Princes Risborough, 
Bucks. Clubs— Carlton, United Service, Burlington Fine Arts, Beefsteak. 

SIR MAURICE LEVY, Bt. (Leicestershire, 
Mid, or Loughborough, Division). 

Maurice Levy, ist Baronet, second 
son of the late Joseph Levy, of Knighton, 
Leicester;*. June 9th, 1859; ed. privately, 
and at Univ. Coll. Sch. : m. 1885, Elise 
Ray, el. da. of the late Max Zossenheim, 
of Leeds and Harrogate; is a J. P. for 
Leicestershire ; a: Knt. 1907, and a 
Baronet 1913. A Liberal ; has sat for Mid, 
or Loughborough, Div. of Leicestershire 
since Oct. 9th, 1900. 

Residence — Huinberstone Hall, Leicester. 
Clubs — Reform, National Liberal, Hurlingham, 
Leicester and County Liberal, Royal Automobile. 


RIGHT HON. J. H. LEWIS (Flintshire). 

John Herbert LBWIS, P.C., son of Enoch Lewis, shipowner, of. 
Mostyn Quay, Flintshire, l>y Catherine, da. of Motel Robert Llang- 

wvfan, Denbighshire ; b. Dec. 27th, 1858; ed. at Denbigh Gram. Sch., at 
Montreal Univ., and at 11., Oxford (B.A. 1879, M.A. 1883) : m. 1st, 

1886, Adelaide, who d. 1895, da. of the late Charles Hughe*, ] 1' . of Bryn- 
hyfryd. Wrexham; 2ndly, 1897, Ruth, da. of the late William Sproston Caine, 
M.P. for Cornwall, N.W., or Camborne, Div. ; admitted a Solicitor 1882 (but 
does not now practise); was Chm. of Flintshire County Council 1889-93; 
appointed a Junior Lord of the Treasury Dec. 1905, Parliamentary Sec. of 
Local Govt. Board July 1909, and Parliamentary Sec, Board of Education 
May 1915, and again in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; has been Constable of 
Flint Castle since Dec. 1910 ; is a D.L. for Flint ; B.C. 1913. A Liberal; 
sat Em Flint Dist. July 1892 to Jan. 1906; has sat for Flintshire since Jan. 
27th, 1906. 

Residences — Penucha, Caerwys, Holywell. Flintshire- j 23. Grosvenor Road, S.W. 
Clnbs— Reform, National Liberal. 


William Legge ( Viscount Leunshani), 
el. son of 6th Earl of Dartmouth, of Bat shall 
House, Wolverhampton, Woodsome Hall, 
Huddersfield, and 37, Charles Street, Berke- 
juare, W., by Lady Mary Coke, da. of 
2nd Earl of Leicester ; b. Feb. 22nd, 1S81 ; 
ed. at Fton, and at Ch. Ch., Oxfprd : m. 
1905, Lady Ruperta Wynn-Carrington, da. 
of 1st Marquess of Lincolnshire ; is 

ind a J.B. for Staffordshire. A Con- 
servative ; has sat for West Bromwich since 
Jan. 17th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1906. 

Resilience — Cambridge House, West Bromwich. Club— Carlton. 

W. A. LINDSAY Belfast. South Division). 

m I. iNi. say, son o! I . < .. I ■ m. : \;.iil 1.1th, 

1866. An Unionist; elected for Belffts Inly lad, 1 16. Pall Mall, S.W.i ; Tyrone H.ute, Belfast. 

CAPT OEOROE A LLOYD Staffordshire. Western Division'. 

George (ll the lata 

'79 ; cd. at i 

•clla Lascclhs (formerly a Mai«l 
m. the Hi 

has travell 

Asiatic and European I 
<ade a spec 1 
Const. 1 '90S S was Special C<>m in r. to report upon prospect* <»f I 



Enterprise in Mesopotamia, Persian Gulf, and Eastern Asiatic Turkey 1907 ; 
is Lieut. Yeo., and Capt. on Special Ser., a Member of Central Asian So., 
and of Executive Tariff Reform League, and a E.R.G.S. ; D.S.O. and CLE. 
1917. An Unionist; has sat for W. Div. of Staffordshire since Jan. 25th, 

Residence— 48, Wilton Crescent, S.W. Clubs— Carlton, St. James's. 

G. B. LLOYD (Shrewsbury). 

George Butler Lloyd, el. son of the late William Butler Lloyd, 
J. P., D.L., of Preston Montford, Salop, by Jane E., dau. of the Kfv. (\. 
Hunt, of Wadenhoe, Northampton ; b. Jan. 8th, 1854 ; ed. at Marlborough, 
and at St. John's Coll., Camb. : m. 1880, Constance Mary, da. of Col. 
Richard Jenkins, formerly Bengal Cav. ; is a Director of Capital and 
Counties Bank (Limited), and of Northern Assurance Co. (Limited), Bir- 
mingham, and a J. P. for Shrewsbury and for Shropshire. A Conservative ; 
elected for Shrewsbury April 22nd, 191 3. 

Residence — Shelton Hall, near Shrewsbury. Club— Windham. 

LLOYD GEORGE [see George]. 

LOCKER-LAMPSON [see Lampson 1 . 

RIGHT HON. W. H. LONG (Strand). 

Walter Hume Long, P.C n son of the 
late Richard Penruddocke Long, M.P., by 
Charlotte Anna, who d. 1899, da. of the Rt. 
Hon. Wentworth Fitzvvilliam Hume-Dick, P.C., 
of Hume Wood ; b. July 13th, 1854 ; ed. at 
Harrow, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; Hon. LL.D., 
Birmingham, 1909 : m. 1878, Lady Dorothy 
Blanche Boyle, 4th da. of 9th Earl of Cork 
and Orrery; is a F.R.S., J. P. and a D.L. for 
Wiltshire, and a J. P. for Somerset ; formerly 
Lieut. -Col. Comdg. and Hon. Col. Wilts Im- 
perial Yeo. ; was Parliamentary Sec. to Local 
Govt. Board Aug. 1886 to June 1892. a Member 
of Royal Commn. on Agricultural Depression 
1893, Pres. of Board of Agriculture, with a 
seat in the Cabinet, July 1895 to Nov - IQO °, 
Pres. of Local Govt. Board Nov. 1900 to 
March 1905 (with a seat in the Cabinet), and 
Ch. Sec. for Ireland, with a seat in the Cabinet, March to Dec. 1905 ; again 
appointed Pres. of Local Govt. Board May 191 5, and Colonial Sec. in 
National Min. Dec. 1916 ; P.C. 1895. A Conservative ; sat for N. Wiltshire 
April 1880 to Nov. 1885, and for E., or Devizes, Div. of Wiltshire Nov. 
1885 to June 1892, when -he was defeated ; sat for W. Derby Div. of Liver- 
pool Jan. 1893 t0 Sept. 1900, and for S. Div. of Bristol Oct. 1900 to Jan. 
1906; sat for S. Dublin Div. of Dublin co. Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910; has sat 
for Strand since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residences— Rood Ashton, Trowbridge, Wilts ; Cul worth House, Banbury. Clubs— 
Carlton, Cavalry, Beefsteak, Kildare Street, City Carlton. 

J. LONSDALE (Armagh County, Mid Armagh Division). 

James Lonsdale, son of the late James Lonsdale, J. P., D.Lt, 
of The Pavilion, co. Armagh, by Jane, da. of William Brownlie, of Armagh ; 



a Director of J. and J. Lonsdale and Co. (Limited), general 
merchants, of Manchester*, Liverpool, London, and New York. A Con- 
scnatii€ ; elected for Mid Armagh Div. of Armagh co. Jan. 1918. 


RIGHT HON. T. LOUGH (Islington, West Division). 
Thomas Lough, P.C., son of the late Matthew Lough, of 
Killynebber House, co. Cavan, by Martha, da. of William Steel, Off Bally- 

y, co. Fermanagh ; b. March 28th, 1850 ; ed. at Roy. Sch., I 
and at Wesley Coll., Dublin : ///. 1880, Edith Helen, da. of the lat< 
John Mills ; sometime Chm. of Tower Tea (Limited)— formerly Lough Bros. — 
wholesale tea dealers, of 71, Eastcheap, E.C. ; is Lieut, of co. Cavan. 
and a Member of Roy. Archaeological So. of Ireland ; was Parliamentary 
Sec. to Board of Education 1905-8 ; author of " England*! Wealth, Ireland's 
Poverty"; P.C. 1908. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Truro Div. of 
trail 1SS6; has sat for W. Div. of Islington since July 5th, 1892. 

Residences — 97, Ashley Gardens, Westminster, S.W. ; Drom Mullac, Kille«hatu!i 
Cavan. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal, Eighty, Stephen's Green, Royal Irish Yacht. 

SIR FRANCIS W. LOWE, Bt. (Birmingham, Edgbaston Division). 

ncis William Lowi., 1st Baronet^ son of the late William 
Lowe, solicitor, of Birmingham; b. Jan. 1852; ed. at King Edward's Sch.. 
and at London Univ. : m. 1883, Mary, only child of the late William 

., of Scarborough; admitted Solicitor 1876; formerly a partner in the 
legal firm of . Lowe and Jolly; is a J. P. for City of Birmingham and for 
kshire, and Past Chm. of National I'nion of Conservative Assos. 
and of Midland I'nion ; lias been Pres. of Birmingham Conservative Asso. 
since 1892; or, Knt. 1905, and a Baronet 1918. A Conset-.iti:r\ un- 
successfully conk of Birmingham 18S5, and S., or Harborough, 
1 shire 1892; has sat for Edgbaston Div. of Birmingham 
since Feb. 15th, 1898. 

Retidemet 14. Draycott Place, Cadogan Gardens, S.W. ; 109, Colmore Row, 
nd Conservative (I'.iimn.: 

LIEUT. COL. C. W. a LOWTHER ^Cumberland, Northern, or Eskdale. Division) 

iude Will 

son of (apt. I ham I^owther, 

formerly K N. ; b. June 1872 ; sonv 
Attache ( 

mcrh mUrland 

t-rved in S. Africa 1900 as 

Imperial Yeo , .m<! subsequently 


, revent at butt! 

Kabn life of comrade under 

heaw h deed recommended 

I '. and 


\ 4^ J nT 

\V^^f Ian. 1906. 

^*^^ is defeated; re-elect c 191a 

Rfn.i. .- Hunkimmx.eauK LaMk, Su»»e». Cimh— Cart too, Bachelor*', Marlborough, 



MAJ.-GEN. H. C. LOWTHER (Westmorland, North, or Appleby, Division). 

Henry Cecil Lowther, C.B., 

CMC, C.V.O., D.SO., son of the late 
Hon. William Lowther, brother of 3rd Earl 
Lonsdale, by the Hon. Charlotte Alice, 
who d. 1908, da. of 1st Baron Wensley- 
dale ; b. Jan. 27th, 1869 ; ed. at Charter- 
house, and at R.M.C ; formerly Lieut -Col. 
and Brevet Col. Scots Guards ; is Maj -( ".en. 
on Gen. Staff; served in S. Africa 1900- 
1902 as Adj. and D.A.A.G. (despatches 
twice, D.S.O.), and during European War 
1914-16 (wounded, despatches four times, 
Brevet Col., C.B.) ; accompanied British 
Mission to Fez 1905; was Mil. Attache in 
Paris 1905-9, and Private Sec. to F.-M. the 
Duke of Connaught during visit to S. Africa 
1910 ; subsequently Mil. Sec. to Gov -Gen. 
of Canada; D.S.O. 1900, M.V.O. (4th 

class) 1906, C.M.G. 191 1, C.V.O. 1913, C.B. (Mil.) 1916. A Conservative; 

has sat for N., or Appleby, Div. of Westmorland since Oct. 27th, 1915. 

Clubs— Turf, Beefsteak, Garrick, Carlton. 

RIGHT HON. J. W. LOWTHER (Cumberland, Mid, or Penrith, Division). 

James William Lowther, P.C., 
el. son of the late Hon. William Lowther, 
of Lowther Lodge, Kensington Gore, S.W., 
and Campsey Ashe, Wickham Market, Suf- 
folk, by the Hon. Charlotte Alice, who d. 
1908, da. of the 1st Baron Wensleydale ; 
b. April 1st, 1855; ed. at Eton, at King's 
Coll., London (Fellow), and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (LL.B. Law Tripos 1878, LL.M. 
Honours 1882); Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1907, 
Hon. LL.D. Leeds and Camb. 1910 : m. 
1886, Mary Frances, da. of the Right 
Hon. Alexander James Beresford Beresford 
Hope, M.P. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1879, 
and a Bencher 1906; is a J. P. and D.L. 
for Cumberland (formerly Chm. of Quarter 
Sessions), and a J. P. and County Alder- 
man for E. Suffolk ; was fourth (unpaid) 
Charity Commr. 1887-91, Under Sec. of 
State for Foreign Affairs 1891-2, Pres. Electoral Reform Conference 1916-17, 
and Chm. of Boundary Commn. for Great Britain and Ireland 191 7 ; ap- 
pointed Chm. of Committee of Ways and Means, Dep. Speaker of House 
of Commons Aug. 1895, and Speaker 1905 (re-elected 1906, 1910, and 191 1 ) ; 
P.C. 1898. A Conservative ; sat for Rutland Aug. 30th, 1883 to Nov. 1885 ; 
has sat for Mid, or Penrith, Div. of Cumberland since July 9th, 1886, having 
been defeated there in Dec. 1885. 

Residences— Speaker's House, Palace of Westminster, S.W. ; Campsey Ashe, Wickham 
Market, Suffolk. Clubs— Carlton, Athenaeum. 


A. K. LOYD (Berkshire, North, or Abingdon, Division). 

Archie Kirkman Loyd, A'.C, third sun of 

the late Thomas Kirkman Loy<i. !'.<>, by 
Annie Hirst, da. of the late fame* Haig; t>. 
Jan. 22nd, 1847 ; ed. at Brighton Coll., and at Mr. 
Walter Wren's (passed 3rd in open competition for 
I.C.S. 1867, Prizeman in English Law and Hindi 
Language at further examinations) ; resigned Indian 
appointment 1869 : m. 1885. Henrietta Louisa, da. of 
the late Edmund Lewis Clutterbuck, of llarden- 
huish Park Chippenham. Wilts ; Bar. Middle Temple 
1868, a K.C. 1892, and a Bencher 1894 ; went Norfolk, 
afterwards Midland Circuit (retired on election to 
Parliament 1895) ; for many years reported legal 
decisions of House of Lords and Court of Appeal ; 
was Sec. to Macclesfield Corrupt Practices Commn. 
1880-81, and a Member of Council of National So. for Aid to Sick and 
Wounded in War till 1905, since when he has been a Vice-Chm. of Council 
of British Red Cross So. ; lectured on Bills of Exchange before Institute of 
Bankers 1894, and has edited editions of Sir John Byles's work on the same 
subject. A Conservative ; sat for N., or Abingdon, Div. of Berkshire July 
1895 to Jan. 1906; re-elected Aug. 1916. 

Residences — 21, Cadogan Square, S.W. ; Downs House, Steventon, Berks. Clubs — 
Carlton, Wintiham, Union, British Empire, Berks County 

T. LUNDON (Limerick Co., East Limerick Division). 

Thomas Lindon, son of the late William London, Ml 

K l)i\ of Limerick co. ; b. 1883. A Nationalist ; has sat for E. Limerick 
! Limerick Co. since June loth, 1909. 
Residence— Kilteely, co. Limerick. 

A A LYNCH (Clare County, West Clare Division). 

Arthur Alfred Lynch, C.E., /..A'.C./'.. .V.A'.C.S, son ut 
John Lynch, C.E., mining and famd ictoria, 

iia ; b. 1861 ; ed. at Melbourne Univ 
ital Beau 
I Mplorn.i I I 

.u ami author ; has practised as a Civi| 
• cr, lectured <>n ubjects, and been s|>ccial newspaper corre* 

spondent for London, I N . acted as War Corre- 

spondent in Ashanti ; daring S.African War served with Transvaal Forces 
and c Md Irish li'iig. « with high treason 

OB attempting to take < it in House of Commons ed to death Jan. 

1903 ; sentence commuted to penal servitude lot life Ian. 1904* released after 
one year of solitary confinement : free pnxdot f) ; author of 

■ Human I ><>, im.-nt rescnta* 

,"' and other works. A No (Jalway Borough 

Nov. 1901 ■ g Iktcii defeated there 1892 ; has sat 1 

Clare Div. of Clare Co. 3rd, 1909. 

Residence- I 


n Mills M(('MirM. ion •! fohn tfcCmlltmi, dyer, of 


Agnes, da. of Stephen Oau ; broker, of Grimsby ; is Chtn. of Isdale 


and McCallum (Limited), soap manufacturer-* (if Taisley, and of Kyles of 
Bute Hydro, and a J.P. for eo. Renfrew ; for 18 years a Member of Scottish 
Liberal Asso. (finally Hon, Sec.) ; Knt. 1912. A Liberal', has sat for Paisley 
since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residence— Southdene, Castlehead, Paisley. Clubs— National Liberal, Scottish Reform, 
Scottish Liberal, Glasgow Liberal, Paisley Liberal. 

LIEUT. COL. R. C. A. McCALMONT (Antrim Co., East Antrim Division). 

ff/kA Robert Chaine Alexander McCalmont, 

D.S.O., only son of the late Col. James Martin 
McCalmont, M.P. for Antrim co., E. Antrim Div. 
jBHJjr* ^ 1885-1903, by Mary Caroline, youngest da. of the 
late Col. Robert William Romer, of Dolgelly ; b. Aug. 
29th, 1881 ; ed. at Eton : m. 1907, Mary Caroline, da. 
of the late Andrew Skeen, M.D., Indian Med. Ser. ; 
is Lieut.-Col. Irish Guards ; sometime Brig.-Gen. 
Comdg. an Inf. Brig., Comdg. a Batn. Roy. Irish 
Rifles, and a Member of Ulster Unionist Council ; 
served in S. African War 1900 as Lieut. Warwickshire 
Regt. (Queen's medal with two clasps), and during 
European War 1914-17 (despatches, D.S.O.); D.S.O. 
[917. An Unionist-, elected for E. Antrim Div. of 
Antrim co. Feb. 19th, 1913. 
Residence— Inver, Lame, co. Antrim. Clubs — Guards', Kildare Street, Carlton. 

W. J. MacG. MACCAW (Down County, West Down Division). 

William John MacGeagh MacCaw, son of the late Rev. William 
MacCaw, D.D., by Sarah, da. of John MacGeagh, J.P., of Cookstown, co. 
Tyrone; b. Oct. nth, 1850; ed. privately : m. 1881, Eleanor Elizabeth, da. 
of the late Walter Hardy, solicitor ; is a F.R.G.S., a Member of Roy. So. of 
Arts, and Fellow of Roy. Colonial Institute ; sometime a Member of Com- 
mittee of Bengal Chamber of Commerce. A Conservative', unsuccessfully 
contested K. Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. Jan. 1906, and July 1906 ; has sat for 
W. Div. of Down co. since March 20th, 1908. 

Residences— 103, Eaton Square, S.W. ; Rokesnest Park, Godstone, Surrey. Clubs— 
Carlton, Oriental, City of London, Ranelagh, Constitutional, St. Stephen's. 

C A. McCURDY (Northampton). 

Charles Albert McCurdy, son of the late Rev. Alexander 
McCurdy ; b. March 13th, 1870 ; ed. at Camb. Univ. ; Bar. Inner Temple 
•896 ; goes Midland Circuit. A Liberal ; unsuccessfully contested Winchester 
Jan. 1906; has sat for Northampton since Jan. 18th, 1910. 

Residence— 5, Ashworth Mansions, Maida Vale, W.9. Chambers— Lamb Building, 
Temple, E.C. 

RIGHT HON J. A. M. MACDONALD (Falkirk District). 

John Archibald Murray Macdonald, P.C., son of the late Rev. 
11 I. Macdonald, D.D., of The Manse, Strachur, Argyllshire, by Christina, 
da. of Alexander Mclver ; b. Oct. 9th, 1854 ; ed. at Glasgow High Sch., and 
at Glasgow and Edinburgh Univs. : m. 1885, Alice Mary, da. of Edward 
Henry Noel ; was a Member of London Sch. Board 1897-1902 ; is Hon. Sec. of 
Cobden Club ; a frequent contributor to the Reviews ; P.C 1916. A Liberal; 
sat for Bow and Bromley Div. of Tower Hamlets July 1892 to July 1895, 
when he was defeated there ; has sat for Falkirk Dist. since Jan. 23rd, 1906, 
having been defeated there Oct. 1900. 

Residences— is, Thurlow Road, Hampstead, N.W. ; Brown's Copse, Heyshott, Mid- 
hurst, Sussex. 


J. R. MACDONALD (Leicester). 

James Ramsay MacDonald ; b. Oct. 12th, 1866: ///. 1896, 
Margaret Ethel, who d. 191 1, da. of Dr. J. H. Gladstone, F.R.S. ; appointed 
Sec. of the Labour Representation Committee 1900, and a Member of Roy. 
Commn. on Indian Public Services 1912-14; sometime Chm. of the Labour 
Party, and editor of the Socialist Library ; author of " Socialism and Society," 
"Socialism and Government," "The Awakening of India," "The Socialist 
Movement/' "Syndicalism," "Margaret Mtlicl Macdonald : a Memoir," etc., 
etc. A Labour Member; has sat for Leicester since Jan. 15th, 1906, having 
been defeated there Oct. 1900. 

Residence— 9, Howitt Road, Hamp.stead, N.W. 

R. McGHEE (Tyrone County. Mid Tyrone Division). 

Richard McGhee, son of Richard McGhee, of co. Armagh; 
b. 1851 ; M. 1880, Mary, da. of G. Campbell, of Glasgow; is a merchant. 
A Nationalist', sat for Louth co., S. Louth Div., March 1896 to Oct. 1900, 
when he was defeated there ; elected for Mid Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. Dec. 
12th, 1910 

Residence 69, North Street, Lurgan, co. Armagh. 

J. McGUINNESS (Longford Co., South Longford Division). 

Joseph McGuinness; b. 18 — ; associated with the Irish 
Rebellion of 1916. A Sinn Fein Member (but has not yet taken his seat); 
elected for S. Div. of co. Longford May 9th, 1917. 

Residence— 27, Lower Dorset Street, Dublin. 

J. McKEAN (Monaghan Co.. South Monaghan Division). 
John McKean ; b. 18 — ; ed. at St. Macarten's Seminary, 
ban, and at Trin. Coll., Dublin (Intermediate Exhibitioner and 
Medallist): Par. Kind's fans, Dublin 1900 (Medallist in Oratory, Law 
Students' Debating So.); has contributed to the Press, and lectured on 
literary wbjccfrl before many Sos. A Nationalist ; has sat for S. Monaghan 
Div. of Monaghan co. since March 4th, 1902. 
Resident— Ardnagreina. ITfagHlWII. 1 1> Dublin. 

RIGHT HON R. McKENNA (Monmouthshire, North Division). 

Reginald McKenna, P.C., y<»- on of the Kate William 

OOdOBg by i I10 d. 1906, da. of d 

■ u-liton, I. an. tthta ; /• July 6tl 
b l: \ ittl 

: . ki M I 

i enple 1887 (does n< 
Financial Sec. to toe* 1905, Pre*, of ] (with 

a seat in the Cabinet) Jan. 1907, First Lord of the April 1908, 

•cpart. Oct, 11 r of the 

11 Council) ; 
i«»7. A Liberal \ unsuccessfully 
and Batterse* Inly 1892; has sat km N D4?. w Moornouthahine since 
July 2uth, 1895. 

Residence— 36, Smith Square, Westminster, S.W.t. Limbs— ttrookt's, Reform. 


H. J. MACKINDER (Glasgow, Camlachie Division). 

Halford John Mackinder, el. son of Draper Mackinder, M.I >., 
of Hove, Sussex, by Kanm, da. of the late Halford Wotton Hewitt, J.P., <>i 
Lichfield; b. Feb. 15th, 1861 ; ed. at Epsom Coll., and at Ch. Ch., Oxford 
(B.A. 1883, M.A. 1887); Bar. Inner Temple 1886 ; Leader of Mount 
Kenya Expedition IB F. Africa 1899 ; was Reader in Geography, Oxford 
Univ. 1887-1905, Principal of Univ. Coll., Reading 1892-1903, Director 
of London Sch. of Economics and Political Science 1903-8, a Member 
of Senate of London Univ. 1903-8 ; sometime Pres. of Geographical Section 
of British Asso. ; is Chm. of Tariff Reform League, and an Officier de 
1' Instruction Publique de France; author of "Britain and the British Seas," 
etc. An Unionist ; unsuccessfully contested Warwick 1900 and Hawick Dist. 
March 1909 ; has sat for Camlachie Div. of Glasgow since Jan. 19th, 1910. 

Residence— 10, Chelsea Court, Chelsea Embankment, S.W. Clubs— Carlton, Union, 

Alpine, Conservative (Glas ow). 

HON. H. D. McLAREN (Leicestershire, Western, or Bosworth, Division). 
Henry Duncan McLaren, C.B.E., el. son 
of 1st Baron Aberconway, P.C. (formerly M. P. for 
Leicestershire, W., or Bosworth, Div.), of Bodnant, 
Talycafn, Denbighshire, Chateau de la Garoupe, 
Antibes, France, and 43, Belgrave Square, S.W., 
by Laura, only da. of the late Henry Davis Pochin 
(formerly M.P. for Stafford), of Bodnant, Denbigh- 
shire ; b. April 16th, 1879; ed. at Eton, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford : m. 1910, Christabel Mary 
Melville, da. of Sir Melville Leslie Macnaghten, of 
32, Warwick Square, S.W. ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1905; 
is a J. P. for Denbighshire, and a Director of Bolckow, 
Vaughan and Co. (Limited), Palmer's Shipbuilding 
and Iron Co. (Limited), and of Tredegar Coal and 
Iron Co. (Limited) ; was Parliamentary Private 
Bi se mac na cromaige. g ec> to p res# f Board of Trade ( Rt. PI on. D. Lloyd 
George, M.P.) 1906-8, and Parliamentary Private Sec. to Chancellor of 
Exchequer (Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, M.P.) 1908-10; C.B.E. 1918. A 
Liberal; sat for W. Div. of Staffordshire Jan. 1896 to Jan. 1910, when he 
was defeated there ; elected for W., or Bosworth, Div. of Leicestershire 
Dec. 13th, 1910. 

Residences— 69, Eaton Place, S.W. ; Bodnant, Talycafn, Denbighshire. Clubs- 
Brooks's, Reform. 

RIGHT HON. SIR DONALD MACLEAN (Peebles and Selkirk). 

Donald Maclean, P C, K.B.E., son of the late John Maclean, 
of Kilmoluaig, Tiree, N.B. ; />. Jan. 9th, 1864: ed. privately: m. 1907, 
Gwendolen Margaret, el. da. of Andrew Devitt, J. P., of. Herontye, Sussex; 
admitted a Solicitor 1887 ; appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. to the 
Patronage Sec. to the Treasury (Rt. Hon. the Master of Elibank, M.P.) 
Jan. 191 1. Dep. Chm. of Committee of Ways and Means Oct. 191 1, and 
Chm. of London Appeal Tribunal (Mil. Ser. Acts), 1916; P.C. 1916, K.H K. 
1917. A Liberal; sat for Bath Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, when he was defeated 
there ; elected for Peebles and Selkirk Dec. 8th, 1910. 

Chambers— 46, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. C/«Ar-Reform, Bath, Royal Societies'. 

J. M. MacLEOD (Glasgow, Central Div.) 
John Mackintosh MacLeod, son of the late Rev. Norman 
MacLeod, D D., of Barony Church, Glasgow, and Dean of the Order of the 
Thistle ; b. 1857 ; m. 1888, Edith, da. of Joshua Fielden, of Todmorden, Yorks. 
An Unionist; has sat for Central Div. of Glasgow since July 13th, 1915. 
Residence— A, Park Circus Place, Glasgow. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton. 


D. HACMASTER (Surrey, North Western, or Chertsey, Division. 

Donald M acmaster, K.C., son of the late Donald Macmaster, 
of Williamstown, Ontario j b. Sept. 3rd, 1846 ; ed. at McGill Univ. ( D.C.L.) ; 
m 1890, Ella Virginia, da. of I. Deford, of Baltimore, U.S.A. ; Bar. Quebec 
1871 and Ontario 1882, a K.C. 1882; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1906, and Common- 
wealth of Australia 1913 ; sat in Ontario Legislature 1879-82, and Canadian 
Parliament 1882-6 ; was a Roy. Commr. to investigate administration of 
Quebec Govt. 1892, an Arbitrator between Newfoundland Govt, and Keid 
Newfoundland Co. 1904, Pres. Montreal Bar. 1904-5, and a Member of 
Speaker's Conference on Electoral Reform 1916-17 ; appointed a Member of 
Select Committee on Marconi Agreement 1912. A Conservative ; unsuccess- 
fully contested Leigh Div. of Lancashire (S.-W.) Jan. 1906; has sat for 
N.-W., or Chertsey, Div. of Surrey since Jan. 26th, 1910. 

Residences — Merlewood, Virginia Water, Surrey ; Montreal, Canada. Chambers — 
8, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. Clubs— Carlton, and Constitutional (London), Mount 
Royal (Montreal). 

LIEUT. COL. G. McMICKING (Kirkcudbrightshire). 

Gilbert McMicking, CM. 67., son of the late Gilbert McMicking, 
J. P., D.L., of Miltonise, Wigtownshire ; b. 1862; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., 
and at k.M.A. s m. 1893, Gertrude Rosabel Catherine, da. of the late 
Nathaniel Gore ; was 12 years in K.A., and retired as Capt. ; is Hon. Major 
in the Army, and temporary Lieut. -Col. R.F.A. ; served in S. Africa 1899- 
1900, Comdg. City of London Imperial Vol. Battery (despatches, C.M.G.) ; 
was Parliamentary Private Sec. to Sec. of State for War (Rt. Hon. R. B. 
Haldane, M.P.) 1908-10; C.M.G. 1900. A Liberal; sat for Kirkcudbright- 
shire Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, when he was defeated there ; re-elected 
Dec. 15th, 1910. 

Residences— ts% Sheffield Terrace, Kensington, W.8; Miltonise, Glenwhilly, co. 
Wigtown. dubs— Reform, Naval and Military. 

RIGHT HON. THOMAS J. MACNAMARA ^Camberwell, North Division) 

Thomas Jftmei M m \ IMARA, l\C.,LL.D., son of the late Sergeant 
Thomas Macnamara, 47th Regt. ; //. Aug. 23rd, 1861 ; ed. at St. Tl 
Sch., Kxeter, and at BofOQfffa Road Training Coll. for Teacher-; Hon. I.I . I » 
St. Andrews 1898, Hon. M.A. Oxford 1907 : m. 1886, Rachel, eL da. of tin 
late Angus Cameron, of Kannoch and Bristol ; is a Journalist, and a Member 
of County Council Kducation Committee; appointed Parliamentary S 
Local Govt. Board Jan. 1907, and to Admiralty April 1908, and again in 
National Min. 1916; author of many educational works. A Liberal', has sat 
for N. 1 ■benrtU tact Oct 4th, 1900; P.C 1911, 

Residences— L'lontarf, Rollscourt Avenue, Heme Hill, S.K. Clubs— National Liberal. 


J 0. 8. MacNEILL (Donegal Co.. South Donegal Division). 
John Gordon Sun 1 M.uNi 11 1, A'. C, only son <>f tin 
Join, Gordon Swill IfacNdll, M lain of the Rkhmoo 

Dublin, by Susan Col| ■>( the late Rev. II Tweedy, M. \ 1 

ad at < •»,. u... Oxford B. \ 1873, M \ 1873 

tamination), 1 S93 ; elected Professor 

id Law i: Inns, Dublin 1887 

(re-elected 1885), . lie and 

nd 1909, Clerk of Convocation 
tculty <»f Law 1: 
Mthoi . what it was 

the UnkM was I } ias M g f or 

nl. 1887. 
Residence-xy, Pembroke Road. Dublin. a**-National Liberal. 



R. J. McNEILL (Kent, Eastern, or St. Augustine's, Division). 

Ronald John McNeill, son of the 
late Edmund McNeill. D.L., of Cushendun, 
co. Antrim, by Mary, cd. da. of Alexander 
Miller, of Ballycastle, co. Antrim ; b. 
April 30th, 1 86 1 ; ed. at Harrow, and at 
Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1884, M.A. 1910) ; 
Bar. Lincoln's Inn. 1887 : m. 1884, 
Elizabeth Maud, da. of William Bolitho, 
of Polwithen, Penzance ; was Editor of St. 
James s Gazette 19001904, and Assist. 
Editor of the " Encyclopaedia Britannica " 
1907-11 ; is a J. P. and D.L. for co. Antrim ; 
appointed Parliamentary Sec. (unpaid) to 
War Cabinet 191 7. A Conservative; un- 
successfully contested W. Div. of Aber- 
deenshire 1906, S. Div. of Aberdeen 
1907 and Jan. 1910, and Kirkcudbright- 
shire Dec. 1910; elected for E., or 
St. Augustine's, Div. of Kent July 7th, 
Residences— ri8, Cadogan Place, S.W. ; Cushendun, co. Antrim. Clubs — Carlton, Bath. 

J. I. MACPHERSON (Ross and Cromarty). 

James Ian Macpherson, son of James Macpherson, J. P., of 
Inverness; b. 1880 ; ed. at Edinburgh Univ. (M.A. 1900, LL.B. 1903): m. 
1915, Jill, da. of George Wood Rhodes, J. P., of 37, Pont Street, S.W., and 
Mottram-in-Longendale, Cheshire ; Bar. Middle Temple 1906 ; was Parlia- 
mentary Sec. (unpaid) to Under Sec. of State for War 1914-16; appointed 
Under Sec. of State for War in National Min. Dec. 1916. A Liberal; 
unsuccessfully contested Wigtownshire Jan. 1910, and E. Div. of Renfrew- 
shire Dec. 1910 ; elected for Ross and Cromarty June 14th, 1911. 

Residence — 19, Sloane Court, S.W. Chambers — Fountain Court, Temple, E.C. 
Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Eighty, Liberal (Glasgow). 

J- MacVEAGH (Down Co., South Down Division 

Jeremiah MacVeagh, son of Thomas MacVeagh, shipowner, 
of Belfast; b. 1870; ed. at St. Malachy's Coll., Belfast, and at Roy. Univ., 
Ireland; is a Journalist ; sometime Special Irish Correspondent of the Daily 
News ; author of numerous political pamphlets. A Nationalist; has sat for 
S. Div. of Down co. since Eeb. 19th, 1902. 

Residence — 37, Tavistock Square, W.C.i. Clubs— Royal Automobile, National 


SIR JOHN H. MADEN (Lancashire, North-East, Rossendale Division). 

John Henry Maden, only son of the late Henry Maden, of 
Bacup; b. 1862; ed. at Manchester Gram. Sch. : ///. 1891, Alice, da. of the 
late Joshua Mellor, of Lytham, Lancashire ; is a J. P. and County Councillor 
for Lancashire (High Sheriff 1914-15), and Chm. of John Maden and Son 
(Limited), cotton spinners and manufacturers, of Bacup ; has been several 
times Mayor of Bacup; Knt. 1915. A Liberal; sat for Rossendale Div. of 
Lancashire, N.E. 1892-1900; re-elected Feb. 13th, 1917. 

Residence— Rockliffe House, Bacup. Clubs— Reform, Devonshire, and National 



SIR PHILIP MAGNUS, Bt. (London University). 

Philip Magnus, 1st Baronet, son 
of the late Jacob Magnus ; b. Oct. 7th, 
1842; ed. at Univ. Coll. Sch., at Univ. 
Coll., London, and at Berlin Univ. ; B.A. 
1863 and B.Sc. (1st class Honours) 1864, 
London : m. 1870, Katie, only da. of the 
late E. Emanuel, J. P., of Southsea ; some- 
time Professor of Mechanics at the Catholic 
Univ. Coll., Kensington ; was a Member of 
Roy. Commn. on Technical Instruction 
1881-4, Principal of Finsbury Technical 
Coll. 1883-5, Organising Director and Sup. 
of Depart, of Technology in City and 
Guilds of London Institute 1880-1915 ; 1^ 
a J. P. for Surrey, a Member of the Mathe- 
matical, Statistical, and Physical Sos. of 
London, Chm. of Secondary Schs. Asso., 
Fellow and Member of Senate of the Univ. 
of London, an Hon. Fellow and Pres. of 
Coll. of Preceptors, and a Member of 
Surrey Education Committee ; knighted 
An Unionist ; has sat for London Univ. since 


1886; er. a Baronet 
Jan. 19th, 1906. 

u /*'S / ~; T ?, n , g,ey Hil1, Chilworth, Surrey. Town Residence- 16, Gloucester Terrace, 
Hyde I ark, W . Clubs -Athenaeum, Carlton, County (Guildford). 

SIR ARTHUR H. D. RAM8AY STEEL MAITLaND, Bt. (Birmingham, East 

Arthur Herbert Drummond Ram- 
Stbbi.-Maitland, 1st Baronet, son 
of the late Col. Edward Harris Steel, 1; 
b. July 5th, 1876 ; ed. at Rugby, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford (Scholar, B.A 

In. Hum. 1S99, M.A. 1st class Law 
1900) ; Fellow of All Souls', Oxford 1900 : 
m. 1901, Mary, da. of the laic Sii I 
Rain-ay • GfiMdB • Maitland, 4th Bt., of 
BtratOO, Midlothian, ami Sauchie and 
OckbWB, Stirlingshire; assumed by 
use 1 901 the name of Ramsay- 
: Maitland in lie* <>f his patronymic ; 
is a J.l'. ("t Mirlingshire ; has Of 
Sec. to Kt II .-hi.-. Ml'., and 

Rt HOB Austen Chamberlain. M.I'., when 
Chancellor of the Exchequer, and an Assist. 
Commr. t.> Roy. Commn. on Poor Laws; 
was Chm. of Conservative Party Organisa- 
1911-16; appointed Under Sec. of 
lor the Colonies May 1915, a; 
" c. 1916, and Joint Under Sec. reign Office 

liainentary Sec. to Hoard of Trade 1917 ; compiled special reports on 
Poor I>aws ; «r. a Baronet 1917. A Conservati. ssfully COtti 

ham since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Krti,tfH,fs-ji, Cadogan Square, SAW ; Sauchicburn, Stirling. Clttbs— Carlton, 


I. Z. MALCOLM (Croydon). 

Ian Zachary Malcolm, son of 

Col. Edward Donald Malcolm, C.B., of 
Poltalloch, Argyllshire, by Isabel Wyld, 
<la. of the late John Wyld Brown, of 78, 
Lancaster Gate, W. ; b. Sept. 3rd, 1868; 
ed. at Eton, and at New Coll., Oxford : 
m. 1902. Miss Jeanne Langtry ; formerly 
in Diplo. Ser. ; was Assist. Private Sec. 
to Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs (Mar- 
quess of Salisbury) 1895-8, and to Ch. 
Sec. for Ireland (Rt. Hon. George Wynd- 
ham, P.C., M.P.) 1900-1901 ; appointed 

Parliamentary Private bee. to Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs (Rt. Hon. 

A. J. Balfour, M.P.) 1916 ; is a J. P. for Argyllshire. A Conservative) 

sat for N.-W., or Stowmarket, Div. of Suffolk July 1895 to Jan. 1906; 

unsuccessfully contested N. Div. of Salford Jan. 1910 ; elected for Croydon 

Dec. 3rd, 1 9 10. 

Residences— s, Bryanston Square, VV. ; Poltalloch, Argyllshire. Clubs— Carlton, 

MALLABY-DEELEY [see Deeley]. 

F. W. MALLALIEU (Yorkshire, West Riding, Southern Part, Colne Valley 


Frederick William Mallalieu, el. son of the late Henry Malla- 
lieu, J. P., of Delph Lodge, Delph, near Oldham ; b. Jan. 17th, i860; ed. at 
Huddersfield Coll. ; m. 1902, Ann, da. of the late Josepn Hardman, of 
Waterhead, Oldham ; formerly a Wollen Manufacturer of Delph ; is a J. P. and 
County Alderman for W. Riding of Yorkshire, and Chm. of its Finance Com- 
mittee. A Liberal ; has sat for Colne Valley Div. of S. Part of W. Riding of 
Yorkshire since Aug. 25th, 1916. 

Residence — Larkwood, Delph, near Oldham. Clubs— National Liberal, Reform. 

H. MANFIELD (Northamptonshire, Mid Division). 

Harry Manfield, elder son of the late Sir (Moses) Philip 
Manfield (formerly M.P. for Northampton), by Margaret, da. of James Milne, 
of Northampton ; b. Feb. 1st, 1855 ; ed. privately : tn. 1909, Louisa, da. of 
Sir John Barran, 1st Bt., of Chapel Allerton, Leeds; is a J. P. and County 
Alderman for Northamptonshire, and senior partner of Manfield and Sons, 
boot manufacturers, of Northampton. A Liberal; has sat for Mid Div. of 
Northamptonshire since Jan. 25th, 1906. 5 

Residence — Moulton Grange, Northampton. Clubs — Reform, Bath, National Liberal. 

SIR GEORGE CROYDON MARKS (Cornwall, North Eastern, or Launceston, 


George Croydon Marks, C.B.Jl., son of William Marks, by his 
wife Amelia Adelaide, da. of Thomas Croydon ; b. June 9th, i8$8 ; ed. at 
British Sch., Roy. Arsenal, and at King's Coll., London: m. 1881, Margaret, 
da. of T. J. Maynard. of Bath ; is a Consulting Engineer and Patent Expert 
in Labour Depart, of Min. of Munitions, and a J. P. for Aberystwyth, Corn- 
wall, and Surrey ; acted as Consulting Engineer to late Duke of Saxe-Coburg- 
Gotha (Duke of Edinburgh) ; Knt. 1911 ; C.B.E. 1917. A Liberal; has sat 
for N.-E., or Launceston, Div. of Cornwall since Jan. 20th, 1906. 

Residences— ys, Addison Road, W. ; Penarvor, P.ude, N. Cornwall ; 58, Lincoln's Inn 
Fields, W.C. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal. 


J. A. R. MARRIOTT (Oxford City). 

John Arthur Ransome Marriott, el. son of Francis Marriott, 
of Bowdon, Cheshire, and Hayfield. Derbyshire, by Elizabeth, da. of Joseph 
Atkinson Ransome, E.R.C.S., Consulting Surg, to Roy. Infirmary, Manchester ; 
b. Aug. 17th, 1859 ; ed. at Repton, and at New Coll., Oxford (B.A. Classical 
Moderations and Modern History 1882, MA. 1885): ///. 1891, Henrietta, 
da. of the Rev. W. P. Robinson, D.U., Warden of Trin. Coll., Glenalmond ; 
appointed Lecturer in Modern History, New Coll., Oxford 1884, and Tutor 
and Lecturer in Modern History Worcester Coll., Oxford 1885 (now a Fellow) ; 
is Sec. Oxford Univ. Extension; author of numerous historical worl 
Conservative; unsuccessfully contested Rochdale July 1886; has sat for Oxford 
City since March 30th, 191 7. 

Residence— 23, Linton Road, Oxford. Club — Carlton. 


Arthur Harold Marshall, K.B.E., son of the Rev. H. T. 
Marshall, a Methodist Min. ; b. Aug. 2nd, 1870; ed. privately: m. 1896, Louie, 
da. of J. Hepworth, J.P., formerly of Leeds and Torquay; Bar. Gray's Inn 
1904 ; goes N.-E. Circuit ; is Chm. and Hon. Sec. Yorkshire Liberal Feder- 
ation, Chm. of Central Billeting Board, and a Director of Legal Insurance Co., 
and of J. Hepworth and Son (Limited) ; K.B.E. 1918. A Liberal; elected 
for Wakefield Dec. 5th, 1910. 

Residence— 19. Wimborne Road, Bournemouth. Chambers— 5, Paper Buildings, 

Temple, E.C. Clubs— National Liberal, Wakefield and County, Leeds and County Liberal. 

HON. J. MARTIN (St. Pancras, East Division). 

Joseph Martin, K. £'., son of the late Edward Martin, of Milton, 
Ontario, Canada, by his wife, Mary Ann ; b. Sept. 24th, 1852 ; ed. in 
Canadian Public Schs., and at Toronto Univ. : ///. 1881, Elizabeth Jane, 
who d 1913, widow of G. W. Eaton, of Ottawa ; Bar. Manitolia 1882 and 
: Columbia 1897, and a K.C., British Columbia 1899; admitted Solicitor 
1882 ; was a Member of Provincial Parliament, Manitoba 1882-92, Attorney- 
Gen, and Min. of Education of Manitoba 1888-91, a Member of Cai 

<>f Commons 1893-6, a Member of Provincial Parliament, British 
Columbia 189S-1903, Attorney-Gen. and Min. of Education, British Columbia 
1898-9 and a^ain 1900, and Premier of British Columbia 1900. A Liberal ; 
unsuccessfully contested S.W., or St rat ford -on -A kshire 

May 1909 ; has sat for E. Div. of St. Pancras since Jan. 17th, 1910. 
/T//iV/««-*-Waldorf Hotel, Aldwych. W.C. Club— Koytl Automobile. 

D. M. MASON (Coventry). 
nail Mason, el. son of Stephen Mason, formerly 

MP. f'i U uirkshire, by Martha, el. da. of the lat< 

Dec. 7lh, 1865 ; cd. at 
and I 1 Glasgow), at Craigmount laxgow 

many : m. 1 898, Mary, da. of I .eorge W. C rouse 

mbcr of U.S.A. Congress), of Akroi 
merchant a . an Asso. of 1 

■■//: uiimko ssfully contested TradotO 
esgow Jan. K>.)() uvl Jan. I910 ; elected for I -h, 1910. 

-7, Park Pb. r. st J.u Konakwood. I 1. Clubs— 

' eform, Ne* I 



J. F. MASON (Windsor). 

James Francis Mason, son of the late 
James Mason, of Eynsham Hall, Witney, Oxford- 
shire ; b. 1861 ; ed. at Eton: ///. 1895, Lady 
Evelyn Margaret Lindsay, da. of 26th Earl of 
Crawford, of Haigh Hall, Wigan, Balcarres, 
Collinsburgh, Fife, and 2, Cavendish Square, 
\V. : formerly Major Oxfordshire Imperial Yeo. ; 
is Chm. of Mason and Barry (Limited), a 
Director of Alfred Hickman (Limited), Dor- 
man, Long and Co. (Limited), North-Eastern 
Steel Co. (Limited), and of Great Western Rail- 
way Co., and a J. P. for Oxfordshire. A Con- 
servative; has sat for Windsor since Jan. 16th, 

Residences— 1, Chesterfield Gardens, Mayfair, W. ; 
Eynsham Hall, Witney. Clubs— Carlton, Marlborough, 
Arthur's, Travellers'. 

M. MEAGHER (Kilkenny County, North Kilkenny Division). 

Michael Meagher, son of Patrick Meagher, J. P., of Tullaroan, 
co. Kilkenny, by Mary Josephine O'Dwyer, of Graystone Castle, Tipperary ; 
b. 1846 ; joined Fenian Movement in 1865, and took an active part in the 
Rising 1867 ; is a farmer, and Hon. Freeman of Kilkenny City : m. 1881, 
Johanna, da. of William Corcoran, of Ballingarry, co. Tipperary. A 
Nationalist) has sat for N. Div. of Kilkenny Co. since March 3rd, 1906. 

Residence— Chestnut Villa, Kilmanagh, co. Kilkenny. 

F. E. MEEHAN (Leitrim, North Leitrim Division). 

Francis Edward Meehan, son of Lawrence Meehan, of Manor- 
hamilton, co. Leitrim ; b. 1868 ; is a merchant, an agriculturist, Pres. of 
North Leitrim Executive of United Irish League, and of Catholic Young 
Men's So., and a County Councillor for Leitrim. A Nationalist ; has sat for 
N. Leitrim Div. of Leitrim co. since Feb. 21st, 1908. 

Residences— Manorhamilton, co. Leitrim. 

P. J. MEEHAN (Queen's County, Leix Division). 

Patrick Joseph Meehan, son of the late Patrick Aloysius 
Meehan, M.P. for Leix Div. of Queen's co. ; b. 1877 ; admitted a Solicitor 
1900. A Nationalist ; elected for Leix Div. of Queen's co. June 9th, 1913. 

Residences— 116, Grafton Street, Dublin ; Maryborough, Queen's Co. 


Hedworth Meux, G.C.B., K.C.V.O., 3rd son of 2nd Earl of 
Durham, by Lady Beatrix Frances Hamilton, who d. 1871, da. of 1st Earl of 
Abercorn ; b. July 5th, 1856 : m. 1910, the Hon. Mildred Cecilia Harriet, da. 
of 1st Baron Alington, and widow of Viscount Chelsea ; entered R.N. 1870, 
became Com. 1883, Capt. 1889, Commodore (2nd class) 1901, Rear-Adm. 
1902, Vice-Adm. 1907, Adm. 191 1, and Adm. of the Fleet 1915 ; served 
throughout Egyptian War 1882 (medal with two clasps, bronze star, 2nd class 



Medjidie), and in S. Africa 1899-1900 in command of Naval Brig, at siege of 
aches, medal, CI'..); Ml Private Sec. to successive 

•f the Admiralty (Karl Spencer and Rt. Hon. <;. T. Goschen, Ml' 1 
1894-7, and a Naval A.D.C. to Queen Victoria and to Kin^ Kdward VII. 
1901-2 ; commanded Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert 1901-3, and Cruiser 
Squadron in Mediterranean 1904-6 ; wasCom.-in-Ch. of China Station, 1908-10, 
■Ad Com.-in-Ch. at Portsmouth 19 1 2- 16 ; appointed an Kxtra Kcpierry t«> 
King Edward \ II. 1902, and to King George V. 1910; is an Officer of Order 
of St. Maurice, and a Grand Officer of Legion of Honour ; assumed by Roy. 
license lOII.fbf himself and issue the surname of Meux in lieu of that of his 
pa tro n y mic and also the arms of Meux and Lamhton quarterly ; C.B. 1M1I.) 
1900, C.V.O. 1901, K.C.V.O. 1906, KC.B. (Mil.) 1908, G.C.B. (Mil.) 1913 
An Unionist; unsuccessfully contested Newcastle-on-Tyne Oct. 1900 ; has sat 

rtsmootb since Jan. 15th, 1916. 

Rtsidewfs—x*. Portman Square, W. ; Theobalds Park, Waltham Cross, Herts. Clubs— 

m«l Military, Turf, Carlton, St. Stephens. 

MEYSEY THOMPSON [see 'hompson . 

SIR WILLIAM MIDDLEBROOK (Leeds, South Division). 
William Mimh.kbrook, son of the late John Middlebrook, of 

I'.irstall ; b. lei... 1S51 ; ed. at Huddersfield Coll.: ///. 1880, Alma, da. of 
William B. Jackson, of Morley ; admitted a Solicitor 1873 ; is a member of 
U firm of \V. and K. H. Middlebrook, of Leeds and Morley, a Town 
Councillor 1 Mayor 1896-7 and 1904-5), Gen. Treasurer of Wesleyan 

•nee (Chapel Depart.), and a Treasurer of Leeds Wesleyan M 
••eels 1910-11; Knt. 1916. A 1 il>n;il '; li 
ice Feb. 13th, 1908. 
v«v-Trwrniield, Morley, Leeds. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal. 

J. T MIDDLEMORE Birmingham. North Division). 
John Thro^morton Miimu I 

of the late William Middleinore, J P. 
mingham, and of Hawkcslcv, Worcestershire ) 
b. 1844 (878, who ,/. 1879, 

Richard Fflgntlf. I P 
2ndly, 1881, Mary, da. of the late Rev. 1 

V. of Selly Oak, Birmingham: baa 
founded Children me* in 

Birmingham, tad the M iddlcm. »rr Homes in 
Halifax, Nova Scotia; wm a Mcmbci 

ncil 1883*92; is a 1 
that City and f<»i A Literal 

Unionist, "and - Imperialist,' and a strong ad* 
vocate for a strong navy " ; has wit I | N I »n 
of Birmingham sil I ith, 1899. 


a (I 

CM' - 


LIEUT. COL. THE RIGHT HON. F. B. MILDMAY (Devonshire, Southern, or 
Totnes, Division). 

Francis Bingham Mildmay, P.C., son of the 
late Henry Bingham Mildmay, J. P., of Shoreham Place, 
Sevenoaks, and Flete, near lvybridge, by Georgiana 
Frances, who*/. 1899, da. of the late John Crocker Bulteel. 
of Flete, near lvybridge ; b. 1861 ; ed. at Eton, and at 
Trim Coll., Camb. (P. A. 1883) : ;;/. 1906, Alice, da. 
of Charles Seymour Grenfell, of Elibank House, Tap- 
low ; is Major and Hon. Lieut. -Col. Territorial Force 
Reserve, a J. P. and a D.L. for Devonshire, a Director 
of Great Western Railway, and Pres. of Fisheries 
Organization So.; formerly Major and Hon. Lieut.- 
Col. \V. Kent Imperial Yeo. (T.D.); served in S. 
Africa 1900, and during European War 1914-17 (de- 
AUataHara. spatches twice) ; P.C. 1916. A Liberal Unionist ; has 

sat for S. , or Totnes, Div. of Devonshire since Dec. 1885. 

Residences — 46, Berkeley Square, W. ; Flete, lvybridge, Devon ; Shoreham Place, 

Sevenoaks, Kent. Clubs — Travellers', Brooks's, Marlborough, Turf, Hurlingham. 

J. DUNCAN MILLAR (Lanarkshire, North-East Division). 

James Duncan Millar, K.C., son of John Millar, M.D., of Edin- 
burgh, by Christian Duncanson, da. of James Duncan, W.S., of Edinburgh ; 
b. Aug. 5th, 1871 ; ed. at Edinburgh Univ. (M.A. 1890, LL.B. 1896), and 
abroad: ;//. 1906, Ella, da. of the late Alexander P. Forrester- Paton, ol 
Inglewood, Alloa, N.B. ; Bar. Scotland 1896, Middle Temple 1897, and a K.C. 
(Scotland) 1914; was Senior Advocate-Depute 1913-16. A Liberal; sat for 
St. Andrews Dist. Jan. 1910 to Dec. 1910, when he was defeated; elected for 
N.-E. Div. of Lanarkshire March 9th, 191 1. 

Residence — 18, Abercromby Place, Edinburgh. Clubs — National Liberal, Reform, 

Liberal and University (Edinburgh), Liberal (Glasgow). 

HON. A. R. MILLS (Middlesex, Uxbridge Division). 

Arthur Robert Mills, only surviving son of 
2nd Baron Hillingdon, of Wildernesse, Sevenoaks, 
Hillingdon Court, Uxbridge, and Overstrand Hall, 
Cromer, by the Hon. Alice Marion Harbord, da. of 
5th Baron Suffield ; b. Oct. 13th, 1891 ; ed. at 
Oxford Univ. : m. 1916, the Hon. Edith Mary Winifred 
Cadogan, da. of the late Viscount Chelsea; is Lieut. Yeo. 
A Conservative; has sat for Uxbridge Div. of Middle- 
sex since Nov 10th, 1915. 

Residences— Wildernesse, Sevenoaks; Hillingdon Court, Ux- 
Nil conscire sibi. bridge ; Overstrand Hall, Cromer. 

MITCHELL-THOMSON [see Thomson]. 

M. MOLLOY (Carlow County). 

Michael Molloy; b. 1851 ; is engaged in trade in Carlow, 
a J. P. and County Councillor for Carlow : sometime Chm. of Carlow Urban 
Council. A Nationalist; has sat for Carlow Co. since Jan. 20th, 1910. 

Residence— Carlow, Ireland. 



P. A. MOLTEN (Dumfriesshire). 
Percy Alport Molteno, second son of the late Sir John Charles 
Molteno, K.C.M.G., first Premier of (ape Colony, by Elisabeth 
da. <>f Hercules Cross Jarvis, sometime M.i C. ol Cape Colony; /*. 1861 ; 
ed. at Cape of Good Hope Univ., and at Trin. Coll., Camb. 
Ifatbemarical Tripos 1SS4, Law Tripos 1885, M.A. and I.L.M. 18—) : 
^9, BHtabettl Martin, da. of the late Sir Donald Carrie, G.C.M.G., 
■onetime M.P, for Perthshire, W. Div. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1886; some- 
time a member of the firm of Donald Currie and Co., shipowners, of London, 
Liverpool, and Glasgow : is a Fellow of Roy. Horticultural So. ; author of 
" A Federal South Africa,"' and " The Life and Times of Sir J. C. Molteno.* 1 
it for Dumfriesshire since Jan. 19th, 1906. 

Residences — 10, Palace Court, Hayswatei. W. ; Parklatvls, Shere, near GuiMfortl J 
(.'•lenlyon, Fortin>jal. Perthshire. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Eighty, New Reform, 


RIGHT HON. SIR ALFRED M. M0ND, Bt. (Swansea. Swansea Town Division). 

Alfred Moritl Monk 
1st /uirotiet, son of the late Lodwif 
Blond, Ph.D., F.R.S., of The Pop- 
lars, 20, Avenue Road. St. John's 
Wood, N. \Y. , and Winnington Hall, 
Northwich, by his wife, i 
Lowenthal; b. Oct. 23rd, 1868; 
ed. at Cheltenham, at St. John's 

Coll., Cainb., and at Ldinburgh 
I'niv. : ;//. 1894, Violet Florence 
Mabel, da. of the late James Henry 
; liar. Inner Temple 1894; 
joined N. Wales and Chester Circcdt; 
sometime a Managing I 
Branner, Mond and Co. (Limited), 
alkali manufaclur hwich, 

Chin, of the Mond Nick 
(Limited), and of ih< 

ition (Limi'ed), and a Di- 
,ih StafTordshii< 

Pres. of Infants' 
II \\\), and 

tncfa of Anglo -Jewish ASSO.j appoin; 
in National Min Dec. 1916 /13. A / 

unsuccessfully contesh 1900; sat for Chester Jan. 

1906 to Jan. 1910; elected for Swansea 1 \ansea Jan. 17th, 

1910; reel' ;th, 1910. 

Stmt— Mclchet Court, Ronuey. A'etidem's 35. Lowndes Squat ynoae, 

Swansea. Clubs - Reform, National Liberal, Eighty. Cobden. Royal Aero, Burlington Ktoe 

SIR LEO CHI0ZZA MONEY (Northampton. East Division) 

ion of the late Joseph A. ( "hiozza, 

I AJlwright, of Lcwisham, S 

A. June 13th. 1S70 ; « 

m. i8« 

Rov. Naval Vol. Reserve, a Fellow of 

me a member of staff of Daily News, and Managing 

urnal surname of 

Money (after the late Mrs e late 

im Money ittees 1914-15 ; was a 

Retrenchment Committee, and of Committee f ion of 


Enemy's Supplies 1914-15, and Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Min. 
of Munitions Kt. Hen. I). Lloyd George, M.P.) 1915 : lias been a Member 
of War Trade Advisory Committee since 1915, and Parliamentary Sec. to 
Ministry of Shipping since 1916 ; author of -British Trade and the Zollverein 
•• Riches and Poverty," "Things that Matter." "The Nation's Wealth," 
"The Future of AVork," etc. ; Km 1915. A Liberal and Collective st ; sat for 
N. Div. of PaddingtOfl Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, when he was defeated there; 
elected for E. Div. of Northamptonshire Dec. 15th, 1910. 
Residence - The Grey HooM, Hunpstcad Lane, N. 

COM. B. M. EYRES MONSELL (Worcestershire, Southern, or Evesham, 

Bolton Meredith Eyres Monsell, son of Lieut. -Col. Bolton 
James Alfred Monsell (Ch. Constable Metropolitan Police), by Mary Beverley, 
da. of Sir Edmund Ogle, 6th Bt. ; b. Feb. 22nd, 1881 ; ed. at Stubbington 
House, Fareham : ///. 1904, Caroline Mary Sybil, da. of the late Henry 
William Eyres, of Dumbleton Hall, Worcester ; is Com. R.N., and a Unionist 
Whip in House of Commons : assumed additional name of Eyres in 1904 ; 
served during European War 1917 ; has Order of The Nile. A Conservative ; 
has sat for S., or Evesham, Div. of Worcestershire since Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Residences— 19, Belgrave Square, S.W. ; Dumbleton Hall, Evesham. 

RIGHT HON. E. S. MONTAGU (Cambridgeshire, Western, or Chesterton, 

Edwin Samuel Montagu, P. C, 2nd sonof 1 st 

Baron Swaythling, of South Stoneham House, Hants, 
and 12, Kensington Palace Gardens, W., by Ellen, 
da. of the late Louis Cohen, of the Stock Exchange ; 
b. Feb. 6th, 1879; ed. at Clifton, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (Natural Science Tripos 1902) : m. 1915, the 
Hon. Beatrice Venetia Stanley, da. of 4th Baron 
Sheffield ; was Pres. of Camb. Union So. 1902 ; ap- 
pointed Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to the Rt. 
Hon. H. H. Asquith, M.P. (Chancellor of the Ex- 
chequer) Feb. 1906 and (Prime Min.) April 1908, a 
Member of Roy. Commn. on Electoral Reform 1908, 
Under Sec. of State for India Feb. 1910, Financial 
Sec. to the Treasury Feb. 1914, Chancellor of the 
Duchy of Lancaster (with a seat in the Cabinet) Feb. 
Swift yet sure. 1915, again Financial Sec. to the Treasury May 1915, 

and < hm. of War Loan Advisory Committee 1915 ; also again Chancellor 
of the Duchy of Lancaster (with a seat in the Cabinet) Jan. to July 1916, and 
Minister of Munitions (also Member of Cabinet War Council) July to Dec. 
1916 ; appointed Sec. of State for India July 1917 ; joint author of "Canada 
and the Empire"; P.C. 1915. A Liberal ; has sat for W., or Chesterton, 
Div. of Cambridgeshire since Jan. 25th, 1906. 

Residences — 24, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. ; 59, Bridge Street, Cambridge. 

J. J. M00NEY (Newry). 

John Joseph Mooney, son of the late James G. Mooney, 
merchant, of Dublin ; /\ Aug. 10th, 1874; ed. at Ushaw Coll.. Durham, and 
at Trin. Coll., Dublin ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin 1895, and Middle Temple 
1901 ; is a J. P. for CO. Dublin ; appointed a Member of Select Committee on 
Marconi Agreement 1912. A Nationalist : sat for S. Dublin Div. of Dublin 
Co. Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906 ; has sat for Newry since Jan. 17th, 1906. 

Residence— \\, Allen House, Allen Street, Kensington, W.8. Clubs— National Liberal, 
Royal Automobile. 



G. HAY MORGAN (Cornwall, Truro Division). 

George Hay Morgan, K.C, son of Walter Morgan, by his wife 
Ann; b. Jan. 1866; ed. at Univ. Colls., Cardiff and London (B.Sc. 1894): m. 
Margaret Jane, da. of Henry Lewis, J.I'., of Pontnewynydd, Monmouth; 
Bar. Inner Temple 1899, and a K.C. 1913 ; sometime in charge of Woodberry 
Down Baptist Church, N. London; is Sec. of Nonconformist Committee of 
Ml.*-. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Tottenham Div. of Middlesex 
1900 ; has sat for Truro Div. of Cornwall since Jan. 23rd, 1906. 

Residence— 1 5, Hamilton Terrace, N.W. ; Chambers — 4, Harcourt Buildings, Temple, 
E.C. Club— Reform. 

H. M0RIS0N (Hackney, South Division). 

Hector Morison, son of John Morison, of Glasgow ; b, 
March 26th, 1850 ; ed. at Glasgow Acad. : m. 1876, Josephine, da. of 
Joseph AshtOQ, of Manchester ; sometime Chm. of Croydon Liberal Asso., 
and Yice-Chm. of Croydon Sch. Board ; is a J. P. for Surrey. A Liberal ; 
unsuccessfully contested Mid, or Lewes, Div. of Sussex Jan. 1906, and S., 
or Eastl>ourne, Div. of Sussex Jan. and Dec. 1910 ; elected for S. Div. of 
Hackney May 1912. 

AdehttB House of Commoos, Westminster, S.W. Club — National Liberal. 

T. B. MORISON (Inverness-shire). 
Thomas Brash Morison, K.C, LL.D., son of Peter Morison, 

of Edinburgh; b. Nov. 21st, 1868; ed. at Edin. Univ. (B.A. 18—, M.A. 

18-—, LL.D. 18 — ) : ///. 1899, Isabel, da. of the late Andrew Headry, solicitor ; 

Advocate, Scotland 1891 Bar. Middle Temple 1899, and K.C. 1906 ; was 

Depute 1905-8, Senior Advocate-Depute 1908- 10, Sheriff of Fife 

and Kinross, and Dep.-Chm. Fishery Board for Scotland 1910-13, since when 

he has been Solicitor^ ien. for Scotland ; is a J. P. for Perthshire. A Liberal ; 

.' for Inverness-shire since Jan. 2nd, 1917. 

Residence -1^, Heriot Row, Edinburgh. Clubs— Reform, Royal Automobile, 

University, ami Si.ottish Liberal (Kdinburgb). 

P. E. M0RRELL (Burnley). 

Philip Edward Morrell, son 

of the late Frederic Pwkei Morrell, 
of Black Hall. Oxford, by Harriette 
Anne. da. of lhe Kev. Philip W'ynter, 
HI', rW of St. John's Coll., Ox- 
ford; /». June 4th, 1870; ed. a; 
and at Balliol Coll., Oxford 

MA. 1893): m. 1902, Lady 
Ottoline Violet Anne C.wendish- 
Bentinek. half-sister of 6th Duke of 
Portland; admitted Solicitor 1897 (but 
does not n m practise); is a J.I 

\ / .• •./.'. wX t"i S., or 
i; . Div. ..f Oxfordshire Jan. 1906 

to Jin 1010, when he was defeated; 
elected foi Burnley Dec. 6th, 1910. 

Residences — 44, Hedford Square, W < . 
Garsington Manor, Oxfordshire. CM 



SIR ALPHEUS C. MORTON (Sutherlandshire). 
Alpheus Cleophas Morton, 2nd son of the late Francis 

Morton: b. March 12th, 1840; ed. privately in Canada: ;//. 1874; is an 
Architect and Surveyor, a Member of City and Guilds of London Institute, 
Sir John Car's Institute, Westminster Schs., and Imperial Coll. of Science 
and Technology, a Guardian of City of London Union, a Lieut, for City of 
London, a Gov. of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, a Trustee of Crystal Palace, 
and Chm. of Metropolitan Paving Committee ; has been a Member of Corpora- 
tion of City of London since 1882 (Dep. Alderman of Ward of Farringdon 
Without) ; Knt. 1918. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Hythe 1885, 
Christchurch 1886, and Bath 1900; sat for Peterborough Oct. 1889 to July 
1895, when he was defeated there ; has sat for Sutherlandshire since Jan. 23rd, 

Residence — 47, Gauder. Road, Clapham, S.W.4. Offices— 124, Chancery Lane, 

W.C.2. Clubs — National Liberal, Scottish Liberal, Clapham Reform. 

W. A. MOUNT (Berkshire, Southern, or Newbury, Division). 

William Arthur Mount, C.B.E., son of the late William George 
Mount, of Wasing Place, Berks, by Marianne Emily, da. of Robert Clutterbuck, 
of Watford House, Herts ; b. Aug. 3rd, 1866 ; ed. at Eton, and at New Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. Honours 1889) : m. 1899, Hilda Lucy Adelaide, da. of Malcolm 
Low (formerly B.C.S.), of Clatto, Cupar, Fife, and 22, Roland Gardens, 
S.W. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1893 ; was Assist. Private Sec. 1895- 1900 to Chan- 
cellor of the Exchequer (Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, Bt., M,P.) and 
Parliamentary Private Sec. 1900-1901, and Parliamentary Private Sec. to 
Chancellor of Exchequer (Rt. Hon. C. T. Ritchie, M.P.) 1902-3 ; is a J. P. for 
Berkshire, and a Member of Council of Duchy of Lancaster ; rendered service 
during European War 1914-17, as Financial Adviser to Claims Commn. 
(Legion of Honour) ; C.B.E 1917. A Conservative; sat for S., or Newbury, 
Div. of Berkshire Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906, when he was defeated ; re-elected 
Jan. 22nd, 1910, and Dec. 9th, 1910. 

Residence — Wasing Place, near Reading. Clubs— Oxford and Cambridge, Carlton. 

J. MULDOON (Cork County, East Cork Division). 

John Muldoon, K. C, son of James Muldoon, formerly of 
Dromore, co. Tyrone; b. 1865: ///. 1903, Olive, da. of the late James 
Whamond, of Westport, co. Mayo ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin 1894, an d a 
K.C. 1913. A Nationalist', sat for N. Donegal Div. of Donegal co. June 1905 
to Jan. 1906, and for E. Wicklow Div. of Wicklow co. July 29th, 1907 to 191 1, 
when he resigned ; elected for E. Cork Div. of Cork co. July 15th, 191 1. 
Residence — Dnnedin, Orwell Park. Dublin. 

RT. HON. ROBERT MUNRO (Wick District). 

Robert Munro, P.C., K.C, son of the late Rev. Alexander Rose 
Munro, of Alness, Ross-shire, by Margaret, da. of the late Rev. John 
Sinclair, of Bruan, Caithness; b. May 28th, 1868; ed. privately, at Aber- 
deen Gram. Sch., and at Edinburgh Univ. (M.A. 1889, LL.B. 1892): 
m. 1898, Edith Gwladys, da. of the late Rev. J. Llewelyn Evans, of The 
Parsonage, Peebles ; Advocate, Scotland 1893, and a K.C. 1910 ; has been 
Counsel to Inland Revenue, and an Advocate Depute ; appointed Lord 
Advocate for Scotland Oct. 1913, and Sec. for Scotland in National Min. 
Dec. 1916; P.C. 1913. A Liberal; has sat for Wick Dist. since Jan. 31st, 

Residences— 174, St. James' Court, Buckingham Gate, S.W. ; 15, Heriot Row, Edin- 
burgh. Clubs— Reform, UHiversity, Scottish Liberal. 


M. J. MURPHY (Waterford County, East Waterford Division^. 

Martin Joseph MURPHY : /'. 18 — ; is a J. P. for Waterford; 
A Nationalist ; elected for E. Waterford Div. of co. Waterford Feb. 15th, 
Residence— Westcli ff. Tramore, co. Waterford. 

MAJOR THE HON. A. C. MURRAY (Kincardineshire ■. 

Arthur Cecil Murray, D.S.O., 4th 

son of 1st Viscount Elibank. of Darn Hall, 
Eddleston. co. Peebles, Pitheavlis, co. Perth, 
Elibank, Selkirk, and Ballencrieff, Hadding- 
tonshire, by Blanche Alice, el da. of the late 
Edward John Scott, of Portland Lodge, 
Sonthse* : '. March 27th, 1879; ed. at Roy. 
Mil. Coll.. Sandhurst ; formerly Capt. Indian 
Army (5th Gurkhas) and King's Own Scottish 
Borderers; is Major Special Cav. ; was A.D.C 
to Lieut. -Gov. of Bengal 1900, and to Gen. 
i Comdg. ist Inf. Div., Delhi Manoeuvres 1902; served with Chins 
Field Force 1900-1902 (medal), and during European War 191 5- 16 (de- 
spatches, D.S.O.); attended Quebec Tercentenary Celebration 1 908 as guest 
<>f I anadian Govt., representing Gen. the Hon. James Murray, first British 
4 Canada ; accompanied Special Mission to Foreign Courts to announce 
Acces.on of King George V. 1910; was Parliamentary Private Sec. to Par- 
lia .lentary Under Sec. to Board of Trade, and to Under Sec. of State for 
India 1909, and Parliamentary Private Sec. to Sec. of State for Foreign 
Affairs ( Kt. Hon. Sir E. Grey, Bt., M.P.) 1910-14; appointed Assist. Mil. 
Attache at Washington 1017 : D.S.O. 1916. A Liberal; has sat for Kincar- 
ire since April 25th, 1908. 
Residences — British Kmbassy, Washington, U.S.A.; Elibank, Walkerburn, co. Peebles. 
Clubs— Brooks's, Bachelors', Reform, New (Edinburgh). 

C. T. NEEDHAM (Manchester, South-West Division). 
Christopher Thomas Needhani, son of John Needham, of 

. by his wi: !i J /;. Aug. 30th, 1866; ed. at Manchester Gram. 

Sch , and at Manchester Univ. (B.A. 1887): m, 1902, Florence White, who 
d. 1905; is ner in the linn of John Needham and Sons, nun and 

steel merchants, ot Manchester, a Member of Council I'niv, 

a Trustee of Manchester Univ. Union (Chin. 1892-3), a Directoi of Mm 

1 ( 'o., of Manchester Chamber of Commerce, of V 
and Liverpool Banking Co. (Limited), and of National Boiler and General 
In-siira ■ i -, a form< -ec., Asso. of Chambers of Com- 

Kingdom, and a J. P. for I„incashirc ; was Chm. < 4 
hester Univ. 1911-14, and a Member of Committee 00 
Loans for Small Investors 1916. A I tbtral \ elected f.-r 9 \Y [>i\. ol Man 
Chester Dec. 3rd, 1910, having been defatted there Jan. 1910. 

Rt .;har, 4, Lancaster Road, Didabury, Manchester. CM* KsiwiS]. 

R J. N. NEVILLE Wlgan 

Neville Neville, el. km of the late I 

timeajudgi Ugh Court, Calcut 

Hall, Norfolk, 1 A., da. of the late I. Stogd 

b. 1863 : ed. at Charterhouse, and at Trim Coll., Camb. (Classical Tripos 1884): 
m. 1890, Ida, wj 'l.i. of the late Lieut irnans 



Walcott Henderson, K.C.B., R.E., Ch. Commr. of Metropolitan Police; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1887 ; goes S.-E. Circuit ; appointed Recorder of Bury St. 
Edmunds 1905 ; is a Director of Brentford Gas Co. A Conservative ; unsuc- 
cessfully contested Leeds, S. Div. 1892 (twice), 1895, 1900, and 1908; 
elected for VVigan Dec. 3rd, 1910, having been defeated there Jan 1910. 

Residences — 25, Eccleston Square, S.W. ; Sloley Hall, Norwich. Chambers — 7, Fig 
Tree Court, Temple, E.C. Clubs— Carlton, Athenaeum, United University, Hurlingham, 
Norfolk (Norwich). 

MAJOR J. R. (B.) PRETYMAN NEWMAN (Middlesex, Enfield Division). 

John Robert (Bramston) Pretyman 
Newman, el. son of the late John Adam 
Richard Newman, J. P., D.L., of Newberry 
Manor, co. Cork, by Matilda, da. of 
Lieut.-Col. Bramston Smith, J. P., D.L., 
of Pencraig, Llangefni, Anglesea ; b. 
1 87 1 ; ed. at Charterhouse Sch., and at 
Trin. Coll., Camb. : m, 1st, 1895, the 
Hon. Olivia Anne Plunket, who d. 1896, 
da. of 4th Baron Plunket ; 2ndly, 1898, 
Ina, only child of the late Col. William 
Pretyman, 60th Rifles ; formerly Capt. 5th 
Batn. Roy. Munster Fusiliers ; is Major 
Duke of Cambridge's Own (Middlesex 
Regt.), and a J. P. and D.L. for co. Cork 
(High Sheriff 1898) ; served during Euro- 
pean War 1915-16 ; has assumed the 
additional surname of Pretyman. A Con- 
servative', unsuccessfully contested S.-E. 
Div. of Essex Jan. 1906 ; has sat for Enfield 
Div. of Middlesex since Jan. 21st, 1910. 
Residences— 79, Eaton Square, S.W. ; St. 

Mary's Vicarage, Enfield, N. ; Newberry Manor, Mallow, co. Cork. Clubs— Carlton, 

Wellington, Royal Automobile. 

MAJOR H. K. NEWTON (Essex, North-Eastern , or Harwich, Division). 

Harry Kottingham Newton, only 
son of Sir Alfred James Newton, 1st Bt., 
of The Wood, Sydenham Hill, Lewisham, 
Kent, and Kottingham House, Burton-on- 
Trent, by Elizabeth Jane, el. da. of the late 
Joseph Watson, of Mitcham Common ; /'. 
April 2nd, 1875 5 e &- at Rugby, and at 
New Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1898, M.A. 1901); 
Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1899 *> * s one OI " H.M.'s 
Lieuts. for City of London, and Major and 
Dep. Assist. Director Supply and Transport, 
E. Command ; was Acting Hon. Sec. Equip- 
ment Committee City of London Imperial 
Vol. 1900 (accompanying Regt. to S. Africa). 
An Unionist ; has sat for Harwich Div. of 
Essex since Jan, 20th, 19 10, having been 
defeated there Jan. 1906. 

Residences— 17, Cumberland Terrace, Regent's 
Park, N.W. ; Cheshunts, Boxted, near Colchester. 
Faveat fortuna. Clubs— Junior Carlton, Bath, Garrick. 



SIR CHARLES N NICHOLSON, Bt. (Yorkshire, West Riding, Southern Part, 
Doncaster Division). 

v>\W\^ Charles Norris Nicholson, ist 

Baronet, son of William Norris Nicholson, 
Bar.-at-law, a Master in Lunacy, of 43, 
Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, W., by 
Emily, da. of James Stock Daniel, of Rams- 
gate ; b. July 30th, 1857 ; ed. at Charter- 
house, and at Trin. Coll., Camh. (LL.B 
18—, M.A. 18—): in. 1882, Amy Letitia, 
da. of George Crosfield, of Warrington ; 
Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1880 ; is a Fellow of 
Roy. Statistical So., a Member of Roy. In- 
stitution, Chm. of Board of Control of Regt. 
Institutes, and a Fellow of Royal Horticul- 
tural So. ; 15 years a Member of Shoreditch 
Hoard of Guardians (3 years Chm.) ; some- 
time Chm. of Shoreditch Poor I^aw Schs. 
Committee ; appointed Second Church 
Estates Commr. May 1910 ; cr. a Baronet 
1912. A Liberal ; has sat for Dbncastei 

I )i\. ( .f S. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire since Jan. 24th, 1906. 

Residence— 35, Harrington Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. Clubs- Oxford and 

Cambridge, Ranelagh, Alpine, Royal Automobile. 

COL. W. G. NICHOLSON (Hampshire, Eastern, or Petersfleld, Division). 

William Giaham Nicholson, el. son of William Nicholson, 
I P., D.L., of Basins Park, Hants; b. 1862; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. 
Cull., (ami). 1 B.A. 1884) : m. 1890, Alice Margaret, da. of the late Rt. Hon. 
William Wither Bramston Beach, P.C (M.P. for Hants, W., or Andovcr, 
of Oakley Hall, near Basingstoke and Keevil House, Trowbril^c ; 
is a J. P. and an Alderman for Hants, and a D.L. for co. Southampton ; has 
l*en a Member of House of Laymen for Diocese of Winchester] formerly 
Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. Comdg. 3rd Batn. Hampshire Regt. A Con- 
servative ; has sat for E., or Petersfield, Div. of Hampshire since June 8th, 

Ktsiiten^es— 80, Baton faun ing Park, Alton, Hants. (7*fa— Carlton, 

i<lge, Royal Yacht Squadron. 

81R HERBERT NIELD (Middlesex. Ealing Division). 

rberl Nibld, a i rVilliam Robert Nield, of 

rksbire, by Eliza, da. of William Henry Turner; b. Oct. 20th, 
1862; c<l. priratelv : m. 1st, 189 ■•'• 1893, da. 

late Jo! of Colyton Bttdly, 1901, Mabel Owen, da. 

Temple 1895, an >i3; goes N I I rcah: is ■ I 

1 1 I . a County Alderman, end Dep. < 'Inn. <>l 'Quarter Sessions foi 
00. Middlesex • crvancy, a Member 1 ■' 

1 I'nionist Asso . tf Provincial 

rorerning Body of A- servative Clubs, 

'locesan Ho Kecorder ol 

April lot;; Knt. |ot& A Cotuen alive ; has sat 
17th, 1906. 

jr°i Mead, Bishop* Avenue, N.a. CAmmbtrt—t, Dr. John*on'» 
Buildings, Temple, L.C Cltb—Su Stephen*. 


J. NOLAN (Louth co., South Louth Division). 
Joseph Nolan; b. 18-; is a Commission Agent. A National- 
ist ; sat for N. Louth Div. of Louth co. Dec. 1885 to July 1892, and was 
defeated there 1895; unsuccessfully contested Limerick City 1895; nas sat 
for S. Louth Div. of Louth co. since Oct. 6th, 1900, having been defeated 
there 1892. 

Residence— 404, Clapham Road, S.W. 


Henry Norman, P.C., ist 
Baronet, son of the late Henry 
Norman; b. Sept. 19th, 1858; ed. 
at Leicester Collegiate Sch., in 
France and Germany, and at Har- 
vard (13. A. 1881), and Leipzig 
Univs. : in. 1st, 1891, Menie Muriel, 
from whom he obtained a divorce 
1903 (authoress of " A Girl in the 
Karpathians,'' and "Gallia"), da. 
of the late James Muir Dowie; 
2ndly, 1907, the Hon. Florence 
Priscilla McLaren, C.B.E., da. of 
ist Baron Aberconway ; is an 
Author, a Member of the Council 
of So. of Authors, a F.R.G.S., 
Chrrj. of Select Committee on Pa- 
tent Medicines, and of War Office 
Committee on Wireless Telegraphy, 
Member of Committee on National 
Wireless Research, of American 
Institute of Radio Enginers, and of 
Inventions Panel of Ministry of 
Munitions, a Fellow of British Asso. Committee of Radiotelegraphic Investi- 
gations, and of Physical So., Vice-Pres. Wireless So. of London, an Asso. of 
Institute of Electrical Engineers, and a Com. of the Order of the Saviour of 
Greece ; sometime a Guardian of Standard of Wrought Plate, Birmingham ; 
appointed Liaison Officer. Ministry of Munitions 1916 ; gazetted Major 1917 ; 
is an Officer of Legion of Honour ; was Assist. Editor cf the Daily Chronicle, 
1895-9 ; has travelled widely in the Near and Far East, in Russia, and in 
Central Asia ; founded The World's Work ; appointed Hon. Sec. Budget 
League 1909, Assist. Postmaster-Gen. Jan. 1910,'andan Additional Member of 
Air Council Jan. 1918 ; author of " The Harvard Greek Play," " The Preser- 
vation of Niagara Falls," <: The Real Japan," 'The People and Politics of the 
Far East," " All the Russias," and other works ; Knt. 1906, cr. a Baronet 
1915, and P.C. 1918. A Liberal', sat for S. Div. of Wolverhampton Oct. 
1900 to Jan. 1910, when he was defeated ; elected for Blackburn Dec. 5th, 1910. 

Residences — The Corner House, Cowley Street, Westminster, S.W. ; Honeyhanger, 
Hindhead, Surrey. Clubs — Reform, Royal Automobile, Ranelagh. 

NORTON-GRIFFITHS [see Griffiths]. 

J. D. NUGENT (Dublin, College Green Division). 

John Dillon Nugent, son of John Nugent, of Keady, co. 
Armagh; b. 1869; is Sec. A.O.H. Insurance, a Member of Dublin City 
Corporation, and a Poor Law Guardian for N. Dublin. A Nationalist ; elected 
for College Green Div. of Dublin City June 12th, 191 5. 
Residence— -272, North Circular Road, Dublin. 


SIR WALTER R. NUGENT, Bt. (Westmeath County, South Westmeath 

Walter Richard Nugent, 4th Baronet^ 3rd 
son of Sir Walter George Nugent, 2nd Bt, who d. 
1893, by Maria More, only da. of the late Rt. Hon. 
Richard More O'Ferrall : b. Dec. 12th, 1865; ed. at 
Downside Coll.. and at Univ. Coll., Dublin: m. 1916, 
Aileen, dau. of the late Middleton More O'Malley, of 
Ross, Westport, co. Mayo; is a J. P. and D. L. for co. 
\\\ >tmeath, and Dep. Chm. of Midland Great Western 
Railway Co., Ireland ; appointed a Member of Roy. 
Commn. on Paper Imports, of Govt. War Savings Com- 
mittee for Ireland, and of Daylight Saving Bill Exten- 
M<>n Committee 1916, and of Agricultural Wages Board 
for Ireland 1917. A Nationalist', has sat for South 

Decrevi. Westmeath Div. of Westmeath co. since April 13th, 1907. 

/ -Donore, Multyfarnham, co. Westmeath Clubs— Reform, Turf, Dublin United 

H. NUTTALL (Lancashire, South-East, Stretford Division). 

Harry Nuttall, son of the late Joseph Nuttall, merchant, of 
Manchester; b. 1849; ed. privately, and at Owens Coll., Manchester: 
///. 1886. Kdith Mary. da. of William Smith, of Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire ; 
is an import and export merchant, a J.P. of Manchester and Cheshire, 
Pres., Manchester Geographical So., and a F.R.G.S. ; elected Pres. of Man- 
chester Chamber of Commerce 1905. A Liberal; has sat for Stretford Div. 
of Lancashire (South-East) since Jan. 18th, 1906, having been defeated there 
Oct. 1900. 

Residence— Briarfield, Walton-on-the-Hill. Surrey. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, 
Manchester Reform. 

W. O'BRIEN (Cork City). 

William O'Brien, son of the late James O'Brien, of Mallow, 
co. Cork, by Kate, da. of James N.i^le, ^[ Mallow ; b. 1852 : ed. at Diocesan 
Coll., Cloyne, and at Queen's Coll, Cork : m. 1890, Sophie, da. of Hermann 
Raffalovich ; was for several year- a writer in the Freeman 's Journal, and 
sometime editor of United Ireland ; founder of the United Irish League, 
and of the Irish People Newspaper; in 1910 founded the "A 
Ireland" League (with a view to an Irish settlement by ct-i 
Independent Nationalist ; sat for Mallow 1 883- 5, fa 

1885 to June IS 1 Cork co. May 1887 

to June 1892, and for Cork City July 1892 to June 1895, having also been 
re-elected for N.-Iv Cork Div. of Cork co. July 7th, 1892, but decided to sit 
for the former; re-elected for Cork City Oct. 4th, 1900; resigned Jan. 
1904, and was again reelected Aug. 190; 121)1, 1906; again 

resigned March 1909; re-elected for < Ian. 19th, 1910, and Dec. 

6th, 1910; also elected for N.-E. Cork Div. of Cork co. Jan. 27th, 1910, 
and d. it for Cork City; re U re-elected 

iccessfully contested I co. and \\ 

> co. Dec. 1910. 

ReitJfiur- Hcllevur, Mallow, co. ( 

J. O'CONNOR (Kildare Co.. North Kildart Dirirton). 

John O'Connor, son of the late William O'Connor, by Julia, 

da. of the late John Corbtl | 1850; ed. at Christiai 

Idle Temple 1893 ; sometime a I 
Agent a \ National: 1 Tipperary 

to Nov. 1885, and for S. Tipper h ;|>crary 188C-1892, when he 

wasdefeated ; has sat for N. Kdd.we Div. of Kildare co. >ime Feb. 14th, 190$. 
Chambers— 4, Paper Buildings, Temple, EX. 


T. P. O'CONNOR (Liverpool, Scotland Division). 
Thomas Power O'Connor, son of the late Thomas O'Connor, 
of Athlone; b. 1848 ; ed. at the Queen's Coll., Gal way (M.A. Queen's Univ., 
Ireland): M, 1886; formerly Editor of the Star Evening Newspaper, and of 
the Sun and the Weekly Sun, all of which he founded ; is a Journalist ; has 
been Editor of The Era, and M.A. P., and also of T.P.'s Weekly and 
T.P.'s Magazine (both of which he founded) ; author of " Lord Beaconsfield, 
a Biography," "The Parnell Movement," "Some Old Love Stories," "Life 
of Parnell," "Gladstone's House of Commons," "The Phantom Millions," 
"Life of Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman," and other works; appointed 
a Member of Berlin Copyright Commn. 1909, and Pres. of Trade Board of 
Film Censors 1916. A Nationalist) sat for Galway Borough April 1880 to 
Nov. 1885, in which month he was elected for Scotland Div. of Liverpool 
and also for Galway Borough, and chose the former constituency ; re-elected 
Tuly 2nd, 1886. July 5th, 1892, July 18th. 1895, Oct. 4th, 1900, Jan. 16th, 1906, 
Jan. 18th, 1910, and Dec. 5th, 1910. 

Residence— 5, Morpeth Mansions, S.W. Clubs— National Liberal, Garrick, Bath, 

Savage, Beefsteak, Reform (Liverpool). 

P. O'DOHERTY (Donegal County, North Donegal Division). 

Philip O'Doherty; b. 1871 ; admitted Solicitor 1895; xs a 
Member of Londonderry Town Council. A Nationalist ; has sat for N. Div. 
of Donegal co. since Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Residence— Great James Street, Londonderry, Offices— 11, East Wall, Londonderry ; 
6, Cavendish Row, Rutland Square East, Dublin. 

T. O'DONNELL (Kerry County, West Kerry Division). 

Thomas O'Donnell ; b. 1872 ; B.A. Roy. Univ. of Ireland 
18 — ; Bar. King's Inns, Dublin 1905 ; formerly a National Sch. Teacher; is 
Chm. of Tralee and Dingle Railway. A Nationalist ; has sat for W. Kerry 
Div. of Kerry co. since Oct. 8th, 1900. 
Residence — Killorglin, co. Kerrv. 

J. O'DOWD (Sligo Co., South Sligo Division). 

John O'Dowd, son of a farmer; /;. 1856; ed. at a National 
Sch., and in U.S.A.; was imprisoned under Crimes Act; is a J. P. and 
Chm. of County Council for Sligo, and one of the principal Organisers of 
United Irish League. A Nationalist ; sat for N. Div. of Sligo June to Sept. 
1900, since when he has sat for S. Div. of Sligo. 
Residence — Dathi House, Bunninadden, co. Sligo. 

F. OODEN (Yorkshire, W. Riding, East Part, Pudsey Division). 

Fred Ogden ; b. 187 1 : m. 18 — , Laura C, da. of Jonathan 
Webster, of Pudsey ; is a boot manufacturer of Pudsey ; sometime Chm. 
of Leeds Water Works Committee. A Liberal; has sat for Pudsey Div. 
of E. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire since Jan. 22nd, 1910. 
Residence— 77, South Parade, Pudsey, Yorkshire. 

J. O'GRADY (Leeds, East Division). 

James O'Grady, son of John O'Grady, of Bristol; b. 1866; served 
apprenticeship to furniture making ; was Pres. of the Trade Congress at 
Bristol 1898; elected a Town Councillor for Bristol 1890; is Gen. Organiser 
of National Amalgamated Furnishing Trades Asso., and an Executive Member 


of lien. Federation of Trades Unions and of the Shipbuilding Trades Federa- 
ul a J.T. foe London ; appointed a Member of Central Tribunal 1917. 
A Labour Member; has sat for E. Div. of Leeds since Jan. 15th, 1906. 
Resilience— 74, Manchuria Read, Clapham Common, S.W. 

D. O'LEARY (Cork Co., West Cork Division). 
Daniel 0'L.EARY, son of Florence O'Lcary ; b. May 1875 ; Bar. 
King's Inns, Dublin 1902. A Nationalist \ has sat for \Y. Div. of Cork 
15th, 1916, having been defeated therefor Jan. 1910. 
Resilience- Friendly Cove House, Durrus, co. Cork. 

W. O'M ALLEY (Gal way Co., Connemara Division). 
William O'Malley, SOI) of Irish parents; b. Feb. 15th, 1857; 

ed. at C.alwav Model Sch., and at St. Mary's Coll., London : ///. 1886, Mary, 
youngest da. <>f Thomas O'Connor, of Athlone ; was Business Manager of 
the Mar 1887-91 ; started Dublin National Tress; sometime Manager of 
the Weekly Sun \ founded and conducted Chic: is a J.T. A Nationalist ; 
has sat for Connemara Div. of Galway co. since July 18th, 1895. 
Residence — Emlaghmore House, Connemara. 

CAPT. THE HON. R. W. HUGH O'NEILL (Antrim Co., Mid. Antrim Division). 
Robert William Hugh O'Neill, only suiviving 
son of 2nd Baron O'Neill ; />. 1883 ; ed. at Eton, ami at 
New Coll., Oxford (B. A. 1905) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1909: 
m. 1909, Sylvia, da. of Walter A. Sandeman, of Morden 
yston ; formerly Lieut. N. of Ireland Imperial 
\c<>. ; iaCapt on (Jen. List; served during European War 
1915-16: unsuccessfully contested Stockport (C) 1 906. A 
Conservative, has sat for Antrim c<>., Mi<l Antrim Div., 
since Feb. 17th, 1915. 

Residence W Chambers— Farrar's Muildinjf. I 


ORDE POWLETT isee Powlett 
ORMSBY GORE (see Gore . 

P. J. 08HAU0HNE88Y (Limerick County. West Limerick Division) 

Patrick Joseph O'Shaughn m o! David 0*Shaughn 

mi and fanner. ..f Rathkealt, by N '< ha W* 1 

merchant, of Kathkeale; A. March 17th, iS?2; ed. at Kathkeale Classical 

I eague, 
f ; has sat 
5th, 1900. 

R stidcHcc— Kathkeale. < 

J. J. O'SHEE (Waterford Co.. West Waterford Division. 
Junes John OS Ml. son of John - 

ie Britton ; b. Nov 3rd, 1866; ed. at local National Sch., at I 

. Dublin] lenouneed the Anglicised 
surname of - ee I9OO ; admitted Solicitor 1890; son 



Hon. Sec. of Irish Land and Labour Asso. ; is a Solicitor at Carrick-on-Suir, 
Clonmel, and 23, Suffolk Street, Dublin. A Nationalist ; has sat for W. 
Waterford Div. of Waterford co. since Sept. 12th, 1895. 

Residence— Bellevue Place, Clonmel, co. Tipperary. Clubs— Leinster (Dublin), Irish. 

T. O'SULUVAN (Kerry Co., East Kerry Division). 

Timothy O'Sullivan ; b. 18—; is a merchant and farmer of 
Killarney. A Nationalist ; elected for K. Kerry Div. of Kerry co Dec. 16th, 

Residence — Main Street, Killarney. 

R. L. OUTHWAITE (Hanley). 
Robert Leonard Outhwaite, son of the late Robert Outhwaite, 
of Melbourne, Australia, by Blanche Isabel, da. of the late Robert Clerk, of 
Ilobart, Tasmania; b. April 13th, 1869; sometime a sheep farmer in Aus- 
tralia ; is a writer on Economic Questions. A Liberal ; unsuccessfully contested 
W. Div. of Birmingham Jan. 1906, and Horsham Div. of Sussex Jan. 1910 ; 
elected for Hanley July 13th, 1912. 

Residence — 30, Arundel Gardens, Notting Hill, W. 

MAJOR G. M. PALMER (Durham County, Jarrow Division). 

Godfrey Mark Palmer, youngest son of the late 
Sir Charles Mark Palmer, 1st Bt. (M.P. for Jarrow Div. 
of co. Durham), of Crinkle Park, Loftus, Yorkshire, and 
37, Curzon Street, W., by Certrude, da. of the late James 
Montgomery, J. P., of Hartlands, Cranford, Middlesex ; 
b. Aug. 4th, 1878; ed. at Eton, and in Paris: m, 1906, 
Eleanora Mary, da. of the late Alexander Geddes, of 
Blairmore, Aberdeenshire; is a J. P. for N. Riding of 
Yorkshire, and Major Territorial Force Reserve ; ap- 
pointed Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to First 
Lord of the Admiralty 1917. A Liberal; has sat for Jar- 
row Div. of Durham co. since Jan. 28th, 1910. 
Residences, Beaufort Gardens, S.W. 


(Horatio) Gilbert (George) Parker, 
P.C., D.C.L., LL.D., Lilt.D., 1st Baronet, 
son of the late Capt. Joseph Parker, R.A. ; b. 
Nov. 23rd, 1862; ed. at Trin. Univ., Toronto 
(D.C.L. 1899) ; Hon. Litt.D., Laval Univ. 
1912, Hon. LL.D., McGill Univ. 1913 : m. 
1895, Amy, da. of Ashley Van Tine, of New 
York ; sometime Associate Editor of Sydney 
Morning Herald ; is a novelist, and Hon. Col. 
Kent R.G. A. ; appointed a Member of Overseas 
Forces Committee 1914 ; author of " Pierre and 
his People," "The Seats of the Mighty," "The 
Right of Way," " The Weavers," "The Judg- 
ment House," "The Money Master," "The 
World for Sale," and many other novels ; cr. 
Knt. 1902, a Baronet 1915, and P.C. 1916. 
A Conservative ; has sat for Gravesend since 
Oct. 3rd, 1900. 

Residence — 20, Carlton House Terrace, S.W.i. 
Chtbs— Athenaeum, Carlton, Garrick. 


J. PARKER Halifax 
James Parker, C.H., son of the late George Parker, of Louth, 
Lincolnshire ; b. Dec. 9th, 1863 ; has been for 9 years a Member of Halifax 
Borough Council ; is Vice-Chm. of the Labour Party ; appointed a Meml>er 
of Select Committee on Marconi Agreement 19 12, Acting Ch. Whip of 
Labour Party 1916, and a Junior Lord of the Treasury and Labour Whip to 
the Govt. 1917 ; C.H. 1918. A Labour Member ; has sat for Halifax since 
Jan. 13th, 1906, having been defeated there Oct. 1900. 
Residence -22, Salisbury Place. Halifax. 

SIR EDWARD E. PARKES (Birmingham, Central Division). 
Edward Kbenezer PARKES, son of the late Israel Parkes, of 
Oak Grange, EdgbtftDQ, Birmingham ; b. Aug. 12th. 1848; ed. at We>ley 
Coll., Sheffield: m. 1879. Sarah Louise, da. of H. H. Hartshorne; elected 
a Member of City Council of Birmingham 1888, and Chm. of its Markets and 
1- airs Committee 1892 ; is a J. P. and an Iron Master of Birmingham, and a 
Member of Commercial Advisory Committee of Board of Trade ; appointed 
a Member of International Exhibitions Roy. Commn. 1909 ; assumed by 
Deed Poll 1917 the additional Christian name of Edward; Knt. 19IJ 
Liberal Unionist; has sat for Central Div. of Birmingham since July 12th, 

Residence— Oak Grange, Hermitage Road, EdgbaMon, BirauagtMUB. Ctmh I 
rational [London^ Rojal Automobile. 

8IR (J.) EDWARD PARROTT (Edinburgh. South Division). 

(James) Edward Parrott, ZZ./A, el. son of Edward Brown 
rtrec, Liverpool; /'.June 1st, 1863; ed. at St. Paul's Coll., 
Cheltenham, and at Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1891, Senior Prizeman in 
English, M.A. and LI.. I), head of list 1900) : m. 1891, Kli/abeth Sophia, 
youngest da. «.f the late John Shirley, of Derby: ■omedaw Headmaster of a 
Editor to Thomas NebOD tad Sons, publishers, 
• Ion, Edinburgh, Dublin, New York. , .1 Kellow of Educa- 

tional Institute of Scotland, and a J.P. for City of Edinburgh : author of " A 
Pageant of British History," "A Pageant of Win 

War," etc. ; edited Funk and Wagnall's " Standard Ency- 
ia"; Knt. 1910. A Liberal; elected fa 9 Div of Edinburr.i 
12th, Kyi; 

Residence iml.urgh. Club— National Lilwral. 

MAJOR T. H. PARRY Flint District) 

Thomai 11. • \ r, D.S,(). t ion <>i , 

eolliciy proprietor an. I nmbn niculi.iu:, -I Mold, Hint 

Al\n Sch., Mold, (B.A. 

MM >4 ; goe* N. Wales an. I I 

Circuit i usilicrs (T 

pean V Egypt »" timet 

WOB» 1917. A Liberal-, elected foi Jan. 


Rt> Chambers — j, North Kin«\ Bench Walk, 




HON. 0. 

PARTINGTON ( Yorkshire, W. Riding, Northern Part, 
Shipley Division). 

Oswald Partington, el. surviving 

son of 1st Baron Doverdale, of Easton, 
GJossop, Derbyshire, and Westwood Park, 
Worcestershire ; /'. May 4th, 1872; ed. at 
Rossall : m. 1902, the Hon. Clara Isabel 
Murray, da. of 1st Viscount Elibank ; has 
been Capt. 4th Vol. Batn. Cheshire Regt.: 
sometime a Director of Kellner- Partington 
Paper Pulp Co., of Barrow-in-Furness, 
and a Member of the firm of Olive and 
Partington (Limited), paper makers, of 
Glossop and Manchester ; is a J. P. for 
Derbyshire, and an Alderman of London 
County Council ; appointed a Member of 
Roy. Commn. on Paper 19 16 ; was a 
Junior Lord of the Treasury (unpaid) 
1909-10. A Liberal-, sat for High Peak 
Div. of Derbyshire Oct. 1900 to Dec. 
1 9 10, when he was defeated ; has sat for 
Shipley Div. of N. Part of W. Riding of 
Yorkshire since Feb. 10th, 1915. 

Residences — Bolney House, Ennismore Car- 
dens, S.W. ; Easton, Glossop, Derbyshire. Clubs 
— Reform, Brooks's, Marlborough, Bachelors'. 

SIR ROBERT PEARCE (Staffordshire, Leek Division). 

Robert Pearce, son of the late Joseph Pearce, of Ipswich, by 
Frances Margaret, da. of Robert Hayward, of Bury St. Edmunds ; '/>. 
Jan. 15th, 1840; ed. privately, and at Ipswich Gram. Sch. : m. 1st, 1880, 
Elizabeth, who d. 1910, da. of the late Edward Deane, of Denmark Hill, S.E.: 
2ndly, 1 914, A. Margaret W. Exton ; admitted a Solicitor 1865 ; is a F.R.A.S., 
a partner in legal firm of Pearce, Bradshaw and Capper, of 116, Fore Street, 
E.C., Solicitor to City Parochial Foundation, Vestry and Ward Clerk of 
Cripplegate, and Clerk to Cripplegate Charities; Knt. 1916. A Liberal; 
sat for Leek Div. of Staffordshire Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910; re-elected Dec. 
15th, 1910 ; defeated there July 1895, C» ct - l 9°°, and Jan. 1910. 

Residence— 9, Downside Crescent, Hampstead, N.W. Clubs — City Reform, National 

SIR WILLIAM PEARCE (Tower Hamlets. Limehouse Division). 

William PEARCE, el. son of William Pearce, a chemical manu- 
facturer, of Limehouse, E. ; b. March 18th, 1853; ed. at Sch. of Mines, and 
at Roy. Coll. of Science, S. Kensington : m. 1885, Ethel Alexandra, da. 
of Edwin Neame, of Harefield, Selling, Kent ; is a J. P. for co. London, 
Director of William Pearce and Sons (Limited), chemical manufacturers, and 
of Spencer, Chapman and Messel (Limited), a Fellow of Chemical So., and 
Manager of Limehouse "Provided" Schools; was a Member of London 
County Council 1892-1901 ; Knt. 1915. A Liberal; has sat for Limehouse 
Div. of Tower Hamlets since Jan. 17th, 1906. 

Residences — 14, Park Crescent, Portland Place, W. ; Shepway Lodge, Walmer. 
Clubs— Reform, Deal and Walmer Union. 



Do it with thy might. 

MAJOR THE HON. W. H. M. PEARSON (Suffolk, North- 
Eastern, or Eye, Division). 

Weetman Harold Miller Pearson, el. son 

of 1st Viscount Cowdray (Ml*, for Colchester), of 
Paddockhurst, Worth, Sussex, Cowdray Park, Midhurst, 
Sussex, Dunecht House, Aberdeenshire, and 16, Carlton 
House Terrace, S.W., by Annie, da. of the late Sir 
John Cms, of Maylands, Bradford ; b. April 18th, 
1882 : m. 1905, Agnes Beryl, da. of the late Lord 
id Spencer-Churchill; is Major Yeo. A Liberal ; 
lia- sat for N.-E., or Eye. Div. of Suffolk since 
April 6th, 1906, having unsuccessfully contested Rut- 
land Jan. 1906. 

Residencc-b, Richmond Terrace. Whitehall, S.W. Clubs— 

Marlborough, Reform, Hath. 

RIGHT HON. H. P. PEASE (Darlington). 

Herbert Pike Pease, P.C., 2nd son of the late 
Arthur Pease (If .P. for Darlington), of Cliffe House, 
Marske-by-the-Sea, Yorkshire, by Mary Lecky, who d. 
191 5, da. of Ebenezer Pike, of Besborough, co. Cork ; b. 
M.n 7th, 1867 ; ed. at Brighton Coll., and at Trin. Hall, 
(ami. : ///. 1 894. Alice Mortimer, da. of the late Very 
Rev. Herbert Mortimer Luckock, D.D., Dean of Lich- 
field : is a J.P. and D.I.. for N. Riding of Yorkshire, 
Pres. Darlington Unionist A--", and of Church Army, 
and Hon. Sec. of Liberal Unionist Council 
Lil>eral Unionist Whip 1906-10: has been Unionist 
Whip since 1911: appointed Assist. Postmastfel 
M.iv 1915, and again in National Min. Deo. 1916 ; 
P.C 1917. A Liberal Unionist: sit for Darlington 
1898 to Jan. 1910, when he was defeated : reelected Dec. 3rd, 1910. 
Rftiiienct— Merrow Croft, Merrow, Guildford. Clubs— Brooks's, Hath, Carlton. 

i'av et sfits. 

MAJOR THE HON. ARTHUR G. V. PEEL (Lincolnshire, Holland, or Spalding, 


Arthur (leorge Villirrs l'i 1.1., 2nd MM) of i^t 

.nt Peel, by Adelaide, who </. iS<>o, da. of William 

1. 1 Dugdale, ol Merevale, Warwickshire) *. Feb. 27th, 

1868; ed. at Harrow, and at New Coll . < >» 

M A. 1894): Sf. I906, . da. of 6ti 

I bamp : soinetit! nulls 

M., a 
Stan < apt., and a I r. and hi 

durii War IOI4-16 [despetchea). A libera/; 

has sat tor HoUan bkootnahirc 25th, '9'7- 

Rrsideruts — 61, Gather i ;• kin^h.uu < late. S Ather- 


LIEUT. COL. R P PEEL (Suffolk. South Eastern, or Woodbrldge, Division) 

k-)l)( rt 'ii of ti. 1 apt 

line Edith 

bfl late Ani >; b. 

da. of Sir Thou 

1*99-1902(1 '-"P*) 

re, Mid I >ii • fan 19 


■bOTTJ Place. Clubs 

—Carlton, Guards', Windl. 



CAPT. J. C. D. DENISON-PENDER (Cambridgeshire, Eastern, or Newmarket, 


John Cuthbert Denison Denison-Pender, el. son of Sir John 
Denison- Pender, K.C.M.G., by Beatrice Katherine, only da. of the late 
Cuthbert Ellison; b. May nth, 1882; ed. at Eton: ///. 1906, Irene, da. of 
Ernest de la Rue, of 26, Belgrave Square, S.VV. ; is Capt. in the Army, 
a Director of Eastern Telegraph Co. (Limited), and a County Councillor for 
London. A Conservative ; elected for E., or Newmarket, Div. of Cambridge- 
shire May 16th, 1913. 

Residence — 16, Hans Crescent, S.W. 

De F. PENNEFATHER (Liverpool, Kirkdale Division). 

De Fonblanque Pennefather, son of the late Major Kings- 
mill Pennefather, of Golden, co. Tipperary ; /'. 1856 : ///. 1886, Madeline Emily 
Melesina, da. of the late Sir Robert Stewart; is a J. P. for Herefordshire. 
A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Monmouthshire, N. Div., 1900 ; has 
sat for Kirkdale Div. of Liverpool since Feb. 15th, 191 5. 

Resilience— Kinnersley Castle, Herefordshire. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton. 

W. F. PERKINS (Hampshire, New Forest Division). 
Walter Frank Perkins, son of the late Walter Perkins, of 
Portswood House, Southampton, by Mary Louisa, da. of James B. Phillips; 
b. May 3rd, 1865 ; ed. at Forest Sch., Essex, and at Roy. Agricultural Coll. : 
m. 1901, Elizabeth, el. da. of Robert Dempster, of Vale Royal, Cheshire; 
sometime a Consulting Surveyor; Prizeman of Roy. Agricultural So. of Eng- 
land, and Medallist of Roy. Agricultural So. of Ireland ; formerly Hon. Official 
Reporter to Roy. Counties Agricultural So., Lecturer in Agriculture to Oxford 
Univ. Extension Delegacy, and Hon. Correspondent to Hoard of Agriculture. 
A Conservative ; has sat for New Forest Div. of Hampshire since Jan. 25th, 


Residences— 93, 
Club— Carlton. 

St. (ieorge's Square, S.W. ; Holdre Bridge House, Lymington. 

B. E. PETO (Wiltshire, Eastern, or Devizes, Division). 
Basil Edward Peto, son of the late Sir 
Samuel Morton Peto, 1st Bt., by Sarah Ainsworth, 
who d. 1892, da. of the late Henry Kelsall, of 
Rochdale; b. Aug. 13th, 1862; ed. at Harrow: in. 
1892, Mary Matilda Annie, da. of the late Capt. Thomas 
Carpendale Baird. A Conservative ; has sat for E., or 
Devizes, Div. of Wiltshire since Jan. 261I1, 1910. 

Residences— 33, Grosvenor Road, S.W. ; Taw stock Court, 
near Barnstaple, N. Devon. Clubs— Carlton, Orleans. 


Ivor Pm 1.1 its,, D.S.O., 2nd son of 

Rev. Canon Sir James Erasmus Philipps. 12th Bt., of 
The Close, Salisbury, by the Hon. Mary Margaret, da. 
of the late Rev. the Hon. Samuel Best; b. Sept. 9th, 
1861 ; ed. at Felstead : m. 1891, Marian Isobel, da. of 
the late James Buchanan Mirrlees, of Redlands, Glas- 
gow; formerly Major Indian Army, and D.A.Q.M.G., 
Head Quarters, India; is a Knight of Grace of the 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, a J. P., 
a D.L., and County Alderman for Pembrokeshire, a 
J. P. for Haverfordwest, and Chm. of County Main 
Roads Committee ; acted as Pailiamentary (Mil.) Sec. 
Duett a»u»j>airi<e. to Ministry of Munitions of War 1915 ; formerly Lieut.- 



Col. and Hon. Col. Comdg. Pembroke Y» o. ; served during Burma War 1885-9, 
as Comdt. Mil. Police Batn. (medal with two clasps), with Miranzai Expe- 
dition 1891 (clasp), with Isazai Expedition 1892, on N.-W. Frontier of India 
1897 (medal with two clasps^ NV ' tM Tirah Field Force 1897-8 (despatches 
twice, medal with three clasps), nndin China I900-I9oi,as D.A.A. and Q.M.G. 
(despatches, medal with clasp. D.S.O. ) ; appointed a Brig.-Com. 1914, and 
Maj.-Cen. Comdg. a Div. 1915; D.S.O. 1900, K.C.B. (Civil) 1917. A 
Liberal; has sat for Southampton since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residences— Chantrcy House, Eccleston Street, S.W. ; Cosheston Hal!, Pembroke. 
Clubs- United Service, R« yal Automobile, Royal Southampton Yacht. 

Owen Cosby Philipps, K.C M.G., 3rd son of 

the Rev. Canon Sir James Erasmus Philipps, 12th Bt. (cr. 
1 62 1), by the Hon. Mary Margaret, who d. 191 3, da. of the 
late Kev. the Hon. Samuel Best; b. March 25th, 1863: 
///. 1902, Mai Alice Magdalen, el. da. and co-heiress of the 
late Thomas Morris, J. P., D. L.. <w Coomb, Carmarthen- 
shire; is a J. P. and D.L. for Pembrokeshire (High 
Sheriff 1904), a J. P. Carmarthenshire, and for cos. of 
Haverfordwest and Gla«-gow, Chm. of Roy. Mail Steam 
Packet Co., Chm. of Departmental Committee 00 Dis- 
tressed Colonial and Indian Subjects, a Director of 
London and S.- Western Railway, a Member of Com- 
mittee of Imperial Institute, and of Executive Committee of Roy. Colonial 
Institute, Vice Pres. of Liverpool Sch. of Tropical Med., Hon. Capt. Roy. 
Naval Reserve, and a Knight of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England : was a Meml>er of Roy. Coinmn. on Shipping 1906-9, and \ ice 
Chm. of Port of lxmdon Authority 1909-13; has been a Member of Execu- 
tive Committee of King Edward Hospital Fund since 1908; appointed a 
•rces Committee, and of Arbitration Board, Admiralty 
1914. A Con%en>ati-!e\ unsuccessfully contested Montgomery Dist.(A) 1895, 
and Darlington 1898; r M MP. for Pembroke an i Haverfordwest D st. 
Jan. 1906 to Nov. 1910: has sat for Chester since Feb. 29th, 1916. 

Resident ft — ("lirUea House, Cadogan Place. S.W. ; Coomb, Carmarthenshire ; Amroth 
Castle. Amr.rth. Pembrokeshire ; Trevallyn, Rossett, Denbighshire. C/ut>s— Marlborough, 
1. Bachelors'. 

LIEUT. COL. D. V. PIRIE (Aberdeen, North Division). 

Duncan \\rn«»n PlRlB, eL son of the late 
Gordon l'mc, of Chateau de Varenaea, France, by, -iiline. <l.i. ••! the late Contfl (jQMpb) RoOMCatl dc 

LabroMej ?. March 22nd, 1858; ad at Glenahnond, 

and at Clifton Coll.: ///. 1894, 1 1 » *- II 

-•■.-Seinpill. da. Of 171!, mptlL 

of Craigevar Castle and Kmti.iy IIou>e, AU-i. 

. enteiril Anny iinin Alxi.iccnsliiu- M i! . t 1879, 
and pt 5th Lancers 1885 and jid Hussar* 

1888; retired 1898; served with 1 I Soudan 

inions 1882-4. preaeul it battV issin, 

!<•!), and I medal with two 

pa), wnh Nik Expedition 18S4-5 (despatches, 
two , too (medal wnh 

and during l 1914- 1 7 : w .111890-93; 

British Garrison with rank of Lieut.-CoL, ■ 1 .1: 

1 tested 
W. Div. of Renfrewshire 1895; has sat for N. Div. of Abn Miv 


ury Street, S.W. ; Chateau d< 
Liberal, Bachelors', Royal (AbwdvmJ. 




COUNT PLUNKETT (Roscommon County, North Roscommon Division). 

George Noble Plunkett, Count Plunkett, son of P. J. Plunkett, 

of Katharines, co. Dublin ; />. Dec. 3rd, 185 1 : ///. 1884. Josephine, da. <>f 
Patrick Cranny; l!ar. King's Inns, Dublin 1886; is a Count of the Holy 
Roman Empire, a Knight Com. of Order of the Holy Sepulchre, a M.R.I. A., 
1'res. of So. for the Preservation of the 1 1 i>.h language, and Past Pres. of 

So. of Antiquaries. Ireland. A Sinn Fein Member (but has not taken his 
seat): has sat for N. Div. of Roscommon co. since Feb. 3rd. 191 7. 
Residence— 26, Upper Fitzwilliani Street, Dublin. 

SIR GEORGE H. POLLARD (Lancashire, South Eastern, Eccles Division). 
George Herbert Pollard, M.D., second son of James Pollard, 
of Norwood Avenue, Southport, by Helen, da. of Edmund Robinson, of 
Burnley; b. Oct. 20th, 1864; ed. at Edinburgh (MB. and CM. 1886, M.D. 
Honours 1890), and at Oxford Univ.: m. 1888, Charlotte Elizabeth, da. of 
Thomas Butterworth, J.P., of Burnley ; Bar. Inner Temple 1893; S oes N. 
Circuit; is a J. P. for Southport (Mayor 1897-8); Knt. 1909 A Liberal-, 
unsuccessfully contested Southport Div. of Lancashire (S.-W.) 1892, and 
Radcliffe-cum-Earnworth Div. of Lancashire (S.-E.) 1895 ; has sat for Eccles 
Div. of Lancashire (S.-E.) since Jan. 24th, 1906. 

Residence — Sundown, 79, Albert Road, Southport. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal. 


Ernest Murray Pollock, K.B.E., K.C., son 

of the late George Frederick Pollock, of Woodlawn, 
Hanworth, Feltham, by Francis Diana, who d 1891, 
da. of the late Rev. Henry Herbert. R. of Rathdowney, 
Queen's co. ; b. Nov. 25th, 1861 ; ed. at Charterhouse 
(Scholar), and at Trim Coll., Camb. (U.A. 1883, M.A. 
1887) : m. 1887, Laura Helen, el. da. of Sir Thomas 
Salt, 1st Bt., of Weeping Cross, Stafford ; Bar. Inner 
Temple 1885, a K.C. 1905, and a Bencher 1914 ; an 
Additional Member of Bar Council ; is Acting Lieut.- 
Col. Comdg. Yeo. ; has been Chm. of S. Kensington 
Conservative Asso. ; appointed Recorder of Kingston- 
on-Thames Nov. 191 1, and a Gov. of Charterhouse 1913, 
Chm. of Contraband Committee 1916, and Controller of Foreign Trade 
Depart, of Foreign Office 1917 ; K.B.E. 1917. A Conservative', unsuccessfully 
contested Lincolnshire, Holland, or Spalding, Div. Oct. 1900 and Jan. 1906; 
has sat for Warwick since Jan. 18th, 1910. 

Residences— 40, Thurloe Square, S.W, ; Nrrtbaw, Herts. Chambers— 1, King's 
Kench Walk. Temple, E.C. C/ttbs Carlton, Athenaeum, Oxford and Cambridge. 

PONSONBY (Stirling District). 

Arthur Augustus William Harry 
Ponsonby, son of the late Gen. the Rt. 
Hon. Sir Henry Frederick Ponsohby, P.C., 
G.C.B., by the Hon. Mary Elizabeth, who d. 
1916, da. of the late John Crocker Bulteel, 
M.P., of Flete, Devon ; b. Feb. 16th, 1871 ; 
ed. at Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford : »i. 
1898, Dorothea, da. Ol Sir Charles Hubert 
Hastings Parry, 1st l!t. ; was a Page of 
Honour to II. M. Queen Victoria 1882-7, 
and Private Sec to Prime Minister (Rt. Hon. 
Sir II. Campbell-Bannerman, P.C., G.C.B., 
M.I'.) 1905-8: served in Diplo. Ser. 1894- 

1903. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Taunton Jan. 1906; has sat for 

Stirling Dist. since May 22nd, 1908. 

Residence— Shulbrede Priory, Linchmere, Haslemere. 



a *j 

LIEUT. -COL. THE HON. W. G. A. ORDE POWXETT (Yorkshire. North Riding. 
Richmond Division). 

William George Algar Orde- 
POWLXTT, son of 4th Baron Bolton, of Bolton 
Hall, Leyburn, Yorkshire, and Hackwood 
Park, Basingstoke ; b. Aug. 21st, 1869; ed. 
at Eton: ///. 1893, the Hon. Elizabeth Mary 
(iibson, da. of 1st Baron Ashbourne; formerly 
Lieut. 2nd Batn. King's Roy. Rifle Corps, 
and Lieut. Yorkshire Hussars Imperial Yeo. ; 
is Lieut. -Col. Alexandra, Princess of Wales's 
Own (Yorkshire Regt.). and a J. P. and D.L. 

for N. Riding of Yorkshire. A Consejvative ; has sat for Richmond Div. 

Of \. Riding of Yorkshire since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residence— -Wensley Hall, Leyburn. Yorkshire. Clubs— Wellington, Carlton, Yorkshire. 

J. W. PRATT Linlithgowshire). 
John William Pratt; b. 1873; is a J p - for City of Glasgow; 
Member of Corporation 1906-14 ; appointed a Junior Lord of the Treasury in 
National Min. Dec. 1916. A Liberal; has sat for Linlithgowshire since Nov. 
7th, 1913. 

Residence— 96, Wickham Road, Brockley, S.E. Clubs— National Liberal, Scottish 
Liberal (Edinburgh), Liberal (Glasgow). 

COL THE RIGHT HON. E. G. PRETYMAN (Essex, Mid, or Chelmsford, 

Ernest George Pretyman, P.C., el. son 

of the Rev. Frederick Pretyman, B.I)., Hon. 
CaOOO of Lincoln, and R. of Great Carlton, by 
ima Elizabeth, da. of E. Knight, of Chawton 
House Hants; b. Nov. 13th, 1859 ; ed. at Eton, 
and at Roy, Mi! Acad., Woolwich: ml 1894, 

Lady Beatrice Adine Bi idgeman. <la. »>f 41! 
i.idford, of Weston Park, Slnfnal, I 
rich, Birmingham. and 44, Lowndes Square, 
S.\V. : entered R.A. l88o, apt 1888, 

and retired 1889; is a 1 P. and D.L. for Lincoln- 
shire, a J. P. for Suffolk, a ('< ■■ 
Ik. Hon. I >nd a 
Water, and Dock and 
Railway Cos. ; a pp ointed >' Civil lord of the Ad- 
miral - o, Sec. to the '903» 

gain Civil Lord of the Admfralh In Ni 

s I ■■ . V : s„|T,,lk 

July 1895 to Jan. 1906. when lie was defeated ; has sat I > r Mid, or ("helms- 

1st, I908. 

> . Rihv r.rovr. C.rinuby, 

nshiff. CI* 

Truth prevails. 

C. E. PRICE (Edinburgh, Central Division) 

Cha on of the late William Pri< e, oi v 

WestoaRhvn, Salop, bv nil rine; b. Oct. 10th, iS> 

one of the ; of the firm 

ni which he retired 1901 : sometime 
ral Asso. ; is a Director of The Century Insurance 


Co. (Limited), Hon. Pres. Young Scots So., and a J.P. ; appointed a Member 
of Govt. Committee to enquire into employment for disabled Soldiers and 
Sailors 1915. A Liberal ; has sat for Central Div. of Edinburgh since 
Jan. 1 6th, 1906. 

Residettces— 10, Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh ; 133, Harley Street, W. Clubs— 

Kiform, National Liberal, Scottish Liberal. 

SIR ROBERT J. PRICE (Norfolk, Eastern Division). 

Robert John Price, son of the late Edward Price, of Belle 
Vue House, Highgate, N., by Elvina Eliza, da. of E. Mountford; />. April 
26th, 1854; ed. at Cholmeley Sch., Highgate, and at Univ. Coll. Hospital; 
M.R.C.S.E. 1876: vi. 1881, Eva Montgomery, da. of the late Jasper Wilson 
Johns, M.P. for N.-E. Warwickshire; Bar. Middle Temple 1883; Knt. 
1908. A Liberal; has sat for E. Div. of Norfolk since July 13th, 1892. 

Residences— 6, Sussex Mansions, S. Kensington, S.W. ; The Thatched House, Wroxham, 
Norfolk; Bank, Lyndhur>t. Club— National Liberal. 


Arthur Priestley, youngest surviving son of the late Briggs 
Priestley, J.P. (sometime M.P. for Yorkshire, W. Riding, E. Part, Pudsey 
Div.), of Ferncliffe. Apperley Bridge, near Bradford ; b. 1864; ed. privately; 
is a J.P. for Grantham (Mayor 1914-17) and for Lincolnshire; Knt. 1911. 
A Liberal ; unsuccessfully contested S. Kesteven, or Stamford, Div. of Lincoln- 
shire March 1890, and in 1S92 and 1895 ; has sat for Grantham since Oct. 
2nd, 1900. 

Residence— Hungerton Hall, Grantham. Club — Bath. 

SIR WILLIAM E. B. PRIESTLEY (Bradford, East Division). 

William Edwin Briggs Priestley, el. surviving son of the late 
Briggs Priestley, J.P. (sometime M.P. for Yorkshire, W. Riding, E. Part, Pudsey 
Div.), of Ferncliffe, Apperley Bridge, near Bradford ; b. April 12th, 1859 ; ed. 
privately, and at Harrogate : m. 1883, Ruth, da. of the iate Joseph Craven, 
J.P. (sometime M.P. for Yorkshire, W. Riding, N. Part, Shipley Div.), of 
Ashfield, Thornton, near Bradford; is a J.P. of Bradford City, first Chm. of 
its Education Committee, and Chm. of Directors of Priestleys (Limited), dress 
goods manufacturers ; was Member of Executive of National Liberal Federation 
1901-3, Mayor of Bradford 1904-5, and Pres. of Textile Institute 1913, I9I4> 
and 1915 ; Knt. 1909. A Liberal; has sat for E. Div. of Bradford since Jan. 
13th, 1906, having been defeated there 1900. 

Residences — Queen Anne's Mansions, S.W. ; Rosemount House, Bradford ; Littledale 
Hall, Caton, near Lancaster. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal, Ranelagh, Royal 

W. M. R. PRINQLE (Lanarkshire, North- West Division). 
William Mather Rutherford Pringle, son of the late George 
Pringle, of Glasgow, by Elizabeth, da. of John Mather, of Houndslow, 
Berwickshire; b. Jan. 22nd, 1874; ed. at Garnethill Sch., Glasgow, and at 
Glasgow Univ. (M.A. 1st class Honours in History and 2nd class Honours 
in Classics 1896, LL.B. 1900): m. 1906, Lilias Patrick, da. of Joseph 
Sommerville, of Glasgow; Bar. Middle Temple 1904; is a Member of 
Executive of Scottish Liberal Council, and Pres. of Glasgow Students' Repre- 
sentative Council of the Dialectic So., and of University Liberal Club. A 
Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Camlachie Div. of Glasgow Jan. 1906; 
has sat for N.-W. Div. of Lanarkshire since Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Residence— \i, Enmore Road, Putney, S.W. Chambers— \, Garden Court, Temple, 
EX. Clubs— National Liberal, Eighty, Glasgow Liberal. 


RIGHT HON. R. E. PROTHERO (Oxford University). 

Rowland Edmund, P.C. % M.V.O., third son of the 
late Rev. Canon Prothero, R. of YVhippingham ; b. Sept. 6th, 1852; ed. at 
Marlborough, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1876, M.A. 1878); Fellow 
of All Souls' Coll. 1875-91 : m. 1st, 1891, Mary Beatrice, who d. 1899, da. 
of John Bailward, of Horsington Manor, Somerset ; 2ndly, 1902, Barbara, 
da. of Lieut. -Col. C. O. Hamley ; Bar Middle Temple 1878 ; is Agent-in-Ch. 
to Duke of Bedford ; appointed a Member of Roy. Commn. on Railways 
191 3, and of Gov. Body of Imperial Coll. of Science and Technology, and 
Pres. of Board of Agriculture and Fisheries in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; 
is a J. P. for London and Bedfordshire ; edited Quarterly Review 1894-9 ; 
author of " A Private Memoir of 11. K.I I. Prince Henry of Battenl>erg," " Life 
and Correspondence of Dean Stanlev," '• Letters and Journals of Lord Byron," 
"The Psalms in Human Life," "The Pleasant Land of France," " English 
Farming. Past and Present," etc. ; revised "Life of Queen Victoria " (Holmes) ; 
M.V.O. (4th class) 1901, P.C. 1916. A Conservative; has sat for Oxford 
Univ. since June 30th, 1914. 

Residences-^, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, S.W. ; Oakley House, Oakley, Beds. Clubs- 
New University, Athenzum, Carlton, Ranelagh. 

COL. E. PRYCE-J0NE3 [see Jonesl. 

MAJOR 8IR (W. E.) CUTHBERT QUILTER, Bt. (Suffolk. South, or Sudbury. 


(William Eley) Cuthbert Quilter, 2nd 
Baronet, el. son of Sir (William) Cuthbert Quilter, 1st 
Bt., of Bawdsey Manor, Woodbridge, Suffolk, and 
28, South Street, Park Lane, W., by Mary, da of the 
late John Wheeley Bevington, of Worcester and Brigh- 
ton ; b. July 17th, 1873; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin- 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1896) : m. 1899, tne Hon. Gwynedd 
Douglas- Pennant, da. of 2nd Baron Penrhyn ; is a Staff- 
< apt. and Railway Transport Officer, and a J. I 
Suffolk ; formerly Major Suffolk V.o. A (V 
has sat for S., or Sudbury, Div. of Suffolk since 
Jan. 19th, 1910. 

P,Um uT^ r gUt .W-MethersKAte Hall. Woodbridge, Suffolk. Cluit- 

changer. Boodle., Carlton. 

P. W. RAFFAN 1 Lancashire. Bouth-West, Leigh Divis; 

Petei Wilson Ruian, sou of Tan n, «>f Al>erdeen; b. 

;th. 1863 : ///. 1890, Margaret Weir, of Dumfries ; KNMtiflM Managing 
rioting Co. ( Limited X ad publishers; is 

I Council • I l'm\. < oil., I ot Coort of Covs. of Univ. 

Monmouthshire, an Alderman and Chm. of Parlia- 
mentary Committee of Moomoathshfo Urban 
■ BngUad and Wales, Vio IM)OatitthiN 

nl\ has sat for I.e : gh Div. of Lancaslm - W h M < -Jan. 20th, 1910. 
Res , South \M, Club— National Liberal. 




SIR JOHN S. RANDLES (Manchester, North-West Division), 

John Scurrah Randlks, son of 
the Rev. Marshall Randies, D.D., some- 
time Professor ol Theology ill Wesleyan 
Coll., Didsbury, by Sarah Dewhirst, da. 
of John Scurrah, of Padiham, Lancashire; 
b. Dec. 25th, 1857 ; ed. at Woodhouse 
Grove Sch., near Leeds : m. 1885. Eliza* 
beth Hartley, da. of Robert Spencer, of 
Bolton, Lancashire ; is an Ironmaster, a 
J. P. for Cumberland, a Director of Furness 
Railway Co., of Cleator and Workington 
Junction Railway Co., of Cockermouth, 
Keswick, and Penrith Railway Co., and 
of Star Assurance So., and Chm. of Work- 
ington Harbours and Dock board, and of 
Workington Iron and Steel Co. (Limited) ; 
Knt. 1905. A Conservative ; sat for 
Cockermouth Div. of Cumberland Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906, when he was 
defeated ; re-elected Aug. 3rd, 1906 and Jan. 19th, 1910 ; again defeated 
there Dec. 1910 ; elected for N.-W. Div. of Manchester Aug. 9th, 1912. 

Residence — Bristowe Hill, Keswick, Cumberland. Clubs— Constitutional, Carlton, 

Royal Automobile. 

CAPT. J. S. RANKIN (Liverpool, E. Toxteth Division). 

James Stuart Rankin; b. 1880; is Capt, R.F.A 
during European War 1 914- 17. A Conservative 
of Liverpool since Feb. 21st, 19 16. 

Residences — 10, Nortb Street, Westminster, S.W. ; St. Michael's Mount, Southwood 
Road, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. 

has sat for E. Toxteth Div. 

MAJOR SIR HERBERT H. RAPHAEL, Bt. (Derbyshire, Southern Division). 
Herbert Henry Raphael, 1st Baronet, 
el. surviving son of the late Henry Louis Raphael, 
of 31, Portland Place, W., by his first cousin. 
Henrietta, da. of John Raphael ; b. Dec. 23rd, 1859 ; 
ed. in Germany and Switzerland, and at Trin. Hall. 
Camb. (B.A. and LL.B. 1880) : ;//. 1884, Rosalie, 
only da. of G. F. Coster, J. P., of Upper Chines, 
Shanklin, Isle of Wight ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1883 ; is a Gov. of Guy's Hospital, a Trustee of 
National Portrait Gallery, and a J.P. for Essex 
and Derbyshire; enlisted in Roy. Fusiliers (City 
of London Regt.) and became Lance Corporal; 
raised two Batns. King's Roy. Rifle Corps, now 
Major (second in command); sometime a Member 
of London and Kssex County Councils; cr. a 
Baronet 191 1. A Liberal; unsuccessfully con- 
tested S., or Romford, Div. of Essex July 1892 
and Jan. 1897, and N. Div. of St. Pancras 1895 ; 

has sat for S. Div. of Derbyshire since Jan. 20th, 1906, having been defeated 

there Oct. 1900. 

Seat— Hockley Sole, Capel-in-le-Ferne, near Folkestone. Clubs— Royal Automobile. 

Portland Reform. 



LIEUT.-COL. R. F. RATCLIFF (Stafford- 
shire, Burton Division) 
Robert Frederick Ratcliff,soii of 
the late Robert Ratcliff, of Newton Solney, 
Derbyshire ; b. 1867 ; ed. at Rossall. and 
.it Jescn Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1891); is a 
Director of Bass, Katcliff, and Cretton, 
brewers. of Barton, and Lieut-. Col. 
1 V. I >. ) Prince of Wales's (N. Staffordshire 
Regt.) ; served during European War 
1914-16 (despatches, C.M.G.) ; C.M.C. 
1916. A Liberal Unionist ; has sat for 
Burton Div. of Staffordshire since Oct. 
8th, 1900. 

Residence — Newton Park, Burton-on-Trent. 
Clubs — Brooks's, Devonshire. 

J. F. P. RAWLINSON (Cambridge University \ 
John Frederick Peel Rwvi.inson, K. C, youngest son of the late 
Sir Christopher Rawlinson, Cl>. Justice of Madras, by Georgina Maria, da. of 
the late Alexander Radclyffe Sidebottom ; b. Dec. 21st, 1S60 ; ed. at Eton, and 
at Trin. Coll., Camb. (LL M. i>t class Law Tripos 1882) ; Bar. Inner Temple 
1884, a K.C 1897, and a Bencher 1907 ; - iS i . Circuit ; sometime Lecturer 
Slid Bxenrinct in Law el Pembroke Coll., Camb. ; represented Treasury 

in Inquiry into Jameson Raid 1896; is ■ Member of Gen. Council of the 
Bar, a J. P. for Cambridgeshire, and Corny, of Cambridge Univ.; has been 
Recorder of Cambridp .1898. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully con- 

[pewicll I >ct. 1900; has sat for Cambridge Univ. since Jan. 18th, 1906. 
Chambers— >. < m*n Office Row, Temple. E.C. Clubs— Carlton, United Univn«.n\. 
Isthmian. I'm. 

COL. R. H. RAWSON (Surrey, South-Eastern, or Relgate, Division) 

bard Hamilton K.wvson, el. son of the late Philip Rawson, 

J. P., D I... of vYoodho (, by Octavia, da. of Patrick ( iilmour, J . P.. 

of The I Londonderry ; b. Feb. 21st, 1863; I ton, and at 

rose Coll., Oxford : m. 1890, Lady Beatrh < 
Lichfield; form-ily Cant 1 T.D ), 

I l\ end I I P. lot Stl < ( Sheriff 1899). A National Member ; has 
sat foi te, Div. ol Surrey since Jan. 24th, 1910, having been 

•d there Jan. 1906. 
Residences— -61, Cadogan Square, S.W. ; Cravenhumt, Rolney, S Inbt — 

Carlton, Bachelors, Arthurs, Royal Automobile. 

W. R. REA (Scarborough) 

Wall on of the Reg, P.C. 

M. p f.i South Shi« ; 

»lj ed. at Unt\ odon, 

and ebroad : m. 1896, Evelyn, da of J I efuirtu 
shipowner; mmetime Parliamentary Sec (nopal 
Board ( 1 1. Lewis, Ml 

rel Whip since 1915. A Liberal \ has sat I 
1 ;th. 1906. 
Reu I tough, 


M REDDY « King's County. Birr Division). 
bai 1 Ki DDl : b. 18 Chip, of 1 

co. Urban Diet ( '..mud. A Nationalist; has Ml f King's co. 

since Oct. 9th. 190a 

Rttidtnee— Shannonbridge.' King's CO. 



J. E. REDMOND (Waterford City). 

John Edward Redmond, el. son of the late William Archer 
Redmond, M.P. for Wexford Borough, by Mary, el. da. of the late Major 
K. II. Hoey, of Hoeyfield, co. Wicklow, and formerly of 6ist Regt. ; b. 
Sept. 1st, 1856 ; ed. at Clongowes Wood Coll., and at Triii. Coll., Dublin ; 
Bar. Gray's Inn 1886 : m. 1883, Johanna, youngest da. of James Dalton, 
of Orange, New South Wales (of the firm of Dalton Bros., Sydney, N.S. 
Wales, and formerly of Duntryleague, co. Limerick) ; is Pies, of National 
Directory of United Irish League, and Chm. of the Irish Party in House of 
Commons. A Nationalist ; sat for New Ross Jan. 31st, 1881, to Nov. 1885, 
and for N. Wexford Div. of co. Wexford Dec. 1885 to Oct. 1891 ; has sat for 
Waterford City since Dec. 23rd, 1891. 

Residences — 18, Wynnstay Gardens, Kensington, W. ; 8, Leeson Park. Dublin. Club — 
Union (Wexford). 

CAPT. W. A. REDMOND (Tyrone Co., East Tyrone Division). 

William Archer Redmond, D.S.O., son of John Edward Red- 
mond (M.P. for Waterford), of 8, Leeson Park, Dublin, and 18, Wynnstay 
Gardens, Kensington, W., by Johanna, da. of James Dalton, of Orange, New 
South Wales ; b. Oct. 16th, 1886 ; ed. at Clongowes Wood Coll., co. 
Kildare, and at Univ. Coll., Dublin ; B.A. Roy. Univ. of Dublin 1906 ; Bar. 
King's Inns, Dublin, 1910; appointed a Member of Select Committee on 
Marconi Agreement 1912 ; is Capt. Irish Guards (Reserve) ; served during 
European War 1916-17 (D.S.O.) ; D.S.O. 1917. A Nationalist; elected for 
E. Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. Dec. 16th, 1910. 

Residence— Aughavanagh, Aughrim, co. Wicklow. Club — Leinster (Dublin). 

6. C. REES (Carnarvonshire, Northern, or Arfon, Division). 

Griffith Caradoc Rees, son of the late Griffith Rees; b. 1868 ; 
Bar. Middle Temple 1905 ; appointed Private Sec. to Sec. of State for 
Home Depart. 19 1 5. A Liberal '; has sat for N., or Arfon, Div. of Carnarvon- 
shire since July 191 5. 

Residence— 92, Ashley Gardens, S.W.i. Chambers— $, Elm Court, Temple, E.C. 

SIR JOHN DAVID REES (Nottingham, East Division). 

John David Rees, K. CLE., 
C.V.O. y son of the late Lodowick 
William Rees, of Cheltenham ; b. 
Dec. 16th, 1854; ed. at Chelten- 
ham Coll. : in. 1891, the Hon. 
Mary Catherine, sister of 13th 
Baron Dormer ; entered I.C.S. 
1875, an <l tecame Under Sec. to 
Madras Govt. ; sometime Govt. 
Translator in Tamil, Telugu, Per- 
sian, and Hindustani, H.S. Arabic, 
and Russian Interpreter ; has been 
Private Sec. to successive Govs, 
of Madras (Right Hon. Sir M. E. 
Grant-Duff, Lord Connemara, and 
Lord Wenlock) Dist. Magistrate, 
Civil and Sessions Judge, Dep.- 
Registrar, High Court, Madras, 
British Resident in Travancore and 
Cochin, and Additional Member 01 
Council of Gov. -Gen. of India ; re- 
tired 1900; is a J. P. for Middlesex, 
Chm. of British Central Africa Co. 
(Limited), and of Liberian [Rubber Corporation (Limited), Director of S. 


Indian, Shire Highland. Bengal Dooars, and Central of Chulmt Ratlw 
Port Madryn (Argentina), of Mysore, Champion Reef, and Oregum Gold 
Mining Cos.. of Consolidated Tea and Lands Co. ( Limited), of Amalgamated 
Tea Estates Co. (Limited), of Anglo-American Direct Tea Trading Co. 
(Limited), and of Kanan Devan Hills Produce Co. (Limited), and a Member 
of Order of St. Stanislaus of Russia ; appointed Director of Prisoners of War 
Information Bureau 191 5 ; author of " Tours in India,"' "The Mahomedans," 
"The Real India," "Modern India," "Current Political Problems," etc. 
An Unionist; sat as M.P. for Montgomery Dist. Jan. 1906 to Nov. 1910 (as a 
Liberal Imperialist) ; unsuccessfully contested Kilmarnock Dist. (as Unionist) 
Sept. 191 1 ; has sat for K. Div. of Nottingham since April 19th, 1912 ; cr. 
1890, C.V.O. 1908, K.C.I.E. 1910. 

Residence — Aylwards Chase, Stanmore. Offices— 3, Thames House, Queen Street 
Place, E.C. ; 6, Thurland Street, Nottingham. Clubs — Travellers', Carlton, Bachelors'. 

RIGHT HON. SIR GEORGE H. REID (St. George, Hanover Square). 

George Houstoun Reid, G.C.B., G C.A/.G., son of the Rev. 
John Reid, a Presbyterian Minister ; b. Feb. 251I1, 18^45 '> Hon. D.C.L., Oxford 
1897, Hon. LL.D., Adelaide 1914 : m 1891, Dame Flora, G.H.E., da. of 
John Bromby, of Thornton, Cressy, Tasmania; Par. N.S. Wales 1879. K.C. 
18 — , and an Hon. Bencher, Middle Temple 191 5 ; was in Treasury, N.S. 
Wales 1864-78, Sec. to Attorney-Gen. 1878-9, Min. of Public Instruction in 
N v Walts 1883-4, and Colonial Treasurer and Premier 1894-9 ; first entered 
\ - Wales Legislative Assembly 1880; re-elected 1882, 1885, 1887, 1889, 
1891, 1894, 1895 and 1898 ; Member for E. Sydney and sometime Leader of 
Opposition in Federal Parliament, and Premier and Min. of State for External 
Affairs in Commonwealth of Australia 1904-5, and High Commr. for Com- 
monwealth of Australia in London 1910-15 ; appointed Pres. of Australasian 
Chaml>er of Commerce in London 1913. A Liberal Unionist ; has sat for St. 
George, Hanover Square, since Jan. nth, 1916 ; P.C. 1897, K.C.M.G. 1909. 
G.C.M.G. 1911, G.C.B. (Civil) 1915. 

Residence-x. Melbury Road, \V. CtutU ftlhwilUW. Royal Societies', British Empire. 

LIEUT-COL SIR JAMES F. REMNANT. Bt. (Flnsbury. Holbora Divisions 

James Farquharaon Remnant, isl Baronet, son of the late 

Frederick William Remnant, of Southwold, Suffolk ;/'. 1863 : Marrow, 

and at Magdalen Coll., Oxford B A. l88|); Bar. Lincoln* Inn 1S86: w 1892, 
France* Emily, da nf the late I "i\^; 

was a Meml>er of LonkMi Coanty Council 1892-1901, 1 Memh 
('MiiiniihT 11 ..1 Land Value (ScoUand) 191 j Cota i n n . on 

an<l Inland Navigation 1906-10, an<l o( 
Day of Rest 1908-9: fl t 191 7. A Co>. . has sat for Hot* 

horn Div. of I'uisl.iiry simc March 23rd, 1900. 

Residence— The G rani;- 'i<itut*rs — .\ 


A. RENDALL (Gloucestershire. Southern, or Thornbury. Division). 

Atlu-lst.m ki ndai 1 . ton <>t the late I ; 

Ailing • laston- 

bury: b. Nov. 16th, 1871 ; cd. at Cattle Howell 8eb . I^incasicr, and at 

r. 1897, Amy Laura, < 

•h ; admin. r 1894; 

is a Memlx <»/; has sat for S., or 

Thornbury, DCC Jan. 26th, 1906. 

Resident— "W\t Knoll, Yeovil, S"m»r*et. Clmhs— Reform, National liberal, Cobdea, 


RIGHT HON. T. RICHARDS (Monmouthshire, West Division). 

Thomas Richards, P.C, son of Thomas Richards, of Beaufort, 
Breconshire; b. June 8ih, 1859; ed. at British Sch., Beaufort: »i. 1880, 
.Elizabeth Thomas of Beaufort ; commenced life as a pit worker: is Gen. Sec. 
of S. Wales Miners' Federation, a County Alderman for Monmouthshire, 
a J. P. for Breconshire and Monmouthshire, a Gov. and Manager of Ebbw 
Vale County Sch.. and a Gov. of Cardiff Univ. Coll. Board; P.C. 1918. A 
Labour Member ; has sat for W. Div. of Monmouthshire since Nov. 3rd, 1904. 
Residence— 31, Ninian Road, Roath Park, Cardiff. 

A. H. H. RICHARDSON (CamberweU, Peckham Division). 

Albion Henry Herbert Richardson, son of the late James 
Henry Richardson, by Elizabeth Matilda Richardson; b. Oct. 2nd, 1874: ed. 
privately, and in France and Germany; admitted a Solicitor 1899; Bar. 
Gray's Inn 1912. A Liberal \ elected for Peckham Div. of CamberweU 
Dec. 3rd, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1910. 

Residence— 5, Portman Mansions, York Place, W. Clubs— Eighty, Reform. 

A. RICHARDSON (Yorkshire, W. Riding, S. Part, Rotherham Division). 

Arthur Richardson, son of the late William Richardson, of 
East Bridgford, Notts; b. Feb. 5th, i860; ed. at E. Bridgford National Sch., 
and at Magnus Gram. Sch., Newarlc-on-Trent : m. 1886, Frances Whitby ; is 
a Member of the firm of Arthur Richardson and Son, tea merchants, of Not- 
tingham, and a J. P. for Notts. A Labour Member) sat for S. Div. of Not- 
tingham Jan. 1906 to June 1910 ; elected for Yorkshire, W. Riding, S. Part, 
Rotherham Div., Feb. 5th, 1917. 

Residence— \t, Park Valley, Nottingham. 

T. RICHARDSON (Whitehaven). 

Thomas Richardson, son of Robert Richardson, of Usworth 
Colliery, by his wife, Margaret; b. June 6th, 1868; is a Check Weigher at 
Washington Colliery, Durham, a Member of Miners' Executive of Durham, 
Vice-Chm. of Northumberland Miners' Permanent Relief Fund, and of Durham 
Coal Conciliation Board, and a County Councillor for Durham. A Labour 
Member; elected for Whitehaven Dec. 6th, 1910. 
Residence- 29, Lancaster Park, Richmond, Surrey. 

Eastern Part, Osgoldcross Division). 

Joseph Compton Compton- Rickett, P.C. x el. son of the 
late Joseph Rickett, of Barham House, East Hoathly, Sussex, by Cordelia Jane, 
da. of the late Edmund Dunn ; b. Feb. 13th, 1847 ; ed. at King Edward VI. 
Gram. Sch., Bath, and privately : m. 1868, Catharine Sarah, da. of the late 
Rev. Henry John Gamble, of Upper Clapton, N.E. ; was Pres. of National 
Council of Evangelical Free Churches 1915-16; is a D.L. for North Riding 
of Yorkshire ; was Chm. Congregational Union of England and Wales 1907 ; 
formerly Chm. of Rickett, Cockerell and Co. (Limited) ; interested in milling; 
appointed Paymaster-Gen. in National Min. Dec. 1916, and Charity Commr. 
1917 ; author of "Origins and Faith," "The Christ that is to be," "The 
Quickening of Caliban," and numerous journalistic contributions ; assumed by 
deed poll 1907 the additional surname of Compton (confirmed by Roy. license 
1908); Knt. 1907, P.C. 191 1. A Liberal; sat for Scarborough July 1895 to 
Jan. 1906 ; has sat for Osgoldcross Div. of E. Part of VV. Riding of Yorkshire 
since Jan. 26th, 1906. 

Residence— Wingfield, Bournemouth. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal. 


I 4 I 


Charles Henry Roberts, son of the Rev. A. J. Roberts, 
formerly V. of Tidebrook, Sussex, by Ellen, da. of the Rev. K. II. Wace, 
.>! Wadhnrst, Sussex ; b. Aug. 22nd, 1865 ; ed. at Marlborough, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford (Scholar, H.A. 1S90," M.A. 1893): m. 1891, Lady 
Cecilia Maude Howard, dau. of 9th Earl of Carlisle; sometime Fellow and 
Tutor ot Exeter Coll., and Tutor of Balliol Coll., Oxford ; is a J.l\ for Cum- 
berland ; appointed ■ Commr. of Lunacy (unpaid) 1909, Under-Sec. of State 
for India Feb. 1914, and Comptroller of H.M.'s Household and Chm. of 
National Health Insurance Joint Committee Jane 191 5. A Liberal; unsuccess- 
fully contested \\ ednesbury 1895, Osgoldcross Div. of E. Part of W. Riding of 
Yorkshire 1809, and Lincoln 1900 ; has sat for Lincoln since Jan. 15th, 19c*). 

Residence— \o, Holland Park, W. Clubs — Brooks's, National Liberal. 

RIGHT HON. G. H. ROBERTS (Norwich). 

George Henry Roberts, P.C , son of George Henry Roberts, of 
42, Whitehall Road, Norwich ; b. July 27th, 1869; ed. at St. Stephen's Sch., 
Norwich, and at Technical Institute : m. 1895, Annie, da. of Horace Mar- 
shall, of Norwich; elected a Member of the Norwich Sch. Board 1899'; is a 
J. P. for Norwich, a Printer, Ch. Whip to Lalx>ur Party; appointed a 
Junior Lord of the Treasury May 191 5, and Parliamentary Sec. to Labour Ad- 
\u£. 1916, and to Board of Trade in National Min. Dec. 1916, and Min. 
of Lal>our Aug. 1917 ; became Organizer of Typographical Asso. 1904 ; P.C. 
1917. A Labour Member ; has sat for Norwich since Jan. 15th, 1906, having 
been defeated there Jan. 1904. 

Residences— (s t Buckingham Street, W.C. ; 42, Whitehall Road, Norwich. 

SIR J. HERBERT ROBERTS, Bt. (Denbighshire, Western Division). 

John Herbert Roberts, ist BaroneU 

el. mid of the late John Roberts (sometime Ml' 
lint Dist.), of Bryngwenah, Abergele, N. 
Wales, by Catharine 1 tutor, who d. 18S0, da. 
Of the late Lev John Hughes, ot Lif tTDOOl J b. 
Au^. Sth, lS<>;; ed. privately, and at Trin. Coll.. 
Camb. (H.A. Iionours ill History 1884): m. 1893, 
Hannah RttahtOO, da ol the late William Spi 

th Sidei < Haphan Common, 

S.W. j 1 'enbi^lishiie, and PreS. ol 

Afiglo-Indi appointed (. Inn. 

to Wii-ii sfaaben in 

tia veiled in the Col 
and India 1884-5 : appointed a Memlier of Select 

< otnmittce on Marconi A g re eme nt t 

iet 1908. A 1 w I»i\. 

Dbigbshirc since July 18th, 1892. 

Ren • 

gwenallt, At»-> I Mull. 

8IR SAMUEL ROBERTS Sheffield. Bcclesall Division 1. 

Samuel Roi u the late Samuel Roberts, l.l\. 

D I. . I8J2; ed. at 'Inn. 

(B.A. 187;. M \ 1878): m. 1880. 
late Ven. Archdci ney, V. of Shefh Inner Temple 1878; is 


■ J.P for Sheffield (Lord Mayor 1899-1900), a D.L. for W. Riding, and 

Dep. Chin, of its Quarter Sessions ; appointed a Member of Roy. Commn. 
on Kiny's Bench 19 12, and of House of Commons Committee on National 
Expenditure 1 917 : Kilt. 1917. A Conservative, unsuccessfully contested 
High Peak Div. of Derbyshire 1900; has sat for Ecclesall Div. of Sheffield 
since Feb. 3rd, 1902. 

Residence — Queen's Tower, Sheffield. Clubs—' Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge. 

RT. HON. J. M. ROBERTSON (Northumberland, Tyneside Divlsionl 

John Mackinnon Robertson, P.C., son of John Robertson, 
by a da. of John Mackinnon, of Brodick. Arran ; b. Nov. 14th, 1856 ; ed. at 
Stirling : m. 1 893, Maude, da. of C. Mosher ; was Parliamentary Sec. to 
Board of Trade Oct. 191 1 to May 1915 ; is an author and journalist: for- 
merly editor of the National Reformer; P.C. 19 1 5. An Advanced Liberal ; 
has sat for Tyneside Div. of Northumberland since Jan. 26th, 1906. 

Residence— Knight's Place. Pembury, Tunbridge Wells. Club — National Liberal. 

S. ROBINSON (Breconshire). 

Sidney Robinson, son of the late John Robinson, of Backwell 
House, Somerset ; b. Jan. 6th, 1863 ; ed. at Mill Hill Sch. : m. 1887, 
Catherine Flora, da. of the late John Grant, of Cardiff; is a J.P. for Glamorgan 
and Wilts. A Liberal; has sat for Breconshire since Jan. 24th, 1906. 

Residence -l.ansdown Croft, Bath. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal. 

W. F. ROCH (Pembrokeshire). 

Walter Francis Roch, son of the late William Francis Roch, 
of Putter Hill, Pembrokeshire, by Emily Catherine, da. of the late Walter 
Powell ; /-.Jan. 20th, 1880 : m. 191 1, the Hon. Filorens Mary Ursula Herbert, 
da. of 1st Baron Treowen, of Llanarth Court, Raglan, Monmouthshire, 
Treowen, Monmouth, and LlansantrTread, Abergavenny; Bar. Middle Temple 
1913 ; is a J.P. for co. Pembroke. A Liberal ; has sat for Pembrokeshire 
since July 16th, 1908. 

Residence — 24, Sloane Court, Chelsea, S.VV. Club — Reform. 

MAJOR L N. DE ROTHSCHILD (Buckinghamshire, Mid, or Aylesbury, 

I Ji Lionel Nathan de Rothschild, 

%X \MjF<j|ljB O.B.E., son of the late Leopold de 

4ftg»yfj|W e mfc Rothschild, C.V.O., of Ascott. Leighton 

Buzzard, Gunnersbury Park. Acton, and 
5, Hamilton Place, W„ by Marie, da. of 
the late Mons. Achille Perugia* of Trieste; 
b. Jan. 25th. 1882 ; ed. at Marrow, and 
at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1903, M.A. 
1908) : vi. 1912, Marie Louise Eugenie, 
da. of the late Edmund Beer ; is Major 
Yeo., Mil. Representative on City of Lon- 
don Tribunal (despatches), a J.P. for 
Bucks, and member of the firm of N. M. 
Rothschild and Sons, merchants, of New Court, St. Swithin's Lane, E.C. ; 
appointed a Parliamentary Private Sec. to Min. of National Ser. 1917 ; O.B.E. 
191 7. A Liberal Unionist ; has sat for Mid, or Aylesbury, Div. of Bucks since 
Jan. 25th, 1910. 

Residence— 46, Pirk Street, W. 



J. ROWLANDS (Kent, North-Western, or Dartford. Division . 
James Rowlands, son of \V. B. Rowlands ; b. Oct. ist, 1851 ; 
ed. at Working Men's Coll., Greet Ormond Street, W.C. : m. 1879, Kate, 
who d. 1005, da. of Joseph Boyden ; is Hon. Sec. of the Land Law Reform 
Asso., and a Freeman of the Goldsmiths' Co. A Liberal ; sat tor K Div. of 
Finsbury July 1886 to July 1895 ; defeated there Nov. 1855. n.H July 1895 J 
sat for N.-W., or Dartford, Div. of Kent Jan. 1906 t> Jin. 1910, when he 
was defeated there ; re-elected Dec. 14th, 19 10. 

Residence— 119, Mercer's Road, Tufnell Park, Office- 8, Buckingham Street, 
St. and, W.C.2. Club— National Liberal. 

A. S. ROWNTREE (York City). 

Arnold Stephenson Rowntree, son of the late John Stephenson 
Kowntree, of York, by Elizabeth Hotham ; b. Nov. 28th, 1872 ; ed. at 
Friends' Sch., Bootham : m. 1907, Mary Katharine, da. of William Harvey, 
of Leeds : i^ a Director of Rowntree and Co. (Limited), cocoa manufacturers, 
ih of Fngland Newspaper Co. (Limited), and of 1 he Aa/ioti, and Hon. 
Sec. National Adult Sch. Council. A Libera/; has sat for York City since 
Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence— Chalfonts, York. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal. 

LIEUT. COL. E. ROYDS Lincolnshire, North Kesteven, or Sleaford. Division). 

Edmund Royds, son of the late Rev. Francis Con 1 man Royds 

rly R. of Coddir^ton, Hon. Canon of Chester), by Cornelia Frances, da. 

of the late Canon G. B. Blomfield, of MoittagtOfl Hill, Cheshire; 6, 

i860; ed at Hailt-ybuiy : m. 1889, Rfti . -la. of the late Col. Francis 

Aw^ustu^ lane : admitted a Solicitor 1SS2 : is M.ijor Yeo.. Lieut Col. C« iixlt. 

nshire Vol., a partner in the legal firm oi l\..\.:>. Rawstoreeai 
of 46, Bedford Square, W.C, and a Director ol The I tland. 

A Conservative; has sat for N. Kesteven, or Sleaford, Div. of Lincolnshire 
since Jan. 20th, 19IO. 

Residence— Holy Croat, Caythorpe, near Grantham. Clubs— Carlton, (Jd 


Walter Runcimw. / child of 


i.i. oi ibe late John I itlakemoor, 

Nortbamb i Nh, iS7o; I 

1 1'. 

neater 1910: m. 1898. Hilda, 5th da. • 
late Jai 

tunc a partner in the shipping firm ol Walter 

Rttnciman and • aging 

the Moot nited) ; is a j.l\ 

.rthumlK-tl.iud ; wis Parliamentary Sec. to 

c 1905 to Jan. 1907, and 

c to the Treasury Ian. 1907 to April 

1908, I'rev of Board of Education 1908- 1 1, Free. 



of Board of Agriculture and Fisheries, and Commr. of H.M.'s Woods, Forests, 
and Land Revenue 1911-14, and Pres. of Board of Trade 1914-16; P.C. 1908. 
A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Gravesend 1898; sat for Oldham July 
1899 to Sept. 1900, when he was defeated; has sat for Dewsbury since Jan. 
28th, 1902. 

Residences— %, Barton Street, Westminster, S.W. 
Clubs— Reform, Brooks's. 

Doxford, Chathill, Northumberland. 

SIR WALTER RTJNCIMAN, Bt. (Hartlepool). 

Sir Walter Runciman, 1st Baronet, 
son of the late Walter Runciman, of Dunbar, by 
Jean, el. da. of the late John Finlay, of Dunbar ; 
l>. July 6th, 1847: m. 1868, Ann Margaret, elder 
da. of the late John Lawson, of Blakemoor, 
Northumberland; is a J. P. for City and County 
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and for cos. Durham 
and Northumberland, head of the firm of Walter 
Runciman and Co. (Limited), shipowners, of 
Newcastle and London, an original Member 
of the Merchant Shipping Advisory Committee 
of the Board of Trade, a Member and Chm. of 
various other shipping organisations, and a Tyne 
Improvement Commr. ; was Chm. of North of 
England Steamship Owners' Asso. 1906, a 
Member of Depart. Committee on Boy Seamen 
1 906 -7, and Pres. of Chamber of Shippingof United 
Kingdom 1910-11 ; author of ''Windjammers 
and Sea Tramps." " The Shellback's Progress," 
Looking Seaward Again," " The Tragedy of St. Helena," etc. ; cr. a Baronet 
19C6. A Liberal) has sat for Hartlepool since Sept. 22nd, 1914. 

Residence; — Fernwood House, Newcastle-upon-Tyne ; Shoreston Hall, Chathill, North- 
umberland. Clubs — National Liberal, Reform, Royal Victoria Yacht, Royal Thames 
Yacht, Union, Liberal (Newcastle-on-Tyne). 

RIGHT HON. SIR THOMAS W. RUSSELL, Bt. (Tyrone CO., North Tyrone 

Thomas Wallace Russell, P.C, 

1st Barpmty son of David Russell, of Cupar, 
Fife, by Isabella, da. of Henry Wallace, of 
Cupar, Fife; b. Feb. 18th, 1841 ; ed. at 
Madras Acad., Cupar : m. 1st, 1865, Harriet 
Wentworth, who d. 1894, da. of Thomas 
Agnew, of Dungannon ; 2ndly, 1 896, Martha, 
da. of the late Lieut. -Col. H. Keown, of 
Castleroe, co. Derry ; is a J. P. for CO. 
Dublin ; was Parliamentary Sec. to Local 
Govt. Hoard July 1895 to Nov. 1900; has 
been Vice-Pres, of Depart, of Agriculture, 
Ireland since May 1907 ; cr. P.C. (Ireland) 
1908, and a Baronet 1017. A Liberal; un- 
successfully contested Preston 1885 ; sat for 
S. Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. July 1886 to 
Jan. 1910, when he was defeated : elected 
for N. Tyrone Div. of Tyrone co. Oct. 6th, 
191 1. 

Residence— Olney, Terenure, Dublin. 



COL. SIR JOHN RUTHERFORD, Bt. (Lancashire, North-East, Darwen- Division). 

John Rutherford, \st Baronct % 
son of John Rutherford, J. P., of Blackburn 
and Summerhill, Annan, Dumfriesshire, 
by Mary, da. of John Little, of Chapel 
Knowe, Dumfriesshire; b. Sept. 16th, 
1854 ; ed. at Lancaster Roy. Gram. Sch., 
and at Glasgow Univ. ; ii a J. P. for Black- 
burn and Dumfriesshire, and a D.L. for 
Lancashire ; formerly Lieut. -Col. and Hon. 
Col. Comdg. Yeo. (T.D.); was Mayor of 
Blackburn 1888-9 : ""• ■ Baronet 1916. A 
Conservative ; sat for Darwen Div. of Lan- 
cashire (North-East) July 1895 to Jan. 19 10, 
when he was defeated there ; re-elected 
Dec. 8th, 1910. 

Residences — Beard wood, Blackburn ; Sum- 
merhill, Annan. Clubs— Carlton, Boodle's, 

SIR WILLIAM W. RUTHERFORD (Liverpool, West Derby Division). 
William Watson Rutherford, el. son of the late William 
Rutherford, of Liverpool ; b. 1853 ; ed. at Merchant Taylors' Sch. ; admitted 
Solicitor 1875 : '"• 1878* Llspeth, who d. 1914, da. of the late Capt. Alex- 
ander Strachan ; i^ bead of the legal film of Rutherford and Co., of 48, 
Cannon Street, K.C., and a J. P. for Liverpool : was Lord Mayor of Liver- 
pool 1902-3; Knt. 1018. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Scotland 
1 Liverpool 1900 (reducing majority to less than 600) ; has sat for W. 
Derby htv. ot Liverpool since Jan. 20th, 1903. 

Residence— Boxdale, Walton-on-theHill, Surrey. Club— Carlton. 

RIGHT HON. H. L. SAMUEL (Yorkshire, North Riding, Cleveland Division). 
Herbert Louis SAMUEL, /'.C, son of the late Edwin I.. Samuel, 

ly head of the firm of Samuel Montagu and Co.. bankers ; /'. Nov. 6th, 
1870; ed. at P.alliol Coll.. Oxford (B.A. 1893, M.A. 1897): m. 1897, 

Beatrice, youn^t da. of the late Lllis Abiahaui Franklin, of 35. I\>i 

ippointed 1 "f State fa Home Depart. Dec. 

1905, Chancellor oi the istei (whh a seat hi the Cabinet) June 

1909, Postmastei 10, Pres. of Local Govt. Board Feb. 1914, 

and again Postmaster-Gen. May 1915, and again Chancellor of Duchy of Lan- 
caster (with a seat in the Cabinet) 1915 ; was Sec. of State I 1 >epart. 
Tan. to Dec. 1916, and Chm. of Select Committee oi H nunons on 
Nation /mi' [917 b.arly Closing Asso. ; P.C. 
1908 ; auth< m iples and Proposals," and " The War 
unsuccessfully conte- 
hire July 1895 and Oct. 1900 ; has sat for Clcvi ! EUdiag 
of Yorkshire since Nov. 6th, 1902. 

Re*. rrhester Terrace. Hyde Park, W.t. 

RIGHT HON. SIR HARRY S. SAMUEL Lambeth. Norwood Division). 
:y Simon Swini, P.C, son <>t ti 10 Simon 

Samuel, of 30, Glouc tta Montefiore ; b. 

Aug. ;i ae Coll., and unb. (B.A. 

1875): m. 1878, Rose, da. of the late Edward Henry Bed<! rmerly 

Capt. 1st Middlesex R.E. Vol. ; is a J. P. for co. Lond C. and 



T. Field (Limited), and Chm. (sometime Hon. Treasurer) National Union of 
Conservative Asso. (Metropolitan Div.); Knt. 1903, P.C. 1916. A Con- 
servative ; sat for Limehouse Div. of Tower Hamlets July 1895 to [an. 1906; 
defeated there 1892 and 1906 ; has sat for Norwood Div. of Lambeth since 
Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Residence— 3, Aldford Street, Park Lane. \V. Clubs— Carlton, Junior Carlton. 

S. SAMUEL (Wandsworth). 
Samuel Samuel, son of the late Marcus Samuel, of 18, Upper 

Bedford Place, W. ; b. 1855 ; ed. privately ; is head of the firm of M. 
Samuel and Co., bankers and general merchants, of 25-7, Bishopsgate, K.C., 
a Director of Capital and Counties Bank (Limited), of Anglo-Saxon Petroleum 
Co. (Limited), of Standard Mutual Marine Insurance Co., of United Kingdom 
Mutual Protection and Indemnity Asso., Director and Manager of Shell Tians- 
port and Trading Co., and a Lieut, for City of London. A Conservative : 
unsuccessfully contested W. Div. of Leeds Feb. 1906 and Jan. 1910, and 
Sunderland Dec. 1910; has sat for Wandsworth since June 12th, 1913. 

Residence— \, Berkeley House, Hay Hill, W. Clubs -Carlton, Portland, Royal 


A. W. SAMUELS (Dublin University). 

Arthur Warren Samuels, K.C., LL.D., son of Arthur Samuels, 
of Langara, co. Dublin ; b. 1852 ; ed. at Roy. Sch., Dungannon, and at 
Dublin Univ. (LL.D. 18 - ) : m. 1881, Emma, who d. 1904, da. of the Rev. 
James William Irwin, of Sharon, co. Donegal ; Bar. King's inns, Dublin 1877, 
a K.C. 1894, and Gray's Inn 1895, and Bencher 1900 ; appointed Permanent 
Counsel, and Crown Prosecutor for Gen. Post Office, Ireland 1900, and 
Solicitor-Gen. Sept. 1917 ; is Chancellor for Diocese of Down, Connor, and 
Dromore, and Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe, and a J. P. for co. Dublin. 
A Conservative; has sat for Dublin Univ. since Feb. 3rd, 191 7, having been 
defeated there March 1903. 

Residences— 13, Ely Place, Dublin ; Cloghereen, Howth, co. Dublin Club — 

LIEUT. -COL. R. A. SANDERS (Somersetsnire, Bridgwater Division). 

Robert Arthur Sanders, el. son of the late Arthur Sanders, of 
Fernhill, Isle of Wight ; b. June 20th, 1867 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Balliol 
Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1890, M.A. 1894) : ///. 1893, Lucy, da. of W. H. Ilalliday, 
of Glenthorne, Devon ; Bar. Inner Temple 1892 ; sometime an Unionist Whip ; 
is a J. P. for Devon and a J. P., a D.L., and a County Alderman for Somerset, 
and Lieut.-Col. N. Devon Yeo. ; served with Mediterranean Expeditionary 
>orce 1915-16. A Consei-vative ; sat for Bridgwater Div. of Somersetshire 
since Jan. 20th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1906. 

Residences— 150, St. James's Court, Buckingham Gate, S.VV. ; Wellfield, Brendon, 
Devon ; Barwick House; Yeovil. Clubs — Carlton, Arthur's, Garrick. 

CAPT. G. J. SANDYS (Somerset, Wells Division). 

George John Sandys, son of the late James Sandys, of Slade 
House, Stroud ; b. Sept. 23rd, 1875 5 cd. at Clifton Coll., and at Pembroke Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. Honours in History 1898, M.A. 1910): ///. 1905. Mildred Helen, 
younger daughter of the late Duncan Cameron, of Springfield, Canterbury, 
New Zealand ; formerly Capt. Glamorgan Yeo. ; is Capt. Household Cav. ; 
served in S. Africa 1 899-1 901, with Glamorgan Yeo. (Queen's medal with 
three clasps), and during European War 1914 (severely wounded). A 
Conservative, unsuccessfully contested N.-E., or Launceston, Div. of Corn- 
wall Jan. 1906, and S.-E., or Bodmin, Div thereof July 1906 ; has sat for 
Wells Div. of Somerset since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residences— 37, Eaton Square, S.W. ; Hatherleigh House, Weston-super-Mare. 
Clubs— Marlborough, Carlton, White's. 




Philip Albert Gustave David Sas- 

soon, C.M.G., 3rd Baronet, son of the late 
Sir Edward Albert Sassoon, 2nd Bt. (M.I\ 
!•>! Hythe). of 25, Park Lane, W., Shorncliffe 
Lodge, Sandgate, Kent, Trent Park, New 
Parnet, Herts, Sans Souci, Bombay, and 
Garden Reach, Poona, by Aline Caroline, 
who d. 1909, da. of Baron Gustave de Roths- 
child ; b. Dec. 4th, 1888 ; ed. at Eton, and 
at Ch. Ch, Oxford ; is Capt. Veo., and a 
Private Sec. (unpaid) on Personal Staff, with 
rank of Major (C.M.G.) ; has Belgian Order 
de la Couronne ; C.M.G. 1917. A Conserva- 
tive', elected for Hythe June nth, 1912. 

Residences — 25, Park Lane, W ; Belcaire, 
Lympne, Kent ; Trent Park, New Barnet, Herts. 
Clubs— Carlton, Hurlingham, Roehampton, Ranelagh, 
Royal Automobile. 

T. SCANLAN (Sligo County, North Sligo Division). 

Thomas Scanlan, son of Matthew Scanlan ; b. 1874 : ;//. 18 — , 
ia of the late James Mullen, of Glasgow ; admitted Solicitor 1902 ; 
ray's Inn, 1912. A Nationalist ; has sat for N. Div. of Sligo Co. since 
Aug. 5th, 1909. 

Residence— 110, Ashley Gardens, S.W. Chambers— 3, Brick Court, Temple. E.C. 

A. M. SCOTT (Glasgow, Bridgeton Division). 
Alexander MacCallum Scott, son of the late John Scott, fruit- 
grower, of BotthOMe, Nantyrr, and Millhill, PoiflftOQt, Stirlingshire; 6. 
June 16th, 1874; ed at I'uhuont Public Sdl., at Falkirk High Sch., and 
i.M A. 1897) : m. 1910, Jessie Walker, el. da. of Dr. John 
:\\ Scii. ; Iter. Middle Temple 1908 ; 
a Member of Lewilhau B eoogfa CoOD Ci l 1903-6, and 

ntland) X909-10; ap- 
pointed Parliamentary Private Sac to Min. qf Munitions (Rt. Hon. Winston 

Churchill, MP.) 1 9 1 7 ; author of "The Truth About Tibet, 1 hrough 

Kinlan ston Churchill in Peace and War." etc., etc. A Liberal; 

elected foi Bridgeton Div. ofGlai sth, 1910. 

Residence -no, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, S.W. to. Clnbs -National Liberal, Glasgow 

LESLIE F. 8C0TT Liverpool. Exchange Division). 

SOOTT, A'.C, sun <>t the Lite Sir John Scott, 
K.C.M.G., D.C. L., who rcoi 

Edgcworth, da. of Frederic Hill ; b. Oct. 29th, 1869; ed. at Kughy, and at 
New < 

Cheltenham; Bar. Inn. • ( de 1894. a 1909; 

represented I vt. at [nternational Conference I aw at 

'> 1909 and 1910 ; 1 Membei oi I >cpart. Committees to <; 

■-1 Soklieri end Sailors, an 
tldiers and Sailors after the Wei > Agri- 

culture." A Conservative ; elected for Kxchange I c. 5th, 

19>o. I B defeated there Jan. 1910. 

> tenet— to, Egerton Terrace, S.W. j. Ctuis- Carlton United Univereity, Alpine. 



MAJOR SIR SAMUEL E. SCOTT, Bt. (Marylebone, West Division). 

Samuel Edward Scott, 6th Baronet, son of 
the late Sir Edward Henry Scott, 5th Bt., of I.ytchett 
Minster, Dorset, by Emilie, da. of the late Col. Henry 
Packe, of Twyford Hall. East Dereham, and now wife 
of 1st. Baron Farqahar; />. Oct. 25th, 1875; ed. at Eton, 
and at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst: in. 1896, Lady 
Sophie Beatrix Mary, da. of 5th Earl Cadogan ; for- 
merly Lieut. Roy. Horse Guards' ; is Hon. Lieut, in the 
Army, a D.L. for Inverness-shire, Major Yeo., and 
Major Household Cav. ; served in S. Africa 1900, with 
Imperial Yeomanry; was Assist. Private Sec. (unpaid) 
to Financial Sees, to War Office ( Lord Stanley, M.P., 
and Lieut.-Col. W. Bromley-Davenport. D.S.O., M.P.) 1901-5 ; appointed 
Parliamentary and Personal Private Sec. to Sec. of State for War in National 
Min. 1917. A Conservative', has sat for W. Div. of Marylebone since 
Feb. 3rd, 1898. 

Seats— Westbury Manor, near Brackley, Northants ; North Harris, Inverness-shire. 
Toivn Residence— 78, Mount Street, W. Glubs— Turf, Marlborough, White's. 

SIR CHARLES SEELY, Bt. (Nottinghamshire, Mansfield Division). 

Charles Hilton Skely, 2nd Baronet, el. son 
of Col. Sir Charles Seely, 1st Bt. (M.P. for Notting- 
ham 1869-74 and 1880-86, and for Nottinghamshire, 
W. Div. 1892-5), of Sherwood Lodge, Arnold, Notts, 
and Brooke House, Isle of Wight, by Emily, da. of 
William Evans; /;. July 7th, 1859; ed. at Harrow, 
and at Trin.Coll., Camb. (B.A., Wrangler 1881, 
M.A. 1884) : m. 1891, Hilda Lucy, el. da. of Richard 
Grant, of Staffa, W. Cowes, Isle of Wight ; is a 
colliery owner, a J. P. for Notts (High Sheriff 1912), 
a J. P. for Hants, Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. Hamp- 
shire Regt., and patron of one living ; formerly Capt. 
1st Notts Rifle Vol. A Liberal Coalitionist and Free 
Trader ; unsuccessfully contested Mid. Div. of Derby 
shire 1886, and Rushcliffe Div. of Notts 1892 ; sat for 
Lincoln (L.C7.) July 1895 to J an - 1906, which he 

unsuccessfully contested 1910 ; has sat for Mansfield Div. of Nottinghamshire 

since Sept. 20th, 19 16. 

Seats — Sherwood Lodge, Arnold, Notts ; Gatcombe House, Isle of Wight. Clubs— 
Brooks's, Athenaeum. 

Iu Deospero. 

BRIG. -GEN. THE RIGHT HON. J. E. B. SEELY (Derbyshire, Ilkeston 
John Edward Bernard Seely, B.C., C.B., 
C.M.G., D.S.O., 4th son of Sir Charles Seely, 1st Bt., 
by Emily, who d. 1894, da. of William Evans, of Lon- 
don ; />. May 31st, 1868; ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1890) : m. 1st, 1895, Emily Flor- 
ence, who d. 1 91 3, da. of the Hon. Sir Henry George 
Louis Crichton, of Netley Castle, Netley Abbey, 
Hants; 2ndly, 1917, the Hon. Evelyn lzme, da. of 1st 
Viscount Elibank. and widow of Capt. George Cros- 
field Nicholson, R.F.C. : Bar. Inner Temple 1897; is 
Lord-Lieut, and a J. P. for Hants, a D.L. for South- 
ampton, Hon. Capt. in the Army, and Lieut.-Col. and 
Hon. Col. (T.D.) Yeo. ; served in S. Africa 1900-1901 
with 4th Batn. Imperial Yeo. (despatches, medal with 
In Deo spero. fiye dasps< D.S.O.), and during European War 1914-18 

as Special Ser. Officer and Comdg. Brig, with rank of Brig.-Gen. (despatches, 


C.B., C.M.G.); appointed Under Sec. of State for the Colonies April 1908, 
Under Sec. of State for War March 191 1, and Sec. of State for War and Pres. 
of Army Council June 1912 (resigned March 1914) ; D.S.O. 1900, P.C. 1900, 
C.B. (Mil.) 1916, C.M.G. 1918. A Liberal-, sat for Isle of Wight May 1900 
to Jan. 1906, and for Abercromby Div. of Liverpool Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, 
when he was defeated ; has sat for Ilkeston Div. of Derbyshire since March 
7th, 1910. 

Residence— Brooke House, Isle of Wight Clubs— Reform, Cavalry, White's. 


HON. ALEXANDER SHAW (Kilmarnock District). 

Alexander Shaw, only son of Baron Shaw of Dunfermline, 
P.C, K.C.. a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, of Craigmyle, Aberdeenshire, and 
1, Palace Gate, W., by Elsie Stephen, da. of George Forrest, of Ludquhnrn, 
Aberdeenshire; b. Feb. 28th, 1883; ed. at Trin. Coll., Oxford (B. A. 1907. 
MA. iqib); Bar. Inner Temple 1908: ///. 1913, the Hon. Margaret Cargill 
Mackay. el. da. of 1st Baron Inchcape ; is Lieut. K.M.A. ; was Private Sec. to 
Sec. of State, Home Depart. (Rt. Hon. Sir John Simon, P.C, M.P.) 1915 ; 
appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. to Pres. of Hoard of Trade and Chm. of 
Special Arbitration Tribunals (Munition Acts) 191 7; served during Kuropean 
War 1915-16. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Edinburghshire (Mid- 
lothian) 19 1 2 ; has sat for Kilmarnock Dist. since May 28th, 1915. 

Residence— x%, Barkston Gardens, S.W. Chambers— 11, King's Bench Walk, Temple, 
E.C. Clubs — Reform, National Liberal, Royal Automobile, Scottish Liberal, Glasgow 

LIEUT. COL. M ARCHER-SHEE Flnsbury. Central Division) 

Martin Archer-Shee, D.S.O. , el. son of the late Martin 

Archer-Shee, sometime Ch. Agent of Bank of England at Bristol : 
5ih, 1S7 I Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst: ///. 1905, Fi ilv da. 

of the late Alfred Pell, of New York; was Midshipman K.N. 1SS8-90; 
entered 19th Hussars 1893, and became Capt. and Brevet Major 1902 ; 
retired 1905 ; is Major Reserve of Officers, and a Member of Council of 
Roy. Colonial Institute; served in S. Africa 1899-1902, as Adj. of nil 
during defence of Ladysmith (dangerously wounded, despatch 'ueen's 

with four clasps, King's medal with two clasps, Brevet Major, D 
and daring European War 1914-15, and Lieut. -Col. Comdg. a P»atn. Cloucester- 
shirc Regt 1915 17 (wounded); was Adj. and Ouarter S >f Cav. 

1904-5 1900. A Comer itral Div. ol PSnsbory 

since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Ken irst Lodge, Sunninghill, Berk*. Clubs— Naval ami Military, Cavalry, 

Carlton, Constitutional. 

CAPT. D D 8HEEHAN (Cork Co . Mid Cork Division 

Daniel Desmond Shi i h\n, son of the 1. 1 Sheehtn(an 

nival Street, Kanturk ; b. |S; r and 

I Hililin 1911 
irsman 1910) : m. 1 80 or, of 

has been Editor of \uholic News ai 

ren Southern Star; is Cn: liers; sometime Pres. 

of In>h Land and Labour Assn., and Hon. Seed ague ; 

r 1915-16. An Irish Democrat ; has sat for Mid 
I Cork co. ami <• Maj 17th, 1901. 

Retidftce-Kockbxitu Victoria Ro«d Cork. 


D. SHEEHY (Meath Co., South Meath Division). 

David Sheehy, son of Richard Sheehy, of Holly Bank, Dublin ; 
b. Oct. 1844; ed. at the Jesuit Seminary, Limerick, and at the Irish Coll., 
Paris : m. 1876, Elizabeth, who d. 1918, da. of the late Richard Coy, of 
Longhill, co. Limerick; formerly in partnership with his father, who was in 
the Milling Trade at Mallow ; sometime Hon. Sec. of Irish National Federa- 
tion. A Nationalist ! ; sat for S. Galway Div. of Gal way co. 1885- 1900; has 
sat for S. Meath Div. of Meath co. since Oct. 9th, 1903. 

Residence— 2, Belvidere Place, Dublin. 

A. (J.) SHERWELL (Huddersneld). 
Arthur (James) Sherwell, son of John Viney Sherwell, of S. 
Devon and London; b. April nth, 1863: m. 1909, Amy, da. of John Henry 
Whadcoat, J. P., of Bodiam, Sussex; is an author, a Fellow of Roy. Statis- 
tical and Zoological Sos., and a Member of Sociological So. A Libera/; 
has sat for Huddersfield since Nov. 28th, 1906. 

Residences — 4, Harley Gardens, South Kensington, S.W. ; RockclifTe, Dalbeattie. 
Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Huddersneld. 

E. SHORTT (Newcastle- on-Tyne). 

Edward Shortt, K. C, second son of the late Rev. Edward Shortt, 
R. of Woodhorn, Northumberland, by Josepha, da. of the late Joseph Rushton, 
of Alderley Edge ; b. 1862 ; ed. at Durham Sch. (King's Scholar) and Univ. 
(Lindsay Scholar, B.A. 1884) : m. 1890, Isabella Stewart, da. of the late 
A. G. Scott, of Valparaiso ; Bar. Middle Temple 1890, and K.C. 1910 ; goes 
N.E. Circuit ; sometime a Member of Gen. Council of the Bar ; appointed 
Recorder of Sunderland July 1907. A Liberal; has sat for Newcastle-on- 
Tyne since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence— 70, Onslow Gardens, S.W. Chambers — 3, Hare Court, Temple, E.C. 
Clubs— Reform, Northern Counties, Durham County. 

MAJOR THE RIGHT HON. SIR JOHN A. SIMON (Essex, South Western, or 
Walthamstow, Division). 

John Allsebrook Simon, P.C., K.C.V.O , K.C, only son of 
the Rev E. Simon, a Congregational Min., by his wife, Fanny Allsebrook; 
b. Feb. 28th, 1873; ed. at Fettes Coll., Edinburgh, and at Wadham Coll., 
Oxford (Scholar 1892, Hon. Fellow 1912); a Fellow of All Souls' Coll., 
Oxford 1897 : m. isr, 1890, Ethel Mary Venables, who d. 1902 ; 2ndly, 
1917, Kathleen, widow of Dr — Manning ; Bar. Innei Temple 1899 
(also a Member of Middle Temple), a K.C. 1908, and a Bencher 1910; 
went W. Circuit; was Pres. of Oxford Union 1896, one of the Counsel in 
Alaska Boundary Arbitration 1903, and Standing Counsel to Oxford Univ. 
1909-10, Solicitor-Gen. Oct. 1910 to Oct. 1913, Attorney-Gen. (with a seat 
in the Cabinet) Oct. 1913 to May 1915, and Sec. of State for Home Depart. 
May 191 5 to Jan. 1916 ; is a J. P. for Oxfordshire, and a temporary Major 
Gen. List; Knt. 1910, K.C.V.O. 1911, P.C. 1913. A Liberal; has sat for 
S.-W., or Walthamstow, Div. of Essex since Jan. 24th, 1906. 
Residences — Fritwell Manor, Banbury. 

E. SMALL WOOD (Islington, East Division). 

Edward Smallwood, son of James Smallwood, of Marlpooi, co. 
Derby; b. 1861 ; m. 1887, da. of Henry Fenemore, of Steeple Aston; is a 
J. P. and a County Councillor for London. A Liberal; has sat for E. Div. of 
Islington since Oct. 23rd, 1917. 

Residence— 133, Highbury Quadrant, N, Club— National Liberal. 



MAJOR P K KERR 8MILEY (Antrim co., North Antrim Division). 

Peter Kerr Kkrr-S.mii kv, son of the 
late Sir Hugh Houston Smiley, ist Bt., by 
Elizabeth Anne, only child of the late Peter 
Kerr, of Gftllowhill, Paisley ; b. Feb. 22nd, 
1879; ed. at Kton, and at Trin. Hall, Camb. : 
m. 1905, Maud, da. of Ernest L. Simpson, oi 
York; is temporary Major Roy. Irish Rifles, 
an A.D.C on Personal Staff, and a Memlwr of 
Ulster Unionist Council ; Chm. of Northern 
Whigy formerly Lieut. 2 ist Lancers; served in 
S. Africa 1901-2 (medal with three clasps) ; as- 
sumed the additional surname of Kerr 1905 A 
Liberal Unionist ; unsuccessfully contested I 
co., S. Down Div. Jan. 1906 ; has sat for N. 
Antrim Div. of Antrim co. since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residence -31. Belgrave Square, S.W. Clubs— 

Marlborough, Carlton, Cavalry. 

CAPT. A. SMITH (Lancashire, North-East, Clitheroe Division). 

Albert Smith, son of Leeming Smith, of Cowling Yorkshire, 
l.y his wife, Martha ; b. June 15th, 1867 ; ///. iSoo. Elisabeth Ann. da. of 
John Towlcr ; has been Vice-Pres. and Sec. of Colne Overlook. 

Sec of Nelson Overlookers' Asso., Capt. King's Own (Roy. Lai 
a J. P. and an Alderman of Nelson (Mayor 1908-10), and a J 
I«ancashire. A Labour Member ; elected for Lancashire, N.-E.,Clither. 
Dec. 9th, 1910. 

Resident*— 41, Hibson Road, Nelson. Lancashire. 

Walton Division). 

k Edwin Smith, P.C., A'.C, i /, son of the 

late Frederick Smith (Bar.-atLaw of Middle . of by his 

Inly 12th, 1872; ed. at Birkenl irid at 

m Coll., Oxford (Classical Scholar 1890, B.A. 1 

in Jurisprudence 1894, Vinerian I 1897, 

Fellow and Lectin Ibid 1896; Pre*. 

>r, tod da tn Rev. 

rncaux. Fellow of Corpus < '899, 

Bencher 1908, and Treasurer 1916 and 1917 : goes N. Circuit; 

appointed lecturer at ( i Oxford lS<> 

,S and in \ 1 kx> ; was 1 

1^09-1900; ii Lieut. Veo.and .. 
Officer with rank of Lice Bureau during 

cm War Aug. to Sept. 1914 (despatches); at 
May 191$, and A I Nov. 1915, and 

again ioif>;a P.C 1911, Km. 1915, 

and a Baronet 1918. A Con terra/ire; has sat for Walton I | crpool 

(an. 16th, 1906. 

■■•demes— it, < 

HAROLD SMITH < Warrtnaton >. 

old Smith, son of tli « dcrick Smith, Bar. at-I aw, 

enhead, by his wife,>eth April |8tb, 1S76; ed. at 

Birkenhead Sch. : m. 1914, Joan, da. of the lai< ry Kumeaux, of 


Oxford; Bar. Gray's Inn 1911; sometime engaged in the cotton industry 
in Liverpool ; subsequently partner in a firm of Surveyors and Valuers at 
Birkenhead : was a Member of Select Committee on Marconi Agreement 
1912-13, and Sec. to Official Press Bureau during European' War 1914 ; is 
Hon. Lieut. Roy. Naval Reserve. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested 
Huddersfield Jan. 1910; elected for Warrington Dec. 3rd, 1910. 

Residence — 11, Lower Belgrave Street, S.W. Chambers— 4, Elm Court, Temple, E.C. 
Clubs — Carlton, Constitutional, United Empire, Conservative (Liverpool). 

H. B. LEES SMITH (Northampton). 

Hastings Bertrand Lees Smith, son of Major Lees Smith, R A,, 
by Jessie, da. of Hastings Read, I.C.S. ; b. Jan. 26th, 1878; ed. at 
Aldenham Sch., Herts., at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich, and at Queen's Coll., 
Oxford (B. A. 1901, M.A. 1903) : m. 191 5, Joyce Eleanor, da. ofS. H. Holman, 
of Highgate, and St. Margaret's Bay, Kent ; is a Corporal in Roy. Army 
Med. Corps ; sometime Chm. of Executive Committee of Ruskin Coll., 
Oxford (of which he was one of the founders), and Assist. Editor of Economic 
Journal) author of "Studies in Indian Economics," "India and the Tariff 
Problem," etc. A Liberal; has sat for Northampton since Jan. 18th, 1910. 

Residence — The Dene, Denewood Road, Highgate, N.6. Club— Reform. 

SIR SWIRE SMITH (Yorkshire, West Riding, Northern Part, Keighley 

Swire Smith, son of George Smith, of Lowfield, Keighley ; 
b. March 4th, 1842; ed. privately, and at Wesley Coll., Sheffield; Hon. 
LL.D., Leeds 1912 ; was a Member of Roy. Commn. on Technical In- 
struction 1881-4 ; appointed Vice-Chm. of International Exhibitions Roy. 
Commn. 1909 ; sometime a worsted spinner ; is a J. P. for Keighley and for W. 
Riding of Yorks ; author of "The Real German Rivalry," and several pam- 
phlets on technical education and commercial matters ; Knt. 1898. A 
Liberal ; elected for Yorkshire, W. Riding, N. Part, Keighley Div. June 
29th. 1915. 

Residence— Steeton Manor, near Keighley. 

T. F. SMYTH (Leitrim County, South Leitrim Division;. 

Thomas Francis Smyth, son of William P. Smyth, of Mohill, 
co. Leitrim, by his wife, Mary Delany ; b. May 8th, 1875: ed. at Longford 
and Clooneagh National Schs., and at St. Mel's Coll., Longford ; is an 
Auctioneer and Gen. Insurance Agent ; has been many years connected with 
the different Nationalist Organisations. A Nationalist; has sat for S. Leitrim 
Div. of Leitrim Co. since Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Addresses— House of Commons, Westminster, S.W. ; Mohill, co. Leitrim. Club— 

PHILIP SNOWDEN (Blackburn). 

Philip Snowden, son of John Snowden, of Cowling, Keighley, 
by Martha, da. of the late Peter Nelson, of Cowling, Keighley ; b. July 18th, 
1864 5 e d- at the Board Sch. : ;//. 1905, Ethel, da. of Richard Annakin, of 
Harrogate ; formerly in Inland Revenue Depart. ; is a Journalist, and a 
Member of Roy. Commn. on Waterways and on Civil Ser. ; author of many 
books and pamphlets on social questions. A Socialist', unsuccessfully con- 
tested Blackburn Oct. 1900, and Wakefield March 1902 ; has sat for Black- 
burn since Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Address— 30, Woodstock Road, Golders Green, N.W.4. 



A. W. SO AMES (Norfolk, South Division). 

Arthur Wellesley Soames, youngest son of the late William 
Aldwin Soames. of Brighton; b. Nov. 30th, 1852; ed. at Brighton Coll., and 
at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1876, M.A. 1880) : m. 1876. Eveline, el. da. of 
the late T. Horsman Coles, of St. Helen's, Ore, Hastings ; some years Chm. 
of E. Marylebone Liberal Asso. A Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Ipswich 
1892 and 1895 ; has sat for S. Div. of Norfolk since May 12th, 1898. 

Residence— iZ, Park Crescent, Portland Place, W. 1 . Clubs— United University. Reform. 

SIR JOHN W. SPEAR (Devonshire, Western, or Tavistock, Division) 
John Ward Spear, son of John Spear, of Eastcott, by Maria, 
da. of Daniel Ward, of Leigh, Milton Abbott; b. Sept. 2nd, 1848; ed. at 
Milton Abbott and Bodmin : m. 1877, Elizabeth Doidge, da. of John Willcock, 
of Kingsbridge, S. Devon ; is a Yeoman and an Agriculturist, a J. P. and County 
Alderman of Devonshire, a Poor Law Guardian, Pres. of Asso. of Poor Law 
Unions for England and Wales, a Trustee of Tavistock Cottage Hospital, an 
Income Tax Commr., and a Member of Central Chamber of Agriculture; 
sometime Pres. of Devon Farmers' Union; Knt. 191 1. A Lib'.rcU Unionist-, 
sat for W., or Tavistock, Div. of Devon Oct. 1900 to Jan. 1906, when he was 
defeated there; re-elected Dec. 15th, 1910, having been again defeated 
Jan. 1910. 

Residence— Venn, Tavistock. Club— St. Stephen's. 

SPENCER-CHURCHILL (see Churchill . 

SPENDER-CLAY see Clay]. 

RT HON. SIR ALBERT 8PICER, Bt. (Hackney, Central Division). 

Albert Spicer, rjt Baromt % P.C. y 2nd 

son of the late Jam II'. 1> 1 

Woodford Green, Essex, by Louisa, da. of the 
late Evan Edwards, of Denmark Hill, S E. ; b. 

h 16th, 1847; ed. at Mill Hill Sch., and 
in Germany : m. 1879, Jessie Stewart, da of the 
late David Stewart Dykes, of (Jrovc Hill, 
Surre easurer of the LoodOD Mi 

So. 1885-1910, Pres, of v 

ml Council 1900- 1 905. 1 ('lumber 

of Commerce 1907-10, and of Congress of 

nberi ol Commerce of the l 

1909, l hm, of State Children's Asso, 

1907 17; i James Spicer and Sons 

c<l), wholesale stationer*, paper warehouse* 

and man Essex, a 

\ : bitmtioa < "int o| Hoard 
ind ot Advi«u>r\ \rmy 

t the 

Chm. of Court ol ^lill Hill s 


mn. 1909, Chm, of Select < 1 Agreement 

tf 1916 ; author of \ 
pamphlets on social question*; cr. a Baronet 1906, P.C. 191a. A Liberal; 

*ex 1886; sat for 
July 1892 to Sept. 1900, when he wa« defeated there; has 
sat for 17th, 1906. 

HuUmt* ID, Unont Off— S?» Upper Thames Street. 

a**#-R«form. National Liberal, City Liberal, British fcmpire, 



Charles Thomas-Stanford, son of David Collet Thomas, of 
Hove, Sussex; />. April 3rd, 1858; ed. at Oxford Univ. (B.A. 1881, M.A. 
1898): in. 1897, Ellen, only da. and heiress of the late William Stanford, 
of Preston Manor, Sussex, and widow of Vere Benet-Stanford, M.P. ; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1882; is a J. P. for Brighton (Mayor 1910-11, 1912-13, and 
1913-14) and Sussex ; assumed by Royal Licence 1897 the additional sur- 
name of Stanford. A Conservative : has sat for Brighton since June 29th, 1914. 
Residence- Preston Manor, Brighton. Clubs— Brooks's, Carlton. 

CAPT. SIR BEVILLE STANIER, Bt. (Shropshire, Northern, or Newport, 

]$evil!e Stanier, 1st Baronet, son 
of the laie Francis Stanier, J. P., D.L., of 
Peplow Hall, Salop ; /;. June 12th, 1867 ; ed. 
privately, and at Roy. Agricultural Coll., 
Cirencester (M.R.A.C.): ///. 1894, Sarah 
Constance, da. of the late Rev. Benjamin 
Gibbons (sometime V. of Lower Milton, 
Worcestershire), of Waresley House, Hartle- 
hury, Worcestershire; is Capt. Territorial 
Force Reserve, Sec. Shropshire Territorial 
Asso., a J. P. and D.L. for Shropshire, Dep. 
Chm. North Staffordshire Railway Co., and 
Lord of the Manors of Peplow and High 
Hatton, and patron of two livings ; appointed 
Chm. of Central Chamber of Agriculture 
191 7 ; cr. a Baronet 191 7. A Conservative \ 
has sat for N., or Newport, Div. of Shrop- 
shire since May 14th, 1908. 

Residences — Peplow Hall, Market Drayton' 2i» 
Buckingham Gate, S.W. Club— Carlton. 

RIGHT HON. SIR ALBERT H. STANLEY (Ashton-under-Lyne). 
Albert Henry Stanley, P.C., son of Henry Stanley, of 

Detroit, Mich., U.S.A.; /;. Nov 8th, 1875; ef '- m America: ;//. 1904, 
Grace Lowry Woodufl ; has been Managing Director of Underground F'.ectric 
Railways Co., of London General Omnibus Co., and of Metropolitan District, 
Central London, City and South London, and London Electric Railways, and 
of Associated Equipment Co., and. a Director of London and Suburban 
Traction Co., and of London United Tramways Co. ; appointed Pres. of 
Board of Trade in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; cr. Knt. 1914, P.C. 1916 ; 
has sat for Ashton-under-Lyne since Dec. 24th, 19 16. 

Residence— 43, South Street, Mayfair, \V. Clubs— Reform, Garrick, Royal Automobile. 

HON. SIR ARTHUR STANLEY ^Lancashire, South-West, Ormskirk Division); 

Arthur Stanley, G.B.E., C.B., A/. V.O '., younger 
son of 16th Earl of Derby, KG., P.C, G.C.B., G.C.V.O , of 
Knowsley, Prescot, Witlierslack, Grange-over-Sands, Lanca- 
shire, Fairhill, Tonbridge, and Derby House, St. James's 
Square, S.W., by Lady Constance, el. da. of 4th Earl of 
Clarendon ; b. Nov. 18th, 1869 ; ed. at Wellington Coll. ; 
entered Diplo. Ser. 1891 ; was Private Sec. to First Lord of 
the Treasury (Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P.) 1892, and a 
Clerk in Foreign Office 1892-4, when he became a 3rd Sec. : 

a Knight of Grace of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 
England, and Chm. British Red Cross So. ; appointed 3rd 



Sec. at Cairo 1895, and became a 2nd Sec. 1898 ; elected Treasurer of St. 
Thomas's Ho-pifal 1917 ; M.V.O. (4th class) 1905, C.B. (Civil) 1916, 
(i.B K. 1 9 1 7. A Co/Utrvmfme', has sat for Ormskirk Div. of Lancashire 
(S.-W.) since Oct. 20th, 1898. 

Residences— 50, Upper Brook Street, W. ; Knowsley, Prescot, Lancashire. 

LORD STANLEY (Liverpool. Abercromby Division). 

Edward Montagu Cavendish {Lord Stanley), el. 
son of 17th B«r1 «>f Derby, of Knowsley, Prescot, and Derby 
House, Stratford Place, W., by Lady Alice Maud Olivia 
MonUgu, da. of 7th Duke of Manchester ; b. July 9th, 1894 : 
;//. 191 7, the Hon. Sibyl Louise Beatrix Cadogan, da. of the 
late Htnry Arthur, Viscount Chelsea; is Lieut. Greiadier 
Guards, and a Staff Capt. ; served during European War 
1914- 17 as A.D.C. (wounded). A Coalition Member; has 
sat for Abercromby Div. of Liverpool since June 28th, 

Residences— 3, Great Cumberland Place. W.i ; Knowsley, Prescot. 


George Frederick Stanley, C.M.G., 6th son of 1 6th 
Marl of Derby, by Constance, da. of 4th Earl of Clarendon ; 
b Oct. 14th, 1872; ed. at Wellington Coll., and at Roy. Mil. 
<1., Woolwich: m. 1903, Lady Beatrix Taylour, da. of 4th 
Mar<|itess of Headfort ; is Lieut. -Col. K.A. ; appointed Parlia- 
mentary Private Sec. to Leader of the Opposition in House 
of Commons (Rt. Hon. A. Bottll Law, M.I'.) 1911, an Op- 
position Whip 191 3, and Private Sec. to Sec. of State for War 
1 ul of Derby) in National Min. 1916 ; served in S. Africa 
1899-1900, and during European War 1914-16 (C.M.G., Legion 
of Honour); C.M.G. 1916. A Conse> 1 Wih v: iiaatal for Prutpa 
since Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence Manor, Market Harboro'. 


0. B. 8T ANTON (Merthyr Tydvll). 
Charles Butt Stanton ; b. 1873 : '"• ,8 93* Alice M. Thomas; 

is a Miners' Agent, and Vic- M, and 
I ( ,«.v. of Cardiff and Aberyslwiili l';, unsuc- 
cessful! i G Uua otgtmhiro, 1.. Dhr., Dec 19101 bai sat for Merthyr 
c Nov. 25th, 1915. 

Resident r — Tvdraw II 

CAPT. J. R 8TARKEY (Notttnjrnaraahlre, Newark Division). 

John Ralph Starkey, el. son of tht iftdle Starkey, 

ikshire), of Nor- 
wood I lane*, da. of the late Thomas Starkey, 

ring Wood I iddersficld; b. 1859: m. 1888, Emily, da. 

Charles Secly, 1st Bt wood Lodge, Arnold, Nottingham, Brooke 



House, Isle of Wight, and 30, Prince's Gate, S.W. ; is Capt. Territorial 
Force Reserve, and a J. P. and D.L. for Notts. A Conservative ; has sat for 
Newark Div. of Nottinghamshire since Jan. 25th, 1906. 

Residence— Norwood Park, Southwell, Notts. Clubs — Carlton, New Oxford and 

STAVELEY-HILL [see Hill]. 


G. STEWART (Cheshire, Wirral Division). 

Gershom Stewart, son of Andrew Stewart, of Greenock, by 
Margaret, da. of Robert Leitch ; b. Dec. 30th, 1857 ; ed. privately, and at 
Sutton Coldfield Gram. Sch. : m. 1904, Henrietta Ellen, da. of the late Major 
W. H. Gresson, 65th Regt. ; sometime Chm. of China Asso., Pres. of St. 
Andrew's So., Hong Kong, and a M.L.C. of that Colony; is a J. P. for 
Cheshire. A Conservative ; has sat for Wirral Div. of Cheshire since Jan. 
2ist, 1910. 

Residence— Whiteholme, Hoylake, Cheshire. Clubs— Carlton, Conservative. 

BRIG-GEN. A. STIRLING (Perthshire, West Division). 

Archibald Stirling, 2nd son 
of Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, 
K.T., M.P., 9th Bt., of Pollok 
House, Renfrewshire ; b. Sept. 14th, 
1867 ; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. 
Coll., Camb. ; m. 1910, the Hon. 
Margaret Fraser, da. of 13th Baron 
Lovat ; formerly Capt. Scots Guards ; 
is h.-p. to the Baronetcy of Stirling- 
Maxwell, and Lieut- - Col. Yeo. ; 
served during S. African War 1900- 
1902, and during European War 
1914-16, Comdg. a Mounted Brig, 
(despatches) ; is a Brig. Com. with 
rank of Brig. -Gen. A Conservative ; 
has sat for W. Div. of Perthshire 
since Feb. 21s', 191 7. 

Residences — Keir, Dunhlane, Perth- 
shire ; Cawder House, Bishoprigge, Glas- 

A. STRAUSS (Paddington, North Division). 

Arthur Strauss, son of S. Strauss, of Mayence ; b. April 28th, 
1847 ; ed. at a German Univ. (Latin and Greek Prizeman) : m. 1893, Minna, 
da. of S. Cohen ; is head of the firm of A. Strauss and Co., tin and copper 
merchants and smalters, of 16, Rood Lane, E.C. An Unionist-, sat for 
N.-W., or Camborne, Div. of Cornwall July 1895 to Oct. 1900 ; defeated there 
July 1892 and Oct. 1900 ; has sat for N. Div. of Paddington since Jan. 17th, 

Residence— 1, Kensington Palace Gardens, W Club— Carlton. 



E. A. 8TRAUSS (Southwark, West Division). 

Edward Anthony Strauss, son of Joseph Strauss, of Highbury 
New Park, N., by Rosa, da. of Anthony Nathusius ; b. Dec. 7th, 1862 ; ed. 
at Kind's Coll., London ; is a merchant, and a J. P. for cos. London and Berks. 
A Liberal \ sat for N.. or Abingdon, Div. of Berkshire Jan. 1906 to Jan. 1910, 
when he was defeated ; elected for \Y. Div. of Southwark Dec. 6th. 1910. 

Residences— 49, Grosvenor Square, W. ; Kingston House, Abingdon, Berks. Clubs— 
Devonshire. Bath, Reform, Royal Automobile, National Liberal. 

J. E. SUTHERLAND (Elgin District). 

John Ebenezer Sutherland (a native of Lossiemouth); l>. 18 — ; 
is a member of the firm of P. and J. Sutherland, fish curers, of Portsoy, etc., and 
Chm. of Scottish Temperance and Reform Asso. ; has had large experience 
in Local Govt, and Sch. Board Administration work in Banffshire. A Liberal ; 
has sat for Elgin Dist. since Sept. 8th, 1905. 

Residence— Durn House, Portsoy. Clubs-' National Liberal, Reform. 

J. E. SUTTON (Manchester, East Div.). 

John Edward Sutton, son of Edward Sutton ; b. Dec. 23rd, 1862 ; 
commenced life as a miner ; is Miners' Agent to Lancashire and Cheshire Miners' 
aion.aJ.P. for Manchester, and Senior Member of Manchester City Coun- 
cil. A Labour Member ; has sat for E. Div. of Manchester since Jan. 15th, 1910. 
Residence — 109, North Road Clayton, Manchester. 

RIGHT HON. SIR CHARLES E SWANN, Bt. (Manchester. North Division). 

Charles Ernest Swann, P.C., 1st 
Baronet y fifth son of the late Frederich Schwann, 
of 23, Gloucester Square, London, by Henrietta, 
da. of the Rev. Robert Kell, of Birmingham; b. 
Jan. 25th, 1844 ; ed. at Univ. Coll.. London : 
m. 1S70,»eth, who </. 1914, \n\ da. of the 
late David Duncan, «>i If anchesu-r J nil been 
National Reform Union, and \ 

R< h. , Manchester ; for* 
merl> I lab ; tr% 

a Baronet 1906, and l'.(\ 191 1; ai 

J Licence 1913 for himself ami his issue 
the surname of Swann in lieu of I \ mic. 

A liberal', has sat for N. Div. oi Mand) 
since July 2nd, 1886, having been defeated 
there 1 1S85. 

Rftl.: A Clmbs- 

RIOBY P W. SWIFT (St Helens). 

Rigby PhiUp W.itsnn Sun 1. A' .< '.. fifth son of Thomas S 
Bar. -at law ; b. June 7th, 1874 pool, and at London Univ. 

(I 1 K. 1895): m. I902, Beatrice, da of the late John Banke 
shipowner, of Liverpool ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1895, a K.C. 19 1 2, and a Bencher 



1916 ; goes N. Circuit ; appointed Recorder of Wigan Nov. 1915 ; is a Mem- 
ber of St. Helens Conservative Asso. A Conservative ; has sat for St. Helens 
since Dec. 6th, 1910. 

Residence— 17, Kidderpore Avenue, Hampstead, N.VV. Chambers- 1, Garden Court, 
Temple, E.C. 

LIEUT.-COL. SIR ALAN J. SYKES, Bt. (Cheshire, Knutsford Division). 

Alan John Sykes, 1st Baronet, son 
of the late Thomas Ilardcastle Sykes, J. P., 
D.L., of Cringle House, Cheshire, by Mary, 
da. of John Piatt, sometime M.P. for Old- 
ham ; b. April nth, 1868 ; ed. at Rugby, and 
at Oriel Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1889. M.A. 
1897) 5 sometime a partner in the firm of 
Sykes and Co., bleachers, of Edgeley ; is 
Chm. of Bleachers' Asso. (Limited), a Di- 
rector of Alliance Mortgage Co. (Limited), 
and Colwyn Bay and Pwllycrochan Estate 
Co. (Limited), a Group Comdt. Cheshire Vol. 
Regt., and a J P and D.L. for Cheshire ; was 
Lieut-Cot Comdg. 6th Batn. Cheshire Regt. 
(formerly Major 3rd Vol. Batn.) 1911-14; 
elected Mayor of Stockport 1910; cr. a Baro- 
net 191 7. A Conservative ; has sat for Knuts- 
ford Div. of Cheshire since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residences — 2, Down Street, W. ; South View, 
Cheadle, Cheshire. Clubs— Carlton, Royal Auto- 
mobile, Union, Constitutional (Manchester). 

COL. SIR MARK SYKES, Bt. (Hull, Central Division). 

• Mark Sykes, 6th Baronet, only son of Sir 
Tatton Sykes, 5th Baronet, of Sledmere, York, by 
Anne Jessica, who d. 191 2, do. of the late Rt. Hon. 
George Augustus Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck, 
M.P. ; b. March 16th, 1879; ed. at Jesus Coll., 
Camb. : m. 1903, Edith Violet, da. of the Rt. Hon. 
Sir John Eldon Gorst, P.C., of Queen Anne's 
Mansions. S.W. ; formerly Capt. 3rd Batn. Princess 
of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regt.); was Private 
Sec. to Ch. Sec. for Ireland 1904-5, and Hon. 
Attache to British Embassy, Constantinople 1905-7; 
is Hon. Capt. in the Army, a Gen. Staff Officer 
with temporary rank of Col., Hon. Col. a Batn. 
Yorkshire Regt. , a J. P. and County Councilor for 
E. Riding of Yorkshire, a Member of N. Riding of 
Yorkshire Territorial Force ; served in S. Africa 

1902 (despatches); has Star of Roumania (with swords). A Conservative ; 

unsuccessfully contested Yorkshire, E. Riding, Buckrose Div. Jan. and Dec. 

1910; elected for Central Div. of Hull July 5th, 191 1. 

Seat — Sledmere, Malton, York. Town Residence — 9, Buckingham Gate, S.W. Clubs 
— Marlborough, Carlton, Prince's, Yorkshire. 



west, or Chichester, Division). 

Edmund Bernard Talbot, P.C., 
M. V.O., D.S.O., younger son of 14th Duke 
of Norfolk, by Augusta Mary Minna 
Catherine, who </. 1886. da. of 1st Baron 
Lyons; b. June 1st, 185$; ed. at Oratory 
Sch., Bdgbaston : m. 1S79, Lady Mary 
Caroline Bertie, dan. of 7th Kail of Abing- 
don ; i^ I retired Lieut.-Col. nih Hu 
Dep. E.rl Marshal of Ergland, and h.-p. 
to trie Dukedom of Norfolk ; served 
in S. Africa 1899- 1900, as D.A.A.C ple- 
spatches, D. S.O.); assumed by Royal 
license in 1876 the surname of Tallx>t in 
lieu of his patronymic : was Private Sec. to 
Under Sec. of State for War ( Kt. Hon. \V. 
St. J. F. Brodrick, M.P.) 1896-8, to Under 
Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs (Rt. Hon. 
W. St. I. F. Brodrick, M.P.) 1898-1900, 

. Private Sec. (unpaid) to Sec. of 
State for War (Rt. Hon. W. St. J. F. 
Brodrick, M.P.) 1900-1903, Assist Private 
Sec. to Sec. of State for India (Rt Hon. 
W. St. J. F. Brodrick, M.P.) 19035, and 
a Junior Lord of the Treasury 1905 ; appointed Joint Parliamentary (Patron- 
age) Sec. to the Treasury May 1915, and again in National Min. Dec. 1916 ; 
is Ch. Conservative Whip; D.S.O. 1901, M \".< >. (4th class) 1902, P.C. 
1918. A Conservative; unsuccessfully contested Burnley 1SS0. and Brightside 
t Sheffield 1885; has sat for s.-W., or Chichester, Div, ofSnate* dace 
Aug. 1 6th, 1894. 

Residences— 1, Buckingham Palace Gardens. S.NS. j Dciwn.t Hall, Sheffield. Clubs 

— Carlton, Naval and Military, White's. 

J. W. TAYLOR (Durham County, Chester le-Street Division). 
John Wilkinson Taylor, son of the late J. W. Taylor, black- 
smith, of Sunderland ; /'. Attg. nth. 1S55 : ///. 1 S 7 7 . \i of Annfield 
Plain; formerly a l»Iaek>mith j is ( ien. Sec. of Durham Colliery Mechanic' 

>( Darham Mining Conciliation and Federation Board, Pita; 

Durham Aged Stone* ^o.. and a J. P. for CO, Durham: formerly a 

Meml>er of Dnrfaan) County Council, Annfield Plain Urban Di>t. Council, 

achester Board <>f <>;. 1 Chm. of Annfield Plain Co-operative 

So. A Labour Mcmhet ; has sat for Chrstrrde-Sir.-rt Wr. ol Durham co. 
since Jan. 26th, 1906. 

Residence — The Avenue, Durham. 

T. C. TAYLOR (Lancashire. South-Eastern, Radcllffe cum Farn worth Division). 

xlorc vi.oR, son of Joshua l.ivi oilei) 

1 tared el Batiay, bf Alice, da vk Samod Cooke, carpal manu- 

1S50; cd. a and at 

1. : m. 1874, Sara J. t dl o( W 1 P 
Ingrahnm. of I r of the 

profit > bo manafai 1 

tor of A'efor/c 4 Boy. 

ie Textiles < f/j has 

sat for RadclifTe- orth Dir, of I ancashire (9 I .) since Oct. Mh. 


Resi , Bank, Hatley. t/«i-Nation*l Liberal 


RIGHT HON. H. J. TENNANT (Berwickshire). 

Harold John Tennant, P.C., youngest son 
of Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bt., of The Glen, Inner- 
leithen, N.B., and St. Rollox, Glasgow, by Emma, da. 
of Richard Winsloe, of Mount Nebo, Taunton ; b. 
Nov. 18th, 1865; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., 
Camb. (B.A. 1888) : m. 1st, 1889, Helen Elizabeth, 
who d. 1892, da. of Major Gordon Duff, of Drummuir, 
Banffshire ; 2ndly, 1896, May Edith (a Companion of 
Honour) (formerly H.M.'s Sup. Inspector of Factories), 
da. of the late George Whitley Abraham, of Rathgar, 
co. Dublin; is a J. P. for Kent, and a D.L. for Aber- 
deenshire ; was Assist. Private Sec. to Sec. of State for 
Home Depart. (Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith, M.P.) 1892-5, 
and Chm. of Departemntal Committee of Home Office 
on Miscellaneous Dangerous Trades 1895-9; appointed Chm. of the Treasury 
Departmental Committee on Fisheries Investigations and Statistics 1907, and 
of numerous Parliamentary Committees ; was Parliamentary Sec. to Board of 
Trade Jan. 1909 to Oct. 191 1, Financial Sec. to War Depart, Oct. 191 1 to 
June 1912, Under Sec. of State for War Tune 1912 to July 1916, and Sec. 
for Scotland July to Dec. 1916. A Liberal ; has sat for Berwickshire since 
March 29th, 1894; P.C. 1914. 

Residences — 33, Bruton Street, W. ; Edinglassie, Strathdon, Aberdeenshire ; Great 
Maythatn, Rolvenden, Kent. Clubs — Brooks's, ^Reform, National Liberal, Scottish Liberal, 
and New (Edinburgh), Liberal (Glasgow). 

G. TERRELL (Wiltshire, North- West, or Chippenham, Division). 

George Terrell, younger son of the late Thomas Hull Terrell, 
formerly a County Court Judge ; b. April 23rd, 1862 ; ed. privately : m. 
1907, Grace, da. of J. J. Hawkins, formerly of Cupola House, Burnham. and 
widow of Mansel Came, of St. Donats Castle, Glamorganshire ; sometime 
in Mercantile Marine ; is a Director of Tyer and Co. (Limited), and a Member 
of Council of Yacht Racing Asso. A Conservative', has sat for N.W., or 
Chippenham, Div. of Wiltshire since Jan. 19th, 1910. 

Residences — 31, Chesham Street, S.W. ; Avon House, Chippenham, Wilts. Clubs— 
Carlton, Royal Thames Yacht. 

MAJOR H. TERRELL (Gloucester). 

Henry Terrell, K.C., son of the late Thomas Hull Terrell, 
sometime a County Court Judge; b. May 9th, 1856; ed. at Christ Coll., 
Brecon, and at St. John's Coll., Camb. : m. 1885, Georgina, da. of S. Poole; 
Bar. Middle Temple 1882, a K.C. 1897, and a Bencher 1904; appointed a 
Member of Select Committee on Marconi Agreement 191 2, Under Warden of 
Glovers' Co. 1914, and Major Gloucestershire Regt. 1914. A Conservative; 
unsuccessfully contested Forest of Dean Div. of Gloucestershire Oct. 1900 ; 
has sat for Gloucester since Jan. 15th, 1910, having been defeated there Oct. 

Chambers— 11, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. Clubs— Carlton, Ranelagh, Royal 
Thames Yacht. 

SIR (A.) GARR0D THOMAS (Monmouthshire, South Division). 
(Abraham) Garrod Thomas, M.D., son of the late Lewis 
Thomas, of Panteryrod, co. Cardigan ; b. 1853 ; ed. at Edinburgh Univ., and 
at Berlin and Vienna (M.B. and CM. 1876. M.D. 1878); M.R.C.S., England 
1876: m. 1879, Eleanor, da. of the late Richard Hughes Richards, of New- 
port, Mon. ; has been Pres. of S. Wales and Monmouth Branch, British Med. 
Asso., and Newport Med. So. ; is Chm. and Consulting Physician Roy. Gwent 
Hospital, Newport (Monmouth), a J. P. and D.L. for Monmouthshire, and a 
J. P. for Cardiganshire (Sheriff 1900) and Newport ; cr. Knt. 1912. A Coali- 
tion Member; elected for Monmouthshire, S., July 12th, 1917. 

Residence— Bron-y-Gaer, Newport, Monmouthshire. Clubs— National Liberal, and 
Royal Automobile. 



James Henry Thomas, P. C. ; b. 1874; ///. 18 — ; has been 
Engine Driver on Great Western Railway, a Town Councillor of Swindon 
(Chm. of its Finance and other Committees), and Organizing Sec. of Amalga- 
mated So. of Railway Servants (Pres. 1910); is Gen. Sec. of National Union 
of Railwaymen, and a Member of Central Control Hoard (Liquor Traffic); 
P.C. 1917. A Labour Member ; has sat for Derby since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

fressfs— 121, Bowes Road, Palmer's Green, N. ; Unity House, Euston Road. N.W . 

THOMAS STANFORD [see Stanford]. 

RIGHT HON. R. THOMPSON (Belfast, North Division). 

Robert Thompson, P.C, el. son of the late Robert Thompson, 
of Troutbeck House, Ballylesson, co. Down ; b. 1838 ; ed. privately : m. l86l, 
Susannah, da. of the late Edward Thomas, of Belfast ; is Chm. of Lindsay, 
Thompson and Co. (Limited), flax spinners and linen manufacturers, of Belfast, 
Chm. of Belfast Harbour Board, Past Pres. of Belfast Chamber of Commerce, 
f Gov. Board, Campbell Coll., Belfast, a J. P. for co. Down, a D.L. for 
Belfast, a Director of Belfast and Co. Down Railway, and a Member of Ulster 
Unionist Council ; 7 years Pres. of Ulster Flax Spinners' Asso., and a Member 
of Board of Trade Advisory Committee; P.C. 1916. A Conservative ; has 
sat for N. Div. of Belfast since Jan. 20th, 1910. 

Residences — Drum House, Dunmurry, co. Down ; Bertha House, Belfast. Clubs — 
Carlton, Constitutional. St. Stephen's, Ulster, Union (Belfast). 

LIEUT -COL E. C. MEYSEY THOMPSON (Staffordshire, Handsworth Division). 

CKmest Claude MBYSEY-THOMPSON, sixth son 
of Sir Harry Stephen Meysev-Thomp.son, 1st 1U , ofKirb) 
Hall. York, by Elizabeth, da. of Sir John Croft, 1st Bt. ;i 
Keb. 18th. 1859 ; ed. at Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. : 
St. 1894, Alice Jane Blanche, da. of the late Col. John 
Joicey, If.P., of Newton Hall, Northumberland] 
merly Major Yorkshire Hunan J b l.ieut.-Col. K. 
and a J.l\ for N. and \V. Ridings of Yorks] 
during European War 1914- 16. A Libera/ Unionist', 
unsuccessfully contested Yorkshire, v.. Radio] 
Dhr.Oot 1900; has sat for Haadsworth Div, 

.•2nd, 1906. 

I t t tidt m * f i ju llowllillt Kmr Ml wn Hif l i i Gfato— Bach 

< < <U bomme guerre. Baodle**, Yorkshire, Carlton. 

W. MITCHELL-THOMSON Down Csunty, North Down Division). 

g^0fc William Mm 111 ISON, CJS A'. 

J)$ ^ Mitchell Mitchell-Thomson, 1st Bt., of 6, 

&F Charlotte . ; Unborgh, sad Pobno 

*bb&d» slure. by l.!i/.i Flosrerdew, who >. of the late 

William I. m KM, ,.f H.ilth. 

15th, 1877 . sl Balliol I 

\ 1900) and Edinburgh (I.l.M. 1902) 


I McE.kIi.iiii, <»f ( .allow | 
N B , and Goathland, Kew, Melliourne ; Advocate, 

ind 1903 ; 
( 1 1 M - Bom Goai foi 
Ulster Unionist Council, and H«.n. Lieut. 
Keserve; S| I 'ircctor of Kestt 



C.B.E. 1918. An Unionist', sat for N.-W. Div. of Lanarkshire Jan. 1906 
to Jan. 1910, when he was defeated ; has sat for N. Down Div. of Down 
co. since April 28th, 1910. 

Residence — 35, Montagu Square, W. Clubs — Junior Carlton, Constitutional. 

G. R. THORNE (Wolverhampton, East Division). 

George Rennie Thorne, son of the late George Thorne ; 
b. Oct. 12th, 1853; ed. at Tettenhall Coll., Wolverhampton; admitted 
Solicitor 1876 ; is head of the legal firms of G. R. Thorne, Sons and Co., of 
Wolverhampton, and Thorne, Priest and Co., of II, Great James Street, 
Bedford Row, W.C. A Liberal', has sat for E. Div. of Wolverhampton 
since May 5th, 1908. 

Residence— Coalway Road, Wolverhampton. Club —National Liberal. 

W. J. THORNE (West Ham, South Division). 

William James Thorne, son of Thomas Thorne, a brickfield 
worker ; b. Oct. 8th, 1857 ; has been a Member of the Trade Union Congress 
Parliamentary Committee since 1894 ; is Gen. Sec. of the National Union of 
Gen. Workers (which he established 1889) ; has been a Member of West 
Ham Town Council since 1890 (Dep. Mayor 1899- 1900, Mayor 191 7- 18). A 
Labour Member ; has sat for S. Div. of W. Ham since Jan. 15th, 1906. 
Residence — i, Lawrence Road, Upton Park, E. 


«£• Alexander George Boteville Thynne, D.S.O., 

Tppt 3rd son of 4th Marquess of Bath, of Longleat, Warminster, by 

<£=JLL the Hon. Frances Isabella Catherine Vesey, el. da. of 3rd 

^■"■rf TgA Viscount de Vesci ; b. Feb. 17th, 1873; ed - at Eton, and 

Y*~ jjr-f at 0xfoid Univ.; is Lieut.-Col. Comdg. a Batn. Wiltshire 

Lmmmm— Regt, Major Yeo., Hon. Lieut, in the Army, and a County 

\*0B SJJSSj Councillor for London, Marylebone Div.; served in S. Africa 

VM&? ZZsZmJ 1900-1902, with 1st Batn. Imperial Yeo., with Somaliland 

y j^^ ^y Field Force 1903-4, as War Correspondent, and during 

J' ay bonne cause. European War 1914-16 (wounded, D.S.O.); was Sec. to 

I have good reason. Lieut. -Gov. of Orange River Colony 1902-5; D.S.O. 1916. 

A Conservative ; has sat for Bath since Jan. 15th, 1910, having 

been defeated there Jan. 1906. 

Residences —Norton Hall, Daventry. 

T. G. TICKLER (Great Grimsby). 
Thomas George Tickler, son of George Tickler, of Withern, 
Lincolnshire; b. 1852: ;//. 1878, Louise, da. of Wallis Thomas Wells, of 
Withern Hall, Lincolnshire ; is Managing Director of T. G. Tickler (Limited), 
fruit growers and preservers, of Great Grimsby and Southall, and a J. P. for 
Grimsby; 15 years a Member of Grimsby Town Council (Mayor 1907). A 
Conservative; has sat for Great Grimsby since May 12th, 1914. 
Residence— 73, Madeley Road, Ealing, W. 

B. TILLETT (Salford, Northern Division). 
Benjamin Tillett; b. 1859 ; at eight years of age worked in a 
brickfield ; sometime in R.N. ; one of the Pioneer Organisers of Gen. 
Federation of Trades, National Transport Workers' Federation; is Sec, 



Dock, Wharf, Riverside, and Gen. Workers' Union of Great Britain and 
Ireland. An Independent Member ; unsuccessfully contested W. Div. of 
Bradford (/.) July 1892 and July 1895, and Eccles, or S.E., Div. of Lan- 
cashire Jan. 1906; has sat for Salford, N. Div. since Nov. 2nd, 1917. 
Residence— 425, Mile End Road, E. 

R. TOOTILL (Bolton le-Moors). 

Robert Tootill, son of James Tootill ; b. Oct. 22nd, 1850; 
is a Town Councillor of Bolton. A Labour Member ; has sat for Bolton-le- 
Moors since Sept. 22nd, 1914. 

Residence— Westward House, Bolton-le- Moors. 

SIR GEORGE A TOUCHE (Islington, North Division). 

( liorge Alexander Touch e, 
son of Anthony Murray Touche, 
banker, of Inverleithfield, Edinburgh, 
by Margaret, da. of Alexander Guild, 
solicitor, of Edinburgh : b. May 24th, 
1861 ; ed. at Edinburgh Institution and 
Univ. : m. 1887, Jessie, who d. 1917, 
da. of the late Isaac Brown ; admitted 
a Member of Edinburgh So. of Char- 
tered Accountants 1883 I » s senior 
partner in the firm of George A. Touche 
and Co., chartered accountants, of 
Basildon House, E.C., Montreal, To- 
ronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, and Van- 
couver, and of Touche, Niven and Co., 
of New York, Chicago, St. Louis, and 
Minneapolis, and of Touche, Falter 
and Co., of Buenos Ayres, Chm. of In 
dustrial and General Trust (Limited), 
of Trustees Corporation (Limited), and 
of Trust Union (Limited); one of 
ilM.'s Lieuts. for City of London, a 
ll,i of Queen Anne's Bounty, a Member of 
i Political and Social Science, an Almoner of Christ's Hos- 
n Alderman of City <>f London (Walbrook Ward) ; was Sheriff of 
m 1915-16 ; has 2n«i Serbian < )■ Sava; 

Knt. 1917. A Conservative . fully contested N.-K. Div. <>f 1 

shire Aug. 1^04 ; elected for N. Div. of Islington Dec. 5th, 1910, having 
been defeat n. kiio. 

Residences— 125. Mat, Wcstm >mficld, Westcott, near 

Dorking. ClmSt Unfosti 1 <h), Carlton, City Carlton, Constitutional, Pilgrim*', 

Automobile, Union < 


r, son of tlu- late Councillor <ieorge Toulmin, 

i «rch 17th, 1857; ed. : m. 1882, 

Mary I D Edclston, an Official Ra 

is a M the Prtstcn and Lancashire Daily t°ost t 

■A for C<>. Borough of Preston; sometime Vicc-Clun. 

was Pres. of Newspajier So. IQIS-1 1 1 Knt. 

A liberal; unsuccessfully contested Bury 1900; has sat therefor since 

loth, 1902. 

Address- Prior % Oak, Penwoitham, Preston, Lancashire. Clmhs— Reform, Eighty, 
National Liberal. 


C. P. TREVELYAN (Yorkshire, West Riding, North Part, Elland Division). 

Charles Philips Trevelyan, el. son of the 
Rt. Hon. Sir George Otto Trevelyan, P.C., D.C.L., 
LI. H., 2nd Bt., of Wellington, Cambo, Northumber- 
land. Welcombe, Stratford-on-Avon, and 8, Grosvenor 
Crescent, S.W., by Caroline, el. da. of the late Robert 
Needham Philips, of Welcombe, Stratford-on-Avon, 
and The Park, Manchester; b. Oct. 28th, 1870; 
ed. at Harrow, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., 2nd 
class History 1892, M.A. 1896) : m. 1904, Mary 
Katharine, da. of Sir (Thomas) Hugh Bell, 2nd Bt., of 
Rounton Grange, Northallerton, Red Barns, Redcar, and 
95, Sloane Street, S.W. ; formerly a Member of London 
Sch. Board ; is Chm. of Inter-Departmental Committee on Half-time Sch. 
Attendance Exemption ; was Private Sec. to Lord-Lieut, of Ireland (Baron 
Houghton) 1892-3, Parliamentary Charity Commr. Feb. 1906 to Oct. 1908, 
and Parliamentary Sec. to Board of Education 1908-14. A Liberal; unsuccess- 
fully contested N. Div. of Lambeth 1895 > nas sat f° r Elland Div. of N. Part 
of W. Riding of Yorkshire since March 8th, 1899. 

Residences— 14, Great College Street, Westminster, S.W. ; Cambo, Morpeth, North- 
umberland. Clubs— Brooks's, National Liberal. 

MAJOR G. C. TRYON (Brighton). 

George Clement Tryon, son of the late Vice-Adm. Sir George 
Tryon, K.C.B., by the Hon. Clementina Charlotte Heathcote, da. of 1st 
Baron Aveland, and sister of 1st Earl of Ancaster ; b. May 15th, 1871 ; ed. 
at Eton, and at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst: m. 1905, the Hon. Averil Vivian, 
da. of 1st Baron Swansea; is Capt. and Brevet Major Grenadier Guards; 
served in S. Africa 1899-1900 (medal with two clasps); author of "Tariff 
Reform." A Conservative ; has sat for Brighton since Jan. 18th, 1910. 

Residences— 19, Eaton Square, S. W. ; The Manor House, Great Durnford, Salisbury. 
Club— Guards'. 

E. R. TURTON (Yorkshire, North Riding, Thirsk and Malton Division). 

Edmund Russborough Turton, son of the late Major Edmund 
Henry Turton, formerly 3rd Dragoon Guards, of Upsall Castle, Yorkshire, 
by Lady Cecilia Mary Leeson, who d. 1893, da. and heiress of 4th Earl of 
Milltown ; b. Nov. 1st, 1857 : m. 1888, Clementina Sarah, da. of the late Rt. 
Hon. Sir Spencer Cecil Brabazon Ponsonby-Fane, P.C, G.C.B., I.S.O., of 
Brympton, Yeovil; Bar. Inner Temple 1882; is a Director of N. -Eastern 
Railway Co., of London Joint Stock Bank, and of Yorkshire Insurance Co., 
a J. P. and D.L. for N. Riding of Yorkshire, and Chm. of Quarter Sessions. 
A Conservative ; has sat for Thirsk and Malton Div. of N. Riding of Yorkshire 
since Feb. 12th, 191 5. 

Residences— Upsall Castle, Thirsk; Russborough, Blessington, co. Wicklow. Clubs— 
Carlton, Brooks's, Kildare Street, Yorkshire. 


VAUGHAN DAVIES [seeDavies]. 




LIEUT COL. SIR HARRY C. W. VERNEY, Bt. (Buckinghamshire. North, or 
Buckingham, Division). 

I larry Calvert Williams Vl 1 
D.S.O., 4th Baronet, el. son of the late 
Sir Edmund Hope Verney, 3rd baronet, 
of Claydon . House, Buckinghamshire ; 
Rhianva. Menai Bridge, and Pita Rbos> 
colyn, Holyhead, by Margaret Maria, el. 
da. of Sir John Hay Williams. 2nd lit. ; 
/>. [une 7th, 1 881 ; ed. at Harrow, and at 
Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1905, M.A. 
1907): m. 191 1, Lady Rachel Catherine 
Bruce, da. of 9th Earl of Elgin ; 
was Assist. Private Sec. to successive 
Sees, of State for the Colonies (Earl 
of Elgin and Earl of Crewe) 1907-10, 
and an Assist. Private Sec. (unpaid) for 
Imperial Conference and Coronation 191 1 ; 
formerly Capt. Army Ser. Corps ; is a 
J. P. and County Councillor for Bucks; 
served during European War 1914-18 as 
Assist. Director of Labour, with rank of 
Lieut.-Col. (D.S.O.) ; appointed Parlia- 
mentary Private Sec. to Ch. Sec. for Ireland (Rt. Hon. A. Birrell, M.P.) 
191 1, and Parliamentary Sec. to Board of Agriculture and Fisheries 1914 ; 
D.S.O. 1918. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested Hants, N., or Basingstoke, 
>.n. and March 1906, and Wilts, Wilton Div. Jan. 1910 ; elected for N., 
<>r 1'iuckingham, Div. of Buckinghamshire Dec. 15th, 1910. 

Residence— Claydon House, Steeple Claydon, Hucks. Club— Brooks's. 

VERNON-HARCOURT [see Harcourt). 

J. WAD8W0RTH Yorkshire, West Riding, Southern Part, 
Hallamshire Division). 

John Wadsworth, son of H. Wadsworth, of West Melton, 
Yorkshire; b. Feb. 4th, 1850; ed. at Brampton Sch. : ///. 1872, Annie Kli/a 
Bell, of Newbiggin, near Sheffield ; employed at Thomelitle Rl prior to 
lockout in 1869, then worked at Wombwell Main Colliery, going 
to Whamdiflfe Silkftooe Colliery 1870 and becoming Cluck weighman 1883; 
20 yc lies., and Delegate for Wharneliffe Sill. nch of 

Yorkshire Miners' Asso. 1904(15 

years \ -ponding See. 1905. \ ' mbcr ; 

has sat for Hsllamshil W. Riding of Yorkshire sin, 

24th, 1906. 

Residence— *. Huddcn» field Ro. I 

London Addrtst—Wou%K of Commons 

COL. W. HALL WALKER (Lancashire, South-West, Widnes Division). 
William Hall W t Sir An 

caster, and Osmn 9 tin- Hon 

Haughton Charlei ( A Hall, Ash- 

boom 25th, 1856; ed. at Harrow: m. 

1896, Sopli 1 

I » 1. 
•ster ; 
1 Bain. King's (Liverpool Regt.), and 
I K.)i and 1 



Rest ice, Regent shin ; 

Hor*lr lord, Denbighshire. Cinhs -M.-\rl I trough , Hurlmgham, (. arlton. 



J. WALSH (Cork Co., South Cork Division). 

John Walsh; /;. 18 — ; is a wholesale and retail spirit mer- 
chant, and a County Councillor for Cork. An Independent Nationalist ; 
elected for S. Cork l)iv. of Cork co. Dec. 15th, 1910. 
Residence — Bandon, co Cork. 

S. WALSH (Lancashire, South- West, Ince Division). 

Stephen Walsh, son of John Walsh, of Liverpool, by his wife, 
Mary : b. Aug. 26th. 1859 ; sometime a working miner ; is Miners' Agent 
for Wigan Dist., and a J. P. for Wigan and Lancashire ; was Parliamentary 
Sec. to National Ser. Min. March to July 1917, since when Parliamentary 
Sec. to Local Govt. Board. A Labour Member : has sat for Ince Div. of Lan- 
cashire (S.-W.) since Jan. 18th, 1906. 
Residence— %, Swinley Road, Wigan. 

SIR JOHN T. WALTERS (Sheffield, Brightside Division). 

John Tudor Walters, son of the late John Tudor Walters ; 
b. 1866; ed. privately: m. 1888, Mary, da. of the late William Hill; is a 
Surveyor, and a J. P. for Leicestershire; was first Pres. of Education Asso. 
(England and Wales) ; Knt. 1912. A Liberal; has sat for Brightside Div. of 
Sheffield since 1906. 

Residence— The Way Side, Oadby, Leicestershire. Club— Reform. 

SIR JOSEPH WALTON, Bt. (Yorkshire, West Riding, Southern Part, Barnsley 


Joseph Walton, 1st Baronet, son 
of the late Joseph Walton, coal and lead 
mine owner and smelter, of Frosterley, co. 
Durham, by his wife Margaret ; b. March 
19th, 1849; ed. privately: m. 1880, Faith, 
da. of the late Robert Gill, solicitor, of 
Middlesbrough ; is a F.R.G.S., a Coal Owner 
and a J. P. of Middlesbrough, and a J. P. and 
D.L. for N. Riding of Yorkshire ; has tra- 
velled widely in India, China, Japan, America, 
Africa, Persia, Asiatic Turkey, Australia, and 
New Zealand, studying the commercial and 
political situation ; author of " China and the 
Present Crisis"; cr. a Baronet 1910. A 
LJberal) unsuccessfully contested Doncaster 
Div. of S. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire 
1895 ; has sat for Barnsley Div. of S. Part 
of W. Riding of Yorkshire since Oct. 28th, 

Residence — Rushpool, Saltburn-by-the-Sea. 
Liberal, Royal Automobile. 

Clubs— Reform, Ranelagh, National 

A. S. WARD (Hertfordshire, Western, or Watford, Division). 

Arnold Sandwith Ward, son of Thomas Humphry Ward, of 

Stocks, Tring, Herts, and 25, Grosvenor Place, S.W. ; b. Nov. 8th, 1876 ; ed. 

at Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1899) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1903 ; 

acted as Special Correspondent to the Times 1900-1902 ; is Lieut. Yeo. ; served 



in Egypt 1914. A Liberal Unionist ; unsuccessfully contested N., or Crick - 
lade, Div. of Wilts Jan. 1906 ; has sat for W., or Watford, Div. of Hert- 
fordshire since Jan. 27th, 1910. 

Residences- blocks, Tring, Herts ; 25, Grosvenor Place, S.W. 

LIEUT. COL. J. WARD (Stoke upon-Trent). 

John W'ard, C.M.G., son of Robert Ward, of Oatlands Park, 
Surrey, by Caroline, da. of John Edmunds, of Kimpton, Hants ; b. Nov. 2lst, 
1866 ; self educated : m. 1892, Lilian Elizal>eth, da. of George Gibbs, builder, 
of Wandsworth, S.W. ; commenced work at the age of 7, and continued to 
work as a navvy until 1890; served in Soudan 1885 as a Vol. (medal 
with clasp, Khedive's bronze star) ; joined Social Democratic Federation 
1885 ; selected to test legality of proclamation prohibiting Unemployed Meet- 
ing in Trafalgar Square 1886 (arrested) ; instrumental in unearthing Richmond 
and Wandsworth Sewer Construction Scandals (publicly thanked by both 
Corporations) ; founded Navvies' Union 1889, and became its Ch. Officer ; 
has attended all Trade Union Congresses since 1890; is Lieut. -Col. Comdg. 
a Batn. Duke of Cambridge Own (Middlesex Regt.), a Member of Manage- 
ment Committee of Gen. Federation of Trades Unions, and a J. P. for co. 
London ; served during European War 1914-18 (C.M.G.); C.M.G. 1918. A 
Socialist "running on a strong Labour and Democratic programme"; has 
sat for Stoke-upon-Trent since Jan. 15th, 1906. 
Residence — 7, Herndon Road, Wandsworth, S.W. 

LIEUT. COM. W. D. WARD (Southampton). 

William Dudley Ward, son of the 
late William Humble Dudley Ward, by the 
Hon. Eugenie Violet Adele Brett, da. of i*t 
Viscount Esher ; b. Oct. 14th, 1877; ed. at 
Eton, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1903) ; 
Bar. Inner Temple, 1904 : m. 1913, Winifred 
May. da. of Lieut. -Col. Charles Wilfrid Birkin, 
C.M.G. . of Lamcote, RadcliflTe-on-Trent ; is 
Lieut.-Com. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve ; was 
Private Sec. (unpaid) to First Commis- 
sioner of Works (Kt. Hon. 1 'iirt, 
Ml) 1906-9, Treasurer of rl.M.'l Household Dec 1900-12, and Parliamentary 
Private Sec. to Ch. Govt. Whip 1912-17, since when he has been Vice- 
Chamberlain to H.M.'s Household and a Junior Loid of the Treasury. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Southampton since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residence- &, Great Cumberland Place, W. Chambers-\ t Hare Court, Temp!- 
Clubs— Windham, Brooks'*. 

COL. C. E. WARDE (Kent. Mid, or Medway, Division 

ch.ul.s Edward Warde, el. son of the 

late Gen. Sir 1 harles War lv 

Jane. da. of the late Rev. Canon Charles Lan« 
ofl Wrotham, Kent; b. Dec. 20th, 1845 : m. 1890, 
H< -len, da. of the Iftl merly 

Major 4th Hussars ; mdg. and 1 

Col. Yeo., and a J. P. and D.L. for Kent. A Con- 
servative; has sat for Mid, 01 Medway, Div. of Kent 
since July 14th, 1892. 

(mt— Barhant Court, Maidstone. 
Naval and Military, Hurlingham. 




G. J. WARDLE (Stockport). 

( ieorge James Wardle, C.fl., son of the late George W ardle ; 
/'. May 15th' 1865; ed. at a Wesleyan Sch. : m. 1889, Atla Matilda Terry; 
commenced life as a factory hand at Keighley ; subsequently a Clerk on 
Midland Railway ; is a Journalist, a Member of National Union of Railway- 
men, and Editor of the Railway Revieiu; has acted as Chm. of the Labour 
Party; appointed Parliamentary Sec. to Hoard of Trade Aug. 191 7 ; author 
of H Problems of the Age " ; Companion of Honour 191 7. A Labour Member ; 
has sat for Stockport since Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Residence — 107, Brownlow Road, New Southgate, N. 

MAJOR W. WARING (Banffshire). 

Walter Waring, son of the late Charles Waring, M.P. for Poole 
1865-8, by Charlotte Eliza Mary Jane, who d. 1900, da. of Sir George Denys, 
2nd Bt. ; b. Aug. nth, 1876; ed. at Eton: m. 1 901, Lady Susan Elizabeth 
Clementine Hay, C.B.E. y da. of 10th Marquess of Tweeddale; formerly Capt. 
1st Life Guards ; served in S. Africa 1899-1900 (despatches) ; is Major Yeo., 
and a J. P. for Berwickshire ; was Master of the Horse to Lord-Lieut, of 
Ireland 1906, and Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Sec. of Board of 
Agriculture and Fisheries (Sir Edward Strachey, Bt., M.P.) 1910-11. A 
Liberal; unsuccessfully contested Wigtownshire 1906; has sat for Banffshire 
since Feb. 16th, 1907. 

Residences— q, Grosvenor Place, S W. ; Lennel, Coldstream, Berwickshire. 

COL. SIR (T.) COURTENAY (T.) WARNER, Bt. (Staffordshire, Lichfield 

(Thomas) Courtenay (Theydoti) 
Warner, C.B., 1st Baronet^ son of the late 
Edward Warner, J. P., D.L. (M.P. for Nor- 
wich), of Highams, Woodford, Essex, and 
49, Grosvenor Place, S.W., by Maria, da. of 
Thomas Carr, of New Ross, co. Waterford ; 
b. July 19th, 1857; ed. at Eton, and at 
Brasenose Coll., Oxford : m. 1883, Lady 
Leucha Diana Maude, da. of 1st Earl de 
Montalt ; is Lord-Lieut, of Suffolk, Pres. 
Suffolk Territorial Asso., a County Alder- 
man for W. Suffolk, a J. P. for Somerset, 
and Chm. Warner Estate Co., and of Law 
Land Co. ; was High Sheriff of Essex 1891, 
and Chm. of Central Chamber of Agriculture 
1906 ; formerly Lieut. -Col. and Hon. Col. 
Comdg. 3rd Batn. Oxfordshire and Bucking- 
hamshire L.I. ; cr. C.B. (Civil) 1909, and a 
Baronet 1910. A Liberal) unsuccessfully con- 
tested Coventry 1885 ; sat for N. Div. of 
Somerset July 1892 to July 1895; nas sat f° r 
Lichfield Div. of Staffordshire since Feb. 26th, 1896. 

Residences— Brettenham Park, Suffolk ; 34, Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Clubs- 
Bachelors', Reform, National Liberal. 



RIGHT HON. E. WASON (Clackmannan and Kinross shire . 

Eugene Wason, P.C., son of the late Peter 
Rigby Wason (M.P. for Ipswich), of Corwar, Ayrshire, 
by Euphemia, da. of Peter Mactier ; b. Jan. 26th, 
1846 ; ed. at Rugby, and at Wadham Coll., Oxford 
(B.A. 1868, M.A. 1870): m. 1870, Eleanor Mary, 
da. of Charles Reynolds Williams, D.L., of Doly- 
mellynllyn, Dolgelly, N. Wales ; Bar. Middle Temple 
1870; is a J. P. and D.L. for co. Ayr, and Chm. of 
Scottish Liberal Members, and of Committee on Food 
Production in Scotland ; P.C. 1907. A Liberal; sat 
for S. Div. of Ayrshire Dec. 1885 to June 1886. and 
July 1892 to July 1895; defeated there in 1886 and 
1895 ; has sat for Clackmannan and Kinross-shire since 
Dec. 20th. 1899. 
Residences— Blair, Dailly, Ayrshire ; 8, Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park. W. Club— Reform. 

J. C. WASON (Orkney and Shetland). 

John Cathcart Wason, younger son of the late Peter Rigby 
Wason (M.P. for Ipswich), of Corwar, Ayrshire, by Euphemia, da. of Peter 
Mactier; b. 1848: /;/. 1874, Alice, da. of Edward Bell; Bar. Middle Temple 
1887 ; has been a Member of New Zealand Parliament. A Liberal ; elected 
for Orkney and Shetland Oct. 24th, 1900 ; resigned Aug. 1902 on leaving the 
Liberal-Unionist Party; re-elected Nov. 19th, 1902, Feb. 13th, 1906, Feb. 
13th, 1910, and Dec. 14th, 1910. 

Residences— 40, Grosvenor Road, S.W. ; Penlan, Pinwherry, Ayrshire. Clubs— 
Reform. Royal Automobile. 

CAPT. J. B WATSON (Stockton-on-Tees). 

John Beitnnd Watson, son of the late John Wilson Watson, 
k May 16th, 1878 ; is Capt. in Army. A Coalition Member ; elected 
tockton-on-Tees March 20th, 191 7. 
Residence -Taunton, The Park, North End Road, Hampstead, N.W.3. 

HON. W. WAT80N Lanarkshire, Southern Division*. 

William Watson, A".(\, 2nd son of the late Baron 
1, a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary, by Margaret, who 
d. 1898, da. of Dugald J. Bannatyne ; b. Dec. 8th, 1873 ; ed. 
at Winchester, and at Jesus Coll.. UUBD. I »/. 1902, Sophia 
M.irjoti.-, da. M John I m, of We lurray- 

ti. Id : Advocate, Scotland 1899, and a K.C. 1914. An Unionist ; 
has sat for S I > . 12th, 1913. 

Residence— S, Ht- iinburgh. Clubs — New (Edinburgh), 

H. A WATT (Glasgow, College Division). 

Heni> Anderson Watt, third ion of George rieorj Watt, .1 

\ l: . I J I '; .il>eth Tayl< [ama 

Fob. 28th, 1868 iisgow 

uxl at (ilasgow Univ. (M.A. 1886): m. 1894. Caroline Egerton, 
da. of the late l.i eld, DvJUBf \ itnm ; Bar. 

Gray's Inn 1896; is a J. IV for Argrllsl 7 years engaged in mercantile 

pursuit sat for College Div. of Glasgow 

Jan. 1 8th, 1006. 

ResicUntft — Ardcnalate House, Hunter '» (^uay, AtgylUliire ; PrmpMerton, Dunscorc, 
Newton Blos»omville, Muck*. 

Glasgow Liberal, Scottish Liberal. 




LIEUT. COL. SIR HENRY WEBB. Bt (Gloucestershire, Forest of Dean Division). 

Henry Webb, ist Baronet, son of the 
late Henry Webb, of Bristol; b. 1866; ed. at 
Cardiff, and in Switzerland and France : m. 
1896, Ellen, da. of the late William Phillip 
Williams, of Cardiff; raised and commanded 
a Batn. Gloucestershire Regt. and a Batn. 
Worcestershire Regt. ; sometime Lieut. -Col. 
Comdg. a Batn. The Kings (Liverpool Regt.), 
(now Comdg. Labour Centre, W. Command) ; 
is a Mining Engineer, Coal Proprietor, a Pro- 
prietor of Westminster Gazette, a Director of 
Ocean Collieries (Limited), of Ocean Coal and 
Wilsons (Limited), and of Deep Navigation 
Collieries (Limited), a Life Member of Roy. 
Agricultural So., and of Shorthorn So., a 
Member of Council of Univ. Coll., S. Wales, 
a J. P. for Monmouthshire and Herefordshire, 
and a J.P. and D.L. for Gloucestershire ; 
sometime Capt. in Submarine Mining Driving 
Engineers ; was a Junior Lord of the Treasury 
(unpaid) April 1912 to May 1915 ; cr. a 

Baronet 1916. A Liberal', unsuccessfully contested S., or Ross, Division 

of Herefordshire Jan. and Dec. 1910 ; elected for Forest of Dean Div. of 

Gloucestershire Feb. 24th, 191 1. 

Residences — 2, Seymour Street, W. ; Llwynarthan, Castleton, near Newport ; Kilforge, 

Holme Lacey, co. Hereford ; Scott's Overy Staithe, Burnham Market, Norfolk. Clubs— 

Reform Bath National Liberal. 

J. C. WEDGWOOD (Newcastle-under-Lyme). 
Josiah Clement Wedgwood, D.S.O., 2nd son of the late Clement 
Francis Wedgwood, master potter, of Barlaston, Staffordshire, by Emily 
Catherine, da. of the late James Meadows Rendel, F. R.S., of 8, Great George 
Street, S.W. ; b. 1872 ; ed. at Clifton Coll., and in Germany: m. 1894, the 
Hon. Ethel Kate, da. of the 1st Baron Bowen, a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary ; 
is a Member of Staffordshire County Council, and a D.L. for Stafford ; served 
during S. African War as Capt. Elswick Battery, R.F.A. (despatches twice), 
subsequently becoming Resident Magistrate of Ermelo Dist. of Transvaal, and 
during European War in Flanders 1914 and subsequently in Gallipoli 1915 
as Com. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve (wounded, D.S.O.) ; D.S.O. 1915 ; ap- 
pointed an Assist. Director Trench Warfare Depart., Ministry of Munitions 
1917. A Liberal, and a "Single Taxer"" ; has sat for Newcastle-under-Lyme 
since Jan. 16th, 1906. 

Residence — Crunham, Gloucestershire. Club — National Liberal. 

LIEUT-COL. W. E. G. A. WEIGALL (Lincolnshire, South Lindsey, or Horncastle 

William Ernest George Archibald Weigall, son of Henry 
Weigall, J. P., D.L., of Southwood St. Laurence, Isle of Thanet, by Lady 
Rose Sophia Mary Fane, da. of nth Earl of Westmorland ; b. Dec. 8th, 1874 ; 
ed. at Wellington Coll., and at Cirencester Agriculture Coll. (gold medallist) : 
m. 1910, Grace Emily Blundell, da. of Sir John Blundell Maple, M.P., 1st Bt. 
(ext.) ; is a J.P- for Kent and Lincolnshire* and Capt. Yeo. ; has been Lieut. - 
Col. Head-Quarters Staff, and Inspector of Q.M.G., Sers. N. Command; 
formerly Major 3rd Batn. Northamptonshire Regt. ; appointed Surveyor of 
Food Consumption in Public Sers. 1918. A Conservative; elected for S. 
Lindsey, or Horncastle, Div. of Lincolnshire Feb. 16th, 191 1. 

Residences—^ Portman Square, W. : Petwood, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. 



COL. J. W. WESTON (Westmorland, Southern, or Kendal, Division). 

John Wakefield Weston, son of the late Rev. G. F. Weston, 
V. of Crosby, Ravensworth ; b. June 13th, 1852 ; ed. at Rugby, and 
at Univ. Col., Oxford ; is a J. P. for Westmorland, Chm. of its County 
Council and of Kendal Board of Guardians and Dist. Council, and Vice-Chm. 
Westmorland Territorial Force Asso. (T.D.) ; was Lieut. -Col. and Hon. Col. 
Comdg. 4th Batn. Border Regt. 1896- 1910. An Independent Unionist-, elected 
for S., or Kendal, Div. of Westmorland March 18th, 1913. 
Residence — Enyeat, Endmoor, Kendal, Westmorland. 

LIEUT.GEN. SIR AYLMER G. HTJNTER-WESTON (Ayrshire, North Division). 

Aylmer Gould Hunter- 
Weston, K.C.8., D.S.O., elder 
son of the late Lieut. -Col. Gould 
Read Hunter - Weston, D.L., 
F.S.A., of Hunterston, Ayrshire ; 
b. Sept. 23rd, 1864; ed. at Wel- 
lington Coll., and at R.M.A. : m. 
1905, Grace, only da. of the late 
William Strang Steel, of Philip- 
haugh, Selkirkshire ; entered R.E. 
1884, became Capt. 1892, Brevet 
Major 1895, Brevet Lieut. -Col. 
1900, Brevet Col. 1906, Col. 1908, 
Maj.-Gen. 1914, and temporary 
Lieut. -Gen. 191 5 ; served with 
Miranzai Expedition 1891, with 
Waziristan Delimitation Escort 
1894, present at night action at 
Wana (despatches), with Wazi- 
ristan Field Force 1894-5, Comdg 
Bengal Sappers and Miners 
(wounded, despatches medal 
with clasp, Brevet Major), with Dongola Expedition 1896 on Staff, present 
at battle of Kirket (despatches, medal, Egyptian medal with clasp, 4U1 CUMM 
Medjidie), in S. Africa 1 899- 1 901 successively in command of Mounted 
Engineers, Comdg. R.E. of Lieut. -Gen. French's C*T. Div., DA. AG. Cav. 
Div., Ch. Staff Officer to Lieut. -Gen. French, and finally in command of ■ 
Column, present at operations around Colobefg, actions of Dekiels Drift and 
Kliji Drift, relief of KimU-rley. actions of Paardeherg, Driefontein, Thaba 
'Nchu, Karec Siding, LeeoWKOp, Roodekopi Zand River, Johannesburg, 
Diamond Hill, Belfast, etc., and in command of live Cav. Raids during MhmDOfl 
to Pretoria, cutt, 1 and telegl rth of Bloemfontein, I 

stadt, and Pretoria (d< nodal with seven clasps, Brevet Lieut.-Col., 

D.S.O.), and during European War 1914-17 Comdg. first an Inf. Brig, in 
France, subsequently 1 urdanelles at landing at Cape Hellcs. after- 

wards an Army Corps there, and subsequently in France (despatches four 
promoted Maj.-Gen. and temporary Lt. Gen., K.C.B., Com. of Legion 
nd Officer of Order of Crown of Bclgiun n. Col. 

wrshirc, and a Knight of Justice of the 
\. \ I . . 1 .. Com- 
mand 1 004. er there 1906, Col. General Stai 
Command iochS, Assist. 1 Mil. Training. iff at War 
Office Comdg. an Inf. Brig. 1014; D.S.O. IOCO, CB. (Mil.) 1911, 
K.C.B. (Mil.) 1915. A Coalition Member ; has sat for N. Div. of Ayrshire 
since Oct. nth, 1916. 

Residtncts—i, Culford Garden*. S.W. 3 : Huntcnton. We»t Kilbride, Ayrshire ; I .arte 
Dorset. C7w*x-C»rlt<>n. Hurlingham, Royal Automobile, Naval and Military, 



MAJOR G. C. H. WHELER (Kent, North-Eastern, or Faversham, Division). 

Granville Charles Hastings 
WHKLBR, son of the late Charles Wheler 
Wheler, of Otterden Place, Faversham, 
Kent, and Ledston Hall, Castleford, York- 
shire, by Elizabeth Townsend, el. da. of 
William Hall, of Syndale Park, Kent; (,. 
Oct. 2nd, 1872 : m. 1905, Ffaith Florence, 
da. of the late Capt. E. T. Clarke, of 
Alcombe Cote, Dunster, Somerset ; Bar. 
Middle Temple 1898; is a J.P. for W. 
Riding of Yorkshire, and a J.P. and D.L. 
for Kent ; appointed Inspector of Quarter- 
master- Gen. 's Sers., W. Command 191 5, 
with rank of Major. A Conservative ; un- 
successfully contested Osgoldcross Div. of 
E. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire Jan. 
1906, and Colne Valley Div. of S. Part of 
\V. Riding of Yorkshire July 1907 ; has sat 
for N.-E., or Faversham, Div. of Kent since 
Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residences— Otterden Place, Faversham, Kent; Ledston Hall, Castleford, Yorkshire. 
Clubs — Carlton, Oxford and Cambridge, Royal Automobile. 

LIEUT.-COL. G. DALRYMPLE WHITE (Lancashire, South-West, Southport 

Godfrey Dalrymple White, son of the late Gen. Sir Henry 
Dalrymple White, K.C.B., who commanded 6th Inniskilling Dragoons 
throughout Crimean War, by Alice Elizabeth, da. of the late Neil Malcolm, 
of Poltalloch, Argyllshire ; b. July 6th, 1866; ed. at Wellington Coll., and at 
Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst : m. 191 2, the Hon. Catherine Mary Cary, da. 
of 12th Viscount Falkland ; commanded a Batn. Grenadier Guards 1914-16 ; 
is a F.R.G.S. ; served in S. Africa 1899-1902, present at actions of Belfast 
and Caledon River, and in operations in Cape Colony (despatches, Queen's 
medal with three clasps, King's medal with two clasps), and during European 
War 1916 on Staff, with rank of Lieut. -Col. A Conservative; unsuccessfully 
contested E., or Devizes, Div. of Wilts Jan. 1906; has sat for Southport 
Div. of Lancashire (S.W.) since Jan. 24th, 1910. 

Residence— 95, Eaton Square. S.W. Clubs — Carlton, Guards', Travellers', Bachelors'. 

J. D. WHITE (Glasgow, Tradeston Division). 

James Dundas White, el. son of the late John Orr White, 
of Sunnyside, Kingswood Road, Upper Norwood, S.E., by Fanny Campbell, 
da. of the late James White, of Overtoun, Dumbarton ; b. July 10th, 1866 ; 
ed. at Rugby, and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. and LL.B. 1888, M.A. 1892, 
LL.M. 1894, LL.D. 1901) ; ///. 1894, Lydia Grace, da. of the late Rev. R. 
Haythornthwaite, V. of Cleator Moor, Cumberland ; Bar. Inner Temple 1891; 
has written on economic, legal, and nautical subjects; was Parliamentary 
Private Sec. to successive Sees, for Scotland (Baron Pentland and Rt. Hon. 
T. McKinnon Wood, M.P.) 1910-16, to Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster, 
and Financial Sec. to the Treasury (Rt. Hon. T. McKinnon Wood, M.P.) 
July to Dec. 1916. A Liberal; sat for Dumbartonshire Jan. 1906 to Dec. 
1910; elected for Tradeston Div. of Glasgow July 6th, 191 1. 

Residence— 43, Burton Court, Sloane Square, S.W. Chambers — Goldsmith Building, 
Temple, E.C- Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Eighty, Glasgow Liberal, 


SIR LUKE WHITE (Yorkshire, East Riding, Buckrose Division). 

Luke White, son of James White, of Deighton, E. Yorkshire ; 
/>. March 1st, 1845 : ///. 1869, a da. of A. Wood (she d. 1916) ; began life .as 
an office lad ; became a Solicitor's managing clerk 1868; admitted a Solicitor 
1874; is a Member of Incorporated Law So., Coroner for E. Riding of York- 
shire, and a J. P. and D.L. for E. Yorkshire; many years Chm. of Driffield 
Local Board and Urban Dist. Council ; Knt. 1908. A Liberal ; has sat for 
Buckrose Div. of E. Riding of Yorkshire since Oct. I2th, 1900. 

Residence — Driffield. East Yorkshire. 

P. WHITE (Meath County, North Meath Division). 

Patrick White, son of Thomas White, of Clonalvy, co. Meath; 
b. i860 ; is .1 Member of Dublin Corporation, and one of the Treasurers of the 
United Irish League. A Nationalist; has sat for N. Meath Div of Meath 
co. since Oct. 4th, 1900. 

Residence — Clonalvy, Balbriggan. 

J. H. WHITEBOUSE (Lanarkshire, Mid Division). 

John Howard Whitehouse ; b. 1873; ed. privately, and at 
Midland Institute, and Mason Coll. ; organised social work at Bournville ; 
appointed first Sec. of Carnegie Dunfermline Trust 1903, Sec. of Toynbee 
Hall 1905, and Warden of Manchester Univ. Settlement 1908; has been 
Editor of Saint George since 1897 ; is Hon. Sec. of National League of 
Workers with Boys, Eounder and Warden of Secondary Schoolboys' Camp ; 
appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. (unpaid) to Under Sec. of State for 
Home Depart. 1910, to Financial Sec. to the Treasury 191 2 and to Chan- 
cellor of the Exchequer 1913, and a Member of Departmental Committee on 
Reformatory Schs. 1912 ; author of "Problems of a Scottish Provincial Town," 
"A National System of Education," etc. A Liberal; has sat for Mid Div. 
of Lanarkshire since Jan. 27th, 1910. 

Residence— 11, Hammersmith Terrace, W. Clubs— National Liberal, Eighty, Glasgow 

8IR HERBERT J. WHITELEY, Bt (Worcestershire, Mid. or Droitwich, Division). 

Herbert James WHITEL1Y, 1st lnironet, son of the late George 
Whiteley, of Halifax, by Margaret, <la. of James Pickop, M.I)., of Blackburn; 
b. Dec. 8th, 1857 ; ed. privately, and abroad : w. 1895, Florence Kate, 
el. <la. of William Balk- Huntington, D.L., of Woodland, h.uwcn, Lanca- 

M 1 I.I', and a cotton spinner and manufacturer of Blackln; 
which Borough ha was Mayor 1892, an«l a I.P, for Wore 
*9'3) I < r - ■ Baronet 1918. A Con sat for Ashton-un<l< 1 

July 1S95 to Jan. 1906, when I ated therefor; has sat f 

or Droitwich, Div. of Worcestershire since Feb. 29th, 1916. 

Residence -Tboengrov, near Worcester. Clubs— Carlton, Constitutional. 


John Henry Whitley, P.C.sonofthe ui Whitley, of 

Halifax ; /• I ,„.l at London I 

1885): ///. 1892, Marghcrita Virginia, cotton 

■pfakDtt, tad 1 [ P. for W. Riding of Yorkshire; was a Jul of tbi 


Treasury March 1907 to Feb. 1910, and Dep. Chm. of Committees Feb. 1910 
to Oct. 191 1, since when he has been Dep. Speaker and Chm. of Ways 
and Means. A Liberal ; has sat for Halifax since Oct. 4th, 1900; P.C. 

Residences- 61, Burton Court, Chelsea, S.W.3; Brantwood, Halifax. Clubs— National 
Libera), Eighty. 

RIGHT HON. SIR THOMAS P. WHITTAKER (Yorkshire, West Riding, Eastern 
Part, Spen VaUey Division). 

Thomas Palmer Whittaker, P.C, son of Thomas Whittaker, 
J. P., of Scarborough, by Louisa Palmer, of London ; b. Jan. 7th, 1850 ; ed. at 
Huddersfield Coll. : m. 1874, Emma Mary, da. of Capt. Charles Theedam ; 
formerly a Member of Scarborough Corporation ; was a Member of Roy. 
Commn. on Licensing 1896-9 ; is Chm. and Managing Director of United 
Kingdom Temperance and Gen. Provident Institution ; author of articles on 
Economics and Social Questions in the leading Reviews ; appointed Chm. 
of Roy. Commn. on Paper 1916; knighted 1906; P.C. 1908. A Liberal', 
has sat for Spen Valley Div. of E. Part of W. Riding of Yorkshire since 
July 13th, 1892. 

Residences— 2, Wetherby Gardens, S.W. ; 5, Harrington Mansions, Eastbourne. 
Club— Reform. 

P. J. WHITTY (Louth County, North Louth Division). 

Patrick Joseph Whitty, son of the late Dr. Whitty, of Water- 
ford ; b. 1894 ; is an accountant. A Nationalist ; has sat for N. Div. of 
Louth co. since Feb. 24th, 1916. 

Residence— 22, Cross Avenue, Blackrock, co. Dublin. 

A. F. WHYTE (Perth). 
Alexander Frederick Whyte, son of the Rev. Alexander 
VVhyte, D.D., Principal of New College, Edinburgh, by Jane Elizabeth, da. 
of the late G. F. Barbour, of Bonskeid, N.B. ; b. Sept. 30th, 1883 5 ed - at 
Edinburgh Acad., and at Jena and Edinburgh Univs. (M.A. 1st Class Honours 
1905) : m. 1912, Margaret Emily, da. of the Rev. William Fairweather, D.D., 
of Dunnikier, Kirkcaldy ; is Hon. Lieut. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve ; was 
Lecteur d'Anglais, Sorbonne, Paris 1905-6, and Warden Edinburgh Univ. 
Settlement 1907-8 ; appointed Parliamentary Private Sec. to Rt. Hon. W. L. 
Spencer-Churchill, M.P. (when Sec. of State for Home Depart.) 1910 and 
(when First Lord of the Admiralty) 191 1. A Liberal \ has sat for Perth since 
Jan. 17th, 1910. 

Residence— 3, Barton Street, S.W. 

RIGHT HON. T. WILES (Islington, South Division). 

Thomas Wiles, P.C, son of the late Joseph Wiles, of St. 
Albans, Herts; b. June 19th, 1861 ; ed. at Amersham Hall Sch. : m. 1890, 
Winifred Alice, youngest da. of the late Rev. Harris Crassweller, of Highbury; 
appointed Private Sec. to T. M. Wood, M.P. (when Under Sec. of State 
for Foreign Affairs) 1908 and (when Financial Sec. to the Treasury) 191 1 ; 
is senior member of the firm of Joseph Wiles and Son (Limited), grain 
merchants, of London House, Crutched Friars, E.C., Sec. to London Liberal 
Members in House of Commons, and a J. P. for Oxfordshire; P.C. 1916. 
A Liberal; has sat for S. Div. of Islington since Jan. 15th, 1906. 

Residences— 168, Ashley Gardens, S.W. ; Satwell Spinneys, Rotherfield Greys, Oxon. 
Clubs — Reform National Liberal. 


A. WILKIE (Dundee). 

Alexander Wilkie, C.H., son of William Wilkie, of Leven ; 
b. Sept., 1850 ; formerly Sec. of Glasgow Shipwrights ; is Gen. Sec. of 
Ship constructors' and Shipwrights' Asso., a Member of Newcastle City 
Council and of its Education Committee, and of Industrial Council, a Labour 
Adviser to Shipping Controller, a J. P., and a Trustee of Gen. Federation of 
Trades Unions ; took part in establishing Labour Representation Committee ; 
Companion of Honour 191 7. A Labour Member ; unsuccessfully contested 
Sunderland Oct. 1900; has sat for Dundee since Jan. 16th, 1906. 
Reside nee— Leven House. Lesbury Road, Heaton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

A. WILLIAMS 'Durham County, North- West Division). 

Aneurin Williams, son of the late Edward Williams, J. P., 
of Cleveland Lodge, Middlesbrough; b. Oct. nth, 1859; ed. at St. Johns 
Coll., Camb. (B.A. Classical Tripos 1880, M.A. 1883); m. 1888, Helen 
Elizabeth, da. of John Pattinson, J. P., of Shipcote House, Gateshead; Bar. 
Inner Temple 1884 ; is a J. P. for Surrey, a Director of Welsh National House 
Trust (Limited), Chm. of Executive International Co-operative Alliance; 
sometime a partner in Linthorpe Iron Works of Middlesbrough. A Liberal ; 
unsuccessfully contested Mid, or Medway, Div. of Kent 1906; sat for Ply- 
mouth Jan. 1910 to Dec. 1910, when he was defeated; elected for N.-W. Div. 
of Durham co. Jan. 30th, 1914. 

Residence— Wheelside, Hindhead, Surrey. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Eighty. 

J. WILLIAMS (Glamorgan. Western, or dower, Division). 

John Williams, son of David Williams, of Aberaman, 
Glamorgan, by his wife, Hannah; A, 1861 : m. 1884, Lizzie, da. of Daniel 
Jones, of Aberaman, Glamorgan ; commenced life as a miner ; has been Gen. 
Sec. of Amalgamated So. of S. Wales Colliery Workers ; sometime a Member 
nt Mountain Ash Dist. Council. A Labour Member', has sat for W., or 
Gower, Div. of Glamorgan since Jan. 23rd, 1906. 
Residence -Skctc. . 

COL. P. WILLIAMS (Middlesbrough) 

lVnry Williams, son of Edward Williams, of Middlesbrough ; 
5th, 1866 : m. 1st, 1890, Alexandra Octavia, who d. 1904, da. of 
William Jenkins, of Consett, CO. Durham ; 2ndly, 1906, Kdith Martha, da. 
of the late William Petherick ; is UeUt-CoL ami H.m. Col. (Y ! 
Territorial Force, Lieut. -Col. Yorkshire Regt. and employed on Recruiting 
: >irector of Linthorpe- Dinsdale Smelting Co. ( Limited), and a J. P. 
b and for N. Riding <>f Yorkshire. A libera/; has 
Middlesbrough since Jan. iSth, I910. 

Res idences— Consult House, (Jrovc Hill, Middlesbrough; Pinchinthorpe Hall. 
brough, Yorkshire. 

COL. SIR ROBERT WILLIAMS. Bt. (Dorset, West Division). 

Robert Williams, i^t Baron$t % el. son of the late Robert 

Williams ,M.r. . If hi -ad, Don better, | . 

of the late Rev. John William CuiUlin 
June 15th, 184V i and at ( h. (h.. Oxford: m. iS(>w 

;. IOI Nathaniel Phill 

ctshire K« hi. 

County A l London, 

the S w. Rail* iVUlfaum I >cacons' Ban 

ininittee of Canterhn 1 

Con \\ . I»iv. of Dorfeet since May 14th, 1895. 

Residence— Bridehead, Dorchaater. Clubs— Carlton, National, British Empire. 


T. J. WILLIAMS (Swansea District). 

Thomas Jeremiah Williams, son of the late William Williams, 

formerly M.P. for Swansea Dist. ; b. March 31st, 1872 : m. 1912, Laura 

Alice, da. of the late Thomas Marlow, of Southport ; Bar. Gray's Inn 1902 ; 

is a J. P. for Glamorgan. A Liberal : elected for Swansea Dist. Feb. 6th. 191 5. 

Residence — Maesygwernen Hall, Morriston, Glamorganshire. 

W. L. WILLIAMS (Carmarthen District). 

William Llewelyn Williams, K.C, son of the late Morgan 
Williams, of Brownhill, Llangadock, Carmarthenshire, by Sarah, da. of 
Thomas Da vies, of Bankylan, Llansadwrn ; b. March 10th, 1867 ; ed. at 
Llandovery Coll., and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford (B.A. and B.C.L. 1899) : 
in. 1891, Elinor, da. of the late James Jenkins, of Glansawdde, Llangadock, 
Carmarthenshire ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1897, a K.C. 1912, and a Bencher 1917 ; 
goes S. Wales and Chester Circuit ; appointed a Prosecuting Counsel to the 
Post Office 1907, and Recorder of Swansea 1912, and of Cardiff 1915. A 
Liberal ; has sat for Carmarthen Dist. since Jan. 17th, 1906. 

Residence— in, Ashley Gardens, S.W. Chambers— 3, King's Bench Walk, Temple, 

E.C. Club— National Liberal, Reform, Eighty. 

W. E. HUME-WILLIAMS (Nottinghamshire, Bassetlaw Division). 
William Ellis Hume-Williams, K.C, only son of Joseph 
William Home-Williams, Bar.-at-law, by Agnes, da. of James Malet Charter, 
J. P., D.L., of Lynchfield Hall, Bishop's Lideard, Somerset ; b. i860 ; ed. at 
Trin. Hall, Camb. (B.A. and LL.B. 1880); Bar. Middle Temple 1881, a 
K.C. 1899, and a Bencher 1906 ; goes S.-E. Circuit ; appointed Recorder of 
Bury St. Edmunds 1901, and of Norwich 1905 ; is a Knight of Grace of 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. A Conservative ; unsuccess- 
fully contested N. Div. of Monmouthshire July 1895, Frome Div. of Somerset- 
shire Oct. 1900, and N. Div. of Kensington Jan. 1906 ; has sat for Bassetlaw 
Div. of Nottinghamshire since Jan. 24th, 1910. 

Chambers— 3, Hare Court, Temple, E.C. Club— Carlton. 

SIR ARCHIBALD WILLIAMSON, Bt. (Elginshire and Nairnshire). 

Archibald Williamson, 1st Baronet, 
el. son of the late Stephen Williamson (M.P. for 
St. Andrews Dist. 1880-85, and Kilmarnock 
Dist. 1886-95), °f Copley, Thornton Hough. 
Cheshire, and Glenogil, Forfarshire, by Annie, 
da. of the late Rev. Thomas Guthrie, D.D., of 
Edinburgh; b. Sept. 13th, i860; ed. at Craig- 
mount Sch., Edinburgh, and at Edinburgh 
Univ. : m. 1st, 1887, Caroline Maria, who d. 
191 1, da. of the late James Charles Hayne ; 
2ndly, 1912, the Hon. Agnes Freda, da. of 
1st Baron Herschell ; is a partner in Balfour, 
Williamson and Co., merchants, Vice-Pres. of 
Liverpool Queen Victoria Dist. Nursing Asso., 
a Member of Council of Jubilee Institute for 
Nurses, and of Royal National Pensions Fund 
for Nurses, Chm. of Endsleigh Palace Hospital 
for Officers, and of Electric Power Supply 
Committee (1917), a J.P. for City of Liverpool, 
and a Director of Lobitos Oilfields (Limited), Central Argentine Railway, 



and other cos.; appointed Chm. of Home Office Committee on Taxi-Cabs 
191 1, of Board of Trade Committee on Derelicts 1913, of Local Govt. Board 
Committee on Short Weight 1914, and of Post Office Committee on Tele- 
giaph Organisation 1914, and a Meml>er of Mesopotamia Commn. 1916 ; cr. 
a Baronet 1909. A Liberal \ has sat for Elginshire and Nairnshire since Jan. 
17th, 1906. 

Residences — 36, Belgrave Square, S.W. ; The Cottage, Glenogil, Kirriemuir, Forfarshire. 
Clubs Krform, Bath. Automobile, City of Ix>ndon. 


Lincolnshire, South Kesteven. or Stamford, Division). 

Claud Heathcote-Drummond- 

Willoughby, 3rd son of 1st Earl Ancaster, of 
Normanton Park, Stamford, Grimthorpe Castle, 
Bourne, Lincolnshire, Drummond Castle, Crieff, 
N.B., and 12, Belgrave Square, S.W., by Lady 
Evelyn Elizabeth Gordon, da. of 10th Man; 
Huntly ; b. Oct. 15th, 1872 : ///. 1905, Lady 
Florence Frankland-Russell-Astley, da. of 3rd 
Marquess Conyngham. and widow of Bertram Frank- 
land Frankland-Russell-Astley ; formerly Major 
Coldstream Guards; served in S. Africa 1899-1902 
(Queen's medal with five clasps, King's medal with two clasps) ; is lieu: 
Cumd^. a Batn. Machine Gun Corps. A Conservative ; has sat for S. Kesieven. 
■ford, Div. of Lincolnshire since Jan. 28th, 1910. 
Residences, Upper Berkeley Street, W. Clubs— Guards', Carlton, Turf. 


(iill>ert Alan Hamilton Wilis, 2nd 
Baronel, son of Sir Frederick Wills, 1 
of Norihmoor, near Dulverton, by Anne, el. 
da. of the Rev. James Hamilton, 1» . ! 
Loflgridge, Stonehousc, l.anaikshire ; b. 
March 28th, 1880; ed. privately, and at 
Magdalen Coll., Oxford (H.A. 1904) : ///. 
1914, \ I Rear-A<lu 

Bd««rd "Inches' I M <.., 9th lit. : 

1 .1 i.r. f..i Sonera I 
\ 1 » < . to Lord-Lieat of Ireland 

1908-12. A CliM I umion 

Nov 1 11b, 1912. 

Sent •NetthSMMT, I>iil\nt.»n. 

it. .11. 


CAPT. A. S. WILSON Yorkshire, East Riding. Holderness Division . 

Arthui L son ol Ihe late Arthtii Wilson, <»i 

Ti.inl.y ( loft, I lull, and 17 

H.I. Smitl ;«Hh, 1868 : ed. lalenc 

1892, Alice Cecil Ague* 

.1 ^1 

Edmund I 


Bt., of East Sutton, Kent ; is a J. P. for E. Riding of Yorkshire, and Capt. 
Territorial Force Reserve Yeo. ; served during European War 19 15- 16 as 
Foreign Ser. Messenger (prisoner, released 1917). A Conservative ; has sat 
for Holderness Div. of E. Riding of Yorkshire since Oct. loth, 1900. 
Residence— Ray well, Hull. Clubs— Bachelors', Marlborough. 

LIEUT. COL. THE HON. GUY G. WILSON (Hull, West Division). 

Guy Greville Wilson, D.S.O., son of 1st Baron 
Nunbumholme, of Warter Priory, York, and 41, Grosvenor 
Square, W., by Florence Jane Helen, da. of the late Col. 
William Henry Charles Wellesley, formerly 7th Fusiliers ; 
b. May 19th, 1877; ed. at Eton: m. 1st, 1904, Lady Isabel 
Innes-Ker, who d. 1905, da. of 7th Duke of Roxburghe ; 
2ndly, 191 1, Avery, da. of Geoffrey Fowell Buxton, of 
Dunston Hall, Norwich; entered nth Hussars 1898, and 
retired as Lieut. 1903 ; served in S. Africa 1902 (despatches, 
Queen's medal with five clasps, D.S.O.), and during European 
War 1915-16; is Lieut.-Col. Yeo., a J.P. and D.L. for E. 
Riding of Yorkshire, a Director of Earle's Shipbuilding 
and Engineering Co. (Limited), and of Thomas Wilson, 
Sons and Co. (Limited), ship owners, and Pres. of Hull 
Junior Liberal Asso. ; appointed Parliamentary Sec. to First 

Lord of the Admiralty 1910 ; D.S.O. 1902. A Liberal; has sat for W. Div. 

of Hull since Nov. 29th, 1907. 

Residences— 1, Portman Square, W. ; Park House, Cottingham, East Yorkshire. Clubs— 
Bachelors', Brooks's, Cavalry. 

RIGHT HON. J. W. WILSON (Worcestershire. North Division). 

John William W t ilson, P.C., el. son of the late John Edward 
Wilson, of Wyddrington, Edgbaston Birmingham, by Catharine, who d. 1914, 
da. of the late George Stacey, of Tottenham ; b. Oct. 22nd, 1858 ; ed. at 
Grove House Sch., Tottenham, and in Germany : m. 1883, Florence Jane, 
who*/. 191 1, da. of the late Smith Harrison, of Woodford, Essex; is a chemical 
manufacturer, a J.P. for Worcestershire and Herefordshire, a Director of 
Great Western Railway Co., and a member of the firm of Albright and 
Wilson (Limited), of Oldbury ; P.C. 191 1. A Libera/; has sat for N. Div. 
of Worcestershire since July 23rd, 1895. 

Residences— 4, Whitehall Court, S.W. ; Perrycroft, Malvern. Clubs- National Liberal, 
Reform, Bath. 

LIEUT.-COL. L. 0. WILSON (Reading). 
Leslie Orme Wilson, C.M.G., D.S.O., son of Henry Wilson, 
formerly of 3, Stanhope Street, Hyde Park, W. ; b. Aug. 1st, 1876; ed. at 
St. Paul's Sch. : m. 1909, Winifred, da. of Capt. Charles Smith, of Goderich, 
Sydney, N. S. Wales ; entered R M.L.I. 1895, and became Capt. 1901 ; retired 
1909; commanded a Batn. Roy. Naval Div. at Gallipoli 1915, with rank of 
Lieut.-Col. R.M. (despatches); served in S. Africa 1899-1900 (severely 
wounded, despatches, D.S.O.;, and during European War 1916 (severely 
wounded, despatches, C.M.G.); is Lieut.-Col. Reserve of Officers R.M. ; 
D.S.O. 1900, CM. G. 1916. A Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Tower 
Hamlets, Poplar Div. Jan. 1910 ; has sat as M.P. for Reading since Nov. 8th, 
1 91 3, having been defeated there Dec. 1910. 

Residence— Tithe Barn, Wokingham, Berks. Clubs— Carlton, United Service, Bath. 



LIEUT. COL SIR MATHEW R H. WILSON, Bt. (Bethnal Green, South- 
west Division). 

Mutlu'w Richard Henry Wilson, 
C.S.I., 4th /uirottrt, son of Sir Mathew 
Amcotts Wilson, 3rd Bt., by Georgina Mary, 
da. of the late Richard T. Lee, of Grove 
Hall, Knottingley, Yorkshire ; b. Aug. 24th, 
1875 ; ed. at Harrow : tn. 1905, the Hon. 
Barbara Lister, da. of 4th Baron Ribbles- 
dale ; formerly Major 10th Hussars ; was 
Mil. Sec. to Com.-in-Ch. in India .1909-11 ; 
served in S. Africa 1899- 1902, piesent at 
actions of Paardeberg, Poplar Grove, and 
Dreifontein, and at Relief of Kimberley 
(Queen's medal with five clasps, King's 
medal with two clasps) ; is Lieut.-Col. Yeo. ; 
C.S.I. 191 1. A Conservative; has sat for 
S.-W. Div. of Bethnal Green since Feb. 
19th, 1914. 

Seats— Eshton Hall, Gargrave, Leeds; Hill 
House, Stanmore. Clubs — Army and Navy, Carl* 
ton, Bath. 

W. T. WILSON (Lancashire, South-East, Westhoughton Division). 

William Tyson W 11. son, son of Edward Wilson, by his wife, 
Anne; A. 1855 : ///. 1882, Frances, da. of George Tyrrell, of Lancaster ; 
served his apprenticeship as a carpenter ; is a Member of the Carpenters' and 
Joiners' Union (Chm. 1898-1906), and a J.P. for Lancashire; one of the 
founders of Bolton Building Trades Federation, and of Conciliation Boards 
for the settlement «>f disputes in the Building Trades. A>our Metnber ; 
al for Westhoaghtoa Div. of Lancashire s.-E.) since Jan. 18th, 1906. 

Residence ~<$, Mornington Road, Bolton, Lancashire. 

SIR RICHARD WINFREY (Norfolk. South-Western Division). 

Richard Winfrey, son of Richard Francis Winfrey, J. P., of 

lx>ng Sutton, Lincolnshire; 6. Aug. 5th, 1858 ; ed. at Kings Lynn: m. 
1897, Annie Lucy, da. of William nttttason, oootl Uuskington. 

Lincoh 1 Member of P eto b o tongjh Town Council Mayor 1913-14) 

and of County Council for Soke of Peterborough, a J.P. for Norfolk and 
Peterborough, Managing I I newspaper cos. ; appointed 

Assist. inpmkl 1 to 1 thure (Earl 

1) 1906, and Parliamentary A Agriculture and Fisheries 

in Na; Dec. 1916 ; author of "Ti Small Holdings"; 

\V. Div. of Norfolk since Jan. l8th, 
1906, having been there 189s and 1900. 

Ren inc. l'ctrrl>or<»iiKh ; Hun*l*nton-on-S«o, Norfolk. Ctttbs- 

■ il*r»l. 

T. E. WINO (Durham County, Houghton le Spring Division). 

rard Wing, ion <»t Edward Wlnjr, i gem 

I Diaries Wright. 
I tobson, • 

unentary Agent for United Kingdom Commercial 

music trade : is a popular 

lecturer on social ami oth< 1 rfansby 

. 1910, when he wis defeated ; has sat for Hough ton-le- 

1 h 18th, 191 

lU m n 3 , Woodland Crescent, Muswell ftill Road. N. 



MAJOR THE EARL WINTERTON (Sussex, North-West, or Horsham, Division). 

Edward Turnour, 6th Earl 
IVintc/ton, only son of 5th Marl "Winter- 
ton, of Shillinglee Park, Chiddingfold, 
by Lady Georgians Susan Hamilton, da. 
of ist Duke of Abercorn, K.G. ; b. April 
4th, 1883 ; s. to the Earldom 1907 ; 
ed. at Eton, and at New Coll., Oxford ; 
is a Member of Sussex Territorial Force 
Asso., and a J. P. for Sussex ; served dur- 
ing European War 191 5- 17 as Major 
imperial Camel Hrig. ; appointed Private 
Sec. to Financial Sec. of the Admiralty 
1905. A Conservative ; has sat for 
N.-W., or Horsham, Div. of Sussex since 
Nov. nth, 1904. 

Residence — Shillinglee Park, Petworth, 
Sussex. Clubs— Carlton, Pratt's, Turf, Marl- 
borough, Beefsteak. 

CAPT. VISCOUNT WOLMER (Lancashire, South-West, Newton Division). 

Roundell Cecil Palmer ( Viscount 
Wplmer), el. son of 2nd Earl of Selbome, 
of Blackmoor, Liss, Hants, and 49, Mount 
Street, W., by Lady Beatrix Maud Cecil, 
da. of 3rd Marquess of Salisbury ; />. 
April 15th, 1887 ; ed. at Winchester, and 
at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1909): ///. 
1910, the Hon. Grace Ridley, da. of ist 
Viscount Ridley ; is Capt. Hampshire 
Regt. ; appointed Parliamentary Private 
Sec. to Under Sec. of State for Foreign 
Affairs 1916, and Assist. Director of War 
Trade Depart. Dec. 1916. A Liberal 

Unionist', elected for Lancashire (S.-W.), Newton Div. Dec. 7th, 1910, 

having been defeated there Jan. 1910. 

Residences— 1, Chester Gate, Regent's Park, N.W. ; Hlackmcor. Liss, Hants. Clubs— 

Brooks's, Cavendish. 

MAJOR THE HON. E. F. L- WOOD (Yorkshire, West Riding, Eastern Part, 
Ripon Division). 

Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, only 
surviving son of 2nd Viscount Halifax, of Ilickleton 
Hall, Doncaster, St. Mary's, Bovey Tracey, Devon, 
and 88, Eaton Square, S.W., by Lady Agnes Eliza- 
beth Courtenay. only da. of nth Karl of Devon ; b. 
April 16th, 1881 ; ed. at Eton, and at Ch. Ch., 
Oxford (B.A. 1903, M.A. 1906); Fellow of All 
Souls' Coll., Oxford 1903 : m. 1909, Lady Dorothy 
Evelyn Augusta Onslow, da. of 4th Earl of Onslow ; 
is Major Yeo. ; appointed Assist. Sec. Ministry of 
National Ser., and a Ch. Liaison Officer 1917. A 
Conservative ; has sat for Ripon Div. of E. Part of 
W. Riding of Yorkshire since Jan. 21st, 1910. 

Residences— Temple Newsam, Leeds; Garrowby, Bishop Wilton, York. 



COL SIR JOHN WOOD, Bt. (Stalybridge). 

John Wood, ist Baronet, only 
son of the late John Hill Wood, J.l\, of 
Whitfield, Derbyshire ; b. Sept. 8th, 1857 ; 
ed. at Rugby, and at Magdalen Coll., 
Oxford (B.A. 1880, M.A. 1883): m. 
ist, 1883, Estelle, da. of Henry Benham ; 
2ndly, 1892, the Hon. Gertrude Kmily 
Bateman-Hanlmry, third da. of 2nd Baron 
Bateman, of Shobdon Court, Hereford- 
shire; Bar. Inner Temple 1S83 : formerly 
Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. (V.D.) 4th 
Vol. Batn. Cheshire Regt. ; is Convlt. a 
Bala. Cheshire Vol. Regt, a J. P. and D.L. 
for Herefordshire (High Sheriff 1900), and 
a J. P. for Derbyshire, and Suffolk 
Baronet 1918. A Conservative ; 1 
for Stalybridge since Jan. 15th, 1910. 

Residences- i M.ill, Bury > 

muiuls ; Whitfield House, < \xhire : 

The Forrest Lodge, Galloway. Clubs I 
Bachelors', Junior Carlton, New University, 

RIGHT HON. T. MCKINNON WOOD (Glasgow, St. Rollox Division). 

Thomas McKinnon Wood, P.C., son of the late Hugh Wood, of 

London. l>y Jessie, da. of the Rev. Thomas McKinnon : b. 1855 ; ed. at 
Mill Hill Sch., and at Univ. Coll., London (B.A. 1875): I 
Andrews 1S99 : m. 1883, Isabella, da. of the late Alexander Sandison, 11'.. 
of Lund; was ( hm. of London County Council 1898-9: is a D.L. for 
London ; appointed Parliamentary Sec. to Board of Education April 1908, 
Under Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs Oct. 1908, and Financial Sec. to the 
Tre.w; \ lor Scotland Feb. 1912 to July loio. and Chan- 

cellor of the I)u< liv o< and Financial Sec. to the Treasury (with a 

seat in the Cabinet) July to Dec. 1916; contributed article- sfurdia 

Britai: \ Liberal; his sat for St. Rollox I >iv. of (ii 

in. 18th, 1906, having been defeated there Oct. 1900. 

Residences— if>, Portland Pie karfieM, Crowborough, Su- Clubs— 

Reform, National Liberal, <-ral, i.ihcral (Gla-. 

MAJOR 8. H HILL WOOD (Derbyshire, High Peak Division). 
^k -4*~ ciiirI Hill H111 W'ooo, only 

^^^ ^T ^.iniuel Wood, of 

field, 1 lerbyihire, 1 rabaw, who 

d. 1914, da. of the latC 
bottom, ..! 

1872; ed. at BtOB; m. 1899, the Hon. 
el Anne v man- 

Hanbury, da. Oi 2nd Baron Batcma 

Ire, and .» I P 
asfume I by Roy. licence 1912, the 

I ! :\. A Ct I 

elected (or 1 
Dec. 15th, 1910. 

RtsUU irat Stanh.-, I 

GIomop, Darbythira. Clubs- Bachelor.*, Catlloo. 


CAPT. H. F. WRIGHT (Herefordshire, North, or Leominster, Division). 

FitzHerbert Wright, son of the late FitzHerbert 

Wright, of The I Derby, l>y Louisa Charlotte Rudolphine, da. of 

::iann. of rlolzendort, Mecklenburg-Schwerin ; />. Oct. 9th, 
1870: m. 1S94. Muriel Harriet, <la. of the late Col. Henry Charles Fletcher, 
CMC: Bv. Inner Temple 1895; is Capt. R.K.A., and a J.P. and a 
County Alderman for Derbyshire. An Unionist; has sat for N., or Leo- 
minster, Pi\. of Herefordshire since March 18th, 1912. 

Res igtOO Court, W. ; Yeldersley Hall, Derby. Clubs — Arthur's, 



COL. CHARLES E. YATE (Leicestershire, Eastern, or Melton, Division). 

Charles Edward Yatk, C.S.I., C M.G., el. son of the late Rev. 
Charles Yate, B.D., V. of Holme, Yorkshire; 0. Aug. 28th, 1849; ed. at 
Shrewsbury: ///. 1899, Charlotte Heath, da. of the late J. Hume Burnley, of 
Diplo. Ser., sometime H.M.'s Charge d' Altai res at Dresden ; entered49th Kegt. 
1867, became Capt. Bom. S.C. (now Indian Army) 1879, Major 1887, Lieut. - 
^93, and Col. 1901 ; served during Afghan War 1880-81 as Political 
Officer at Kalat-i-Ghilzai, and on march to and at battle of Candahar (de- 
spatches, medal with clasp, bronze star), and with Afghan Frontier Commn. 
1884-6 and 1887-8 (Afghan Order of Hurmat) ; was British Representative at 
Panjdeh at time of the Russian attack on the Afghan troops at that place 1885 ; 
appointed British Commr. to complete demarcation of Russo-Afghan Frontier 
1887, Consul at Muscat (Arabia) 1889, Political Agent, Baluchistan 1890, 
Acting Revenue Commr. 1892, H.M.'s Commr. for settlement of Kushk Canals 
on on Russo-Afghan Frontier April 1893, British Consul-Gen. at Meshed 
a) and Agent to Gov.-Gen. of India for Khorassan and Sistan 1893-8, 
British Resident at Jodhpur, Acting Agent to Gov.-Gen. of India for Rajputana, 
and Resident at Udaipur 1898-9, and Agent to Gov.-Gen. and Ch. Commr. of 
Baluchistan 1 900-1904 (present at assault and capture of Nodiz Fort in Mekran 
1902— a clock tower erected to his memory at Quetta) ; is a D.L. for Leicester- 
shire, a Knight of Grace of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England, a 
Member of Council of Roy. Geographical So., of Indian Section of So. of 
Arts, of Last India Asso., and of National Service League, and Vice-Pres. of 
Tariff Reform League, and a Member of Council of Central Asian So.; author 
of " Northern Afghanistan," " Khorassan and Sistan." several Gazetteers, etc., 
etc. ; C.S.I. 1887. C.M.G. 1888. A Conservative; unsuccessfully contested 
Pontefract Jan. 1906; elected for K.. or Melton, Div. of Leicestershire Dec. 
7th, 1910, having been defeated there Jan. 1910. 

Residences— 17, Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington, W. ; Asfordby House, Melton 
Mowbray. Clubs— Carlton, Junior United Service. 

SIR ALPRED W. YEO (Tower Hamlets, Poplar Division). 
Alfred William Yko, son of George Robinson James Yeo, of 
Devon ; b. 1863 ; ed. under the London Sch. Board : m. 1st, 1886; 2ndly, 1911, 
Florence Jane Stevens, of Poplar, E. ; started work in an iron foundry ; for 
30 years in business in the music trade, at 86 and 88, St. Leonards Road, 
Poplar, E. ; connected for 40 years with Berger Baptist Church, Bromley, E., 
and is Sec. thereof; has been a Member of Poplar Vestry Board of Works 
and Poplar Borough Council (Mayor 1903) ; 9 years a Member of Poplar 
Guardians (5 years Chm.), 8 years a. Member "I London County Council, 25 
years Chm. and Manager under the London Sch. Board of Groups of Schools 
in Bromley (E.)i and 10 years Chm. of Distress Committee; has been a 
Member of Tower Licensing Bench since 1904; served as Chm. of Lord 
Buxton's Committee for Distress during great Dock Strike; Knt. 1918. A 



" strong fighting " Liberal and Advanced Radical', instrumental in obtaining 
Bill to prevent raising of rents during war, and responsible for one-man- 
business clause issued to Mil. Tribunals ; has sat for Poplar Div. of Tower 
Hamlets since Feb. 20th, 1914. 

Residence — 17, King's Avenue, Woodford Green, Essex. 

LIEUT. E. H. YOUNG (Norwich). 

Edward Hilton Young, youngest 
son of Sir George Young, 3rd Bt., of 
Formosa Place, Berkshire, by Alice 
Eacy, da. of Evory Kennedy, M.D., of 
Belgard Castle, Dublin, and widow of 
Sir Alexander Hutchinson Lawrence, 1st 
Bt. ; b. March 20th, 1879; ed. at Eton, 
and at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1900, 
M.A. 1906); Bar. Inner Temple 1904; 
is Lieut. Roy. Naval Vol. Reserve ; 
served during European War in Serbia 
with British Naval Mission (Obilich 
medal, Order of Karageorge with 
swords) and in Flanders ; was Assist. 
Editor of the Economist 1909-10, and 
City Editor of the Morning Post 1910-14 ; 
author of "System of National Finance." 
A Liberal ; elected for Norwich Feb. 
6th, 1915. 

Residence— Qu*on Anne's Mansions, S.W. 
Clubs— Athenaium, Bath, Union. 

8. YOUNG (Cavan Co., East Cavan Division). 
Samuel Young, son of the late Samuel Young, of Dunavelly, 

Portaferry, co. Down, by Sarah, da. of the late Arthur Black, of Ballyhaft, 
near Newtown wan Is ; / I Yl>. 14th, 1822 ; ed. at Belfast Old Presbyterian Coll. : 
m. 1846, Isabel, da. of the lata Edward Allen, shipowner, of Fenchurch Street, 
of l\"\. Commn. on Liquor Licensing 1 
I DMtM 1 m the firm of Young. King and Co., Limited, whiskey 
distiUeit, "f Bctfatt, and Limavady, co. Londonderry, and ( Inn. of Bernard 
Hughe. 'Limited), millers and bakers. A Nationalist', has sat for E. Cavan 
Div. of Cavan co. since July i8th, 1892. 

Residence- Avonmore, Derrivolgie, Belfast- Club— National Liberal. 

W. YOUNG (Perthshire. Eastern Division*. 

William Young, son of the late James Young, of Hr.uckley 
Farm, Glenmuick, Aberdeenshire; b. Feb. 5th, 1863; ed. at Ballater Public 
Sch. : m. 18— ; started commercial career at 16 years of age; is Director of 
William Young and Co. (Limited), foreign merchants and bankers 
and Mexico City. A Liberal', has sat for E. Di\. of Perthshire since Jan. 
25th, 1910. 

Residence- 3, Whitehall Court, S.W. Clubs— Reform, National Liberal, Royal 



SIR GEORGE YOUNGER, Bt. (Ayr District?. 

( leorge Younger, ist Baronet ', el. son 
of the late James Younger, brewer, of Alloa ; 
b. Oct. 13th, 1 85 1 ; ed. at Edinburgh Acad. : 
m. 1879, Lucy, da. of Edward Smith, M.D., 
F. R.S.,ofHeanorFall, Derbyshire, and Harley 
Street, W. ; is Chm. of George Younger and Son 
(Limited), brewers, of Alloa, a Director of 
National Bank of Scotland and of North British 
and Mercantile Insurance Co., a LP- for Stir- 
lingshire, and a J. P. and D.L. for Clackmannan- 
shire (Convener 1895- 1 906) ; was a Member of 
Roy. Gommn. on Licensing Laws 1896, and 
Pres. of County Councils' Asso. of Scotland 
1902-4, and Pres. of National Union of Con- 
servative Assos. Scotland 1903-4; appointed 
Scottish Unionist Whip 191 i, and to take 
charge of Conservative Central Office in 
National Min. 1916 ; cr. a Baronet 1911. A 
Conservative ; unsuccessfully contested Clack- 
mannanshire and Kinross-shire July 1895, Dec. 
1899, and Oct. 1900 ; has sat for Ayr Dist. 

uoce Jan. joth, 1,906, having been defeated there Jan. 1904. 

Residence - Leckie, Gargunnock, Stirlingshire. Clubs — Carlton, Conservative, 

Western (Glasgow), New (Edinburgh). 

SIR JAMES H. YOXALL (Nottingham, West Division). 

James Henry Yoxall, el. son of the late Henry Houghton Yoxall, 
of Redditch, by Elizabeth, who d. 1904, only da. of James Smallwood ; 
■': July 15th, 1857 ; ed. at Wesleyan Sch., Redditch, and at Westminster 
Training Coll. ; Hon. M.A. Camb. 1899, an d Oxford 1907 : m. 1886, Elizabeth, 
el. da. of the late Lieut. -Col. William Henry Coles, R.E. ; formerly Head 
Master of Sharrow Lane Sch., Sheffield; has been Gen. Sec. of National 
Union of Teachers since 1892 (Pres. thereof 189 1-2) ; was a Roy. Commr. on 
lary Education 1894-5; > s a J-P»» an Officier d'Academie de France, 
and Editor of the Schoolmaster ; a contributor to the magazines and reviews ; 
author of "The Courtier Stoops," " The Wander Years," "Chateau Royal," 
"The Rommany Stone," " Alain Tanger's Wife," "Smalilou," "Beyond the 
Wall," M Nutbrown Roger and I," "The Lonely Pyramid," "Secondary 
Education," and other works ; Knt. 1909. A Liberal', unsuccessfully con- 
tlaw Div. of Notts July 1892; has sat for W. Div. of Nottingham 
since July 16th, 1895. 

Residences— Springfield, Kew Gardens Road. Kew ; Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, 
r totoa Road, N.W. Clubs- Reform, National Liberal. 



At the Beginning of February, 1918, 


are copies of 

Borough Arms or of Corpora' 

rted in the 

lie arms 

the armorial insignia or 

he Borough after which 

the Dil !, cither 

When no numbers are given after 
the name of a Member, that 
Memt>er was returned unop- 

\ a nits in italics are those of un- 
successful members at the last 
subsequent. Elec- 

following names indicate 
the numbers polled at the 
Generator subsequent. Election. 

■<V An Asterisk before the. name 
of a member indicates that he 
did not sit in the last Parliament. 

Secondary names of J' 
or Boroughs, are inserted in order throughout 
the section,—^., "Spalding, see 
Lincolnshire ; ' " Leamington, 
see Warwick." 


Counties and 

Boroughs are given in alpha- 
betical order by their primary 
title under the heading of their 
respective county, and not in 
thcnumcricalorder in which they 
appeared in the "Redistribution 
of Seats Act." 

♦ Member sat in last Parliament 
for another constituency. 

J I'nsuccess/ul candidate sat as 
a Member in last Parliament. 

[ ] Figure-- between brackets after 
the title of a constituency show 
the number of members. 

Population. The PARLIAMENT- 
ARY Populations as disclosed by 
tie last (191 1 1 census are jjiven 
under this head. 

Registered /-lectors.— The figures 
MVM ire those of the last offici- 
ally published list. 

When only the name of the Mem- 
ber is given, such Member was 
returned unopposed. 

Abercromby [See Liverpool]. 


polled respectively 5,862 and 3,997 votes. 
in Feb. 1917 Mr.'Esslemont redgned, and 
at a Bye- Election April yd, 1917, the result 


*Sir John Fleming, LL.D. (L.) 3,283 
Professor James Kobertson Wat- 
son 'Q.) 1,507 

ret hick Lawrence (Peace-by- 

Negotiation) . . 333 

Polling Jan. 1910. lemont 

(L.) 6,749; Ronald John M. Neill iC.) 4,433. 

Parly. Pop. 85,90s. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) I3.79 1 - 

Returning Officer |..hii Campbell I.orinier, 

Place, Edinburgh 

(Sheriff of Aberdeen. Kin< .inline, and Banff). 

North II 

tunuipal Wards 0/ St. Clement. M 
And> fachar, and 

mi Vernon I 

.. 4,282 
t Scott- Brtnvn ( L. U . ) . . 2,546 
1 1 
(L.) 4,397 

-.'■nnedy (Son 
Parly. Pop. 64,886. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,167. 

South II). 
Municipal V\ a R0te- 

■ •it. h'uHtla-.v, Ferryhill, and Ruth- 

At the (ieneral Ft 

Will C. Sn..: 

Aberdeen University [See Glasgow and 
Aberdeen University]. 


Bast ill 

i 3.77* 


'>,6oo; Col. Charles Ro*dew 
I ' 

Pop. 70,737- 

191$) 11,833. 

West (11. 

!<>lin " n(L.) 5,415 

George Smith {LV ) 3.»3* 

Polling Ian. 1910. John Macdonald Hen- 

n fX) S.9°» i G«orge Smith (I..U.; 




Aberdeenshire continued. 
Weit cmtfnmuf. 

Parly. Pop. 64,123. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,639. 
Returning Officer— John Campbell Lorimer, 
. 9, Gloucester Place, Edinburgh 
(Sherifl of Aberdeen, Kincardine, and l?;mfl"). 

Abingdon [See Berkshire!. 

Accrington (See Lancashire, N.E.]. 

Altrinchara l See Cheshire]. 

Andover I See Hampshire]. 

Rt. Hon. Sir Ellis [ones Griffith, Bt., 

P.C., K ( . (U). 

1 I His Jones Griffith, 

K.i. (L.) $,888; Richard Owen Roberts 
(C.) 2,436. 

Parly. Pop. 50,928. 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915)11,082. 
RetuntingOfficer — Henry M 11 lleneux Grayson, 
int. Trearddwr Bay. Holy* 
I (High Sheriff). 

ANTRIM CO. [4]. 
East Antrim [11. 
(Baronies oj Belfast Lower, and G Unarm 
Upper, parts of Baronies 0/ Antrim i '//<>, 
Antrim Lower, and Belfast Upper, and the 
ttnun of Carrickfergns.) 
At the General Election Col. James Martin 
Vtat returned unopposed. 
In Feb. 1913, Col. McCabnont died, and at 
a Bye- Election on the 19th 0/ that month, 
there was not any opposition to the return of 

* Lieut. -Col. Robert Chairie Alexander 
McCalmonl, D.S.O. (U.). 

ion Jan. 1910. Col. James Martin 
almont (,C.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 53,700. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,852. 

Mid Antrim [1]. 

(Baronies of Glenarm Lower, Toome Lower, 
Part of the Barony of Antrim Lower, and 
Parts 0/ the parishes o/CoiiuorandA hop/till. ) 

At the General Election Cant, the Hon, 
Arthur Edward Bruce O'Neill (C.) was re- 
turned unopposed. In Nov. 1914 Capt 
O'Neill was killed in action during- Euro- 
pean War, and at a Bye-Election on Feb. 
17th, 191 5, there was not any opposition to 
the return 0/ 

•Capt. the Hon. Robert William 

Hugh O'Neill (G). 
Election Ian. 1910. "Capt. the Hon. Arthur 
Edward Bruce O'Neill (C.) unopposed. 
Parly. Pop. 44.405- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,257. 

North Antrim [1]. 

(Baronies 0/ Cary, Dunluce Lower, Dunluce 

Upper, and Kilconway.) 
Major Peter Kerr Kerr-Smiley 

(L.U.) 3,557 

William Macafee (L.) .. .. 2,974 

Polling Ian. 1910. "Peter Kerr Kerr- 
Smiley (L.U.) 3,579 ; Sir William James 
Baxter (L.) 3,135. 

Parly. Pop. 43,487. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7.467. 

South Antrim [1]. 

(Baronies of Massereene Upper, Massereene 
Laivcr, and Antrim Upper, parts of the 
Baronies 0/ Upper Toome and Belfast 
Upper and so much of the Parliamentary 
Borough of Belfast as is in County of A ntrim. ) 

Capt. Charles Curtis Craig (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Charles Curtis Craig (C.) 
5,310 ; William Moffat Clow (L.) 2,340. 
Parly. Pop. 49,149- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,582. 

Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

Appleby [See Westmorland!. 
Arfon f See Carnarvonshire]. 

Sir John Stirling Ainsworth Bt., 

(L.) 4,280 

George Ait ken Clark Hutchison 

(C) .. 4,023 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Stirling Ains- 
worth (L.) 4,443: George Aitken Clark 
Hutchison (C.) 3,617. 

Parly. Pop. 56,600. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,066. 
R eturning (?/9fa?r— AlexanderLogan McClure, 
K.C., 16, Heriot Row, Edinburgh (Sheriff 
of Argyllshire). 

ARMAGH CO. [3]. 

Mid Armagh [1]. 

(Baronies of Armagh and Tiranny, and parts 
of the Baronies of Fews Lower, Oneilland 
West, Orior Lower, and Fews Upper.) 

At the General Flection Sir John Brownlee 
Lonsdale, Bt. (C.) was returned unopposed. 
In Jan. 1918, Sir John Lonsdale wis raised 
to the Peerage, and at a Bye Election in 
thai month, there was not any oppositi n 
to the return of 

*James Lonsdale (C). 

Election Jan. 1910. John Brownlee Lonsdale 
(C.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 39,495- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,837. 


I8 7 

North Armagh [1]. 

{Barony of Oneilland East, and part of tht 
Barony of Oneilland West.) 

At tht General Election William Moore, K.C. 
(C. ) was returned unopposed. In Nov. 1917, 
Mr Moore was appointed a Judge of High 
Court of Justice, Ireland, and at a Bye- 
Elc tion n Nov, 22nd, 1917, there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

♦ Major William James Allen (C). 

ion Jan. iqio. William Moore, K.C. 
(C.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 46,048. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 7,495. 

South Armagh [11. 

{Parts of Baronies of Fe-ivs Lcnvct . 

Upper, and Orior Lower, and the Barony 
ofOrior Upper.) 

At the General Election Charles O'Neill, M. 15. 
(N.) and Stephen Hugh Moynagh (Ind. N.) 
polled respectively 2.8qo and 1,003 votes. 
In Jan. 1918, Dr. O'Neill died, and at a 
Bye-Election on Feb 1st, 1918, the result was 

* trick Donnelly (N .. 2,316 
Dr. McCartan (Sinn Fein) .. 1,299 
Election Jan. 1910. Charles O'Neill, M.B. 

(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 34,311. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,345. 
Returning Officer — The High Sheriff. 

Whiteley (C.) 3,746 

A8hburton (See Devonshire]. 
Ashford [See Kent J. 

A8HT0N UNDER LYNE (Lancashire) [11- 

(Includingthe old borough of Ashton-under- 
Lyne, and the Local Government district 
of Hurst.) 

At the General Election *Lieut.-C<>l. Sir 
(William) Maxwell Aitken (C.) and 'Alfred 
Henry Scott (I..) polled respectively 4,044 

5.848 votes. In Dec. 14)1 
Aitken MU raised to the Peerage, and at a 

! lection on Pec. 24th, 1916, th> 
not any opposition to the return efthe 

Ml.crt Henry Stanley, 

PoLLiNf. Ian. iqio. Alfred He i 
ben J 

in (;ee (Soti.. 

Parly. Pop. 53,076. 
Reg. Parly. I ,,352. 

Retut M K cap, Ashton- 

under •Lyne (Mayor). 

ASTON MANOR (Warwickshire) [11 

{Borough of Aston Manor.) 
Kt. II. .ii. Kvclyn Gas< :, P.C. 

Polling Jan. toto. Evelyn Gascoyne- Cecil 
(C.) 7.369; J- H. Allen tL.) 1,928. 
p op. 75,099. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,994. 
Returning Officer- Rt. Hm. Arthur David 
Brooks, Council House, Hirminjjh.ini 

Attercliffe [See Sheffield' 
Aylesbury [See Buckinghamshire!. 


(Comprising Ayr, Irvine, Campbelto-wn, 

In- 'era ray, and Oban.) 

Sir George Younger, Bt. (C.) . . 3,852 
William Robertson (L.) . . . . 3,620 

Polling Jan. 1910. George Younger (C.) 
3,647 ; William Robertson (L.) 3,594. 
Parly. Pop. 53.548- 
Reg. Parly Elec. (1915) 9,328. 
Returning Officer — William Lyon Mackenzie, 
of Ayrshire). 

North [1]. 
At the General Election Andrew Macbeth 
Anderson, K.C (L.) and Capt. Frederick 
Duncan Campbell, D.S.O. (C.), polled re- 
spectively 7,286 and 6,932 votes. In Dec. 
iijii Mr. Anderson ivas appointed Solicitor. 
Gen. for Scotland, ami at a Bye-Election 
on Dec. 30th, 1911, *Lieut-Col. Duncan 
Frederick Campbell. D.S.O. (C.) and 
JAndrew Macbeth Anderson (L.) potted re- 
spectively 7,3x8 and 7,047 votes. In Sept. 
1916, Lieut. -Col. Duncan Frederick Camp- 
bell died, and at a Bye-Election on Oct. 
nth, 1916, tht result too* 

* Lieut. -Gen. Sir Aylmer Gould 
Hunter - Weston, K.< 

ion) .. ..7 

jAVv. Humphrey Chalmers {\x\<\.) 1,300 
1 ... "Andrew Macbeth 
Andeison (L.) 6,189 : J Hon. Thomas Horatio 
Arthur Ernest Cochran* (L.U.) 5,951; 
James Brown (Labour) 1,801. 
Reg. 1 1915) 17,385. 

South 111. 
Sir William I'hipson Bcale, Bt, 

.(I-) S,7i S 

Thomas If (C.) 6,835 

Polling Ian. 191a William Phipson Bcale, 
k C (L.) 8,833; Thorn. 
(C.) 6,793- , „ 

Pop. 103,354. 
Reg. Parly 
Returning Officer —William Lyon Mackenzie, 
. Etq., 6, Mr 

Banbury 18ee Oxfordshire j. 

1 88 


Major Walter Waring (L.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Capt. Walter Waring (L. 
4.066 : James Crabb Watt, K.C. (C.) 2,053- 
Parly. Pop. 52,17*- 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915)8,411. 
Returning Officer— John Campbell Lorimer, 
K.C, 9, Gloucester Place, Edinburgh 
(Sheriffof Aberdeen, Kincardine, and Banff). 

Barkston Ash (See Yorkshire, W. 

Riding (E.)l. 

Barnard Castle [See Durham co.l 

Barnsley [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Barnstaple iSee Devonshire]. 

BARROW-IN FURNESS (Lancashire) [1]. 

(Municipal and County Borough 0/ Barmv- 

Charles Duncan (Labour) . . 4,810 
Francis Hugo Lindley Meynell 

(C) •• 4,290 

Polling Jan. 1910. Charles Duncan (Labour) 
5,304 ; Francis Hugo Lindley Meynell (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 63,770. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) n,5<o. 
Returning Officer— Alderman Alfred Barrow, 
O.B.E.. Barrow-in-Furness (Mayor). 

Basingstoke [See Hampshire]. 
Bassetlaw [See Nottinghamshire]. 

BATH (Somerset) [21. 

( Consisting 0/ the old city 0/ Bath , the parishes 
o/Walcot, Bathwick, Lyncombe, Wideo/ube, 
and Tiverton, and part 0/ the parish oj 



Lieut. - Col. Lord Alexander 
George Boteville Thynne, 


Major Sir Charles Roderick 

Hunter, Bt. (C.) 

George Peabody Gooch (L.) 

George Alexander Hardy (L.) 

Polling Jan. 1910. # Lord Alexander George 

Thynne (C.) 3,961 ; *Sir Charles Roderick 

Hunter, Bt. (C.) 3,889 ; t Donald Maclean 

(L.) 3,771 ; JGeorge Peabody Gooch (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 53,670. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)8,252. 
Returning Officer— Preston King, M.D.. 
Uatli (Mayor). 



(Parish 0/ St. Mary, Battersea, and ' Clapham 

Wards of Wandsworth Borough.) 

Battersea [1]. 

(Battersea Wards other than Nos. 1, 8, and 9.) 
Rt. Hon. John Burns, P.C. (L.) 7,836 
Major Sir John Lane Harring- 
ton, K.C.M.G., K.C.V.O., 

C.B. (C.) 6,544 

Charles Nathaniel Lowe Shaw 

(Socialist) 477 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. John Bums, 
P.C. (L.) 8,540 ; Arthur Shirley Benn (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 101,170. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,884. 

Clapham [1]. 

(Wards Nos. 1, 8, and 9 of Battersea, and 

Clapham Wards of Wandsworth Borough.) 
George Denison Faber, C.B. (C.) 9,560 
Sir John Williams Benn (L.) .. 7,639 
Polling Jan. 1910. f George Denison Faber, 

C.B. (C.) 10,743 ; John George Kipling (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 128,569. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 23,526. 

Returning Officer— \V. Marcus Wilkins, Town 

Clerk, Town Hall, Lavender Hill, S.W. 

BEDFORD (Borough) [1!. 

(Includes the parishes of St. Cuthbert, St. 
John, St. Mary, St. Paid, and St. Peter.) 



I Kellaway (L.) .. . 2,773 
r Aunt's Attenborough 
(C) 2,754 

POLLING Jan. 1910. 'Walter Annis Atten- 
borough (C.) 2,919; tPercy I'.arlow (L.) 

Parly. Pop. 39,183. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1015) 6,688. 

Returning Officer — Harry Browninp, Bush* 
mead, The Embankment, Bedford (Mayor). 

Northern, or Biggleswade [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Bedford, Biggies- 
. and Shambrook, part of the Sessional 
Division of Aiupthill, and the Municipal 
Borough of Bedford.) 

Sir Arthur William Black (L.) 6,536 
Ufajor Geoffrey Carr G/yn, 
D.S.O. (L.U.) .. .. 5,808 

.. 1910. Arthur William Black 
(I.) 6,631; Rowland Edmund Prothero, 

\i.v f3.(C ,6,020. 

Parly. Pop. 64,170. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14.642- 

Southern, or Luton [1]. 

sional Divisions of Leighton Buzzard, 
Luton, and M'obum, fiirt of the Sessional 
Division of Ampthill, and the Municipal 
Rorouehs of Dunstable and Luton.) 


res?. .'<■;. In June 

used to the /', 
.. lion oh July toth, 1911, 
the result was 

hop 1 [trmsvorth (L.) 7,619 

John OtVtH I lick man (C.) .. 7,006 


<'9»5> «9.«99- 

' Hith 


BELFAST (Counties Antrim and 
Down) [41. 

East [11. 

(Or/neau, Pottinger and Victoria Wards, 
parts of Dock, Duncairn and St. Anne's 
Wa*ds, and of Ballyhackamore.) 

At the General Election "Robert James 
McMordie (C.) was returned unopposed. 
In March 1914 Mr. McMordie died, and 
at a Bye-Election on April 6th, 1914, there 
was not any opposition to the return of 

*Col. Robert Gordon Sharman-Craw- 
ford (C). 

ion Jan. 1910. Gustav Wilhelm Wolff 
(C.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 135,788. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,916. 

North 111. 

and Court Wards, parts of AvX". 
Duncairn, Shankill, and li V. 
a fid of Ballygomartin. ) 

Rt. Hon. Robert Tbotaptoi . 

Jan. 1910. "Robt-M TbtMpl 
6,37 (Labour) 3,0 1 

Parly. Pop. 101,699. 

Reg. P.uly. KIim . i 1915) 14,467. 

South Ilk 

(Croma ■ s and Windsor /»".(></» 

and part of St. Anne's U 

( Iml. 
I llrd respectively 5,585 and 2,7; 

land, and at 

'i April o/A, 1917, there 

■'urn of 

n June nj I 7 

Mr. ( t, mud at another Bye- 


♦ W'illi.uii Aithu. I 


Reg. Parly. Eler. (1915) la.ttt. 



Belfa8t— continued. 

West [11. 

(Falls and Smithfteld Wards, parts 0/ 
Shank-hill, St. A nne's, and Woodvale li ards, 
and of Ballygomartin.) 

Joseph Devlin (N.) .. . • 4.543 

Sir John Smiley, Bt. (L.U.) . . 4,080 

KG Jan. 1910. Joseph Devlin (N.) 
4,651; John Peers Boyd-Carpenter (L.U.) 
4,064 ; Patrick Joseph Magee (Incl. N.) 75. 
Parly. Pop. 67,156. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,680 
Returning Officer— Councillor Robert Goffikin, 
Belfast (High Sheriff). 

Eastern, or Wokingham [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Maidenhead and 
Windsor, part of the Sessional Division of 
Wokingham, and the parish of Swallow- 

Ernest Gardner (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Ernest Gardner (C.) 
8,132 : Holford Knight (L.) 4,09.5. 
Parly. Pop. 78,761. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,190. 

Northern, or Abingdon [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Abingdon, Eat- 
ingdon, Wallingford, and Wantage, the 
Municipal Borough of Abingdon, and the 
Municipal Borough of Wallingford.) 

At the General Election Lieut. -Col. the Hon. 
Harold Greenwood Henderson (C.) and 
M.utin Harcourt Sands (I..) polled respec- 
tively 4,677 and 3,328 votes. In Aug. 1916 
Mr. Henderson resigned, and at a Bye- 
Election on Aug. 2gth, 1916, there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

*Archie Kirkman Loyd, K.C. (C). 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Major Harold Green- 
wood Henderson (C.) 4,829 ; JEdward An- 
thony Strauss (L) 3,776. 

Parly. Pop. 48,695. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,7°3- 

Southern, or Newbury 11]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Hungerford, Ils- 
ley, Lambourn, and Reading (except the 
parish of Swallo7ufield), the Municipal 
Borough of Newbury, and part of the 
Sessional Division of Wokingham.) 

William Arthur Mount, C.B.E. 

(C) 6,485 

Capt. Lisle March Phillipps (L.) 4,278 

Polling Jan. 1910. "William Arthur Mount 
(C.) 7,081 ; Thomas Clarke Hunter Hedder- 
wick, K.C. (L.) 4,723- 

Parly. Pop. 63,645. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,922. 

Returning Officer— Basil Guy Oswald Smith, 

Esq., Shottesbrooke Park, Berkshire (High 


Bermondsey iSee Southwarkl. 
Berwick on Tweed [See Northumber- 



I 9 I 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Harold 

iohn Tennant, P.C (L.) and Capt. the 
John Beresford Campbell (C.) polled 
respectively 3,005 and 2,000 votes. In July 
1916 Mr. Tennant became Sec. /or Scotland, 
and at a Bye- Election on the 20th 0/ that 
month there was not any opposition to the 
return 0/ 

Rt Hon. Harold John Tennant, P.C. 

Polling Jan. 1910. Harold John Tennant 
(L.) 2,992 ; Sir Henry Seton-Karr, C.M.G. 
(C.) 2,060. 

Parly. Pop. 29,753. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,764. 

Returning Officer— John Chisholm, K.C, 7, 
Gloucester Place. Edinburgh (Sheriff of cos. 
Roxburgh, Berwick, and Selkirk). 

BETHNAL GREEN (Middlesex) [21 

(Parish 0/ St. Mattheiv, Bethnat Green.) 

North East [1]. 

(North and East Wards.) 

Sir Edwin Andrew Cornwall (L.) 3,188 

Dr. John Elsdale Molson (C. ) . . 2,037 

Foiling Jan. iqio. Sir Kdwin Andrew 

Cornwall (L.) 3,842; Dr. John Bftdak 

•1 (C.) 2,435. 

Parly. Pop. 62,764. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)8,692. 

South West [11. 

(South and West Wards.) 

At the General Election Edmund Har- 
erwrilKI,.) and Eric Alfred Hoffgaard (< .) 
rolled respectively 2,768 and 2,086 votes. 
In July 191 .;ill was appointed 

,1 Metropolitan Police Magis' 
a l<\ n July 29/A, 191 1, tRt. 

• "harle% Frederick ' terman, 

P.C. Iloffgaard (l 

John Scurr (Socialist) polled respectively 
2.745. 2.561. and 134 votes. In Feb. 1914 
as appointed Chancellor 
0/ the Duchy 0/ Lancaster, and at another 
Bye-Election on Feb. 19M, 1914, the result 


-CoL Sfa Mai' 
Richard Henry WUmO, lit., 

.. 2.828 
A't Hon. Charles Frederick I 

\ P.C L ) .. 2,804 

. . 316 

Ofr«d Hofljpuu ■ 

1915) 7,120. 
Retuxnne OJktt Wdli.. \ 

BIRKENHEAD (Cheshire [11. 

{Comprises the parish or hnvnship of Bir- 
kenhead,— formerly the parishes 0/ Birken- 
head, Claughton, fraumere, O.cton and 
Rock Ferry. ) 

• Alfred Bigland (C.) .. .. 8,304 

Henry Harvey Vivian (L.) .. 7,249 

Polling Jan. 1910. Henry Harvey Vivian 

(L.) 8,120; Alfred Bigland (C.) 7,976. 

Parly. Pop. 130,794. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)20,969. 

Returning Officer— Alderman Michael Byrne, 

Birkenhead (Mayor). 

BIRMINGHAM (Warwickshire) [71. 

{Comprises part of the parish of 
Birmingham. ) 



Bewdley See Worcestershire 
Biggleswade iSee Bedford 

Bordesley (11 

(Small Heath and Sparkbrook 
pmr/i >tetft and 

Rt li taf . l'< * I U.). 

I '■ >«c Colling*. 

I< (I. U.) q,o»i labour) 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,984. 



Birmingham (Warwickshire) continued. 
Central 11 ]. 

(Market Hall and Ladywood Wards.) 

Sir Edward Kbenezer Parkes 

(L.U.) 4*640 

Henry John Manton (L. ) .. 1,417 

POLLING Jan. 1910. Kbenezer Parke* (('.) 
6,015; Arthur Brampton (L.) 1,711. 
Parly. Pop. 48,653. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9>88o. 

East [1]. 

(Pnddeston, Xechells, and Washv<ood Heath 
Wards, and parts of Saltley and St. 
Bartholomew's Wards.) 

Sir Arthur Herbert Drummond 
Ramsay- Steel-Maitland, Bt. 

(C.) 6,639 

John Valentine Stevens (L.) .. 3,190 
POLLING Jan. 1910. *Arthur Herbert Drum- 
mond Ram-ay-Steel-Maitland (C.) 8,46c ; 
Joseph James Stephenson (Labour) 3,958. 
Parly. Pop. 94,938. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,187. 

Edgbaston [1]. 

( Edghaston ll'ard, and parts of Selly Oak, 
Harlwrne, Balsall Heath, and Rotton 
Park Wards.) 

Sir Francis William Lowe, Bt. (C). 

POLLING JAN. 1910. Sir Francis William Lowe 
(C.) 7,951 ; John Hartman Morgan (L.) 

Parly. Pop. 83,774. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) »5>oi3- 

North [1]. 

(S7. Mary's Ward, and part of St. Paul's 

John Throgmorton Middlemore (L.U.). 

I'm 1 1 no Jan. 1910. John Throgmorton 
Middlemore (L. U.) 5,189; Joseph Dawson 

Parly. Pop. 52,028. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,448. 

South [1]. 

* S7. Martin's and Pen' tend Wards, and Part 

of Balsall Heath Ward.) 

At the General Election Viscount Morpeth 
(L.U.) and Arnold Ernest Butler (L.) polled 
respectively 4,701 and 1 ,923 votes. In April 
191 1 Viscount Morpeth succeeded to the 
I'.arldom of Carlisle, and at a I lye- Ejection 
0% May $th, 191 1, there was not any oppo- 
sition to the return of 

* Lieut. -Col. Leopold (Charles Maurice) 
Stennett Amery (L. U.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Viscount Morpeth (L.U.) 
6,207; Arnold Ernest Butler (L.) 2,476. 
Parly. Pop. 67,838. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,835. 

West in. 

(All Saints' Ward, and part of Rotton Par 
and St /'aid's Hards.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Joseph 
Chamberlain, P.C, was retw tied unopposed, 
hi July 1914 Mr. Joseph Chamberlain died, 
and at a Bye- Ejection on the 14th of that 
month there was not any opposition to the 
return of 

Rt. Hon. (Joseph) Austen Chamber-. 
lain, P.C. (L.U.). 

Election Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Joseph 
Chamberlain, P.C. (L.U.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 73,446. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,274. 
Returning Officer— Rt. Hon. Arthur .David 
Brooks, C.B.E., Birmingham (The Lord 

Birr [See King's co.]. 
Bishop Auckland [See Durham co] 

BLACKBURN (Lancashire) [2]. 

(Comprising the township of Blackburn. ) 

Philip Snowden (Labour) .. 10,762 
*'. Major the Rt. Hon. Sir Henry 

Norman, Bt.. P.C. (L.) .. 10,754 
William Boyd Boyd- Carpenter 

(C) 9,814 

Henry Lin don Riley (C.) .. 9,500 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir Thomas Barclay, 
Ph.D., LL.D. (L.) 12,064; Philip Snowden 
(Labour) 11,916; tJLora Edgar Al 
it Gascoyne-Cecil, K.C (('.) 
• -rge Frederic Stewart Bowie 


Parly. Pop. 130,855. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 23,874. 
Returning Officer — Lawrence Cotton, Black- 
burn (Mayor). 

Blackfriars [See Glasgow]. 

Blackpool [See Lancashire, N.]. 

Bodmin [See Cornwall i. 


BOLTON-LE-MOORS (Lancashire) 12]. 

(Consists 0/ part of the County Borough 0/ 


At the General Election George Harwood (L.), 
Alfred Henry Gill (Labour), and Col. G. 
Hesketh (C) polled respectively 10,358, 
10,108, and 8,697 votes. In Nov. iqij Mr. 
Harwood died, and at a Bye- Election on 
Nov. 23rd, 1912, 'Thomas Taylor (L.) and 
Arthur Brookj (('.) Polled respectively 10,011 
and 8,835 votes. In Aug: 1914 Mr. Gill 
also died, and at another Bye- Election on 
Sept. find, 1914, tfure was not any opposi- 
tion to the return 0/ 

rt Tootill (Labour). 
In Feb. 1916 Mr. TayW resigned, and at 
another Bye-Election on Feb. 29th, 1916, 
there was not any opposition to the return of 

•Capt. William Edge (L.) 
Polling Jan. 101 

12,275; Alfred Henry Gill (Labour) 11,864; 
trifuon, K.C. (C.) 7,479; 
Percy Ash worth (C.) 7,326. 

Parly. Pop. 131,662. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 22,356. 

Returning Officer— Alderman Knowla Edge, 

t Marld, SmithhilU. Boton(Ma 

Border Burghs [See Hawick District]. 
Bootle [See Lancashire. S W .]. 
Bordesley [See Birmingham]. 

BOSTON (Lincolnshire) 11]. 
ii die Murnk ipal borough 0/ Boston, 
the parish of Skirbeck. the hamlet 

■id part of the parish of 


Charles Harvey Dixon (C.) .. 1,875 
Hon. Fitzroy Hemphill ( L. ) . . 1,712 
Polling Jan. 1910. 'Charles Harvej I 

(C.) 1,975; Dr. Henry Simpson Lunn (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 22.082. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 4.266. 

Returning Officer — Arthur Cooke-Yarborough, 

TheCottage, \V\ bcrtuii, near Boston (Mayor). 

Bos worth [See Leicestershire]. 
Bow and Bromley [See Tower Hamlets]. 

BRADFORD (Yorkshire) [31. 

{The City 0/ Bradford). 

Central [1]. 

(Lister Hills, West, North, Little Norton 

and Exchange Wards.) 
At the General El,\ 

H e 1 1 rj tolled rtsp*c- 

{.381 votes. In Ian. 1916 

1 George Robertson died, and at a By*' 

Election on the 21st 0/ that month, there 

was not any opposition to the return 0/ 

Hill, Bt * i 

Polling Jan. 191. !. Sir George 

5,249 ; 
:.i Mowick (L.U.) 3,608. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,849. 

Ban in 

{East, South, Bradford Moor, East Bowling 

William Edtrin Hriggs 

<L.).. 7,778 

RiginaldM. H.J. Ma 

709 ; John I 

Parly. Pop. 92.911. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) i7,977» 




Bradford (Yorkshire) continue,/. 
West 111. 

(M,innineha»t, l/ctfon, Allertou, Pol: 
; : ffct ton Wards.) 

tick William Jowelt 
hour) .. . . .. .. 7,729 

Sir Ernest {/''rath is Swan) 

Flower (C.) 4,339 

PDLUMG Jan. 1910. Frederick William Joweti 
(Labour) 8,880 ; Sir Ernest (Francis Swan) 
r (C.) 4,461. 

Parly. Pop. 84,700. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,467. 

Returning Officer — The Lord Mayor. 


Sidney Robinson (L.) .. .. 5»5 11 

John Conway Lloyd (C.) .. 3,631 

POLLING Jan. 19x0. Sidney Robinson (L.J 

6,335; Hon. Robert Charles Devereux (C. ) 


Parly. Pop. 63,036. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)13,482. 
Returning Officer— Morgan Watkin Morgan, 
Esq., i'.ryntawe, Abercrave, Breconshire 
(High Sheriff). 

Brentford [See Middlesex]. 

Bridgeton [See Glasgow]. 

Bridgwater [See Somersetshire]. 

Brigg [See Lincolnshire]. 

BRIGHTON (Sussex) [2]. 

(Includes the parishes of Brighton, Hove, 

J 'res ion, and Preston Rural.) 

Major George Clement Tryon (C. ) 10, 78c 

A I the General Election Capt. George Clement 
Tryon (C), Capt the Hon. Waltei 

in Rice (C.), Alfred Morris (L.), and 
Morres Nickalls (L.) polled respectively 
10.780, 10,755, 6,723, and 6,699 votes. In 
June 191 1 Capt. Rice succeeded to the 
Barony of Dynevor, and at a Bye- Election 
on the 26th of that month there was not 
any opposition to the return of the *Hon. 
John Edmund < Gordon (C.) In June 1914 
Mr Gordon resigned, and at another Bye- 
Election on June 2gth, 191 4, there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

*Charles Thomas-Stanford (C). 

P01 1 ing [an. 191a *( apt. < reorge Clement 

: •( lapt, the Hon. Waltei 

FitzUryan Rio (C.) 11,567; Surg. -Gen. 

( leorge Joseph Hamilto M I ' 


Parlj . Pop 163,778. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)22,936. 

Returning ( Officer Alderman Herbert Carden, 

15, Marine Square, Brighton (Mayor). 

Brightside [See Shemeldl. 

BRISTOL (City and County of) [4\ 

East [1]. 

(St. George East Ward, part of St. George 
West Ward, Easton Ward, St. Philip 
South Ward, and part oj St. Philip North 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Charles 
Edward Henry Hobhouse, P C. (L.), and 
Patrick Joseph Henry Hannon (C.) polled 
respectively 7,229 and 4,263 votes. In Oct. 
191 1 Mr. Hobhouse was appointed Chan- 
cellor of Duchy of Lancaster, and at a 
Bye- Election on Nov. 3rd, 191 1, the result 

Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Henry 
Hobhouse, Bt, P.C. (L.) .-4,913 

Walter Moore (Independent) .. 2,913 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Charles Ed- 
ward Ilinry Hobhouse, P.C. (L.) 6,804; 
Thomas Henry Batten (C.) 4,033; Frank 
SWeppard (Labour) 2,255. 

Parly. Pop. 89,336. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,438- 

North [1]. 

(District, St. Paul, St fames, and Staple ton 
Wards, and part of St. Philip North 

Rt. Hon. Augustine 

l'.< ., K.C. (L.) 
Laurie Magnus (L.U.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. 
Birrell, P.C, K.C. (L.) 
Henry Woods (C.) 5,459. 

Parly. Pop. 84,991. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) M.679- 


.. 6,410 

.. 5,084 

Hon. Augustine 

6,805 ; Maurice 



South (H 

(Central East and West RedclijfT, Somerset, 
■ -•illc, East ."// H'cst Red/ninster 
Hards, and part of St. (,V<v A 'r H tti M 
Sir William Howell hr, I 6,895 

James Thomas Francombi 

■ <; Jan. 1910. Sir William Howell 
:i ; Horace Whitehead 
Chatterton (C> 7,010. 

Parly. Pop. 86,160. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,100. 

West [1]. 
(Clifton— North and South,— Redland, St. 
Michael, St. Augustine, and Horfield 

Lieut. - Col. George Abraham 

C.ibbs (Unionist) .. .. 4,871 

Joseph Weston Stevens (L.) .. 3,595 
Polling Jan. 1910. George Abraham Gibbs 
(C.) 5,159 ; Dr. Walter Sum (L.) 3,881. 
Parly. Pop. 69,019. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 10,884. 
Returning Officer— The Sheriff. 

Brixton See Lambeth 1. 
Bromley See Tower Hamlets]. 
Bromwlch, West [See West Bromwlch]. 
Buckingham See Buckinghamshire]. 

Mid. or Aylesbury II J. 

(Sessional Divisions 0/ Aylesbury, Chesham, 
and L ins lade, and part 0/ 2nd Division 0/ 
De thorough and parts oj ll'in> 
Lieut. <'ol. Lionel Nathan de Roths- 
child, O.B.K. (L.U.). 

IN. 1910. "Lionel Nathan de 
Rothschild (L.U.) 6,037; R- « 
Atkins (L.) 4.574- 

F'op. 62,165. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,165. 

Northern, or Buckingham llj. 

(Sessir- But king-ham, 

Nm;' tony Stratford, f 

Sessional Division 0/ ll'inslcr.i', and the 
Munii 1 f>al Borough 0/ Buckingham.) 

i I airy Calvert 
Williams Venn s.o. 

. . 6,029 

. . 5,702 

Polling Jan. 1910. Frederick William Ver- 
ney (L.) 6,055; Hon. Thomas Francis 
Fremantle CO 5,994- 

Parly. Pop. 61,981. 
Reg. Parly. Flee. (191 5) «3.755« 

Southern, or Wycombe ill. 

(Sessional Divisions of Bumham and Stoke, 
parts of \st and MM Sessional Divisions of 
Desbotough, and the Municipal Borough oj 
Chipping IVycombe.) 

At the General Election Sir (Charles) Alfred 
Cripps, K.C.V.O., K.C. (C), was returned 
unopposed. In Jan. 1914 Sir Alfred Cripps 
ivas raised to the peerage, and at a Bye- 
Election on Feb. 18M, 1914, the result was 
•k Lieut. -Col. William Baring Du 

Pre(C) 9,044 

Tonman Mosley, C.B. (L.) ..6,713 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir (("liarleo Alfred 
Cripj C.)8,6oo; JThomas 

Arnold Herbert (L.) 6,134. 

Parly. Pop. 90,956. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,90). 
Returning Officer — Henry Hugo Worthington, 
Wycombe Court, High Wycombe 
|h Sheriff). 

Buckrose [See Yorkshire, E Rldlngl. 

BURNLEY (Lancashire) [11. 

(Consists o/the township 0/ Burnley, as recon- 
stituted under / Act 0/ 1894, 
and portions oj the tenvnships o/Habergkam 
Eaves, and tghtfnhill.) 



Burnley (Lancashire)-ro////'«M<v/. 
* Philip Edward Morrell (L.).. 6,177 
\Gera d Archibald A rbiithnot\iZ) 6,004 
Mayers Hyndman 
rialist) 3,810 

Polling Jan. 1910. "Gerald Archibald 
Arbuthnot (C.) 5.776; JFred Maddison (L.) 
5,681 ; Henry Mayers Hyndman (Socialist) 

Parly. Pop. 104,313. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,300. 
Returning Officer— -Dr. A. M. Sinclair, Burn- 
ley (Mayor). 

Burton [See Staffordshire]. 

BURY (Lancashire) [1]. 

[Comprising the township 0/ Bury.) 


r^ c^~ 


Sir George Toulmin (L.) . . 4,509 

Edwin Leach Hartley (C.) . . 4,254 

Polling Jan. 1910. George Toulmin (L.) 

4,866 ; Edwin Leach Hartley (C.) 4,258. 

Parly. Pop. 56,958. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,665. 

RelurntngO '^Fivr— Councillor James Hacking, 

Bury (Mayor). 

BURY ST. EDMUNDS (Suffolk) [1]. 
(Comprising the parish of Bury St. Edmunds.') 

Election Jan. 1910. Hon. Walter Edward 
( ruinneaa (C.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 16,785. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 2,889. 
Returning Officer— Alderman Owen A. Clark, 
Abbeygate Street, Bury St. Edmunds 


Harry Hope (C.) .. .. 1,569 

Edward Rosslyn Mitchell ( L. ) . . 1,316 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Harry Hope (C.) 
1 >53i J ♦ Norman Lamont (L.) 1,372. 
Parly. Pop. 18,031. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 3-774- 
Re turning Officer— David Anderson, K.C., 12, 
India Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Ren- 
frew and Bute). 

Robert Leicester Harmsworth 

(L.) 2,718 

Archibald McLeod (C . ) . . . . 87 

Polling Jan. 1910. Robert Leicester Harms- 
worth (L.) 2,643 '> Laurence Hugh Strain 

Parly. Pop. 23,320. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 3.979- 
Returning Officer — Andrew Henderson Brigga 
Constable, K.C., 23, Royal Circus, Edtn* 
burgh (Sheriff of cos. Caithness, Orkney, 
and Shetland). 

CAMBERWELL (Surrey) [3]. 

Major the Hon. Walter Edward Guin- 
ness, D.S.O. (C). 

Dulwich [1]. 

'Cambenvell and Dnlivich Ward, and the 
Ha m let 0/ Penge. ) 

• Lieut.-Col. Sir Fred Hall, 

K.B.E., D.S.O. (C.).. .. 7,796 
Evan Spicer (L.) . . . . 5,495 



Polling Jan. 1910. Andrew Bonar 
(C) 8,472 ; Harry Evan Auguste Cotton (L.), 

Parly. Pop. 101,731. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,084. 
North [II. 

(5"/ George s, East and West Wards, and 
Camden Ward.) 

Kt. Hon. Thomas James Mac- 
namara, P.C., LL.D. (L.) .. 5,038 

Sydney Francis Hoftnung Gold- 

smid (C) 4,056 

Polling Jan. 1910. Thomas Tames Macna- 
mara, 1. 1.. I). (L.) 5,593 ; Sydney Hoffnung 
Goldsmid (C) 4,511. 

Parly. Pop. 90,476. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,083. 

Peckham [1]. 

(North and South Peckham Wards.) 
* Albion Henry Herbert Rich- 
ardson (L. ) . . 5,027 
v Cttbitt Gooch (C.) . . 4,986 
Polling Jan. 1910. Henry Cubitt Gooch 
<C) 5.33°". Albion Henry Herbert Richard- 
son (L.) 5,247. 

Parly. Pop. 89,925. 

Ref. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,021. 

Returning Officer—}. Hudvm>! 
9, Fenchurch Street 

Camborne [See Cornwall). 

CAMBRIDGE (Borough) 111. 
' nine the old borough 0/ Cambridge. 
and />.,rt 0/ the parish 0/ Chesterton.) 

*kt. Hon 

! ric Campbell Geddes, 


Polling Jan. 1910. *Almeric Hugh Paget 
(U.) 4,657; JStanley Owen buckmaster, 
K..C. (L.) 4,081. 

Parly. Pop. 51,135. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9.857- 
Returning- Officer — Rev. Edmund Courtenay 
Pearce, D.D., The Lodge, Corpus Chribti 
College, Cambridge (Mayor). 

Eastern, or Newmarket [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions o/Bottisham, Linton 
and Newmarket, and the parishes of Ely 
College, Ely Holy Trinity, Ely St. Mary, 
Prickwillow, and part oj Cambridge With- 

At the General Election "Sir Charles Day 
Rose, Rt. (L.) and J George Henry Verrall 
iC.) polled respectively 4,786 and 4.387 
votes. In April 1913 Sir Charles Day Rose 
died, and at a Bye- Election on May 16M, 
the result 7i>as 

*Capt. John Cuthbert Denison 

Denison-Pender (C.) . . .. 5,251 

G. Nicholls (L.) . . . . 4,400 

Polling Jan. 1910. *George Henry Verrall 

(C.) 4,75a ; tSir Charles Day Rose, Bt. (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 50,289. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 17,822. 

Northern, or Wisbech [lj. 

{The Sessional Divisions of North Wi: 

WkiMmm. and WisbtJi, the Municipal 
Borough of Wisbech, and the parishes of 
■nhani, and Littlefort.) 



■: I 

a-y opposition to the retu 
• Coin, K. ill, C 

Chcnc) ' ^.079. 

Parly. Pop. 56,287. 

Reg. Paily. Elec. (1915) 12,683. 



Cambridgeshire- continued. 

Western, or Chesterton [11 

(The Sessional Divisions of Arrington and 
Melbsum, Cambridge and Ca.xton, the 
Municipal Borough of Cambridge, and the 
Parishes of Gruntv Fen, Haddcnham, 
Mejtal, Stretham, Sutton, Thetford, Went 
worth, Wilburton, Witcham, IVitcham 
Gravel, and IVitchford.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Edwin 
Samuel Montagu, P.C. (L ) and George 
Douglas Cochrane Newton (C.) polled re- 
spectively 5,011 and 4,640 votes. In Feb. 

1915, Mr. Montagu was appointed Chan- 
cellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and at a 
Bye-Election on Feb. 13th, 1915, there was 
not any opposition to the return 0/ Rt. Hon. 
Edwin Samuel Montagu, P.C. In Jan. 

1916, Mr. Montagu was again appointed 
Chancellor of the Duchy pj Lancaster, and 
at a Bye-Election on the ioth of that month 
there was not any opposition to the return oj 
Rt. Hon. Edwin Samuel Montagu, P.C. 
(L.). In July 191 7 Mr. Montagu was ap- 
pointed Sec. of State for India, and at 

another I've- Election on July 27th, 19 17, 
there was not any opposition to the return of 

Rt. Hon. Edwin Samuel Montagu, P.C. 

Polling Jan. 1910. Hon. Edwin Samuel 
Montagu (L.) 5,265; Capt. Eustace Wid- 
dringion Morrison-Bell (C.) 4,735. 

Parly. Pop. 46,432. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) ">593- 
Returning Officer— John Norman Heathcote, 
Esq., Conington Castle, Peterborough (High 


Motto—" Hinc lucem et pocula sacra." 

John Frederick Peel Rawlinson, K.C. 


At tlte General Election Samuel Henry 
Butcher (('.) and John Frederick Peel 
Rawlinson, K.C. (C.) were returned unop- 
posed. In Dec. 1910 Mr. Butcher died, 
and at a Bye-Election on E'eb. 16th, 191 1, 
the result was 

*Sir Joseph Larmor, D.Sc, 

F.R.S. (C.) 2,308 

Harold Cox (C. & Free Trader) 1,954 
T. E. Page (C.) 332 

Polling Jan. 1910. Samuel Henry Butcher 
John Frederick Peel Rawlinson, 
K C. (C.) unopposed. 

Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) 7.288. 
Returning Officer— krthar Everett Shipley, 
> ,D., F.R.S., Christ's College, Cambridge 

Camlachie [See Glasgow]. 

CANTERBURY (Kent) [1]. 

(Consists of the county borough, city, and 

suburbs of Canterbury included within the 

parliamentary and municipal Boundaries. ) 



Capt. Francis Bennett-Goldney 


John Hoiuard (C. ) 
William James Fisher (L.) 
Polling Jan. 1910. John Henniker Heaton 
(C.) 1,371; Francis Bennett-Goldnev(lnd.U.) 
1,350; Hubert Bailey Drysdale Woodcock 
(L.)8i 5 . 

Tarly. Pop- 23,832. 

Reg. Parly. Klec. (1915)4,230. 
Returning Officer- -Dr. R. A. Bremner, Can- 
terbury (Sheriff). 

CARDIFF DISTRICT (co. Glamorgan) [1]. 

(Comprising City of Cardiff and Municipal 

Boroughs ofCowbridge and Llantrisant.) 



At th. ection Lieut. -Col. Lord 

n Edward Crichton-Stuart (C.)and Sir 
g Hyde (L.) polled respec- 
tively 12,181 and \\,Z%2Votes. In Sept. 1915 
Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart iuas killed in 
action during European 11 'ar, and at a Bye- 
Election on Nov. 13/A, 191 5, there was not 
any opposition to the return 0/ 

*James Herbert Cory (C). 

MG Jan. 1910. tDavid Alfred Thomas 

!l 1,207 : Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart 
C.)ii",6 5 2. 

Parly. Pop. 185,858. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 32,000. 
Returning Officer — Councillor Joseph Stan- 
field, J. P., Cardiff (Lord Mayor). 

Matthew Lewis Yaughan-Davies (L.). 

m (L.) 6,348; G. F. Roberts (C.) 2,043. 

Parly. Pop. 59,042. m 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,659. 
Returning Officer— Alfred Cecil Wright, Esq., 
Fron-y-gog, Borth. Cardigan (High Sheriff). 

CARLISLE Cumberland) [1]. 
II" ml Richard 1 )ouglas Dennian 

(L.) 3,243 

/('. Raymond (C.) . . 3,179 

.Jan. 1910. "Hon. Richard Douglas 
Denman(L.) 3,270; Valentine John H 

h (C.) 2.815; Arthur Charles Ban- 
BJagtoa (So< i.ilist) 777. 

Parly. Pop. 44,199. 

0915) 7.555- 
Returning Officer I Bertram Carr, 

1 House, Burgh-bySands, t '.trlislc 

•1 Molloy 1 • 
Eutcn ion •Michael Molloy tN.) 

Parly. Pop. 35,253- 
Rc« (1915)6,031. 

Returning Offfcer-Thc High Sheriff. 


( Comprising Ca m • nelly. ) 

At flii iin Llewelyn 

d. In 

■ff, and at a 

• •as not any 

W » Llewelyn Williams, K.C. (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. William Llewelyn 
Williams (L.) 4,197 ; Viscount Tiverton 
(L.U.) 1,965. 

Parly. Pop. 42,492. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 7,473- 
Returning Officer— John Lewis, Carmarthen 

Eastern [1]. 

(Parts of the Sessional Divisions of LLxudito 
and Llandovery and the Sessional Divirion 

At the General Election Abel Thomas, K.C. 
(L.), Mervyn Peel (C), and J. H. Williams 
(Labour) polled respectively 5,825, 2,315, 
and 1,176 votes. In July 191 2, Mr. Thomas 
died, and at a Bye- Election on Aug. 22nd. 
1912, the result was 

*Rev. Josiah Towyn Jones (L.) 6,082 
Mervyn Peel (C.) . . . . 3,354 

Dr. J. H. Williams (Labour). . 1,089 

Mervyn Peel (C.) 2,451 
Parly. Pop. 71,832. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,290. 

POLLING JAN. 1910. Abel Thomas, K.C (L.) 


Western [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of C<ir/uarthen, 
Llanboidy, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth, New- 
castle Emlyn, and St. Clears, and parts 
0/ the Sessional Divisions oj Llandilo and 

•John Hinds (L.) .. .. 5,076 
John William /ones Cr emlyn 
(C) 2,036 

1 ji ■■. At the Gknkral Elbc- 

.11, K.r. 1 1 

Jolm William Jones Crcmlyn (C.) polled 

respectively 5,684 and 2,059 votes. In Nov. 

an was appointed a 

irt Judge, and at the time of the 

.v.In \.U.l!lt. 

Pop. 46,08a. 
Reg. Patly. Klec. (1915) 0,976. 
Returning Officer -David Williamv 

l.l.inrlly | Hinh Sheriff). 



in. ) 

I n. ]).t\i<l Lloyd George, 

.. 3."2 
yd /ones{C.) .. 1,904 

11 ..' • 

Keg. I "9«5)5.99J- 

Retiming Officer— AMcrman Robert 
\i D 



Northern, or Arfon [1]. 

(The Petty Sessional Divisions of Bangor 
and Conway (excluding tin- areas of the 
Boroughs of Conivay and Bangor), the Petty 
Sessional Division of N ant-Conway , and the 
parishes of Llanberis and Llanddeiniolen.) 

At the General Election William Jones (L) 
was returned unopposed. In Jan. iqii Mr. 
Jones was appointed a Junior Lord of the 
Treasury, and at a Bye-Election on Feb. 
nth, 191 1, there was not any opposition to 
the return of* William Jones (L.). In May 
1915 Mr. Jones died, and at another Bye- 
Elect ion son July 6th, 1 91 5, there was not 
any oppo ition to the return of 

*Griffith Caradoc Rees (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. William Jones (L.) 
6,223 ; Arthur Hughes (C.) 2,629. 

Parly. Pop. 52,678. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,519. 

Southern, or Eiflon [11. 

(Fart 0/ the Petty Sessional Divisions 0/ 
Carnarvon (excepting the patishes of Llan- 
beris and Llanddeiniolen), and the Ses- 
sional Divisions oj Eifionydd and Pwllheli 
(excluding the Boroughs of Carnarvon and 
Pwllheli, and the parishes of Criccieth and 
Nevin. ) 

Ellis William Davies (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910 Ellis William Davies 
(L.) 6,118; Francis John Lloyd Priestly 
(C.) 1,700. 

Parly. Pop. 41,996. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (19^) 9,153. 

Returning Officer— Ernest Albert Neele Esq., 
Dinorwic, Port Dinorwic (High Sheriff). 

East Cavan [1]. 

(The Baronies of Castlerahan and Clankee, 
and parts of the Baronies of Tullygarvey 
and Loughtee Upper.) 

Samuel Young (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. Samuel Young (N.) un- 

Parly. Pop. 44,215. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,821. 
West Cavan ri]. 

(The Baronies oj Clanmahon, Loughtee 
Lower, Tullyhaw and Tullyhunco, part oj 
the Baronies of Loughtee Upper and Tully- 
garvey, and the Townland of Crnmlin, in 
parish of Den n.) 

Vincent (Paul) Kennedy (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. Vincent Paul Kennedy 
(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 46,958. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)8,469. 

Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

CHATHAM (Kent) [1]. 

(The Parliamentary borough 0/ Chatham 
comprises the municipal boroughs of 
Chatham and Gilliughavt.) 

Gerald Fitzroy Hohler, K.C. (C.) 6,989 
Louis Charles Bernacchi (L.) . . 4,302 
F. Smith (Labour) .. ..1,103 

Polling Jan. 1910. ^Gerald Fitzroy Hohler, 

K.C. (C.) 7,411 ; J John Hogan Jenkins 

(Labour) 6,130. 

Parly. Pop. 92,686. 

Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) 17,625. 

Returning Officer— Alderman William Paine, 

J. P., Chatham (Mayor). 

Chelmsford [See Essexl. 

CHELSEA (Co. London) [11. 
(The Parliamentary Borough of Chelsea.) 

Lieut. -Col. Sir Samuel John 

GurneyHoare,Bt.,C.M.G.(C.) 4,968 

Hugh Hoare (L.) .. .. 3,249 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Samuel John Gurney 

re (C.) 5,610 ; JEmslie John Horniman 

(L.) 4,048. 

Parly. Pop. 87,050. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,462. 
Returning Officer — Thomas Holland, Town 
Hall, Chelsea, S.W. 



CHELTENHAM (Gloucestershire) [1]. 

(Comprising the whole of the parish of 
Cheltenham, ana tart of the fatish of 
Charlton A ; 

At the General Election "Richard Mathias 

•unt Duncannon (L.U.) 

foiled respectively 3,846 ami 3,753 votes. 

March 30M, 1911, the electio 
declared null and void, and at a Bye- 
Election on April 28th, 191 1, the result -.vas 
Tynte Agg-Gard- 

^'•) 4,043 

Major Leivis Malhias (L.) . . 4,039 

(II) , K, hard Malhias (L.) 3,850. 

Parly. Pop. 531064. 

Reg. Parly. Klc . (191)8,755. 

Jones, Cheltenham (Mayor). 

Chertsey [8ee 8urreyJ. 

Altrincham 111. 


thatp.irt.> ilBorong ho/ Stock- 

hire. ) 
At the General El, 

lev, Bt. (L.)/W 

7,58} votes. In kcl.ty- 

tim on 
May 38/A, 191 


. . 9,409 



i .) 8,709; ViftCOIli : 

Parly. Pop. 103,124. 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) 33,144. 

Crewe [1]. 

( The Municipal Borough of Crewe, and parts 
of the Sessional Divisions of Congleton, 
Nauhvich, and Sandbach.) 

Polling Jan. ioio. At the General Elec- 
tion the Rt. Hon. James Tomkinson, P.C 
(L.), Major Sir John I^ane Harrington, 
K I .Mi. . K C.V70..CB. C). and Frank 
H. Rose ( Labour), polled respectively 7,761, 
5,419, and 1,380 votes. In April 1910 Mr. 
Tomkinson died, and at a Bye-Election 
on April 30th 1910, the result was 'Walter 
I Bngfll Mcl^aren (L.) 7,639; James 
Hugh Welsford (C.) 6,041. 

At the General Election Walter Stowe Bright 
McLaren (L.) and Ernest Craig 
Polled rcsfcctivcly 7,629 and 5,9*5 7-otes. 
In June 1912, Mr. McLaren died, and at 
a subsequent Bye-Election on July 26th, 
191 2, the resit It was 

*Ernest Craig (C.) .. .. 6,260 

Harold Murphy ( K ad i cal ) . . 5 , 294 

James Holmes (Labour) . . 2,485 

Parly. Pop. 79,558. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,353. 

Eddisbury [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Broxton, part of 
the Sessional Divisions of Chester Castle, 
Eddisbury, Middlewich, Santtvich, and 
li'iusford, and the Municipal Borough oj 
the City of Chester.} 

Major Harry Barnston (C.) .. 5,312 
Hon. Arthur Lyulph Stanley 

(M 4.976 

Polling Jan. 1910. *H.u\ I 
5,644; {Hon. Arthur Lyulph Sun! 

Pop. 57,968. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (19 5) 1 1.773. 

Hyde [1). 

( The Sessional Division of Dukinfteld, the 
Municipal Borough of //yd. 
of the Ma ■■ 

situate in Cheshire, and fart of the Ses- 
sional Division of Stockport.) 
At the General Etc. ■ 

Tom Smith <C\) polled respectively 
s.562 and 5,268 votes. in March 1910 
I ' 
>th, 1916, the resu.. 

* I hoBM Owen | 

/>. /'. Davits (lad.) .. .. 3,215 


Crawford Anderson (Labour) 3,401. 
I M4* 

' 1.349- 

Knutsford 111. 


of th> 

utuatr in < 'hti'r.- 

Ian John S\ 
Bt. ' .. 6^27 

/. //. Wkitmrtk 4,658 




Knut«f ord— c on tin ued. 

Polling Jan. 1910. *AIan John Sykes (C) 
6,199; ♦ Alfred John King (L.) 5,084. 

Parly. Pop. 67,566. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,904. 

Macclesfield [11. 

( The Municipal Boroughs of Congleton and 
Macclesfield, and pari of the Sessional 
Divisions of Congleton and Prestbury ) 

Lieul.-Col. William BrocUehurst- 

Brocklehurst(L.) .. .. 4,410 
Ben Dent {C.) 4,142 

Polling Jan. 1910. Col. William Brockle- 
hurst (L.) 4,534; JLieut.-Col. 
William Bromley- Davenport, D.S.O. (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 52,298. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,939. 

Northwich [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Runcorn, and 
parts of the Sessional Divisions of Dares- 
bury, Eddisbury, Middleiuicli, Northwich, 
and H^insford.) 

John Fowler Leece Brunner (L.) 6,071 

/. de Knoop (L.U.) .. .. 5,741 

Polling Jan. 1910. tjohn Fowler Leece 

Brunner (L.) 6,661 ; Charles Williams (L.U.) 

5 ' 542, „ , ~ 

Parly. Pop.. 71,759. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14.548. 

Wlrral [13. 

(The Hundred of IV irral, and the Municipal 
or the Sessional Dwisions of IVirral, part 
of the Sessional Division of Chester Castle, 
and the Borough of Birkenhead.) 

Gershom Stewart (C.) . . . . 10,043 

Arthur Jacob Ashton, K.C. (L.) 7,727 

I'ou ini. Jan. k,i". *Gershom Stewaii (C.) 
10,3c Jones (L.) 8,86a. 

Parly. Pop. 1 1 :.994- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 27,019. 

Returning Officer — Thomas Royden, Esq., 
Frank by Hall. Frankby, Cheshire (High 
" Sheriff). 

CHESTER (Borough) 111- 

(Includes the old city and county of the City 
of Chester, and parts of the parishes of 
Hoole, Neivton, Great Boughton, and 

At the General Elec 'ion Robert Armstrong 
Yerburgh (C ) and Edward Paul (L.) polled 
respectively 3,787 and 3,681 votes. In Feb. 
1916, Mr. Yerburgh resigned, and at a 
Elect/on on l-'eb.2gth, 1916, there was not 
any opposition to the 7 eturu of 

-j-Sir Owen Cosby Philipps, K.C.M.G. 


Polling Jan. 1910. *Robert Armstrong Yer- 
burgh (C.) 3,978 ; Edward Paul (L.) 3,776. 
Parly. Pop. 48,125. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (19- 5) 8,509. 
Returning Officer— Arthur Wall, Esq., 62, 
Sealand Road, Chester (Sheriff). 

Chesterfield [See Derby shire 1. 

Chester-le-Street [See Durham Co. 

Chesterton [See Cambridgeshire]. 

Chichester [See Sussex]. 

Chippenham [See Wiltshire]. 

Chorley [See Lancashire, N.]. 

CHRISTCHURCH (Hants) [1]. 

(Includes the parishes of 'Christchnrch, Bout tie- 
mouth, Christchurclt East, Holdeuliurst, 
Hum, and Highcliff.) 

Brig. -Gen. Henry Page Croft, 

C.M.G. (C.) 5, 2 75 

Frederick William Verney (L.) 4,619 

Polling Fan. 1910. •Henry Page Croft (C) 

5,538 ; lArthur Acland Allen (L.) 4,807. 



Parly. Pop. 88,734. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (»9'5> ">5 6 5- 
Returning Officer— William Tucker, 
Forest View, Thristchurch (Mayor). 


Cirencester [See Gloucestershire!. 

SHIRE 11). 

Rt. Hon. Eugene Wason, P.C.(L.). 

. 1910. Rt. Hon. Eugene Wason, 
(L.) 3,971; Nelson Briggs Constable 
(C) 7,703. 

Parly. Pop. 43,476- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)8,483. 

Returning Officer — James Robert Nicolson 
K.C., 17, Royal Circus, 
Edinburgh (Sheriff of Stirling, Dumbarton, 
and Clackmannan). 

Clapham [See Battersea]. 

CLARE CO. [2] 
East Clare [1]. 

( The Baronies ofBurren, Runratty Upper and 
Lower, and Tulla Upper and Lower, and 
part of the Baronies 0/ Inchiquin and 

At the Genera' Election Major William Hoey 
Kearney Redmond (N.) was returned » n- 
opposed. In June 1917 Mr. Redmond died 
(of wounds in action during En ■ 

' >, and at a Bye- Election on July nth, 
1917, the result was 

* onn tie Valera (Sinn Fein) 5,010 

i Lynch, K.C. (N.). .. 2,035 

:.N Ian. 1910. William Hoey Kearney 
Redmond (N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 50,666. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,130. 

West Clare [11. 

.1 and / or i than, of 
and part of 
Baronies of Inchiquin and Islands.) 

Arthur Alfred Lynch, C.L.. I.R.C.P., 

\lfred Lynch. 
\> unopposed. 

Reg. I 

■ I 

Cleveland 1 See Yorkshire. N. Riding) 
Clitheroe 1 See Lancashire tN E.)J. 
Cockermouth [See Cumberland 

COLCHESTER (Essex) [11. 

(Consists of sixteen Ecclesiastical parishes in 
the old borough ot Colchester.) 

Major Sir Laming Worthington 

Evans, Bt. (C.) . . . . 3,489 

Sir Ednar Vimml, K.C.M.G. 

(L.) 2,874 

Polling Jan. 1910. "Laming Worthington 
Evans (C.) 3,717 ; Frederick Whitley Thom- 
son (L.) 2,926. 

Parly. Pop. 43,452. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,603. 
Returning Officer — Councillor Arthur Mi<i- 
dleton Jarmin, 15, East Hill, Colchester 

College [See Glasgow]. 

College Green [See Dublin Borough]. 

Colne Valley [See Yorkshire, W. Rid 

tag (S.)l. 

Connemara [See Galway co ! 

CORK (City) [2]. 

:o— "Suuo bene fida cai 

Maorid Ilr.ily < h» 1. N.) 5,269 


■ m 

that year there tvas not any o/posit 
the return again of 

W.lliam O'Brien (Ind. N.). 



Cork Q\%J— continued. 

Polling Jan. 1910. *\Villiam O'Brien (N.) 
4.535 ; Augustine Roche (N.) 4,438 ; Maurice 
Healv < Ind.N. » 4,22g ; William Murphy 
(N.) 3,776; Sir Edward Fitzgerald, Bt. 
(Ind.N.) 2,067. 

Parly. Pop. 102,435. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,296. 

Returning Officer — William F. O'Connor, 
Esq., Ivy Bank. Sunday's Well, Cork (High 
Sheriff of Cork City). 

CORK CO. [7]. 
East Cork [1]. 

( The Barony of Imokilly, and part 0/ the 
Barony of Barry more.) 
At tlie General Election Capt. Anthony John 
Charles Donelan (N.) rtttr/tWilliam O'Brien 
Ind.N. )polled respectively 3,173 and 1,834 
votes. In May 191 1 Capt. Donelan was 
unseated on petition, and at a Bye-Election 
on July 15th, 191 1, there was not any oppo- 
sition to the return of 

tjohn Muldoon, K.C. (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. Capt. Anthony John 
Charles Donelan (N.) unopposed. 
Parly. Pop. 43,264. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,792. 

Mid Cork [1]. 

Part of the Barony of Barretts and the 
Baronies of East and West Muskerry.) 

Capt. Daniel Desmond Sheehan 

(Ind.N.) 2,738 

Timothy Corcoran ( N . ) ..2,115 

Polling Jan. 1910. Daniel Daniel Sheehan 

(Ind.N.) 2,824; William Fallon (N.) 1,999. 

Parly. Pop. 41,226. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,368. 

North Cork [1]. 

{The Baronies of Duhallmv and Orrery, and 
Kilniore, and part of the Barony ofFermoy.) 

At the General Election Patrick Guiney 
(Ind.N.) was returned unopposed. In Oct, 
1913 Mr. P. Guiney died, and at a Bye- 
Election on Nov. $th, 1913, there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

*John Guiney (Ind.N.). 
Polling Tan. 1910. "Patrick Guiney (Ind.N.) 
2,888 ; Michael Barry (N.) 1,798. 
Parly. Pop. 42,744. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,937. 

North-East Cork [1]. 

( The Baronies of Condons and Clangibbon, and 
Kinnatalloon, and part of the Haronies of 
Ferinoy, Barry /1/0/e, and Barretts.) 

At the General Election *Moretr>n Frewen 
(Ind.N.) was returned unopposed. In July 
191 1 Mr. Frewen resigned, and at a Bye- 
Election on July \^th, 1911, there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

tTimothy Michael I Iealy. K.C.(Ind.N.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. At the General Election 
►William O'Brien (Ind. N.) and JWilliam 
Abraham (N.) polled respectively 2,984 and 
1,510 votes. Mr. O'Brien having also been 

returned for Cork City elected to sit for that 
constituency, and at a I ion on 

March 2nd, 1910, there was not any op- 
position to the return of t Maurice Heniy 

Parly. Pop. 44,272. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,669. 

South Cork [11. 

( The Barony of East Carbery { West Division) 
and parts of the Baronies of /bane and 
Barryroe, East Carbery (East Division), and 
West Carbery {East Division).) 

•John Walsh (Ind.N.) . . . . 2,346 

% Edward Barry (N.) .. .. 2,184 

Election Jan. 1910. Edward Barry (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 38,941. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,766. 

South-East Cork [11- 

{The Baronies of Courceys, Kerryc/irrihy, 
Kinalea, Kinaltneaky, and Kit/sale, and 
parts of the Baronies of East Carbery {East 
Division), and Ibane and Barryroe?) 
Eugene Crean (Ind.N.) .. 2,408 

Jeremiah A he am (N.) .. .. 1,872 

Polling Jan. 1910. Eugene Crean (Ind.N.) 
2,300 ; James Michael Burke (N.) 1,757. 
Parly. Pop. 39,634. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,247. 

West Cork [11. 

{'The Baronies of Bantry, Ben\ and West 
Carbery {West Division), and part of the 
Barony of West Carbery {East Division).) 

At the General Election James Gilhooly 
(Ind. N.) and Daniel O'Leary (N.) polled 
respectively 2,218 and 1,959 votes. In Oct. 
1916 Mr. Gilhooly died, and at a Bye- 
Election on Nov. 15th, 1916, the result was 

Daniel O'Leary (N.) .. .. 1,866 

/•rank Hcaly (Ind.N.) .. .. 1,750 
Dr. Michael Berchmans Shifsey 

(Ind.N.) 37 

Polling Jan. 191c. James Gilhooly (Ind.N. ) 
2,155 ; Daniel O'Leary (.N.) 1,382. 
Parly. Pop. 39,588. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5.582 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

Mid, or St. Austell [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Pmuder {East and 
South) and Pydar, and the parishes of 
Ladock and St. Blazey.) 

At the Central Elect ion Capt. the Hon. 
Thomas Charles Reginald Agar-Robarte* 

(I..) Was returned ///apposed. In Sept. 

1915 Capt. Agar-Robartea died oj wounds in 
action andjita Bye-Election on Nov. 24th, 
1915, there was /ict any opposition to the 
return of 

j-Sir Francis Layland-Barratt (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Hon. Thomas Charles 

Reginald Agar-Robartes (L.) 6,aas ; Francis 

Tyringham Higgins Bernard (L. U.) 3,138. 

Parly. Pop. 57. 2 55- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,738. 



North Eastern, or Launceston [1]. 

< The Sessional Divisions of East Middle, 
'-.. Lesneiuth, and Stratton, and 
>f the Sessional Division of Tr 

Sir George Croydon Marks, 

CB.E. (L.) 4,373 

Edward Treffry ( L. U. ) . . . . 3,249 

<;Jan. 1910. George Croydon Marks 
(L.) 4,703 ; Horace Here Grylls(.L. U.) 3,564. 

Parly. Pop. 44,769. 

Reg. Paily. Elec. (1915) 9,956. 

North Western, or Camborne [1]. 

Part of Sessional Division of Pemvith East, 
and the parishes of Gwennap and St. 

*I<t. H<-n. Francis Dyke Acland, 

• ' (L.) 4,419 

Dr. George Coates (L.U.) .. 2,326 

'.Jan. 1910. Albert Edward Dunn 
5,027 ; Norman Chamberlain (L.U.) 

Parly. Pop. 53,255. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) «<M44- 
South Eastern, or Bodmin (11. 

'.'/, and 
We>: tssionaJ Divi- 

sion .. the Muni- 

cipal Boroughs 0/ Bodmin, I.iskcard, Lost- 
withiel, Saltash, and the parishes of Bod- 
min, lit- //and, and I. if: 

At the General Election Lieut.-Col. Sir Regi- 
nald Pole-Carew K • O. (U.)oW 
Isaac F<*>t (1..) polled respectively 5.021 and 
4,980 votes. In Aug. iqi6, Sir ReginaM 
Carew resigned, and at a Bye Election 
.'// Aug. isM. 1916, there nuts not any oppo- 
sition to the return oj 

*Kt. Hon. Charles Augustus Hanson 

no Jan. 1910. "Cecil Alfred Grenfell 
<!.-> 5,133; Lieut. -Gen. Sir Reginald Pole- 
(U.) 5,083. 

Parly. Pop. 55.438- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 11,706. 

Truro [11. 

( The Sessional Division of Kerrier West, part 
of t lie Sessional Division of Kerrier East 
and Pou'dcr West, and the Municipal 
Boroughs of Falmouth, Helston, Penryn, 
and Truro.) 

George Hay Morgan, K.C. (L.] 
Charles Williams (L.U.) 


Polling Jan. 1910. George Hay M 
(L.) 4,873; JSir Kdwin Duming-Lawrcnce, 
Bt. (LIT.) 4.262. 

Parly. Pop. 47,762. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,226. 

Western, or 8t Ives [lj. 

(The Sessional Division of Pen-vith West (in- 
eluding the Scilly Islands), the Aft. 
Boroughs of Penzance and St. lx<es, and the 
Parishes of St. Ertk and Uny-Lelaut.) 



Cornwall- continued. 
Western, or 8t. Ives 

\ tinned. 

Sir Clifford John Cory, Bt. L.).. 4,253 

Roland Lennox VaugkatX' 

II i//iams (L.V .) .. .. 3,338 

Polling Jan. 19x0. Sir Clifford r ohi 

Bt (L.) 4,458; Major Cecil Bingham 
Levita, M.V.O. (L.U.) 3,586. 

Parly. Pop. 51,999. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 10,086. 

Returning Officer— George Tallack Petherick, 
Porthpean House, St. Austell, Cornwall 
(High Sheriff). 

COVENTRY (Warwickshire) [1]. 

{Consists of the city of Coventry, the parishes 
of St. Michael Without and Holy Trinity 
Without, the parish of Stoke, and part 
of the parish of Wylcen.) 

* David Marshall Mason (L.) 
\John Kenneth Foster (C.) 


Polling Jan. 1910. *John Kenneth Foster 
(C ) 7,369 ; Silas Kitto Hocking (L.) 7,153. 

Parly. Pop. 95,364. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)20,220. 
Alick S. Hill, 

Returning Officer- 
Coventry (Mayor). 


Crewe [See Cheshire]. 

Cricklade [See Wiltshire]. 

Cromarty l See Ross and Cromarty]. 

CROYDON (Surrey) [11. 

('I lie Municipal and County Borough of 
, ton. ) 

*Ian Zachary Malcolm (C.) .. 11,875 

Arthur Lewis Leon (L. ) .. 10,343 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Robert Trotter 

Hermon-Hodge, Bt. (C.) 12,223 : Arthur 

Lewis Leon (L.) 11,327. 

Parly. Pop. 169,551. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)31,009. 
Returning Officer — Alderman Howard Houl- 
der, Croydon (Mayor). 

Cockermouth [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Derwent and 
Workington . ) 

At the General Election *Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 
Bt. (L. ) and Sir John Scurrah Randies 
(C) polled respectively 5,003 and 4,492 
votes, fn Feb. 1916 Sir Wilfrid Lawson 
resigned, and at a Bye - Election on 
March 2nd, 1916, there was not any oppo- 
sition to the return of 

^Joseph Bliss (L.). 



<;Jan. iqio. Sir John Scurrah Randies 
(C.) 1 

3,638 . I il>. >ui) 



i'.irly. Klec. (1915) 11,696. 

Mid. or Penrith [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Kesivick and 
I. nith Ward, atiii part of the Sessional Divi- 
sion of Allerdale Ward below Denvent.) 

Rt. Hon. f. nines William Lowthcr, P.C. 

Ei.kction Jan. ioio. Rt. Hon. James William 
lx>wther, P.C. (C.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 42,485. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,746. 

Northern, or Eskdale 11]. 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Eshdale Ward, 

t-rland Ward, and Longtoivn, part of 

the Sessional Division of Allerdale U ara 

heloiv Dernvent, and the Municipal Borough 

0/ Carlisle.) 

* Lieut. -Col. Claude William 

Henry Lowther (C). . .. 4,581 

%Hon. Geoffrey William Alger- 
non Howard (L.) .. ..4,211 

Polling Jas. 1910. Hon. Geoffrey William 
Algernon Howard (L.) 4,504; Claude Wil Henry Ix>wther (C.) 4,470. 

Parly. Pop. 46,425. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,480. 

Western, or Egremont [11. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Bootle and Aller- 
dale Ward above Denoent.) 

James Augustus Grant (C.) .. 4,013 
/ 1 'illi' I . \foulsiiale ( L. ) 3, 763 

1010. •James Augustus Grant 
(C.) 4.060; IHugh Kullerton (L.) ^,949. 

Pop. 53,023. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,480. 

Warwick Hall, CarlitL 

DARLINGTON (Durham) [11. 

(Consists of the Municipal Bfm g k Of 
"lint ton.) 



bi. h 1 


Parly. Pop. 55,606. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (19 15) IMJ* 

Return Bates 

I I' I ' U 

Dartford [See Kent]. 
Darwen iSee Lancashire, N. E.]. 

DENBIGH (District) [11. 

(Comprising Denbigh, Holt, Ruthin, and 
11 ' re r ham.) 

Capt. the Hon. William George 

Arthur Ormsby-Gore (C.) . . 2,385 
Griffith Caradog Rees (L.) . . 2,376 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Hon. William George 
Arthur Ormsby-Gore (C.) 2,438; {Allen 
Clement Edwards (L.) 2,430. 

Parly. Pop. 31,806. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5.044' 
Returning Officer— Councillor H. Dryhurst 
Robarts, Denbigh (Mayor). 

Eastern 111. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Bromfxeld and 
Ruabon, and the Parish of Chirk.) 

• Edward Thomas John (L.) .. 6,449 
Alfred Hood [0..) 3,186 

Polling Jan. 1910. Edward George Hem- 
merde, fc.C. (L.) 6,865 \ David Rhys (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 59.49'- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12.428. 

Western [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Chirk 
Loiver, the Sessional Divisions of Chirk 
Upper, /sated, Isdulas, Cohvyn Bay, Ru- 
thin, Uwchaled, and Utvchdulas.) 

Sir John Herbert Roberts, Bt. (L.). 

POLLING Jan. 1910. Sir John Herbert 
Roberts, Bt. I L.) 5,854 ; Sam Thompson (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 50,949. 

Reg. Parlv. Elec. (1915) 10,542. 
Returning Officer- George Benjamin Behrens, 
N *. D«ll igfa High Sheriff). 

DEPTFORD (Kent) 11]. 

(The / 

ring I tat chain (Surrey).) 

Rt H<«n (li.iilcs William Bower- 

Stuart Auchineloss Coats (C.) . . 5,999 

Polling Jan. 1910. Charles William Bower- 
man (labour) 6,880; iinclots 
Co«t»(C.) 6.358. 

,• too.444. 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) 17.4™- 
Returning Officer- Edward Jnv 

. M.A.. 61. Cheapmide, EC, and 430, 
New Crow KomI. 



DERBY (Borough) 12]. 

(Comprises the old borough of Derby, the town- 
ships of Litchnrch and Little Chester, and 
farts of Norinantou, Osmasten, ./. •« 

I. ittleoier % and Sfondon. ) 

Rt. Hon. James Henry Thomas, P.C. 

At the General Election Sir Thomas Roe (L.), 
James Henry Thomas (Labour), and Arthur 
Edward Beck (C.) foiled respectively 9,515, 
9,144, and 8, 160 votes. In Dec. 1916 Sir 
Thomas Roe was raised to the Peerage, and 
at a Bye-Election on Dec. 29th, 1916, there 
was not any of posit ion to the return of 

fSir William Job Collins, K.C.V.O., 
M.D., F.R.C.S. (L.) 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Thomas Roe (L.) 
10,343 ; *James Henry Thomas (Labour; 
10,189; Arthur Edward Beck (C.) 8,038; 
Arthur Page (C.) 7,953- 

Parly. Pop. 109,864. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 21,096. 

Returning OJicer—E. J. Hulse, Esq., Oak- 
dene, Duffield Road, Derby (Mayor). 

Chesterfield [1]. 

{Part 0/ the Sessional Division of Chester- 
field, the Municipal Borough of Chesterfield, 
and part of the Sessional Division of A l- 
freton. ) 

In July 1913 Mr. Haslam died, and at a 
Bye- Election on Aug. 20th, 1913, the result 

• Barnet Kcnyon (Labour) .. 7,725 

ltd Christie (C.) •• •• 5,539 

John Seurr (Socialist) .. .. 583 

Polling Jan. 1910. James Haslam (Labour) 

8,234; Walter Guy Wulff Radford (05,693. 

Parly. Pop. 99,665. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 17.877. 

High Peak [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Buxton, Chapel- 
en-le-Erith, and Glossop, and the Municipal 
Borough of Glossop.) 

• Major Samuel Hill Hill-Wood 

(C.) 5,813 

% Oswald Partington (L.) .. 5,629 

Polling Jan. 1910. Oswald Partington (L.) 
5,912; Samuel Hill-Wood (C.) 5,806. 
Parly. Pop. 70,146. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,302. 

Ilkeston [11. 

( The Sessional Division of Ilkeston, and part 
of the Sessional Division of Derby.) 

At the General Election James Haslam 
(Labour) and Walter Guy Wulff Radford 
(C) polled respect i?>ely 7,283 and 5, 055 votes. , 

At the General Election Col. the Rt. Hon. 
John Edward Bernard Seely, P.C, D.S.O. 
(L.) and William Marshall Freeman (C.) 
polled respectively 9,990 and 5,946 votes. 
hi June 191 2 Col. Seely was appointed Sec. 
of Slate for War, and at a Bye-Election on 
July 1st, 1912, the result was 

Brig. -Gen. the Rt. Hon. John 
Edward Bernard Seely, P.C, 
C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O. (L.) .. 9,049 

William Marshall Freeman (C.) 7,838 

Polling Jan. 19x0. At the General Elec- 
tion the Rt. Hon. Sir (Balthazar) Walter 
Foster, P.C, M.D., LL.D. (L.) and Forbes 
St. John Morrow (C.) polled respectively 
10,632 and 6,432 votes. In Feb. 1910 Sir 
Walter Foster resigned, and at a Bye- 
Election on March 7th, 1910, the result 
was tRt. Hon. John Edward Bernard Seely, 
P.C, D.S.O. (L.) 10,204 ; Henry Fitz- 
Herbert Wright (C) 6,871. 

Parly. Pop. 106,454. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 22,296. 



Mid 11]. 
(Dart of the Sessional Division of Alfreton 
i the Stttitmml Division 0/ Belper.) 

ucock (L.) § . . 6,557 
Davia Rhys (C.) .. 4,287 

. 1910. John George Hancock 
(Labour) 7,575 ; Frauds Francis <C ) 4,268. 
Parly. Pop. 76,127. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,889. 

North Eastern [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of fickingtou, ami 
part of the Sessional Division 0/ Chester- 
field. I 
At the General Election William Edwin 
t€f (Labour! ana" Dr. Josiah Court iC.) 
polled respectively 7,838 and 6,088 rotes. 
In Afril 1914 Mr. Harvey died, and at a 
i lection on May 20th, 1914, the result 
* Lieut. -Col. George Robert Har- 

bnd Bowdea (C.) 6,469 

John Plowright Hon) ton (L.) . . 6,155 

/. Martin (>our) .. .. 3,669 

Polling Jan. 1910. William Edwin Harvey 

•ur) 8,715 ; Dr. Josiah Court (C.) 6,411. 

■ !y. Pop. 104,086. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 20,076. 

Southern (11. 

/ the Sessional Division of Derby, the 
Sessional Divisions 0/ Kept on and 
Urnm ote. the Munii ip.ii B,<r,<ue.h of Derby, 

flie parish ■ ( . in Sessional 

• ■■ >n of Aihbouru.) 

sir Herbert Henry 

had, Bt. (I.) .. .. 7,744 

John Bertram Marsdtn-Smcdlcy 

'■'■) 7,373 

<;Jan. 1910. Herbert Henry Raphael 
1 3.259; John Bertram Marsdcu-Smcdlcy 

Parly. Pop. 83,362. 

I dec. (19 1 5) 18,476. 

Western [11. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Afpletree. Ash- 
bourne {except parish of Me re as ton), Bake- 


i f Kerr)-, 

M\ 5.624 

Charles Frederick White ( I. ) . . 

1 \ 11 

Reg. I 1913) 12,208. 

A indley. 
[h Sheriff). 

DEVONPORT (Devonshire) [21. 

(Comprises the Parish of Dnn m/ trt and the 
township of East Stonehouse. ) 

Sir Mm Jackson, C.V.O..LL.D., 

I K.S.E. (C.) 5,170 

Sir Clement Kin loch -Cooke (C.) 5, 1 1 1 
Samuel Lithgow (L.) .. .. 4,841 

Godfrey Baring (L.) .. .. 4,782 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir John FacktDB, 
II. D., V.R.S.E. (C.) 5 ,6s8; *Sir Clement 
Kinloch-Cooke(C.)5,286; :Sir John Williams 
Benn(L.) 5,146 ; Samuel Lithgow (L.) 5,140. 

Parly. Pop. 86,040. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,761. 
Kcturuing Officer— J. P. Goldsmith, Ply- 
mouth (Mayor). 

Eastern, or Honlton [11. 

(the Sessional Divisions of ' A. t minster, lloni- 
ton, Ottery, and H'oottbury.) 

Derby, West [See Liverpool 1. 
Derry (See Londondv 
Devizes [See Wiltshire I 



Luke I 

''op. 35.55* • 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) n.049. 

I Returned at General Election as a Labour Member. 



Devonshire -continued. 

Mid, or Ashburton ill. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Crr 
and Trigubritigt.) 

* Lieut. • Col. Ernest Fitzroy Mor- 
rison-Bell (U.) .. •'- 5,579 
\Charles Roden Buxton (L.) . . 5,225 

Polling Jan. 19 ro. *Charles Roden Buxton 
(I..) 5,668 ; JCapt. Ernest Fitzroy Morrison- 
Bell (C) 5,4" 

Parly. Pop. 55,895. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. O915) 12,430. 

North-Eastern, or Tiverton tlJ. 

{The Sessional D /visions 0/ Cullompton, 
'Tiverton, end Wonford {except ivhat is 
comprised in Parliamentary Borough of 
Exeter), and the Municipal Borough 0/ 

At f>e General Election the Hon. William 
Lionel Charles W'alrond (C.) and Alired 
Ernest Yates Trestrail (L.) polled 
tively 5,033 and 3,455 7/oles. In i\'ov. 191 5 
Mr. Walrond died as the result 0/ active 
service, and at a Bye-Election on Dec \st, 
1915, there was not any opposition to tin- 
return 0/ 

* Charles Robert Sydenham Carew(U.) 

Polling Jan. 1910. Hon. William Lionel 
Charles Walrond (C.) 4,945: Ian Vurray 
Heathcote Heathcote-Amory ( L. ) 4,153. 

Parly. Pop. 50,703. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. C1915) 10,120. 

Northern, or South Molton ill. 

(The Session, 1 1 Divisions of Creditoi:. 

Torrinetou, and South Molton, and the 
Municipal Boroughs of Torringten and 
South Molton.) 

Rt. Hon. George Lambert, P.C. 

(L) .. .. 4,224 

Lieut. -Col. /ohn Thomas Wool- 

rych Feroivne (L.U .) .. 3,217 

Polling Jan. 1910. George Lambert (L.) 
4.419 ; Lieut. -Col. John Thomas Woolrych 
Perowr.e(L.U.) 3,398. 

Parly. Pop. 40,932. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9. 050. 

North-Western, or Barnstaple 11]. 
{The Sessional Divisions of Bideford, and 

Braunion. ana the Municipal Boroughs of 
/>.<; ustaple and P.ideford.) 

At the General Election Ernest Joseph Soares 
(L.) and Charles Sandbach Parker (L.U.) 
polled respectively 6,047 an<i 5, 155 votes. In 
April 191 1 Mr. Soares was appointed Assist. 
Comptroller of Reduction of National Debt 
Office, and at a Bye-Election on May 6th, 
191 1, the result was 
fSir Godfrey Baring, Bt. (L.) .. 6,239 
Charles Sandbach Parker (L.U.) 5,751 
Polling Jan. 1910. At the General Elec- 
tion Ernest Joseph Soares (L.) and George 
liorw'ck (L.U.) polled respectively 6,236 and 
5,354 votes. In Feb. 1910, Mr. Soares was 
appointed a Junior Lord of the Treasury, 
ami at a Bye-Election on March 2nd, 
19 10, there was not any opposition to the 
return of Ernest Joseph Soares (L.). 
Parly. Pop. 64,352. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,584- 



Southern, or Totnes {1]. 

The Sessional Divfiiami of Frmington and 
Plympton, and Stanborvugh an 
and the Municipal Borough oj Totnes ) 


Lieut. -Col. the Rt. Hon. Francis 
Bingham Milrimav, P.C. 

.).. .. '.. .. 5.25; 

Robtrt Dunstan (L.) .. .. 3,040 

Polling Jan. 1910. Francis Bingham Mil.l- 
may(L.U.) 5.505; I. Foot (L.) 3,578. 

Parly. Pop. 48,892. 

Reg. Parly. Elcc. (1915) 10,694. 

Torquay [1]. 

ssional Division of Paignton, and f- 
Municipal Boroughs of Dartmouth a i > 




■-<; Jan. 1910. Sir Francis Layland- 
:t, Hi. (L.) 5.104 ; Sir Henr\ 
Bull- 093. 

Parly. Pop. 67,732. 

Reg. Parly. K!ec. (1915) 12,455. 

Western, or Tavistock [11 

( The Sessional Divisions of f/atherlcigh, 
Holsnvorthy. I. if ton. Midland Roborough, 
South Roborough, and Ta7>istock, and the 
Municipal Boroughs of Devonport and 

• Sir John Ward Spear (L.U.). . 6,409 
\ Major Hugh Con rlt nay Fotvnes 

I.itttrell (L.) 6,019 

Polling Jan. iqio. Major Hugh Courtenay 
Fownes I uttrell (L. ) 6,570; John Ward 
Spear t L.U.) 6,343. 

Parly. Pop. 66,606. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5 > 16,904. 
Returning Officer— Sir Frederick Arundell de 
I* Pole, Bt.. Shute House, Kilmington, 
Devon (High Sherill ) 

DEWSBORY (Yorkshire) 111. 
(Consists of the Borough of Detvsb-iry, and 
Part of the Borough of Bat ley, and parts of 

the toivuships of Soofhul, and Thotnhiti, 
and the district called Ravensthorpe. ) 


&\Ib ss n ks m m 

l\i* * * w m\ft: 

I jVh m m a « L 

Kl. I Ion. Walter, 

Edvon . Simpson (C.) . . 4,033 

MM, Kt I 
m.n. 8a; Benj.m 


Parly. Pop. 76.923. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) l 

illor Waller France, 
Dcwtbury (Mayor). 


Doncaster [See Yorkshire, W Riding 



East Donegal [11. 

(The /■ : ttmd South Raphoe, 

mud/ - of inishoiven West, 

ami Kilntacrenan.) 

Edward Joseph Kelly (N.). 

<ijAN. 1910. 'Edward Joseph Kelly 

.is Harrison (C.) 2,202. 
Parly. Pop. 39.643. 
Reg. Parly. Elcc. (191 5) 6.565. 

North Donegal [1]. 

The Baronies of fnisho-oeu. East and West 
(except the /<»; ish of Hurt), ami /art of the 
lUirvny 0/ Kilmacrenan.) 

Philip O'Doherty (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. *Philip O'Doherty (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 41,065. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,622. 

South Donegal [1]. 

(The Baronies of Banagh and Tirhngh.) 

John Gordon Swift MacNeill, K.C. (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. John Gordon Swift 

MacNeill, K.C. (N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 41,490. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,309. 

West Donegal [1]. 

(The Barony 0/ Boylagh, and part 0/ the 
Barony of Kilmacrenan.) 

Hugh Alexander Law (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. Hugh Alexander Law 
(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 46,339. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,914. 
Returning Officer —The High Sheriff. 

Eastern [1]. 

( The Sessional Division o/Wimborne, fart 0/ 
the Sessional Division of Wareham, and 
the Municipal Borough of the Town and 
Co. 0/ Poole.) 

At the General Election Capt. the Hon. 
Frederick Edward Guest (L.) and Maurice 
Glyn (C.) polled respectively 6,819 and 6,266 
votes. in April 1911 Capt. Guest was ap- 
pointed a J unior Lord of the Treasury, and 
at a Bye-Election on April zgth, 191 1, there 
was not any opposition to the return of 

*Capt. the Hon. Frederick Edward 
Guest, D.S.O. (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. At the General Elec- 
tion *Capt. the Hon. Frederick Edward 
Guest (L.) and Col. John Sanctuary Nichol- 
son (C.) polled respectively 6,957 and 6,531 
votes. In May 1910 the Hon. Frederick 
Guest was unseated on petition, and at a 
Bye-Election on June 30th, 1910, the re- 
sult was *Major the Hon. Christian Henry 
Charles Guest (L.) 6,967 ; Col. John Sanc- 
tuary Nicholson (C.) 6,375. 

Parly. Pop. 78,617. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,504. 

Northern [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bland ford, S 
bury, and Sturminster. and part 
Sessional Division of Sherborne, and the 
Municipal Boroughs of Shaftesbur \ 

Lieut. -Col. Sir KaiKlnlfLittlehales 

Baker, in., D.S.O. (C.) .. 3,919 

Arthur Walters Wills (la.) .. 3,887 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir Randolf Littlehales 

Baker, Bt. (C.) 4,093 ; tArthur Walter Willi 

(L.) 3.944. „ , „ 

Parly. Pop. 42,754. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8.777. 

Southern [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Divisions of Dorclirster 
and Wareham, the Municipal Boroughs 0) 
Dorchester, and Weymouth, and Mclcombe 

Capt. Angus Valdemar Hambro (C). 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Angus Valdemar 
Hambro (C.) 5,811 ; ISir Tom Talbot Ley- 
land Scarisbrick, Bt. (L.) 4,379. 
Parly. Pop. 66,223. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,141. 

Western [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions 0/ Bridport and 
Cerne, the Municipal Boroughs of Bridport 
and Lyme Regis, and part of the Sessional 
Divisions of Dorchester and Sherborne.) 

Col. Sir Robert Williams, Bt. (C). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Col. Robert Williams 
(C.) 4,011 ; William Saunders Edwards 
(L.) 2,759. 

Parly. Pop. 36,623. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,872. 
Returning Officer — Freeman Roper, Esq., 
Forde Abbey, Chard (High Sheriff). 

DOVER (Kent) [1]. 
(The Borough of Dover.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. George 
Wyndham, P.C. (C.) was returned un- 
opposed, infune 1913 Mr. Wyndham died, 
and at a Bye-Election on fune 23rd there 
was not any opposition to the return of 

fCapt. Viscount Duncannon (National). 



S \l jAN o A 9I ° •„ Rt - Hon - G «orge 

Parly. Pop. 38.589. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)6,515. 
Returning Officer-^W\n W. T. Farlev 
Heme \ ,11a, Maxtor,, Dover (Mayor). *' 

DOWN CO. [4]. 
East Down [1]. 

{T aJ'\?6t' SO/ D y eriH ' »"**** driver 
Lieut-Col. Sir James Craig, lit. 
James in I Ham soil (L.) \ '. [\ i'\\° 

P ?i!« ° / AN ' f ?^°- , Ca P l - J ames Craig' (C.) 
4»<»8 ; James Wood (L.) 3,054. 

Parly. Pop. 47,692. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7i9 88. 

North Down [lj. 

«?r ?, U V e . r r Ar < t ** P«*t of the Barony 
^Cjutlertagk Upper, and such part of 7ne 

W.lliam Mitchell-Thomson, C.B.E. 

PO t L ,on ''it'*' 1, I9I i°' . Atlh «G«««At Elec- 
tion Thomas Lonmer Corbett (C ) was 

cSZPaE "?*- l » A P"' 1910 Mr 
&*r\^l^.» *« E ^'°" on the 

College Green nj 

,RiK „r.k . — i . MK election or 

.-. ... wlllI lIlcrc wns Ilot 
• .h^retarn of tWilHa... &g 

I'arly. Pop. 59,879. 
Reg. I'arly. EI.-C. (1915) IO ,, 4S . 

South Down (lj. 

>*« Upper U'pZr 

NT ) .. 3,668 
f**Akxander Hnr Johnston 

D " * * ' * 3.040 

3,8«5. I.ymlrn M... .issey.C ) 3 ,t8o. 
Wf- P ; 45.8a6. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,607, 

West Down [i|. 

m MnM cCaw(C) 

I .750. 

>9i5)8,ia 7 . 

Droitwlch (See Worcestershire]. 

{A Zt?h Q S? y \I, Hn L Quay > North City and 
Ward.) * " W *« ^^^ o/R y otun7o 

M t!2* G . e " e r alEl "«<>» Joseph Patrick Nan- 
^Election on fun, ,**, ,9,5, the r/sutt 

•John Dillon Nugent (N.) .. 2>44 , 

Thomas Farren (Labour) .. lt gi6 

Polling Jan. mu. Joseph Patrick Nannetti 

(N.) 4,550 ; Major 6. ol'onnor (C.) , ,39 

Parly. Pop. 75 ,6o6. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (,9,5) 8,, 67. 

Dublin Harbour [l]. 

(Mountjoy and North Dtek It an/* *~~* 
Rotunda, South dJ^UtS^RZ 

broke hast and /V,„/>n,W It Vstit^d, 

m\nS e \ ai f*&? Wi " iam Abraham 
(IV.) and James Brady (Ind. N ) aJw 

™P«*™b • 3..44 W« 3 i rl/„. /^^ 

A 5 .. r A *> r » na '" t at all!?, 

■5. rt rVsult £Z 

•Alfred Byrne (N.) .. . 2 2g8 

>*M«* {The 9 
OAfahony)^.) .. 

JohnJ. FarrtUW.) .. .. 57, 

1 I jiol Ai .k V- 

ELKCT,o N J Timoth?Cha„ ^ 

wai returned unopposed In ilT 

war, not an* 

I'arly Pop. 80,516. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (t 9 t5) 8,780, 

St Patrick's in. 
William I 

E, op£:, 

Parly. Pop. y «,8oo. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (.9,5) 7 ,6 78 . 

2I 4 


Dublin (City) continued. 

Stephen's Green Fl]. 

(Exchange, Fitzwilliam, and Mansion House 
Wants, part of South Dock, Trinity, 
Pembroke Emst and Pembroke West Wards, 
and f>art of Blackrock, No. i and No. 2 

Patrick fosepfa Brady (N.) .. 3,594 

dipt. Lord Herbert, M. V.O.(Q.) 2,765 

POLUNti Jan. iqio. *Patrick Joseph Brady 

3,6R 3 ; Henry Daniel Conner. K.C. 

<C.) 3,021. 

Parly. Pop. 66,304. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)8,734. 
RttwmtngOjficer— The High Sheriffof Dublin 

DUBLIN CO. 121. 
North Dublin [1]. 

(The Polling Districts of Stepaside, Rath- 
farnhan, Tallaght, Rathcoole, Blanchards- 
tenvn, Lucan, Kilmainham, Drumcondra, 
Cootock, Howth, Swords, Naul, Balbriggan, 
Skerries, Lusk, Rush, Malahide, and 

John Joseph Clancy, K.C. (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. John Joseph Clancy, 
K.C. (N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 95,240. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14.873- 

South Dublin [1]. 

( The Polling Districts oj Cabinteely, Dalkey, 
Killiney, Terenure, Glasthule, Kingstoion, 
Bla-krock, Duudrum, and Rathmines.) 

A t the General Election *William Francis 
Cotton (N )and I Capt. Bryan Ricco Cooper 
(C) polled respectively 5,223 and 5,090 
votes. In June 1917 Mr. Cotton died, and 
at a Bye- Election on July 6th, 191 7, there 
•was not auv opposition to the return of 

♦ Michael Louis Hearn (N.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Capt. Bryan Ricco 
Cooper (C.) 5,072 ; Alderman Cotton (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 89,354. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,097. 

Returning Officer — Capt. Julian C. Gaisford- 

St. Laurence, J. P., D.L., Dublin (High 



l\t. Hod. Sir Edward Henry Carson, 
P.C., K.C. (C). 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Edward Henry Carson, P.C., K.C. (C.)*nd 

the Rt. Hon. James Henry Mussen (amp- 
bell, P.C., K.C". > turned unop- 
posed. In April 1916, Mr. Campbell iiuis 
appointed Attorney-Gen. of reland, and at 
a Bye- Ejection on April i^th, 19I6, he was 
again returned unopposed . 

In Nov. 1916, Mr. Campbell was appointed 
Lord Ch. Justice of f reland, and at another 
Hve- Ejection on Feb. 3rd, 1917, *Arthur 
Warren Samuels, K.C, I.I..D. (C.) and Sir 
Robert Woods, M.D , polled respective'y 
1. 48 1 and 679 votes. In Sept. 191 7 Mr. 
Samuels was appointed Solicitor-Gen for 
Ireland, and at a Bye-Election in Oct , 
1917, there was not any opposition to the 
return of 

•k Arthur Warren Samuels, K.C, 

LL.D. (C). 
Election Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Sir Edward 

Henry Carson, P.C., K.C. (C.)and Rt. Hon. 

James Henry Mussen Campbell, P.C., K.C. 

(C.) were returned unopposed. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 4,138. 
Returning OJJicer — Rev. John Pentland 

Mahaffy, D.D., C.V.O., D.C.L., LL.D., 

Provost of Trinity College, Dublin. 

DUDLEY (Worcestershire) [1]. 

(Comprises the old Parliamentary Borough oj 
Dudley, co-extensive with the parish (in the 
county of Worcester), the parish of Dudley 
Castle Hill, the chape tries of Pens net t, 
Brockmoor, Quarry Bank, Brierly Hill, 
Reddallllill, and Old Hill, in the parishes 
of Kingswinford and Rowley Regis, in the 
county of Stafford.) 

* Lieut. -Col. Sir Arthur Sackville 

Trevor Griffith-Boscawen (C.) 8,260 
\ Arthur George Hooper (L. ) . . 7,900 
Polling Jan. 1940. Arthur George Hooper 

(I.) 8,342; Major Arthur Sackville Trevor 

Griffith-Boscawen (C.) 8,155. 

Parly. Pop. 102,506. 

Reg. Parly Elec. (1915) 18,819. 

Returning Officer — Alderman Thomas 

Chambers, Dudley (Mayor). 

Dulwich [See Camberwelll. 

♦ Arthur Acland Allen (L.) .. 8,579 
William Thomas Shaw (C.) .. 7,267 
Polling ]an. roio. fames Dundac White 

(I..) 8.640; Col, Henry lirock (C.) 7,607. 
Parly. Pop. 1 14,093. 
I'arly. Elec. (1915) 20,972. 
Returning Officer— James Robert Nicolsoa 
M;n phail, K.C. , Advocate, 17, Royal Circus, 
Edinburgh (Sheriffof Stirling, Dumbarton, 
and Clackmannan). 



DUMFRIES (District) [1]. 

(Comprising Dumfries, Annan, Sanquhar, 

Lochmaben, and Kirkcudbright.) 

Rt Hoo. John William Gulland, 
P.C (L.) 2,3,5 

Major Pollock A/c Call (L.U.) . . 1,596 
Polling Jan. 1910. fohn William Gulland 
(L.) 2.303; John Bryce Duncan (L.U.) 

Parly Pop. 28,417. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)4,5 3- 
Returning Officer- I 

>treet, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Dumfries 
and Galloway). 

Alport Mohcn.) ;L.) . . 4,708 
!»iMunay(C) .. .. 4,146 

<; Jan. 1910. Percy Alport Molteno 
I .,,666 ; William Murray (0.) 4,091. 
Parly. Pop. S',3'7- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,003. 
>tg Officer— George Morton, 26, Great 
urgh (Sheriff of Dumfries 
and Galloway). 

DUNDEE (Forfarshire) 121. 

la Willde, I .11 

At th. - lv II 

Winston Leonard 

•eorgc Washington Baxter ^L.U.), John 

Hall Seymour Lloyd (C.), and Edwin 
ngeour (Prohibitionist), polled respec- 
tively 9,240, 8,957, 5,^85, 4,914. and 1.825 
votes. In July 1917 Mr. Churchill was ap- 
pointed Min. of Munitions, atti at a Bye- 
Election on July 30th, 191 7, the result was 
Major the Rt. Hon. Winston 
Leonard Spencer - Churchill, 
P.C(L.) .. .. .. 7.302 

Edwin Scrymgcout (Prohibi- 
tionist) 2,036 

<; Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Winston 
Leonard Sper.ccr-Churchill, P.C. (L.) 
10,747 ; Alexander Wilkie • Labour) 10,365 ; 
John Hall Seymour Lloyd (C.) 4,552 ; James 
(L.U.) 4,339; Edwin Scrymgeour 
(Prohibitionist) 1,512. 

Parly. Pop. 159,782. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (i9«5> 2t,953- 
Returning Officer— John McKie Lees K.C.. 
4, Darnaway S ,rcet » Edinburgh (Sheriff of 
co. Forfar). 

DURHAM (City) [11. 

( I he old city ff Durham an I Borough o 

Framwellgate. ) 




Lieut. -Col. John Waller Hills 
(L.U.).. .. .. i 

Ccnl Cochmtte {[..) 

• n Jan. 1910. John Waller 
(L.U.) unopposed. 

I S.95 6 - 
Reg. I (1915)2,658. 

".'in-r Arthur P.ittisou, I > 

DURHAM (County) 18]. 
Barnard Castle 111. 

(the Sessional Dh i Cattle 

't the 
ft of llunttanworth and b.dmond- 
■:, and pat : 
Sessional Division of Bishop Auckland.) 

i ) • • 4,423 

trthuJ H'-mleraon 
•u r) 6,096 ; 

' 3.5oi. 
Reg. 1 1 1 y»5> 12,419. 



Durham ( County)- continued. 

Bishop Auckland [1] 

(Pari of the Sessional Dii'ision of Bishop 

Major Sir Henry Spencer More- 
ton Havelock-Allan, Bt. (L.) 4,531 
William House (Labour) .. 3,993 
Getvase Edward Markham (C.) 3,5 I 9 

Polling Jan. ioio. *Sir Henry Spencer 
ton Havelock-Allan. Bt. (L.) 5,391 ; 
Sir Walter Clervaux Chaytor, Bt. (03,841 ; 
William House (Labour) 3,579. 
Parly. Pop. 80,701. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 15,886. 

CheBter-le-Street [1]. 

( The Sessional Division of Chester-le-Street, 
/art o/ the Sessional Division of Gateshead ' 
and the Municipal Borough of Gateshead} 

John Wilkinson Taylor (Labour). 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Wilkinson Taylor 
(Labour) 12,684; Slingsby Duncombe 
Shafto (C.) 6,891. 

Parly. Pop. 128,478. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)25,872. 

Houghton le Spring [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Houghton-le- 
Spring (including all the parish of Moor- 
house) and Sunderland, the Municipal 
Borough of Sunderland, and part of 
the Sessional Division ofSeaham Harbour.) 

At the General Election Robert Cameron (L.) 
7uas returned unopposed. In Feb. 1913, Mr. 
Cameron died, and at a Bye-Election on 
March iZth, 1913, the result was 

fThomas Edward Wing (L.) .. 6,930 
Thomas Richardson (C.) . . 4,807 

Alderman William House 

(Labour) 4,165 

Polling Jan. 1910. Robert Cameron (L.) 
10,393 ; Major Hugh Sidney Streatfeild 
(C) 4,382. 

Parly. Pop. 99.774- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,722. 

Jarrow [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of South Shields, the 
Municipal Boroughs of Jarrcnu and South 
Shie.ds, and that part of the parish of 
Heivorth not included in the Municipal 
Borough of Gateshead. ) 

Major Godfrey Mark Palmer (L.) 5,097 
James Kirk ley (C.) . . . . 4,986 

A. G. Cameron (Labour) . . 4,892 

KG Jan. 1910. "Godfrey Mark Palmer 
(L.) 4.885; \ Peter Francis Curran (Labour) 
4,818 ; James Kirklcy (C.) 4,668. 

Parly. Pop. 99,415. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,788. 

Mid [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Durham (includ- 
ing all the parish of Shadforth, and ex- 
cluding all the patish of Moorhouse), and 
the Municipal Borough of Durham.) 

At the General Election John Wilson (L.) 
was returned unopposed. In March 1915 
Mr. Wilson died, and at a Bye- Election on 
April 2gth, 191 5, there was not any opposi- 
tion to the return of 

•Samuel Galbraith, O.B.E. (L. and 

Election Jan. 1910. John Wilson unopposed. 
Parly. Pod. 92,409. 
Reg. Parly. E!ec. (1915) 17,486. 

North-western [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Lanchester and 
Consett, and the parishes of Edmondbyers, 
and H unstamvorth.) 

At the General Election Llewellyn Archer 
Atherley-Jones, K.C. (L.) and J. Ogden 
Hardicker (C.) polled respectively 8,998 and 
4,827 votes. In Jan. 1914, Mr. Atherley- 
Jones 7vas appointed a Judge of the City 
of London Court, and at a Bye-Election on 
the 20th of that month the result was 

*Aneurin Williams (L.) . . 7,241 

James Ogden Hardicker (U .) .. 5,564 
George Henry Stuart (Labour) 5,026 

Polling Jan. 1910. Llewellyn Archer 
Atherley-Jones, K.C. (L.) 10,497 \ James 
Leadbetter Knott (C.) 5,272. 

Parly. Pop. 107,219. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 20,978. 

South-Eastern [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Castle Eden (ex- 
cluding all the parish of Shadforth), Dar* 
lington, Stockton-on- Tees, and West Hartle- 
pool, part of the Sessional Division of Sea- 
ham Harbour, and the Municipal Boroughs 
of Darlington, Hartlepool, and Stockton- 

Major Evan Hay ward (L.) .. 8,203 
Col. Rowland Burdou (C) .. 7,021 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Evan Hayward (L.) 
9,298; JHon. Frederick William Lambton 
(L.U.) 6,869. 

Parly. Pop. 95,868. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915), 22,360. 

Returning Officer — Hon. Cyril Arthur Lid- 
dell, Ravensworth Castle, Gateshead (High 

Ealing [See Middlesex]. 

Eastbourne I See Sussex]. 
East Grinstead I See Sussex]. 
Eccles l See Lancashire, S.-E.]. 

Ecclesall iSee Sheffield]. 

Eddisbury [See Cheshire]. 

Edgbaston [See Birmingham]. 



EDINBURGH (Borough) [4]. 

Charles Edward Price (L.) 
G. R. Y. Radiliffe (C.) . . 

Central [1]. 

( The Municipal Wards 0/ St. Giles and 
George Square, and part of St. Leonard's 

• 3,771 

• 1,947 
.. 1910. Charles Edward Price 

5,985; David A. Scott (L.U.) 1,970. 

Parly. Pop. 56,159. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,547. 

East [1]. 

(The Municipal Wards 0/ liroughton Catton, 
.ate, and part oj St. Leonard's 

At the General /:/,■ i:,»i Sir James Puck- 

I Gibson, Bt. <L.) ami K. M. 1 

foiled respectively 6,436 and 3,782 

/// Jan. i leering 

1 died, and at a Bye-Election on 

Feb. 2nd the result was 

es Myles Hogge ( L. ) .. 5,064 

m (C.) .. 4,139 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir James Puckering 
6,760; Patri.k I 
(L.U .) 

Pop. 74,199. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,826. 

South (1) 

(The Municipal Wards 0/ St. George, St. 

Gulhbert, u -,.«.) 

At tkt ||, „, 


?and 7,08* • 

the 1 

opposition t,> the return of 

1) Edward Pan •••. LL i>. 

Polling Jan. 1910. At the General 
Election Arthur Dewar, K.C. (L.) and 
Harold B. Cox (C.) polled respectively 
10,235 and 7,901 votes. In April 1910 Mr. 
Dewar was raised to the Scottish Bench, 
and at a Bye- Election on April 28th, 
1010, the result was tCharles Henry Lyell 
(L.) 8,694 ; Ralph George Campbell Glyn 
(L.U.) 6,367. 

Parly. Pop. 112,533. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 21,458- 

West [1]. 
(The Municipal Wards of St. Andmv, St. 
Stephen, St. Bernard, and St. Luke.) 

Rt. Hon. James Avon Clyde, 

P.C,K.C.(L.U.) 4,952 

Professor J. H. Morgan (L.) ..4,252 

Polling Jan. 1910. James Avon Clyde, 
K.C. (L.U.) 4,683; Charles Henry Lyell 
(L.) 4,233. 

Parly. Pop. 50,600. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,073. 

Returning Officer — Charles Cornelius Macon- 
ochie, Esq., K.C, 65, Northumberland 
Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of The Lothians 
and Peebles). 



At the Gent the Kt. 11 

K..l,crt Bannatyne Kinlay, P.C.. G.CM.G., 

<</ unopposed. In 
Robert Finlay becatne Lord High Chancel- 
lor, l<eing raised to the Peerage, and at a 
Hye- Election on Dec. 29M, 1916, there was 
not any <\ :he return 

Christ 1 ihnstoo, K ( 

In July 1917 Sir Christopher I 
appointed a Lord o/Ststion, and at m Bye- 
to/A, 1917, there was mat 
any of he return 0/ 

♦ William Watson Chcync, Bt, 

k I .M «... C.B., I k.< 


".69 J. 

Reg. 1 I 1915) 12,756. 

pal an,l Vice-Chancellor 



EDINBURGHSHIRE (Midlothian) [1]. 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Alex- 
ander William Charles Oliphant Murray 
tcr of Elibank), P.C. (L.), and Major 
John Augustus Hope (Unionist) polled re- 
spectively 8,837 and 5 ,680 votes. In A ugust 
1012 the Master of Elibank was raised to 
the Peerage, and at a Bye-Election on 
Sept. 10th, 1912, the result was 
•k Lieut. -Col. John Augustus 

Hoj>e(C.) 6,021 

Hon. Alexander Shaw (L.) .. 5,989 

A'. Brown (Labour) .. .. 2,413 

\<; Jan. 1910. tHon. Alexander 

William Charles Oliphant Murray (Master 

ibaak) (L.) 9,06?; Hon. Mountstuart 

William (C) 


Parly. Pop. 106,504. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) >9i747- 

Returning Officer — Charl«s Cornelius Macon- 

ochie, Esa.., K.C., 65, Northumberland 

Street, Edinburgh (Sheriff of The Lothians 

and Peebles). 

Egremont [See Cumberland]. 
Eiflon [See Carnarvonshire]. 


(Comprising Elgin, Banff, Macduff, C ulleu, 
Juverufie, Kintore, and Peterhead.} 

John Ebenezer Sutherland (L.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. John Ebenezer Suther- 
land (L.) 3,031 ; William George Black 
(L.U.) 1,201. 

Parly. Pop. 36,627, 
Reg. Parly Elec. (19' 5) 5.693- 
Returning Officer-George Watt, K.C., 5, 
Circus Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of 
Inverness, Elgin, and Nairn). 

Sir Archibald Williamson, Bt (L.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Archibald William- 
-.11, Bt. (L.) 2,9*7 ; R*lph George Campbell 
Glyn (L.U.) i,734- 

Parly. Pop. 36,186. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1914)6,037. 
Returning Officer— George Watt, K.C., 5, 
Circus Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of 
Inverness, Elgin, and Nairn). 

Elland [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (N.).] 

Enfield I See Middlesex]. 

Epping I See Essex]. 

Epsom [See Surrey). 

Eskdale [See Cumberland]. 

Eastern, or Maldon [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions 0/ II 'inck/ord South 
(Braintree Bench), and M'itltaut. the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Maldon, and part 0/ Ses- 
sional Divisions 0/ II inck/ord South (Hal- 
stead Bench), Lexden,iind H'instree.) 

Sir James Fortescue Flannery, 

Bt. (L.U.) 5,386 

Willoughby fardme (L.) . . 4,693 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir James Fortescue 
Flannery, Bt. (L.U.) 5,691 ; JThomas Robert 
Bethell (L.) 4,822. 

Parly. Pop. 56,308. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,185. 

Mid, or Chelmsford [1]. 

( the Sessional Divisions 0/ Brentwood (ex- 
cept the parishes oj Rainham and ll'cf/n 
ingtori) and Chelmsford.) 



Col. the Right Hon. Ernest George 
I'retyman, P.C. (C). 

NG Jan. 1910. Ernest George Prety- 
man (C.) 6,816 ; T. Cuthbertson (L.) 4,271. 
Parly. Pop. 74,381. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15.417- 

North Eastern, or Harwich [11. 

( Part of the Sessional Divisions of Lexden 
and \Vinstree t and the Municipal Boroughs 
0/ Colchester and Harwich.') 

Major Harry Kottingham Newton 
(U.) .. ... .. .. 6,470 

Frank Stapledon Hiley (L.) . . 5,008 
Polling Jan. 1910. "Harry Kottingham 
Newton (C.) 6,757 : lArthur Levy Lever 
(L.) 5,608. 

Parly. Pop. 71,911. 
Reg. Parly. Elec, (1915) i5»376. 

Northern, or Saffron Walden [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions 0/ Freshzvell, flinch- 
ford North, and Walden, parts 0/ the Ses- 
siomtl Division of Hinckford South (Hal 
stead Bench), the Municipal Borough oj 
Saffron Walden, such part 0/ the Municipal 
Borough 0/ Sudbury as is in Essex, and the 
Parish o/Thaxted.) 

At the Gene> < ' \rthur Cecil Tyrell 

Beck (I..) and tCol. Douglas James Proby 
(C.) Polled respectively 4,- 7 1 ./iK/4,031 votes. 
In I- 

Junior Lord of the Treasury, and at a Bye- 
1 <ji 5. thero was not 
any opposition to the return of 

ir Cecil Tn (L.). 


Parly. Pop. 43.757- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)9,407. 

Ian. mi 1 1 >uglas lame- 

C.) 4,38 1 Joseph Albert 

South Eastern 11). 

and!-: . ofRainham 

and Wennington.) 
At th( 

1 -i and 
8,891 votes. In March 1913 Mr. Kuk- 

wood resigned ', and at a Bye- Election on 
March 16th, 191 2, there was not any op- 
position to the return 0/ 

fCbm. the Hon. Rupert Edward Cecil 

Guinness, C.B., C.M.G. (C). 
POLLING Jan. 1910. *Capt. John Hendley 
:»on Kirkwood (C.) 11,199; J Rowland 
Edward Whitehead (L.) 9,288. 
Parly. Pop. 148,032. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1914) 29,722. 

Southern, or Romford [11. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Bacon tree, 
and the Liberty of Hax>cring-atte-Boiuer.) 

Sir John Henry Bethell, Bt (L.) 22,119 

William Peter Gri^s (C.) . . 18,850 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir John Henry Bethell 

(L.) 23,181 ; G. H. Wiltiamson (C.) 21,224. 

Parly. Pop. 312,804. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 62,878. 

Southwestern, or Walthamstow [11. 

(The parishes of Ley ton, Walthamstow, and 

Major the Rt. Hon. Sir John 
Allsebrook Simon, P.C, 
K.C.V.O., K.C. (L.) .. 16,998 

Lieut. Carlyon Wilfroy Be Hairs 

(C.) 13,275 

Polling Jan. 1910. At the Generai I 
tion John Allsebrook Simon, K.C. (L.) and 
L. Stanley Johnson (C> polled respectively 
17,726 and 15,531 votes In Oct. 19K' Mr. 
Simon was appointed Soli. itor-< icn , and at 
a By . on Nov. 1st, 191c, the 

result was Sir John AlbebrooV 
(L.) 16,673; L. Stanley Johnson (C.) 13,907. 
Parly. Pop. 246,788. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 45.885. 

Western, or Epping [11. 

( Die Sessional Divisions of Dunnioio (except 
the parish of Thaxted), Epping, llarlcnv, 
and ( ' >■ 

At th, Col. the Rt. Hon. 

Amelius Richard Mark 1 .<)< kwood, P.C, 
C.V.O. ((.'.) and Izrael Alexander Symmons 
(L.) polled respectively 5,996 and 3,361 
votes. In May 191 7 Col. lxxrkwood was 
raised to the Peerage, and at .1 
on fhne 28M, 1917, there was not any oppo- 
. to the retnrn of 

VBrig.-Gen. Richard Beale Colvin, 

Amrl I' t 

C.) 6.578: Itrael Al< 

Pop. 66,165. 
Reg. P ' M06. 

Rsturi.; mind Gooch, 

I Hi^li 
M». , 

Everton [8ee Liverpool: 

Evesham l See Worcestershire) 

Exchange [Bee Liverpool!. 



EXETER (Devonshire) [1]. 

(Comprising the city and county of Exeter, 
and parts of the parishes of Heavitree, St. 
Thomas the Apostle, Tofis/iam, and Aiph- 

At -the General Election it was found after a 
scrutiny that the Rt. Hon, Henry Edward 
Duke, P.C.. K.C. (C) and Richard Harold 
St. Maur (L.) had polled respectively 
4,777 and 4,776 votes. In July 1916 Mr. 
Duke 7uas appointed Ch. Sec. for Ireland, 
and at a Bye-Election on Aug. jth, 1916, 
there was not any opposition to the return 
of the 

Rt Hon. Henry Edward Duke, P.C., 
K.C. (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910, *Henry Edward Duke, 
K.C. (C.) 4,902 ; Richard Harold St. Maur 
(L.) 4,876. 

Parly. Pop. 57,925. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,099. 
Returning Officer— Harold Charles Rowe, 
Deepdene, Matford Avenue, Ibsley, Penn- 
sylvania, Exeter (Sheriff). 

Eye [See Suffolk]. 
FALKIRK DISTRICT (Stirlingshire) [1]. 

(.Comprising Falkirk, Airdrie, Hamilton, 
Lanark, and Linlithemu.) 

Rt. Hon. John Archibald Murray 

Macdonald, P.C. (L.) .. 6,276 

Daniel Henderson Lush Young 
(C) .. 4,245 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Archibald Murray 
Macdonald (L.) 6,524 ; Henry Shanks Keith 
(C.) 4,375- 

Parly. Pop. 87,140. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14.439- 

Returning Officer— James Robert Nicolson 
M.icphail, Esq., K.C, Advocate, 17, Royal 
Circus, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Stirling, Dum- 
barton, and Clackmannan). 

Falmouth [See Penrhyn). 

Fareham [See Hampshire]. 

Farn worth [See Lancashire, S. E.]. 

Faversham [See Kent]. 

North Fermanagh [1]. 

(The Baronies of Lurg, Mag hem boy, and 

At the General Election Godfrey Fetherston- 
haugh, K.C. (C.) and Capt. Arthur Colluoi 
(L.) polled respectively 2,402 and 2,055 
votes. In Oct. 1916 Mr. Fetherstonhaugh 
resigned, and at a Bye-Election on- Oct. 
27th, 1916, there was not any opposition to 
the return of 

* Lieut. -Com. Edward Mervyn Arch- 
dale, R.N. (U.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Godfrey Fetherston- 
haugh, K.C. (C.) 2,474; Samuel Peter 
Kerr (L.) 2,124. 

Parly. Pop. 31,104 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,160. 

South Fermanagh [1]. 

(The Baronies of Clanawley, Clankelly, Coole, 
Knockninny, and Magherastephana.') 

• Patrick Crumley (N.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Jeremiah Jordan (N.) 
2,693 ; Francis Battersby (C.) 2,098. 
Parly. Pop. 30,732. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,301. 
Returning Officer- The High Sheriff. 

Eastern [1]. 

( TheparishesofAbdie,Abernethy, Anslruther- 
Wester, Anstruther Easter, Arngask, 
Auchtetmuchty, Balmerino, Cameron, 
Carnbee, Ceres, Collessie, Crail, Creich, 
Cults, Cupar, Dairsie, Dunbog, Dunino, 
Elie. Falkland, Ferry- Port-on-Craig, Flisk, 
Forgan, Kemback, Kennoway, Kettle, Kil- 
conquhar, h'il»ta?iy, K'ilrcnny, A'iugsbatns, 
Largo, Leuchars, Logic, Monimail, Moon- 
zie, Newburgh, Newburn, Pittenweem, St. 
Andrew's, St. Leonards, St. Monancc, 
Scoonie, and Strathmiglo.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Herbert 
Henry Asquith, P.C, K.C. (L) and Col. 
Alexander Sprot (C.) polled respectively 
5,149 and 3,350 votes. In March 1914 
Mr. Asquith became See. of State for War, 
and tit a Bye- Flection on April Sth, 1914, 
there was not any opposition to the return o) 

Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry Asquith, P.C, 

K.C. (L.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry 
Asquith, P.C, K.C. (L.), 5,242 ; Col. Alex- 
ander Sprot (C) 3,183. 

Parly. Pop. 53,260. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,843. 



Western ll). 

( Th epa rights of A bbot shall, A herd our, A ttch ter- 

.'iH>t, lid lit' 

Hutntisland. Cmmtck\ Palgetty, Pun/erm- 
lint, Dyutrt, Inverkeitlting, Kinghorn, 
ffimfttUMU, KirkcmUy, /.(*/;<■. Markinch, 

l ryburn, mill U'cenrss.) 

♦ William A«l;unson (Labour) .. 6,128 

Xfohn Deans 1L . . 5.425 

Polling Ian. 1910. John Deans H<>pe(L.) 

6.159: William Adamson (Labour) 4,736; 

; 1 William Ralston (C.) 1,994. 

Parly. Pop. 112,598. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 21,351. 

Returning Office* lames Alexander Fleming, 

k i . . m |yi kS •• • •. Edinburgh (Sheriff 
<>f Fife and Kinross). 

FINSBURY (Middlesex) [3]. 
Central 11 J. 

(The parishes 0/ St. J antes and St. John, 

Lieut. -Col. Martin Archer-Shee, 

3.O. (C) 3.335 

Felix Rosenheim (L. ) .. .. 2,804 

iiyio. 'Major Mart*! Archer- 
Shee, D.S.O. (C.) 3,559; IWilliam Charles 
Steadman (L.) 3,187. 

Parly. Pop. 58,774- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)8,703. 

East 111. 
(The parishes 0/ St. Luke and St. Sepulchre, 
Charterhouse, and St. Botolph.) 
pfa Allen Baker iL.) .. 2,023 

William James Peake Mason (C.) 1,900 
Polling Jan. 1910. Joseph Allen Bal 
2,102; William James F 

Parly. Pop. 32,790. 
Reg Parry Kl<<. (1915) 4,989. 

t Lieut. -Col. Sir James Farquhar- 

son Remnant, Bt. (C) • . .}, \\ ; 

C harks Ralph Cooke -Taylor (L.) 1,615 

n (C) 

Holborn [1] 

(The parishes 0/ St. Andrew, Holborn above 
liars, ami St. George the .^'iirtyr, and Saf- 
fron llili. 

dies in the Fields « 

'ay's, Furni- 
vaTs, Staple, and Lincoln % Inns.) 

Pol 1 INC I \n. 1910. 
Remnant <C) 4,847 



James Farquharson 
Sir Richard Stapley 


Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,334. 
Returning Officer— Sharon Grote Turner, Esq . 
solicitor, Bank Buildings, Kingswav. W ( 
and 16, Argyll Road, Kensington, \V 

(Comprising Flint, CatrgwyU, Caenvys, ( her- 
ton, Rltuddlan, Holytvell, Meld, and St. 

At the General Election James Woolley 
Summers (L.) and Col. Henry Richard 
Lloyd Howard (C.) polled respectively 
2,098 and 1,589 votes. In Jan. 1913 Mr. 
Summers died, and at a Bye-Election on 
the 21st of that month, the result was 

* Major Thomas Henry Parry, 

D.S.O. (L.) 2,152 

J. Hamlet- Roberts (C.) .. 1,941 

Polling Jan. 1910. *James Woolley Sum- 
mers (L.) 2,150 ; H. A. Tilby (C.) 1,723. 

Parly. Pop. 24,082. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 4,560. 

Returning Officer— Maj. 1 1, Flin 


Rt. Hon. John Herbert Lewis, P.C. 

Polling Jan. 1910. tjohn Herbert 

6,610; Col. Henry Richard Lloyd 
d (C.) 4,454- 

Party. Pop. 67,381. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) i4,*75- 
Returning Officer- Lieul Hurl- 

butt, l.lwyn Offa, Mold (High SherifT). 

James i 
James Duncan (C.) 



■ .Jan. 191- 

': FrancU Lc»lic Blackbiiin, 

Parly. Pop. 70,415. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13.147- 
Returning Officer 

• irnaway Street, Edinburgh (8w 
co. Forfar). 

Forest of Dean (See Gloucestershire 1. 
Frome I See Somersetshire). 



FULHAM (co. London) 11]. 

(The borough of Fulham.) 

At the Central Election the Kt Hon. William 

xnd Sylvain \ 

( I ..) polled respectively 8,252 and 6,5?' 

In June 1017. Mi. Fisher was appointed 
J'>es. 0/ Loi'ai Govt. Board, and at a Bye- 
Elect ion on July 3rd, 191 7, there w.,s not 
any opposition to the return oj 
kt. Hon. William Hayes Fisher, P.C. 

.<-. Jan. 1910. "William Hayes Fisher 
0,690; Capt. the Hon. Fitzroy Hemp- 
hill (L.) 7,761. 

Parly. Pop. 153,319. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 23,572. 
Returning Officer— James Percy Shuter, Esq., 
Town Hall, Fulham, S.W. 

Gainsborough [See Lincolnshire]. 
GALWAY (Borough) [1]. 

Capt. Stephen Lucius Gwynn 

(N.) 1,062 

/. L. Wanklyn (Ind. N.) . . 203 

Ei.f.ction Jan. 1910. Stephen Lucius Gwynn 
(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 15,944- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 2,310. 
Returning Officer- -I he High Sheriil. 

GALWAY CO. [4]. 
Connemara [1]. 

(The Baronies oj Ballynahinch, Moycu/len, 
and Ross.) 

William O'Maliey (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. William O'Maliey (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 43,56a. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,482. 

East Galway [1]. 

(The Baronies of Clonmacnoiven, Kilconnell 
Killian, Longford, and J'iaquin.) 

At the General Election John Rcche (N.; 
was returned unopposed In Aug. 191 1 
Mr. Roche died, and at a Bye-Election on 
Dec. 4th, 1914, there ivas not any opposition 
to the return of 

•James Cosgrove (N.). 

ion Jan. 1910. John Roclie (N.) un- 

Parly. Pop. 42,211. 
Reg. Parly. Kl<< . (1915) 7,362. 

North Galway ill. 

( The Baronies of Ballytnoc, Clare, ana 4 
At the General Election Richard Hazleton 
(N.) -.vas returned unopposed. In May 
1914 Mr. Hazleton resigned, and at a By*> 
Jilection on July 23rd, 1914, there was t.ot 
any opposition to the re-election oj 

Richard Hazleton (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. Richard Hazleton (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 43,552- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,344- 

South Galway ill. 

(The Baronies of Aran, Athenry, Dunkellin, 
Kiltartan, Leitrim, and Loughrea.) 

William John Duffy (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. *William John Duffy 
(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 38,980. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,135. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

GATESHEAD (Durham) [1]. 
Sir Harold Elverston ( L.) . . 8,763 
Col. Herbert Conyers Surtees, 

C.B., M.V.O., D.S.O. (L.U.) 5,608 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Harold Elverston (I..) 
6,800 ; Nicholas Grattan Doyle (U.) 6,323 ; 
IJohn Johnson (Labour; 3,572. 
Parly. Pop. 116,917. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 20,676. 
Returning Officer— Councillor John Maccoy, 
Gateshead (Mayor). 

Eastern [11. 

The Sessional Divisions of Caerphilly Higher 
and Lower (including all the parish of 
Eglwysilan), and Miskin Higher, and part 
of Sessional Division of Miskin Laiver.) 

•Allen Clement Edwards (L.) 9,088 

Frank Hall Gaskell (C.) . . 5,603 

C. B. Stanton (Labour) . . 4,675 

Election Jan. iqio. Sir Alfred Thomas (L.) 

14,721 ; Frank Hall Gaskell (C.) 5,727- 

Parly. Pop. 164,803. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 28,723. 

Mid [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Neath, part oj 

the Sessional Divisions of Newcastle and 

Ogmore, and the Municipal Borough of 


•John Hugh Edwards (L.) . . 7,624 

Vernon Hartshorn (Labour) .. 6,102 




L'boaas Evaru K.i . . 
III'. I G idfirey William 

In Ii 1 ,1 . Mr Xitmul Evans w.i.n ;i|>- 
poin: «1 «\ ami Ad- 

miralty hi urt of | uslice, ami 

ami at a i5n m Marco ,;- 

the result was "Frederick William Gibl<in> 
(L.)8,u3o; Vernon Hartshorn (Labour) 6,210. 
I'arly. Pop. 121. 281. 

Parly. Elec. (1915)23,703. 
Rhondda [1]. 

( lie parish of J stradyf 

Kt. II 11 William Abraham, P.C 

o..rj 9.073 

Harold Lloyd (C.) .. .. 3,701 

Polling Jan. 1910. William Abraham (L.) 

12,436; Harold Lloyd (C) 3,471- 

Parly. Pop. 120,776. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 21,048. 

Southern [1]. 

( The Sessional JJiv s/ons of Cmvbridge, Dinas 
Poxvis, attd Kibbor (except the parish oj 
Eglwysilan), the Municipal Borough of 
Cardiff, and part of the Sessional Divisions 
oj Newcastle and Ogntore, Miskin Loiver, 
and Llantrisant.) 

kt. Hon. William Brace, P.C 

(Labour) .. ..10,190 

Lewis Morgan (C.) .. .. 7,252 

POLLING Jam. 1910. William Brace (Labour) 

11,612 ; Lewis Morgan ((J.) 7,411. 

Parly. Pop. 137,088. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 26,052. 

Western, or Gower [1]. 

(The Sessional Division 0/ Coiver, and the 
Municipal Boroughs 0/ Pontardawe and 

l«.hn Williams (Labour) .. 5,480 

Phil.ips (L.) .. .. 4,527 

1910. John Williams (labour) 
9,312; Percy Own Sininer (C) 2,532. 

Partjr. Pop 88,041. 
Reg. I ' vi 5) 17.402. 

iiT( Hiuh Sh< 

GLASGOW (Lanarkshire) |7J. 

Blackfriars and Hutchesontown II] 

(The ninth and eighteenth Municipal //'./>./>. 
and the part 0/ the twenty first Munn //W 
t witkiM the Parliamentary Burgh.) 

kt. Hon. George Nio>l Barnes, 

r.< . 1 Labour) 4,162 

w Henderson Brings Con- 
stable, A'.C. (C.) .. .. 2,884 

Polling Jan. 1910. George Nicol Barnes 
(Labour) 4,496 ; Andrew Henderson Briggs 
Constable, k.C. <C.) 2,796. 

Parly. Pop. 68,953. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10.577. 

Bridgeton [11. 

(The first Municipal Ward as far as within 
the Parliamentary Burgh, and the second 
Municipal H ard. ) 

♦Alexander MacCallumScott(L.) 4,759 

William Hutchison (C.) . . 3,816 

Polling Jan. 1910. James William Cleland 

(L-) 5.33°; Patrick Keith Lang (C.) 3,539. 

Parly. Pop. 89,447. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,080. 

Camlachle [11. 

(The third and fourth Municipal Wards.) 

Hal ford John Mackinder (U.) .. 3,479 
James Alyles Hogge (L.) .. 3,453 

James Connor A essack( Labour) 1,539 

William Julius Mirrlees (Suttr.i- 

g»sl) 35 

Polling Jan. 1910. * Hal ford John Mac- 
kinder (L.U.) 3,227 ; {Alexander (Jr. 
■*.793i James O Connor Kessack (Labour) 
2 »443- 

Parly. Pop. 79,464. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,418. 

Central [1]. 

(The tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and 
fourteenth Municipal H'ards.) 

At the 1 .'/on the Rt. Hon. Charles 


1 Alexander I ti n, I II' 

(L) polled respectively 6,888 a nd 5.007 
votes. In June 1915 M 
was, appointed f.ora /usiice-Cterk, ami at 
■ ■ htectien on July 15M, tqi$, the result 

• Mackintosh M.\cLeod(U.) J 
Gavin Hi Hi am A a 1st on (U.) .. 266 
Moo. Chattel Scott- 
Alex.. 1 1 1 ' 1 

Parly. Pop 65,858. 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) 17,610. 

College [1|. 

(The fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth 
Mu ii.) 

An.kiv.n Wall (1. ) .. 6,291 
Ralph George Campbel. 5,932 



Glasgow (Lanarkshire)— continued. 

College— ton /in tied. 
Polling Jan. 1910, Henry Anders m Watt 

(I..) 6,525; Sir |ohn Maxwell Stirling- 
Parly. Pop. 99,93«- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,629. 

St. RollOX [1]. 

{The fifth, sixth and seventh Municipal 
Wards within the Parliamentary Burgh, 
and the eighth Municipal Ward.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Thomas 
M. Kinnon Wood, P.C. (L.). and Arthur 
Robert Chamberlayne (L.U.) polled re- 
spectively 9,291 anil 7,374 votes. In Feb. 
1912 Mr. McKinnon Wood was appointed 
Sec. for Scotland, and at a Bye-Election 
on Feb. 26M, 1912, the result was 

Right Hon. Thomas McKinnon 

Wood, P.C. (L.) .. .. 8,530 

F. A. AfacQm'nten (C.) ..8,061 

Polling Jan. 1910. Thomas McKinnon 
Wood (L.) 10,019 ; Arthur Robert Chamber- 
layne (C.) 6,821. 

Parly. Pop. 127,821. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 24,387. 

Tradeston [1]. 

The nineteenth and twentieth Municipal 
At the General Election Archibald Cameron 
Corbett (Ind.L.) and Archibald Pollock 
Main (L.U.) tolled respectively 4,811 and 
3,137 votes. In June 1911 Mr. Corbett was 
raised to the Peerage, ' and at a Bye- 
Election on July tth, 191 1, the result was 

tjames Dundas White (L.) . . 3,869 
John Henry Watts (C.) .. 1,086 

Polling Jan. 1910. Archibald Cameron 
Corbett (Ind.L.) 2,966; Archibald Pollock 
Main (C.) 2,773; David Marshall Mason 
(L.) 2,673. 

Parly. Pop. 67,079. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915).! 1,856. 
Returning- Officer— A. O. M. Mackenzie, 
K.C, 18, Victoria Crescent, Glasgow 
(Sheriff of Lanarkshire). 


Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Craik, P.C. (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Henry Craik (C.) 
4,879; Sir Frederick Pollock, Bt., LL.D. 
(Unionist and Free Trader) 3,411. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13.254- 

Returning Officer— The Vice-Chancellor of 
Glasgow University. 

GLOUCESTER (City) [1]. 
(Comprises the parish 0/ Gloucester, except 
that portion added by the Gloucester Ex- 
tension Order 1900.) 

Arms as used by the City of Gloucester. 

Major Henry Terrell, K.C. (C.) 3,903 

Henry Finnis Blosse Lynch (L.) 3,899 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Henry Terrell, K.C. 

(C.) 4;io9; JRt. Hon. Russell Rea, P.C. 

(L.) 3,933- 

Parly. Pop. 46,112. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,702. 
Returning Officer— ]. O. Roberts, Gloucester 

Eastern, or Cirencester [1], 

( 7V/i? Sessional Divisions of Campden, Ciren- 
cester, Fairford, M orton-in-the-M arsh , 
Northleach, Stow, and Tetbury. ) 

Lieut. -Col. the Hon. Allen 

Benjamin Bathurst (C.) .. 4,788 
Gilbert Hugh Beyfns(L.) ..4,007 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Lieut.-Col. the Hon. 
Allen Benjamin Bathurst (C. ) 5,091 ; 
JRichard Walter Essex (L.) 4,108. 
Parly. Pop. 50,826. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,143. 

Forest of Dean [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions o/Coleford, Lydney, 
Newent, and Newnham.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Charles Wentworth Dilke, Bt., P.C. (L.), 
and David Hope Kyd(C) polled respectively 
5,544 and 2,820 votes. In Jan. 191 1 Sir 
Charles Dilke died, and at a Bye-Election 
on Feb. 24th, 1911, "Henry Webb (L.) and 
David Hope Kyd (C.) polled respectively 
6,174 and 3,106 votes. In April 1912 Mr. 
Webb was appointed a Junior Lord 0/ the 
Treasury, and at another Bye- Elect ion on 
April 30th, 1912, there was not any opposi- 
tion to the return 0/ 

• Lieut.-Col. Sir Henry Webb, Bt. 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Sir Charles 
Wentworth Dilke, Bt., P.C. (L.) 6,141 ; 
John Henry Renton (L.U.) 3.279. 
Parly. Pop. 54.254- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) ",5'3- 



Mid, or Stroud [1]. 

( The St atonal Divisions of Durstey (except the 
parish of Slimbridge\ Nailsworth, Stroud, 
and Woottonunder-Edge. and fart of the 
Sessional Division of II 'hit minster.) 

1. Charles Peter 

Allen, P.C. (L.) .. 5,051 

Ccdl Edwin Fitch (C.) . . 4,849 

Polling Jan. 1910. Charles Peter Allen (L. ) 

5,285 ; Arthur William Clifford (C.) 4,96s. 

Parly. Pop. 54,915- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,622. 

Northern, or Tewkesbury [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Berkeley, Chel- 
tenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, and 
Winchcomb, pat t of the Sessional Division 
litminster, the Municipal Boroughs oj 
Gloucester and Tewkesbury, and the parish 
of Slimbt idge. ) 

At the General Election Viscount Quening- 
ton lO and Robert Ashton List« 1 

polled respectively 5,699 and 5,267 votes. 
action, and at a Bye-Election on 

'iscount Quenington was 

In Afril 
killed in a, 

16th, 19 16 the result was 

• William Frederick I licks - 

Beach (C.) 7,127 

mi John Hooiey (I nd.) .. 1,438 

. 1910. H Hugh 

I 6,050; Robert Ashton 

(I..) 5,088; (harks Herbert Fox 

(Socialist; 238. 

Pop- 55.9 « 5- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) »3.8i8. 

Southern, or Thornbury (11. 

(The St 

fit the portion inc tutted in far/. < 
ary Borough of Bristol), Sodbury, and 


; 1 Cockcrill (C.) .. 5,837 
•ill (L.) 

Reg. Parly. I , 5,650. 

-vr.l Turner, 
Baq., Miii>: I .nor, Andoversford, 

Gloucestershire (High Sheriff). 

Gorton [See Lancashire S.E.). 

Govan [See Lanarkshire]- 
Gower [See Glamorganshire; 

GRANTHAM (Lincolnshire) [11. 

(Comprises the parish of Grantham, the 
t07t>nships of Spittlegate (Without), Man- 
thorpe. Harrowby (Within and Without), 
and A'ew Somerby.) 

Sir Arthur Priestley (L.) 
Herbert Guy Snowden (C.) 

• I.730 
. 1,697 

Polling L 

I; Capt 

1910. Arthur Priestley (L.) 
Geoffrey Henry Julian Skef- 


(ington Smyth, D.S.O. (C.) 1,703. 
Parly. Pop. 20,530. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 3,989. 
Returning OJfcer—SW Arthur Priestley, 
M.P., Hungcrton Hall, Grantham (Mayor). 

GRAVESEND (Kent) [1]. 

(Consists of the parishes of Milton and 
send, and a fart of the farish of 

<•,,: t! (Horatio) 


p.< . It .. 1.1 !..!>.. l.nt.I). 

•7 Roberts J .1,506 

(George) P. ?86 ; Samuel 

Roberts Jenkins (L.) 8,611. 

Pop. 4«.8o6. 
Reg. I (1915)8,141. 




Gravesend [Santo— continued. 

Returning Officer— James Kerrey. Gravesend 

Great Grimsby [See Grimsby, Great]. 
Great Yarmouth [See Yarmouth, Great!. 

GREENOCK (Renfrewshire) [11. 

{The former Parliamentary Burgh of 
Greenock, and that part of the Municipal 
Burgh of Greeno'k not heretofore in- 
cluded in the Parliamentary Borough.) 

Lieut. -Col.' Godfrey Pattison 

Collins, C.M.G. (L.) .. 4,338 

Samuel Chapman (C.) .. .. 2,913 

Polling Jan. 1910. Godfrey Pattison Collins 

iL.) 4,233 ; Rt. Hon. James Parker Smith, 
>.C. (C.) 2,632. 

Parly. Pop. 73.586. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,702. 
Returning Officer— John Wilson K.C., 9, 
Drumsheugh Qftrdens, Edinburgh (Sheriff 
of Renfrew and Bute). 

GREENWICH (Kent) [1]. 

{Parishes 0/ Greenwich, St. Nicholas, Dept- 

ford, Charlton, and Kidbrooke.) 

Com. Ion Hamilton Benn, D.S.O. 

(C.) 5,697 

Hon. John William Harris (L.) 4,146 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Ion Hamilton Benn (C.) 
6,284 ; Richard Stephens Jackson (L.) 

Parly. Pop. 95.825- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 14.457- 

Returning Q#«r— Reginald W. Robinson, 

solicitor, 28, Essex Street, Strand, W.C- 

GRIMSBY, GREAT (Lincolnshire) [11. 

I Consists 0/ the parishes of Great Grimsby, 
Great Coates, Little Coates, Bradley,, Waltham, Scartho, Clee, Weelsby 
and Cleethorpes.) 

At the General Election *Sir George Doughty 
(L U ) and jThomas Edward Wing (L), 
polled respectively 7.903 and 7.205 votes. 
In April 1914 Sir George Doughty died, 
and at a Bye-Election on May 12th, 1914- 
the result was 

Thomas George Tickler (C.) 8,471 
Alfred Bannister (L.) .. »,193 

Polling Jan. 1910. /Thomas Edward Wing 
(L.) 7,772; tSir George Doughty (L.U.) 

Parly. Pop. 100,837. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 21,659- . 
Returning Officer - F. Moss, Grimsby 

Grinstead, East [See Sussex]. 
Guildford [See Surrey]. 

HACKNEY (Middlesex) [81. 
Central [11. 

( The De Bcanvoir Town and Dalston Wards, 
K and part of Hackney Wa fd. ) 

Rt. Hon. Sir Albert Spicer, Bt, 

PC (L.) -. •• •* 3 '954 
Albert Henry Jessel, K.C (C) 3,464 

Polling Jan. xoio 'Sir W,gjj!j* 

(L.) 4,*29 ; Felix Cassell, K.C. (U) 3>»53- 

Parly. Pop. 67,594- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,141- 

North [11. 

t Th, bansh of Stoke Newington, the S tarn- 
kl ford HUl and West Hackney Wards, and 
part of Hackney Ward.) 

Lieut.-Col. Walter Raymond 

Greene,D.S.a(C.).--- 5,290 
William Arthur AdcUnseU (L.) 4, 120 


(L.) 4,773 

Parly. Pop. 84,683. 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) J 3.795- 



South [1]. 

(The South Hackney ami Homer ton Wards, 
ami oart 0/ Hackney Ward.) 

At the General Election Horatio William 
Bottomley (Ind.), Sydney Charles King 
Farlow (C.\ ami Richard Henry Roberts 
(L.) polled respectively 5,068, 3,243, and 
1,946 votes. In May 1912 Mr. Bottomley 
resigned, and ' at a Bye- Election on May 24th, 
191a, the result Ml 

• Hector Morison (L.) .. .. 5,339 

John Constant Gibson (C) . . 4,836 

Polling Jan. 1910. Horatio William 
Bottomley (L.) 7,299 ; C Wertheimer (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 102,655. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) »5.77o. 

Returning Officer — Percy Harford, Solicitor, 

J 60, Mare Street, Hackney, N.E., and 
Ling's House, King Street, E.C. 


At the Central Election the Rt. Hon. Richard 
Burdon Haldane, P.C., K.C. (L.), and Ben- 
jamin Hall Blyth <C.) polled respectively 
3,845 and 3,1 58 votes. In March 191 1 Mr. 
Haldane was raised to the Peerage, and at 
.1 Bye-Election on April 19M, 191 1, the 
result was 

tjnlui Deans Hope (L.) 
Benjamin Hall Blyth (C). 

• 3.652 
. 3,184 

-, Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Richard Burdon 
Hal.. k.C. (L.) 3,771; Benjamin 

Hall Blyth (C) i,o 3 6. 

Parly. Pop. 43,345. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,135. 

Returning Officer — Charles Cornelius Ma- 
conochie, K.C., 65, Northumberland Street, 
urj{h (Sheriff of The Lothians and 

Haggerston see Shoreditch . 

HALIFAX (Yorkshire) (21. 

(Consists of the municipal wards oj S out how- 

• King- 
ston, Centra/, X,<r(/t, t'etton, Ahroydon, 
and Ovenden.) 

Rt H-.ii. Henry Whitley, 

I .. 8,778 

Labour).. 8,511 

John Herbert Lacy Baldwin (C. ) 4,602 

Franeis Wallace Galbraith 

(C.) .... 4,420 

i'J.uQl '• 

Pop. 86.074. 

1 4,248. 

fficer Alderman Howard Clay, 
J.!'.. Halifax (Mayor). 

Hallam (See Sheffield]. 

Hallamshlre (See Yorkshire. W. Riding 


Ham, West [8ee West Eaml. 

HAMMERSMITH (CO. London) 11] 
(Borough of Hammersmith.) 

Sir William (James) Bull (C.) .. 5,807 
George Blaiklock (L.) .. .. 4,645 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir William (James) Bull 
(C.) 6,668 ; George Blaiklock (L.) 5,542. 

Parly. Pop. 121,176. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,281. 

Returning Officer— Leslie Gordon, Town Hall, 
Hammersmith, W. 

Eastern, or Petersfleld 11]. 

( The Sessional Divisions oj Alton, Drojcford, 

and parts of the Sessional Divisions of 

■ afield and Win, /tester, and the Tau's'h 

of Dockenfield in the Farnham Sessional 

Division of Surrey.) 

CoL William Graham Nicholson (C). 

-; Jan. 1910. Col. William Graham 
NichoUon(C) 6,279; H. Anlu.r Bftfc 

Parly. Pop. 63,175. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,867 

New Forest ill. 

(The Session.! f Lymington, part 

of the Sessional Divisions of Nrw Forest, 
Ring wood, Romsey. and Winchester, the 
Munitipil Boroughs of Bournemouth, 
n/Ctou, and Romsey, and the part's hes 
of Chitworfh and North 

Wallet I i\ rfcini 

k.c.v.o . 

Parly. Pop. 69,136. 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) 13,77-*. 



Hampshire— cont in ued. 

Northern, or Basingstoke [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Odiham, part oj 
the Sessional Division of Basingstoke, antt 
the Municipal Borough oj Basingstoke.) 

At the General Election Arthur Gavel 1 
Salter, K.C. (C.) was returned unopposed. 
In Oct. 1917, Mr. Salter was appointed a 
Judge o/the High Court of Justice, and at 
a Bye-Election on Oct. 25th there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

*Brig.-Gen. the Rt. Hon. Sir Auckland 

Campbell Geddes, P.C., K.C.B. (U.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Arthur Clavell Salter, 

K.C. (C.) 7,506; John Ernest Wallis (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 94,958. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,250. 

Southern, or Fareham [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Fareham, Part o; 
the Sessional Divisions of Southampton 
and Winchester, and the Municipal 
Boroughs of Portsmouth and Southampton.) 

Col. Sir Arthur (Hamilton) Lee, 
G.B.E., K.C.B. (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Arthur Hamilton Lee 
(C.) 10,117 ; John Sandy (L.) 5,763. 
Parly. Pop. 97,254. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1914) 20,381. 

Western, or Andover [1]. 

The Sessional Divisions of Andover and 
Kingsclere, part of the Sessional Divisions 
of Winchester, Romsey, and Basingstoke, 
and the Municipal Boroughs of Audo7ter 
and Winchester, and the Parish of Coombe 
hi the Hungerford Sessional Division of 

Lieut. -Col. Walter Vavasour Faber (C). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Capt. Walter Vavasour 
Faber (C.) 6,127; Hon. Philip Wodehouse 
<L.) 3,723- 

Parly. Pop. 62,411. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,190. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheritt. 

HAMPSTEAD (Middlesex) [11. 
(Parish of St. John, Hampstead.) 
John Samuel Fletcher (C.) . . 5,605 
Samuel J^ajjimas Dojc (L.) . . 3, 129 
Polling Jan. 1910. John Samuel Fletcher 
(C.) 6,228 ; Frank George Howard (L.) 3,949. 
Parly. Pop. 85,907. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,458. 
Returning, Officer — Arthur Palmer Johnson, 
Town Hall, Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, 
N.W. (Town Clerk). 

Handsworth [See Staffordshire ]. 

HANLEY (Staffordshire) [1]. 

( The late Municipal Boroughs oj Hanley 
and Burslem.) 

At the General Election Enoch Edwards 
(Labour) and George Herman Rittner (C.) 
polled respectively 8,343 and 4,658 votes. 
In June 1912 Mr. Edwards died, and at a 
Bye-Election on July 13th, 1912, the result 

*Robert Leonard Outhwaite (L.) 6,647 

George Herman Rittner (C.) . . 5,993 

S. Finney (Labour) .. .. 1,694 

Polling Jan. 1910. Enoch Edwards (Labour) 

9,199 ; George Herman Rittner (C.) 5,202. 

Parly. Pop. 106,122. 

Reg. Parly. Elec (191 5) 17,647. 

Returning Officer — Alderman John Shaw 

Goddard, Stoneyfields, Newcastle-under- 

Lyme (Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent). 

Harborough [See Leicestershire]. 

Harbour [See Dublin Borough]. 

Harrow [See Middlesex]. 

(Durham) ill. 

(Consists of the Municipal Borough of Hartle- 
pool, the townships of Throston Rural- 
St rant on, and Seaton-Carew, and Borough 
oj West Hartlepool. ) 



At the General Election Sir Stephen Wilson 
Furne«s Bt, (L.) and William George 
Howard (Written (C) polled respectively 
6,207 and 5,9^0 rotes. In Se/>t. 1Q14 Sir 
Stephen Ki imd at <i K\e- Elec- 

tion on the -22'id of that month there was 
not any opposition to the return of 

♦Sir Walter Runciman, Bt 

Polling Jan. 1910. At tl 

I hristophei Furness (L.) and 
William r.eorge Howard Gritten (C.) polled 
respectively 6,531 and 5,754 votes. In May 
1910 Sir Christopher Furness was unseated 
on petition, and at a Bye-Elhction on 
June 20th, 1910, the result was "Stephen 
ii Furness (L.) 6,159 ; William George 
H.i ward Written (C) 5,993. 

Parly. Pop. 86,049. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) M>7 5 5- 
A" etuming Officer- Alderman T. W. Watson, 
Htttfepool (Mayor). 

Harwich [See Essex]. 

HASTINGS (Sussex) [1]. 
(Consists 0/ harts 0/ the parishes of Hast- 
'"ft Hollington St. John, H oiling ton 

rtbui Philip <lu Cros, Bt. 
(C) .. .. 4,397 

Arthur Frederick William John- 
son (L.) .. 3,515 

■■<; Jan. 1910. Arthur Philip du Cros 
(C.) 4,634 ; Rol>ert Tweedy Smith (L.) 3,133 

Pop. 58,575. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)8,677. 

Returning Officer The Mayor. 

Haverfordwest [See Pembroke). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir John Nicholas Bar- 
ran, Bt. (L. (3,261 ; James Edward Graham, 
k « (C.) 2,268. 

Parly. Pop. 36,502. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)6,389. 
Returning Officer- John Chisholm, 7, 
Gloucester Place, Edinburgh (Sheriff for 
cos. Roxburgh, Berwick, and Selkirk). 

Henley iSee Oxfordshire]. 

HEREFORD (City) [1]. 
(Consists of the City 0/ Hereford.) 

HAWICK DISTRICT (Roxburghshire)! 11 

(Comprising Hawick, Galashiels, and Selkirk, 

10 muck of the Municipal Iturgh of 

• hieli not kert to/ore included in the 


is Harran, Bt (I). 

At the General Election John Stanhope Ark- 
wrtght (C.) and Joseph Da vies (L.) polled 
respectively 2.200 and 1,430 votes. In 
March 1912 Mr. Arkwright resigned, and 
at a Bye- Election on March 8/A, 191 2, there 
was not any opposition to the return of 
William Albert Samuel Hewins (C). 

!in Stanhope Ark- 
writtht (C) 2,3-' win Thomas, 

K(.(L.) 1,533- 

Parly. Pop. 22,568. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 4.35«- 
Returning (Officer ^oxinciWorK. R. Dymond, 
Hereford (Mayor). 

Northern, or Leominster [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Rrcdwaidine, 
.vard, Kington, Leominster, H'eootey. 
and Ir'igniort, and the Municipal Borough 
of Leoinin. 



Herefordshire -continued. 

Northern, or Leominster -continued. 

At the Central A"/,, Hon Sir lames Rankin, 
Bt. (C), nnd Wyatt Paine (L.) polled re- 
spectively 4.600 and j, 43 1 votes. In Mmn k 
1912 Sir James Rankin resigned, and at a 
Bye-Election on March 18M, 1912, there 
mas not any opposition to the return 0/ 

•Capt. Henry FitzHerbert Wright (U.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir James Rankin, Bt. 

(04,822; J Edmund George Lamb(L.) 3,991. 

Parly. Pop. 43,305. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,808. 

Southern, or Ross [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Dore, Harewood 
End, Hereford, Ledbury, and Ross, and 
the Municipal Borough of Hereford!) 

Lieut. -Col. Percy Archer Clive 

(U.) 4,748 

Henry Webb (L.) . . . . 4,627 

Polling Jan. 1910. Capt. Percy Archer 

Clive (L.U.) 5.073 J Harry Webb (L.) 4) 6 7 3. 

Parly. Pop. 48,769. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) ",418. 

Returning Officer— Col. John Dutton Hopton, 

Canon-fTrome Court, Ledbury, Hereford 

(High Sheriff). 

Hertford [See Hertfordshire]. 

Eastern, or Hertford [1]. 

(The Petty Sessional Divisions of Bishop 
Stortford, Cheshunt, and Ware (except the 
parish of Braughin^), part of the Petty 
Sessional Division of Hertford, the Muni- 
cipal Bof ough of Hertjord, and the Parishes 
of Great and Little Hadham.) 

At the General Election Sir John Fowke 
Lancelot Rolleston (C.)a«rf George Strachan 
Pawle (L.) polled respectively 5,594 and 
4,226vntes. In Feb. 1916 Sir John Rolleston 
resigned, and at a Bye- Election on March 
gth, 1916, the result was 

•Com. Noel Pemberton Billing 

(Ind.) 4,590 

Capt. Brodie Haldane Henderson 
(C.) 3,559 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir John Fowk<; Lan- 
celot Rolleston (C ) 6,147: t Edmund 
Broughton Barnard (I..) 4,455. 
Parly. Pop. 64,504. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)12,684. 

Mid, or St. Albans 11]. 

( The Petty Sessional Divisions of Barnei and 
St. Albans, the City of St. Albans, parts of 
the Petty Sessional Divisions oj Hertford, 
and Dacorum, and the parish cj Aldenham.) 


Bt (C.) 6,899 

Robert Charles Phil li more (L.) 4,777 
Polling Jan. 1910. Col. Edward Hildred 

Carlile (C.) 7,323; Lieut. Col. Henry K<>s- 

coe Beddoes (L.) 5,271. 

Parly. Pop. 80.162. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,706. 

Northern, or Hitchin [1], 

(The Petty Sessional Divisions of Albuiy 
(except the parishes of Great and Little 
Hadham), Bunting ford, Hitchin, Odsey, 
Stevenage, and Welwyn, and the parish 

At the General Election Alfred Peter Hilliers 
M.D. (C.) and Thomas Tylston Greg (L.) 
polled respectively 5,233 and 4,942 votes, 
In Oct. 1911 Mr. Hillier- died, and at a 
Bye- Election on Nov. 23rd, 191 1, the result 

Rt. Hon. Lord (Edgar Alger- 
non) Robert Cecil, PC, 
K.C. (C.) 5,542 

Thomas Tylston GregCL.) .. 3,909 

POLLING Jan. 1910. 'Alfred Peter Hillier 
M.D. (C.) 5,76 1 ; St. George Lane Fox- 
Pitt (L.) 3,877. 

Parly. Pop. 56,659. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,105. 

Western, or Watford [1]. 

(The Petty Sessional Division of Watford 
(except the palish of Aldenham), and part 
of the Sessional Division of Dacorum.) 

Arnold Sandvvith Ward (L.U.) 8,043 
\Nathaniel Micklem, A'.C. (L.) 7,160 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Arnold Sandvvith Ward 
(C.) 8,782; JNathaniel Micklem, K.C. 
(L.) 7,231. 

Parly. Pop. 100,279. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,004. 

Returning Officer — Baron Dimsdale, Smaley 
House, Meesden.Buntingford (High Sheriff). 

Hexham [See Northumberland]. 
Hey wood [See Lancashire, S.-E.]. 

High Peak [See Derbyshire]. 

Hitchin [See Hertfordshire]. 
Holborn [See Finsbury]. 



Holderness [See Yorkshire, E. Riding] 

Holland [See Lincolnshire] - 

Holmfirth [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Honiton [See Devonshire]. 

Horn castle [See Lincolnshire]. 

Hornsey iSee Middlesex]. 

Horsham [See Sussex]. 

Houghton-le Spring [See Durham co]. 

Houghton, West [See Lancashire, S-E.]. 

Howdenshire [See Yorkshire, E 


Hoxton [See Shoreditch]. 

HUDDERSFIELD (Yorkshire) 11]. 
(Comprises the toivn ships of Huddersfield, 
Lindley-cutnQuarmby, Lockivood, Almond- 
bury, and Dalton, the hamlet of Lower 
I.inthwaite, and part of the toivnship of 
I. ongivood. ) 

Arthur flame*) Shenrell ( L. ).. 6,458 

Joseph Htnrv h'aye (C.) .. 5.777 

; Snell (Socialist; .. .. 4,988 

ur James Shcrwell 
v Snell (Labour) 5,686; 
Parly. Pop. 1 10.001. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)21,067. 
Returning Officer— Alderman William Henry 
Huddernfield (Mayor). 

H a r.L. KINGSTON UPON (Yorkshire): 3]. 

Central [lj. 

(The Whitefriars, My ton. West Central* 
Parmtm Wards, and Part of East Central 


At tkt Sir Henry Seyi 

King. Kill- « md Robert William 
Aske, LLD. (L.) polled respectively 3,625 
and 3.418 votes. In June 191 1 Sir Henry 
King ivas unseated on petition, and at a 
Bye- Election on July 5th, the result was 

*< ol. Sit Mark Sykcs, lit. (C.) 3,823 
Sir Robert William Aske, LL.P. 

(LO 3.545 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Henry S< 

King. K.C.I. E. (C.) 4,606; Robert William 
Aske, LLD. (L.) 3,586. 

Parly. Pop. 52,752. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,701. 

East [1]. 

(The Alexandra, Dry pool, Southcoates, and 
Beverley Wards, and part of East Central 

Rt. Hon. Thomas Robinson 

Ferens, P.C. (L.) .. ..7,196 

Robert Monte fiore Sebag-Mon- 

tefore(C.) 5,387 

Poi 1 ing Jan. 1910. Thomas Robinson Ferens 
(L.) 10,627 ; Robert Montefiore Seba^j M011- 
tefiore (C.) 5,611. 

Parly. Pop. 90,008. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,723. 

West 111. 

(The North ami South Netvington, Colt man, 
Albert, Botanic, Nnvland, and Path 

Lieut-Col the Hon. Guy I 

ville Wilson, D .. 9,236 

Albert Lambert Ward (C.) .. 7.943 

Polling Ian. 1910. Hon. Guy Greville 

vO. (L.) 10,005; Sir John Slier- 

bum (L.U.) 8,288. 

v. PoPt 132,693. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) »4.oafi. 
l\,t iiruinc Officer John Lyth Ri> hard son, 
Hull (Sheriff of lh< I 

H tntlngdon l See Huntingdonshire]. 

Northern, or Ramsey |1]. 

■ tty Session* »/ Hurst int- 


Com. < )!i\i-i Stillingfled I.<»< 

I tSiptOQi < \M.< i. <(Y> . . 3,077 

Alexander Claude Fotster Boul- 
Aw 2,954 

>w. 1910. "Oliver Still 
Locker- 1. ampwn (C.) 3,350; JAI< < 
Clan (L.) 2,915. 

Parly. Pop. 3».397- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,955. 



Huntingdonshire —continued 

Southern, or Huntingdon [1] 

(The Petty Sessional Divisions of height oil- 

stone and Tosetand, 

at:d BorvMgk of 

John Cator (C.) .. .. 2,287 
Hon. Oliver Sylvain Baliol Brett 
(L.) 2,139 

Polling Jan. 1910. *John Cator (C.) 2,466 ; 
Hon. Oliver Sylvain Baliol Brett (L.) 2,099. 

Parly. Pop. 23,079. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5»"7- 
Returning Officer— John Norman Heathcote, 
Esq., Conington Castle, Peterborough (High 

Hutchesontown [See Glasgow]. 
Hyde [See Cheshire]. 

HYTHE (Kent) [1]. 
{Consists of the old Borough 0/ Ilythe, the 
liberties 0/ the town of Folkestone, the 
parishes of Saltivood. Cheriton, Folkestone, 
Newinzton, Sandgate, Hawkinge, and 

At the General Election Sir Edward Albert 
Sassoon, Bt, (C), was returned unopposed, 
tn May 1912 Sir Edward Sassoon died, and 
at a Bye-Election on June nth, 1912, the 
result rvas 

* Major Sir Philip Albert (.ustave 
David Sassoon, lit., C'.M.ti. 


Copt. S. Moorhouse (L.) .. 2,004 

KG Jan. 1910. Sir Edward Albert 

...1. Bt (C.J 3,746; W. Clarl 
(I ) 1,954. 

Parly. Pop. 51,356. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 7,4>3« 
Returning Officer — William Richard Cobay, 
Hythe (Mayor). 

Ilkeston [See Derbyshire]. 
Ince [See Lancashire, S.W.]. 


(Comprises Inverness. Forres, Fortrose, ami 


John Annan Bryce (L.).. .. 2,367 

Patrick Johnstone Ford (L. U.). . 1,812 
Polling Jan. 1910. John Annan Bryce (L.) 
2,440; Torrance McMicking (L.U.) 1,650. 
Parly. Pop. 30,007. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5.259- 
Returning Officer— George Watt, K.C., 5, 
Circus Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Inver- 
ness, Elgin, and Nairn). 


At the General Election Sir John Alexander 
Dewar, Bt. (L.) was returned unopposed, 
fn Dec. 191 6 Sir John Dewar 7>ias raised to 
the Peerage, and at a Bye-Election on 
Jan. -2nd, 1917, there was not any opposition 
to the return of 

•^Thomas Brash Morrison, K.C., LL.D. 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir John Alexander 
Dewar, Bt. (L.) 4,599; Sir Reginald Mac- 
leod, K..C.B. (C.) 2,774. 

Parly. Pop. 65,682. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,407. 

Returning Officer— George Watt, K.C., 5, 
Circus Gardens, Edinburgh (Sheriff of Inver- 
ness, Elgin, and Nairn). 



IPSWICH (Suffolk) [21 

(Consists of the old Ho tough off/sn-ich.) 

Rt Hon. Sir Daniel Ford Cod- 
dard, P.C. (L.) 


At the General Election Sir Daniel Ford 
:ir<l (L.), the Rev. Charles Silvester 
Home ( L », Arttiur Charles Churchman (C. ). 
and Bunnell Henry Hurt on (C.) polled respec- 
tively 5,931, 5.791. 5,447. *** 5.409 votes. 
In May 1014 Mr. BorM died, and at a 
Bye-Election on May 23rd, 1914. the result 

*Capt. Francis Join Childs 

(C.) Ganzoni . . . . . . 6,406 

tAV. //■•//. Charles Frederick 

Cm "/<///, P.C, (L.) 5,874 

John Scurr (Socialist) .. .. 395 

. 191A Sir Daniel Ford God- 
(laril (1..) 6,120; •Rev. ChsriM Silvester 

S.Q58 ; Arthur Charles Church- 
man (C ) 5,690 ; Bunnell Henry Burton (C.) 

5 ' 6<5 ' „ , « 

Par.y. Pop. 73.93*- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,231. 

Returning Officer— \\. I). Phillips, Ipswich 

Isle of Thanet [See Kent). 


Capt. Douglas Bernard Hill << '.) 7,192 
Constant ine Scaramanga- A 

• ) 6,969 

I NO Jan. ioto. 'Douglas Bernard Hall 

(C.J7.4 4 

Parly. Pop. 88,186. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,662. 

h' ft w nine Officer— John Fardcll, H 
Isle of Wight (I 

ISLINGTON (Middlesex) 141- 

East [11. 

(Highbury and Canonbury Wards.) 

At the General Election Sir George Heynes 
Radford (L.) and Philip Edward Pilditch 
(L.U.) polled respectively 4,503 and 4,378 
votes. In Oct. 1 91 7. Sir George Radford 
died, and at a Rye- Election on Oct. 23rd, 
1 91 7, the result I 

^Edward Small wood (Coalition) 2,709 
Alfred Baker (Vigilante) .. 1,532 
Edmund Broughton Barnard 

(National) . . . . . . 573 

Polling Jan. 1910. George Heynes Radford 
(L.) 5,001; J. H. T. Reeves (C.) 4.671. 

Parly. Pop. 86,605. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,874. 

North [11. 

(Tu/nell, Upper //,- V. .,,,v. ,,„,/ Tollington 

*Sir George Alexander Touche 

x (C.) .. .. 5,428 

\Davtd Sydney Water low (L.) 5,022 

. Jan. 19 

■i'-v Waterlow 
(L) 5.543; George Alexander Touch. 

Parly. Pop. 101,251. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14.015. 

South (11. 
(Rarntf-ufy, St. Mesry's, and St. Cttet\ 

Rt H«»ti. Thomas Wile*, P.C. 

•• 3.494 
Lionel Wormser Harris (C.) . . 2,803 

Polling Jam. i io. Thomas Wile 
r aber (C.) 3.187. 

Parly. Pop. 69,300. 

Reg. I .915) to.061. 



Islington (Middlesex)-c<'«////«,,/. KENT [8]. 

West [1). 

: and Tkornhill Wards.) 

Rt Hun. Thomas Lough, P.C. 

L.) 3,549 

William George Black (L.U .) .. 2,985 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Thomas Lough, 

P.C. (L.) 3,768; Rt. Hon. Sir Savile 

Brinton Crossley, Bt.. P.C, K.C.V.O. 

(L.U.) 3,514. 

Parly. Pop. 70,332. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,188. 
Returning Officer— Q, G. E. Fletcher, Town 
Hall, Upper Street, Islington, N. 

Jarrow [See Durham co]. 

Keighley [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Kendal [See Westmorlandl. 

Kennington [See Lambeth]. 

KENSINGTON (Middlesex) [2]. 
North [1]. 

That part of the Parliamentary Borough of 
Kensington that lies to the north of a line 
di awn along- the centre of Holland Park 
Avenue, and High Street, Not ting Hill 


Major Alan Hugh Burgoyne 

(National) 4,223 

Frank Murray Carson (L.) . . 3,494 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Alan Hugh Burgoyne 

(C.) 4,611 ; Sir Henry Robson(L.) 4,070. 

Parly. Pop. 84,513. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,069. 

South [1]. 

( That part of the Parliamentary Borough of 
Kensington which is not comprised in the 
Northern Division.) 

Col. the Rt. Hon. Lord Claud 

John Hamilton, P.C. (C.) . . 5,093 
George Rodhouse Reid (L.) . . 1,033 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Lord Claud John 

Hamilton (C.) 5,771 ; Capt. Mcllwaine (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 83,318. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,287. 

Returning Officer— William Chambers Leete, 

Town Hall, Kensington W. 

Eastern, or St. Augustine's [1). 
(The Petty Sessional Divisions of Elham. 
Home, and ll'tugham, the Municipal 
Boroughs oj Canterbury, Peal. 

Folkestone, and HytJte, and the Parishes 
of Ringwold and Walmer.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Aretas 
Akers- Douglas, P.C. (C), was returned 
un o pp o s ed. Injune 19x1 Mr. Alters-] tougbui 

was raised to the Peerage, and at a Bye- 
EUctien on July -jth, 191 1, there was n,<t 
any opposition to the return of 

• Ronald John McNeill (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Aietas 
Akers-Douglas, P.C. (C.) 9,500 ; Robert 
Turnbull Lang (L.) 4,114. 

Parly. Pop. 85,045. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) I7.47 1 - 

Isle of Thanet [1]. 

('The Petty Sessional Division of Ramsgate, 
and the Municipal Boroughs of Margate, 
Ramsgate, and Sandwich; also Sarre, 
Birchington, St. Peter, and A col.) 

Lieut. -Com. Norman Carlyle Craig, 

K.C. (C). 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Norman Carlyle Craig, 
K.C. (C.) 6,892; Julian William Wellesley 
Weigall (L.) 3,410. 

Parly. Pop. 81,586. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,70-2. 

Mid, or Medway [11 

{Tke Petty Sessional Divisions of Bearstcaa 
and North Aylesford, part of the Sessional 
Division oj Mailing, and the Municipal 
Boroughs oj Chatham, Gillinghant, Graves- 
end, Maidstone, and Rochester.) 

Col. Charles Edward Warde(C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Col. Charles Edward 
Warde (C.) 8,093 ; Alexander Cairns (L.) 

Parly. Pop. 68,132. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,363. 

North -Eastern, or Faversham [1]. 

The Petty Sessional Divisions of Faversham 
and Sittingboume, the Municipal Borough 
of Faversham, and the corporate taivn of 
Q ueenborough . ) 



Major Granville Charles Hastings 

Wl, 6,897 

George Nicholls (L.) ..5,111 

1910 "Granville Charl< 
in^s Wh'lrr (C.) 7.4^: I> nomas Hateman 
Napier. I II'. I .» 5,394- 

Parly. Pop. 77,438. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,198. 

North Western, or Dartford (1). 

(The Petty Sessional Division of Dartford 
part 0/ the Sessional Division 0/ Bromley, 
and the Parliamentary Boroughs of Green- 
wich and li'oolwich.) 

•James Rowlands (L.) .. .. 9,152 

\ William Foot Mitchell {Q.). .. 8,918 

Polling Jan. 1910. *William Foot Mitchell 
(09,807; I James Rowlands (L.) 8,990. 

Parly. Pop. 124,671. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 24,136. 

Southern, or Ashford 111. 

( The Petty Sessional Divisions of Ashford and 
Cranbrook, the Municipal Borough oj Ten- 
terden, the corporate toivns of Lydd and 
New Romney, and part of the Liberty of 
Romney Marsh.) 

Kt. Hon. Laurence Hardy, P.C. (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Laurence Hardy (C.) 
7,966; Reginald John Fairer (L.) 4,422. 
Parly. Pop. 70,554. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,805. 

South Western, or Tonbrldge (11 

( The Petty Sessional Divisions of Tonbridee 
and Tunbridge It'etls, and part of the Ses- 
sional Division of Mailing.) 

II: ci t Henry Spender- 
Clay (C.) 8,286 

Alfred Paget Hedges ( L ) . . 6, 1 59 

.. 1910. # Capt. Herbert Henry 
Spender-Clay (C.) 9,240; lAlfred Paget 
Hedges (L.) 6,030. 

Parly. Pop. 85,077. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) (7,694. 

Western, or Sevenoaks ill. 

( The Petty Sessional Division ■ 

»f the Sessional /' >omley, 

the l or Borough of I.ctvisham, 

'.'•tat t of the f'i 
Borough of Deftford which was in - 
of Kent A 

I 11 Henry William Forster, P.C. 

T V William I 

Parly. Pop. 111,919. 

I Ice. (1915) at, 128. 
lams, Esq., Dene Park, Tonbridgc 

KERRY CO. [41 
East Kerry [11. 

( The fclW/ of Magunihy, and pat t of the 
Barony of Trughanacmy.) 

• Timothy O'Sullivan (N.) .. 2,561 

Patrick Guiney (Ind.N.) .. 1,308 

Polling Jan. 1910. At the General 

Hon *Eugene O'Sullivan (N.) and 

J John Murphy (N.) polled respectively 2,613 

and 2,154 votes. In June 1910 Sir. O'Sullivan 

was unseated on petition, and at the date of 

the General Election Dec. 1910 the seat 

\\.i- still vacant. 

Parly. Pop. 39,601. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,018. 

North Kerry [11. 

( The Baronies of Clanmaurice and 
Iraghticonnor . ) 

Michael Joseph Flavin (N.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Michael Joseph Flavin 
(N.) 2.637 ; Thomas Neville Stack (Ind. N.) 

Parly. Pop. 37.777- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 5,913. 

South Kerry [11. 

(The Baronies of North and South Dun- 
kerron, Glanarought, and Ivera^h.) 

John Pius Boland (N.) .. 2,935 

T. B. Cronin (Ind. N.) • .. 451 

Election Jan. 1910. John Pius Boland (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 38,740. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,973- 

West Kerry [11. 

(The Barony of Corkaguiny, and part of the 

Barony of Trughatiacmy.) 
Thomas O'Donmll (X). 

:<>N Jan. 1910. Thomas O'Donnell (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 43,573- 
Reg. Parly. 1 ''.135- 

Returning OJicer-Thc High Sheriff. 

Kesteven (See Lincolnshire 1- 

KIDDERMINSTER (Worcestershire) [1]. 

(Consists of the old Boroueh of Kidderminster, 
/•.irt ,'f th,- /<>>,; • minster, and 

part of the parish ofH'oherley.) 



Kidderminster (Worcestershire)-^*. 
Major Eric Ayshford Knight 

(C.) 2,188 

E&ward Brottghton Barnard {1*) 2,003 

w. 1910. *Capt. Eric Ayshford 
Knight (C.) 3,3531 s ir Edward Henry 
I' 1. ,984. 

I'arly. Pop. 26,002. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 4,695. 
Returning Officer— Alderman Joseph Ray, 
Kidderminster (Mayor). 

North Klldare [1]. 

(The Baronies of Carbury, Clane, Connelt, 
Ikeathy, and Oughterany, North Naas, 
and Not tli and South Salt, and part of the 
Baronies of South Naas and East Offably.) 

John O'Connor (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. John O'Connor (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 30,630. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)6,319. 

South Klldare [1]. 

{The Baronies of Kilcullen, East and [Vest 
Offaly, Kilkea and Moone, Narragh and 
Reban East and West, and part of the 
Barony of South Naas. ) 

Denis Kilbride (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. Denis Kilbride (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 35,997- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)6,593. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

KILKENNY (Borough) [1] 


At the General Election Patrick O'Brien (N.) 
•was returned unopposed. In July 1 91 7 Mr. 
O'Brien died, and at a Bye-Ucction on 
Aug, 10th, 19 1 7, the result ivas 
*\VilIiam Thomas Cosgrave (Sinn 

Fein) 772 

J. Magenis (Ind. N.) .- .. 392 

Election Jan. 1910. Patrick O'Brien (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 13,269. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 1,702. 
Returning Officer — The Mayor. 


North Kilkenny (1). 

(The Baronies of Crannagh, Fassadinin* 
Gaimoy, and Shilieiogher, and part of the 
Barony of Gffwran.) 

Michael Meagher 
Ei 1 . 1 ion Jan. 191 >, Michael Meaght 

I'arly. Pop. 29,971. 
Reg. I'arly. Elec. (1915) 4,944. 

South Kilkenny [1]. 

( The Baronies of Ca/lau, Ida, Iverk. Kells, 
and Knochtop'hcr, and part of the Barony 
of Gowran. ) 

Matthew Keating (N.) .. .. 2,265 

AT. J. Murphy {Ind, N.) .. 287 

Election Jan. 1910. Matthew Keating 
(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 31,380. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,036. 
Returning Officer — The High Sheriff. 


{Comprising Kilmarnock, Dumbarton, Ren- 
frew, Rutherglen, Port Glasgmu, and so 
much of the Municipal Boroughs of Kil- 
marnock and Renfrew as were not included 
in the old Parliamentary Borough. ) 

At the General Election Adam Holland Rainy, 
M.B. (L.) and James Buyers Black (C.) 
polled respectively 8,657 and 5,569 votes. 
In August 191 1 Dr. Rainy died, and at a 
Bye-Election on Sept. 26th 191 1, "William 
(ilynne Charles Gladstone (L.), JSir John 
David Rees, K.C.I.E., C.V.O. (C), and 
T. M'Kerrell (Labour) polled respectively 
6,923, 4,637, and 2,761 votes. In April 
1915 Mr. Gladstone was killed in action 
during European War, and at another 
Bye- Election on May 28th, 191 5, there was 
not any opposition to the return of 

*Hon. Alexander Shaw (L.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Adam Rolland Rainy, 
M.B. (L.) 8,937; Capt. John James Bell 
(C.) 5,701. 

Parly. Pop. 105,546. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,637. 
Returning Officer — William Lyon Mackenzie, 
Esq., K.C., 6, Melville Crescent, Edinburgh 
("Sheriff of Ayrshire). 



Major the Hon. Arthur Cecil Murray, 
D.S.O. (L.). 

Poli ing Jan. 1910. Cipt the Hon. Arthur 
Cecil Murray (L.) 3,926 ; Robert Barclay 
Pearson (C.) 1,891. 

Parly. Pop. 39.981. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,109. 

Returning Officer — John Campbell Lorimer, 

. 9, Gloucester Place, Edinburgh 

(SherirTof Aberdeen. Kincardine, and Banff). 

KING'S CO. [21. 
Birr [11. 

(The Baronies of Bailyboy, Ballybritt, Clon- 
lisk, Eglish.ami Garrycastle.) 

Michael Reddy (N.) .. .. 2,123 

Frederick Witliam Ryan ( Ind.N. ) 624 

Election Jan. 1910. Michael Reddy (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 28,416. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 4.628. 

Tullamore [11. 

(The Baronies of Ballycotvan, Coolestoivn, 
Geashill, Kilkoursey, Phillipsttnvn Upper 
and LoTver, ami Warrenstmvn.) 

At the General Election Edmund Haviland- 
Hnrke (N.) was returned unopposed. In 
urke died, and at a Bye- 
Election on Dec. jotk, 1914, the result ?uas 

• Kdwanl John Graham (Ind.N.) 1,667 
lciams(K.) .. .. 1,588 

Election Jan. 1910. Edmund Haviland- 
I (N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 28,416. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)4,601. 

Returning Officer— Thr. High Sheriff. 

KING'S LYNN (Norfolk) [11. 

ts 0/ the parishes 0/ St. Margaret and 
7 Saintt, ami parts 0/ 
the parishes of <',aywood, and North Lynn, 
■ in the Borough.) 

• Holcombe Ingleby (C.) .. 1,765 

\Thomas Gibson Bowles (L.) . . 1,668 

Polling Jan. 1910. * Thomas Gibson Bowles 

(L.) 1,900; Hon. Edward Cecil George 

Cadogan (C.) 1,638. 

Parly. Pop. 20,201. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 3.9*6. 
Returning Officer— R. O. Ridley, King's 
Lynn (Mayor), 

Kingston [See Surrey). 

Kingston upon Hull [See Hull). 

Kings winford [See Staffordshire). 

Kinross shire [See Clackmannanshire]. 


{Comprising Kirkcaldy, Burntisland, Dysart, 
and King/torn, ami so much of the Munici- 
pal Borough 0/ Kirkcaldy not included in 
the old Parliamentary Borough {except that 
Portion within the Parliamentary Borough 
of Dysart).) 

Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Junes DaLriel, Bt., 


Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Henry James Dalziel 
5,035 ; Arthur Anthony Baumann 
(C.) 1.65* , 

Parly. Pop. 49.75'- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)0,142. 

Returning Officer— J times Alexander Klem- 
11 >f File and K 

[Mr, K.C. 

Iville Street, Edinburgh 


.. I.) .. .. 2,817 

Ronald Joh> 2,625 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir Mark John Mac- 
Taggart Si- ('.) a, 661 ; J Major 

L.) 2,620. 
Reg. I 


..f Dumfne* .iml Galloway). 

Klrkdale (Bee Liverpool). 
Knutsford [See Cheshire). 




Brixton [1]. 

(Brixton and Stoekwell Wards.) 

Davison Dalziel (C.) .. ..4,770 

Joel Herbert Seavcms (L.) .. 3,702 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Davison Dalziel (C.) 

5i465 *, Joel Herbert Seaverns (L.) 4,427. 

Parly. Pop. 75-957- 

(teg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,292. 

Kennington [1]. 

t Prime's and I'auxhall Wards.) 

Sir Stephen Collins (L) .. 3,565 

Col. Francis Alfred Lucas (C.) 3,510 

Victor Grayson (Socialist) .. 408 

Polling Jan. 1910. Stephen Collins (L.) 

4,246 ; Col. Francis Alfred Lucas (C.) 3,865. 

Parly. Pop. 72,688. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) io,953- 

North [1]. 

{Marsh, and Bishops' Wards.) 
Lieut. -Col. Sir William Hough- 
ton Gastrell, C.M.G. (U.) ..2,531 
Harry Gosling (L.) .. ..2,202 

Polling Jan. 1910. 'Major William Hough- 
ton Gastrell (C.) 2,947 '• JHoratio Myer(L.) 
2,397- n , „ 

Parly. Pep. 53.°54. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,590. 

Norwood HI 

(Heme Hill, Tulse Hill, and Norwood 

Rt. Hon. Sir Harry Simon 

Samuel P.C. (C.) • . ..6,291 

George Shrubsall (h.) . . .. 4,265 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir Harry Simon 
Samuel (C.) 6,958; ISir Alexander Walde- 
mar Lawrence, Bt. (L.) 5,180. 
Parly. Pop. 93,219. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,474. 
Returning Officer— Frederick C. Abbott, Esq., 
9, Fenchurch Street, E.C. 

Govan [11. 

(Part of the Parish of Govan south 0/ the 

At the General Election William Hunter, 
K C. (L.) and (leorse Ralfour (C.) foiled 
res fee lively 8,409 and 6,369 votes. In Dec. 
191 1 Mr. Hunter was appointed a Lord of 
Session in Scotland, and at a /'<y Election 
on Pee. 2yd, 191 1, the result was 

• Daniel Turner Holmes (L.) .. 7,508 
George Balfour (C.) .. ..6,522 

Polling Ian. i9»o. At 1 

tion *William Hunter, K.C. (L.), I Robert 
Duncan (C), and James Thomas Rrownlie 
(Labour) polled respectively 6,556, 5,127, 
and 3,545 votes. In April 1910 Mr. Hunter 
was appointed Solicitor-Gen. for Scotland, 
and at a Byk-Election on the 28th of that 
month there was not any opposition to the 
return of *Williani Hunter, K .( ■ I . . 
Parly. Pop. 114.542. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 22,559. 

Mid [1]. 
(The parishes of Kuthergleu, Carmunnock, 
Cambuslaug, Blantyre, Dalserf and Catn- 
busnethan, and fart of the parishes oj Cath- 
cart and Hamilton.) 

John Howard Whitehouse (L. ) . . 6,033 
Henry Shanks Keith (C.) .. 5,702 

Robert Smillie (Labour) . . .. 3,847 

Polling Jan. 1910. *John Howard White- 
house (L.) 5,792 ; John Johnson Pickering 
(C.) 5,401 ; Robert Smillie (Labour) 3,864. 
Parly. Pop. 111,251. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 21,243. 

North-Eastern [11. 

(The parishes 0/ New Monkland, Shotts, 
Dalziel, Bothwell, and part of the parish 
of Hamilton.) 

At the General Election Thomas Fleming 
Wilson (L.) and Capt. John Peers Boyd* 
Carpenter (C) polled respectively 9,848 and 
7,142 votes. In Feb. 1911 Mr. Wilson re- 
signed, and at a B^e- Election on March gth, 
1911, the result was 

James Duncan Millar, K.C. (L.) 7,976 

Park Goff{C.) 6,776 

John Robertson (Labour) . . 2,879 

Polling Jan. 1910. "Thomas Fleming Wil- 
son (L.) 9,105 ; James Robertson Wilson 
(C.) 7,012 ; Joseph Sullivan (Labour) 2,160. 
Parly. Pop. 141,857. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 28,759. 

North-western 111. 

(Part of the parish of Glasgow and the 
parishes ofCadder and Old Monkland.) 

William Mather Rutherford 

Pringle (L.) 9,31$ 

A t th ur Stanley Pringle (C. ) . . 8, 486 

Polling Jan. 1910. *William Mather 
Rutherford Pringle (L.) 8,422; {William 
Mitchell-Thomson (C.) 7,528 : Robert Small 
(Labour) 1,718. 

Parly. Pop. 126,555. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 24,998- 

Partick 111. 

[Pari of the fnrish of Govan north of the 
Clyde and fart of the parish of Glasgow.) 

Sir Robert Balfour, Bt. (L.) . . 10,535 
Archibald White Maconochie 

(C.) 10,190 



Polling Jan. 1910. 'Robert Balfour <L.) 
10,093; Archibald White Maconochie 
U.) 9.5«- 

Parly. I'op. 139,180. 
Reg. Parly. Klec. (1915)29,536. 

Southern 11]. 

( The parishes of Biggar, Carluke, Carmichael, 

rington and Than- 

kerto' 1 ufordjohn, Cutter, 

Dolphinton, Douglas, Dunsyre, Laming/on 

ana ll'andct, Lanark, Lcsntahagow, Ltber- 

/'ettinain, Symington, Wats/on. I 
ami Roberton, Avondale. Stonehouse, Glas- 
ford, and East Kilbride {including /art 0/ 
iddsd), and part 0/ the parishes 
of Mo fiat, and Kirkfiatrick-Juxta.) 
At the General Election Sir Walter Menzies 
'i. Charles Mackinnon Douglas 
( C. ) />olled respectively 5, 1 60 and 3,96 3 votes. 
In Oct.. 1913, Sir Walter Menzies died, and 
at a Bye- Election on Dec. \ith, 1913, the 
result was 

• lion. William Watson, K.C. 

(U.) 4,257 

G. Morton (L.) 4,oc6 

T. Ctbb (Labour) .. ..1,674 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Walter Menzies (L.) 

5,346 : James Dennistoun Mitchell (C.) 


Parly. I'op. 58,677. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,666. 
Returning Officer--\. O. \l. Mackenzie, 
K < . \ . • ■ 1 eat, Glasgow 

(Sheriff of Lanarkshire). 

NORTH 141. 
Blackpool [11 
{The Sessional Divisions of Amoundernes, 
and Kirkham, part of the Sessional Division 
of Ley/and, and the Mum'-ifal Borough oj 


Parly. Pop. 138.719. 
.rly. Klec. (19*5) *3»*8*« 

Chorley [11. 

{The Municipal Borough of Chorley and 
the Sessional Division of Ley land Hundred, 
and fart of the Sessional Division of Ley land.) 

At the General Election Lord Balcarres (C.) 
and John Peter Todd Jackson [L ) polled 
respectively 7,432 and 4,887 votes, and in 
Jan. 1913, Lord Balcarres succeeded to the 
Earldom of Cr a:v ford, and at a Bye- Elec- 
tion on Feb. 19th, 1913, the result was 

• Sir Henry Flemming Hibbert 

(C) 7,573 

John Peter To id Jackson (L.) .. 5,606 

Polling Tan. 1910. Ix>rd Balcarres (C.) 
7i735 > Walter Lyon Blease (L.) 5,523. 
Parly. Pop. 85,681. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,705- 

Lancaster [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Garstang and 
Hornby, fart of Sessional Division of South 
Lonsdale, and the Municipal Borough of 


Sir N0rv.1l V I me (L.) 6,186 

H. Kamsbotham (C • 6,052 

Vat son Helme 
I. >> lor (C) 6,048. 

.Parly. Pop. 80,729. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,846. 

North Lonsdale (11. 

, istonal PiT'isions of Bo ■ 
nets, llau-kshead and North Lonsdale 
(including Cattmel), and part of the Ses- 
sional Division of Sent* Lonsdale.) 

1 George 


.. 4,140 


petition the re*ult wu 

4 KM At. Et.RC* 

t recount <<n 

Reg. PaHy. Klec. (191 5) 




Lancashire -continued. 

Accrington [1]. 

{The Municipal Borough 0/ Accrington, and 
the parishes 0/ Althatn, Church, Clayton- 
le-Moors, HaPton, Huncoat, Oswaldtivistle^ 
and Risk ton.) 
Major the Rt. Hon. Harold 

Trevor Baker, P.C. (L.) .. 8,129 

Ernest Gray (C.) .. ..6,461 

Polling Jan. 1910. "Harold Trevor Baker 

(L.) 8,968 ; Albert Henry Jessel (C.) 6, 4 55- 

Parly. Pop. 91,424. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 17,483. 

Clitheroe [1]. 

{The Sessional Divisions of Burnley {except 
the parish 0/ Hapton) and Colne part oj 
the Sessional Division of Clitheroe, and 
the Municipal Boroughs of Burnley and 
Clitheroe ', Colvie, and Nelson. ) 

*Capt. Albert Smith (Labour). .12,107 
/. J. B/ayney (C.) .. .. 5,783 
Polling Jan. 1910. At the General Elec- 
tion David James Shackleton (Labour) and 
Tom Smith (C.) polled respectively 13,873 
and 6,727 votes. In Nov. 1910 Mr. Shackle- 
ton was appointed Senior Labour Adviser at 
the Home Office, and at the time of the 
General Election the seat was vacant. 
Parly. Pop. 126,937. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 24,849. 

Darwen [1]. 

{Part of the Sessional Divisions of Blackburn 
and Clitheroe, the Sessional Divisions of 
Darwen and Walton-le-Dale, and the 
Municipal Boroughs of Blackburn and 

• Col. Sir John Rutherford, Bt. 

(C.) 8,384 

X Frederick George Hindle (L.) . . 8,169 
Polling Jan. 1910. 'Frederick George 
Hindle (L.) 8,639: JJohn Rutherford (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 88,629. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,931. 

Rossendale [1]. 

( The Municipal Boroughs of Bacu/>, /lasting- 
den, and Rawtensta.ll, and part of the 
parish of Dunnochshaw.) 
At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Lewis 
Harcourt, P.C. (L.) and Lieut.-Col. Joshua 
Craven Hoyle (C.) polled respectively 6,619, 
and 5,206 votes. In Dec. 1916, Mr. Lewis 
Harcourt was raised to the Peerage, and 
at a Bve- Election on Feb. 13th, 191 7, the 
result was 
*Sir John Henry Maden (L.).. 6,019 
Arthur Taylor (Peace) . . .. 1,804 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Lewis Har- 
court, P.C. (L.) 7,185; John Robert Kebty- 
Fletcher (C.) 4,695 J A. K. Bulley (Ind. U.) 

Parly. Pop. 70,944. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,682. 

Eccles [1]. 
( The parishes of Barton-upon-Invell, Clifton, 
Flixton, Urmston, Worsley, and Pendle- 

Sir George Herbert Pollard, 

M.D. (L.) '8,467 

fohn Gordon Drummond Camp' 

Af//(C.) 7,676 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir George Herbert 

Pollard, M.D. (L.) 7,093; G. F. Asunder 

(L.U.) 6,682 ; G. H. Stuart (Labour) 3,511. 

Parly. Pop. 110,099. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 21,188. 


2 4 I 

Gorton [1]. 

(The parishes of Denton, Haughton. and 
Otenshaw, ami that part of the parish oj 
Gorton not within the Parliamentary 
Borough 0/ Ma nchester. ) 

Kt. Hon. John Hodge, P.C. 

(Labour) 7,840 

Henry White (C.) . . 7. 187 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Hodge (Labour) 
7,807; H. White (C) 7.334- 

iy. Pop. 114,432. 
Reg. Parly. Eler. (191 5) 20,444. 

Heywood [lj. 

(Part of the Sessional Division 0/ Bury, and 
the Municipal Boroughs of Bury and Hey- 

At the General Election ( apt. Harold Thomas 
Cawley (I..) and Robert A. L. Hutchinson 
(C ) tolled respectively $.430 and 4,641 votes. 
a ley was killed in 
action in the Dardanelles, and at 1 
Election on Sov. 10th, 1915, there was not 
any opposition to the return 0/ 

* Hon. Albert tiolden Hlingwottb, 

Polling Jan. 1910. # HnroM Tho mas Cawley 
S.800; Capt. Mervyn Edward Man- 
ningham-BulIrr (L.U.) 4,750. 
Party, Pop. 59.449- 
Reg. I 1014) 12,334. 

Middleton [1]. 

i. I let on 
md the Municipal lunongh 0/ 

At the General Election Sir William R viand 
Dent Adkins (L.) and Professor William 
Albert Samuel Hewins (L.U .) polled respec- 
tively 7, 071 and 6,284 votes. In July 191 1 
Sir William Adkins was appointed Recorder 
0/ Nottingham, and at a Bye-Election on 
Aug. ind, 191 1, the result was 

Sir William Kyland Dent Adkins 
(L.) .. .. .. .. 6,863 

Professor William Albert 

Samuel Hewins (L.U.) .. 6,452 

Polling Jan. 1910. William Ryland Dent 
Adkins (L.) 7,669; Patrick Rose-Innes (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 80,548. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,753. 

Prestwich [1]. 

(The Municipal Borough of Ashton-under- 
Lyne and Oldham, the parishes of Blackley, 
Chadderton, Crompton, Cruntfisall, Droyls- 
den, Failsworth, Moston, Preshuich, and 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Frederick Cawley, Bt., P.C. (L.) and Fred- 
erick Brocklehurst (C.) polled respectively 
TO »3 <; 5 ant ^ 7« '89 votes. In Jan. 1918, Sir 
Fredeiick Cawley was raised to the Peerage, 
and at a Bye-Election on Feb. 1st, 1918, 
the result was 

¥Hon. Oswald Cawley (Co- 
alition) .. .. .. 8,520 

Henry John May (Co-operator) 2,832 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Frederick Cawley, 
lit. (L) 11*564; ( 'yril Potter (C.) 8,180. 

Parly. Pop. 134,405. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 26,547. 

Radcliffe cum Farn worth (1]. 

'the Sessional Divisions of Bolton and 

Theodore Cooke Taylor (L.) 
Edward Albert Bagley (C.) 


Polling Jan. 1910. Theodore Cooke Taylor 
•'op. 83,333. 
Rc>:. I 1915) 15.270. 

Stretford 11). 

fml Boroughs of Manchester and 
Saljoni, that part of the Municipal Borough 
of Stockport situated in Lancashire, ana* 
the parishes of Burnage, Chorlton-cum- 
ll.f.iv. Pidscury, I.evenshulme, Matt 


,• .'///./ the M 

Arthur Mi, hat! ) . . 10,467 

17,917 ; A- M. Samuel (C. ) 10,626. 

Party. Pop. 140.055. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 3».75° 




Lancashire (South -Eastern)— continued. 
Westhoughton [1] 

{Part of the Sessional Division and the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Bolton.} 

William Tyson Wilson (Labour) 9,064 
G. F. Clarke (C.) . . . . 7.974 

Polling Jan. 1910. William Tyson Wilson 
(Labour) 10,141; H. Morgan Byrne (C.) 


Parly. Pop. 110,847. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 22,713. 

Bootle [11. 
( The Municipal Boroughs of Liverpool and 
Bootle-cum-Linacre, the parishes of Child- 
•wall, Fazakerley, Walton - on - the - Hill, 
Wavertree, West Derby, and West Derby 
Rural and Toxteth Park.) 
At the General Election Col. Thomas Myles 
Sandys (C.) was returned unopposed. In 
March 191 1 Col. Sandys resigned, and at a 
Bye-Election on March 27th, 191 1, the result 
fRt. Hon. Andrew Bonar Law, 

P.C. (C.) Q-97 6 

Max Muspratt (L.) .. -.7,782 

Polling Jan. 1910. Col. Thomas Myles 
Sandys (C.) 9,954; Dr. W. Permewan (L.) 

Parly. Pop. 167,491. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 29,428. 

Ince [1]. 

{The Municipal Borough of Wigan, and the 
parishes of Abram, Haigh, Hindley, Ince- 
in-Makcrfeld, Orrell, and Pemberton.) 

Stephen Walsh (Labour) .. 7,117 

Walter Greaves-Lord (C.) . . 5,332 

Polling Jan. 1910. Stephen Walsh (Labour) 

7.723 ; Walter Greaves Lord (C.) 5.029. 

Parly. Pop. 84,075. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14.556. 

Leigh [1]. 

{The Sessional Division and the Municipal 
Borough of Leigh.) 

Peter Wilson Raffan (L.) 
W. T. Oversby (C.) . . 


Polling Jan. 1910. *Peter Wilson Raffan 
(L.) 5,325; F. C. Smith (C.) 4,646; T. 
Greenall (Labour) 3,268. 

Parly. Pop. 88,744. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,1". 

Newton [11. 

The Sessional Divisions of St. Helen's and 
Wan iugton, the Municipal Boroughs of St. 
Helen's and War tug ton, and the parishes 
oj Ash tonin Makerfield, Billingt Chapel 
End and Higher End Rainhill, ana Wiu- 
stanley, and part of the parish of 'Eccieston.) 

*Capt. Viscount Wolmer (L.U.) 6,706 

\ fames Andrew Seddon (Labour) 6, 562 

Polling Jan. 1910. *James Andrew Seddon 

(Labour) 7,256 ; Viscount Wolmer (C.) 6,504. 

Parly. Pop. 91,863. 

Reg Parly. Elec. (1915) 15-658. 

Ormskirk [1]. 
[The Sessional Division of Ormskirk, the 
parisliesoj Aintree, Dalton, Kirlcby, hither- 
land, Luut, Netherton, Orrell and P'ord, 
Sefton, and L/pholland, and in the Prescot 
Sessional Division, C.roxteth Park, Knows- 
ley, and Prescot. ) 
Hon. Sir Arthur Stanley, G.B.E., C.B., 

M.V.O. (C). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Hon. Arthur Stanley, 
M.V.O. (C.) 6,919; U William Hesketh 
Lever (L.) 4,679. 

Parly. Pop. 84.613. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,830. 

Southport [1]. 

{The Sessional Division of Southport, the 
Municipal Borough of Southport, and the 
parishes of Great and Little Crosby, Ince, 
Blundell, and Thornton.) 

Lieut.-Col. Godfrey Dalrymple- 

White(C) 7,467 

Hubert Drysdale Woodcock (L.) 6,798 
Polling Jan. 1910. "Major Godfrey Dal- 
rymple-White (C.) 7,637 ; Baron de Forest 
(L.) 7,218. 

Parly. Pop. 104,540. 
Reg. Parly. Eiec. (1915) 18,191. 

Widnes [1]. 

{Municipal Borough of Widnes, the Sessional 
Division oj Prescot {except the parish oj 
Rainhiil, part of the parish of Eccieston, 
and C'vxteth Park, Knoiusley, and 
Prescot), and the parishes of Allerton, 
Gars/on, Hale, Hallwood, Little and Much 
Woolton, and Speke.) 

At the General Election Col. William Hall 
Walker (C ) was returned unopposed. In 
1916, Col. Hall Walker resigned, and at a 
Bye-Election on May nnd, 1916, there was 
not any opposition to the return of 

Col. William Hall Walker (C). 

POLLING Jan. 1910. Col. William Hall Walker 
(C.) 5,758; Louis Charles Bernacchi (L.) 

Parly. Pop. 78,776. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,098. 

Returning Officer — Rt. Hon. Baron Lever- 
hulme, Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, 
Cheshire (High Sheriff). 



Lancaster [See Lancashire, N.]. 
Launceston [See Cornwall]. 
Leamington (See Warwick] 

LEEDS (Yorkshire) [5J. 


Central [1] 

{The West and Mill Hill Wards, and part 
of the Brunswick and Central Wards.) 

Robert Armitage (L.) .. .. 3,519 

John Gordon (C.) ..3,169 

Polling Ian. iqio. Robert Armitage (L. 

3.987 ; John Gordon (C.) 3,366. 

Parly. Pop. 51,657. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,211. 

East [1]. 

{The East Ward, and part of the North 

h-East, and Central Wards.) 
James O'Cirady (Labour) .. 4,028 

"/ / Vliam Henry Clarke (C . ) . . 1 , 892 
-.<; Jan. 1910. James O'Grady (Labour) 
5,373 ; William Henry Clarke (C.) 2,308. 
Parly. Pop. 66,819. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,763- 

North [11. 

( The HeadingleyandNort >ds, and 

Part of Brunswick North, and North 

I Hir>t Barrarj | 1. » 9,324 
fohn Dear man Birchall (C.) .. 9,056 

1910. Rowland I 
1 j,775 ; John Dcarman Birch.. 

!y. Pop. 137.415- 
Reg. I i9«5)»4,705. 

South [11. 
uth. East HtttuUt, and West Hunslet 

illiam Middlebrook (I. ) .. 6,064 

• ■ 3,804 



brook (L.) 8,./69; William Ni 

Parly. Pop. 86,098. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 16,570. 

West [1]. 

( The Holbeck, A rmley and Wort lev, and New 

Wortley Wards, and part of the Brantley 


Thomas Edmund Harvey (L.) 8,715 
George William Henry /ones 

(C.) 4,445 

Polling Jan. 1910. 'Thomas Edmund 

Harvey (L.) 9,969; Samuel Samuel (C.) 


Parly. Pop. ioj.541. 

Reg. Parly. Elec (1915) 19,672. 

Returning Office* — Rt. Hon. Frank Gott, 

Leeds (Lord Mayor). 

Leek [See Staffordshire . 

LEICESTER (Borough) [2]. 
{Comprises part of the parish of Leicester.) 



Mac] ><>nalil 


At the Gen, ■■■ Eliot Cm 

William-. (L.). James Ramsay MacDonald 

foiled respectively 13.238, 12.998. and 
7.S47 -i-<tfs. In June 1913 Mr. ("rawshay- 
U illiams resigned, and at a Bye-Llectien 
on June 27th, 191 3, the result was 

[:■ II: Sir ( rordofl Hewart, 

i I l (\(L.) .. .. 10,863 
A lured My < 9.*79 

A. A'. Hartley (Socialist and 

.r) 2,580 

, 1 Eliot W Miami 



y. Pop. 150,734* 
Reg. Parly. I '8,015. 

ReturniugOMctr— Alderman Jonathan N 

l-CKCstcr (May r) 



Eastern, or Melton [1]. 

( The Petty Sessional Divisions of Belvoir and 
Melton Mmvbray, and fart of the Sessional 
Divisions of Leicester, Loughborough, and 
East Norton.) 

*Col. Charles Edward Yate, 

-C.S.I., C.M.G. (C.) .. .. 7,599 
Major Edward Marten Dunne 

(L.) 7,227 

Polling Jan. 1910. Henry de Rosenbach 
Walker (L.) 7,748; Col. Charles Edward 
Yate, C.S.I., C.M.G., (C.) 7,625. 

Parly- Pop. 90,154. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,586. 

Mid, or Loughborough [1]. 

(The Petty Sessional Division of Lough- 
borough {except the parishes 0/ Cossington, 
Seagrave, and Sileby), and parts of the 
Sessional Divisions oj Ashby-de-la-Zouch 
and Leicester.') 

Sir Maurice Levy, Bt. (L.) .. 6,488 
Neville Woodford Smith- Caring- 
ton (C.) 5,916 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Maurice Levy (L.) 
6,760 ; Neville Woodford Smith-Canngton 
(C.) 6,007. 

Parly. Pop. 72,187. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,616. 

Southern, or Harborough [1]. 

( The Petty Sessional Divisions of Lutterworth 
and Market Harborough, part of the 
Sessional Divisions of Leicester and East 
Norton and the Municipal Borough of 

At the General Election •John William 
Logan (L.) and Sir (Joseph) Herbert Mar- 
shall (C.) polled respectively 8,192 and 7, 1 1 s 
voles. In Feb. 1916 Mr. Logan resigned, 
and at a Bye-Llection on March 22nd, 
1916, the result was 

* Percy Alfred Harris (Coalition) 7,826 
f Thomas Gibson Bowles (Ind.) . . 3,711 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rudolf Chambers Leh- 
mann (L.) 8,632 ; Sir (Joseph) Herbert Mar- 
shall (C) 7,561. 

Parly. Pop. 82,408. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,000. 

Western, or Bosworth [1]. 

{The Petty Sessional Divisions of Ashbv-de la- 
Zouch {except the parishes of Bardon, 
Breedon, Osgathorpe, Thringstone, and 

II hi /wick) and Market Bosworth.) 

*Hon. Henry Duncan McLaren, 

C.B.E. (L.) 7,500 

Count Dudley Beaumont Gu- 

rowski (C.) .. .. ..4,120 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Sir Charles 

Benjamin Bright McLaren, Bt., P.C., K.C. 

(L.) 7,709 ; Sir Keith Alexander Fraser, Bt. 

(C.)4,427. „ , ' 

Parly. Pop. 77,276. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15.593- 
Returning Officer — Hugh George Goodacre. 
Esq., Ullesthorpe Court, Lutterworth, 
Leicester (High Sheriff). 

Leigh [See Lancashire, S.W.]. 

LEITH DISTRICT (Edinburghshire) [11. 

{Comprising Leith, Musselburgh, and Porto- 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Ronald 
Craufurd Munro- Ferguson, P.C. (L.) and 
F. A. MacQuisten (C.) polled respectively 
7,069 and 5,284 votes. In Feb. 1914 Mr. 
Munro- Ferguson was appointed Gov.-Gen. 
of Australia, and at a Bye- Election on 
Feb. 26th, 1914, the result was 
•George Welsh Currie (C.) . . 5,159 
Malcolm Smith {L.) .. ..5,143 

Joseph Nicholas Bell (Labour) .. 3,346 
Polling Jan iqio. Rt. Hon. Ronald Crau- 
furd Munro- Ferguson, P.C. (L.) 7,146: Sir 
Robert Cranston (L.U.) 4,540; William 
Walker (Labour) 2,724. 

Parly. Pop. 106,302. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,688. 
Returning Officer- -Charles Cornelius Macono- 
chie, K.C, 65, Northumberland Street, 
Edinburgh (Sheriff of the Lothians and 



North Leitrim [1]. 

( The />'. 1 ■ M mahairc a nd Rosclogher 

and /art of the Barony 0/ Leitrim.) 

Francis Edward Median (N.). 

: !>>N Jan. 1910. Francis Edward Mee- 
han (N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 31,437. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,919. 

South Leitrim [1]. 

( The Baronies ofCarrigallen and Mohill, and 
part of the Barony of Leitrim.) 

Thomas Francis Smyth (N.). 

;<>N Jan. 1910. Thomas Francis Smyth 
(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 32,145. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 5,789. 
Returning Officer— -The High Sheriff. 

Leix [See Queen's co . 

Leominster [See Herefordshire]. 

Lewes [See Sussex]. 

LEWISHAM (Kent) 11]. 
( The parishes of Lexvisham and Lee.) 
Major Sir Edward Feetham 
Coates, Bt. (C.) .. ..11,179 

hoard Loughlin CfMalley 

(L.) 6,792 

Polling Jan. 1910. Major Edward Feetham 
Coates (C) 12,690; Felix Rosenheim (L ) 

Parly. Pop. 160,963. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 29,256. 
Returning Officer—The Town Clerk, Lewis- 
ham, S.E. 

Lichfield [See Staffordshire! 
Llmehouse [See Tower Hamlets' 

LIMERICK (Borough) (!]. 

MOTTO—" Urbs Antiqua fuit Itudiisque 
aapcrri ma belli. " 

Mirhacl Joyce (N.) 2,452 

John . 6»2 

Polling Jan. 1910. Michael Joyce (N.) 
2 i*37 I John Henry Rice (Ind.N.) 973. 
Parly. Pop. 47,246. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)4.875- 
Re turning Officer — Thomas S. LawUr, 
O'Connell Street, Limerick (Sheriff of the 
Co. of the City of Limerick). 


East Limerick [1]. 

(The Baronies of Clanwilliam, Coonah, Cosh- 
lea, Kilmallock, Oiuneybee, Pudd/ebrien, 
and Smallcounty, and part of the Barony 
0/ Cosh ma.) 

Thomas Lundon (N.) .. .. 3,715 

Hubert (f Connor (Ind.N.) .. 1,381 

Polling Jan. 1910. Thomas Lundon (N.) 

3,077; Thomas W. \V. Bennett (Ind.N.) 


Parly. Pop. 47.5M- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,598. 

West Limerick [1]. 

( The Baronies of Conneilo Upper and Loiver 
Gtenouin, Kenry, and Shanid, and part of 
the Barony ofCoshma.) 

Patrick Joseph O'Shaughnessy 

(N.) 3.052 

t Daniel Daniel Sheehan (Ind.N.) 1,767 

Election Jan. 1910 Patrick Joseph 

O'Shaughnessy (N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 48,309. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,893. 

Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

LINCOLN (City) 11]. 

(Consists of the City of Lincoln and the 
Parish of Bracebridge.) 

Char I • 5,484 

Sir Robert Hi. 

(C) . 4,878 

Polling Jan. 1910. Charles Henry Roberts 

n Hilton Seely (L.U. Free 
Trader) a, 1 29. 

Parly. Pop. 61,089, 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191s) 12,937. 
Returning « ,rks Wil*>n, 

E#q., Lincoln (Sheriff). 



East Lindsey, or Louth [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Louth, Market 
Rosen, ami li'ragby. ami fart 0/ the Ses- 
sional Divisions of A (ford, Grimsby, and 

•Timothy Davies (L.) .. . . 4,260 

t Henry Langton Brackenbury 

(C.) 4,188 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Henry Langton Brack- 
enbury (C.) 4,433: tTimothy Davies (L.) 

4, 2 75- 

Parly. Pop. 43> 2 47- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,073. 

Holland, or Spalding [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Elloe (except the 
parish of Crowland), and fart of the Ses- 
sional Division of Kirton and Skirbeck, 
except the Parishes of Skirbeck Quarter.) 

At the General Election Lieut, the Hon. 
Francis Walter Stafford McLaren (L.) and 
William Stapleton Royce (C.) polled re- 
spectively 5.335 and 5,070 votes. In Aug. 
1907 Mr. McLaren died (on active ser.), and 
at a Bye-Election on Oct. 25th, 1917, there 
■was not any opposition to the return of 

•Major the Hon. Arthur George Vil- 

liers Peel (L.). 
Polling Jan. i9ro. "Francis Walter Stafford 
McLaren (L.) 5,527; William Stapleton 
Royce (C.) 5,148. 

Parly. Pop. 52,196. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) i2,5'7- 

North Kesteven, or Sleaford [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Lincoln (except the 
Parish of Bracebridge) and Sleaford, and 
part of the Sessional Divisions of Kirton 
and Skirbeck in the Parts of Holland.) 

Lieut. -Col. Edmund Royds (C). 
Polling Jan. 1910. "Edmund Royds (C.) 
5,265 ; JArnold Lupton (L.) 4,000. 
Parly. Pop. 48,086. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,711. 

North Lindsey, or Brigg [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Barton-on-I I um- 
ber, Brigg, and 11' into ton, part of the 
Sessional Division of Grimsby and the 
Municipal Borough of Great Grimsby.) 

Sir (William) Alfred Gclder (L.) 6,506 
Thomas Jewell Bennett, C. I.E. 

(C) 5,637 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Sir (William) Alfred 
Gelder (L.) 6,548; JSir Berkeley Digby 
George Sheffield, Bt. (C.) 6,311. 

Parly. Pop. 66,481. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,670. 

South Kesteven, or Stamford [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions of Bourn and Spilal- 
gate, that /art of the Municipal Borough 
of Stamford which is in co. Lincoln, and 
parish of Crowland in the Parts of Hol- 

Lieut.-Col.the Hon. Claud Heath- 
cote - Drummond - Willoughby 
(C.) 4,545 

George Henry Parkin (L.) . • 4,206 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Major the Hon. Claud 
Heathcote - Drummond - Willoughby (C) 
4,666 ; George Henry Parkin (L) 4,310. 

Parly. Pop." 46,361. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) i°,353- 

South Lindsey, or Homcastle [1]. 

(The Sessional Division of Spilsby and part 
of the Sessional Divisions of Alford and 

At the General Election Lord Willoughby de 
Eresby (C.) and Frederick Caesar Linfield 
(L.) polled respectively 4,705 and 4,181 votes. 
In Dec. 1910, Lord Willoughby de Kresby 
succeeded to the Earldom of Ancaster, and at 
a Bye-Election on Feb. i6th, 191 1, the result 

• Lieut.-Col. William Ernest 

George Archibald Weigall(C) 4,955 
F. G. Linfield (L.) .. ..4,849 

Polling Jan. 1910. Lord Willoughby de 
Eresby (C.) 5,162 : Charles Augustus Van- 
sittart Conybeare (L.) 4,292. 

Parly. Pop. 46,105. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 

[)0 6 4 . 



West Lindsey, or Gainsborough [1]. 

I The Sessional Divisions of Er 

borough, and Lincoln, the Municif t 
ough of Lincoln, and the parish of Brace- 

Bentham | L.) . . 5,825 
Capt. William hrrust (leorge 

hibald Weigall (C.) . . 5,745 

FOILING Jan. 1910. •deorge Jackson Ben- 
tham (L.) 6,178; Capt. Robert Ronald Hen- 
derson (C.) 5,663. 

Parly. Pop. 55,807. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,076. 
Returning Officer— Lieut. -Col. Joseph Seward 
Ruston, Lindum House, Lincoln (High 

Lindsey [See Lincolnshire]. 


At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Alex- 
ander Ure, P.C., K.C (L.) and James Kidd 
(C.) polled respectively 5,835 and 3,765 
votes. In Oct. 191 3 Mr. Ure was appointed 
Lord Justice-General, and at a Bye- Election 
on Nov. jth, 1913, the result was 

•John William Pratt (L.) .. 5.615 
James Kidd (U.) 5 ,094 

1910. Rt. Hon. Alexander Ure, 
(L.) 6,451 : William Charles 
Smith, K.C. (C) 3,536. 

Parly. Pop. 72,555- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,847. 

RetnmingO^icer— Charles Cornelius Macono- 
chic, K.C, 65, Northumberjand Street, 

nrgh (Sheriff of The Lothiai 

LIVERPOOL (Lancashire) (91. 


Ibercromby, Cast!, 
and Great George s Wards.) 
At the 

and a. 184 votes In fun* 1917 Col. Cha- 
loner was raised to . he Peerage, and at a 
1 '.lection on June 28/A, 191 7, the result 

*Lord Stanley (Coalition) .. 2,224 
Frank Buckley Hughes (Ind.) . . 794 

Polling Jan. 1910. # Col. Richard Godolphin 
Walmsley Chaloner (C.) 3.088; J Col. the 
Rt. Hon. John Edward Bernard Seely, P.C., 
D.S.O.(L.) 2,56a. 

Parly. Pop. 44,727. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,oa8. 

East Toxteth [1]. 

(The Gramby, Prince's Park, and Sefton Park 
East Wards, and part of Sefton Park West 

At the General Election Edward Marshall 
Hall, K.C. (C.) aWCapt the Hon. Charles 
Clive Bigham, CM G. (L ), polled re- 
spectively 4,087 and 3,121 votes. In Jan. 
1916 Mr Marshall Hall became Recorder oj 
Guildford, and at a Bye- A lection > n Eeb. 
list, 1916, there ivas not any opposition to 
the return of 

*Capt. James Stuart Rankin (C.)« 

Polling Jan. 1910. "Edward Marshall Hall, 
K.C. (C.) 4,037 ; J. Lea (L.) 1,752. 

Parly. Pop. 69,679. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915* 1 

Everton 11]. 

(The Everton and Xetherjidd Wards, and 

part of St. Domingo Ward.) 
Sir John Sutherland I I.u.n xxl-Banner 

Polling Ian. 1910. John Sutherland H.r 
mood-Banner (C.) 4,283; William Hanbury 

Parly. Pop. 83,394. 
Reg. Parly. Klec. (1915) 10,037. 

Exchange (11. 

(The I'auxhall, Exchange, and St. Anne's 

• Leslie Fr< 2,^30 


Parly. Pop. 37,370. 
Reg I "9»5) 5.a3S. 

Klrkdale (1). 
(Theh ■iJthmt 

part igo Ward not included in 

the Evert on Ihviiion.) 

and at a Bye- Election on the 15/A qf i 
month there was mat amy opp+t ■■. 
>t of 

1 1 1 .iii.;.ui.|\u- i 



Liverpool (Lancashire)— continued. 

nrttitfi nmtimmmf. 
PolumcJan. mi". At tin- Cimkai i 

TlON Charles McArtluir (C. ) ami Alexander 
Gordon Cameron (Labour) polled respectively 
4,144 and 3,921 votes. In July 1910 Mr. 
McArtluir died, and at a ByB-ElSCTIOM on 
July 20th, 1910, tint result was "C"l. Gerald 
Kyrfin-Taylor (C.) 4,268 ; Alexander Gordon 
Cameron (Labour) 3,427. 

Parly. Pop. 80,453. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,438. 

Scotland [1]. 

(The North and South Scotland Wards.) 
Thomas Power O'Connor (N.) . . 2,458 
Thomas Oswald Ockleston (C). . 689 

Polling Jan. 1910. Thomas Power O'Connor 
(N.) 2,943 \ Arthur Moy, junr. (C.) 776. 

Parly. Pop. 46,576. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5»43 8 - 

Walton [1]. 

(The Breckfield, Fairfield, Anfield, and 
Wavertree West Wards, and parts of the 
West Derby and Walton Wards.) 

Lieut. -Col. the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Frederick Edwin Smith, Bt., 
P.C.,K.C.(C.) .. .. 6,383 

William Permewan (L.) . . 5,039 

Polling Jan. 1910. Frederick Edwin Smith, 
K.C. (C.) 6,627; Francis l'Estrange Joseph 
('-•) 5)5 J 3 \ Edwin George Jellicoe (Ind. L.) 

Parly. Pop. 109,453. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,066. 
West Derby [1]. 

(The Edge Hill, Kensington, and Loiv Hill 

Sir William Watson Rutherford 

(C.) 4,908 

William John Lias (L.) .. 2,943 

Polling Jan. 1910. William Watson Ruther- 
ford (C.) 5,190 ; William John Lias (L.) 3,682. 

Parly. Pop. 85,483. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,057. 

West Toxteth [1]. 

( The Brunswick and Dingle Wards, and thai 
part of Sefton Park West Ward not in- 
cluded in the East Toxteth Division.) 

Robert Paterson Houston (C.).. 3,938 
Thomas Francis Molony, K. C. ( L.) 2,445 

Polling Jan. 1910. Robert Paterson Houston 
(C.) 3,928 ; James Sexton (Labour) 2,909. 

Parly. Pop. 66,461. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)9,645- 
Returning Officer— Major the Rt. Hon. John 
Utting, M.D., Liverpool (Lord Mayor). 


(Comprises the whole of the space within the 
boundaries of the City 0/ hotuton and the 
Inner and Middle Temple . ) 

[Arms as used by the City Corporation.] 

Rt. Hon. Arthur James Balfour, P.C., 
O.M., LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S. (C). 

Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick George Ban- 
bury, Bt., P.C. (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Arthur James 
Balfour, P.C, LL.D., D.C.L., F.R.S. (C.) 
17,907 ; Sir Frederick George Banbury, Bt. 
(C.) 17,302; Sir (Thomas) Hugh Bell, Bt. 
(L.) 4,623. 

Parly. Pop. 19,657. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 3°>5oo- 
Returning Officers— Capt. George Rowland 
Blades, J.P.. 23, Abchurch Lane, E.C.4, 
and Harry Frankland Hepburn, 8, Pancras 
Lane, E.C.4 (Sheriffs of London). Acting 
Returning Officer— William Hayes, Guild- 
hall, E.C.2 (Secondary). 

LONDON (University of) [1]. 

Sir Philip Magnus, Bt.(L.U.).. 2,579 
Sir Victor Alexander Haden 
Horsley, F.A.C.S., FA\S.{L.) 1,857 



Sir Philip Magnus, B.Sc. 
Col. the Rt. Hon. Sir(Joseph) 


vgJan. 1910. 
I 2,625 

K. C.S.I. (I..) 1,926. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 6,960. 
Re/riming Officer- The Vice-Chancellor. 

LONDONDERRY (City) [1]. 

4 1 

At the General Election the Marquess of 
Hamilton (C.) and Shane Leslie (N.) polled 
respectively 2,415 ami 2,310 votes. In Jan. 
1913 the Marquess of Hamilton succeeded to 
Dukedom 0/ Abercom, and at a Bye- 
rion on the 30/A of that month *David 
Cleghorn Hogg <L.) and Lieut. -Col. Her- 
cules Arthur Pakenham (C.) polled respec- 
tively 2,699 a *d 2,642 votes In Aug. 1914 
M r. Hogg died, and at another Bye- /. . 
on Nov. y>th, 191 4, there was not any op- 
position to the return 0/ 

*Rt. Hon. Sir James Brown Dougherty, 
fCGV.O. (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. Marquess of Hamilton 
.435; Shane Leslie (N.) 2,378. 

Parly. Pop. 40,780. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,801. 

Returning officer— Horace Bayer, London- 
derry (High Sheriff). 

North Derry (1) 

(The Baronies 0/ Kennaught, North- East 
1 ties o/Coleraine. North- H est I. i 
0/ Londonderry and Tirkeeran, and Part oj 
the Barony o/Coleraine.) 

Hagfc .. 4,960 

W< // .... 2,217 

ion Jan. 1910. Hugh Thorn Barrie 

'i nop posed. 

Parly. Pop. 52,957. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9.364. 

South Derry [1]. 

( Tht Barony of I.oughinsholin, and part oj 
the Barony o/Coleraine.) 

At the General Election, the Rt. Hon. John 
I I..D. (L.U.) and 
W. |. )<>hnslon(L.) polled respective^ 3,S4S 
and 3511 pate*. In April 1916, Mr. Gordon 
was raised to the Irish Bench, and at a 
!'•%>■ Election on May z$rd, 1916, the result 

*Denis Stanislaus Henry, K.C. 


Dr. Arthur lurnbull (\n<\.) .. 214 
Polling Jan. 1910. John Gordon, K.C, 
I.I -[>. (L.U.) 3.985 ; Samuel R. Keightley, 
I.L.D. (L.) 3,678. 

Parly. Pop. 46,868. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,416. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 


North Longford 11]. 

( The Barony of Granard, and part of the 
Baronies of Longford and A rdaghl) 

James Patrick Farrell (N.). 
Election Jan. 1910. James Patrick Farrell 
(N.) unopposed. 

Parly. Pop. 22,121. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 3,679- 

South Longford ill. 

( The Baronies of Moydow, Rathcli.te, and 
Shrule, and parts of the Baronies of A rdagh 
and Long-ford.) 

At the General Election John Philips (N.) was 
returned unopposed. In April 1917. Mr. 
Philips died, and at a Bye-Election on 
May qth, 1917, the result was 

^Joseph McGuinness (Sinn Fein) 1,498 
Patrick M'Kenna (N. ) . . . . 1 ,461 

Election Jan. 1910. John Philips (N.) un- 

Parly. Pop. 21,699. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (i9«5)3.8s»- 
Returning Officer— -The High Sheriff. 

Lonsdale, North [See Lancashire, N ]- 

Loughborough [See Leicestershire). 

Louth [See Lincolnshire]. 

LOUTH CO. (21. 
North Louth [1]. 
(The Baronies of Louth, Lower and Upper 
Pundalk, the parish of Killany. and that 
f the parish of Louth included in the 
Barony of A • 

At the Gene l.uleton 

(N ) and I 

(Ind.N .) polled respectively 3,yx)and 2,021 

votes. In Feb. 1911 Mr. Ha/leton was un- 

;, and at a Bye-Election am 



LOUth Go. — continued. 

North Louth —continued. 

i 15M, 1911, '■':<■>, turn not any oppo- 
sition to the return of t Michael Augustine 
Roche (N.). In . 
and at a By* Election on Feb. 24th, 1916, 

the result UMtS 

• Patrick Joseph Wliitty (N.) 
Bernard Hamill (Ind. N.) 


I'oi UKG Jan. 1910. Timothy Michael Hraly, 
K. C. (1ml. N.) 2,41? ; t Richard Hazleton 
(N.) 2,333. 

Parly. Pop. 34,420. 
Reg. Parly. Klec. (1915) 5,697- 

South Louth [lj. 

(The Baron it- of Ardee {except the parish of 
Killany, and that part 0/ the parish of 
Louth included in North Division), Drog- 
heda and Ferrard, and the county 0/ the 
town cf Drogheda.) 

Joseph Nolan (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. Joseph Nolan (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 29,245. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 4»9 6 9- 
Returning Officer '--The High Sheriff. 

Lowestoft [See Suffolk]. 

Ludlow [See Shropshire]. 

Luton [See Bedfordshire]. 

Lynn Regis [See King's Lynn]. 

Macclesfield [See Cheshire]. 

(Consists of the parish of Maidstone.) 

At the General Elcetion Major Viscount 
Castlereagh, M.V.O. (C.) and Henry 
Vivian Phillips (L.) polled respectively 2,906 
and 2,836 votes. In Feb. 1915 Viscount 
Castleres»gh succeeded to the Marquessate 
of Londonderry, and at a Bye- Election on 
the 2?nd of that month there was not any 
opposition to the return of 

♦ Com. Carlyon (Wilfroy) Bellairs (C). 

Polling Jan. iqio. Viscount Cistlercagh, 
M.V.O. (C.) fcOQ4J Henrj Vivian Phillips 

(L.) 2,847. 

Parly. Pop. 35.475- 
Reg. Parly. Elec (1915)6,809. 
Returning Officer— G. Foster (lark. Maid 
■tone (Mayor). 

Maldon [See Essex]. 
Malton [See Yorkshire, N. Riding]. 

MANCHESTER (Lancashire) 16]. 

East [1]. 

( The former parishes of Bradjord, A rdwick, 
and Beswick, and part of the former parish 
oj Chorlton-upon-Medlock.) 

John Edward Sutton (Labour) 
Richard George Proby (C.) 


Polling Jan. 1910. *John Edward Sutton 
(Labour) 6,110; Edward Elvy Robb (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 93,095. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 14,012. 

North [1]. 

(St. Michaels Ward, the former Parish 0/ 
Harpurhey, and that part of the former 
paiish of Newton to the North-West of the 
Oldham Road.) 

Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Ernest 

Swann, Bt., P.C. (L.) .. 4,601 

Hiram Edward Howell ( C . ) . . 3 , 936 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Charles Ernest 
Schwann, Bt. (L.) 5,210; Hiram Edward 
Howell (C.) 3,951. 

Parly. Pop. 76,458. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11 


North-East [1]. 

(The New Cross Ward, and that part of the 
former parish of Newton not included in 
the North and South Divisions. ) 

John Robert Clynes (Labour) 
Arthur Taylor (C.) 



2 5I 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Robert Clynes 
(Labour) 5,157 : Sir William Henry Vaud- 
rey (C.) 3,679. 

Parly. Pop. 72.587. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10,922. 

North West [11. 

(7 he Colle<iate,C 'hutch, Exchanre.St. Johns, 
Inn's, St. James's, Oxford, and St. 

Clement's Wards, and the former parish 0/ 

Cheetham. ) 
At the General Election Lieut. -Col. Sir 

George Kemp (L. ) and t Andrew Bonar 
< C. ) polled respectively 5, 559 and 5,114 

votes. In July 1912 Lieut.-Col. Sir George 

Kemp resigned, and at a Bye Election on 

Aug. qth, 1912, the result MM 

fSir John Scurrah Randies (C.) 5,573 

Gordon Hewart (L.) .. .. 4,371 

Polling Jan. 1910. 'Lieut. -Col. Sir George 

Kemp (L.) 5,930; JWilliam Joynson-Hicks 

(C.) 5,M7. 

Parly. Pop. 66,074. 
Reg. Parly. Eiec. (1915) 12,883. 

South [1]. 

(Part oj the former parish of Charlton -upon - 
Mcdlock, the Rusholme Ward, the Ward- 
ship of Moss Side, the Hamlet of Kirk- 
manshulme in the former parish of Netvton, 
and that part 0/ the former Gorton parish 
included in the Parliamentary Borough of 

At the General Election Sir Arthur Adlington 
, 7oas returned unopposed. 
In Feb. 1Q12 Sir Arthur Haworth, Bt., was 
appointed a Junior Lord of the Treasury, 
and at a Bye-Election on March 5/A, 191a, 
the result %vas 

• Major Philip Kirkland Glaze- 

brook (C.) 7,051 

\Sir Arthur Adlington Haworth, 

/>••'• (L.) 6,472 

Jan. 1910. Arthur Adlington 
Haworth (L.) 8,121 : Capt. Charles Lionel 
Ward Jackson (C.) 5,669. 

Parly. Pop. 110,439. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,098. 

South West [11. 

- i rmer pa rish of Hulme . ) 

♦Christopher Thomas Need- 
ham .. 3,590 
v Arthur Colefax (U.) . . 3,331 

\ thur Colefax 
(U.) 3,111 ; Cliri\t'>jih.-r Thomas N« 

I' Kean McLachlan 
(Labour) t,»i8. 

Pop. 62,986. 

'9»5> 0,137. 

Manchester (l.<>rd Mayor). 

MARYLEBONE (Middlesex) (21. 

East [1]. 

(The St. John's Wood Terrace, Dorset Square, 
Regent's Park, Park Crescent, Langham, 
and Cavemiish Wards.) 

Sir James Boston (C.) .. .. 3,376 

Dr. Robert Oswald Moon (L.). . 1,605 

Polling Jan. 19:0. "James Boyton (C.) 
3,134 ; Dr. Robert Oswald Moon (L.) 1,905 ; 
Richard Jebb(C) 702. 

Parly. Pop. 49,906. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 6,824. 

West [1]. 

(The Hamilton Terrace, Church Street, 
'tt ton Square and Port man Wards.) 

Major Sir Samuel Kdward Scott, 

Bt 3,929 

Arthur Hcwett Spokes (L.) . . 1,926 

•..1910. Sir Samuel Edward 
Donald Alex- 
antler Forbes (L.) 2,474. 

Pop. 67,278. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,752. 

Returning Officer — Jam--- Wtkoa. Town 
I, Mar ' 


irylcbone Lane, Oxford Street, W. 

Mansfield (See Nottinghamshire: 

MAYO CO 141. 
East Mayo 111- 

(Parts of the Baronies of Cent el t* and Gal ten.) 

John Dillon 

KM Jan 1910. John Dillon (N ) un- 

Parly. Pop. 46,729. 
Reg. Party. Elec (i«, s ) 7.743. 



MayO Co.— continued. 

North Mayo [1]. 

(The Baroni.s of Erris and Tira:vh\\ and 
part of tin- Barony ofCallen.) 

Daniel Boyle (N.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. "Daniel Boyle (N.) 
1,861 ; Bernard Egan (Ind. N.) 1,821. 
Parly. Pop. 47,854. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,108. 

South Mayo [11. 

( The Baronies of Clanmorris and Kilmaine, 
and part of the Baronies of Costello and 

•John Fitzgibbon (N.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. John O'Donnell (Ind. N.) 
2,667 ; ttConor O'Kelly (N.) 2,226. 
Parly. Pop. 46,909. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7,872. 

West Mayo [11. 

( The Baronies of Bnrrishoole and Murrisk, 
and part of the Barony of Carra.') 

William Doris (N.) 3,931 

William O'Brien (Ind. N.) ..1,082 
Election Jan. 1910. # William Doris (N.) 

Parly. Pop. 51,118. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. ("1915) 8,037. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff. 

MEATH CO. [2]. 
North Meath [1]. 

(The Baronies of Fore, Kelts Upper and 
Lower, Morgallion, and Slane Upper and 
Lower, and part of the Baronies of Navan 
Lower and Skreen.) 
Patrick White (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. Patrick White (N.) un- 

Parly. Pop. 33>°34- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5,833. 

South Meath [1]. 

( The Baronies of Deece Upper and Lower, 
Duleek Upper and Lower, Dunboyne, Lune, 
Moyfenrath Upper and Lower, Navan 
Upper, and Rotoath, and part of the 
Baronies of Skreen and Navan Lower.) 

David Sheehy (N.). 

Election Jan. 1910. David Sheehy (N.) un- 

Parly. Pop. 32,057. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 5.874- 
Returning Officer — The High Sheriff. 

Medway [See Kent]. 
Melton [See Leicestershire]. 

Henry Haydn Jones (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Henry Haydn Jones 

(L.) 6,065 ; Robert Jones Morris (C.) 1,873. 

Parly. Pop. 45.849. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)9,198. 

Returning Officer— Howell Jones Williams, 

Esq., 263, Camden Road, London, N. (High 



(Consists of the old borough ofMerthyr Tydvil, 
tin- parish of Aberdeen, and part of the 
patishes of I 'ay nor and I.lanwonno.) 

Sir Edgar Rees Jones, K.B.E.(L.) 12,258 
At the General Election Edgar Rees Jones 
(L.), James Keir Hardie (Labour), and H. 
Watts (C.) polled respectively 12,258, 11,507, 
and 5,277 votes. In Sept. 1915 Mr. Keir 
Hardie died, and at a Bye-Election on 
Nov. 25th, 19 1 5, the result was 

• Charles Butt Stanton (Ind.).. 10,286 
James Wins tone (Labour) . . 6,080 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Edgar Rees Jones (L.) 
15,448; James Keir Hardie (Labour) 13,841 ; 
Arthur Charles Fox-Davies (C.) 4,576; 
William Pritchard Morgan (Ind. L.) 3,639. 
Parly. Pop. 143,849. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 24,192. 
Returning Officer— Norman Frederick Han- 
key, Esq., J. P., Pentrebach House, Merthyr 
Tydvil (Mayor). 

(Consists of the parish of Middlesbrough, and 
part of the townships or parishes q/ 
Normanby and Eston.) 



Penry Williams (L.) .. ..10,313 

Li nit. -Col. Thomas Gibson Poole 

(C.) 6,568 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Penry Williams (L.) 
9,670; Arthur Charles Dorman (C.) 6,756; 
Patrick Walls (Labour) 2,710. 
Parly. Pop. 139,301. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 24,604. 

Returning Officer— W. M.Wiggins, Middles- 
brough (Mayor). 

Brentford [1]. 

{So much of the Parish of Acton as is not 
included in the En ling and Narrow Parlia- 
mentary Divisions, the parishes of New 
Brentford, Old Brentford, Hamvell (except 
that portion included in the Ealing Divi- 
sion), Heston, Isleivorth, Norwood, and 

At the General Election Capt. Lord Alwyne 
Frederick Compton, D.S.O. (C), and 
William George Lobjoit (L.) polled re- 
spectively 9,197 and 6,124 votes. In March 
191 1 Loid Alwyne Compton resigned, and 
at a Bye-Election on March 23rd, 191 1, 
there was not any opposition to the return 

t William Joynson -Hicks (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Lord Alwyne Frederick 
Compton, D.S.O. (C.) 10,675; JVickermann 
Henzell Rutherford, Ml'.. (I. ) 6,819. 
Parly. Pop. 134,932. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 23,973. 

Ealing [1]. 

( The parishes of Acton (except those portions 
of the parish included in the Hrent/t > 
Harroio Parliamentary Divisions), Litis- 

. Plating, Great (,r,cnfi>rd, ami Per- 
il-ale, that part of the parish of Hanwell 
situate between Plating and Twyford and 
so much of the parish of Willesdcn as is 

•■■ I tided in the Harr,r;u Par.'ian 

much of the parish of Old 
Brentford as is not included in the 

/'artiamentary /'ivision, and .' 
included in the Parliamentary Ho roughs 
of Chelsea, Putham, Hammersmith. Ken- 
sington, St. George Hanover Square, 
md Westminster) 

K ( 


>e was net any .>// 
'■-.- return of 

Sir Herbert Nichl, K.C. (Gfc 

Polling Ian. 1910. 
12,916 ; Mauri* 

Herbert Nield (C.) 
aurice Charles Hulbert (L.) 8,210. 
Parly. Pop. 158,125. 
Reg. Parly Elec. (1915) 29.677. 

Enfield [1]. 

(The parishes of Edmonton, Enfield, Friern 
Barnet, Hadley, Monken Hadley, South- 
gate, South Mimms, and South Mimms 

Major John Robert (Bramston) 

Pretyman Newman (C.) .. 11,495 

James Branch (L.) .. .. 10,559 

Polling Jan. 1910. *John Robert (Bramston) 

Pretyman Newman (C.) 12,625; JJames 

Branch (L.) 11,383. 

Parly. Pop. 180,096. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 341276. 

Harrow [1]. 

(So much of the parish of Acton as is not in- 
cluded in the Brentford and Ealing Parlia- 
mentary Divisions, and the parishes oj 
Edgware, Great and Little Stanmore, 
Hartow-on-the-Hill, Harrxnv Weald, Hen- 
don, Kingsbury, Pinner, Twyford Abbey, 
Wealdstone, Wembley, and Willesden, (so 
much of the parish not included in the 
Ealing Parliamentary Division and 
the area included in the Parliamentary 
Boroughs of Hampstead, St. Mavylebone, 
Paddington, and St. Pancras.) 

Harry Malbby-Deeley (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Harry Mallaby-Deeley 

(C.) 16,761 ; Percy Alfred Harris (L.) 13,575. 

Parly. Pop. 247,820. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)48,521. 

Hornsey (11. 

( The parishes of Finchley and Hornsey, that 
Part of the parish of St. Mary, Stoke 
Neivington, which was formerly the parish 
of South Hornsey, and the area included 
in the Parliamentary Horvughs of I 
Loudon, Pinsbu*y,and Islington.) 

At the General Ucctton M.ijor tin- I 

Ronald<hay (C.) and R Dum- 

mett (L.) polled respe : ■ . -> and 

7,613 votes. In Nov. 1916 Ix>rd Ronaltklmy 
was appointed (*>v. <•/ i ,t( ,i 

The. (>///. 1.) if), there mas 
not anv opposition to the return of 

• ECeoi 

POLLIV dilshay (C.) 

(1915) 88,036. 

m Tottenham ill. 


I as is not 

nded in the 


I 2,046 

. . 10,945 

1 ',30* : 

Parly. Pop. 186.619. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 34,816 



Middlesex —continued. 

Uxhridge [1]. 

{The parishes of A shfotd, Bedfont, Cowley, 
Cran/ord, Feltham, Hampton* Hampton 
H itm\ Hanworth, Hare field, Harlington 
Harmondsivorth, Hayes, Hillingdon East, 
Hillingdon West, Ickenham, Laleham. 
Littleton, NorthoH, Ruislip, Shepperton, 
Staines, Stanwell, Sunbuty, Teaaington, 
Uxbtidge, West Drayton, and Yiewsley.) 

At the General Electirn the Hon. Charles 
'I nomas Mills (C.) and Mahomet Chandra 
Mallik (L.) polled respectively 9,005 and 
4,286 votes. In Oct. 191 5 the Hon. Charles 
Mills was killed in action during the 
European War, and at a Bye-Election on 
Nov. ioth, 1915, there was not any oppo- 
sition to the return of the 

• Hon. Arthur Robert Mills (C). 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Hon. Charles Thomas 
Mills (C.) 10,116; Sidney Job Pocock (L.) 

Parly. Pop. 102,314. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 19,962. 

Returning Officer — Henry Burt, Esq., 15, 
Albert Court, Kensington Gore, S.W. (High 

Mlddleton [See Lancashire, S.E.]. 
Midlothian [See Edinburghshire]. 
Mile End [See Tower Hamlets]. 
Molton, South [See Devonshire]. 

North Monaghan 11]. 

( The Baronies of Dartree, Monaghan, and 

James Carrige Rushe Lardner 

(N.) 3,365 

Michael Elliott Knight (U.) ". . 1,937 

Polling Jan. 1910. James Carrige Rushe 
l-.irdner (N.) 3,477 ; Michael Elliott K>ight 
(C.) 2,005. 

Parly. Pop. 36,512. 

Reg. Patly. Elec. (1915)6,134- 

South Monaghan [1]. • 

( The Baronies o/Cremome and Farney.) 

John McKean (N.§). 

Pulling Jan. 1910. John McKean (Ind. N.) 
2,611 ; C. Laverty (N.) 1,903. 

Parly. Pop. 34,943. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)6,519. 

Returning Officer- -The High Sheriff. 

Comprising Monmouth. Newport, and Usk.) 

Lewis Haslam (L.) .. .. 6,154 

Gerald de la Pryme Hargreaves 

(C) 5,056 

Polling Jan. 
6,496; Sir C 

910. Lewis Haslam (L.) 
Charles (William) Cayzer, Bt. 

(C) 5,391- 

Parly. Pop. 77,902. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,841. 

Returning Officer— William Sambrook, 
mouth (Mayor of Monmouth). 


Northern [1]. 

( The Petty Sessional Divisions of A bergavenny, 
Pontypool, and Skenfrith. ) 

Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, 

P-C.(L.) 7,722 

Lieut. -Col. David Ellis Williams 

(C.) 4,586 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Reginald 
McKenna, P.C (L.) 8,596 ; Evelyn George 
Massey Carmichael (C.) 4,335. 

Parly. Pop. 86,905. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (19 15) 17,670. 

Southern [1]. 

{The Petty Sessional Divisions of Caerlcon, 
Chepstow, Monmouth, Newport, Raglan, 
Trelleck, and Usk, except the Parliamen- 
tary Boroughs of Monmouth, Newport, and 
Usk, and the parishes of Abercarn, Rcdwas, 
and IMynydiiisliiyn in the Petty Sessional 
Division of Bedwellty.) 

At the General Election Maj.-Gen. Sir Ivor 
John Caradoc Herbe.t, Bt., C.B., C.M.G. 
iL.) and Leolin Charles Korestier-Walker 
(C polled respectively 8.597 and 6,656 votes. 
In June 1 9 1 7 Sir Ivor Herbert was raised 
to the Peerage, and at a B e-Eection on 
July \1tl1, 1 91 7, the result was 

• Sir Abraham G&rrod Thomas, 

M.D. (Coalition) - - . . 6,769 

B. Pardoe Thomas (Independent) 727 

$ Returned at General Election as Ind. N, 



.1910. Sir Ivor John 
Caradoc Herbert, IU.. 

0,738 ; Leolin Charles Forestier-Walker(C) 

Parly. Pop. 101,489. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 22,091. 

Western [1]. 

(The Petty Sessional Division of Bedwelty, 
except the parishes of Abercarn, Bedivas, 
and Mynyddistwyn.) 

Rt Hon. Thomas * Richards, P.C. 

( Labour). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Thomas Richards (Labour) 
1 3.295 '. John Cameron (C.) 3,045. 
Parly. Pop. 122,648. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 22,939. 
Returning Officer— John Wyndham Beynon, 
Bryn Ivor. Castleton (High Sheriff;. 



(Comprising Montgomery, Llanfylliu, 
idtoes, Machynlleth, Xrzvtoivn, and 

*Col. Edward Pryce-Jones (C.) 
A. E. O. Humphreys-Oweu 
Polling Jaw. 1910. Sir John David Rees, 

Pryce-Jones (C.) 1,526. 

Parly. Pop. 16,814. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 3,384. 
Rt turning Officer— Councillor Henry Jones, 
Montgomery (Mayor of Montgomery). 

. ! Davies (I..). 
in. 1910. Dav id Davie* (L.) 

4,3&y akin Williams- Wynn (C.) 


Parly. Pop. 36,332. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)7,816. 

'tfeer -John Bancroft Willan-, 
>rgan, near New 

iUtam Ijrw (C.) 

tk, Brechin, 

Polling Jan. 1910. Robert Venables-Vernon- 
Harcourt (L.) 3,606; Joseph Burgess 
(Labour) 1,888 ; William Low (C.) 1,59a. 
Parly. Pop. 52,026. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (19 15) 8,478. 
Returning Officer— James Ferguson, K.C., 
10, Wemyss Place, Edinburgh (Sheriff of co. 

Morley [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (S.)). 
MORPETH (Northumberland) [1]. 

(Consists 0/ the townships of Ilcpscott, Mor- 
t>cth, Morpeth Castle, Ncivmittster and 
Tranwell, the parish of Bedlington, and 
the to7i>nships of Cowpen. Neivsnam, and 
South B/yth.) 

;<t. Hon. Thomas Hurt, I'.C. (L. and 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Thomas Bun, 
(L. and Labour) 5,874; Hon. Jasper 
Nicholas Ridley (C.) 3,009. 

Parly. Pop. 63,053. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,146. 
Returning Officer— James Elliott, Morpeth 

Nairnshire [See Elginshire!. 

Newark [See Nottinghamshire]. 

Newbury [See Berkshire]. 


shire) 11). 
(Consists of thr old Borough 0/ Nmvastte 
under-Lyme, so muck o? the Municipal 
1 tie under- Lyme as is not 
icd in the old Borough, and th, r r ■■ 
.tstamton, Tunstait, Chesterton, and 




Newcastle under Lyme (Staffordshire) 

— continued. 
Josiah Clement Wedgwood, 

D.S.O. (L.) 5,281 

Capt. Ewart Scott Grogan (L.U.) 4,087 
Polling Jan. 1910. Josiah Clement Wedg- 
wood (L.) 5,613 ; Capt. Ewart Scctt Grogan 
(L.U.) 4.245- 

Parly. Pop. 67,310. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) ".522. 
Returning Officer— W. V. S. Gradwell Good- 
win, Newcastle-under-Lyme (Mayor). 

berland) [21. 

{Consists of the city and county oj Newcastle- 
upon-Tyne, minus the former Urban Dis- 
tricts of Benwell and Fenham, and Walker, 
and part of Kenton.} 




Edward Shortt (L.) 
Walter Hudson, O.B.E. 

Edward Clark {Q.) .. 
Hon. Jasper Nicholas Ridley (C.) 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Edward Shortt (L.) 

18,779; Walter Hudson (Labour) 18,241; 

Sir Walter Richard Plummer (C.) ,14,067 ; 

JGeorge Renwick(C) 13,928. 
Parly. Pop. 222,708. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 40,951. 
Returning Officer— Stephen Easten, O.B.E., 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (Sheriff). 

New Forest [See Hampshire]. 

NEWINGTON (Surrey) [21. 
Walworth [1]. 

(St. Peter's and St. Johns Wards.) 
Lieut. -Col. James Arthur Dawes, . 

R.N.V.R. (L.) .. .. 3,248 

Ralph Emanuel Belilios (C.) . . 2,994 

Polling Jan. 1910. James Arthur Dawei 

(L.) 3,509; Ralph Emanuel Belilios (C.) 


Parly. Pop. 58,463. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 8,668. 

West [11. 

(St. Mary's, Trinity, and St. Paul's Wards.) 

At the Generil Election Capt. Cecil William 
Norton (L.) and Warwick Brookes (( '.) 
polled respectively 4,038 and 3,498 votes. 
In Jan. 1916 Capt. Norton was raised to 
the Peerage, and at a Bye-Election on 
the 10th of that month the result ivas 

*James Daniel Gilbert (L) . . 2,646 
Joseph Terrelt (Independent) . . 787 

Polling Jan. 1910. Capt. Cecil William 
Norton (L.) 4,350; Warwick Brookes (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 58,636. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,814. 
Returning Officer — Edward Jones Trustram, 
M.A., 61, Cheapside, E.C., and 141, Wal- 
worth Road, S.E. 

Newmarket [See Cambridgeshire]. 
Newport [See Shropshire]. 

NEWRY (Co. Down) [1]. 

John Joseph Mooney (N.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Joseph Mooney 
(N.) 1,079 '■> Joseph Cusack (C.) 542. 

Parly. Pop. 12,841. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 1,843. 
Returning Officer— The High Sheriff of co. 

Newton [See Lancashire, S.W.]. 

Eastern [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Blofield and 
Walsham,F.ast and West Ftegg, Tavcrham 
and Tunstead, and I lapping, so much of the 
Municipal Borough of Great Yarmouth as 
is in 1 (>. of Norfolk, and part of the Sessional 
Division of South Effingham.) 

Sir Robert John Price (L.) 
Frank Cecil Meyer ( C. ) 


Polling Jan. 1910. Sir Robert Tohn Price 

(L.) 5,592 ; Cecil Edwin Fitch (C.) 4,348. 

Parly. Pop. 52,958. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 12,068. 



Hid [11. 
(The Sessional Divisions of Forehoes, Guilt- 
cross and Shro/hattt, and Mifford and 

•William Lewis Boyle (L.U.).. 4,34 


Polling Jan. ioio. "William Lewis Boyle 
(L.U.) 4,724 ; William Richard Lester (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 46,941. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 10.390 

Northern [1]. 

( The Sessional Divisions 0/ Eynsford, Holt, 
North Erpingham, North Greenhoe, and 
part of tht Sessional Division of South 

Noel Edward Buxton (L.) .. 5,187 

Henry Douglas King {Q.) . . 4,491 

Polling Jan. 1910. *Noel Edward Buxton 

(L.) 5,189; Henry Douglas King (C.)4, 604. 

Parly. Pop. 56,398. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) i»,75*- 

North Western [11. 

(The Sessional Division* of Freebridge Lynn, 
Freebridge Marshall, Galloiv and Smith- 
don, ana Brothercross, and the Municipal 
Borough of King's Lynn.) 

At the General Election Sir George White (L.) 
and Neville Paul lodrell (C.) polled re- 
spectively 5,467 ana 4,264 votes. In May 
191 2 Sir George White died, and at a Bye- 
Election on June 1st, 1912, the result was 

tEd ward George Hemmerde(L.) 5,613 

Neville Paul Jodrell (C.) . . 4,965 

Polling Tan. 1910. Sir George White (L.) 

5,596 ; Neville Paul Jodrell (C.) 4,388. 

Parly. Pop. 55,383. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5) 12,981. 

Southern [11. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Defnvade, Diss, 
Eariham, Loddon and Clavering, and 
Swains thorpe.) 

Arthur Wellesley Soames (L.) . . 4,740 

Thomas Sutton Timmis (C.) .. 3,212 

POLLING Jan. ioio. Arthur Wellesley Soames 

(I..) 4,781 ; Edmund Roger Allday Kerruon 

(C.) 3,694. 

Parly. Pop. 46.53?- 
Reg. Parly. Klec. (1915) 10,038. 

South Western ill. 

■ tiont of Clock-close, Grim, 
shoe. South Greenhoe, and IVayland, and 
so much of the Municipal Borough qf Thet- 
ford at is in Norfolk. ) 

hoard Stanley 

Clarke, M.V.O. ^,745 

H. 1910. Richard W 
,239 ; Lieut. -Col. Sir Thomas Leigh Hare, 

>. (C. 4,000. 

Parly. Pop. 44,33° 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (191 5), 9,481. 
Returning Officer— Capt. George Wyndham 
Taylor, Pickenham Hall, Swaffham (High 

Normanton [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 

NORTHAMPTON (Borough) [21. 

(Consists of the parishes of Northampton and 
Far Cotton.) 

Charles Albert McCurdy (L.) . . 6,179 
Hastings Bertrand Lees Smith 

(L.) 16,025 

Frederick Charles Parker (C). . 4,885 

John Vea>ey Collier (C.) ..'4,550 

Polling Jan. 1910. •Hastings Bertrand Lees 

Smith (L.) 5,398 ; 'Charles Albert McCurdy 

I ,,28q ; Richard Rouse Boughton Orlebar 

4,569; Frederick Goreli Barnes fG) 

^464 ; James Gribble (Socialist) 1,793: 
enry Quelch (Socialist) 1,617. 
Parly. Pop. 74,505- 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 15,464. 
Returning Officer— Abraham John Chown, 
J. P., Northampton (Mayor). 


Eastern (11. 

(Tho Session. 1 <*/* H'etlingborongh, 

and part of the Sessional Division of A //• 
If ring.) 

. George Chiorxa Money 


thur Richard de Cafiell- 
Brooke, fit. (( .. 6,676 

Thomas Frederick Richards 

(Labour) .. 1,431 

Polling Jan. ioio* Sir Francis AlUton Chan* 
ning, Bt. (L.) 8.679; Sir Arthu 
CapcllBro. -.802. 

Parly. Pop. 90,314. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,409. 




Northamptonshire - continued. 
Mid [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Little Boivden 
and Northampton, parts of the Sessional 
Divisions of Kettering and Daventry, ana 
Parts of the Municipal Borough of North- 
Harry Manfield (L.) .. ..6,281 

Thomas Guv Frederick Paget 

(C) 6,031 

Polling Jan. 1910. Harry Manfield (L.) 
6,559; Thomas Guy Frederick Paget (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 61,258. 
Reg. Parly. Elec.(i9i5) 15,200. 

Northern [1]. 

Dart of the Sessional Division of Kettering, 
the Sessional Divisions of Oundle and 
Thrapston, the Liberty of the Soke of 
Peterborough, and that part of the Muni- 
cipal Borough of Stamford situate in co. 
Northampton. ) 
Major Henry Leonard Campbell 

Brassey(C) 5,272 

fames Rennie Wilkinson (L.) .. 4,221 
Polling Jan. 1910. *Henry Leonard Camp- 
bell Brassey (C.) 5,520 ; JGeorge Nicholls 
f Labour) 4,429. 

Parly. Pop. 50,381. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,146. 

Southern [1]. 

( The Sessional Division of Brackley, Towces- 
ter, and part of the Sessional Division or 

Hon. Edward Algernon Fitz-Roy 

(C) 4,340 

Arthur Augustus Thomas (L.) 3,827 
Polling Jan 1910. *Hon. Edward Algernon 
FitzRoy (C.) 4,565 ; Frederick George 
Kellaway (L.) 3,955. 

Parly. Pop. 43,888. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,539. 
Returning Officer— Gervase Henry Elwes, 
Esq., Billing Hall, Great Billing, North- 
ampton (High Sheriff). 

North Lonsdale [See Lancashire, N.]. 

Berwick-upon Tweed [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bamburgh, Co- 
quetdale North, Glendale, and Norham 
and Islandshire, part of the Sessional Divi- 
sion ofCoquetdale East, and the Municipal 
Borough of Berwick-upon- Tweed.) 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Edward Grey, Bt., K.G., P.C. (L.) and 
Charles Henry Hoare (C.) polled respectively 
4,612 and 2,926 votes. In July 1916 Sir 
Edward Grey was raised to the Peerage, 
and at a Bye-Election on Aug. i6lh, 1916, 
the result was 

*Sir Francis Douglas Blake, Bt. 

(Coalition) .. .. .. 3,794 

Dr. Atthur Turnbull (\no\.) .. 621 

, Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Sir Edward 
» Grey, Bt., P.C. (L.) 5,010 ; Thomas Walker 
Hobart Inskip (C.) 3,327. 

Parly. Pop. 49,172. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9.454- 

Hexham [1]. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bcllinghain. Co- 

quetdale West, Haltwhistle, and Tindale.) 

Richard Dinning Holt (L.) . . 5,124 

Alfred Henry Chaytor (C.) . . 4,334 

POLLING Jan. 1910. Richard DurninR Holt 

(L.) 5,478; Col Charles Loft us Hates. 

D.S.O. (C.) 4,417- 

Parly. Pop. 57.838. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 11,616. 

Tyneside [1]. 

(Part of the Sessional Division of Castle 
West, the Municipal Boroughs ofNetvcastlc- 
upon-Tyne and Tynemouth, and the parishes 
of Wallsend, Willington, and Willington 
Rt. Hon. John Mackinnon 

Robertson, P.C. (L.) ., 11,693 

Helenus Macaulay Robertson ( C. ) 6,857 
Polling Jan. 19:0. John Mackinnon Robert- 
son (L.) 13,158; A. H. J. Cochrane (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 137,838. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (19*5) 28,437. 

Wansbeck [11. 

(The Sessional Divisions of Bedlingtonshirc 
Castle East(except the parishes of Wallsend, 
Willington, and Willington Quay), and 
Morpeth, arid part of the Sessional Divisions 
of Castle West and Coquetdalc East.) 

Rt. Hon. Charles Fenwick, P.C. (L.). 
Polling Jan. 1910. Charles Fenwick (L.) 
10,872 ; Charles Percy (C.) 4,650. 
Parly. Pop. 107,910. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 21,602. 
Returning Officer— Walter John Benson, Esq., 
Newbrough Hall, Fourstones, Northumber- 
land (High Sheriff). 

Northwich [See Cheshire]. 

NORWICH (Norfolk) [2]. 
(Consists of the city and county of Nonvich, 
excepting a small portion in East Division 
of Norfolk.) 



Hilton Young, 

Roberts nw appointed 
and at a no 'her ye- 

At the General Election, Sir Frederick Low, 
K.C. (L.). George Henry Roberts (Labour), 
ami Will Dyson (C). foiled respectively 
10,149, 13.003, and -j, 758 votes. In/an. 1915, 
Sir Frederick Low was raised to the Bench, 
and at another Bye- 1 : lection on Feb. 6th, 
1 91 5, there was not any of position to the 
return of 

♦ Lieut. Edward 
R.N.V.R. I 

In .-/«*'• '917 Mr. 

Min. 0/ I abottr. ana at a no 'Her ye- 
Election on Auc. 25th, 1917, there was not 
any opposition to the return of 

Kt. Hon. George Henry Roberts, P.C. 


I rederick Low, K.C. 
1 .eorge Henry Roberts 
•ur) 11 119: Sir Samuel Hoare, Bt. 
4 10: H. C. Snowden (07,981. 
Parly. Pop. 119,083. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)22,185. 
Returning Officer— William Oldfield Snelling, 
\>wmarket Road, Norwich (Sheriff). 

Norwood [See Lambeth! 

NOTTINGHAM (City) [31. 
(Consists 0/ the Municipal Borough. ) 

South [11. 

I (Castle, Market, Meadows, St. Mary, Budge, 
and Trent Hards.) 

Col. Lord Henry Cavendish Caven- 

dish-Bentinck (C. ) ..6,151 

A rthur Richardson (Labour) .. 5,766 

Polling Jan. 1910. 'Lord Henry Cavendish 
Cavendish-Bentinck (C.) 6,434 ; JArthur 
Richardson (Labour) 6,052. 

Parly. Pop. 76,398. 

Kca. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13.746. 

West [11. 

(St A tbmm's. Brvntowt, ll'oitaton, Sherwood, 
and Forest Wards.) 

Sir Jantes Henry Yox&U (L.) .. 8,141 

BtrnardSwanwi, k ll'right{\~\2 .) 5,949 

Polling Jan. 1910. Sir James Henry Yoxall 

(L.) 8,955; Hon. Henry LygonfL.U.) 6,652 

Parly. Pop. 102,867. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 18,273. 

Returning Officer— Herbert Offiler, Notting 
ham (Sheriff). 

East (11. 

<*/ap/ertev, Robin Hood, St. Ann's, Man:ert, 

At the Gtmtrmi Si lame* Archi- 
bald ' I ley Stewart 
Smii' fy 6,274 **d 
In Afrit tota Ca| 
. ned , and at a I ■ ~n April 19th, 
. the result was 

! I 

Hist) ■ .- 

/• //•. Mmn(L) •• ..5,158 

. 1910. Capt. J a me* Ar 

1 John 
I s.715. 
Pop. 80,639. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,87V 

Bassetlaw [1]. 

( /'he Petty Sessional Divisions of Retford and 
Worksop, the Municipal Borough of East 
Retford, and part of the Sessional Divisions 
of Mansfield and Southwell. ) 

William Kllis Hume-Williams, 
K.C. (C.) .. 5,436 

Stopford William Wcntworth 

Brooke (L.) 5,221 

POLLING Jan. 1910. "William Ellis Hume- 
Willi.ui.;. K.C. (C) fc63l j I Frank Hillyard 

I s.aoo. 

Parly. Pop. 66,013, 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 13,196. 

Mansfield [1]. 

.' of the Fett '/visions of 

Mansfield and Nottingham.) 



Nottingham shire —con tin ued. 

Mansfield— continues. 

At the General Election Sir Arthur Basil 
Markham Bt. (L.) and Frederick Pepys 
Cockerell (C.) polled respectively 1 1,383 and 
4,200 votes. In Aug. 1916, Sir Arthur 
Markham died, and at a Bye-EUction on 
Sept. 20/A, 1916, the result ivas 

•Sir Charles Hilton Seely, Bt. 

(Coalition) 7,597 

Dr. Arthur TurnbuH (Ind.) .. 4,456 

Polling Jan. 1910. Arthur Basil Markham 
(L.) 12,622; John George Drummond 
Campbell (C) 4,382. 

Parly. Pop. 124,808. 
Reg Parly. Elec. (1915) 24>75°- 

Newark [1]. 

{The Petty Sessional Divisions of Hi ugh am, 
Newark, and Southwell {except Bilsthorpe 
and Eakting), the Municipal Borough oj 
Newark, and part of the Petty Sessional 
Division of Nottingham.) 

Capt. John Ralph Starkey (C.) 5,049 
Robert Bur ley Wallis (L.) . . 4,307 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Ralph Starkey 
(C.) 5,497 ; Robert Burley Wallis (L.) 4,618. 

Parly. Pop. 54.130- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) *' 


Rushcliffe 11]. 

{Part of the Petty Sessional Division 

*Rt. Hon. Leifchild (Stratten) 

Jones, P.C. (L.) .. ..9,186 

Coningsby Ralph Disraeli (C.) . . 6,580 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. John Edward 
Ellis, P.C. (L.) 9,942 ; Coningsby Disraeli 
(C.) 7,098. 

Parly. Pop. 99,349- 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915)21,984. 
Returning Officer— Francis Newman Ellis, 


)ebdale Hall, Mansfield (High 

OLDHAM (Lancashire) [2]. 

{Consists 0/ the township and the distn, /* of 
Oldham, Chadderton, Crotnpton, Royton, 
and Lees.) 

Sir William Barton (L.) .. 16,941 

At the General Election the Rt. Hon. Alfred 
Emmott, P.C. (L.), William Barton (L.), 
Arthur Edward Wrigley (C), and Edmund 
Robert Bartley Denniss (C.) polled respec- 
tively 17,108, 16,941, 13,440, and 13,281 
votes. In Oct. 191 1 Mr. Emmott was raised 
to the Peerage, and at a Bye-Election on 
Nov. 13th, 1911, the result was 

*Edmund Robert Bartley Den- 
niss (C.) 12,255 

Hon. Arthur Lyulph Stanley ( L. ) 10,623 
William Comfort h Robinson 
(Labour) .. .. .. 7,448 

Polling Jan. 1910. Rt. Hon. Alfred Emmott, 
P.C. (L.) 19.252; William Barton (L.) 
18,840; Joseph Hilton (C.) 13,462; Philip 
Sidney Stott (C.) 12,577. 

Parly. Pop. 210,874. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 37,953- 
Returning Officer— Councillor William Buck- 
ley, J. P., Oldham (Mayor). 


John Cathcart Wason (L.). 

Polling Jan. 1910. John Cathcart Wason 
(I,.) 4,117; Thomas William Hemsley (C.) 

Parly. Pop. 49,188. 
Reg. Parly. Elec.(i9is) 7,73 6 ' 

Returning Officer— Andrew Henderson Briggs 
Constable, K.C., 23, Royal Circus, Edin- 
burgh (Sheriff of cos. Caithness, Orkney, 
and Shetland). 

Ormskirk [See Lancashire, S.W.]. 
Osgoldcross [See Yorkshire, W. Riding 


Nuneaton [See Warwickshire]. 

Ossory [See Queen's Co.] 

Oswestry [See Shropshire]. 

Otley [See Yorkshire, W. Riding (E.)]. 



OXFORD (City) 111. 
(Consists of the- parishes of St. Giles, Holy- 
•veil, St. Martin and All Saints, St. 
Aldate, St. Mary th* Ihxin, St. John, 
St. Peter in the East. St. Thomas. Binsey, 
St. Mary Magdalen. St. 
Peter le Bailey, St. Ebbe, St. Clement. 
Christ Chun h, and Cotvley St. John.) 

At the General >1. Viscount 

Vale: M.V o. (C) and John 

Fischer Williams (L.) polled respectively 
4,664 and 3,318 votes. In March 1017, 
int Valencia ivas created a Peer of the 
I iii ted Kingdom, and at a Bye- Election on 
h yath, 1917, there 7<'(is not any oppo- 
sition to the return of' 

♦John Artl-ur RantOOM! Marriott (C... 
Polling Jan. 191 ». Vftcomt VafantM 

M V.O. (C.) 4,918; (Jeorge Whale (L.) 


Parly. Pop. 52,979. 
Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 9,641. 

Kstmnnig t '" 

' yor). 

OXFORD (University) (2). 

Rl If..... Lord Hugh Ki< I 

J un- 

opposed. In June 1914 Sir William Anson 
died, and at a Bye- Election on June y>th, 
1914, there ivas not any opposition to the 
return of 

*Kt. Hon. Rowland Edmund Prothero, 

I\C, If. V.O. (C). 
Election Jan. 1910. Sir William Reynell 

Anson, Bt., D.C.L. (L.U.)and 'Lord Hugh 

Richard Heathcote Gascoyne-Cecil (C.)were 

returned opposed. 

Reg. Parly. Elec. (1915) 7.135. 
Returning Officer— The Vice-Chancellor. 

Mid, or Woodstock [1]. 
{The Sessional Divisi